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Posted by Xaniel777 on November 22, 2011

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Cracks Open in Iran Nuke Charges

From Veterans Today

Many Washington pundits who championed the false tales about Iraq’s WMD have returned to center stage in the new accusations about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. And some of the Iran charges are falling apart just like the Iraq ones, as Gareth Porter reports.

By Gareth Porter

A former inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has repudiated its major new claim that Iran built an explosives chamber to test components of a nuclear weapon and carry out a simulated nuclear explosion.

The IAEA claim that a foreign scientist – identified in news reports as Vyacheslav Danilenko – had been involved in building the alleged containment chamber also has now been denied firmly by Danilenko himself in an interview with Radio Free Europe published on Friday.

The latest report by the IAEA cited “information provided by Member States” that Iran had constructed “a large explosives containment vessel in which to conduct hydrodynamic experiments” – meaning simulated explosions of nuclear weapons – in its Parchin military complex in 2000.

IAEA Iran Report Spins Intelligence — Gareth Porter expounds:

WATCH VIDEO HERE : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eiLBCpgxrdg

Robert Kelley is an American nuclear scientist and a former director in the International Atomic Energy Agency or IAEA

But former IAEA inspector Robert Kelley has denounced the agency’s claims about such a containment chamber as “highly misleading”.

Kelley, a nuclear engineer who was the IAEA’s chief weapons inspector in Iraq and is now a senior research fellow at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, pointed out in an interview with the Real News Network that a cylindrical chamber designed to contain 70 kg of explosives, as claimed by the IAEA, could not possibly have been used for hydrodynamic testing of a nuclear weapon design, contrary to the IAEA claim.

“There are far more explosives in that bomb than could be contained by this container,” Kelley said, referring to the simulated explosion of a nuclear weapon in a hydrodynamic experiment.

Kelley also observed that hydrodynamic testing would not have been done in a container inside a building in any case. “You have to be crazy to do hydrodynamic explosives in a container,” he said. “There’s no reason to do it. They’re done outdoors on firing tables.”

Kelley rejected the IAEA claim that the alleged cylindrical chamber was new evidence of an Iranian weapons program. “We’ve been led by the nose to believe that this container is important, when in fact it’s not important at all,” Kelley said.

The IAEA report and unnamed “diplomats” implied that a “former Soviet nuclear weapons scientist”, identified in the media as Danilenko, had helped build the alleged containment vessel at Parchin. But their claims conflict with one another as well as with readily documented facts about Danilenko’s work in Iran.

The IAEA report does not deny that Danilenko – a Ukrainian who worked in a Soviet-era research institute that was identified mainly with nuclear weapons – was actually a specialist on nanodiamonds. The report nevertheless implies a link between Danilenko and the purported explosives chamber at Parchin by citing a publication by Danilenko as a source for the dimensions of the alleged explosives chamber.

Associated Press reported on Nov. 11 that unnamed diplomats suggested Volodymyr Padalko, a partner of Danilenko in a nanodiamond business who was described as Danilenko’s son-in-law, had contradicted Danilenko’s firm denial of involvement in building a containment vessel for weapons testing.

The diplomats claimed Padalko had told IAEA investigators that Danilenko had helped build “a large steel chamber to contain the force of the blast set off by such explosives testing.”

But that claim appears to be an effort to confuse Danilenko’s well- established work on an explosives chamber for nanodiamond synthesis with a chamber for weapons testing, such as the IAEA now claims was built at Parchin.

One of the unnamed diplomats described the steel chamber at Parchin as “the size of a double-decker bus” and thus “much too large” for nanodiamonds.

But the IAEA report itself made exactly the opposite argument, suggesting that the purported steel chamber at Parchin was based on the design in a published paper by Danilenko. The report said the alleged explosives chamber was designed to contain “up to 70 kg of high explosives” which it claims would be “suitable” for testing what it calls a “multipoint initiation system” for a nuclear weapon.

