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Posted by Xaniel777 on November 15, 2011


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From Occupy America Social Network

NikkiPosted by Nikki 


Why This Is Important

He is turning NYC into an armed police camp and has repeatedly ordered acts of extreme violence and theft (i.e., coordinated

confiscation of personal belongings) against people engaged in peaceful protest.


Why People Are Signing

Read More and Sign Petition


 Fake Truth for Our Own Good? WHAT IS TRUTH? 

From American’s Journey

by Jack Rabbit

What is truth? One of the philosopher’s oldest questions indeed. Zeno, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle – an endless list of those attempting to define this surprisingly elusive concept. Zeno presented paradoxes – most lost – which brought into question our very ability to perceive our world.

He showed that contradictions exist between our observed world and the logical world. For example Zeno’s “Flying Arrow” paradox states “That it is impossible for a thing to be moving during a period of time, because it is impossible for it to be moving at an indivisible instant.” (From p.4 “Zeno’s Paradox” by Joseph Mazur, penguin)

I visualize this paradox as a high-speed photograph of an arrow, in which, the arrow appears to be motionless. Continuing p. 5:

“The flying-arrow paradox concludes that motion is impossible. Zeno pictures an arrow in flight and considers it frozen at a single point in time. He argues that the arrow must be stationary at
that instant, and if it is stationary at that instant then it is stationary at any – and – every instant. Therefore, it does not move at all.”

We can also learn from Heisenberg’s uncertainty theory: 

“According to quantum mechanics, the more precisely the position (momentum) of a particle is given, the less precisely can one say what its momentum (position) is.” To visualize this I picture 
someone blindfolded at a billiard table armed with a cue ball. On the table is an eight-ball. The blindfolded person rolls the cueball across the table, striking the eight-ball, thereby finding it, but 
in the process moving it from its original location. Perhaps this is a weak analogy…wait – what am I getting at?

My point is that our world, even for science is so mysterious that we may never be able to nail down reality. In fact according to Aristotle everything we know is unscientific anyway because scientific observation is rooted in inductively derived observations, taken as givens by what he called “intuition.” So what?


Modern man relies on the “SCIENTIFIC METHOD” as our definitive truth-
testing tool. Here is a nice illustration:
Flow Chart for The Scientific Method

So we use the scientific method to evaluate evidence for our best possible description of reality, or truth. So it’s that simple right? Well…


In his book Public Opinion, Walter Lippmann discusses the “… insertion between man and his environment of a pseudo-environment. To that pseudo-environment his behavior is a response.
But because it is behavior, the consequences, if they are acts, operate not in the pseudo-environment where the behavior is stimulated, but in the real environment where action eventuates. … at the level of social life, what is called the adjustment of man to his environment takes place through the medium of fictions. By fictions I do not mean lies. I mean a representation of the environment which is in lesser or greater degree made by man himself.”

He continues … “For the real environment is altogether too big, too complex, and too fleeting for direct acquaintance. …we have to reconstruct it on a simpler model before we can manage with it.” Essentially, in my view, Lippmann described the dumbing down, repackaging, and presentation of a reality by an elite group to the masses. A top-down management of the masses via a controlled media.

The fake reality fed to the public for its own good would be designed to produce a desired reaction from the masses to allow the elites to do what is best for the public. But isn’t this just academic mumbo-jumbo? We live in a Republic, we elect our leaders. There’s no conspiracy going on to manipulate the public is there? Well…


Consider (CLICK) This document examining practical considerations concerning disinformation in an adversarial environment. Or perhaps you will find (CLICK) this document and (CLICK) others here as proof that information war is a reality TODAY

Since our Government and Military are information warfare experts would it be too much of a stretch to assume that they would employ this powerful tool? I think it is reasonable to answer “YES”


Without control of the media, information warfare can be neutralized by the free exchange of ideas – especially on the internet. THE INTERNET MUST REMAIN FREE – PERIOD. Our U.S. Constitution was designed to handle the “problems” propagandists like Lippmann saw with the seemingly stupid masses.

We have three branches of government, one being a bicameral Congress. Add the electoral college. There are many “safeguards” in place, we are repeatedly told, to “protect” us from the tyranny of the masses.

