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FBI hires spies to fake terror plots

Posted by poorrichard at Poor Richard’s Blog

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is reportedly giving money and weapons to poor criminals to carry out terrorist attacks on US soil on behalf of Muslim groups.

The Guardian reported that the terrorist plots “came from the FBI, and an informant paid to pose as a terrorist mastermind paying big bucks for help in carrying out an attack.” 

Drug dealer David Williams was one of the victims of the FBI plot. In May 2009, he was rearrested and handed a 25-year jail sentence. 

Williams and three others were convicted of an Islamic terrorist plot to blow up Jewish synagogues and shoot down military jets with missiles. 

Alicia McWilliams, David’s aunt, expressed disbelief that the US government had paid her nephew to be a terrorist and then jailed him for it. 

“I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone,” she told The Guardian

According to the report, lawyers for the case have launched an appeal that will be held early next year. Advocates hope the case offers the best chance of exposing the issue of FBI “entrapment” in terror cases. 

“The target, the motive, the ideology and the plot were all led by the FBI,” said Karen Greenberg, a law professor at Fordham University in New York, who specializes in studying new FBI tactics. 

Critics say the FBI is running a sting operation across America, targeting — to a large extent — the Muslim community by luring people into fake terror plots. 

The FBI sends informants to trawl through Muslim communities, hang out in mosques and community centers, and talk of radical Islam in order to identify possible targets sympathetic to such ideals, the report said.


Occupy Oakland Calls for TOTAL WEST COAST PORT SHUTDOWN ON 12/12

Raised Fist


The revolution continues worldwide!

West Coast Port Shutdown

Proposal for a Coordinated West Coast Port Shutdown, Passed With Unanimous Consensus by vote of the Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/18/2012:

In response to coordinated attacks on the occupations and attacks on workers across the nation:

Occupy Oakland calls for the blockade and disruption of the economic apparatus of the 1% with a coordinated shutdown of ports on the entire West Coast on December 12th. The 1% has disrupted the lives of longshoremen and port truckers and the workers who create their wealth, just as coordinated nationwide police attacks have turned our cities into battlegrounds in an effort to disrupt our Occupy movement.

We call on each West Coast occupation to organize a mass mobilization to shut down its local port. Our eyes are on the continued union-busting and attacks on organized labor, in particular the rupture of Longshoremen jurisdiction in Longview Washington by the EGT. Already, Occupy Los Angeles has passed a resolution to carry out a port action on the Port Of Los Angeles on December 12th, to shut down SSA terminals, which are owned by Goldman Sachs.

Occupy Oakland expands this call to the entire West Coast, and calls for continuing solidarity with the Longshoremen in Longview Washington in their ongoing struggle against the EGT. The EGT is an international grain exporter led by Bunge LTD, a company constituted of 1% bankers whose practices have ruined the lives of the working class all over the world, from Argentina to the West Coast of the US. During the November 2nd General Strike, tens of thousands shutdown the Port Of Oakland as a warning shot to EGT to stop its attacks on Longview. Since the EGT has disregarded this message, and continues to attack the Longshoremen at Longview, we will now shut down ports along the entire West Coast.

Participating occupations are asked to ensure that during the port shutdowns the local arbitrator rules in favor of longshoremen not crossing community picket lines in order to avoid recriminations against them. Should there be any retaliation against any workers as a result of their honoring pickets or supporting our port actions, additional solidarity actions should be prepared. In the event of police repression of any of the mobilizations, shutdown actions may be extended to multiple days.

In Solidarity and Struggle,

Occupy Oakland

-In Oakland: the West Coast Port Shutdown Coordinating Committee will meet on General Assembly days at 5pm before the GA to organize the local shutdown, and to network with other occupations.


Inside The Vampire Squid Mind

Video Rebel’s Blog

Having studied the history, religion, politics, social structures, behavior, psychology and writings of Vampire Squids, I have concluded they are made and not born.

Back at university I remember discussing with doctors the need Vampire Squids had to induce a neurosis to protect themselves from a psychosis. Michelle Renouf has declared the Squid religion to be psychopathic. The Squid religion is built on lies. God did not make this world for them. Humans are not their servants.

