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November 02. 2011

Posted by Xaniel777 on November 1, 2011


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Today is Wednesday November 02, 2011

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GENERAL STRIKE! NOV 2nd – #OccupyOakland      


Occupy The World: The Values of Revolution


Gary Corseri
Activist Post

Last week, Barbara “wah-wah” Walters—thank you, Gilda Radner!—was trotted in front of ABC’s Evening News cameras to assure those familes still chowing down that the brutal, disgusting, illegal, savage beating, sodomization and execution of Libyan “dictator” Gaddafi was… understandable… because, he was “crazy.”

To confirm Gaddafi’s craziness, Clinton-tell-all-renegade George Stephanapoulos, filling in for the most artfully cadenced voice in Television—Diane—Kissinger-protégé–Sawyer—switches to a tape of Wah-Wah interviewing Gaddafi about 10 years earlier. Muamar is preening in his robes, and Wah-Wah slurs point blank: “You know, a lot of Americans think you’re crazy!” And Gaddafi laughs.

“Boy!—that laugh is chilling!” proclaims ever-boyish, perfect hairline, Georgie S.

And that’s about the essence of the insight we’re going to get from the MSM about the Transitional National Council’s public butchering of Libya’s former leader. That and porcine Hillary Clinton snorting through her snout: “We came, we saw, he died.” And thus, in a weird nutshell paraphrase of Caesar’s megalomaniacal description of his conquest of Gaul, we see the perverted logic of NATO’s bombing campaign and resources-grab that results in the death of some 50,000 Libyans in order to save perhaps 1000 “rebels” at risk in Benghazi.

One week later, and there is Wah-Wah again in some advertisement for an upcoming series of interviews she will conduct with billionaires! This is Wah-Wah’s and the MSM’S answer to Occupy Wall Street! Visit these nice, friendly billionaires at home and show how they’re “just folks”! And how did they make their billions? Why, as John Houseman intoned in the old Smith Barney ad—“They made their money the old-fashioned way! They earned it!” 

That’s pretty much the way Herman Cain sees things, too. Asked a couple of weeks ago about his reaction to OWS, Cain blurts something inane like: “If you’re poor in America, it’s your fault! Blame yourself!” (Not exactly Martin Luther King… but, that was then and this is now!)

Well, what other sort of answer would one expect from the Godfather? And as for Wah-Wah, a woman who brags about her trysts with the likes of war-criminal Henry Kissinger–is that a judge of character anyone can trust?

As for the Godfather…consider this:

Let’s say we have a party, and, feeling small-“d” democratic,” we invite 100 people from all walks of life. We’re going to “entertain” these people with Lady Gaga’s gyrations and pay her a cool million dollars—the going rate—because “she earns it!” We’re going to feed our guests with a nice-a, big-a pizza pie, which we’ll cut into 100 equal slices—each slice sufficient to feed one guest. Problem is, the first person takes 40 slices! S/he doesn’t “need” 40 slices, but s/he has “earned” it—meaning, they can do whatever they want with it—from creating jobs to throwing it on the pink-flamingo decorated lawn—with the little, black jockey boy statue, holding the lantern!) Now, the next 4 people get 7 slices each because they “earned it,” too—mostly by doing number two whenever Number One tells them to! Now, the next 15 people get one slice each. So these 20 folks are doing okay to totally decadent–they each have at least one slice of delicious pizza to fill their bellies.

But the Godfather—who is transforming right before our eyes into a black, obese but jocular Tony Soprano—can’t understand why the remaining 80 folks are grumbling because they only have 7 slices to divide among themselves! Mr. Cain, who can barely do the math for his own “9-9-9” scheme, can’t figure out how to feed 80 folks with just 7 slices of pizza. 

These, metaphorically, are the sick values of our Mainstream Media, our politicians and our corporate tycoons. They just don’t get it! They don’t understand why the young and the old all over America, all over this world, are in rebellion against their perverse ways.