But a 2008 slide show on systems for nanodiamond synthesis posted on the Internet by the U.S.-based nanotechnology company NanoBlox shows that the last patented containment chamber built by Danilenko and patented in 1992, with a total volume of 100 cubic meters, was designed for the use of just 10 kg of explosives.

David Albright — Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)

An unnamed member state had given the IAEA a purported Iranian document in 2008 describing a 2003 test of what the agency interpreted to be a possible “high explosive implosion system for a nuclear weapon.” David Albright, director of a Washington, D.C. think tank who frequently passes on information from IAEA officials to the news media, told this writer in 2009 that the member state in question was “probably Israel.”

Although the process of making “detonation nanodiamonds” uses explosives in a containment chamber, the chamber would bear little resemblance to one used for testing a nuclear bomb’s initiation system.

The production of diamonds does not require the same high degree of precision in simultaneous explosions as the initiator for a nuclear device. And unlike the explosives used in a multipoint initiation system, the explosives used for making synthetic nanodiamonds must be under water in a closed pool, as Danilenko noted in a 2010 PowerPoint presentation.

Having endorsed the IAEA’s claims, Albright concedes in a Nov. 13 article that the IAEA report “did not provide [sic] Danilenko’s involvement, if any, in this chamber.”

In an interview with Radio Free Europe on Friday, Danilenko denied that he has any expertise in nuclear weapons, saying, “I understand absolutely nothing in nuclear physics.” He also denied that he participated in “modeling warheads” at the research institute in Russia where he worked for three decades.

Danilenko further denied doing any work in Iran that did not relate to “dynamic detonation synthesis of diamonds” and said he has “strong doubts” that Iran had a nuclear weapons program during those years.

Albright and three co-authors published an account of Danilenko’s work in Iran this week seeking to give credibility to the IAEA suggestion that he worked on the containment chamber for a nuclear weapons program.

The Albright article, published on the website of the Institute for Science and International Security, said that Danilenko approached the Iranian embassy in 1995 offering his expertise on detonation diamonds, and later signed a contract with Syed Abbas Shahmoradi who responded to Danilenko’s query.

Albright identifies Shahmoradi as the “head of Iran’s secret nuclear sector involved in the development of nuclear weapons,” merely because Shahmoradi later headed the Physics Research Center, which the IAEA argues has led Iran’s nuclear weapons research.

But in late 1995, Shahmoradi was at the Sharif University of Technology, which is a leading center for nanodiamonds in Iran. Albright argues that this is evidence supporting his suspicion that nanodiamonds were a cover for his real work, because the main center for nanodiamond research is at Malek Ashtar University of Technology rather than at Sharif University.

However, Sharif University had just established an Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in 2005 that was intended to become the hub for nanotechnology research activities and strategy planning for Iran. So Sharif University and Shahmoradi would have been the logical choice to contract one of the world’s leading specialists on nanodiamonds.

Source: consortiumnews.com

Edited by : Debbie Menon

Gareth Porter is an investigative historian and journalist specialising in U.S. national security policy. The paperback edition of his latest book, Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam, was published in 2006.

This story was first published by Inter Press Service. www.ipsnews.net/


Israel Slams Calls for Nuclear Transparency


From ANTIWAR.com

IAEA’s Secret ‘Nuclear-Free Mideast’ Conference Not as Critical of Israel as Normal

by Jason Ditz

Officials say that the criticism of Israel was nowhere near as broad as they expected at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s conference of a “nuclear-free Middle East,” a conference which was held entirely behind closed doors.

At the same time, it was pointed out by members that Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal and total lack of transparency are going to make the goal of a nuclear-free Middle East entirely impossible.

Israel, for its part, loudly condemned calls for transparency saying that it was only possible for Israel to offer any transparency on its nuclear program when “the threate perception of all regional members is low.”

Officials cited the “noncompliance with international obligations” of other nations in the Middle East as a chief region for their refusal to even enter into such obligations themselves. Israel is the only nation in the entire region with nuclear weapons.