We have a FIRST AMENDMENT protecting freedom of speech and the press. Are we, expected, fellow citizens, to act like little children and listen to our elite “masters?” Are we to believe that our government is free from the overwhelming influence of powerful and influential Self-appointed apostles who would lead us to possible ruin? 


“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
“A Republic, if you can keep it.” Dr. Ben Franklin was one of our wisest founding fathers. Who in our federal government is qualified to feed a citizen of Franklin’s genius fake information for “his own good?” Please, my fellow citizens, please get involved in your own way – let’s TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

Jan 11, 2009 PCR lays it out nicely 
Jan 18, 2009 Right under our noses – Raw Story – nothing to see here 
Media Complicity – from Think Progress 
Jan 18, 2009 Anthony Beever: Naive or in denial? 
Army of disinfo people vs. bloggers 
George Wash. Blog on bots to downvote 911 truth 
Mainstream Media Lies-Video 
UPDATE Feb 24, 2009 Bernays on this topic 
UPDATE APRIL 13, 2009 Prez. can shut down internet in declared times of emergency – Does that go for threat level orange? 
UPDATE APRIL 13, 2009 Watson article on Fox News re: this topic
UPDATE APRIL 15, 2009 …spin an alternative reality…WITH VIDEO
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 Paul Craig Roberts – Why Propaganda Trumps Truth 
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK
UPDATE MARCH 28, 2010 CIA Paper Reveals Plans to Manipulate European Opinion on Afghanistan


The Zionist State Of Amerika

Posted by poorrichard at Poor Richard’s Blog

By Jim Kirwan


via rense

Everything comes to an end eventually, and this day is probably the beginning of that end for America.




The pieces of this global jigsaw puzzle are still moving, barely. But the configurations for the world are nearly all in place. This last huge gambit by the forces of Global-disorder is almost ready for the final act in this global tragedy. And the stage-hands backstage, are just waiting for the call that will raise the curtain on the formal beginnings of World War III.


A huge amount of education has been completed over the last ten years during which a lot of people have been writing and drawing and commenting on the hidden histories behind these trogledian affairs, including me. Here’s just one small part of the actual information that too many either haven’t been aware of, or they have forgotten just how Iran came to be in the crosshairs: Again! (1)


Beyond this one example, there are literally hundreds of thousands of documents that have outlined just how this nation has finally become




Foremost among the things that the public has finally become aware of is the fact that

“They don’t hate us because of our freedoms, they hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity. The so-called War on Terror is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of Western Asia. This is sending the poor of this country to kill the poor of those Muslim countries. This is trading blood for oil, this is genocide and for most of the world we ARE the Terrorists” (2)


Bankers have now replaced political figureheads in both Greece and Italy; who will of course try to ram the blood-drenched policies of the already disgraced ‘AUSTERITY’ programs down the throats of the captured populations of both Italy and Greece. This will not work either, because it goes against every principle of life and economics and cannot ever work, anywhere! For the criminal-forces of this failing takeover attempt, this amounts to their last straw because Italy and Greece will follow in the footsteps of the now bankrupted MF Global-with many other Western “institutions” that will fail as well: Some far more spectacularly than others. But FAIL THEY WILL, because they cannot actually succeed in crushing the whole world just to pacify the dehumanized criminals at the top of the New World Order and the Zionists-International that has been reaching for the completion of this global crime for the last 88 years, without mercy.


I don’t profess to ‘know’ when exactly this global-nightmare shall begin by raising the curtain on WWIII: but it has become clear to many of us that there is now almost no other way to end the barbarity of this global crime.


The thugs in uniform, in most Amerikan cities now, are pushing very hard for the people they are wounding, and shooting to begin fighting back; because Zionist Amerika wants us to become violent; they need the excuse to begin their hostile takeover in the open with real bullets for anyone that opposes them. I know how tempting it is to just smash the faces of these uniformed-cowards that raid sleeping camps of protestors in the middle of the night, to fondle the women and beat the men repeatedly even though they are the only ones who are armed and dangerous to anyone other than their co-conspirators, in these vastly increasing crimes against the public. But ‘IF’ they unleash real bullets and real firepower against the veterans and the public in the streets that will trigger the hundreds of millions of gun-owners to respond in kind and that will finish this place as a nation and as a survivable place in which anyone will be able to live for decades, if not for centuries.


