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Help Prevent Tyranny by Educating People

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From Washington’s Blog

Everything Happening Now Was Planned Before 9/11

Special preface to my friends in the military, law enforcement and intelligence and other government servants: You are sworn to defend and uphold the Constitution, and the facts below may help you do so.

We’ve been told that “9/11 changed everything” and that we’re living in “a post-911 world”.

We’ve been told that what our government is doing now has been rendered necessary by the urgent post-9/11 threat from terrorists.

In reality, however, virtually everything happening now was planned before 9/11. Please see for yourself:

After 9/11 the government drew up the Patriot Act within 20 days and it was passed.

The Patriot Act is huge and I remember someone asking a Justice Department official how did they write such a large statute so quickly, and of course the answer was that it has been sitting in the drawers of the Justice Department for the last 20 years waiting for the event where they would pull it out.

(4:30 into this video).


Obama Claims Some Tyrannical Powers That Even Hitler and Stalin Never Claimed

From Uruknet.info 

Bush and Obama Are – In Some Ways – Even More Tyrannical Than Hitler and Stalin

Former judge and adjunct professor of constitutional law Andrew Napolitano pointed out in March that the president’s claim that he can indefinitely detain prisoners – even after they are acquitted of their crimes – is a power that even Hitler and Stalin didn’t claim:

(While I strongly dislike Fox News and its barrage of disinformation, Judge Napolitano knows his constitutional law, and gives very hard-hitting analysis of the current state of the rule of law in America.)

Similarly, Chris Floyd wrote Monday in connection with the new indefinite detention bill:

And whatever the outcome of this particular bill, the reality will remain the same: the President of the United States will continue to claim — and exercise — absolute arbitrary power over the life [yes, the government has also claimed the power to assassinate American citizens without trial or even oversight] and liberty of every person on earth. As we’ve said here before, not even Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin at their most megalomaniacal ever dreamed of asserting the kind of universal power now asserted by American presidents and the lickspittlish lackeys in the United States Congress.

In case you think I’m being hard on Obama, please remember that progressive constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald has long argued that Obama is even more brutal than Bush, and has trashed even more of the Constitution than Bush.

Strongmen Have Been Scaring their People Into Submission for Thousands of Years

Of course, Obama – like Bush – claims that tyrannical measures are necessary to fight the war on terror.  But FBI agents and CIA intelligence officials, constitutional law expert professor Jonathan Turley, Time Magazine, Keith Olbermann and the Washington Post have all said that U.S. government officials “were trying to create an atmosphere of fear in which the American people would give them more power”, and even former Secretary of Homeland Security – Tom Ridge – admits that he was pressured to raise terror alerts to help Bush win reelection.

And Hitler, Stalin and other strongmen throughout history have also claimed that tyrannical measures were necessary to fight their wars on terror:

“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.”
– Plato

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
– U.S. President James Madison

“Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”.
– Adolph Hitler

“Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
– Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.

“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”.
– Josef Stalin



 How about an Israeli Destruction Freeze?

Voice of Palestine

Obama should demand an immediate halt to all Israeli destruction of Palestinian property in the West Bank.

by  Yousef Munayyer

Washington, DC – Much was made of what many in the media described as a “confrontation” between Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama over the building of illegal Israeli settlements (or colonies) in Occupied Palestinian Territory. From the very beginning of the Obama administration, the pursuit of a freeze on Israeli settlement activity was a stated goal – one that was never really accomplished and never adequately pursued.

The idea of a settlement freeze, which was wrongly attributed to the now-resigned special envoy George Mitchell, was actually stipulated in the Bush administration’s Road Map and accepted by the parties in 2003. A freeze on all settlement activity was a first-phase Israeli obligation – not to mention an obligation under international law. It should go without saying that the Israelis failed to fulfill this obligation, and instead the Israeli government, then led by Ariel Sharon, presided over the single largest and most aggressive period of settlement activity in the West Bank since the Menachem Begin government in 1977-83.

