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October 31, 2011

Posted by Xaniel777 on October 30, 2011


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Today is Monday October 31, 2011

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Armed Citizen Militia Shows Up At Occupy Phoenix

Group is affiliated with neo-nazi fringe

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
October 30, 2011

Armed Citizen Militia Shows Up At Occupy Phoenix 301011feature2

Armed citizen militia group US Border Guard is making its presence felt at the Occupy Phoenix demonstration to protect free speech rights, arguing that the second amendment prevents the state from abusing the first amendment.

The group has been labeled “neo-nazis” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is usually a demonization tactic, but the individual shown in the clip, “JT Ready” has attended neo-nazi rallies and is closely affiliated with the fringe National Socialist Party.

The group has also operated as a “Minutemen on steroids” outfit, organizing armed patrols of the US border with Mexico.

As we have previously highlighted, the fringe neo-nazi movement has been completely infiltrated by the FBI, right down to the level where an FBI informant actually got caught organizing a neo-nazi rally in Orlando back in 2007.

Is this a means of infiltrating the ‘Occupy’ movement, a minority fringe extremist group trying to attach itself to the protesters, or merely concerned citizens expressing their right to bear arms peaceably?

Opinions will undoubtedly be split, but one certainty is the fact that the establishment media instantly seized upon groups like this attaching themselves to the Tea Party rallies as a smear tactic to claim the whole movement was racist and violent. However, in the case of ‘Occupy’, the mainstream networks have largely ignored making such connections.


 Americans Pay Dearly to Maintain Israel’s Nuclear Secrets

CIA endangers NUMEC toxic waste cleanup

by , First Posted October 20, 2011

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has just stopped its $170 million nuclear waste dump cleanup at a former Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) site in Pennsylvania. In the early 1960s, NUMEC established a plutonium facility in Parks Township — disposing of waste in a large field adjacent to the plant. NUMEC’s waste site was staggeringly inappropriate. According to Atomic Energy Commission surveys and more recent USACE studies, groundwater flows freely throughout the dump at levels where waste resides. Further below the surface, a warren of coal mine shafts from the early 20th century creates the possibility of toxic seepage and sinkholes.

According to what the USACE knows, a contractor failed to inspect the contents of a 55-gallon drum holding radioactive waste before moving it. What nearby residents, contractors, and USACE engineers don’t know could pose an even greater hazard — and the CIA may be in a position to provide a remedy.

According to newly declassified FBI files [.pdf], NUMEC’s venture capitalist David Lowenthal and founder Zalman Shapiro knowingly failed to comply with even the lax AEC standards in force in the 1960s for handling radioactive waste at NUMEC. An FBI wiretap placed on Lowenthal’s phone picked up shocking news of a major illicit radioactive spill on May 5, 1969. Lowenthal and Shapiro were both under investigation for diverting enough HEU to Israel to build more than a dozen atomic weapons. Shapiro and Lowenthal were in the midst of their “exit strategy” — selling NUMEC to Atlantic Richfield, which would (along with successor Babcock & Wilcox and then American taxpayers) be left holding the bag for massive future cleanup and health indemnity costs.

Shapiro and Lowenthal — in line for a $150 per share buyout of their substantial stock holdings — seemed surreally unperturbed as the avoidable disaster unfurled, quickly moving on to the topic of new corporate acquisition targets.

9:18 p.m.: CENSORED reported on a spillage at the plant. They have the area roped off and it will take some pick and shovel work to dig up the contaminated areas. CENSORED said they are getting 100,000 counts. CENSORED said, “Oh, God.” They are dampening it down to avoid dust and will cover it if it looks like it may rain. CENSORED asked if there is anything on AAI? …

9:20 p.m.: CENSORED said that he heard that American Instrument Company [is] up for sale. He said he heard this from the former sales manager.

More recently, Geiger counter–wielding inspectors in Japan used 6,000 counts per minute as a threshold standard for decontamination, only raising it to 100,000 after the Fukushima disaster.

A phone call placed just two minutes after the first about NUMEC confirmed that

it’s not only a bad spill but “actually they are operating outside compliance.” They had the drums all together. They have about 200 drums and estimate that about six a day will corrode through. The trouble lay with a fluoride which was put in to help the decay, and this was not checked. CENSORED said they are also about $230,000 over on their construction costs for the scrap plant. Z [Zalman Shapiro] said if they could get other people, there would be a lot of firing.

