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Posted by Xaniel777 on November 19, 2011

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Portland pepper spray incident generates iconic Occupy photo

From Los Angeles Times


The dramatic photo of a young woman getting a blast of pepper spray on her face during a mostly peaceful Occupy protest in Portland is destined to become an enduring image of the national movement.

The youthful protester vomited almost immediately after the Thursday incident and medics were able to wash out her eyes and nose so that she was not much the worse for it, Occupy Portland spokesman Reid Parham told The Times.

“She’s OK,” he said.

FULL COVERAGE: Occupy protests around the nation

Portland’s Occupy the Banks demonstrations began Thursday morning with the arrests of 25 people on the east end of the Steel Bridge.

Interestingly, it was a gray-haired group that sat stubbornly at the entrance to the bridge, waiting to be taken away in flex-cuffs by police. The Portland Police Bureau put out a list of arrestees, and only one of them was under the age of 35. Seven were in their 60s. Five were in their 50s.

It might be that those were the folks who could afford the time to be hauled away, booked and possibly charged; certainly, it reflects Portland’s deep history of street protest.

The Occupy Portland demonstrations of the last six weeks are only the latest in a long tradition of turbulent clashes that date back to the city’s well-remembered anti-Vietnam War demonstration of 1970, and earlier.

A former member of President George H. W. Bush’s staff famously dubbed the city “Little Beirut” in reference to the noisy reception Republican candidates traditionally received there. And street clashes between protesters and police have over the years been a regular event at May Day rallies and union organizing rallies even before Vietnam.

In that context, Thursday’s events were relatively mild. Yet Occupy Portland organizers allege law enforcement took an inappropriate and heavy-handed approach.

“The city’s overreaction and complete waste of tax dollars to quiet down a completely peaceful demonstration against the greed of banks was very unnecessary,” spokeswoman Illona Trogub said in an interview.

Police said pepper spray was only brought out when a small group of unusually confrontational protesters refused to get out of the street and stood in the path of MAX transit trains.

Portland Police Bureau spokesman Lt. Robert King said the march had proceeded peacefully along most of the route, with officers trying to keep people on the sidewalk and out of the street.

There was initially “a pushing and shoving match” near SW 5th Avenue and Alder Street, King said in an interview, and again a “pretty intense confrontation” at SW 4th Avenue and Morrison Street.

The most raucous confrontation occurred near Chase Bank shortly after 4 p.m. as officers were trying to remove protesters who had entered the bank vestibule. But police were blocked by hundreds of demonstrators outside. Meanwhile, a core of protesters couldn’t be cleared from the street, which is a path for one of the city’s major downtown light-rail systems.

“Two of the protesters engaged in some kind of a struggle, a pushing match, with one of the officers, and in the course of that, tensions escalated and ultimately pepper spray was deployed, and that by and large resolved the disturbance at that location,” King said.

Occupy spokesman Parham said one of the problems was that police, many of them on horseback, were actually shoving people into the street. “It’s consistently true that the police were over-reacting and pushing people off of the sidewalks into the street, and then yelling at them to get out of the street,” he said.

He said two people were stepped on by the horses, and one was knocked over. “All of the eyewitnesses say there was no warning that chemical agents would be used,” he added.

King said the police have consistently employed an approach known as “tactical disengagement” during the last several weeks, often backing off and literally retreating from marching protesters “in cases where there could have been a flash point.”

“What we encountered yesterday was different in its tone and its character from the previous marches,” King said. “We’re thinking it’s because the people that were there yesterday were there to engage in direct action against financial institutions. This was designed to be an interruption.

“Again, there were hundreds of people, possibly as many as a thousand people, who marched. Many, many people were utterly peaceful,” King said. “But there were definitely individuals involved that were more aggressive. Officers definitely encountered higher levels of resistance than they had seen in previous incidents.”

The pepper spray deployment is under investigation, he said.

Meanwhile, the photo of the young woman taken by Oregonian staff photographer Randy L. Rasmussen has raced across the Internet, becoming, as the Oregonian described Friday morning, “a web sensation and an iconic photograph.”


Tragedy for Oklahoma State

The outcry and response to the Benetton kissing ads

Suspect in Obama assassination attempt was obsessed, officials say

—  Kim Murphy in Seattle

Photo: A woman is blasted with pepper spray during Occupy protests in Portland Thursday. Credit: Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian

Video: Police deploy pepper spray in Portland. Credit: KATU Communities


Iran conducts 4-day air defense drill

Israel News

From Ynet News.com

Exercise in east Iran aimed at ‘heightening level of preparedness amid possible threats to airspace, nuclear centers’

by Dudi Cohen

The Iranian army was set to launch an air defense drill Friday evening simulating an attack on the country’s nuclear facilities, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

According to the regime’s mouthpiece, the four-day drill will be held in eastern Iran and stress “the characteristics of the Islamic Republic’s defense doctrine in the framework of the heightened air defense alert level.”