Still, Israeli settlement construction is not the only belligerent behaviour conducted by the occupation regime in Palestinian Territory. To paraphrase the now-former US Congressman Brian Baird, if the law is “thou shall not build on territory which does not belong to you”, an equally important corollary of this law is “thou shall not destroy what belongs to others in territory which does not belong to you”. Of course, apart from the regular construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, there is also the regular destruction of Palestinian buildings and infrastructure in the same territory.

Both the construction of illegal settlements and the destruction of the homes and property of the native Palestinians stem from the same origin: Israel’s unbridled assertion of power over the native Palestinians in the context of total impunity.

Much destruction occurs in Area C of the West Bank. This territory comprises roughly 60 per cent of the West Bank, and Israel maintains full control over security, planning and zoning.

The United Nations Organisation for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Territories (UNOCHA) noted in a recent report:

“In the first six months of 2011, OCHA recorded the Israeli authorities’ demolition of 342 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C, including 125 residential structures, displacing a total of 656 Palestinians, including 351 children. This is almost five times as many structures demolished and people displaced as during the equivalent period in 2010.”

Take, for example, the time when 30 Israeli vehicles and 100 soldiers entered the village of Ein al-Duyuk and demolished the homes of four different Palestinian families deep in the West Bank. Or the dawn raid of Jaba’a near Hebron which led to the demolition of another family’s home. Or the demolition of five homes in Khan al-Ahmar, near Jerusalem, which left 71 people, including 60 children, homeless. Or when a mosque, two homes and a barn housing children’s pet rabbits were demolished in the village of Um Fagareh. Or the demolition of wells near Idhna, which debilitated Palestinian farmers. Or Khirbet Susa’s rural primary school, which currently educates 36 Palestinian children and has recently received demolition orders after it was last demolished a year ago. Or the solar panel complex, built by a Spanish NGO for €300,000 ($401,310) in 2009 to provide much-needed sustainable electricity to the isolated Palestinian village of Imneizel, which also has demolition orders pending.

Or, perhaps most disturbing of all, is that all of the above-mentioned Area C demolitions and demolition orders were executed or handed down only in the past 90 days.

Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes and buildings, like the construction of illegal settlements, is part of a matrix of control aimed at limiting Palestinians to an existence on only a fraction of a fraction of their land. No objective observer can take the argument that the destruction of Palestinian village schools, water wells, solar panels and homes provides anyone with security. Likewise, Palestinian villagers left homeless at the hands of an Israeli bulldozer will rightly find claims that Israeli politicians want peace to be farcical.

Yet this destruction persists today at accelerated levels, with little objection from an Obama administration that races to show its support for Israel as we enter an election year.

Nevertheless, the Obama administration should demand an immediate halt to all Israeli settlement construction because it is illegal, and an immediate halt to all Israeli destruction in the West Bank because it is simply inhumane.

This article originally appeared on AlJazeera.net 

Yousef Munayyer is the Executive Director of the Palestine Centre in Washington, DC.


Smile, you are a Civilian Internee!

By Madison Ruppert

Editor of End the Lie

As every day passes, it becomes clearer that our once-free nation is quickly turning down the path of a totalitarian police state, as embodied by the passage of S.1867 in the Senate and H.R.1540 in the House.

With the knowledge that KBR is developing a so-called “National Quick Response Team” to man the detention centers popularly referred to as “FEMA Camps” on 72 hours’ notice, the picture only gets more grim.

This trend is also reflected in the recent United States Army job posting for Internment/Resettlement Specialists.

While this might sound tame and harmless to some, upon reading the job description a troubling picture emerges.

The Internment/Resettlement Specialist, or I/R Specialist for short, is not only tasked with handling the custody and control of individuals designated as an Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) but also of so-called Civilian Internees (CIs).

This is a classic example of Orwellian language. You’re not an American citizen being indefinitely imprisoned by the military in a military prison; instead you’re a Civilian Internee in a Civilian Internee Camp.

In this article you will learn exactly what a Civilian Internee is, what few rights are afforded to them and just how oppressed a Civilian Internee actually is, according to the military’s own documents on the subject.

We will delve into great detail, showing the exact language and ways that Civilian Internees are controlled and prevented from making any real contact with the outside world or being able to seek out justice.