Shapiro gained a reputation for disregarding the health concerns of his ill-trained workforce and firing them at will in order to suppress wages in the economically depressed Kiski Valley. New high school graduate hires were callously told to “drink lots of beer” to flush radioactive contaminants out of their systems. Tellingly, both Lowenthal and Shapiro refused to live anywhere near Apollo or Parks Township, preferring spacious homes on the same leafy street in Pittsburgh, all the better to host visiting Israeli nuclear weapons program officials. Shapiro, a brilliant nuclear scientist and longtime Zionist Organization of America leader who has been tight-lipped about NUMEC in recent years, was nominated in 2009 by his daughter for a National Medal of Technology and Innovation. He is still eligible, if chosen from a pool of other talented Americans, for a White House ceremony with President Obama in 2011.

It is too late for the USACE to interview David Lowenthal — who began his careersmuggling refugees to Israel — about the location of the 1969 spill. In 1956 Israel began working its top agents to procure materials obtainable only from nations withyellowcake access or billion-dollar gaseous diffusion plants. In 1957 the undercapitalized start-up that was NUMEC —  dwarfed by industry cohorts Westinghouse and General Electric — used its connections to winnow its way into the U.S. highly enriched uranium (HEU) stream as a scrap reprocessor and maker of specialized fuels for naval propulsion systems using capital raised by Lowenthal. NUMEC launched in Lowenthal’s defunct, dirt-floored steel milling facilities in the center of a quaint village. In retrospect, NUMEC resembles its true siblings — Materials for Palestine, Foundry Associates, Service Airways, and later, MILCO — all thin front companies established for the sole purpose of stealing and illegally smuggling U.S. arms to Israel. Worker safety, profitability, environmental regulations, and materials accountability all took a back seat to NUMEC’s core purpose — helping build Israel’s clandestine atomic arsenal.

It is unlikely that Shapiro will now step forward and tell the USACE where his fluoride-saturated illegal drum cache is located. Out of compliance, it likely doesn’t appear on any topographical site maps developed by the USACE or its contractors. The CIA, which intensively investigated NUMEC over the diversion of weapons-grade nuclear material into the Israeli nuclear weapons program, could drastically improve the probability of a more successful, safer cleanup. Only the CIA can give an accurate and overdue public estimate of how much U.S. taxpayer–funded HEU was actually diverted from NUMEC into the Israeli nuclear weapons program and is therefore no longer a hazard in any NUMEC waste site. As recently as 2009, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission officially listed vast quantities of missing NUMEC material as still “unaccounted for.” The CIA may also have overseas wiretaps or HUMINT as illuminating and suddenly relevant as the FBI’s. As a public service, it could also release its jealously guarded equity content in a 1978 Government Accounting Office report — which Congress always intended to be public — about NUMEC that was partially declassified in 2010 and scores of other CIA files it has bottled up in National Archives and Records Administration holdings.

Officially, the CIA has never released records or issued formal statements about NUMEC. But the agency’s former employees have been much more vocal. Former CIA Tel Aviv station chief John Hadden once described to the BBC how Rafael Eitan — the master Israeli spy who visited NUMEC [.pdf] undercover in the 1960s and who later handled spy Jonathan Pollard — might have found diverting HEU from NUMEC much lighter work than kidnapping a Nazi war criminal from the streets of Buenos Aires. “Just imagine to yourself how much easier it would be to remove a pound or two of this or that at any one time, as opposed to — which is inert material — as opposed to removing all at one blow. One hundred fifty pounds of shouting and kicking Eichmann. You see, they [the Israelis] are pretty good at removing things.” Hadden claimed that NUMEC was “an Israeli operation from the beginning.”

Carl Duckett, former deputy of the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology,  also went on record verifying that the agency came to the conclusion by 1968 that “NUMEC material had been diverted by the Israelis and used in fabricating weapons.” Reporters such as John Fialka and former Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials Roger Mattson and Victor Gilinsky, who are still active in the industry, spent years trying to dislodge the CIA’s secret trove of information sealed up in expert briefings about NUMEC. All such Freedom of Information Act requests have been refused, presumably to advance the tired, discredited, yet official U.S. and Israeli policy of “ambiguity” over what the entire world knows anyway — that Israel has built and deployed a massive nuclear arsenal through a series of highly illegal acts.

Given this week’s events, the cost of that unnecessary secrecy to the commonweal is going up dramatically. The CIA’s blanket censorship about NUMEC is now contributing to an entirely avoidable public safety hazard. CIA censorship will only compound American taxpayer and health costs to clean up a dump that with just a bit more warranted law enforcement back in the 1960s would never have existed in the first place.