The “Occupy” crowd is beautifully named. They want to “occupy” their space, their time, their lives. They—we—do not measure our lives’ worth in terms of the billions of dollars we have never amassed. We ask: How is money made? (“Right Livelihood,” we recall, is one of the essential aspects of Buddha’s Noble Eight-fold Path!) What good has come of the wealth? (“Lay not up worldly treasures,” the Essene Jesus advised.) What lives were improved? How? Was the planet made more liveable, more beautiful? We ask: What is the measure of a life worth living; and, yes–what is the meaning of life?

It’s a question as old as Plato and Aristotle, as old as the Hebrew prophets and the Sumerian cuneiform tablets. It is a much greater question than the question of happiness… because enduring happiness depends on it. 

We have been a culture distracted by the baubles of consumption. We have been willing to kill and maim millions of people, unheroically and stupidly, while just “following orders” or “doing our jobs,” so that an insignificant 1 percent–and even much less than that—could accumulate more and more baubles and dictate more and more orders.

There are four great reasons why the Occupy movement will not go away, why it will grow stronger as we advance into winter and next spring: 1. It is inter-generational. 2. It is international. 3. It is technologized. 4. It is life-saving and essential.

Greater connections will be formed. The young will screw each other (in the best sense!) and fall in love; and the white-haired women who run with wolves and the graybeards who danced with Janis J. for peace in the ’60s will re-learn the language of the young and impart the rich ore of their own experiences. And when the snow comes, and the cold appears to drive them away… they will retreat in order to regroup–and fight again come spring. 

Because we are connected now…, and talking–all around the world. And we see each other now, and we ask: “If not us, who? If not now, when?” 

GARY CORSERI’s work has appeared at The Activist Post, Dissident Voice, Common Dreams, CounterPunch, the New York Times, Village Voice and hundreds of other venues worldwide. His dramas have been produced on PBS-Atlanta and he has performed his work at the Carter Presidential Library and Museum. His books include novels and poetry collections. He can be contacted at gary_corseri@comcast.net or garyscorseri@gmail.com.


Don’t stop me now: Palestine encouraged by UNESCO success

from The RT News

The Autonomy’s top envoy in Geneva believes this accession will open doors to 16 more international organizations. Palestinian diplomats, encouraged by the landslide vote, are gathering the paperwork for future applications.

Among the first organizations on the agenda is the World Health Organization, and according to the Palestinian health minister, discussions concerning potential membership have already been held. But after the United States responded to Monday’s vote in favor of Palestine joining UNESCO by cutting funds to the organization, some might think twice.

“The US funding is quite important, I guess, for all the UN organizations,” WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib told reporters. “It’s a vital funding need for the WHO.”

If the United States does threaten to withdraw funding for any international agency that admits Palestine, it could seriously hamper the latter’s chances. Pressure from Israel is certainly not helping either. Officials in Tel Aviv have already said they might consider withdrawing from UNESCO and that granting the Palestinians membership seriously hampers the peace process in the Middle East.

Palestinian officials have stated time and again that these membership ambitions are not in any way a substitute for the ongoing peace talks. But Israel does not put much faith in these claims. Alex Selsky, spokesman for Prime Minister Netanyahu, told Interfax news agency that “de-facto, the peace talks are not continuing. They [Palestinian officials] say one thing and do something completely different.”

Washington-watcher Carmen Russell-Sluchansky says the nation’s chances for statehood are bleak, but it may have success in other UN bodies. “This is a first step, I think, in a series of steps towards UN membership,” Russell-Sluchansky told RT. “The next is going to be more education and cultural organizations and pretty soon we could see membership in the WHO. They can decide to accept Palestine as a member by a majority vote just as UNESCO did, but as far as getting statehood, the US has a veto and there is no way they’re not going to be using that.”


Oakland police prepare for mass protest

From The RT News

People hold photos of Scott Olsen in Oakland (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / AFP)

People hold photos of Scott Olsen in Oakland (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / AFP)

As thousands of protesters prepare to launch a city-wide strike in less than a day, Oakland, California officials are gearing up for what could come as a turning points in the Occupy movement as all eyes have turned to the Bay Area.