I don’t think that anyone is blind enough to find the title of Civilian Internee reassuring, especially considering the fact that Civilian Internee is the exact designation assigned to the Japanese-Americans who were locked up during World War II.

These innocent Americans were put in so-called internment camps which bore a striking resemblance to the concentration camps of Nazi-era Germany, for committing no crime other than being of a certain ancestral origin.

If our government would lock up hardworking, patriotic Americans simply for being of Japanese descent, it is not a leap to think that they would do the same for the political opposition.

Civilian Internee is actually a specific status of prisoner under the Geneva Conventions which is supposed to designate civilians who are detained during wartime, supposedly for security reasons.

However, as we all know, the Japanese people being locked up were no security threat at all, in fact, despite the grand betrayal embodied by the internment of innocent American citizens; many Americans of Japanese descent actually went and fought for the United States in World War II.

The 442nd Regimental Combat Team of the United States Army was a prime example of this, as it was a unit composed entirely of Japanese-American soldiers.

They fought in Italy, Southern France and Germany and were in fact the most highly-decorated regiment in the entire history of the armed forces of the United States with 21 recipients of the Medal of Honor.

The fact that such individuals would put their lives on the line and fight for a nation that was detaining their friends and family is almost unbelievable, but they did it and yet our government is likely going to repeat the same horrific mistakes they made in the past.

I just wonder if this time around people will actually continue to go off and fight for a country that is engaging in the exact practices we are supposed to oppose and fight against around the world.

Specifically, the job description lists under advanced responsibilities that the I/R Specialist may be involved in, “Provide command and control, staff planning, administration/logistical services, and custody/control for the operation of an Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee (EPW/CI) camp.”

There are some publicly available military documents that go into more detail about what exactly a Civilian Internee is and how they are treated.

Despite the somewhat innocent sounding designation, Civilian Internees have little to no rights and are essentially totally powerless while in military detention.

There are lots of purely ceremonial rights granted to Civilian Internees like the ability to vote for representatives to speak for the camp, but the military can refuse to allow anyone who is voted in to actually hold the position.

Therefore, the representatives of the Civilian Internees would likely be nothing more than sycophantic lapdogs who bow before the officers in charge of the camp.

Anyone who would actually represent the Civilian Internees would just be blocked by the military, as it is explicitly written that they can do exactly that.

In the Army Regulation 190-8 document also called “Enemy Prisoners of War, Retained Personnel, Civilian Internees and Other Detainees,” which is available on the Air Force’s website, some details are given on what exactly Civilian Internees are and how they are treated.

Chapter 6 of the document, entitled “Administration and Operation of CI Internment Facilities,” beginning on page 23 of the PDF (page 19 of the document), delves into some of these issues.

Beginning with section 6-3, we learn that Civilian Internees have no real right to property under this military rule.

While they pretend to give the detainees property rights, it is clear that they can strip you of your belongings at any time for any reason.

Sub-section b. states, “The personal effects that detainees are allowed to retain, but are taken from them temporarily for intelligence purposes, will be receipted for and returned as soon as practical.”

Essentially, they can claim your belongings are needed for intelligence purposes and hold them until it is deemed practical to return them.

When that would be is anyone’s guess but the language is clearly ambiguous enough to allow the military to strip Civilian Internees of any and all personal belongings for however long they please.

Section 6-4 goes over the so-called “Internee Committee” which is a two-three person committee which is “empowered to represent the camp to the protecting powers, International Committee of the Red Cross, or other authorized relief or aid organizations and U.S. military authorities.”

Once again, the military is able to determine what exactly you can do and this language clearly allows the military to deny access to any outside relief or aid organizations by saying that they are not authorized.

Under sub-section c. “Each member of the Internee Committee will be approved by the camp commander prior to assumption of duty. If the camp commander refuses to approve or dismisses an elected member, a notice to that effect with reasons for refusal or dismissal will be forwarded through channels to the Branch PWIC [Prisoner of War Information Center] for transmittal to the protecting power with a copy furnished to the NPWIC [National Prisoner of War Information Center].”

This committee is clearly a farce which is directly controlled by the military, as if those who are rounding up and detaining American citizens can be trusted with treating those prisoners fairly, which is a laughable assertion.