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American spies outed, CIA suffers in Lebanon

My Way

From myway


WASHINGTON (AP) – The CIA’s operations in Lebanon have been badly damaged after Hezbollah identified and captured a number of U.S. spies recently, current and former U.S. officials told The Associated Press. The intelligence debacle is particularly troubling because the CIA saw it coming.

Hezbollah’s longtime leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, boasted on television in June that he had rooted out at least two CIA spies who had infiltrated the ranks of Hezbollah, which the U.S. considers a terrorist group closely allied with Iran. Though the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon officially denied the accusation, current and former officials concede that it happened and the damage has spread even further.

In recent months, CIA officials have secretly been scrambling to protect their remaining spies – foreign assets or agents working for the agency – before Hezbollah can find them.

To be sure, some deaths are to be expected in shadowy spy wars. It’s an extremely risky business and people get killed. But the damage to the agency’s spy network in Lebanon has been greater than usual, several former and current U.S. officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about security matters.

(AP) This file image taken from Al-Manar TV via Associated Press Television News shows Hezbollah…
Full Image

The Lebanon crisis is the latest mishap involving CIA counterintelligence, the undermining or manipulating of the enemy’s ability to gather information. Former CIA officials have said that once-essential skill has been eroded as the agency shifted from outmaneuvering rival spy agencies to fighting terrorists. In the rush for immediate results, former officers say, tradecraft has suffered.

The most recent high-profile example was the suicide bomber who posed as an informant and killed seven CIA employees and wounded six others in Khost, Afghanistan in December 2009.

Last year, then-CIA director Leon Panetta said the agency had to maintain “a greater awareness of counterintelligence.” But eight months later, Nasrallah let the world know he had bested the CIA, demonstrating that the agency still struggles with this critical aspect of spying and sending a message to those who would betray Hezbollah.

The CIA was well aware the spies were vulnerable in Lebanon. CIA officials were warned, including the chief of the unit that supervises Hezbollah operations from CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., and the head of counterintelligence. It remains unclear whether anyone has been or will be held accountable in the wake of this counterintelligence disaster or whether the incident will affect the CIA’s ability to recruit assets in Lebanon.

In response to AP’s questions about what happened in Lebanon, a U.S. official said Hezbollah is recognized as a complicated enemy responsible for killing more Americans than any other terrorist group before September 2001. The agency does not underestimate the organization, the official said.

The CIA’s toughest adversaries, like Hezbollah and Iran, have for years been improving their ability to hunt spies, relying on patience and guile to exploit counterintelligence holes.

In 2007, for instance, when Ali-Reza Asgari, a brigadier general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran, disappeared in Turkey, it was assumed that he was either killed or defected. In response, the Iranian government began a painstaking review of foreign travel by its citizens, particularly to places like Turkey where Iranians don’t need a visa and could meet with foreign intelligence services.

It didn’t take long, a Western intelligence official told the AP, before the U.S., Britain and Israel began losing contact with some of their Iranian spies.

The State Department last year described Hezbollah as “the most technically capable terrorist group in the world,” and the Defense Department estimates it receives between $100 million and $200 million per year in funding from Iran.

Backed by Iran, Hezbollah has built a professional counterintelligence apparatus that Nasrallah – whom the U.S. government designated an international terrorist a decade ago – proudly describes as the “spy combat unit.” U.S. intelligence officials believe the unit, which is considered formidable and ruthless, went operational in about 2004.

Using the latest commercial software, Nasrallah’s spy-hunters unit began methodically searching for spies in Hezbollah’s midst. To find them, U.S. officials said, Hezbollah examined cellphone data looking for anomalies. The analysis identified cellphones that, for instance, were used rarely or always from specific locations and only for a short period of time. Then it came down to old-fashioned, shoe-leather detective work: Who in that area had information that might be worth selling to the enemy?

The effort took years but eventually Hezbollah, and later the Lebanese government, began making arrests. By one estimate, 100 Israeli assets were apprehended as the news made headlines across the region in 2009. Some of those suspected Israeli spies worked for telecommunications companies and served in the military.

