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November 07, 2011

Posted by Xaniel777 on November 6, 2011


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Today is Monday November 07, 2011

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 ” IN LOVING MEMORY OF  Rachel Aliene Corrie !! “ ~ Xaniel777

(April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003)

 Rachel Corrie: ‘a true hero’ read full story here 


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            ( Photo credit Occupied Palestine )

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 THE GREAT IRS HOAX:  WHY WE DON’T OWE INCOME TAX                              Family Guardian

   From Family Guardian   

Welcome to our free download page.  The Great IRS Hoax:  Why We Don’t Owe Income Tax is a an amazing documentary that exposes the deception that misguided or malicious “public servants” have foisted upon us all these years:

“That we are liable for IRC Subtitle A income tax as American Nationals domiciled in the 50 states of the Union with earnings from within the 50 states of the Union that does not originate from the government and is not connected with the “trade or business” franchise.”

Through a detailed and very thorough analysis of both enacted law and IRS behavior unrefuted by any of the 100,000 people who have downloaded the book, including present and former (after they learn the truth!) employees of the Treasury and IRS, The Great IRS Hoax reveals why Subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code is private law/special law that one only becomes subject to by consensually engaging in an excise taxable activity called a “trade or business“, which is a defined as a “public office” in the U.S. government.  It proves using the government’s own statutes and publications and court rulings that for everyone domiciled in states of the Union who has not availed themselves of this excise taxable franchise/privilege of federal office, Subtitle A of the I.R.C. creates no force of obligation upon them to pay an income tax to the federal government.  The book also explains how Social Security is the de facto mechanism by which “taxpayers” are recruited, and that the program is illegally administered and misrepresented in order to illegally expand federal jurisdiction into the states using private law.

Honest Boy
“But Dad, the emperor is naked!”

The Great IRS Hoax book does not challenge or criticize the constitutionality of any part of the Internal Revenue Code nor any state revenue code, but simply proves that these codes are being willfully misrepresented and illegally enforced by the IRS and state revenue agencies against persons who are not their proper subject.  This willful misrepresentation and illegal enforcement is effected primarily through the abuse of words of art and presumption to deceive the hearer and violate due process of law.  The deception is effected for financial reasons by those who benefit personally from the FRAUD.  This FRAUD is further summarized in the following documents useful during litigation as memorandums of law:

  1. PDF The “Trade or Business” Scam, Form #05.001 (OFFSITE LINK)

  2. PDF Why Domicile and Becoming a “Taxpayer” Require Your Consent, Form #05.002 (OFFSITE LINK)

  3. PDF Why you are a “national”, “state national”, and Constitutional but not statutory Citizen

  4. PDF Government Instituted Slavery Using Franchises, Form #05.030 (OFFSITE LINK)

  5. PDF Reasonable Belief About Income Tax Liability, Form #05.007  (OFFSITE LINK)

  6. PDF Meaning of the words “includes” and “including”

  7. PDF Presumption:  Chief Weapon for Unlawfully Enlarging Federal Jurisdiction, Form #05.017 (OFFSITE LINK)

  8. PDF Rules of Presumption and Statutory Interpretation, Litigation Tool #01.006 (OFFSITE LINK)

  9. PDF Socialism: The New American Civil Religion, Form #05.016 (OFFSITE LINK)

This book might just as well be called The Emperor Who Had No Clothes because of the massive and blatant fraud that it exposes on the part of our public servants.

Nine years of continuous research by the author(s) and  their readers went into writing this very significant and incredible book. This book is very different from most other tax books because:

  1. The book is written in part by our tens of thousands of readers and growing…THAT’S YOU!  We invite and frequently receive good new ideas and materials from legal researchers and ordinary people like YOU, and when we get them, we add them to the book after we research and verify them for ourselves to ensure their accuracy.  Please keep your excellent ideas coming, because this is a team effort, guys!

  2. We use words right out of the government’s own mouth, in most cases, as evidence of most assertions we make.  If the government calls the research and processes found in this book frivolous, they would have to call the Supreme Court, the Statutes at Large, the Treasury Regulations (26 C.F.R.) and the U.S. Code frivolous, because everything we claim derives DIRECTLY from these sources and the PDF rules of statutory construction.