One of the duties of the Internee Committee is to present and transmit “petitions and complaints to the appropriate authorities,” but given that the committee can be hand selected by those who are operating the prison, there is no way that any real petitions or complaints would ever be filed by the puppet committee.

Yet it gets even worse, the Internment Committee handles, “The distribution and disposition of collective relief shipments.”

Meaning that the military’s lapdogs will be the ones with the power to distribute food and other supplies to whomever they wish.

They even handle, “The delivery of perishable goods to the infirmary when addressed to a CI undergoing disciplinary punishment.”

The Committee is also given access to postal and telegraphic facilities in order to communicate with the so-called “protecting powers,” also known as the people unjustly detaining civilians en masse without charge or trial, along with the “authorized” aid organizations.

Civilian Internees have to provide their own clothing and footwear and, “Except for work clothing or as circumstance warrant, or climatic conditions required, no replacement clothing will be issued.”

The clothing of Civilian Internees is marked with “CI” on the front and back of each sleeve in 4 inch tall black or white letters between the elbow and shoulder and on the front of pants and shorts above the knee and on the back below the belt.

The food situation is similarly unpleasant considering that “Subsistence for the CI will be issued on the basis of a master CI menu prepared by the theater commander.”

“The daily individual food ration will be sufficient in quantity, quality and variety to maintain the CI in good health and to prevent nutritional deficiencies,” although they make it clear that if you perform physical labor you receive more food depending on the kind of labor performed.

Therefore, if whatever food they decide is “sufficient in quantity, quality and variety” is not enough (which it likely won’t be) you’ll be forced to work hard manual labor to get additional food.

Although, you can use facilities to prepare “additional food received or procured by [the CI] from authorized sources.”

What these authorized sources are is unclear but it is likely the case, like in private prisons, that they will make foods available to prisoners at exorbitant prices which is all too appealing given the horrendous quality of the food provided.

Part of section 6-6, “Medical Care and Sanitation” clearly indicates that those who are unvaccinated will be forced to be vaccinated whether they like it or not.

“Each CI will be immunized or reimmunized as prescribed by theater policy,” meaning that if the commander of the theater (in this case, likely the United States of America itself) decides that certain vaccinations are mandatory, you are not allowed to be released into the general population until you receive them or as they put it “until medical fitness is determined.”

It gets even more fascinating when they get to section 6-7, “Social, Intellectual, and Religious activities,” which says, “Subject to security considerations and camp discipline, the CI will be encouraged, but not required, to participate in social, intellectual, religious, and recreational activities.”

Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, right?

The next sentence might change your mind, “Introducing political overtones into or furthering enemy propaganda objectives through these activities will not be tolerated.”

In other words, if you engage in discussing politics or the truth of the situation (which is likely to be designated as an act of furthering enemy propaganda objectives) you will not be allowed to participate in any social, intellectual, religious or recreational activities.

Furthermore, the entire ability to participate in any activities is dependent on “security considerations and camp discipline,” meaning that at any time they can suspend all activities for any reason or no reason at all.

They also delve into official visits by so-called “Duly accredited representatives of the protecting powers and of the International Committee of the Red Cross and other[s] [who] will be permitted to visit and inspect CI camps and other places of internment in the discharge of their official duties.”

However, “The inspections will be at times previously authorized by the theater commander.”

Yet again, they set up the false pretense of rights and justice just to undermine it by making it only at times authorized by the theater commander, meaning that they could easily cover up any wrongdoing long before the inspection takes place.

Even worse, they can prohibit the inspections altogether. “Such visits will not be prohibited, nor will their duration and frequency be restricted, except for reasons of imperative military necessity, and then only as a temporary measure.”

Who decides when it is an imperative military necessity and how long this temporary measure lasts? Well, of course, it is the military.

Getting regulators to regulate themselves works out so well in the case of the private Federal Reserve I can see why they would want to utilize such a tactic in a situation like this as well.

Visits with family are similarly restricted by whatever the theater commander decides to put in place. “Near relatives and other persons authorized by the theater commander will be permitted to visit the CI as frequently as possible in accordance with theater regulations. They should be advised that the taking of photographs on or about the facility is prohibited.”