Read more by Grant Smith


Healthy babies being given dangerous, unneeded prescription drugs

drug by: S. L. Baker, features writer

from  NaturalNews

(NaturalNews) The American Academy of Pediatrics is now encouraging the diagnosis of so-called Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in preschool age kids and calling for the drugging of those little ones with drugs like Ritalin if they don’t respond to “behavior management techniques.” Yes, if a four year old runs around too much and doesn’t want to sit still and study his or her ABCs, it may well be time to drug the child into submission, according to the new guidelines.

But that’s not the only disturbing news about Big Pharma and mainstream medicine’s push to put younger Americans on potentially dangerous drugs. Now comes a warning from Dr. Eric Hassall, Staff Pediatrician Gastroenterologist at Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation in San Francisco, that tiny babies less than a year old are being over-prescribed acid-suppressing drugs known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

It used to be considered just a normal part of being an infant if a baby cried and spit up sometimes. Not anymore. Now it is a “condition” needing treatment with drugs that are fraught with potential dangers even in adults.

In a statement to the media, Dr. Hassall pointed out that the use of PPI drugs in babies less than a year old has increased enormously over the last decade. And it’s a change in medical practice, he said, that is not based in medical science.

Big Pharma pushes drugging of infants

If giving an infant drugs isn’t based on real need or science, how could this be happening? Dr. Hassall stated in a commentary just published inThe Journal of Pediatricsthat the rise of these prescriptions for babies is primarily the result of Big Pharma’s aggressive direct-to-consumer advertising of drugs, such as its promotion of the misleading term “acid reflux,” frequent self-misdiagnosis, and demand for medication.

“It is recognized that more advertising leads to more requests by patients for advertised medicine, and more prescriptions. The term ‘acid reflux’ as used in the marketing of PPIs to adults, has simply trickled down to infants,” Dr. Hassall noted. He added that most “reflux” in infants is not caused by “acid” at all. In fact, it can’t be caused by acid because the stomach contents in babies have been buffered by frequent feedings.

What’s more, randomized, controlled studies have shown that PPIs are no better than placebo for most babies who spit up, cry for no apparent reason or seem irritable. Dr. Hassall explained that spitting up in otherwise healthy, thriving infants is absolutely normal. Known technically as “physiological reflux,” it goes away on its own and doesn’t need prescription drugs.

Obviously, little babies have a limited range of responses to stimuli. Irritability or unexplained crying, with or without spitting up, is simply most often just a normal developmental phenomenon — especially in infants 2-5 months old, Dr. Hassall stated. While it’s true when some babies start crying, they may have trouble calming themselves and need rocking or other soothing by parents or caretakers. But this isn’t a medical condition needing drugs. It is a normal part of the early life of a baby and it improves with maturation and age.

In his recently published article, Dr. Hassall said the state of being new in the world and getting used to new body sensations, such as gas, also may contribute. If there is severe unexplained crying in otherwise healthy infants, prevalent causes include sensitivity to cow’s milk protein or other dietary components. He added that non-drug measures, such as simply a change in diet, letting time pass and reassurance, usually solve the problem.

GERD mania and pushing PPIs

“In the absence of better information and physician guidance, being fed by advertising and misinformation on the Internet, parent blogs have increasingly promoted the ‘my-baby-has-acid-reflux-and-needs-drugs’ concept. Parents, concerned by their infant’s symptoms of apparent suffering, take their concern to doctors, who very frequently comply and prescribe acid-suppressing medications for symptoms and signs that in most cases are not GERD. GERD-mania is in full cry, so to speak,” Dr. Hassall concluded.

AsNaturalNewshas previously reported, Big Pharma’s hugely profitable PPI drugs (such as Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid, Aciphex and Protonix) are pushed for indigestion because they are supposedly stronger and faster acting than other older acid suppressing and acid neutralizing meds.

But according to a series of reports published in theArchives of Internal Medicine, not only are PPIs being over-prescribed and over-used but they are fraught with health dangers, including a 74 percent increase in infections due to Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), a bacterium that can cause life-threatening diarrhea and inflammation of the colon, and a dramatic risk in bone fractures in women (http://www.naturalnews.com/028878_p…).

In his new paper, Dr. Hassall pointed out that gastric acid is an early line of defense against infection, and important for nutrition. By prescribing acid suppressing medications, especially PPIs, to infants without GERD, pediatricians are putting babies at a higher risk for infections like pneumonia and gastroenteritis. Giving PPIs to babies can also lead to abnormalities in the levels of essential minerals and vitamins, such as magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B12.