Despite a series of violent raids by the police last week, protesters with Occupy Oakland have upped the ante and called for a general strike across the city tomorrow. Though they vow that Wednesday’s events will be peaceful, authorities are beefing up their forces to make sure that protesters do not become unruly.

During a peaceful protest last week, a projectile believed to be fired by an Oakland police officer left Scott Olsen, a 25-year-old Iraqi War veteran, hospitalized with a fractured skull. While protests in the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street movement that originated in New York City continue to expand, Oakland has become an unlikely hub for the demonstrations.

“All over the world people are marching in solitary with and looking to Oakland,” rapper Boots Riley tells the Associated Press. “People are looking at Oakland, California. You know why? It’s become clear that some people in the United States have made a radical, militant connection between capitalism and labor.”

“We want to show that for this one day, we can take it back if we want to,” adds Riley, who weeks earlier made a series of appearances at New York’s Zuccotti Park, where the movement began seven weeks ago.

In its latest move, organizers of Occupy Oakland have asked people across the city to refrain from going to work and school tomorrow, instead using their day to protest peacefully together and help bring attention to the movement. The board of the Oakland teachers union has given the okay for educators to participate in the protests, as have several unions in the greater Oakland area. The San Francisco Chronicle adds that some participants intend on shutting down the Port of Oakland in the evening, the fifth busiest port in the nation. An anti-war protest at the ports back in 2003 ended with over 40 injuries after the police used aggression against demonstrators.

“If you look at the level of police violence that happened to this group last Tuesday, despite that, the discipline and restraint of the crowd shows that’s not why we’re here,” Occupy organizer Tim Simons tells the Oakland Tribune. “Right now people feel like they’re winning. This is a celebration of Oakland’s power. It’s going to be festive and calm.”

In addition to tomorrow’s general strike, other events have been scheduled across the city, including a series of marches and musical performances. In preparation, the Oakland Police Department is once again calling for assistance from law enforcement agencies from neighboring municipalities as it did during last week’s raids. During those crack-downs, 17 agencies aided the Oakland PD in making over 100 arrests.


New York : Demonstrators with 'Occupy Wall Street' continue their protest at Zuccotti Park in New York. (AFP Photo / Timothy A. Clary)28.10, 03:0612 comments

Military joins Occupy Wall Street

Marine and Iraq War vet Scott Olsen shot in the head by a police tear gas canister. Sgt. Shamar Thomas confronting NYPD. Marines and other former vets join the Occupy Wall Street movement. RT reports on what this could mean for the revolution.

An Occupy Wall Street protester sits in a police van after being arrested during a demonstration to show support for their counterparts in Oakland, California. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP)27.10, 21:348 comments

Occupy Oakland prepares for city-wide strike

Following an intense week for Oakland, California’s Occupy movement that saw dozens of arrests, brutal police raids and one US vet suffering a skull fracture thanks to the local police, protesters are organizing a general strike for November 2.

Photo by EKAphotography25.10, 19:318 comments

Brutal arrests at Occupy Oakland

Police officers in Oakland, California arrested upwards of 75 protesters early this morning as they launched a crackdown on participants in the local Occupy Wall Street offshoot.

A protester, hit by a tear gas canister shot by the police, near the Oakland City Hall (AFP Photo / Kimihiro Hoshino )26.10, 23:5022 comments

Veteran in critical condition after police assault at Occupy Oakland

Scott Olsen returned relatively unscathed to America last year after serving two tours of Iraq fighting a war he was opposed to. Now he lays in an Oakland, CA hospital in critical condition thanks to a projectile fired last night by police.


Former US chief prosecutor calls for prosecution of Bush officials for torture


The Guardian

Ten years on from its creation, calls are mounting from legal and human rights experts for closure of the ‘torture’ centre on Cuba

A shackled detainee is taken from a vehicle for
interrogation at Camp Delta, at the Guantanamo
base in Cuba in 2006.

The former chief prosecutor for the US government at Guantánamo Bay has accused the administration he served of operating a “law-free zone” there, on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the order to establish the detention camp on Cuba.