The Squids talk a lot about discrimination and the hatred humans have for them. Let us fast forward to the present day and forget talk about the history of Poland. A few years ago I was in a small mixed group of humans and Squids. I pointed out that the Vampire Squids had done 911. They also killed Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln. One Squid said, “I always knew we had something to do with 911.” Another Squid denounced me as a racist. And both of these men had rather unsuccessfully devoted years of their lives attempting to normalize their Squid minds to become more human like.

Before leaving the University I remember talking to a group of young Squid medical researchers. I told them that their leaders were stealing all of our money and had set us on a path to an inflationary depression. I said their Squid leaders were building up a National Security State to protect them from the American people after they had been foreclosed and impoverished. Their leaders would set off a series of what we would now call false flags which would be correctly interpreted by Americans both as a declaration of war and as an act of treason by the Vampire Squids against America. I said further that their Squid leaders were planning to use war, starvation and scientifically generated plagues to kill billions of people.

Every one of the best and brightest of the young Squids said they would side with their Vampire Squid leaders against the humans. In previous talks I had already convinced my Squid co-workers that there was no Holocaust. I prefer to call this the Holohoax. Over the years I have met a few young Squids who told humans the truth of the Holohoax in an attempt to deflate Vampire Squid power over humans not just in America but around the world.

911 was a watershed moment in modern history both for Vampire Squids and for humans. It is obvious the Vampire Squids did 911. So why are Squids and humans afraid of the truth of 911? It means that the Squids have declared war against humans and will exterminate 6 billion or more human beings as their Foundation supported population studies indicate. The primary reason to kill so many humans is the Squid desire to become 10% of the world population. Squids are sane enough to understand that even germ warfare makes this wild venture of doubtful success.

To realize the truth of 911 for a typical frightened and mind controlled human means that he must do battle against all human governments, the police, the army, the banks, the media and even his neighbors.

The Vampire Squid religion tells them that as soon as they get control of a nation they are permitted to rob humans. The Squids are systematically sacking and looting every nation in the world. There will soon be nothing left for humans to eat.

And that is when the successful worldwide revolt against Vampire Squids will begin.

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Israeli democracy fades to black

From Redress Information & Analysis

By Lawrence Davidson

20 November 2011

Lawrence Davidson argues that the suppression of the democratic rights of non-Jews in Israel, which had traditionally received at least the tacit support of the entire political establishment, is coming full circle, with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likudniks and settlers now targeting the rights of Jews as well.

Bad movies

Have you seen those old time movies notable for their endings? The cowboy is seen riding into the sunset or the lovers are reunited, etc. And then comes the end – the screen dramatically fades to black.

Most of these movies are pretty bad. The stories are predictable, the acting melodramatic and directing inept.

Well, this genre seems to be making a comeback, but off the screen rather than on it. In this revival, the Israelis are leading the way.

Israel’s bad movie starts out as an historical drama with moral overtones. It’s the story of Israeli democracy but, unfortunately, it has an illogical and misguided script. It begins with the premise that you can have a religiously exclusive democracy amid a multi-religious population. Under these circumstances happy endings are impossible and the drama quickly turns to tragedy.

Final act

The final act of this tragedy appears to be playing itself out before our eyes. It opened in 2009 with the second term of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, a hard-line “Likudnik” determined to expand Israel to the Jordan River (if not the Potomac). That makes him an ally and supporter of the settler fanatics who represent today’s version of Zionist fascists.

There is a correlation between the condition of Israeli democracy and the ambitions of Netanyahu’s allies. As the settlements expand, Israeli democracy shrinks. This in turn is tied into the fact that the prime minister is determined to keep greater Israel demographically Jewish, and this means expansion must be coupled with ethnic cleansing. One can see this clearly in present Israeli policies in East Jerusalem as well as the violent harassment of Palestinians by settler thugs throughout the West Bank. Following logically from the flawed premise in the original script, this is a perfectly predictable ending for the story of modern Israel.

The drama now turning into tragedy has its peculiarly Jewish sub-plots. There have always been multiple expressions of Judaism. One has been the East European insular version born of acute persecution. This version expressed an inward tribal orientation that assigned the role of real or potential anti-Semites to all those who are non-Jews.

Then there was the pre-1967 American version. This one was outward looking and held in high esteem the general principles of tolerance. Here the reasoning was that, as a minority, Jews were safest in a world where tolerance was a universal virtue.

