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Posted by Xaniel777 on November 13, 2011


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Poll: 85% of Americans against Iran war


By: johnu78

Less than a week after the publication of an IAEA report on Tehran’s nuclear program, a poll has found that 85 percent of Americans are against military confrontation with Iran.

The poll, conducted by the CBS Broadcasting Inc., also found that more than half of the respondents saw diplomacy as the only means to alleviate Western concerns over Tehran’s nuclear program.

In its latest report, published on November 8, the International Atomic Energy Agency accused Iran of conducting activities related to developing nuclear weapons before 2003, adding that these activities “may still be ongoing.”

Iran, however, rejected the report as “unbalanced, unprofessional and prepared with political motivation and under political pressure mostly by the United States.”

Washington and Tel Aviv have repeatedly threatened Tehran with the “option” of a military strike, based on claims that Iran’s nuclear program may include a covert military aspect, an allegation that Tehran has categorically refuted.

Iran, however, insists that as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the IAEA it has the right to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes such as electricity generation and medical research.

In addition, the IAEA has conducted numerous inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities but has never found any evidence indicating that Tehran’s civilian nuclear program has been diverted towards military objectives.

Iranian officials have promised a crushing response to any military strike against the country, warning that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East.


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Will U.S. Army Be Used to Crush Public Resistance?

From The Intel Hub

By Keith Johnson
American Free Press
November 12, 2011

Army Crushes DissentThe Alternative Futures Symposium in Chantilly, Va. was all part of the U.S. Army’s Unified Quest 2012 exercise, the latest in a series of annual war games that in recent years has focused on America’s response to a global financial meltdown in which average citizens took to the streets en masse.

In November 2010, CNBC’s Eamon Javers had this to say about last year’s exercise: “Ever since the crash of 2008, the defense-intelligence establishment has been paying a lot of attention to global markets and how they can serve as a threat to U.S. national security interests.”

Javers went on to report: “The Army is having a very interesting yearlong exercise called Unified Quest 2011.

In that war-gaming series, the Army is looking at the implications of a large-scale economic breakdown in the U.S. that would force the Army to keep domestic order amid civil unrest and deal with global fragmented power and drastically lower budgets.”

According to Javers, 30 military officials from the Marine Corps War College were concerned enough to visit the trading floor of JP Morgan in October 2010 to study volatile markets and the economy.

Inside Defense magazine also reported on Unified Quest 2011 in a November 2010 article entitled “Army Officials Think Through the What-ifs of a Global Economic Collapse,” wherein it was revealed:

“Officials picked the scenario of a worldwide economic collapse because it was deemed a plausible course of events given the current global security environment. In such a future, the United States would be broke, causing a domino effect that would push economies across the globe into chaos.”

According to Army Lt. Col. Mark Elfendahl, these were some of the conclusions drawn during a three-day session connected to that exercise: “The Army would have to significantly alter its ‘investment portfolio,’ focusing on light and inexpensive forces . . . an increased focus on domestic activities might be a way of justifying whatever Army force structure the country can still afford.”

“The only silver lining,” concluded the article, is that “the Army would have an influx of qualified recruits as the result of an unemployment rate of 25 and 30 percent.”

Tracing the government’s contingency plans back even further—to 2008—we find The Washington Post andRussia Today both reporting on the Pentagon’s plans to train 20,000 troops by 2011 to help as a response to threats of a possible mass terror attack or civil unrest following an economic collapse.

In July, Shepard Ambelas wrote for the popular alternative news website The Intel Hub that the Pentagon’s 2008 announcement dovetails “into the current troop and equipment movements around the country reported by truckers as well as many troop sightings by citizens.”

Ambelas added: “The military is already taking an active role in numerous domestic policing activities in close to a dozen states including Florida, Tennessee, California, Alabama and Pennsylvania.”

It may be no coincidence that President Obama’s recent announcement to have all troops return from Iraq by the end of 2011 coincides with the anticipated economic collapse.

Will those troops now be deployed on the streets of America? An even more relevant question might be: Will those troops exact the same toll on this nation as they did to the one they just left?


Obama Flouts the Constitution Once Again, Sends 100 Special Operations Forces to Africa

Nuclear Power Plant Safety Needs to Be Addressed

In the Grip of Mad Scientists: Business as Usual for Monsanto, Fort Detrick, and Atlas Venture

Report Accuses Obama of CronyismVanityFair.com

Occupy movement worries China

This article appeared on page E – 7 of the San Francisco Chronicle

By Joel Brinkley

Laurent Fievet / AFP/Getty Images

Protesters at HSBC headquarters in Hong Kong, part of the growing Asia-Pacific presence of Occupy Wall Street.