Retired air force colonel Morris Davis resigned in October 2007 in protest against interrogation methods at Guantánamo, and has made his remarks in the lead-up to 13 November, the anniversary of President George W Bush’s executive order setting up military commissions to try terrorist suspects.

Davis said that the methods of interrogation used on Guantánamo detainees – which he described as “torture” – were in breach of the US’s own statutes on torture, and added: “If torture is a crime, it should be prosecuted.”

The US military, he said, had been ordered to use unlawful methods of interrogation by “civilian politicians, and to do so against our will and judgment”.

Davis was speaking at a conference on human rights law at Bard College in New York state. After resigning from the armed forces, in a dramatic defection to the other side of the raging debate over conditions at the camp, he became executive director of, and counsel to, the Crimes of War project based in Washington DC. The speech was to launch the project’s 10th anniversary campaign and to protest against the existence of the camp and the torture there and at so-called “black sites” run by US intelligence around the world.

“No court has jurisdiction over Guantánamo,” said Davis. “Some senior civilian Bush adminstration officials chose Guantánamo to interrogate detainees because they thought it’s a law-free zone where we can unlawfully… handle a very small number of cases. We have turned our backs on the law and created what we believed was a place outside the law’s reach.” He added that America was “great at preaching to others, but not so good at practising what we preach. There is a point when enough is enough, and you have to look at yourself in the mirror. Torture has no place in American courts.”

He admitted that “for a couple of years I was a leading advocate of military tribunals”, but at his first meeting as prosecutor “I told my prosecution team that I would not use any enhanced interrogation techniques – we didn’t need to”. However, he continued: “We had these political appointees telling us to get in there and use them.”

Speaking to the Observer, he said: “The uniformed services were in opposition to what was going on. But the military was cut out of the loop. Civilian politicians excluded the military in establishing the process and then handed it to me, saying: ‘Here, go make it work.’ Political appointees were making the decisions and, so far as I was concerned, the methods being used were unlawful. They said: ‘President Bush said we don’t use torture, so if the president said it’s not torture, who are you to say it is?’ ” At first, said Davis, “the Bush administration didn’t want civilian lawyers involved. They didn’t even want the Red Cross on the island.”

Davis, an expert on the law of war, and former judge advocate for the US Air Force, said that prisoners at Guantánamo have “fallen between” the conventions and rules governing prisoners of war. He questioned the notion of a “war on terror”, saying: “Prisoners of war are supposed to have been captured on the battlefield. Abducting people off the streets of Indonesia and other places far from Afghanistan is pushing the envelope on what is a battlefield. The whole world is in essence the battlefield.”

After his resignation in 2007 and retirement in 2008, Morris was officially deemed to have acted “dishonourably”. But, he said: “The people who said I had behaved dishonourably were all political appointees. I’ve had no one from the military or the intelligence community who has criticised what I did.”

Davis’s Crimes of War project is leading pressure on the administration of President Barack Obama during Guantánamo’s 10th anniversary, with firm reminders of Obama’s unequivocal pledges to abolish military commissions and close the camp. Professor Thomas Keenan, the head of the Bard College human rights programme, which staged the conference, said: “The president campaigned on a pledge to close down the jail at Guantánamo Bay, and to end the use of military commissions to try its inmates. How is it possible that, two years after he was elected, there are still more than 150 prisoners there, and this November, one of them will go on trial before one of those very commissions?”

The 10th anniversary of the executive order will come four days after the arraignment on 9 November of Saudi-born former millionaire Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, accused of masterminding the attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 US sailors in 2000. The trial is the first to be held at Guantánamo in which the government will seek the death penalty.

But lawyers for al-Nashiri, who claim he was tortured at a “black site” in Poland, will present a motion arguing that the trial is meaningless, since the government has said it will not necessarily release the accused even if he is acquitted.

Davis said he thought the handling of terrorist suspects should proceed “one step at a time, and the first step is to close Guantánamo”. Trials could then be moved to the federal courts.


