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Calling for an Attack on Iran: US, Israel Politicians are “Detached From Reality”

From Global Research

by Devon DB

In the wake of the recent IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program, Israel and its Western allies are once again pushing for a military confrontation with Iran. While they argue that confrontation with Iran is a rational action, in actuality the US and Israeli governments are showing just how much they are detached from reality.

Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is “trying to rally support in his cabinet for an attack on Iran” [1] with only a narrow majority of the Cabinet opposing the move. Netanyahu has also stated that in regards to Iran that “all options are on the table.” This truly shows how detached from reality he is as an attack on Iran would potentially spell disaster for Israel as while there is currently no proof that Iran is attempting to gain nuclear weapons, attacking Iran would ensure that the regime would then make it a goal to have nuclear weapons to use as a deterrent from future attacks. 

In addition to this, an attack on Iran could potentially anger the entire region against Israel as it “would produce a nightmare far more extensive than Chernobyl” and “The immediate and long-term human toll from the nuclear fallout and radiation from so many reactors and plants [would be] inconceivable;” it would potentially “strengthen extremist forces and impeded democratic reform in Iran, and it would ignite hatred against religious minorities throughout the Middle East.” [2]

Thus, an attack on Iran would not be in Israel’s interest in the slightest from a purely logical standpoint when one looks at the potential repercussions.

Unfortunately, this detachment from reality also extends to the US leadership as well. There are many in the Republican Party who are “reviving many of the arguments that neoconservative proponents of armed intervention against Tehran lost in the latter years of George W. Bush’s presidency.” [3]

Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stated that if Obama was re-elected Iran would attain a nuclear weapon. He also openly stated that he would attempt to destabilize the Iranian regime, saying that “the U.S. should be ‘working with the insurgents in the country to encourage regime change’” but “if ‘there’s nothing else we can do besides take military action, then of course you take military action.’” [4] 

Another Republican Presidential hopeful, Newt Gingrich, followed in the same vein, calling “for ‘maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the Iranian program.’” [5] By openly stating that they plan to engage in covert action against Iran, the Presidential hopefuls are effectively alerting Iran of their intent and allowing Iran to be on their toes should either person become President. In addition to this, how does either candidate expect to find money or troops for this? The US military is stretched thin, the US economy is in shambles, America is nearing a GDP to debt ratio of 1 to 1, and there is currently a super-committee which is planning to impose harsh austerity measures on the country.

Both the Israeli and US leadership are further detached from reality on the issue of Iran when both state that Iran is a threat. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that “Iran poses the largest, most dangerous threat to the current world order” [6] and President Obama stated that the US was “’not taking any options off the table’” in regards to Iran’s nuclear program and that an “’Iran with nuclear weapons would pose a threat not only to the region but also to the United States.’” [7] 

This argument is quite ridiculous. The United States, a nation that has consistently been directly and indirectly involved in military conflicts every decade since the 1940s and Israel, the most aggressive militaristic regime in the region, are much greater threats to world peace than Iran could ever be.Iran is a threat to neither in the US or Israel. Israel is a regional superpower with a world-class army and nuclear weapons. The US is the world’s sole superpower and recently acquired 20 GPS-guided 30,000 lb bunker-busting bombs [8] and “held a successful test flight of a flying bomb that travels faster than the speed of sound and will give military planners the ability to strike targets anywhere in the world in less than a hour.” [9] (emphasis added) Thus, how would Iran pose a threat to either nation, much less the entire world?

The US and Israeli leadership are detached from reality and this could potentially prove quite dangerous and costly not only for their nations, but for the world at large. 


Devon DB is a frequent contributor to Global Research.  Global Research Articles by Devon DB


FLASHBACK : And let us not forget, Obama deploying 20,000 troops inside U.S. to prepare for “event”

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Gunwalker scandal broadens–the FBI connection

Anthony Martin's photo

, Conservative Examiner

Tina Brown, editor of Newsweek Magazine and The Daily Beast, both of which are owned by the Washington Post.

Tina Brown, editor of Newsweek Magazine and The Daily Beast, both of which are owned by the Washington Post.

Credits: (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Confidential informants who are participating in the Congressional probe of the Project Gunwalker (Operation Fast and Furious) scandal have now zeroed in on the FBI connection. Such a connection has been hinted at in the past, but information relayed today shows that FBI involvement was much deeper than anyone imagined.