There is only one-other-way, but the public still seems to resist the last real chance to avoid Armageddon. All that Americans have to do is to move their money out of the remaining big banks-every last cent of your money needs to be anywhere else; except inside those banks! If the public could do this: Then at least there would be a real chance to end the FEDERAL RESERVE and its entire DEBT-based CRIMINAL SYSTEM by which we have all been captured. Without those banks the FED would have to collapse, and the other eleven Banks in that World Wide System would also immediately be threatened by the FED’s collapse.


What is preventing this is some holdover belief that the political system is this county can recover: NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. That political system was designed as a broken system that can never work when it really counts-and that time is NOW! Congress has been reduced from 535 members to 12, plus the TRAITOR in the Oval Office. The Courts are totally compromised and the administration answers to Israel and never to the American people: Hence the new name which is the only valid title for this place now:




We are living in one the most transitional moments in all of history, right now. And what we do in the next few days will affect the next ten generations directly, if that is, there are to be any next generations, anywhere. And for the record: If these non-humans have their way with us this time, there will not be a future, so there won’t be any future generations to have to suffer for what we did not prevent. . .


Ironically this time the world will try to have it both ways. It will end with both a whimper and a bang. The whimpering will come from those that refuse to let-go of their addictions to whatever; and ‘the bang’ will be the sounds of the nuclear missiles landing on nations and people all over the planet, and not just in the Middle-East.


This is apparently what 11-11-11 is all about, and it looks a lot like a final warning to the tens-of-thousands of us that routinely monitor this cesspool that was once our world!




1) Iran War is Immanent



2) The Real Truth of Wars ­ 3min 56 second video



Hold the line: Stop ‘copyright rendition’

From Al Jazeera 

A US law challenged in the Supreme Court could remove hundreds of thousands of artistic works from the public domain.

Lewis Hyde

Many works by non-US artists, such as Alfred Hitchcock, may soon be removed from the public domain [GALLO/GETTY]

GAMBIER, OHIO – In 1948, Twentieth-Century Fox released one of the Cold War’s first anti-communist films, Iron Curtain, the soundtrack of which featured music by Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich. Shostakovich himself probably never saw the film, so it was presumably under orders from the Stalin regime that his name soon appeared on a copyright infringement suit filed in the US. Had the suit succeeded, it would have effectively prevented moviegoers in the US from seeing Iron Curtain. But it did not succeed: Shostakovich’s music then lay in our public domain, and once there, its rights holders had no say in how it could be used.

The public domain is a valuable guarantor of both free trade and free expression, which is why there is much at stake in Golan v. Holder, a case recently argued before the Supreme Court (the court’s opinion has yet to be announced). The plaintiffs in Golan are challenging a 1994 law that will remove hundreds of thousands of works from the public domain by allowing foreign authors to revive their copyrights. Lawyers call this “copyright restoration”, but it might better be called “copyright rendition”: Congress has taken work that once lived freely among us and returned it to foreign masters.

The plaintiffs in Golan include orchestra conductors, educators, performers and film archivists who have relied on a stable, clearly-defined public domain for both business and creative practice. Now they can’t. Low-budget orchestras that once offered Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Shostakovich can no longer do so; distributors that listed the early films of Federico Fellini, Fritz Lang, and Alfred Hitchcock have had to delete them from their catalogues; bookstores that offered cheap editions of Joseph Conrad, George Orwell, HG Wells and Virginia Woolf no longer stock them.

The public’s unfettered use of such works is not the only thing that congress has compromised. Important freedoms are threatened as well. Copyright law, in its earliest days, was designed not just to give authors their due but also to assure public access to what had previously been a decidedly unfree press. When printing first arose in Europe it was almost always controlled by the state. In seventeenth-century England, for example, licencing laws stood in the way of all supposedly offensive books, and the Crown gave publishing monopolies to favoured printers who then dutifully provided a second ring of censorship.