The Police State is There to Protect the Bankers, Monopolies and Their Corrupt Politicians From the People

Posted by realman2020 at Lone Star Watchdog

 A police state is brutal, it is cruel and has no honor. It uses fear, intimidation and terror in the dark of night when we are sleeping least expecting our doors broken down with guns drawn in our faces. A police state uses extreme measures to arrest a man for unpaid parking tickets instead of using common sense approaches that were used in the past. The police state goes after the innocent and does not care about real criminals. It police state seeks to watch us online and on the streets. It feels it has the need to keep tabs on the people. We ought to learn by now when we give the government an inch they will take a mile. This is why we need to be suspicious now more then ever when we hear the politicians saying we need to give up some freedom for public safety. In the end, it is a cold blooded system that seeks to put terror in the hearts of the people and even murder to make an example of a person sending the message not to challenge the corruption in government.

  The corrupt political class uses the Hegelian dielectric of problem, reaction, and solution. By the very polices they created and selective enforcement of the laws has put our nation in distress. We see this in the economy, illegal immigration, in crime and in fraud. These politicians being the servants of the robber barons have not upheld their oaths and turned a blind eye to the laws passed by congress and state legislators to create chaos so the people will cry out for a solution. The proposal is something the people find repugnant before will gladly accept it is a way to stop it. Little do the people know it was done by design to enslave the people in a Police State. All designed to break the people’s will not to fight back.

The solution once implemented only amplifies the crisis and punishes the law abiding people with check points and invasive measures into every facet in our lives. Common sense is no longer used and people will ask “why is the government bothering me?, I am not breaking any laws” Little do they know they have become guilty until proven innocent because draconian lawss and new regulations put in place outside of congress takes away the presumption of innocence. Now everyone is suspect without due process of the law. The TSA is a prime example of this type of behavior trying to break our will as a people with intrusive measures not to protect us from terrorism, but to oppress us.

  The fourth and fifth amendments do not exist anymore because the Politicians say we have a war on drugs and terror. So they police will have to seize your paycheck on the side of the road because it might have been used in a drug sale if the officer does not believe the money is not the fruit of our labors. The war on drugs has not stopped the big dealers and the war on terror has not stopped terrorism. It only shows us who the real terrorist are because Osama Bin Laden and Al Quada are all CIA assets on the US government payroll before and after September 11th.

Our own government harbors the real terrorist giving aid and comfort to promote a fabled enemy as the threat to us as the terrorist. Those who are a perceived threat are only an illusion for public consumption. The real threat is who the people look to protect them.  It is the US Government and Bankers they work for thanks to corrupt politicians being paid off to do their bidding. The bankers and corporate robber barons are the ones who use the force of government to subdue the population so they can loot the nation using this phony threat. The very same bankers also launder drug money too aiding and abetting the US government who ships in the drugs that is supposed to be illegal. These laws only help the lawbreakers and punish the law abiding.

A message to occupy wall street protesters. I know there are some operatives trying to make it a socialist movement calling for bigger government and attacking the productive people in America with crushing taxes. They do not understand it was big government and it intrusive policies that have caused this crisis in our economy doing the bidding of the robber barons. These foundations the Robber Barons fund have been undermining the foundations of America lobbying for a police state control grid. The other group of people occupying Walls Street who have the right idea is ending the Federal Reserve Bank, the wars and the IRS. It is very diverse group of group there. This should be a wake up call to all there. The Police do not care who you are. They are there to protect to the ruling class from being brought to justice.

When we seen Scott Olson being seriously wounded by a rubber bullet in Oakland by the Cops. When we see Denver Police just attack people at random peaceably assembling. When we see people arrested at a bank in New York for just closing their accounts. We see the Military and FEMA conducting drills to control civil unrest. When we see the TSA groping old ladies. People are put on special list because the government does not like their political persuasion. Soon they cannot buy a gun, fly and soon will not be able to get a job because the government blackballed them. When homeland security puts out publications for local police to classify certain groups of people who advocate a free society and honest money over government intervention as political subversives. The government has turns its guns on the people because the government declared us the enemy now and not the real criminals in the system. What was legal is now against the law. Evil is now good and good is now evil. We seen this at the WTO conference in Seattle in 2000 of the Police Protecting the thieves in three piece suits. We seen this again recently in Pittsburgh at the G20 conference. Police abusing people, protecting the Robber Barons from the people who are victim of their crimes.