“We are putting a medical spin on what is normal,” Dr. Hassall asserted in his paper. “In most infants, these symptoms are life, not a disease, and do not warrant treatment with drugs, which can have significant adverse effects.”

Sources for this article include:




Israeli Guilty of First Organ Trafficking Case in US History

Rosenbaum was identified to the FBI seven years ago as a major figure in a global human organ ring.

Posted by 

International Business Times, By Michael Billera

An Israeli man who lives in Brooklyn pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges of brokering a kidney transplant as part of a black market organ business. This is the first human organ trafficking conviction in the United States. For many years, Israel has been at the top of organ trafficking. Rosenbaum received at least $450,000 for trafficked organs.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Rosenbaum was identified to the FBI seven years ago as a major figure in a global human organ ring.

Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, 60, confessed to three counts of acquiring human organs for transportation and one count of conspiracy in Trenton, N.J. Rosenbaum also admitted that three ailing people paid him a total of $410,000 to arrange illegal kidney transplants. He was caught in an undercover sting operation by the FBI when an agent paid him $10,000.

Lawyers for Rosebaum, who lives in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, tried to paint him as an individual trying to help his fellow man in need.

“The transplant surgeries occurred in prestigious American hospitals and were performed by experienced and expert kidney transplant surgeons,” said attorneys Richard Finkel and Ronald Kleinberg in a statement reported by the Associated Press. “The transplants were successful and the donors and the recipients are now leading full and healthy lives… the recipients are no longer burdened by the medical and substantial health dangers associated with dialysis and kidney failure.”

Rosenbaum admitted that he would assist the donors and the recipients to coordinate a false story that would deceive hospital officials into believing that the donation was completely voluntary and was not part a monetary transaction.

“Rosenbaum admitted he was not new to the human kidney business when he was caught brokering what he thought was a black market deal,” said U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, according to CalgaryHerald.com. “A black market in human organs is not only a grave threat to public health, it reserves lifesaving treatment for those who can best afford it at the expense of those who cannot. We will not tolerate such an affront to human dignity.”

Prosecutors say that between 2006 and 2009, Rosenbaum brokered three kidney transplants. The recipients of the organs paid him between $120,000 and $150,000.

Rosenbaum was also arrested in July 2009. The FBI had begun a crackdown on money laundering and political corruption in New Jersey.

If convicted of his most recent crimes, Rosenbaum could serve five years for each count and be ordered to pay a $250,000 fine. Rosenbaum agreed to forfeit his earning and might be deported back to Israel. He is currently under house arrest and will receive sentencing in February.

The practice of buying and selling organs is illegal in almost every country in the world. However, demand for kidneys has grown exponentially, with 4,540 people dying the U.S. last year while for a transplant, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing. There are just not enough willful donors to meet the demand and so the organ black market has increased around the globe.

Art Caplan is the co-chairman of the United Nations task force on illegal organ trafficking. He said Rosenbaum is guilty of one of the worst crimes a human being can commit.

“Internationally, about one quarter of all kidneys appear to be trafficked,” Caplan said according to CBS news. “But until this case, it had not been a crime recognized as reaching the United States.”

Related Story:

Anthropologist Scheper Hughes — Photo by Tony Rinaldo

Anthropologist’s ‘Dick Tracy moment’ plays role in arrest of suspected kidney trafficker

(Friday, July 24 2009, 1:45 AM) – The Brooklyn man arrested Thursday for dealing in black-market kidneys was identified to the FBI seven years ago as a major figure in a global human organ ring.

Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum‘s name, address and even phone number were passed to an FBI agent in a meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan by a prominent anthropologist who has been studying and documenting organ trafficking for more than a decade.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes of the University of California, Berkeley, was and is very clear as to Rosenbaum’s role in the ring.

“He is the main U.S. broker for an international trafficking network,” she said.

Her sources include a man who started working with Rosenbaum imagining he was helping people in desperate need. The man then began to see the donors, or to be more accurate, sellers, who were flown in from impoverished countries such as Moldova.

“He said it was awful. These people would be brought in and they didn’t even know what they were supposed to be doing and they would want to go home and they would cry,” Scheper-Hughes said.

The man called Rosenbaum “a thug” who would pull out a pistol he was apparently licensed to carry and tell the sellers, “You’re here. A deal is a deal. Now, you’ll give us a kidney or you’ll never go home.’ ”

Scheper-Hughes felt she had to stop Rosenbaum. She met with the FBI.