This system began to break down late in the century under pressure from Protestant intellectuals. In 1694, when a new licencing act was being debated in Parliament, John Locke wrote to oppose both the act and the Crown monopolies. These together, he complained, destroyed the free market in books and were thus injurious to learning. Absent any competition, printing in London was “very bad and yet… very dear”, controlled by “a lazy, ignorant” press that did little more than assure the Mother Church that she’d never be “disturbed in her opinions”.

Locke never questioned the idea that publishers should have copyrights; he worried rather about their longevity. It certainly made no sense for any printer to have a corner on the work of Cicero, say, written a good 1,700 years ago. As for the publishers of modern authors, Locke proposed that the law “limit their property to a certain number of years after the death of the author, or the first printing of the book, as, suppose, fifty or seventy years”.

Distaste for monopolies

The founding generation in the US was the direct heir of this British distaste for print monopolies. As the US constitution was being written, Thomas Jefferson wrote James Madison to say that the Bill of Rights ought to forbid “even… limited monopolies” outright, their benefit being “too doubtful to be opposed to that of their general suppression”.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Fox News demanded that John McCain remove his YouTube commercials because they infringed Fox’s copyrights.

Madison disagreed but even so, when revisiting the subject late in life, he advised that “Monopolies… ought to be granted with caution, and guarded with strictness against abuse”. Noting that the constitution had in fact allowed them for “the authors of Books and of useful inventions”, he nonetheless underscored the constitution’s demand that the grant be “limited”. “A temporary monopoly… ought to be temporary … Perpetual monopolies of every sort are forbidden… by the genius of free Governments”.

Since its beginnings both here and abroad, then, copyright law has always limited the privileges it settles on authors. By so doing, it simultaneously secures two good but potentially conflicting ends. Most obvious and commendable, authors get ownership of their work and thus entry into the market and freedom from patronage. Less obvious, perhaps, but equally commendable, the limit on ownership gives birth to the public domain, that vast realm of expression to which we all have equal access.

“The ancients,” wrote Henry Fielding, “may be considered as a rich Common, where every Person who hath the smallest tenement in Parnassus hath a free right to fatten his Muse”. Limited-term copyright smartly enlarges that common so that all Muses may browse closer to us in time. It gives “we the people” fuller access to our inheritance.

That said, cases still arise in which the conflict between private control and public access must be revisited. How it will be settled in the current instance we cannot know, though it should be noted that the US supreme court has regularly taken the side of access. “The primary goal of copyright is not to reward authors,” Justice Sandra Day O’Connor once wrote, but rather to promote the progress of knowledge. Justice William Rehnquist made a similar point in words echoing Jefferson and Madison: “We have often recognised the monopoly privileges that Congress has authorised… are limited in nature and must ultimately serve the public good…”

Congress has not typically shared that recognition, invariably extending existing monopolies when petitioned by rights holders. The law being challenged in Golan was largely the fruit of lobbying by US copyright-based industries. Software, film, television, movie and recording companies petitioned congress with the long-term goal of getting other nations (Russia and Thailand are often mentioned) to restore the copyrights of US works that had fallen into the public domain abroad. Having no control over foreign law, however, the somewhat wishful strategy was to restore the copyrights of foreign authors in this country, in hopes that other nations would reciprocate.

Stifling debate

In giving these industries what they wanted, the US congress not only unsettled established business and creative practices, it revived the problem that Locke and our founders worried about centuries ago, for it is ever the case that monopolies can as easily be used to suppress as to encourage both speech and trade.

To give just a few of many recent examples: During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Fox News demanded that John McCain remove his YouTube commercials because they infringed Fox’s copyrights; the estate of poet Countee Cullen refused to let Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky use Cullen’s work in a documentary after learning that the context hinted at Cullen’s homosexuality; the Church of Scientology has regularly sought to silence critics with claims that they infringe on the Church’s copyrights, as when they sued the Washington Post in 1995 for quoting Church documents.

Congress managed to do what Stalin never could.”