Back at CIA headquarters, the arrests alarmed senior officials. The agency prepared a study on its own vulnerabilities, U.S. officials said, and the results proved to be prescient.

The analysis concluded that the CIA was susceptible to the same analysis that had compromised the Israelis, the officials said.

CIA managers were instructed to be extra careful about handling sources in Lebanon. A U.S. official said recommendations were issued to counter the potential problem.

But it’s unclear what preventive measures were taken by the Hezbollah unit chief or the officer in charge of the Beirut station. Former officials say the Hezbollah unit chief is no stranger to the necessity of counterintelligence and knew the risks. The unit chief has worked overseas in hostile environments like Afghanistan and played an important role in the capture of a top terrorist while stationed in the Persian Gulf region after the attacks of 9/11.

“We’ve lost a lot of people in Beirut over the years, so everyone should know the drill,” said a former Middle East case officer familiar with the situation.

But whatever actions the CIA took, they were not enough. Like the Israelis, bad tradecraft doomed these CIA assets and the agency ultimately failed to protect them, an official said. In some instances, CIA officers fell into predictable patterns when meeting their sources, the official said.

This allowed Hezbollah to identify assets and case officers and unravel at least part of the CIA’s spy network in Lebanon. There was also a reluctance to share cases and some files were put in “restricted handling.” The designation severely limits the number of people who know the identity of the source but also reduces the number of experts who could spot problems that might lead to their discovery, officials said.

Nasrallah’s televised announcement in June was followed by finger-pointing among departments inside the CIA as the spy agency tried figure out what went wrong and contain the damage.

The fate of these CIA assets is unknown. Hezbollah treats spies differently, said Matthew Levitt, a counterterrorism and intelligence expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies who’s writing a book about the terrorist organization

“It all depends on who these guys were and what they have to say,” Levitt said. “Hezbollah has disappeared people before. Others they have kept around.”

Who’s responsible for the mess in Lebanon? It’s not clear. The chief of Hezbollah operations at CIA headquarters continues to run the unit that also focuses on Iranians and Palestinians. The CIA’s top counterintelligence officer, who was one of the most senior women in the clandestine service, recently retired after approximately five years in the job. She is credited with some important cases, including the recent arrests of Russian spies who had been living in the U.S. for years.

Officials said the woman was succeeded by a more experienced operations officer. That officer has held important posts in Moscow, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Balkans, important frontlines of the agency’s spy wars with foreign intelligence services and terrorist organizations.

Contact the Washington investigative team at DCInvestigations(at)ap.org

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Here You Go: It’s Over

Posted by poorrichard at Poor Richard’s Blog

 We’re done folks.

by Karl Denninger
in Editorial

CNBC is reporting that there are now clients running out of the markets entirely because they do not believe their customer funds are safe.

That’s the end of it.  The belief that there are more MF Globals has now taken hold.  The thieves have pushed it too far and now we’ve got the start of a global liquidity run, and with good reason.

The authorities both in the regulatory side and on the prosecutorial side have refused to put a stop to the thievery and now the risk factors have turned intorealized risk.

The market is done folks.  You can be right but if you make your bet in the markets, are right, and then get screwed anyway when someone steals the money and nobody goes to jail there comes a time when people begin to understand that it can happen to themand will unless they depart the market.

We’re there folks.

Oh sure, there will be rallies and there will be selloffs.  But there is no longer a market, there is no longer a thing to trade, and there is no longer a reason to believe that superior analysis will lead to profit or even safety.
This isn’t just about speculators – it is also about farmers, shippers, airlines, manufacturing concerns, everyone in business who has a need to hedge.

More than four years ago I said that the government had to step in and demand that both off-balance sheet games be ended permanently and in all forms and that all derivatives had to be put on an exchange, without exception, and that every dollar of underwater position had to be backed by an actual dollar of capital in real money, held and known to be safe.

The regulators refused and now it appears that what was put up on a regulated exchange was effectively stolen.