  3. Ever since the first version was published back in Nov. 2000, we have invited, and even begged, the government continually and repeatedly, on our website and in our book and in correspondence with the IRS and the Senate Finance Committee, and in the We The People Truth in Taxation Hearings to provide a signed affidavit on government stationary along with supporting evidence that disproves anything in this book .  We have even promised to post the government’s rebuttal on this web site unedited because we are more interested in the truth and supporting evidence than in our own agenda or beliefs.  Yet, some criminal public servants  have consistently and  steadfastly refused their fiduciary duty as public officers and servants of We the People under the First Amendment Petition Clause to answer our concerns and questions, therebyhiding from the truth and criminally obstructing justice in violation of 18 U.S.C. Chapter 73.  By their willful omission in responding to the criminal indictment of their own behavior contained in this book they have defaulted and admitted to the complete truthfulness of this book pursuant toFederal Rule of Civil Procedure 8(b)(6). If the “court of public opinion” really were a court, and if the public really were fully educated about the law as it is the purpose of this book to bring about, the IRS and our federal government would have been convicted long ago of the following crimes by their own treasonous words and actions thoroughly documented in this book (click here for more details):

  4. We keep the level of the writing to where a person of average intelligence and no legal background can understand and substantiate the claims we are making for himself.

  5. We show you how and where to go to substantiate every claim we make and we encourage you to check the facts for yourself so you will believe what we say is absolutely accurate and truthful.  Unlike your criminal public dis-servants, we don’t rely on presumption or omission to reach any conclusion, but only third party evidence right from their own mouths.

  6. All inferences made are backed up by extensive legal research and justification, and therefore tend to be more convincing and authoritative and understandable than most other tax books.  We assume up front that you will question absolutely every assertion that we make because we encourage you to do exactly that, so we try to defend every assertion in advance by answering the most important questions that we think will come up.  We try to reach no unsubstantiated conclusions whatsoever and we avoid the use of personal opinions or anecdotes or misleading IRS publications.  Instead, we always try to back up our conclusions with evidence or an authoritative government source such as a court cite or a regulation or statute or quotes from the authors of the law themselves, and we verify every cite so we don’t destroy our credibility with irrelevant or erroneous data or conclusions.  Frequent corrections and feedback from our 100,000 readers (and growing) also helps considerably to ensure continual improvements in the accuracy and authority and credibility of the document.

  7. Absolutely everything in the book is consistent with itself and we try very hard not to put the reader into a state of “cognitive dissonance”, which is a favorite obfuscation technique of our public dis-servants and legal profession.  No part of this book conflicts with any other part and there is complete “cognitive unity”.  Every point made supports and enhances every other point.  If the book is truthful, then this must be the case.  A true statement cannot conflict with itself or it simply can’t be truthful.

  8. With every point we make, we try to answer the question of “why” things are the way they are so you can understand our reasoning.  We don’t flood you with a bunch of rote facts to memorize without explaining why they are important and how they fit in the big picture so you can decide for yourself whether you think it is worth your time to learn them.  That way you can learn to think strategically, like most lawyers do.

  9. We practice exactly what we preach and what we put in the book is based on lessons learned actually doing what is described.  That way you will believe what we say and see by our example that we are very sincere about everything that we are telling you.  Since we aren’t trying to sell you anything, then there can’t be any other agenda than to help you learn the truth and achieve personal freedom.

  10. This is also the ONLY book that explains and compares all the major theories and tax honesty groups and sifts the wheat from the chaff to extract the “best of breed” approach from each advocate which has the best foundation in law and can most easily be defended in court with evidence.

  11. The entire book, we believe, completely, truthfully, and convincingly answers the following very important question:

    “How can we interpret and explain the Internal Revenue Code in a way that makes it completely lawful and Constitutional, both from the standpoint of current law and from a historical perspective?”

If you don’t have a lot of time to read EVERYTHING, we recommend reading at least the following chapters in the order listed: 1, 3, 4, 5 (these are mandatory).

If you are from the government and think that this book might be encouraging some kind of illegal activity, click here to find a rebuttal of such an accusation and detailed research on why we are not subject to state or federal jurisdiction for anything related to this website or our ministry.



Maria De Wind

                 Shop Less Live MoreLock up your wallets and purses, cut up your credit cards and dump the love of your life – shopping. 