They even have outlined a program to develop “vocational training projects with an immediate view of developing skills that may be useful during interment”.

While they claim that Civilian Internee clergy will be allowed to communicate with religious leaders on religious matters, they do say that it “will be subject to censorship.”

The restrictions on communications are outlined in section 6-8 and include no drawings, maps, or sketches in any outgoing correspondence, no registered certified, insured, COD, or airmail items will be allowed to be received by Civilian Internees, and “Censorship of the CI mail will be according to the policies established by the theater commander.”

This is where it gets really disturbing: “Outgoing letters and cards may be examined and read by the camp commander. The camp commander will return outgoing correspondence containing obvious deviations from regulations for rewriting.

“Camp commanders will name U.S. military personnel to supervise the opening of all mail pouches containing incoming letters and cards for CI. These items will be carefully examined by the named personnel before delivery to detainees. Those items that arrive without having been censored by appropriate censorship elements will be returned for censorship to the designated censorship elements.”

Is it just me or does this read like something out of a work of fiction? Essentially you won’t be able to read or write anything that the military overlords do not wish you to. If you attempt to report torture or other horrors to anyone on the outside they will either censor it or force you to rewrite it.

All packages received by CIs are searched and, if requested, examined by the so-called “censorship element.” They point out that they will closely examine all items and messages but also claim “undue destruction of contents of parcels will be avoided.”

Not quite reassuring, if you ask me.

To make matters even worse, if such a thing was possible, the CI is not allowed to make or receive any phone calls whatsoever.

Telegrams can be sent under certain specific conditions but they, too, are censored.

Civilian Internees may receive books but, “Books that arrive at camps uncensored will be censored by a representative of the censorship element.”

English-language newspapers and magazines published in the United States are allowed to be distributed to the camp library by approved relief or aid organizations at the camp commander’s discretion after they have been censored.

The manner in which Civilian Internees can attempt to file complaints is just as ludicrously unjust as the rest of the regulations we have gone over thus far.

Essentially they only way you can file complaints is through the Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA), Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (ODCSOPS), National Prisoner of War Information Center (NWPIC), or in the case of “any act or allegation of inhumane treatment or other violations of this regulation will be reported to HQDA (DOMA-ODL), WASH DC 20310-0400 as a Serious Incident Report.”

Just like the other regulations we’ve gone over, there is a false impression of justice which crumbles under a moment’s scrutiny.

“Discipline and security” under section 6-10 is clearly taken seriously in the case of Civilian Internees.

The regulations state, “Measures needed to maintain discipline and security will be set up in each camp and rigidly enforced. Offensive acts against discipline will be dealt with promptly. The camp commander will record disciplinary punishments. The record will be open to inspection by the protecting power.”

Oddly enough, under this section it is written that no CI may have any political emblem, insignia, flag, or picture of a political leader unless it is a picture of a political leader that appeared in a magazine, book, or newspaper and wasn’t removed by the censorship element.

They also explicitly state that you are to be nice to your captors, “The normal civilian courtesies will be required of the CI in their relationships with military personnel.”

Under section 6-12 some of the “Disciplinary proceedings and punishments” are outlined including a list of some approved punishments.

These disciplinary measures include, “(1) Discontinuance of privileges granted over and above the treatment provided for by this regulation. (2) Confinement. (3) A fine not to exceed one-half of the wages that the CI may receive during a period of not more than 30 days. (4) Extra fatigue duties, not exceeding 2 hours daily, in connection with maintaining the internment camp.”

Any single disciplinary punishment cannot go on for more than 30 consecutive days, although further discipline can be imposed after a 3 day period between punishments of 10 days or more.

However, these regulations on discipline and judicial proceedings are likely to be waived due to the fact that the National Defense Authorization act would effectively override the need to comply with any of these regulations.

Civilian Internees can indeed be forced to perform labor. Compulsory labor is supposedly limited to: “(1) Administrative, maintenance, and domestic work in an internment camp. (2) Duties connected with the protection of the CIA against aerial bombardment or other war risks. (3) Medical duties if they are professionally and technically qualified.”