Right now, China is obsessed with the Occupy Wall Street movement, deathly afraid that it will spread there. How can I tell?

The China Daily recently ran a column headlined: “U.S. Media Blackout of Protest is Shameful.” The Lexis-Nexis news service shows that on the very day that column ran, the American news media carried 282 stories about the movement, and in the weeks before, the total was 631.

So I called the author, Chen Weihua, deputy editor of China Daily USA. He’s based in New York.

“Well, I wrote that on Sept. 27,” he explained, “and there had been just one or two sporadic articles.” That prompted him to write: “One of the best kept secrets in the United States over the past two weeks seems to be on and near Wall Street in New York.” There, he said, he witnessed police brutality including seven arrests and a man “suffering a serious leg injury.” All and all, he concluded, “the gap in real reporting is really serious to me. It’s really absurd.”

By Sept. 27, the day Chen says he wrote his column, the four New York-area daily newspapers had already run 16 stories since the protests began 10 days earlier, including a front-page New York Times article on Sept. 25.

State-controlled Chinese media have made a festival of Occupy Wall Street coverage, part of the government’s effort to convince its people that they are much better off living in China than decadent America, riven with income inequality. “The U.S. crisis is a result of the unrestrained freedom for the rich,” Global Times, a government newspaper, reported.

That overlooks a few inconvenient facts. Using the “Gini coefficient,” which measures a nation’s income inequality, China ranks as the world’s 36th most unequal state, while the United States is a few steps back at 44th. Forbes magazine reports that the United States has more billionaires than any other nation. But just behind, in the second spot, is China. Meanwhile, the United Nations says that almost half of China’s population does not have access to a toilet. (In the United States, it’s less than 1 percent.) What does that tell you about income inequality?

The People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece, ties itself in knots over Occupy Wall Street. One recent story’s headline asked if “the Wall Street protests are the U.S. version of the Arab Spring?”

The paper added: “The U.S. media is worried that riots similar to the Arab Spring in the Middle East and North Africa may occur in the United States.” (In 35 years as a journalist, I have never noticed that we the media have had a collective political concern about anything.)

But a few paragraphs later, the paper tripped over itself, saying: “The so-called Arab Spring is objectively nonexistent. It’s just a beautiful name given by the United States based on its own wishful thinking.” I guess the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria weren’t told of this.

Global Times writer Wang Yizhou, a professor at Peking University, remarked: “Things would be very different if the protests took place in China. The government would take powerful measures, and the financial giants would dare not to refuse change.”

Actually, China has already taken powerful measures. The China Digital Times reports that “a long list of banned keywords has been uncovered” that are blocked from display on search engines. Chief among them: the word “occupy” followed by every city in the country, like “Occupy Guangzhou.”

And a Shanghai news site reports: “Multiple sources have told the Shanghaiist that police have been going around bars asking foreigners if they’ve got anything to do with the Occupy Wall Street movement,” afraid that those people “might start an Occupy Shanghai.”

Some American journalists are guilty of their own over-exuberant, even gleeful, reporting on China’s problems. Late last month, a reporter for MarketWatch wrote: “Forget Greece. Forget Italy. Forget Occupy Wall Street. The really ominous news right now: China’s housing bubble is finally bursting,” which will bring “unmitigated disaster.” His primary evidence: “Prices have started falling.”

Looking over all of this, Chen, the China Daily columnist, said protesters told him: “It’s natural that corporate-controlled media outlets are not going to cover a protest that is fighting excessive corporate influence in society.” (Sounds like a typical young American protester’s concern, doesn’t it?)

But Chen also expressed personal disappointment with America.

“I am really frustrated that the model here isn’t improving,” he told me, “so China will have something to look at.”

Joel Brinkley, a professor of journalism at Stanford University, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning former foreign correspondent for the New York Times.

The Brutal Murder of Gaddafi and the Implications for All Those Who Stand in the Way of the War Criminals

Posted by poorrichard at Poor Richards Blog

Toe the Line or be the Next Victim of Colonial Plunder!

by Matthias Chang
Global Research

Gaddafi died a martyr, murdered by the war criminals of US, France, Britain and NATO led by President Obama, President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Cameron. Although NATO spearheaded the military campaign against Libya, the strategic planning was prepared by US Africa Command (AFRICOM).

AFRICOM was set up to further the US interest in Africa, more precisely the Global Military-Industrial-Financial Complex’s interests in securing and plundering the resources of Africa. Behind AFRICOM’s curtain are the hidden hands of Zionist Israel.

The first victim of this agenda is Libya.