Well folks, then none of your investment accounts — not your IRA, 401k, not even your bank account — is safe.

Diversification is a strategy but the risk remains.  It is up to you to decide how much you’re willing to risk losing to a crook.  If the answer is “none” or you cannot reduce the at-risk portion of your assets to what you’re willing to lose to fraud then you can no longer participate in the market at all, in any form, nor even do business with a bank.

That sucks, but it is what it is and if this meme spreads — and it will until it’s stopped — we run the risk of a “sudden stop” economic event.

I hope you’re ready for it — I am to the best of my ability, and you ought to be.


MF Global – 1.2 BILLION Missing from Clients accounts – yet NO One has been arrested or accused of Stealing!?

From Sherrie Questioning All

This is what the Occupy Movement is about!  There is one set of laws for us normal folks compared to banks and corporations!

Did you have doubts about Wall Street being allowed to steal before?  Did you have doubts about MSM being controlled before?  Did you have doubts about the government being controlled by the banks before? Have no more Doubts now!  Here is the Proof!  

This  is so unbelievable and it is hard to understand how it is possible.  How is it the most blatant stealing of money by a Wall Street Broker out of it’s clients accounts and there have been no arrest or charges filed against anyone?

It is being found 1.2 Billion has been stolen from people’s accounts at MF Global, not 600 Million!

portions from above:

The amount of customer money missing from the collapsed trading firm MF Global may be more than $1.2 billion — double previous estimates — the trustee dismantling the firm’s brokerage unit said on Monday.
Regulators currently suspect that MF Global — at the time run by Jon S. Corzine, the former Democratic governor of New Jersey — improperly used customer money for its own purposes in the days before filing for Chapter 11 protection on Oct. 31.

Investigators are considering two possible situations. One is that MF Global used the money to meet trading partners’ demands for extra cash, which could come back. The other is that it was used to cover trading losses, which would mean that the money cannot be recovered.

No one at MF Global, including its former chief executive, Mr. Corzine, has been accused of wrongdoing.

Representatives for MF Global, the CME and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission declined to comment.


I wrote about MF Global – in detailing who they are and who the board of directors are.  It is everything about MF Global

I also wrote about the Bankruptcy judge giving them 8 million to keep them going. 

If anyone questions Main Stream Media and them being controlled by the banks and corporations, you need not question it anymore.  There has been no mention of MF Global and their stealing of clients money since Oct. 31st and the filing of bankruptcy.  CNBC has mentioned it as they have to,  they are a financial network.
Most people do not even know about MF Global as the networks have not said a single word about it.

From the fact MSM is ignoring MF Global, proves it is big news and the media is completely controlled, they are not actual news networks but propaganda networks.  Otherwise they would be giving people the real news that affects them.

It seems they are afraid people would get smart and realize Wall Street has been given the green light to blatantly steal money out of people’s accounts and are not held accountable for it.

If I went to the bank and stole One Dollar out of someone’s account, I would be charged with a Felony and thrown in jail!  BUT a Wall Street broker can literally STEAL 1.2 Billion and NO One is arrested or charged with theft?!

This is WHY I support the Occupy Movement!


Has Truth Occupied Wall Street?

Before It's News

From Before It’s News

by Zen Gardner

An amazing thing is happening on the world stage. While the Occupy Revolution continues to be minimized, marginalized and seemingly bastardized by the mass media and even some of the alternative media, it keeps rolling on in spite of all the efforts to ignore, deter or derail it.

And I think I know why.

This now multifaceted phenomenon appears to be morphing…and in very exciting ways. Occupy just-about-anything has taken on a life of its own and energized vast multitudes of fed-up people worldwide. Citizens everywhere are realizing their officials and leaders are sold out stooges of the military corporate complex and that they’re not going to get any changes by “normal” means.

So they’re mobilizing–physically, mentally and spiritually. And it’s wonderful–in spite of all the damn co-opters, distortionists, jealous non-participants and the like.