Civilian Internees are only allowed a rest period of 24 consecutive hours every week and any paid work is paid at a rate announced by the Department of the Army after the outbreak of hostilities.

The problem is not only that our government has a clearly outlined procedure for dealing with civilians who are locked up for no reason at all, but that our government has a history of doing exactly that.

It is also quite dangerous that under the NDAA, American citizens could easily be classified as Enemy Prisoners of War instead of Civilian Internees, giving them even less rights.

Furthermore, under section 1031, anyone can be shipped off to any foreign country or handed over to any foreign entity, essentially waiving what few rights are afforded under there regulations.

With our so-called representatives in Congress voting 406-17 to make portions of the meetings in which they discuss H.R.1540 and S.1867 closed to the public in order to avoid public scrutiny, we are truly entering the dark ages of American history.

Those individuals in Washington who we elected to represent us are now passing legislation that is literally waging war against the people of the United States while keeping certain aspects of the process completely secret.

These developments should be disturbing to every single American, no matter what your political persuasion.

We are watching the brutal counterterrorism apparatus that has plagued foreign nations and resulted in the pain and suffering of countless people around the globe turn back around against us.

What will it take for the people of America to stand up and demand that our rights, as outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, be preserved?

Will it really take seeing your friends, family and neighbors snatched up in the middle of the night, never to be seen again? If we really wait that long, I fear that it will be too late.


FREEDOM: What have we done?

From What Does It Mean.com

By: Alan Wallace, Guest Writer from “Behind the Lines” in America

When future generations ask us what happened to the country, what will we tell them? When they ask us why we didn’t stop it, will we have an answer? When they see us cry as we respond, will they know why? Will they have a future? Will they even have a chance to ask us at all?

How have we as a people of this nation come to this point? I will tell you. We have lost our will to fight. To fight for what is right, what is fair and what is just. But beyond that, we have lost our will to live. I do not mean in the sense that we are killing ourselves, although (in a way) we are.

I mean, in that we have made a choice to accept what we are told. I mean that we have stopped trying to make things right, and started to ask for more hand outs. We have signed our freedoms over to politicians who have sold us on the best lines BS. We have looked them in the eyes, known they where lying and still said it was okay, in the hope that maybe, just maybe this one is different.

Guess what? They weren’t, they aren’t and they never will be. We are sitting on a $15 trillion dollar deficit. A number so large that we cannot even comprehend it logically. We simply say to ourselves that it will get better, it has to, it always has before.

Well, it won’t, it can’t and above all else it is impossible for it to. With the protests that have started around the nation we are starting to learn very quickly that something is broken, and the government is learning this too. The passing of the NDAA bill is a clear sign that those at the top are tired of their peasants uprising and need it to go away before more people join.

They have now turned the entire country into a “Battlefield” and with that, we will start to see people disappearing from these protests, never to be seen again. If you are wondering where this country is headed and what the end goal is for the government, don’t watch the news or ask a friend, simple watch any documentary on the rise of Hitler and his control over Germany. There you will find what we have to look forward to.

I could rattle of a long list of statistics for you. I could talk about the long list of debt, the welfare programs, the amount of people who are homeless, jobless, hungry, underwater, and the list goes on, I could talk about the numerous bills and laws, that have been, are being and will be passed that fundamentally strip us of our rights. I could talk about the food acts, drug acts, security acts and so on.

Or maybe I could put together a list of the atrocities being perpetrated by the T.S.A., the strip searches of the elderly, the children and the person who refuses to be exposed to a cancer risk. But, I won’t. Instead I will talk about what this country was founded on.Freedom. Plain and simple, no more no less. And what is worse, is we all know this, we love it, we crave it and we enjoy it.

We (however) refuse to fight for it, defend it and die for it. We seem to have no problem allowing our military to jet off to foreign countries to fight on behalf of our dictatorial government and yet we refuse to stand up to a police officer as we watch them beat to death an innocent man.