When the UN Security Council sanctioned the attack on Libya under the guise of imposing a No-Fly zone to protect the alleged killing of civilians by Gaddafi who was fighting an armed rebellion supported and financed by the abovementioned war criminals, Russia and China could have vetoed the resolution and thwart the destruction and plunder of Libya.

But these two permanent members of the Security Council caved in and abstained.

China has a major presence in Libya and her intelligence services would have known whether Gaddafi enjoyed wide popular support from his people. The Libyan government was stable and successful in implementing development projects for the benefit of the people. It was the most developed country in the entire African continent and Gaddafi’s efforts were duly recognised by the UN weeks before the barbaric aerial bombardment of Libya.

China invested billions of dollars in Libya.

Yet, without a whimper of resistance at the highest diplomatic level, she evacuated 30,000 Chinese workers from Libya and left in a hurry. China and Russia knew in advance that there would be an undeclared war against Libya. Everything was up for grabs!

Even after the full invasion and wanton destruction of Libya, China and Russia made perfunctory and lame criticisms of NATO’s criminal actions. Surely, it cannot be said that Russia and China were misled by the war criminals that they had no intentions to destroy Libya and oust Gaddafi and to seize the oil resources. They must have known that war preparations were in place long before the matter came before the UN Security Council. That was their excuse in not vetoing the UN Security Council resolution authorising NATO’s military action. A load of rubbish.

So why did China and Russia cave in? This is the US$ trillion question.

It reminds me of the story of a man who owed a debt of gratitude to two rival gangs. The man was asked by the more notorious gang to assassinate the leader of the other gang but the attempt failed. When confronted by the victim as to the reasons to be the hired killer, the man replied that he owed a greater debt of gratitude to the other gang leader.

Libya under Gaddafi welcomed China with open arms, but China turned a blind eye to the destruction of Libya because she owed a greater debt of gratitude to Zionist Israel and the global financial elites for past favours, as well as narrow selfinterests. China had too much toilet paper money (US Federal Reserve notes) and the sale of Libyan oil in the intended gold dinar by Gaddafi would literally destroy the US dollar. This cannot be allowed! Period!

The same can be said of Sarkozy and Tony Blair and his copycat Cameron. They all turned their backs on Gaddafi for the same reasons.

It must be said that the leading members of the African Union were courageous enough to make a stand against the invasion and wanton destruction and did not extend “recognition” to NATO’s quisling regime until forced by circumstances to do so. Members of the Arab League and the OIC were cowards and opportunists and they pride themselves as righteous Muslims. But Qatar must be singled out for special condemnation. Can anyone still believe that Al-Jazeera is the voice of the Arab / Muslim communities? Until exposed as the barking dog of NATO, Al-Jazeera was the major “Arab” propaganda tool to demonise Gaddafi and to misrepresent the actual situation in Libya – an armed rebellion financed by war criminals. Al-Qaeda played a leading role in the armed rebellion.

Iran, Syria and Lebanon should learn from this experience and the mistakes of Gaddafi. They are the next targets of the Zionists / Neo-Conservatives global agenda. If they entertain any thoughts of making compromises with these war criminals, by abandoning their right of self-defence and to be armed with every conceivable weapon, including nuclear weapons, they will end up like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. In defending their country, all options should be on the table in like manner as the war criminals have declared in their war agenda against them. They will collapse one by one like dominoes if they strategise otherwise!

To the leaders of countries under immediate threat as well as those on the fringes, your previous strategy of inviting China and Russia to invest on preferential basis and to purchase massive amount of arms to counter-balance the threat of the Zionist Anglo-American Axis will no longer be effective because US$ billions worth of investments and military purchase count for nothing when US$ trillions worth of foreign reserves are at stake.

The investing countries will run for cover for short-term preservation and will not be willing to commit their resources for a military conflict unless and until they themselves are under a direct threat. This is a given. To the leaders of China and Russia – this is your wake up call. Stop strutting like a peacock just because you have abundant dollar reserves. The Federal Reserve Notes are all toilet papers and will not be bargaining chips when the deal placed on the table is – surrender or war.

There is still time yet to mount a Global Counter-Alliance against this fascist triad of Israel / US / UK war criminals.

As for Iran and Turkey, stop aspiring to be regional powers, as you cannot hope to achieve this grand vision so long as Zionist Israel continues to wag the US dog. Be realistic. Without nuclear weapons as a deterrent, and revolutionary social forces on your side, global public opinion cannot be mobilised to first isolate and then annihilate your enemies. Turkey cannot take comfort that as a member of NATO it will be immune to the machinations of the war criminals.