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‘Israel to employ high-tech weapons in Iran strike’

Russia: Iran wants more reactors

The military exercise comes just six days after a blast at an army base outside Tehran left several members of the Revolutionary Guard dead, including a senior officer who was a key figure in Iran’s missile program. Some western media outlets claimed Israel was behind the explosion.

עשן מיתמר מהבסיס הצבאי אחרי הפיצוץ בשבת (צילום: AP)

           Blast at Iranian army base (Photo: AP)

The report said the drill will include the use of “missile systems, advanced anti-aircraft artillery and various radar systems, as well as “tactical maneuvers aimed at increasing the level of preparedness amid possible threats to the Islamic homeland’s airspace, particularly with regards to the country’s…nuclear centers.”

Last June the Revolutionary Guard conducted an extensive drill in northwest Iran, during which surface-to-surface missiles were launched.

The past few weeks have seen a stream of leaks from Israel regarding the possibility of a military strike on Iran, this after an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report said Tehran has been working toward building a nuclear weapon since 2003 despite sanctions imposed by the international community.

Israel recently test-launched a ballistic missile and conducted an aerial drill in Italy with the participation of IDF fighter pilots. The IDF also held a home front drill simulating a missile attack on the greater Tel Aviv area – a realistic scenario in case of an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.

Iran tends to conduct high-profile military exercises once every few months to showcase the country’s technological and military innovations.

Meanwhile, governors of the UN nuclear watchdog approved a resolution on Friday voicing “increasing concern” about Iran’s atomic work, cranking up international pressure on Tehran after a UN report said it appeared to have worked on designing an atom bomb.

The 35-nation policy-making body of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) adopted the text by a clear majority, with 32 states voting for and 2 against.

Reuters contributed to the report


Looking at how much more intently the war drums have been pounding recently, one can hardly blame Iran for wanting to be at its most heightened state of preparation right now.

I do not know what kinds of conversations the Israeli Ambassador to Russia, Roi Rosenblit, and the Russian Ambassador to Israel, Mr. S. Yakovlev, are having right now, but my bet would be to characterize them as singularly unpleasant.

Russia has gone to great lengths, recently, to warn Israel and the US against any military conflict against Iran.

One would like to hope that those in the bowels of both countries are listening, with both ears. ~~ COMMENT FROM :  Mike Rivero of WRH.com


Bibi’s Official Genocide Policy

From uruknet.info

Much is made in the rush to war with Iran of Ahmadinejad’s alleged saying that Israel should be “wiped off the map”. I am not an Iranian speaker and not qualified to enter the debate as to whether that is, or is not, an accurate statement. I view Ahmadinejad as a thug anyway, irrespective of any linguistic quibble.

But it is quite astonishing that Netanyahu’s decalred, published and open intention to wipe the Palestinians from the map gets nil publicity in the west. The source for this is impeccable: Likud’s party platform as presented on the website of the Knesset.

This is absolutely compulsory reading for anybody who was taken in by the opposition to Palestinain statehood “without negotiation” as explained by the Israeli stooges in western governments. This is the actual, official Israeli policy:

The Jordan Valley and the territories that dominate it shall be under Israeli sovereignty. The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.

So Likud says all of the West Bank belongs to Israel

The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.

This clearly claims all of Gaza – and Judea and Samaria – as land to which Israeli people have an “inalienable right”. It is the apotheosis of religious fanatic claims to a “Greater Israel”, elevated into the policy of the ruling party.

Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem, including the plan to divide the city presented to the Knesset by the Arab factions and supported by many members of Labor and Meretz.

So all of Jerusalem is to be taken too.

Likud specifically lays claim to absolutely all of the lands under at least semi-autonomous Palestinian control, and they say these claims are inalienable. There is no hint of any room for negotiation in the language of these statements. The UK and US governments who pretend that it is the Palestinians who are blocking negotiations, do so knowing they are lying, and because the majority of our politicians are tied in to the Israeli lobby with golden cords.

Netanyahu’s platform, claiming every inch occupied by Palestinians, is a programme for genocide. It can be described as nothing else.

There is absolutely no room left to argue that Netanyahu does not intend to wipe the Palestinians off the map.



U.S. Politicians Go John Gotti on Occupied American People

Veterans Today


Newt Gingrich and John Gotti: Both Wear the Same Suit

The Clampdown Trash Talks Down to the 99%!  Contempt Everywhere

Self-Appointed Historian and Resident Con-Man Newt Gingrich’s Mocking of U.S. Citizens Highlights Deeper More Sinister and Dark Political Challenge to a Future America

by Johnny Punish

We all know that every politician in Washington is beholden to and represents their financial backers. With 95% of all elections won by the candidate with the most money, this is clearly the current state of affairs in the United States of America.