We stand idly by while they shoot our brethren with rubber bullets, tear gas and bean bags. We scream at the injustice of groups of people being pepper sprayed and chant things like “shame”. The problem is they love that we sit there and take it, they love watching us cry out in pain.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

The time for sitting around and hoping things will get better is over. Stand up, stand out and do something, anything. Are we going to wait for a child to be hit by a rubber bullet? Maybe when they finally kill someone we will do something.

You don’t have to agree with what people are protesting against.

You don’t have to approve of what they want or what their message is, you just have to want something better for this country.

The fact is, that most of the Occupy protesters have no idea what to protest, and have no idea who to protest against.

They are people who simply reached a breaking point and decided to stop sitting around at home, and do something. It may be misguided at times, but at least they are trying.

They just need more people to join them, to guide them and to organize them. If generations before us had been as beaten down and had as much trepidation as us, there never would have been a revolution, a civil war, or a United States.

That is all I have. That is all I can offer. I will leave you with these questions though, and leave it up to you to decide what is right, what is fair and where it ends.

When future generations ask us what happened to this country, what will we tell them?

When they ask us why we didn’t stop it, will we have an answer?

When they see us cry as we respond, will they know why?

Will they have a future?

Will they even have a chance to ask us at all?

December 10, 2011 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]


 Scientists demonstrate Matrix-like learning with no conscious effort


New research suggests it may be possible to learn high-performance tasks with little or no conscious effort

Source and Larger Version

Activist Post

New research published today in the journal Science suggests it may be possible to use brain technology to learn to play a piano, reduce mental stress or hit a curve ball with little or no conscious effort. It’s the kind of thing seen in Hollywood’s “Matrix” franchise.

Experiments conducted at Boston University (BU) and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan, recently demonstrated that through a person’s visual cortex, researchers could use decoded functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to induce brain activity patterns to match a previously known target state and thereby improve performance on visual tasks.

Think of a person watching a computer screen and having his or her brain patterns modified to match those of a high-performing athlete or modified to recuperate from an accident or disease. Though preliminary, researchers say such possibilities may exist in the future.

“Adult early visual areas are sufficiently plastic to cause visual perceptual learning,” said lead author and BU neuroscientist Takeo Watanabe of the part of the brain analyzed in the study.

Neuroscientists have found that pictures gradually build up inside a person’s brain, appearing first as lines, edges, shapes, colors and motion in early visual areas. The brain then fills in greater detail to make a red ball appear as a red ball, for example.

Researchers studied the early visual areas for their ability to cause improvements in visual performance and learning.

“Some previous research confirmed a correlation between improving visual performance and changes in early visual areas, while other researchers found correlations in higher visual and decision areas,” said Watanabe, director of BU’s Visual Science Laboratory. “However, none of these studies directly addressed the question of whether early visual areas are sufficiently plastic to cause visual perceptual learning.” Until now.

Boston University post-doctoral fellow Kazuhisa Shibata designed and implemented a method using decoded fMRI neurofeedback to induce a particular activation pattern in targeted early visual areas that corresponded to a pattern evoked by a specific visual feature in a brain region of interest. The researchers then tested whether repetitions of the activation pattern caused visual performance improvement on that visual feature.

The result, say researchers, is a novel learning approach sufficient to cause long-lasting improvement in tasks that require visual performance.

What’s more, the approach worked even when test subjects were not aware of what they were learning.

“The most surprising thing in this study is that mere inductions of neural activation patterns corresponding to a specific visual feature led to visual performance improvement on the visual feature, without presenting the feature or subjects’ awareness of what was to be learned,” said Watanabe, who developed the idea for the research project along with Mitsuo Kawato, director of ATR lab and Yuka Sasaki, an assistant in neuroscience at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“We found that subjects were not aware of what was to be learned while behavioral data obtained before and after the neurofeedback training showed that subjects’ visual performance improved specifically for the target orientation, which was used in the neurofeedback training,” he said.

The finding brings up an inevitable question. Is hypnosis or a type of automated learning a potential outcome of the research?

“In theory, hypnosis or a type of automated learning is a potential outcome,” said Kawato. “However, in this study we confirmed the validity of our method only in visual perceptual learning. So we have to test if the method works in other types of learning in the future. At the same time, we have to be careful so that this method is not used in an unethical way.”