Saturday November 26th 2011 will be the next Buy Nothing Day (UK). It’s a day where you challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into life. The rules are simple, for 24 hours you will detox from shopping and anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!

Everything we buy has an impact on the environment, Buy Nothing Day highlights the environmental and ethical consequences of consumerism. The developed countries – only 20% of the world population are consuming over 80% of the earth’s natural resources, causing a disproportionate level of environmental damage, and an unfair distribution of wealth.

As consumers we need to question the products we buy and challenge the companies who produce them. What are the true risks to the environment and developing countries? We all know recycling is OK for the the environment, but consuming less is better and Buy Nothing Day is a great way to start.

FREE!No purchase necessary!

People around the UK will make a pact with themselves to take a break from consumption as a personal experiment or public statement and the best thing is – IT’S FREE!!!

For a quick start to Buy Nothing Day read the FAQpage. If you want to take part in more actively, which is far more fun, then you may want to organise an event – take a look at the TOOLKIT for info and ideas and check the EVENTS page. If there are no events near you – organise one! Get social and follow Buy Nothing Day UK on TWITTER.

Work Shop Buy Nothing

Participate by not participating!

Of course, Buy Nothing Day isn’t about changing your lifestyle for just one day – we want it to be a lasting relationship with you consumer conscience – maybe a life changing experience? We want people to make a commitment to consuming less, recycling more and challenging companies to clean up and be fair. The supermarket or shopping mall might offer great choice, but this shouldn’t be at the cost of the environment or developing countries.




From What Really Happened.com

By Michael Rivero

Can you imagine the fear?

Maybe you don’t have to. Maybe you are old enough to remember Three Mile Island, or Chernobyl. Maybe you’re one of the people living where the radiation meters are already singing their songs of death.

If you aren’t, you soon will be. Three nuclear reactors melted down, and continue to pour radiation into the atmosphere and ocean.

Can you feel the horror? There is an invisible killer dancing in the air. Maybe hiding in that rain drop. You cannot know for sure.

That metallic taste in your mouth; is it being that scared? Or is it something … worse?

You cannot know for sure. There is an invisible killer dancing in the air.

You wish you could stop breathing, but of course you can’t. And with each breath comes an unspoken question; Is this the breath during which I inhale my own end?

Is there an irrevocable link between this breath and my final breath to come? Is this the breath that deforms my unborn child? Is this the breath that transforms my future from an old age filled with family and friends, to loneliness, lingering pain, and a horrible death?

You cannot know for sure. There is an invisible killer dancing in the air.

Or maybe it was on that stamp you licked, or in the wine you drank, or the cookie you ate.

Maybe you showered with the killer, slept with the killer, shared your clothes with the killer.

You cannot know for sure. There is an invisible killer dancing in the air.

Now imagine living with that fear, day after day after day; fear for yourself, fear for the lives and health of your loved ones. Imagine the long sleepless nights wondering if the next day will invite the killer into your home; if the rain will wash the killer onto the food you will eat.


Then imagine a monster so evil they would inflict that endless fear onto innocent and unoffending people.

Then stop imagining, because it really happened, but just once but twice.

What happened by accident at Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima was done intentionally by Israel to the people of Iraq, when Israel bombed the nuclear power plant at Osirik in the erroneous assumption that Iraq was building nuclear weapons.

Then Israel did it again in Syria. Thankfully, there were no nuclear weapons at the Iraq or Syrian targets, or the people of Iraq and Syria would have suffered what those people living downwind from Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima (and indeed the whole northern hemisphere) all suffered.

But no doubt, those innocent and unoffending Iraqi and Syrian people knew the fear of wondering whether the silent killer was there in their homes moment to moment, just as you are wondering whether the silent killer is in your home this very moment, even as you read these words.

Israel did that to those people; cursed them with that endless dread that lingered for months on end.

And now Israel wants to bomb more nuclear facilities in Iran, so that what happened by accident at Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, will be done deliberately to the people of Iran, who have not invaded or threatened anyone.

There are indeed monsters living among us.

And we know them by their deeds.

Just think about that when you are lying in the dark, afraid to breathe.



Nevada makes ILLEGAL Bank Foreclosures a Felony! Philly Paper “Betrayal of Justice – Govt. looking the other way on Bank Fraud”!