“I always thought of it as my Dick Tracy moment,” she said Thursday.

She waited and waited for something to be done. The FBI may have been following the lead of the State Department, which dismissed organ trafficking as “urban legend.”

“It would be impossible to conceal a clandestine organ trafficking ring,” a 2004 State Department report stated.

Scheper-Hughes had better luck in Brazil and in South Africa, where law enforcement corroborated her findings and acted decisively.

But the ring kept operating elsewhere. Scheper-Hughes visited villages in Moldova where, “20% of the men were siphoned off to be kidney sellers in this same scheme.”

Back in Brooklyn, Rosenbaum stayed busy. He was contacted by an FBI informant who introduced Rosenbaum to an undercover agent who supposedly wanted to buy a kidney for her uncle.

“I’m doing this a long time,” Rosenbaum was recorded saying.

The undercover asked how many organs he had sold.

“Quite a lot,” he answered.

On Wednesday, the FBI called Scheper-Hughes, who is putting her findings into the upcoming, “A World Cut in Two, The Global Traffic in Humans for Organs.”

“Why are you calling me now?” she asked.

Thursday, seven years after her Dick Tracy moment with the FBI at the Roosevelt Hotel, Rosenbaum was finally arrested.

Source: The Council for The national Interest

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G. Edward Griffin: Greenbacks and Other Crimes

This is the nineteenth installment in a series of chapter summaries from G. Edward Griffin’s must-read book The Creature From Jekyll Island.  This book may be the most important “red pill” available and we highly recommend that you read the full book.  Buy it today at RealityZone.

Buy Here

G. Edward Griffin
Activist Post 

Chapter 19 Summary: Greenbacks and Other Crimes

It is now time to leave this tragic episode and move along.  So let us summarize.  America’s bloodiest and most devastating war was fought, not over the issue of freedom versus slavery, but because of clashing economic interests. At the heart of this conflict were questions of legalized plunder, banking monopolies, and even European territorial expansion into Latin America.  The boot print of the Rothschild formula is unmistakable across the graves of American soldiers on both sides.

In the North, neither greenbacks, taxes nor war bonds were enough to finance the war.  So a national banking system was created to convert government bonds into fiat money, and the people lost over half of their monetary assets to the hidden tax of inflation.  In the South, printing presses accomplished the same effect, and the monetary loss was total.

The issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation by Lincoln and the naval asistance offered by Tsar Alexander, II were largely responsible for keeping England and France from intervening in the war on the side of the Confederacy.  Linconln was assassinated by a member of the Knights of teh Golden Circle, a secret society with rumored ties to American politicians and British financiers.  Tsar Alexander was assassinated a few years later by a member of the People’s Will, a Nihilist secret society in Russia with rumored ties to financiers in New York City, specifically, Jacob Schiff and the firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Company.

As for the Creature of central banking, there had been some victories and some defeats.  The greenbacks had for a while deprived the bankers of their override on a small portion of government debt, but the National Banking Act quickly put a stop to that.  Furthermore, by using government bonds as backing for the money supply, it locked the nation into perpetual debt. The foundation was firmly in place, but the ultimate structure still needed to be erected.  The monetary system was yet to be concentrated into one central-bank mechanism, and the control was yet to be taken away from the politicians and placed into the hands of the bankers themselves.

It was time for the Creature to visit Congress.

Get the book for yourself or for others you want to wake up.  It reads like a mystery novel and is filled with colorful metaphors that make the seemingly complex world of banking very easy to comprehend. Visit RealityZone for your copy today. Summary is re-printed with permission from G. Edward Griffin.

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Coming FEMA Exercise November 9th and 10th 2011. BE ON ALERT!

Posted by realman2020

Lone Star WatchDog


It is becoming more obvious that the Gestapo’s efforts to silence the people are just no longer working. People from all walks of life are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Being unable to find work, or working and barely having enough money at the end of the week to buy groceries, and being taxed to death; 78% or more of income is consumed by taxes.  And if good folks pay the demands for tithes from State Religion Churches, as well, that does not leave much left to live on.

FEMA’s so-called exercise for testing the emergency broadcast system on November 9 and 10, where FEMA will take control of radio and TV networks, could become more then just a test.  These tests are supposely to last for only three minute intervals; however, as history has shown us, when FEMA is out playing war games, disaster STRIKES.