In Israel/Palestine it was the East Europeans who shaped the outlook of most Jewish citizens.

That paranoid outlook is certainly the one held by Netanyahu, but he inherited it from others of East European origin. He, and his supporters, are the heirs of Vladimir Jabotinsky and Menachem Begin.

This is not to say that Israel’s Labour Party heritage was not also insular and expansionist. After all, David Ben Gurion was from Russian controlled Poland. The differences between the two groups are quantitative and not qualitative.

However, it is Netanyahu and his coalition who control the Israeli government. They rule in the Knesset. And they are using their power to destroy not only the Palestinians, but also those Israeli Jews who would defend the bygone American version of tolerant Judaism. One can only imagine that Netanyahu and his fanatics look upon these other Jews, who would make their peace with the Palestinians, as the Bolshevik fanatics once looked upon the Kronstadt sailors. They ultimately see them as dangerous traitors.

Just in the past few weeks the Knesset has spat out a number of bills aimed at restricting the voices of Jewish opponents and to make it more difficult for them to secure appointed offices. Part of a continuing line of similar legislation, these new potential laws represent scenes in the final act of this tragedy.

Here are some highlights:

1. A bill to “ban political organizations in Israel from receiving donations of more than 5,000 US dollars from foreign governments and other international groups”. Peace groups such as Peace Now and human rights organizations such as B’Tselem, as well as others which are normally critical of the Israeli government would lose much of their funding under the new law.

2. Another bill in the pipeline would then tax at 45 per cent all remaining income from foreign governments. Put together, the two bills will have a “staggering” impact.

Yet, it will come as no surprise that individual donors, such as wealthy right-wing Zionists who give millions of tax-free dollars to sustain the settler movement, are exempt from the new laws.

As noted, there are other laws as well that are causing concern. It is now a criminal offence in Israel to advocate a boycott of the country and its illegal settlements, or to mark the occurrence of the Nakba [the ethenic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948]. There are bills pending that would make it easier to pack the Israeli Supreme Court with rightists and even to punish media outlets that dare to investigate the prime minister or his wife. Thus does Israeli democracy fade to black.

The reviews

The argument on the part of the Netanyahu forces is that the money coming from foreign governments and organizations representsmeddlingin the internal affairs of Israel. Well, the Israeli establishment should certainly know meddling when it sees it. Its politicians and agents are no doubt the world’s experts at meddling in the affairs of other countries, particularly the United States. Here, through the manipulation of large cash donations, they meddle away to their heart’s content, to the predicable detriment of US national interests in the Middle East. Simultaneously, these same Israeli politicians see no problem in receiving a minimum of 3 billion dollars a year from the foreign government in Washington.

These new laws have a lot of Israelis upset, and not just those who are going to be directly impacted. The official opposition in Israel, the Kadima Party (ambitiously translated as the “Forward” party) has suddenly taken it upon itself to warn the nation that democracy is in danger.

Tzipi Livni, former foreign minister and now leader of the opposition (also rather infamous for her part in the “Cast Lead” invasion of Gaza), said that “this is an attempt to turn Israel into a dark …dictatorship”. The ceremonial president of Israel, Shimon Peres, has declared that “these proposals deviate from the basis of democracy”.

Of course, there is a good bit of hypocrisy in these protests. These dissenters never exercised their consciences over the suppression of the democratic rights of non-Jews. Nevertheless, the targeting of the rights of Jews, even tolerant ones, is “beyond the pale”. But that is what you get when you deny the rights of others. Sooner or later the process comes full circle and those in the in-crowd lose their rights too.

When the screen fades to black all that will be left of Israeli democracy is a facade, a democracy in name only. For many, however, that will be sufficient. It will certainly be sufficient for the Israeli politicians who, living wholly within their Zionist ideology, prize its commandments above all else.

And it will suffice for the lobbyists and propagandists who must manage the image of the Zionist state so that those Americans who give money and make the policies can maintain the fantasy that Israel is “just like us.”

And finally, it will no doubt suffice for American Jewish congregants who do not want to be ostracized from synagogues run by businessmen whose only connection to “their people” comes from blindly supporting Israel.