Posted by Sherrie Questioning All 

Banks have to PROVE in all ways they own the loan in Nevada now!  If they ILLEGALLY or Fraudulently foreclose on a home it is a FELONY and they can be put in jail!

Every single state needs to put this on the books!  Good for Nevada!


Nevada has set a precedent in which other states may follow by making it a felony if repossession of a home is illegal. Bankers better beware because now they can face jail time and a felony conviction on their records. This new law was in response to the thousands of complaints from homeowners to state lawmakers about the fact their homes were being illegally repossesses by banks without proof of ownership.

Nevada has led the U.S. in home foreclosures for six straight years and with so many complaints state lawmakers could no longer look the other way. These illegal robo-signing tactics have nearly crippled the housing market in Nevada. Homeowners poured in tens of thousands of these complaints which got their voice heard and action taken on illegal foreclosures.

The Nevada law makes it a felony for a mortgage servicer or trustee of a mortgage to make false representations concerning a title such as claiming that they are an executive of a bank or mortgage servicer, which was the case in at least hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of robo-signings.

A $5,000 fine will also be assessed if fraud is found. The law requires mortgage companies to provide a new affidavit with the amount owed on the loan, the person who is in possession of the note and the individual with the authority to foreclose on the property.

Some 26 U.S. states conduct foreclosures through the courts, but the new law does not make Nevada a judicial foreclosure state. Foreclosures have been delayed in many cases since the law went into effect Oct. 1 st.

Cathe Cole, vice president of default for Trustee Corps., and foreclosure counsel in Nevada for Freddie Mac said as long as trustees can show a clear chain of title, including the named servicer of the mortgage there would be nothing for companies carrying out foreclosures to fear. “They just want to make sure we’re doing things correctly,” said Cole.

Nevada’s state attorney general is attempting to halt illegal foreclosure practices such as robo-signing with the new law, which they believe are still taking place. Proof of ownership title is critical to the chain of title. If the proof has been lost or never forwarded to a mortgage servicing company the foreclosing party may have no right to formally foreclose and take the real estate.

The Nevada law could provide an example for other states to follow implementing the new law.

Homeowners throughout the U.S. have filed lawsuits against mortgage servicing companies alleging fraud in foreclosure proceedings used to formally repossess their homes after Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) reportedly failed to provide the physical documents on foreclosures their electronic system was used for to provide foreclosures through.

MERS ordered mortgage servicers and banks to halt foreclosures in its name earlier this year.

A paper has “Betrayal of Justice” today about the Bank Fraud.


There is a cancer in American government. It is aggressive and spreading.

The cancer was first diagnosed by the FBI in 2004, when it warned of “rampant” mortgage fraud.But the warning was ignored. No action was taken and the cancer spread.

Now, after a congressional investigation and the work of a few courageous journalists, we know the extent of the fraud. One of those journalists, Greg Hunter summarized it.

“There was real estate document fraud when the original Promissory Notes and loan documents were ‘lost.’ The Promissory Notes were required to create tens of thousands of mortgage-backed securities (MBS). No ‘note,’ no security. That is security fraud.

No security means the special IRS tax treatments for the MBS’s were fraudulently obtained. That is IRS tax fraud. Because there were no documents, the rating agencies fraudulently made up triple ‘A’ ratings for the securities.

When the whole mess blew up, big banks hired foreclosure mill law firms to create forged documents. That phony paperwork was and is being used to wrongfully remove homeowners from their property. That is foreclosure fraud.”

In exchange for paying some billions in fines, those who committed the fraud that has cost the middle class trillions of lost wealth and destroyed lives and futures, will get immunity from criminal prosecution and any future claims for damages.

Call it the first class action sell out.

But now SIX of the 50 state attorneys general are opposing this betrayal of justice: New York, Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada and California. They are demanding a full investigation and criminal prosecutions where warranted.





Are The Elites On The Run?

From Before It’s News

by Zen Gardner

An awakened populace is the enemy of the would-be Controllers. The war on terror is a war on human freedom by a dystopian state structure disguising itself as a protecting surrogate parent from an enemy of their own making.

It’s all by assumption and generations of conditioning. But the veil is coming off.

Thanks to their own military invention called the internet millions are discovering the full truth. History is a lie. Religion is a control system. Money is a hoax. Government is a for profit corporation.