It is true that in such cases, copyright’s “fair use doctrine” offers a way for users to defend themselves, and fair use should certainly be more widely claimed. At the same time, few speakers have the time or money to engage in litigation. A recent fair use case brought against the estate of James Joyce took years to resolve and cost almost a quarter of a million dollars. Even when a use is patently fair, most speakers will fall silent when threatened with a lawsuit.

Unless, of course, what they use lies in the public domain. Fair use, the Supreme Court has said, is one of the “traditional First Amendment safeguards”; so it is, but the strongest safeguard of all is the bright line drawn by the limited term. That bright line, moreover, was originally drawn to harmonise with several others.

Samuel Johnson’s 1755 Dictionary, the one that the Founders would have known, illustrates its definition of “limited” with the phrase “limited monarchy”, and, in so doing, reminds us that limiting monopolies was a key way in which British jurists checked the powers of their king. Transported to the American context, then, the limit of copyright should be understood as one way in which the framers checked the powers of congress and squared copyright with the First Amendment’s prohibition on laws “abridging the freedom of speech”.

Which brings us back to that 1948 movie. If you teach the Cold War, and hope to show Iron Curtain to your students, good luck. As one unintended consequence of copyright rendition, that film has now disappeared from domestic distribution. Congress managed to do what Stalin never could. The limits the founders built into copyright were meant not only to engender a public domain but, by the same token, to curb congress’ power to do favours for its friends and to soften the fact that expressive monopolies are easily abused. “Limited monarch”, “limited times”, “limited powers”: By such phrases do we nominate the constraints that are the preconditions of liberty.

Lewis Hyde is a poet, essayist, translator and cultural critic. His latest book is Common as Air.

The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent Al Jazeera’s editorial policy.


Rogue Israeli Lawlessness

from Bob Tuskin.com

by Stephen Lendman

Endless examples occur daily. Overnight Sunday, Maan News said Israeli forces raided homes of seven recently released prisoners as part of the October 18 exchange.

Notices were sent to Akram Mansour, Shadi Zayid and Ibrahim Yasin. They were ordered to report to Israeli intelligence for questioning.

In August 1979, Mansour was imprisoned for life. Before release, he participated in hunger strikes against harsh conditions for relief. Brain cancer’s slowly killing him.

Nael and Fakhri Barghouthi’s homes were also raided. Interrogation orders followed. Before release, Nael was Israel’s longest serving Palestinian prisoner, held since April 1978 for alleged involvement in armed resistance. Israel criminalized his heroism.

Others affected included Adnan Zeid al-Kilani, Sumad Karaja, and Latuifa Abu Thiraa. Latuifa formerly was detained.

Since June 1967, up to 700,000 Palestinians were imprisoned for wanting to live free in their own country on their own land in peace. Israel calls legitimate resistance terrorism.

Anyone accused without evidence can be detained indefinitely, including harsh isolation for months or years to break them.

Maan also said Israel continues to withhold Palestinian Authority (PA) tax revenue transfers. After accepting full UNESCO membership, they were blocked. About $100 million monthly is involved. They’re vital funds PA officials need to operate, including to pay salaries to 150,000 employees.

PLO official Saeb Erekat described Israel’s “blackmailing, bullying and stealing” Palestinian money. Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz insisted on withholding funds as punishment for joining UNESCO and concluding (an unfulfilled) reconciliation agreement with Hamas.

Over the weekend, Palestinian sources said Israeli soldiers clashed with dozens of Palestinians in Silwan in East Jerusalem. Tear gas canisters and concussion grenades were fired directly at protesters. Area homes were affected. Mahmoud Atiyya was kidnapped. No injuries were reported.

On November 12, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said settler attacks rose 40% in 2011 compared to 2010. Dozens of injuries and extensive property damage resulted.

Three Palestinians were killed, another 167 injured, and 127 more displaced. Over 10,000 olive trees were uprooted, damaged or destroyed. Settlers operate lawlessly with impunity. Even murder’s rarely punished.

On November 14, a Haaretz editorial headlined, “Israeli leaders choosing personal interests over law,” saying:

Government officials and prosecutors collaborate “with thieves and lawbreakers.” Rather than protecting Palestinian landowner rights, state attorneys continue foot-dragging on issues relating to lawlessly seized land.