Will it suffice for the rest of us? Hopefully not. Perhaps as the last act of this bad movie plays out many other reviews will come forth criticizing the media image of Israel as fraudulent, the product of half-truths running on to lies. That might take a bit of lobbying on the part of those who see this movie as a real disservice not only to Palestinians, but also to Jews.

But take heart and remember what Will Rogers once said: “There is only one thing that can kill [bad] movies and that’s education.”


Army Achieves ‘Skynet’ – Self-Aware Decision-Making Network

From The Intel Hub

The Intel Hub
Shepard Ambellas
November 19, 2011

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Army engineers just met and discussed how far their “self-aware decision-making network” has come at the Communications Conference 2011 in Baltimore.

The future of modern weaponry is here, and it doesn’t look good.

This advanced draconian Skynet style fire-and-forget system is right out of the Terminator movies and could be coming to a battlefield (town) near you.

The Army’s own website army.mil reads;

The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command’s communications-electronics center, or CERDEC, has developed cognitivewireless networking capabilities that employ network-wide learning and reasoning algorithms that share information that enable nodes to make decisions.

CERDEC engineers hope that the results of their Cognitive Algorithm & Network Design Experiment, or CANDE, will enable easier network maintenance, reduce human decision-making requirements, increase network lifetime, transfer data with less delay, and reduce energy consumption — all of which result in a higher degree of network performance on the battlefield.

“It’s important that we apply learning and reasoning because currently, there’s no ‘intelligence’ in the network. Therefore, we’re developing capabilities that will aid the network in taking on this adaptive layer of learning and information sharing to reduce the complexity in managing the network,” said Sharon Mackey, chief for the Network Design and Cognitive Networking Sciences branch of CERDEC’s Space &Terrestrial Communications Directorate.

A more intelligent infrastructure reduces the need for Soldier intervention and aids in providing seamless information, noted Mitesh Patel, S&TCD technical lead for CANDE.

“A Soldier has to keep track of a lot of things to maintain the network such as network constraints, requirements and objectives. With cognitive algorithms, the network is more intelligent and self aware thus reducing resource management in the network,” Patel said.

One of the products within CANDE is the Cognitive Network Engineering Design Analytic Toolset, or CNEDAT, which can provide network design architectures for networks as they are being engineered, maintained, repaired or redesigned.

“The CNEDAT does not need a constructed network. Provide the constraints and objectives, and it will create a network for you: that is the power of this tool. It can optimize existing networks, and it can design a network from scratch while providing the most optimized way of maneuvering through the network,” Patel said.

Lets not forget about LANdroids, a Network World post except reads;

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency recently announced a program to buildwireless, mobile bots – known as LANdroids – that soldiers can spread over a battlefield that, once deployed, would then form a wireless mesh network capable of voice/data transmissions.

Once dropped, the bots, which are to weigh less than 2 lbs and be able to crawl around, self-configure and form a mesh network.

In a mesh, wireless devices connect to a nearby node, which passes the packets to one or more companion nodes. Algorithms are used to find a route for optimal performance and avoid downed nodes or interference.

Nodes in a mesh don’t need cabled network connections, so deployments are relatively simple, fast, and inexpensive, compared with using convention WLAN access points. In a battlefield situation they would be ideal for setting up and tearing down networks, experts say.

As the battlefield situation changes, the nodes will adapt the network, such as self-healing if nodes are destroyed by the enemy. Being able to crawl, the LANdroids will enable effective communications in crowded, hard to reach locales – such as city streets and urban battle zones.

DARPA says the LANdroids robots will consist of a radio, robotic platform, battery, and small processor, will be expendable. Solders’ must be able to drop and go – benefiting from the infrastructure while it is in place but not being required to move back into harm’s way to retrieve the robots.

The other stark reality is that scientists have produced an organic “molecular computer” that simulates the human brain. An except from Michigan Tech reads;

Researchers from Japan and the Michigan Technological University have succeeded in building a molecular computer that, more than any previous project of its kind, can replicate the inner mechanisms of the human brain, repairing itself and mimicking the massive parallelism that allows our brains to process information like no silicon-based computer can.

A relatively new technology, molecular electronics is an interdisciplinary pursuit that may very well prove the long-term solution to validate Moore’s law well into the next century. A molecular computer is made of organic molecules instead of silicon. Chips built this way are not only potentially much smaller but also, because of the way they can be networked, able to do things that no other traditional computer, regardless of its speed, can do.