And we don’t need their goddamn hierarchy.

Conscious Truth Cannot Be Stopped!

Like they say, you may kill my body but you can never destroy my soul. Fear is the number one tool of the Powers That Would Be. If we don’t fear they have no power.

The cornucopia of laws and rules written, unwritten and subconscious is their method of entrainment. Crime, punishment. They define what’s a crime, and people get in line for fear of punishment.

Socially it’s the same. Break the social norms and be shunned or called out. Use the “wrong” language and you can face incarceration. All restrictions put in place by these would-be Controllers. Screw ’em. They’re arrogant lying bastards and the truth is they’re scared to death of us.

Wanna know their mindset? The monster George Bush Senior said the following in an interview published by Sarah McClendon in 1992:

“If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.”

Damn straight, buddy.

The NWO Is Backfiring!

People are noticing the PTBs seem to be stepping up their program of late. While revolution spilling into the streets is often of their own making to bring about draconian crack downs and to foist new control systems on the populace, what we’re witnessing now is different.

Police brutality and even several recent attempts by agent provocateurs have been ferreted out by demonstrators armed with cameras and internet access. Bankster funding of police has been exposed. And even efforts by the Democratic party, MoveOn.org and ACORN have been identified and snuffed.

This is huge.

It’s All About Personal Empowerment

People wonder why things don’t change. It’s because people observe and follow, observe and follow. Same old same old, hoping someone will do something. Choice is within carefully constructed confines to where they think they’re free, but it’s all within a tightly restricted playground created by social engineers and executed via their academic and media minions.

Yes, it’s that controlled. Or so they attempt it to be.

The wild card is the all-powerful eternal human spirit. When we come to the realization of what we truly are, we are an unstoppable foe to these tyrannical beasts. They’ve turned our planet into a human farm with the people hypnotized to behave as cattle convinced of their own helplessness.

Sorry, boys. The jig is up. This marvelous planet is OUR space station and you have no business trying to take it over, so get the hell outta here. Humanity is rising…and you’re in the way.

The Elites Are The Truly Enslaved

What differentiates the psychopathic controlling elites from true humanity is a lack of empathy. They are possessed by a self-serving, self-preserving reptilian mindset that they are literally enslaved to. They know they’re usurpers and subject themselves to self-flagellating rituals and mind control to be sure they’re not influenced by any real sense of humanity that might deter their plan.

In turn, they must exercise this Machiavellian control over others since they themselves are subjected to it in order to get what temporal power they’ve been loaned by their higher ups. Yes, the abuse cycle. The abused become the abusers. In their case it’s off the charts wickedness.

Yes, the controllers are all controlled even more than humanity. But that isn’t gonna be our problem any longer. We should ship this wicked 1% or whomever or whatever they are to their own little island, take away all their toys (and boats) and let them have it out between each other. Freedom of tyranny over other tyrants I always say. Ha!

Seize Control – Jump Now!!

It won’t be long now. They’ve got so much crap going it’s gonna be hard to avoid seeing these psychopaths try to take the whole world down in their mass death ritual madness. We may have to muster through some really rough times ahead, but I really believe the wake up is scaring the shit outta these bastards and they’re having to step on the gas to push their program through.

What’s interesting is hurry and haste is not their strong suit. Their strength has always been the slow burn without the people noticing the noose being tightened around their necks. Their plans for global control go back centuries and even millennia. Pesky humanity has been a tough animal for them to fully corral, we seem to keep busting out with new life and consciousness in spite of their war on our minds and bodies.

Isn’t that cool? They can’t control us. Must drive them nuts!

They can try as hard as they want but they’ll never do it. In spite of their fluoridating our pineal glands, genetically modifying and poisoning our food supply, chemtrailing our skies with toxic metals and monstrous germs and nano strands, killing off our youth and innocents in wars, introducing viruses into populations, shooting us up with anti-human cocktails and shoving drugs down our throats, and attempting to paralyze our hearts and control our minds with fear and propaganda……

They can’t keep us down! We’re like a population of frikking Rasputins!

The Key..Wake Yourself Up Fully And Everyone Around You!

The only way to fully wake up is to take action. Period. If  you don’t open the spigot of your life by researching the Truth, communicating, withdrawing from the system, turning off the mainstream media in every form, alerting others as to what’s going on, you’ll go back to sleep.