The investigation into Gunwalker has revealed a scandal involving multiple departments of the Obama Administration–Justice, FBI, ATF, ICE, DEA, DHS, and State. These connections have been verified through previously hidden emails and documents, and sworn testimony of whistleblowers.

But the FBI connection is one that could be potentially the biggest one yet, indicating that the bureau not only was involved in Gunwalker but has been up to its neck in a scandal all its own–a program called ‘PATCON,’ or ‘Patriot Conspiracy.’

A paid confidential informant enlisted under PATCON indicated a long history of the covert program spanning several decades which include such debacles as the Ruby Ridge murders, the Waco murders of a religious cult, the Oklahoma City bombing, and Project Gunwalker.

Newsweek Magazine had received this information which they had planned to include in a major story today, according to citizen investigative journalist Mike Vanderboegh. But before the story went to press, the facts were gutted out of the final copy. There is no mention of PATCON or its various tyrannical operations that have resulted in countless deaths.

Vanderboegh stated, 

 I also knew from sources, living and dead, that PATCON was the worst scandal that the FBI ever perpetrated. PATCON could sink the FBI, perhaps permanently, and along with the Gunwalker Scandal, totally discredit the teflon coating that the Bureau has excreted around its corrupt core and thoroughly debunk the myth that the FBI is anything but an agency of arsonists posing as firemen.

Finally, I knew that Newsweek would run the story tomorrow. I have been hinting about this story for weeks, and now it was about to happen.

But Newsweek editor Tina Brown nixed the heart of the story by removing key facts concerning the paid confidential informant, PATCON, Ruby Ridge, Waco, the OKC bombing, and the Clinton Administration.

Confidential sources who are cooperating with the Congressional probe of Gunwalker indicate that the FBI and the White House were so frightened by the prospects of this story getting out to the public that they used the authority and power of their government offices to pressure Newsweek to omit key facts. And that they did. The story, which was published today, makes no mention of the bombshell information that makes the story the story.

What we have, instead, is a non-story.

The Daily Beast, by the way, is now a part of the Washington Post-Newsweek family of ‘news’ organizations.

But what Newsweek wishes to hide is shouted from the housetops by Vanderboegh, who has a wealth of information about PATCON through his many undercover contacts in the government. That wealth of information includes the following:

There are many rumors and individual bits of fact that have drifted out about PATCON over the years — Stories of FBI informants and undercover assets giving taxpayer-funded operational assistance — including weapons, explosives and money — to neoNazi and racist terrorists to cement their relationships with the criminals; Reports that an operation that began with real concerns about racist terrorist groups like The Order was expanded to include mere political opponents of the Clinton administration and the defensive-oriented constitutional militias; Reports of a similar operation called VAAPCON, “Violence Against Abortion Providers,” using the same tactics; Reports that the Southern Poverty Law Center was hip-deep as a partner to the FBI in PATCON; Reports of FBI penetration of the news media, religious institutions and the ranks of politicians of both parties, who very usefully expanded the FBI’s power and reach and who provided political cover when the curtain slipped. Oklahoma lawyer and journalist J.D. Cash once told me that “there isn’t a neoNazi or racist group in the country that isn’t operationally controlled by the FBI.” Did that include the Aryan Republican Army and the Oklahoma City bombing? I asked. “Certainly,” he replied. So, the prospect of a story in a major news magazine about PATCON must have given the FBI a severe case of the old rectal looseness. 

This information has broad repercussions for the continuing investigation into the OKC bombing being conducted by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue, whose brother was killed after the attack. There is evidence that the Clinton Administration used the FBI to squelch any talk of broader connections in the bombing in order to propagate the ‘lone bomber’ theory.

For more information into PATCON, consult this document, which was posted today by National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea. 

This is a continually-developing story. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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Ex-inspector rejects IAEA Iran bomb claim 

Asia Time Online - Daily News


By Gareth Porter 

WASHINGTON – A former inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has repudiated its major new claim that Iran built an explosives chamber to test components of a nuclear weapon and carry out a simulated nuclear explosion. 