In fact, we in the 99% all know this to be true.  We know our system no longer represents us. We are now at war with the system and its leaders who pulled the coup d’état.  This is the war of our times.

Previously the leaders of this shadow government have been very quiet in public about their true disposition.  Like the shrewd 20th century Italian mafia leaders in the past, they dressed down, kept a low profile, and did NOT shove their power in the faces of the people they ruled.  They were smart about their rule and did so behind the scenes.  Their tools, the Politicians, always gave us the pretension of democracy while they went about their corporatocracy business running the show always making sure that we, the farmed assets, had enough bread and water to keeps us moving and grooving. They gave us expectations and those expectations were met. But like all scams, it was a mirage. They knew it. The con was on.

Now you may recall that the Italian mafia empire came crashing down when a fool named John Gotti showed up wearing $ 5,000 suits and stepping all over his flock and the police he ruled just to exercise his huge ego in what some might call the first reality TV show. Bozo the Gotti was all over TV mocking the system that gave him his power. It was brazen and in your face. People got pissed off.

The result was the dismantling of the long running Italian mafia system that bore fruit for all its assigns in the 20th century.

How did this system crash?

Well, Gotti mocked his audience. He made fools of the New York City Police and the U.S. Federal Government who previously protected the Italian mafia industry. Now, they had no choice but to take on Gotti’s empire. They did so and the rest is history.

Now let’s fast forward to our current state of affairs in the U.S.A.

We have a parallel situation in that the likes of the brazen and arrogant Newt Gingrich with his fellow politicians are all pulling a John Gotti. They no longer steal and rob the American people with a smile and a handshake giving us the pretention that they represent us. No, not anymore! Now it’s an all out in your face screw you and what are you going to do about it disposition. “Yes, I steal and yes, I lie and yes I could care less about your opinion” is their general disposition. We see it every day from almost every politician no matter what fake party they belong to.

The Occupy movement is now saying they just want “fairness” into the system. But these politicians, all of them, are working within a system that is inherently unfair and mocks the American people. It’s the proverbial John Gotti disease. So it’s perfectly O.K. for Newt Gingrich and his assigns to mock us; so they think.

The system protects the mockers and our opinion does not matter to them.

The U.S.A. is clearly and officially an occupied government managed as police state no longer posing as a republic or democracy.  It’s official folks! 

But still, it’s nice that some still try to say its a democracy.  I mean democracy has a really cool marketing ring to it right?  But does anyone buy that B.S.? The facts simply don’t support the slogan.

I have recently spoken with college students on campus of San Francisco City College and, in a un-official poll, 85% of the youth are aware that the “Crusties” as they call us in the generations above them have abdicated their leadership positions and simply do NOT care for their future. 85%! That’s an extremely high number of disenchanted souls. Anyone listening?

Now, we all know the Crusties do NOT take the Occupy movement and the youth seriously. They are just an inconvenience and water cooler talk; a mere wart to be expunged.

So now what?

We have the leaders who rule mocking us and we have a huge disenchanted youth who do NOT accept their masters laughing at them while they rob their future. It’s that clear.

So, unless there is a wholesale change in disposition within the leadership and they decide to listen and reform immediately, well we are in for a huge clash. It’s either the Clampdown or us!

Stay tuned…..

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas, his articles appear in Veterans Today,MunKNEE and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at Last.fm and more.


‘Super Soldiers’: The Quest for the Ultimate Human Killing Machine

From The Intel Hub

The Independent
November 18, 2011

The ancient Spartans believed that battlefield training began at birth. Those who failed the first round of selection, which took place at the ripe old age of 48 hours, were left at the foot of a mountain to die.

The survivors would, in years to come, often wonder if these rejects were the lucky ones. Because to harden them up, putative Spartan warriors were subjected to a vigorous regime involving unending physical violence, severe cold, a lack of sleep and constant sexual abuse.

As with the English public schools, which used similar tactics to produce the warriors who carved out the British Empire, the Spartan regime worked; the alumni were the most feared soldiers in the eastern Mediterranean.

And ever since then, military chiefs have wondered whether it may be possible to short-cut the long and demanding Spartan regime to produce a soldier who kills without care or remorse, shows no fear, can fight battle after battle without fatigue and generally behave more like a machine than a man.

In the post-war era, the future of fighting was thought to be about tanks and missiles, large impersonal machines that would fight huge battles over the open terrain of Northern Europe. The soldiers would be pressing buttons in a command centre.