These police state is been planned and orchestrated by the bankers and corporate robber barons for one reason. When they implode the economy and loot the wealth of the nation through the force of government. They want to make sure the people are disarmed and without defense . That is not working at all. The popularity of the private gun ownership is on the rise. That will be a problem for them. They worked to put a grid in place to make sure the people of this nation never bring the politicians, bankers and corporate robber barons to justice. So if you are one of those people who think police using brute force in the name of the war on crime,terrorism and drugs is a good thing. It has nothing to do with it at all. A police state is not there for our own safety. It is for our own demise so we never stand up to the criminality in  high places with low IQ goons being their rear guard. That is a police state up close and personal.


Palestine’s UNESCO membership further isolates Israel and USA


By Stuart Littlewood

2 November 2011

Stuart Littlewood hails the decision by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to admit Palestine as a full member, and points out that membership brings important benefits, including protection of Palestinian heritage from Israel’s malicious destructiveness.

It makes a nice change for Palestinians to be able to chalk up a success.

And admission as a full member to UNESCO is good news for them and bad news for their Israeli tormentors. Palestine becomes the organization’s 195th member as soon as it has ratified UNESCO’s constitution.

China said yes, Russia said yes, the US and bosom-buddy Israel, Canada and Germany voted no and pretty well isolated themselves. Although 52 member states were incapable of showing a spark of common decency and abstained, the vote was nevertheless a runaway 107 to 14 victory.

”Among the abstainers was not-so-Great Britain, still too gutless to shake off the chains of subservience to the pro-Israel lobby and end its betrayal of the Palestinians.”

Expect big sulks, hysterics and toys being thrown out of the Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu prams.

Among the abstainers was not-so-Great Britain, still too gutless to shake off the chains of subservience to the pro-Israel lobby and end its betrayal of the Palestinians.

The spiteful US State Department confirmed it would cut 60 million dollars in funding for UNESCO. Israel’s foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, had threatened that a UNESCO yes vote would harm efforts to secure a peace agreement between the two sides.

And the American Jewish Committee’s executive director, David Harris, announced: “This is a sad day for UNESCO,” and called the Palestinian bid “a counter-productive gambit”, then trotted out the tiresome mantra that “only direct talks with Israel can bring about a two-state solution within the context of a comprehensive peace accord”.

Membership, of course, brings important benefits for Palestinians. For one thing, UNESCO protects world heritage sites. The Israelis have has been systematically erasing Palestinian heritage with impunity, and they’ve been trying to put their name on Jerusalem by nominating the Old City for World Heritage status when it doesn’t even belong to them. This note appears in UNESCO’s Tentative List:

This concerns the property entitled “Jerusalem — the Old City and Ramparts to include Mount Zion” proposed by Israel as an extension to the “Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls” inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1981, upon proposal by Jordan. The Committee at its 25th Session (Helsinki, 2001) endorsed the recommendation of the 25th session of its Bureau (Paris, June 2001) “to postpone further consideration of this nomination proposal until an agreement on the status of the City of Jerusalem in conformity with International Law is reached, or until the parties concerned submit a joint nomination”. It also refers to a resolution by the UNESCO General Conference stating that “nothing in the present decision, which is aimed at the safeguarding of the cultural heritage of the Old City of Jerusalem, shall in any way affect the relevant United Nations resolutions and decisions, in particular the relevant Security Council resolutions on the legal status of Jerusalem”.

The Tentative List is an inventory of those cultural and natural heritage sites of outstanding universal value that each member state intends to nominate for inclusion on the World Heritage List.

So, Palestine will at last be able to submit its important sites in its own name for inclusion and protection from Israel’s malicious destructiveness, including perhaps Jerusalem’s Old City and especially the Temple Mount, under which Israel has been conducting unwelcome excavations.




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