The IAEA claim that a foreign scientist – identified in news reports as Vyacheslav Danilenko – had been involved in building the alleged containment chamber has now been denied firmly by Danilenko himself in an interview with Radio Free Europe published last Friday. 

The latest report by the IAEA cited “information provided by Member States” that Iran had constructed “a large explosives containment vessel in which to conduct hydrodynamic

experiments” – meaning simulated explosions of nuclear weapons – in its Parchin military complex in 2000. 

The report said it had “confirmed” that a “large cylindrical object” housed at the same complex had been “designed to contain the detonation of up to 70 kilograms of high explosives”. That amount of explosives, it said, would be “appropriate” for testing a detonation system to trigger a nuclear weapon. 

But former IAEA inspector Robert Kelley has denounced the agency’s claims about such a containment chamber as “highly misleading”. 

Kelley, a nuclear engineer who was the IAEA’s chief weapons inspector in Iraq and is now a senior research fellow at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, pointed out in an interview with the Real News Network that a cylindrical chamber designed to contain 70 kg of explosives, as claimed by the IAEA, could not possibly have been used for hydrodynamic testing of a nuclear weapon design, contrary to the IAEA claim. 

“There are far more explosives in that bomb than could be contained by this container,” Kelley said, referring to the simulated explosion of a nuclear weapon in a hydrodynamic experiment. 

Kelley also observed that hydrodynamic testing would not have been done in a container inside a building in any case. “You have to be crazy to do hydrodynamic explosives in a container,” he said. “There’s no reason to do it. They’re done outdoors on firing tables.” 

Kelley rejected the IAEA claim that the alleged cylindrical chamber was new evidence of an Iranian weapons program. “We’ve been led by the nose to believe that this container is important, when in fact it’s not important at all,” Kelley said. 

The IAEA report and unnamed “diplomats” implied that a “former Soviet nuclear weapons scientist”, identified in the media as Danilenko, had helped build the alleged containment vessel at Parchin. 

But their claims conflict with one another as well as with readily documented facts about Danilenko’s work in Iran. 

The IAEA report does not deny that Danilenko – a Ukrainian who worked in a Soviet-era research institute that was identified mainly with nuclear weapons – was actually a specialist on nanodiamonds. The report nevertheless implies a link between Danilenko and the purported explosives chamber at Parchin by citing a publication by Danilenko as a source for the dimensions of the alleged explosives chamber. 

The Associated Press reported on November 11 that unnamed diplomats suggested Volodymyr Padalko, a partner of Danilenko in a nanodiamond business who was described as Danilenko’s son-in-law, had contradicted Danilenko’s firm denial of involvement in building a containment vessel for weapons testing. The diplomats claimed Padalko had told IAEA investigators that Danilenko had helped build “a large steel chamber to contain the force of the blast set off by such explosives testing”. 

But that claim appears to be an effort to confuse Danilenko’s well-established work on an explosives chamber for nanodiamond synthesis with a chamber for weapons testing, such as the IAEA now claims was built at Parchin. 

One of the unnamed diplomats described the steel chamber at Parchin as “the size of a double decker bus” and thus “much too large” for nanodiamonds. 

But the IAEA report itself made exactly the opposite argument, suggesting that the purported steel chamber at Parchin was based on the design in a published paper by Danilenko. 

The report said the alleged explosives chamber was designed to contain “up to 70 kg of high explosives” which it claims would be “suitable” for testing what it calls a “multipoint initiation system” for a nuclear weapon. 

But a 2008 slide show on systems for nanodiamond synthesis posted on the Internet by the US-based nanotechnology company NanoBlox shows that the last patented containment chamber built by Danilenko and patented in 1992, with a total volume of 100 cubic meters, was designed for the use of just 10 kg of explosives. 

An unnamed member state had given the IAEA a purported Iranian document in 2008 describing a 2003 test of what the agency interpreted to be a possible “high explosive implosion system for a nuclear weapon”. 

David Albright, director of a Washington think-tank that frequently passes on information from IAEA officials to the news media, told this writer in 2009 that the member state in question was “probably Israel”. Although the process of making “detonation nanodiamonds” uses explosives in a containment chamber, the chamber would bear little resemblance to one used for testing a nuclear bomb’s initiation system. 