Screw ’em.

And the fundamental cry at this point is simple – DO something! Make your presence known and try to effect change in whatever sphere you can, cuz clearly the establishment isn’t going to do anything except continue to make things worse.

Getting Past the “Guy Fawkes Vendetta” Image

Like you, I’m not sure who, how or what started this thing. On the heels of the Mideast uprisings and as the Bankster  scam escalated unabated, a group of activists calling themselves Anonymous wearing those Guy Fawkes masks appeared on the scene. Good for shock value perhaps, but hardly a roll model that should be used for a non-violent movement that’s looking for Truth.

But good on them for taking action.

Unfortunately, Guy Fawkes was the patsy blamed by England’s elite for allegedly trying to blow up the UK Parliament, a kind of false flag of its day, and he has been getting burned in effigy for almost 500 years since this questionable event.

Not exactly a symbol to rally around.

Furthermore and more importantly, Hollywood glamorized this false flag character along with all the violent imagery they could conjure in the Illuminati-made movie “V For Vendetta” that’s designed to stir up people’s reptilian instincts and incite violent rebellion.

Not a lot to get behind there as far as the vast majority of us are concerned. Happily this image is falling by the wayside and not even referred to in most serious dialogues about the Occupy phenomenon.

Is Occupy Morphing?

It sure appears that way. The vast majority involved in all of these Occupy efforts are peace-loving, non-violent sincere Truth seekers. Look at all the different issues that are being discussed and brought to light!

The media of course disses it and calls it “lack of direction”. Hey, if you’re on a careening bus approaching a cliff I think just plain screaming at the sleeping driver might be in order. However, if the media would dare to investigate the depth of dialogue taking place at these events it would certainly see another story.

Not Without Its Naysayers…”Truthers” Included

It appears that even amongst Truth activists there are a lot of pooh-poohers and naysayers regarding the Occupy Movement. My question to them is: Show me something better? Let’s see it, and let’s see it motivate millions world wide to take to the streets.

Of course Occupy isn’t any kind of be-all end-all solution or the ultimate expression of people’s frustration with the best possible effects. But it’s happening! And it’s happening whether anyone likes it or not! It’s a form of expression that is bursting out all over the world and it’s for real! Ride with it, make the best of it!

Of Course They Would..

Of course there are those who would love to steer it according to their manipulative ends. Of course the bankster owned United Police States of America will try to buy it off, oppose and eventually to crush it. Of course the media will try to misrepresent it. Of course they’ll send agent provocateurs to try to stir up trouble. And of course they will no doubt get much heavier handed in their desperation.

What do you expect?

Why do people pick it apart instead of embrace the spirit of it? What are they waiting for – the perfectly articulated agenda and the whole country mobilized behind it? Tell me what agenda that would be that everyone would get behind? There are a lot of great ones but we’re all different! The beauty is we’re all expressions from one singular source  – an amazing, creative, loving, alive Universe!

And It’s turning up the heat!

But why the reluctance to see the good in this worldwide expression? Are the seas too rough? Do fishermen only go out on still waters with perfect weather predictions? They use wisdom and discretion but dang, there’re waves out there and they’re messy!

I’m not for violence, and there are a lot of ways to Occupy, not just the streets. But some of these webchair generals who sit back and criticize it without looking at the amazing dynamic that’s going on and the good in it, I just don’t get it.

Beware Deductions from Predictive Programming!

All our lives we’ve been sold and indoctrinated with this negative package of BS – that demonstrations always go wrong, they’re always ugly, they always get violent, they always need police to barricade them and smash their heads.

It’s a programmed assumption.

It doesn’t always happen that way!! That’s what the Controllers are telling you via their lapdog media stooges and Hollywood wizards. A vast majority of demonstrations – as in “we’re demonstrating out here because all other avenues have been cut off or are pointless” – are peaceful, and have profound effects on leaders’ decisions.

It scares the shit out of them.