“Modern computers are quite fast, capable of executing trillions of instructions a second, but they can’t match the intelligent performance of our brain,” Michigan Tech physicist Ranjit Pati commented. “Our neurons only fire about a thousand times per second. But I can see you, recognize you, talk with you, and hear someone walking by in the hallway almost instantaneously, a Herculean task for even the fastest computer.”

And if that is not enough FEMA has a new contraption that can hunt you down (during martial law of course), the “Big Dog” — Lets have a look;

Oh how impressive technology is – makes you want to run out and buy that i-phone.

What if they equipped the FEMA Big Dog with a self-aware auto turret that could rock & roll on the populace? Ouch!


Israel’s Plan to Destroy Iran’s Civilian Infrastructure

From  Prison Planet

Kurt Nimmo
November 19, 2011

Israels Plan to Destroy Irans Civilian Infrastructure unit first iran nuclear.n

Iran’s fledgling nuclear program is not the real reason Israel plans to attack.

Israel plans not only to attack Iran’s fledgling nuclear program, but also its civilian infrastructure.

Eli Lake, writing for The Daily Beast, cites current and former U.S. intelligence officials who say Israel’s target list includes Iran’s electric grid, internet, cellphone network, and emergency frequencies for firemen and police officers.

Officials say Israel has developed a weapon that simulates a maintenance cellphone signal commanding cell networks to “sleep” and stopping transmissions. It also has electronic jammers that can interrupt emergency frequencies for first responders and police.

Iran’s civilian electric grids are connected to the internet and vulnerable to cyberattack with computer viruses such as Stuxnet, a sophisticated version of malware developed by the United States and the Israelis. A retired senior military intelligence officer told the Daily Beast the Israelis also have the capability to launch a denial-of-service attack on Iran’s command and control system that is connected to the Internet.

The Israelis will likely use an unmanned drone known as Eitan to deliver a blow to Iran’s civilian infrastructure. The Eitan can fly for 20 straight hours and carry a payload of one ton. Another version of the drone, however, can fly up to 45 straight hours, according to U.S. and Israeli officials, The Daily Beast reports. The Eitan is part of Israel’s special electronic air force unit known as the Sky Crows, which concentrates on electronic warfare.

The existence of a program designed to cripple crucial civilian infrastructure not related to Iran’s nuclear program reveals that the Israeli-U.S. plan is to reduce the country to a Stone Age condition much the same way Iraq was leveled in 2003.

Beginning in 1991 with Bush Senior’s illegal invasion, Iraqi civilians and their infrastructure were deliberately targeted by the U.S. military. The savage bombardment had a “near apocalyptic impact” on Iraq and had transformed the country into a “pre-industrial age nation,” which “had been until January a rather highly urbanized and mechanized society,” writes author William Blum, citing United Nations observations.

                Iraq’s civilian infrastructure targeted.

“Bombing of Iraqi cities served no military purpose but was designed to destroy the civilian infrastructure. War games in July 1990 in South Carolina trained pilots to bomb civilian targets and Pentagon statements about plans to bomb civilian targets in August and September 1990 are evidence that these targets were set well in advance of January 15, 1991,” writesDavid Model in his book, Lying for Empire: How to Commit War Crimes With A Straight Face.

“Critical elements of the civilian infrastructure were destroyed including communication systems, oil refineries, electric generators, water treatment facilities, dams, and transportation centers,” Model continues. “Over 90 percent of Iraq’s electrical capacity was destroyed in the first days of the bombing.”

Iraq’s water supply was specifically targeted and resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children. Iraq’s capacity to produce food was also destroyed by attacks on agriculture, food processing, food storage and the food distribution system. Half of Iraq’s agricultural output depended on irrigation systems which were also destroyed.

In addition to hundreds of hospitals, health centers, mosques and schools, Bush’s Pentagon bombed densely populated cities, killing thousands. Civilian highway traffic was targeted and vehicles such as buses and cars were bombed repeatedly.

Following the decimation of Iraq, the United Nations imposed draconian sanctions on the country that resulted in the death of more than a million, including over 500,000 children. When that failed to unseat Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein (a former CIA asset), Bush’s son launched another invasion of the country in 2003. As a result, more than a million people have died.