The production of diamonds does not require the same high degree of precision in simultaneous explosions as the initiator for a nuclear device. And unlike the explosives used in a multipoint initiation system, the explosives used for making synthetic nanodiamonds must be under water in a closed pool, as Danilenko noted in a 2010 PowerPoint presentation. 

Having endorsed the IAEA’s claims, Albright concedes in a November 13 article that the IAEA report “did not provide [sic] Danilenko’s involvement, if any, in this chamber.” 

In an interview with Radio Free Europe on Friday, Danilenko denied that he has any expertise in nuclear weapons, saying, “I understand absolutely nothing in nuclear physics.” He also denied that he participated in “modeling warheads” at the research institute in Russia where he worked for three decades. 

Danilenko further denied doing any work in Iran that did not relate to “dynamic detonation synthesis of diamonds” and said he has “strong doubts” that Iran had a nuclear weapons program during those years. 

Albright and three co-authors published an account of Danilenko’s work in Iran this week seeking to give credibility to the IAEA suggestion that he worked on the containment chamber for a nuclear weapons program. 

The Albright article, published on the website of the Institute for Science and International Security, said that Danilenko approached the Iranian Embassy in 1995 offering his expertise on detonation diamonds, and later signed a contract with Syed Abbas Shahmoradi who responded to Danilenko’s query. 

Albright identifies Shahmoradi as the “head of Iran’s secret nuclear sector involved in the development of nuclear weapons”, merely because Shahmoradi later headed the Physics Research Center, which the IAEA argues has led Iran’s nuclear weapons research. 

But in late 1995, Shahmoradi was at the Sharif University of Technology, which is a leading center for nanodiamonds in Iran. Albright argues that this is evidence supporting his suspicion that nanodiamonds were a cover for his real work, because the main center for nanodiamond research is at Malek Ashtar University of Technology rather than at Sharif University. 

However, Sharif University had just established an Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in 2005 that was intended to become the hub for nanotechnology research activities and strategy planning for Iran. So Sharif University and Shahmoradi would have been the logical choice to contract one of the world’s leading specialists on nanodiamonds. 

Gareth Porter is an investigative historian and journalist specializing in US national security policy. The paperback edition of his latest book, Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam, was published in 2006. 

(Inter Press Service)








Bloomberg blows up bomb scare to distract from OWS?


Jose Pimentel

                                    Jose Pimentel

During a press conference in New York this weekend, officials alleged that a Manhattan man has been plotting a series of terrorist attacks across the city using homemade bombs. The FBI, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with it.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said on Sunday that Jose Pimentel, a Dominican Republic-born American citizen residing in upper Manhattan, had been arrested a day earlier and charged with a series of terrorism-related crimes following a police investigation. According to city officials, Pimentel was plotting to use pipe bombs to strike locales across the city in an onslaught of would-be crimes inspired by al-Qaeda insurgents.

The NYPD says that they spied on Pimentel for two years, conducting clandestine surveillance and meeting with informants to infiltrate the man’s daily life and get insight into the alleged attacks. When they raided his Manhattan apartment on Saturday, Kelly said that a camera installed in an informant’s dwelling had clued the Police Department in to the fact that Pimentel was working at that moment on a weapon.

Pimentel was drilling holes in a piece of elbow piping when the cops stormed the apartment. According to the NYPD, Pimentel was making a bomb because he had recently acquired a discounted clock and Christmas lights.

“We had to act quickly yesterday because he was in fact putting this bomb together, drilling a hole, and it would have been not appropriate for us to let him walk out the door with the bomb,” Kelly told reporters on Sunday.

During the two years of NYPD-sanctioned surveillance, the Department had repeatedly approached the FBI about opening an investigation of their own in order to pursue terrorism-related charges against Pimentel. Maybe the FBI didn’t feel threatened by the Christmas decorations — or maybe it was something else — but despite their ongoing pleas, the FBI refused to take on the case.

Sources speaking to both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal tell the papers that the Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to become involved in the manhunt for Pimentel because they had “issues” with the case that the NYPD was building. According to sources speaking under condition on anonymity, the FBI reviewed the evidence that the NYPD provided in hopes of establishing federal terrorism charges, though the FBI remained unconcerned.

In an AP report Monday morning, an FBI source says that Pimentel lacked “predisposition or the ability to carry out the plot.”