But despite the advent of drone aircraft, much of 21st-century warfare is turning out to be a drawn-out, messy business, fought on a human scale in the mud and dust of Afghanistan. And fought against a mercurial army of irregulars who melt away into the fields and farms once the skirmish is over. Modern soldiers are not the cannon fodder of before.

Highly trained and super fit, each one represents a huge investment by the nation that sends them into battle. A soldier who is too tired to fight effectively, who has gone mad or who is suffering from severe stress is like a broken-down tank, no use to anybody. What if soldiers could be made that did not break down?

Read Entire Article 


Russia warns NATO on its readiness for nuclear WW3

FROM METRO zimbabwe

Posted by  on Nov 18th, 2011 and filed under Politics & Foreign.

              Russian General warns of nuclear war with NATO

Zimmetro — Russian General Nikolai Makarov said NATO’s eastward expansion meant the risk of Russia being dragged into conflicts had ‘risen sharply’. General Makarov is the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia , the highest military post of the Russian armed forces.

Many Eastern European countries which used to be part of the Warsaw Pact, a former Soviet sphere of influence, have since joined NATO, an issue which irritated Russia. Russia believes NATO is ganging up with these countries to encircle its western border.

The General said: ‘The possibility of local armed conflicts along nearly the whole border has increased dramatically. In certain conditions, I do not rule out local and regional armed conflicts developing into a large-scale war, including using nuclear weapons.’

Among those countries who have swapped the Warsaw Pact for Nato are Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Russia is also at odds with the U.S. over plans for an American missile defence shield in Europe.

‘The European missile shield problem is quite serious today,’ General Makarov, 62, said.

Russia also has deeply strained relations with Georgia after a 2008 war over two disputed provinces. Georgia is actively seeking Nato membership. General Makarov specifically referred to NATO’s plans to offer membership to Georgia and Ukraine as potentially threatening to Russia.

The nation’s military doctrine says it may use nuclear weapons to counter a nuclear attack on Russia or an ally, or a large-scale conventional attack that threatens Russia’s existence. Russia sees NATO’s expansion to include former Soviet republics and ex-members of the Soviet bloc in eastern and central Europe as a key threat to Russia’s security.

World’s nuclear powers

General Makarov was a former platoon commander for the Communist Soviet Army in East Germany and has served in many posts in strategically sensitive areas for Moscow. During the USSR era, he served with Soviet forces in Siberia, and after the fall of the Red flag was chief of staff of a Russian forces in Tajikistan.

The General is an ally of Vladimir Putin. His strong words yesterday come ahead of political changes in Russia which are likely to see Putin return to power in the Kremlin as president. Putin, a former Soviet KGB agent, has increasingly grown hostile towards the West.

The collapse of USSR in early 1990s saw Russia emerged as a bankrupted and weak state, and was treated as a defeated power by NATO. Since then NATO not only gobbled up former Russian satellite states in Eastern Europe, but also bombed Yugoslavia, Russia’s closest ally in Europe, in 1998.

Putin strengthened Russia’s economy and restored its global influence

Vladimir Putin became Russia’s president in 2000. Under his reign the Russian economy increased by 6 fold, becoming the 7th largest in the world. Under Putin, Russian industry grew by 76%, investments increased by 125%, real incomes more than doubled and the average monthly salary increased sevenfold from $80 to $640. From 2000 to 2006 the volume of consumer credit increased 45 times and the middle class grew from 8 million to 55 million people. The number of people living below the poverty line decreased from 30% in 2000 to 14% in 2008.

In his 8 years governance, Putin had largely restored Russian military might and influence. He formed alliance with North Korea, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, effectively securing Russian eastern and southern borders.

The Russia now and 20 years ago is of stark contrast. The country is no longer poor – it has built up $516 billion in foreign reserves, the world’s third largest; only after China and Japan. Russia has surpassed Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil exporter, given that it is also the world’s largest gas exporter, the Russia today is an energy superpower. Russia, a strong scientific, aerospace and engineering nation, is widely believed to possess the world’s second most advanced military after the USA.

Putin signed the formation of SCO with China and other four Central Asian states in 2001. The SCO is seen as a counterbalance to NATO alliance.

Putin’s almost-certain return to presidency next year would also see a different type of world than it was 10 years ago, with the global balance of power shifted as the EU weakened and drowned in economic disaster and ally China on its way to eclipse U.S. as the world no.1 economic power. It can be interesting how Putin would steer Russian role in a changed world.

     Will Putin clash with the West upon returning to power in 2012?


Creative minds are rarely tidy

From incognito205’s posterous

There’s an old saying that seems to apply:

Creative minds are rarely tidy.

I’ve used that often to explain

my desk/work space.

A picture is worth ten thousand words………..

A person’s mind and his desk………..

 William F. Buckley

 Nat Hentoff

 Albert Einstein 

 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


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