“This time, they asked the High Court to delay razing (illegal) structures for no less than 14 months.” MKs and Netanyahu also want evacuating Givat Assaf built on private Palestinian land delayed, even though Justices ordered the outpost vacated by yearend. At the same time, Netanyahu wants lawless outposts legalized.

MKs will consider another bill to restrict human rights groups like Peace Now and Yesh Din. They and others help Palestinians regain stolen property. The Knesset’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved the measure Sunday.

“(T)he government’s behavior with regard to the outposts, particularly those erected on privately owned land, demonstrates that a small group of criminals can terrorize Israel’s elected public officials.”

Worse still, political self-interest “ridicule(s) High Court” decisions, ignores rule of law issues, justice, and Israel’s national interests.

On November 14, Haaretz headlined, “Netanyahu’s ‘draconian laws’ are attack on Israeli democracy, say MKs,” saying:

As MKs readied to vote on controversial laws, some “from both the opposition and the governing coalition have voiced strong criticism,” calling them draconian and undemocratic.

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni said:

“We will fight Netanyahu’s draconian laws. This is an attempt to turn Israel into a dark….dictatorship. Every government minister, even if he or she opposes the laws, is part of a system that is silencing the citizens. This is not a matter of an opposition to the government. There must be a front that expresses the sane and balanced voice.”

In fact, Israel abandoned sanity and democratic values long ago. Current Knesset extremists lowered both bars further. No law is too outrageous to pass. Expect free expression to be criminalized and human rights work subverted.

Other proposed legislation affects procedures for High Court appointments and asylum seeker rights. Expect further rule of law weakening throughout the session. It’s been endangered for years. Death and burial may soon follow.

A Final Comment

Haaretz said “Western intelligence” officials told Time magazine that Mossad operatives caused Saturday’s Iranian explosion, killing 17 and wounding 15.

At issue is sabotaging Iran’s nuclear program. Time was told, “There are more bullets in the magazine.”

Occurring at the Modarres Military base near Tehran, Revolutionary Guard General Hasan Moghaddam and 16 other military forces were killed.

Head of Iran’s parliamentary National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Alaeddin Boroujerdi told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the incident would be investigated.

Tehran’s western suburbs felt its force, 45 km away. Some thought it was an earthquake. Some reports said an initial blast was followed by a second one.

In recent years, other explosions rocked Iran. Two years ago, a similar incident killed 20 about 500 km southwest of Tehran. The Washington-based Global Security Institute said a base used to assemble and store long-range Shihab-3 missiles was targeted.

Iran said Mossad, CIA and Britain’s MI6 used Jundollah and other terrorist groups for years to commit attacks on targeted sites.

Known covert operations have gone on for years, including cyber attacks, political assassinations, sabotage, false accusations, and other destabilizing tactics.

A Bush administration Finding authorized $400 million for covert mischief and intelligence collection. CIA operatives get carte blanche authority to commit sabotage, recruit anti-regime insurgents, coordinate propaganda, spread malicious lies, manipulate Iran’s currency, and conduct other lawless acts.

Iran’s nuclear program is specifically targeted. Regime change plans were prepared long ago. Washington favors a “Greater Baluchistan,” integrating Pakistani and Iranian Baluch areas under puppet officials subservient to America. In other words, balkanizing both countries for easier control is planned.

Moreover, Israel’s longstanding Iranian hostility is palpable. At issue is regional rivalry. Israel wants unchallenged Middle East dominance.

Nothing’s to extreme to get it, including all out war. Some observers think it’s coming. It’s just a matter of time, perhaps as soon as Christmas. Expect the entire region to explode if it happens.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

Also visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


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Ron Paul Allowed Only 89 Seconds Shows Us Why Old Media is Dying and the Alternative Media is Rising

From Lone Star Watchdog

Posted by realman2020

  It is did not surprise me Congressmen Ron Paul only got 89 seconds of debate time. This only proves why the old dinosaur media is losing readers and an audience. This kind of audacity shows why they are losing credibility with the readers. Even the phony conservative talk radio is losing their listeners is because they do not report what people need to know. They cloak neoconservative ideology as true conservatism The spell is breaking of the phony left right paradigm thanks to the alternative media and bloggers. The rising independent journalism now covers issues the main stream media at one time dared not touch are now are forced to report now to maintain credibility just to compete with the alternative media.