Yes, the Gestapo in the District of Criminals is loosing it.  None of the tactics, which they used back in the nineties are working.  The people have learned from the mistakes of the past.  The more illegal and unwarranted arrests the PIGS make, the more angry the populace has become.  The bureaucRATS have been desperately attempting to insight riots to justify declaration of martial law, but the people are no longer stupid and have become wise to riot PIGS’ tricks and tactics.

Now even judges are rebelling against the evil Communist machine, as may be seen in the AP article attached below.
What people from all walks of life have decided is not to riot, but if the PIGS wish violence, they will receive war.  Veterans Day just might become the day that they will learn the hard lesson as to what happens to cannon fodder when the people decided that they have had enough of being treated worse then dogs.

I suspect that this so-called FEMA exercise will be used for three things, therefore, people everywhere need to be aware, have cameras and communications ready, thereby preventing these monster from doing in secret their evil deeds.  Oh yes, militia units should be in heightened state of readiness, this could be the week you have the opportunity to try out your new and old toys.  That thought should make Obamanation, the Bush Crime Family and the Clintonistas all quiver.  The had hoped to had disposed of the militias ten years ago.  Too bad, so sad, they are still here, stronger then ever, and even more well equipped!

I again issue WARNING YELLOW Alert!

As to the FEMA exercise, here are possible scenarios.  First, the FEMA exercise could be used to cover the rigging of Tuesday’s election.  Remember Stalin stated, “It does not matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes.”

Second, the FEMA exercise could be used to conceal or cover a massive nation wide round up of these Wall Street protesters, since they are not being good little slaves, and the MASTERS will not tolerate defiance to their ORDERS.  While TV and radio networks are blacked out, these protesters could be taken to some FEMA camp, place unknown, denied due process of law, and made to disappear.  FEMA may even attempt to shut down the internet, as well.  Then, when the networks come back on the AIR, and people ask what happened to the protesters, government bureaucRATS will all clamor that the protester gave up and just went home.  Though, I doubt that FEMA will be able to shutdown the Patriot Broadcast Networks, time will tell.

However, there is a third problem that is at hand.  As I have been reporting since March, the banksters and Wall Street inside traders have been planning a big event for this fall.  Therefore, immediately after an election would be a great time for a BANKING HOLIDAY.  As per the numerological games that the banksters and the oy-boys love to play, I would say that 11-11-11, Veterans Day would be a great day for the banksters to shaft this Nation, turning it into a third world nation by debauching the currency, which would throw most countries in the world into sheer panic.  However, I believe Russia and China would survive an economic collapse.  Libya, as well, would have survived prior the US and Israeli overthrow of Gadhafi.  Iran and Japan would probably fair well; however, the British Empire and the European Union would be in major financial turmoil.

Oh well, so much for well laid secret plans of rats and mice.  Foiled again!  Since it is no longer secret and the whole world knows whose to blame.  Rothschilds and Rockefellers, “how do like me now”?  Just think “moose” and “turkey” could be on the menu for Thanksgiving!  And there is plenty of hemp on standby, ready for use, as well.  I hear drums. What?  Is that music I hear?  Could it be the song “How Many Of Them Can We Make Die”?  Chess is a wonderful game in which one can watch the opponent sweat, especially, once it is learned that the opponent is a coward.  Well, those, who have the need to know, now know.  May be these demoniacs will all go run and hid, but time will tell.

Ready on the green!  Ol’ doc sure has had a tale to tell.

Save hard copy of this post, you may need it!  Feel free to circulate this to the wind.  Because I wish to sit and eat Thanksgiving Dinner in peace and quiet; instead of having to be out hunting moose.


Active National Guardsman Supports Protesters … In His Uniform

Posted on October 30, 2011 by WashingtonsBlog

First of Many Active Service Members to Support Protesters

Everyone knows that retired members from every branch of the military support the protesters.

Yesterday, the first report surfaced of an active service man supporting the protesters … in uniform:

An active-duty black National Guardsmen in uniform showed up in Liberty Plaza less than two days after Oakland police brutalizeda U.S. marine Iraq war veteran in the crackdown on Occupy Oakland. He allowed people to take his photo and quite a few people made it a point to personally thank him and shake his hand.


“I support this movement 100%,” he told me. He would have come down before today if he hadn’t been busy with National Guard training.


A thinking soldier, a soldier with a conscience, is the 1%’s worst nightmare. If the rank and file of the U.S. military become aware of the fact that they too are the 99%, they won’t have enough cops in the country to stop us

I predict that the National Guardsman will be the first of many active service members to to support the protests.





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