           6 years after war, Iraq still in ruins.

Israel and the United States plan to do the same to Iran, using its nuclear program as an excuse the same way Bush and the neocons used Saddam’s alleged weapons as of mass destruction as an excuse to level the country.

Prior to Bush Senior’s invasion, Iraq was an industrialized country with a modern infrastructure with electricity and water available to the entire country. Following the first invasion and the imposition of medieval sanctions, the country was on par with failed states in Africa.

Iran, despite its fledgling nuclear program, does not threaten either Israel or the United States. The problem, according to the international bankers and the globalists, is that Iran is not a vassal state mired in poverty and misery like many of its neighbors. It does not take orders from Wall Street and the City of London.

Even the IMF is obliged to note that Iran’s economy grew by 3.2 percent this year on the strength of greater agriculture production and higher oil prices. It is not indebted to the bankers and refuses to kowtow to Israel’s insatiable hegemonic drive, so it has to be reduced to rubble.


Alert: Internet Censorship Bill Could Drastically Change Or Destroy Alternative Media

From The Intel Hub

The Intel Hub
November 19, 2011

As many of you may know, there is currently a bill moving through the House that at the very least would drastically change the way that the alternative media, as well as the entire internet, operates.

We absolutely MUST take action and take action now!

The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA is a form of Chinese style censorship that would be the beginning of end the internet as we know it.

Madison Ruppert, writing for his blog End the Lie, as well as The Intel Hub, explained exactly what SOPA would do:

SOPA would put completely legitimate sites, like End the Lie and countless other alternative news outlets at risk of being shut down, along with literally any site that freely allows users to post content.

That includes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Craigslist, Dropbox and literally any website or service that allows users to upload content.

The United States Attorney General can not only seek court orders against “foreign infringing sites,” meaning any website with a non-U.S. domain name, but can also demand that internet service providers (ISPs) would have to cut off access to the site by not resolving domain name requests.

Furthermore, if served with one of the Attorney General’s court orders, search engines would have to remove any links to the site, payment networks would have to stop all payments to the site from U.S. customers and advertising networks would be forced to stop servingadvertisements about the website or for the website.

But wait, it gets even worse. SOPA would require that within five days of receiving an allegation by a copyright holder, payment services and advertising networks would have to cut off all business with the site either U.S. based or foreign.

All the copyright holder has to do is allege that the site is “dedicated to the theft of property,” and if the payment provider and advertising networks don’t cease business within five days, the copyright holder can file a private lawsuit against the site compelling the payment service and others to cut off relations.

Furthermore, The Atlantic reports that the definition of “dedicated” in this bill “has little relation to common usage,” and in addressing the bill they characterize it as “dangerous.”

Read Entire Article 

The website, Americancensorship.org has put together easy to use tools to mail Congress and get the word out about this disgusting bill.

Over the last few years we have all seen the attempts by the establishment and Hollywood to censor key parts of the internet, but now these attempts have gained much more steam and do have a chance of passing if we sit idly by and do nothing.

From Shepard Ambellas – Founder & Director of The Intel Hub:

“The Protect IP Act and SOPA could end what once was once known as America. Nazi style censorship has arrived,1943 is here, with 69 years of technology and planning gains, the globalists sweep the land.”

From Bob Tuskin –Bob Tuskin Radio Show:

“The fact that the dranconian crack down on internet freedom is based on such arbitrary terms is quite toubling. Information should be open source in a perfect world, yet we now live in a police state of corporate facism. Although Googles CEO stated the obvious fact that SOPA was “draconian” I doubt he really will be the one to suffer the consequences. This will simply make it easier for them to censor and withold funds, as they already do.

Internet 2? Not quite, but we are getting close. Time to figure out plan B. The kill switch is in place, are you and your family preapred and in a good comunity?” – Bob Tuskin, Bob Tuskin Radio Show

From Alex Thomas – Co-founder and Editor of The Intel Hub:

“Both The Stop Online Privacy Act and the Protect IP Act would drastically change the way that the internet and, to a great extent, the alternative media, works.

If we do not put a stop to these Chinese style internet censorship bills many sites would be subject to malicious complaints from copyright holders who could attack said websites not because they are actually infringing their rights but because they want to silence their content.”   

Click Here To Visit The Site And Sign The Petition


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