              Now we hear news shows talk about he Federal Reserve Bank, The Builderburger Group and the International Bankers. The news media has been forced to report about the  dangers of vaccines and abuses of child protective services. They have been forced to talk about content they would suppress years ago. The cannot compete any longer with the independent citizen journalist. People with video cameras and other technology has allowed this alternative media force to rival the dinosaur media for readers and an audience. The old political media establishment now has to face facts about the way things were done and how they must do things to just stay competitive if they want to exist.

             When the debate was on last weekend when Congressman Ron Paul appeared in the debates was only given 89 seconds while loser Romney and the other globalist candidates had more time shows the bias in the media. This old media bias will not work in the age of the internet. They can try to censor us and shut the web down. People are looking for alternative means to take the place of the internet as we know to communicate and get the word out if they use draconian means of censorship. This bias may have worked 25 years ago, but it will not work today thanks to the alternative media. If the old guard media knows what they have to do to survive to stay relevant. They cannot show anymore bias anymore. Maybe they will think twice next time before they decide to give Ron Paul 89 seconds because if they will not treat Dr. No fair. When it is time for them to make their case. They might not get the forum to make their case. Not even 89 senconds What goes around comes around. Is that what we call karma?


No, It Is NOT “Legal” For Congress To Insider-Trade — The SEC Should Launch Investigation Immediately

From Business Insider

By Henry Blodget

Spencer Bachus

                  Rules are for the little people.

The fact that many members of Congress appear to have traded on non-public information in their personal brokerage accounts during the financial crisis is outrageous.

But since this bombshell news broke on Sunday night, the excuse has been that, however ridiculous it may sound, insider trading is legal for Congress.

This same assertion has been repeated for years, every time someone observes that Congress members do much better in their personal stock trading than average investors do. Unlike average Joes, the pundits explain, Congress has exempted itself from insider-trading laws, so Congress-people are allowed to trade on private information that they gather in the course of their work while other Americans can’t.

But at least one law professor argues that this is just not true.

Insider trading is just as illegal for members of Congress as it is for the 300+ million Americans, Indiana Law Professor Donna Nagy argues.

Congress never “exempted” itself from insider trading laws, Nagy says–because Congress has never actually passed a law about insider trading.

By trading on information gathered in the course of their jobs, Nagy says, Congress-people are abusing the public trust and violating a legal duty, just the way any other insider-traders do.

So the Congress people who traded during the financial crisis (and since) should be investigated and, possibly, prosecuted for their behavior.

The definition of insider trading is trading while in possession of material non-public information.

On September 16th, 2008, a new book by Peter Schweizer alleges, Rep. Spencer Bachus and other members of Congress attended a private, off-the-record (read: non-public) briefing from Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke about the state of the economy.

The next day, some Congress-people who attended the briefing, including Rep. Bachus and Dick Durbin, sold stocks or bet against the market. A few days later, after the market had tanked, Rep. Bachus cashed out his bet for a tidy profit.

Now, hands up, who out there thinks that a private off-the-record briefing from the two most important financial executives in the country would be considered “material non-public information”?

I certainly do.

“Material non-public information” is any information that a reasonable person might want to consider when making an investment decision.

And this reasonable person, anyway, would definitely want to consider the latest thinking and information of Fed Chairman and the Treasury Secretary when placing a bet on the market.

If a Wall Street executive had been at that briefing and then immediately dumped his/her stocks or bet against the market, you can be confident that Congress and the public would be screaming about corruption and unfairness and the shafting of “the little guy” and calling for the executive’s head.

The personal trading of Congress-people after this briefing is no different.

Bachus and Durbin (and others) got the information they traded in possession of because they were doing a job on behalf of their constituents. The information was confidential, and, in in all likelihood, material. And they appear to have immediately used it for their own personal gain.

Even if this behavior is not judged to be illegal, it’s certainly unethical. At the very least, the SEC should launch a full investigation.

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