This marks the second time this year that federal authorities passed on terrorism-charges that the NYPD was pressuring them to follow through on.

It also marks the arrival of a welcoming distraction for Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD as outlets across the world report on the mishandling of Occupy Wall Street protesters — only the latest scandal that the city’s officials have engrossed themselves in.

As RT reported on Friday, at least six accredited journalists were arrested by the NYPD last week for covering the Occupy Wall Street protests, despite having press credentials issued by the Police Department themselves. Other journalists reported being struck by the fists and batons of NYPD officers and peaceful protesters were shown being dragged away from demonstrations in New York, bruised and bloody. Two months into the Occupy movement, a series of assaults and raids on protesters continues and city officials seem unapologetic.

At a press conference on Thursday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg discredited the movement, calling protesters violent and warning them that they would be arrested for participating in the same behavior that his own officers were pursuing. At a live presser in the afternoon broadcast amid the massive November 17 Day of Action, Bloomberg and Kelly stood side-by-side as they said that Thursday’s events had accumulated to only a few hundred protesters rallying on the streets. Other city officials, however, put the toll a little higher — at around 30,000.

The handling of the growing demonstrations has exposed the NYPD as brutal and unhelpful, yet is only the latest poor representation of the force brought to light by the media. RT has continued to follow an ongoing Associated Press investigation that has revealed that the Police Department has installed “ethnic spies” into Muslim-majority neighborhoods across the five boroughs in recent years to infiltrate the homes, community centers, barbershops, delis, restaurants and mosques of those adhering to the Islam religion. Bloomberg has defended the surveillance, saying that it is for the safety of the community as a whole — including those Muslims being monitored without their own knowledge — but Muslim leaders have since fired back, ordering those in the community to sever ties with the NYPD and not to discuss personal information with anyone they are unfamiliar with, citing the installation of spies and informants into the community without any reasonable cause to conduct a search.

Whether or not the evidence the NYPD claims they have collected link Pimentel to terrorism crimes, it should not come as a surprise then that the Department has been monitoring him all along. In recent months, it has been made known that such surveillance has been conducted across the Muslim community. Aside from the spies installed by the NYPD in those neighborhoods, the City of New York has over 2,000 surveillance cameras installed across Manhattan.

While there is little doubt that the NYPD did keep a watchful eye over Pimentel, his attorney agrees that the case being built by the City seems unlikely.

“I don’t believe that this case is nearly as strong as the people believe,” lawyer Joseph Zablocki tells reporters. “He has this very public online profile. … This is not the way you go about committing a terrorist attack.”

The police also believe that Pimentel worked as a “lone wolf” and had no conspirators in the alleged attacks, though insist that his personal website linked to bomb-making discussions in the English-language magazine Inspire, which was published in part by Muslim militant Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen that was executed in a drone strike in Yemen earlier this year. The NYPD claims that the killing of al-Awlaki had caused Pimentel to expedite his alleged terror plans.








Why the Super Committee is Super Illegitimate

Posted by poorrichard at Poor Richard’s Blog

Another day, another tiresome piece of political theater come to an end.

This time the dog-and-pony show is the super committee, whose members were given the right to decide where government spending will be slashed over the next decade. Only they couldn’t seem to decide. So today, the committee is likely to throw in the towel, and its unfinished business will set up more battles to come over automatic cuts in defense and domestic programs scheduled to go into effect in 2013 in the absence of a deal.

Newt Gingrich recently said that the super committee was “the dumbest idea I’ve seen in a very long lifetime.”
That might be the most intelligent thing Newt has said in a very long lifetime.

Let’s start with the premise of even having a deficit super committee in the first place. Basic macroeconomics tells us that trying to reduce the deficit before you have tackled the jobs crisis is great recipe for making things worse, largely because the lack of tax revenue that comes with high unemployment is a primary contributor to the deficit, and slashing government spending does not create jobs—quite the opposite. The idea that you can slash-and-grow the economy is an economic fairy tale that has been thoroughly debunked and has demonstrably failed in places like the U.K. Sensible approaches to the deficit from reality-based economists like Joseph Stiglitz (i.e. reduce unemployment and tax the top) have been around for some time, but they can’t seem to penetrate the bubble of economic delusion that is Washington, D.C.