The countdown has started.

The new normal and preferred mode of regime change is to use the pretext of Humanitarian Intervention as a cover for outright military intervention.

In the African continent, it will be U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) as the Planner and NATO as the military Bully.

In the next escalation in the Middle East and South Asia wars (i.e. the overspill from Afghanistan to Pakistan), U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) will be the Planner and the combined might of NATO, Israel and Arab Lackeys will provide the military manpower.

In South-East Asia and the Pacific, U.S Pacific Command (USPACOM) will lead and coordinate all military campaigns.

In South America, the U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) will plan and lead, with narco states providing the ground troops.

In all of the above war scenarios, mercenaries and special forces will be in the forefront in fomenting sectarian wars and religious armed conflicts.

2012 will usher in The World War of the 21st Century – the perverse solution of the war criminals in their futile attempt to overcome the final phase of the Global Financial Tsunami!

Matthias Chang is a distinguished Malaysian lawyer, author and adviser to former Prime Minister Dr. Tun Mahathir Mohamad

Matthias Chang is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Matthias Chang

H/T snippits and snappits

Five Reasons Why Veterans Are Part Of The 99 Percent


The 99% Movement

Also see Occupy America Social Network

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By Lee Fang

Veterans protest with the 99 Percent near Wall Street

The 99 Percent Movement has attracted students, labor unions, unemployed workers, teachers, artists, singers, writers, former real estate brokers, political activists, people who have given up on the traditional political system, and thousands more. But a growing contingent seen at Occupy Wall Street solidarity protests all across the country are veterans.

The signs of a veterans movement are everywhere, from new groups dedicated to supporting veterans in the occupy movement, to thousands of veterans showing up at street actions. And despite condescending rhetoric from the right-wing media, veterans have every reason to be there:

1.) Veterans Deserve Economic Justice: Thousands of veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are finding a grim job market. Veterans who served since 9/11 experience a 12.1% unemployment rate, which is higher than the national average, while one in three male veterans are jobless. Recentreports have showed that the number of homeless veterans is surging, while there are insufficient job placement programs.

2.) Veterans Embrace Occupy Wall Street Out Of Love For Country: A growing number of veterans groups are enthusiastically embracing the movement. Although some are demonstrating against a terrible economic conditions, many are doing so out of simple patriotism. Thousands have marched near Zuccotti Park and at other occupy encampments with a message about taking their country back from the grip of lobbyists and predatory financial institutions. One iconic sign, held by a veteran at Occupy Wall Street, summedup the sentiment: “Second time I’ve fought for my country. First time I’ve known my enemy.”

3.) The Banks Are Preying On Veterans: Big banks have found ways to rip off and ruin the men and women who placed their lives on the line for this country. According to a recent whistleblower lawsuit, some of the nation’s biggest banks, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and J.P. Morgan Chase, “defrauded veterans and taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars by disguising illegal fees in veterans’ home refinancing loans.” Fly-by-night scam for-profit universities, many of which are owned by Wall Street investment banks, heavily target veterans with fraudulent educational programs. While military families struggle to get by all over the country, defense contractor CEO’s earn as much as $19 million a year.

4.) K Street Domination Of Government Means Defense Money Goes To War Profiteering Corporations Over Veterans: America spends more on the military than most of our rival nations combined. Yet much of that money, because of the influence of defense contractors and other private military interests, is spent on expensive weapons we never use instead of on rank and file soldiers. Revolving door lobbyists, who go from the Pentagon to K Street firms, have secured over a trillion in wasteful spending to companies like Lockheed Martin.

5.) During The Economic Downturn, Veterans Programs Are Being Cut And Privatized As Well: As Republicans and their allies have succeeded so far in pushing an austerity agenda of massive government cuts, veterans have also been targeted. According to a recent analysis by Military.com of a CBO study outlining suggested cuts, Congress is debating proposals to cap military basic pay and limiting veterans health benefits. Notably, the Defense Business Board is also considering a move to privatize the military pension program, swapping it out with a 401k system. If there is another crisis on Wall Street, veterans could lose see their retirement benefits wiped out if such a system is put in place.

In many cases, veterans have been the most visible victims of police brutality: like in Boston, where police violently raided a group of peaceful veterans occupying a city plaza, and in Oakland, where police fractured the skull of Scott Olson, an Iraq veteran, with a shot from a projectile aimed at protesters.

Occupy Wall Street solidarity protests will hold Veterans Day events to stand with veterans in cities across America, from Colorado Springs to San Diego, to Syracuse, to Chicago, to Denver, toMissoula, to Sacramento, to Gainesville, and beyond.





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