It’s that simple, and it’s that urgent.

The conscious awakening of humanity is unfolding at an exponential rate and is having an impact we’re seeing manifest daily before our eyes. But if you’ve ever tried to push a heavy car to jump start it, or attempted to get a big boulder moved, the most crucial point is when the momentum is just beginning to roll and it’s make it or break it to get to that magical kick start speed.

We’re getting there. Push harder…..and call others to get on board, in any and every way you can. Write, talk, get out of banks altogether, not just go into smaller ones, at least as much as you can. And use your money as a weapon against them. Buy local, don’t buy corporate crap as much as possible. Start a garden and grow your own food. Tell others around you to do the same.

And if you don’t know what to do, send help to those you believe are doing what needs to be done so they can commit their full time to doing it if they’re not already, or to help them do even more. Everyone needs to participate.

I guarantee you as you do these things it’ll come back to you bigtime – in fulfillment, happiness, increased conscious awareness, love and even financially! You’re tapping into the ultimate free energy system of the Universe!

Let yourself go and watch a marvelous synchronistic loving world unfold around you!

Act on your heart…the time is now.

Love always, Zen

P.S. Want a great example of someone who’s doing something mighty to bring on the Awakening right from home?

Two of the illustrations in this article are from the amazing David Dees, a courageous man who puts exposing realizations into realistic art. His work is free for all non-profit use and you’ll see it everywhere. He’s on the ADL hate list for his powerful anti-Zionism exposes, despite his having clearly distinguished them from being anti-Jewish. What he’s produced works day and night around the world via the internet and even print media to raise the level of conscious awareness. I’m proud to be a recipient of his always impactful and enlightening work and thank him profusely for allowing myself and others to post it.

There’s an example of just one man’s efforts. Now let’s ALL get in gear….just IMAGINE what we can do!!

More News and Views Posts from Zen HERE





     from Desertpeace   


Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff


Latest update on the Freedom Waves to Gaza Boats November 6, 2011

The take over of the Tahrir and the Saoirse was violent and dangerous. Despite very clear protests from the occupants of the two boats that they did not want to be taken to Israel, they were forcibly removed from the boats in a violent manner. The whole take over took about 3 hours. Many of those on the Canadian boat were beaten.

It began with Israeli forces hosing down the boats with high pressure hoses and pointing guns at the passengers through the windows. Fintan Lane, on the Saoirse, was hosed down the stairs of the boat. Windows where smashed and the bridge of that boat nearly caught fire. The boats were corralled to such an extent that the two boats, the Saoirse and the Tahrir collided with each and were damaged, with most of the damage happening to the MV Saoirse.  The boats nearly sunk, the method used in the take over was very dangerous.

The Israeli forces initially wanted to leave the boats at sea but the abductees demanded that they not be left to float unmanned at sea, for they would have been lost and possibly sunk. David Heap, a Canadian delegate, was tasered and beaten.  All belongings of the passengers were taken off them and crew and they still do not know if and what they will get back.  6 prisoners were released-both of the Greek Captains, 2 of the journalists and 2 delegates. The passengers remain in Givon detention center and many, including Kit Kittredge of the U.S., have not been able to make phone calls.

Those remaining are being asked to sign deportation papers which state that they came into Israel illegally and that they will not attempt another effort to break the Gaza blockade. If they sign they will not be allowed into Palestine, through Israel, for 10 years.  Obviously their goal was to go to Gaza not Israel, and a signature could validate Israel’s right to blockade Gaza, so they refuse to sign.  This will mean longer detention. Their continued detention is designed to force them to agree to abandon their legal rights and has nothing to do with the security of Israeli civilians – just like the blockade of Gaza’s civilians is clearly punitive and has nothing to do with the security of Israeli civilians

Our State Department has not been an advocate for its citizens. They would rather join Israel in stating that we are terrorists. Obama on Thursday said the passengers on these boats are defying Israeli and American law. He must have been confused. It’s the other way around.   State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the U.S. was renewing its call to Americans “not to involve themselves in this activity,” and warned of possible consequences.


U.S. Emergency Consular Services  202-647-4000

and the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv  011-972-3-519-7575

Tell them you want them to insist Israel free the prisoners immediately and end its siege of Gaza.