At present, the decoded neurofeedback method might be used for various types of learning, including memory, motor and rehabilitation.


Press Release from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan supported the research.


AIPAC Economic Warfare Also Targets US


From AntiWar.com


The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is trumpeting tough new sanctions against Iran’s Central Bank.  This financial blockade will likely drive up global energy prices as Iran struggles to sell petroleum to wholesalers fearful of secondary boycotts.  That the sources of this latest step toward US military action against Iran are mainly Israel lobbying groups or beneficiaries of their campaign finance network has been well-established.  The lobby justifies the campaign based on unsubstantiated allegations that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons although no evidence from credible sources has emerged.   Less well known is that Israel and its lobby frequently deploy tactics from same menu of economic warfare — such as capturing assets — against the United States.  Newly declassified documents extracted from a very reluctant US Trade Representative are a case in point.

In 1984 the captured assets in question were also of the intangible variety — trade secrets, strategies, and classified industry data.  The victims were more than seventy US corporations and business organizations that responded to US International Trade Commission solicitations in 1984 to participate in negotiations that would open the US market to Israeli exports.  After delivering up their confidential business data in opposition to the preferences, participants were appalled that the Israeli government pilfered all the USTR’s classified report and passed it to AIPAC to lobby against US industries.  But what made this captured US intellectual asset so valuable and timely?  After a multi-year battle that began in 2009, the US Trade Representative was finally forced to publicly release (PDFs) the majority of the secret report surreptitiously obtained by AIPAC decades ago.   The secret document reveals all.

One section of the report details the efforts of Israel’s state-owned and heavily subsidized bromine industry to muscle out anxious US producers based in Arkansas.  In another, Israeli tomato producers subsidized by government price supports, fight for market access against principled US opposition.  Why did AIPAC need American gold rope chain producer confidential business data and industry talking points of all things?  At the time, three quarters of Israel’s gold rope chain industry capacity was idle.  AIPAC and its foreign principal needed to replace the uncertain market access granted by the Generalized System of Preferences with permanent, unreciprocated zero-tariff, US-market trade preferences.  But first AIPAC and Israel needed to know everything American producers were secretly telling the Reagan administration.  Stealing that section of the report (PDF) was the most efficient way.

The report — still not fully released — is a treasure-trove of market insights, production costs, US industry lobbying positions and internal corporate data unobtainable from any legitimate source.  Israel and its foreign agents — with the purloined data and ill-gotten, unreciprocated market access — have been able to create a captive US market for up to 40 percent of Israel’s total exports. Meanwhile, American exporters continue to complain about being locked out of Israel’s market. Other illicit acts followed the theft of trade data.  According to another recently-released secret document, an audit conducted by the US State Department’s Sherman Funk, increased preferential access to sensitive US technology enabled Israel to freely copy and resell it to the highest bidder.  This was enabled by US government infighting at the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

A bona fide review of unrelenting Israeli economic warfare against the United States, including the granddaddy of them all, stealing US nuclear material and technology, raises a fundamental question: why does America continue to put up with all this?

The unsurprising answer is that our core institutions responsible for holding elite Israel lobbyists in check have all been infiltrated and corrupted.  This has left average Americans exposed to the economic and moral consequences as the Justice and Treasury Departments simply look the other way.  With a bit more law enforcement, Abraham Feinberg would have been prosecuted as a WWII draft dodger, rather than free to launch his Israel lobbying career stuffing Harry Truman and LBJ’s pockets with cash while secretly funding the Israeli nuclear weapons program.  The Zionist Organization of America and AIPAC would both have been openly registered as agents of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  And the alphabet soup of Israel’s covert operators, from Nahum Bernstein (who financed illegal weapons diversions) to Douglas Bloomfield (who illegally duplicated the stolen classified trade document for AIPAC), would actually have served prison time for their crimes.

But rule of law and enforcement has seized up when it comes to the Israel lobby, from election law violations to capture of assets.  Until it is restored, Americans will continue to suffer the consequences of economic warfare directed against Israel’s enemies and its largest benefactor.

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