You think that shooting that happened in Oakland had anything to do with the demonstrators? It was just an excuse to clear out the encampment and everyone knew it. But that shouldn’t and didn’t kill the energy one bit.

They’re now sending bums, derelicts and crazy people to infiltrate OWS and then the media is sent to film them as “the filthy scum” on our streets pretending to “Occupy”.

Scam city, I know.

They Are Not United

Also remember, they are not the united front they pretend to be. While they’ve stocked the police force, TSA and DHS with thugs and low-life criminal types, there are a lot in the police force and other places of authority who do not agree with the way this is being handled and the direction of this response.

Meanwhile the hypno-zombied masses play out the programmed version of “demonstrations” in their subconscious which is easily triggered with one snap-shot of an isolated event, real or made up, and the knee jerk reaction to agree with the need to forcibly subdue these vagrants is reinforced.

My point here is, we all battle with this disempowering false paradigm that we’ve been programmed with. Just remember, “It ain’t necessarily so.” They are terrified by our taking action of any sort outside their appointed and allowed channels. Why? They ultimately know if everyone stopped cooperating the whole system would crash, and they’d not just be out of a job, but quite likely subject to some severe retribution for their self-serving, despotic rule.

Police Programming By the Defense Department

In case you’re wondering how they can carry out these horrific attacks on American citizens, a mind control program has been at work inside law enforcement for years following the post 9/11 Homeland “Security” scam.


You have to hand it to Pentagon securocrats and their corporate cronies, they never miss an opportunity to demonize, vilify or otherwise slander domestic political dissent as “terrorism.”

The American Civil Liberties Union reported June 10 that “Anti-terrorism training materials currently being used by the Department of Defense (DoD) teach its personnel that free expression in the form of public protests should be regarded as ‘low level terrorism’.”

According to the civil liberties’ watchdog: “Among the multiple-choice questions included in its Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness training course, the DoD asks the following: ‘Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorist activity?’ To answer correctly, the examinee must select ‘protests’.” Source

The Truth “Tai Chi’s” Any Deviance In Occupy’s Movement

The Spirit of Truth is pretty smart. Rather than look for some perfect environment to manifest in, Truth manifests everywhere, and especially when it’s sought out for and invited.

If you’ve studied the spiritual aspects of martial arts there is a lot to be learned. It’s revealingly said ofTai Chi, “Tai Chi is full of hidden meanings and treasures to be discovered.  The paradox though is that you will rarely, if ever, uncover a truth about Tai Chi with your mind alone.”

That’s also why the mental left brain agendized factions of Occupy like the communists and right and left wing false paradigms will eventually fall by the way side. Those who don’t move into and utilize the next realm of Spirit and the heart are going to miss the boat.

One of my favorite principles applied by Tai Chi is the use and channeling of an opposing force, rather than trying to stop it.

T’ai chi ch’uan is the study of appropriate change in response to outside forces, the study of yielding and “sticking” to an incoming attack rather than attempting to meet it with opposing force. Source

Amplify the Energy by Contributing More Truth.

The vibrational change we’re all undergoing is using anything and everything to make itself manifest.

Look for the good in the Occupy Movement, look for the dynamics involved and use it to motivate yourself and others into greater participation in any way you can. The streets are just one manifestation. Our continued wake up and withdrawal from participation in their scam called the world is the answer, giving our time to participation in this change rather than efforts to keep the system alive or staying transfixed to their version of reality. It’s a lie.

Freeman of The Freeman Perspective has a wonderful movement called “The Friendship Agenda“. He’s uprooted, jumped into a school bus with his team of 21st Century Merry Pranksters, and is touring the country spreading love, communication, get-togethers, conventions, and engendering local community dialogue. They further empower these communities through teaching them how to sustain themselves by growing their own organic food! Fabulous!

The internet is ablaze with people waking up to new realities, up to the minute real true news reports, alerts, exposes and insights, and even earth changes and solar system events the MSM is either ignoring or downplaying.

The Spirit of Truth is alive and well! Look for ways it’s manifesting and chip in, it’s thrilling and empowering!