Just a few phone calls can make a difference.




In a statement today Sinead MacLochlainn National Chair of the Irish ship to Gaza Committee condemned the reckless behaviour of Israeli Forces as they violently seized the Saoirse and Tahrir boats on Friday. She was speaking as the following harrowing account came through from one of the Irish hostage in Govin Prison.

“The takeover of the MV Saoirse was violent and dangerous. Despite very clear protests from the occupants of the two boats that they did not want to be taken to Israel, they were forcibly removed from the boats in a violent manner. The whole takeover took about three hours. It began with Israeli forces hosing down the boats with high pressure hoses and pointing guns at the passengers through the windows. I was hosed down the stairs of the boat. Windows were smashed and the bridge of the boat nearly caught fire. The boats were corralled to such an extent that the two boats, the Saoirse and the Tahrir, collided with each other and were damaged, with most of the damage happening to the MV Saoirse. The boats nearly sank. The method used in the takeover was dangerous to human life. The Israeli forces initially wanted to leave the boats at sea, but the abductees demanded that they not be left to float at sea, for they would have been lost and possibly sunk. All belongings of the passengers and crew were taken from them and they still do not know if and what they will get back. The 14 Irish citizens remain in Givon prison.”

Sinead MacLochlainn said.

“The Israeli forces acted with complete disregard for Human life never mind human rights. Please contact your local elected representative and the Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore – tell them about this act of piracy and tell them that we expect our colleagues to be treated properly from here on in and for their speedy and safe release from this illegal custody.” She continued “I also want to commend the hostages for their courage and steadfastness and congratulate them for establishing their political prisoner committee which succeeded in winning important concessions from the Zionist authorities,”


Free Free Palestine



Street art at Occupy Wall Street expresses a widely-held sentiment towards banks, 09/22/11. (photo: jamie nyc/flickr)
Street art at Occupy Wall Street expresses a widely-held sentiment towards banks, 09/22/11. (photo: jamie nyc/flickr)

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Bank Transfer: 650,000 Answer the Call

By Jon Collins, The Minnesota Independent

06 November 11

From Reader Supported News

This report appears to focus on transfers that occurred in the run up to Bank Transfer Day. However, there is little doubt that the response has been significant. — ma/RSN

Occupy Wall Street: Take the Bull by the Horns

s the social media-sparked Bank Transfer Day approaches, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) reports that over 650,000 people have joined credit unions in the last four weeks.

In Minnesota alone, 10,200 joined credit unions between Sept. 29 and Nov. 1, CUNA tells the Minnesota Independent. Credit unions have added $4.5 billion in new accounts since the end of September, CUNA says, reporting that four out of every five credit unions affiliated with the group report that the increase is due to attempts by big banks to raise fees on customers or Bank Transfer Day, a movement birthed by social media that will take place tomorrow.

Bank Transfer Day organizer Kristen Christian explained the logic behind the movement on the group’s Facebook page.

“I started this because I felt like many of you do. I was tired – tired of the fee increases, tired of not being able to access my money when I need to, tired of them using what little money I have to oppress my brothers & sisters. So I stood up. I’ve been shocked at how many people have stood up alongside me.” Christian wrote. “Me closing my account all on my lonesome wouldn’t have made a difference to these fat cats. But each of you standing up with me … they can’t drown out the noise we’ll make.”

Big banks like Wells Fargo and US Bank have also taken flak for attempting to impose additions fees on customers who use debt cards, although many of the banks have withdrawn their plans due to public outcry.

Credit unions are member-owned and non-profit; they typically have fewer fees than corporate banks. Credit unions across the country, including some in Minnesota, have been offering special promotions and extending hours in preparation for Bank Transfer Day, CUNA said. Minnesota’s Affinity Plus launched the aggressive “ditch your bank” campaign in early October,

“Our struggling economy is not the disease, it’s the symptom,” according to Affinity Plus’ campaign. “There is mounting evidence to prove that big banks with their profit-at-all-costs agenda are actually making our collective disease worse by systematically making choices that undermine the efforts of regulators and ordinary people like us to make changes and get back to a state of health.”

Occupy Wall Street has also helped cement the focus on banks. In Minnesota, Occupy Wall Street has targeted big banks for a series of demonstrations focused largely on the banks’ role in the foreclosure crisis





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