What too few are wiling to say is that the fundamental goal of the super committee—that of deficit cutting in the face of a weak economy and jobs crisis – does not serve the welfare of the public (something our Constitution states clearly that our government is supposed to do, btw). The truth is that the super committee can’t properly devote itself to the general welfare because it has other constituencies to attend to, namely those who contribute big political money.

As a reminder, the members of the super committee are as follows:

From the Senate: Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio),Patty Murray (D-Wash.), John Kerry (D-Mass.), and Max Baucus (D-Mont.).
From the House: Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), Fred Upton (R-Mich.), Dave Camp (R-Mich.), Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.), and Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.).
Maplight, a non-profit, non-partisan group dedicated to exposing money in politics, has released information on where the members of the super committee got their money over the last decade. Here are the ten biggest organization contributors (including PACs and employees) to super committee members:

Club for Growth – $1,009,884
Microsoft  – $822,350
University of California –  $652,935
Goldman Sachs –  $605,684
EMILY’s List – $594,883
Citigroup – $584,831
JPMorgan Chase – $533,128
UBS –  $451,280
Akin Gump – $435,254
Morgan Stanley –  $393,779

You will be unsurprised to learn that the Club for Growth, the number one contributor overall, is an extreme anti-tax and anti-government group comprising 9,000 members and dominated by Wall Street financiers and executives. Nor will you be surprised to find the big banks and financial houses well-represented on this list: Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and UBS.

Obviously, neither the Club for Growth nor Big Finance advocates increasing the share of taxes on the wealthy and the financial sector as a way of addressing the deficit, in contrast to the American public, which does. Are we really supposed to believe that it is a coincidence that the six Republicans on the committee swore to block any tax increases, even on the big banks that helped bring on the 2008 crash that caused the deficit in the first place?

Sure doesn’t look that way. The Sunlight Foundation has reported that the Club for Growth has been a top doner for GOP Senators Kyl and Toomey. In fact, Toomey has previously served as the organization’s president. Bank of America and the American Bankers Association have been very generous to GOP Representative Hensarling, while Citigroup has lavished large sums on Senator Kyl.

Committee Dems are well-backed by financiers, too. Citigroup and Goldman Sachs have been quite bountiful to Senator Kerry, while Senator Baucus has big money friends at Goldman, JPMorgan Chase, and American International Group (AIG).

Ernst & Young, the accounting firm famous for fighting regulation and then getting charged with fraudulent practices that led to the collapse of Lehman Brothers, doled out large sums to members of both parties, notably Hensarling from the GOP side and Baucus from the Democratic side.

The “No new taxes” program doesn’t do much for most of the public, but is very appealing to super-rich bankers and financiers. Never mind that the taxes of the super-rich are lower than they have been since Hoover was in office. As long as the money from big doners continues to pour into Congress unchecked, the agenda of its members — no matter what committee or super committee they sit on — will be skewed against the public welfare in favor of the 1 percent. That’s why we keep hearing, even from Democrats, that “everything is on the table,” including programs that keep millions out of poverty.

And of course the arms industry has not been shy about opening its own spigot of cash. William Hartung recently noted on the Huffington Post that super committee members have enjoyed over $1.1 million in campaign donations from weapons manufacturers over the past two election cycles, “including contributions to each member’s campaign committee as well as to leadership PACs.” He points out that a leadership PAC is a political action committee that allows a member of Congress to channel contributions to the election campaigns of other members, “a way of winning good will that can be tapped in support of specific initiatives or if the member runs for a leadership position.” Hartung further observes that 22 former staffers of super committee members are currently employed as lobbyists for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon and other arms contractors. Gotta love that revolving door.

Concessions. Decisions. Speeches. Offers. Deals. Here’s what it all amounts to: The super committee is a failed project based upon a failed premise resting upon a failed democratic process in a failing political system.
A Constitutional amendment banning corporate money from politics is long overdue, and perhaps our only hope for ensuring that the members of Congress we elect actually work on our behalf.

Lynn Parramore is an AlterNet contributing editor. She is co-founder of Recessionwire, founding editor of New Deal 2.0, and author of ‘Reading the Sphinx: Ancient Egypt in Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture.’ Follow her on Twitter @LynnParramore.








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