Communication And Unity Is What They Fear

Communication between us engenders courage, faith, trust and unity. These in turn engender more knowledge and understanding. When people re-assess and realize they’re being manipulated every-which-way-from-Sunday they will change their lives!

Like David Icke recently said in this terrific interview, “It’s the spirit of we’re not having it any more!” There are a lot of so-called factions out there, as in real life, but as Luke Rudkowski points out in the same interview, the communication between those getting involved is immense and unifying the movement, and as David Icke again says; “The Barriers Are Falling!”

United in Spirit!

We not only have the ability to unite, sincere humanity already is, in Spirit. We are empathetic human beings with an innate hunger to live in peace, harmony and unity. That is one hugely profound advantage!

The Controllers, however, cannot unite. They have no empathy, only a competitive insatiable lust for power and control. They only unite under threats from THEIR superiors, which is why they exercise that paradigm upon us. It’s the fearful one they live under and they know no other way! That cannot possibly hold up in a conscious Universe. It may flail about and try, but it cannot succeed.

That’s Empowering!

It’s really pretty straightforward when you get down to it, isn’t it. Now on to using and contributing to this energy however each of us can!

To paraphrase a famous call, “Tune in, turn on to the Truth, and drop out of their false paradigm every way you can!”..

..now pass the potatoes and let’s get on with it!

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TSA Agents Think They Are Above The Law

TSA worker in uniform flashes badge, brutally rapes woman

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yet another example of a TSA agent engaging in rampant criminality and believing themselves to be above the law emerged yesterday, when 52-year-old TSA worker Harold Glen Rodman allegedly approached a woman in full uniform before flashing his badge and proceeding to brutally rape and sodomize her.

WATCH VIDEO HERE :   http://bcove.me/ioz5of7y 

“Police arrested Rodman on Nov. 20. He is charged with aggravated sexual battery, object sexual penetration, forcible sodomy and abduction with intent to defile,” reports ABC 7 News.

“Police said the victim reported that she and a friend were in the 10500 block of Winfield Loop in Manassas when the suspect approached them. The suspect flashed a badge and sexually assaulted the victim before fleeing on foot, police said.”

The Transportation Security Administration confirmed that Rodman worked for the agency but refused to say where or in what capacity.

As we have documented, this certainly not the first time a TSA agent has abused their position of authority to wantonly break the law.

Earlier this year, a TSA agent in Connecticut was charged with harassment after he posed as a cop by flashing his badge at a woman in an attempt to intimidate her into driving faster.

This is by no means restricted to two isolated incidents. Every week brings a new TSA horror story. Given the epidemic of harassment, criminality and abuse that TSA agents have been caught engaging in both on the job and off-duty, it’s not surprising that the rollout of an army of TSA agents to provide “security” at every level of American society, from train stations to bus terminals, from highways to high school proms, is stoking concerns that the federal agency is set to become the de facto “civilian national security force” that Barack Obama promised in his pre-election speech.

There’s a whole army of TSA workers who think that because they are given a shiny badge and a blue uniform that makes them above the law and allows them to engage in criminal acts and sexual deviancy. That they think they can get away with intimidating the public into following their every order, even to the point of sexual assault, underscores the mindset of a nation fast sinking into an authoritarian police state.

What kind of training must the feds be giving TSA agents to produce such a prolific streak of criminality and abuse of power? Or on the other hand is it more to do with the fact that sexual deviants and criminals are attracted to a job that allows them to fondle and abuse women and children?

Either way, such stories illustrate what an odious and reprehensible agency the TSA has become and why it should be completely abolished, especially considering the fact that these state-hired goons are now roaming bus terminals, train stations and highways. If you think you can avoid this by not flying, think again.

The fact that scandal and criminal behavior involving TSA agents continually gets swept under the carpet while the establishment media ignores the clear evidence that this is an epidemic of abuse illustrates the reality that the TSA is designed to be an occupying force whose primary role is to oppress and abuse the American people.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.


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