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Posted by Xaniel777 on December 21, 2011

TODAY IS : December 21, 2011

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The Panic of the Puppetmasters

by Jack Rabbit at American’s Journey

I don’t know where I found this, will give credit if someone can tell me...

America has often been described as a “sleeping giant.”  The term refers to the tendency of most Americans to get along with their lives – leaving politics to those drawn to this dog-and-pony show – paying their taxes and letting the babies have their candy – that is – until the baby’s antics become so out-of-control, out-of-touch, and downright dangerous to their  very existence that they can’t help but notice that something is very very rotten.  Then – EVERYBODY wakes up – takes a look at the problems – at the options available to solve those problems – then gets involved. 

The media circus that has been the Republican battle for nominee for President in the coming election is rapidly causing concern for the puppetmasters that have been sucking the blood out of Americans for a long time.  Hard times, poverty, radical moves to burn the Constitution, wars based on lies with more coming based on even more lies, loss of property, TSA NAZI tactics, media complicity and manipulation of Americans’ world-view – and many more things – have become such threats to everyones future – that they are paying attention.  And as they look at options available to solve ROOT CAUSE they turn to Ron Paul.

I had to do a lot of driving today and turned on the radio to stay awake.  All that is available is the standard “right wing” crap from the usual suspects – you know the names – but today they brought out their pundits-of-the-puppets to convince their flock of gullible suckers that Ron Paul doesn’t matter.  To convince their audience that Ron Paul ‘CAN’T WIN ”  First of all that’s bullshit – otherwise they wouldn’t be forced to discuss the subject.

But there is something else afoot my friends.  Ron Paul is the real deal – a true Constitutionalist with the utmost respect and rock-solid record to demonstrate that he MEANS WHAT HE SAYS.  And that is exactly what makes him so dangerous to the blood-suckers looting our nation and leading us into phony wars, continuing the phony war on terror, the phony war on drugs, the campaign to take your firearms, the selling out of our nation – the bloodsuckers know that Ron Paul will take immediate action to stop their party.  And when their party stealing everything you have stops – your life will change for the better very rapidly.

The other “thing” afoot I mentioned is this:  The Republicans and Democrats have all been bought and paid for – controlled – by the same bankster cabal – looting our nation via the Federal Reserve, crooked banks, immoral wars.  This became obvious when they passed the National Defense Authorization Act.  Also made obvious by this undermining of everything America stands for – was the sound of one hand clapping by the “mainstream media” – remaining silent while this treasonous “law” was passed.  I’ve heard somewhere that “silence is agreement.

The puppetmasters are scared sh%tless.  They recognize that Ron Paul will win.  So what will they do?

Their next strategem will be to split the Republican vote so that the election is thrown to Obama.  Why?

Because Obama=Gingrich=Santorum=that dumb witch=the rest of them:  EXCEPT FOR RON PAUL.

Since the banksters and warmongers own both parties – meaning those venal office-holders who’ve lost the moral compass they took an oath not to lose – that Obama will do just as well as any of the usual puppets.

Don’t fall for the bread-and-circuses.  Ron Paul is the real deal.  Do everything you can to prevent the stealing of his election, the lying in the media about his positions, the attempts by the media to sideline him – and remember that Ron Paul will save this nation.

We are at a dangerous crossroads – Ron Paul is our best hope at this time to steer us back in the right direction – the direction of peace and prosperity and liberty we all long for.  

There are no more “sides” in politics anymore – there really is only one side:  the side of the Constitution – the side of liberty and justice for all of us.


Why The Globalist Agenda Is Backfiring

Posted by poorrichard at Poor Richard’s Blog

by Zen Gardner

Think about it. The more people who lose their homes and material wealth in this manipulated downturn, the more people who stop, think and re-evalute. The more people who realize the financial and political situation is engineered for the good of a very few and not the people, the more wake up. The more people who are directly offended by these draconian new anti-freedom laws and intrusive surveillance methods, the more startled, questioning and activated they will become.
And the more people who become aware it’s this way because that’s the way someone wants it, the more come to some alarming yet empowering conclusions.
This is what the New World Order is unwittingly precipitating, and they’re seeing it and they’re afraid. Here’s their admission by an Illuminist global strategist and a hint at their sinister solution:

“For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive… The resulting global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity, cultural respect and economic opportunity…

[The] major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might be greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low.To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.”
Zbigniew Brzezinski

“Infinitely easier.” No options there. This wicked snake is one of Obama’s mentors and current advisers. But who’s looking?

Paths to the Wake Up

Beginning the search leading to a radical change in viewpoint can be precipitated by many things; personal financial ruin, the death of a loved one, a serious accident, experiencing the horrors of war, or a major health challenge. Any of these can drive someone to want to get the answers to the real questions in life–who are we, where are we, and why are we here?

It’s odd that so many don’t approach those fundamental questions before embarking on life, but that’s what the matrix does–it does everything it can to prevent human awakening. Why? Because our empowerment and understanding of our true unlimited identity and potential goes contrary to their control plan.

Whatever personal experience, discovery or realization precipitates this paradigm shift, one of the following categories will usually be highlighted that begins to shake people to their foundations and make them realize something’s very rotten in Denmark.Here are 7 just for starters:

1. The pro-profit anti-health conglomerate.This is possibly the best way to introduce people to the deliberate, orchestrated government backed abuse of humanity. It’s a great inroad just by pointing out, “Did you know the FDA approves more and more dangerous drugs, rather than less? Do you ever wonder why natural foods and supplements have been targeted for elimination while highly questionable tainted and genetically modified foods are given a free pass? Have you heard how many people have died or been seriously sickened by vaccines? Do you think it’s right pharmaceutical and big agra industry heads rotate as heads of the FDA?”  The rest follows, but this field has been a major avenue towards a big wake up for many.

2. The Big Bank Fraud. Headline news for a long time with no change happening, all while people’s accounts get drained and even stolen by the likes of MF Global. The FED conspiracy has come to a much greater light, while the government clearly bails out the guilty. Do they think no one is looking? “If the banks are getting away with that now, how long have they been at it?” This has turned many into anti-bankster/corporate control activists and led to further serious dot connecting.

3. 9/11 and the Propagandized War Business. Finally anti-war folks are realizing Obama is an extension of a long line of war mongers. Like the stark truths of Pearl Harbor or Vietnam being engineered to get America into costly wars, the 9/11 wake up is difficult for many to swallow, it’s so all-encompassing and frightening. But it’s becoming increasingly clear to most Americans that at the least war is a big, costly business that’s draining our economy and has no end in sight. The 9/11 realization will take them “home” if they get it, but it’s according to each person’s willingness.

4. The Homeland Security Scam. Built on the false premise of 9/11, this Nazi era infrastructure of people monitoring is so over the top even your Sunday footballer is getting fed up. Cities are finally protesting these invasive and dangerous scans and searches, realizing this is absolutely uncalled for as well as dangerous. They’re pushing their limits, and have been for a long time.

5. Virtual Martial Law Provisions with Increased Censorship and Surveillance. The lines defining the category of conspiracy theorist are starting to blur as people witness for themselves they can be subjected to unlimited detention without trial and will soon see our own military on our streets, signalling a dramatic erosion of our constitution.That there hasn’t been more outrage is mind boggling. When they start to exercise this unlawful detention on innocent Americans we will see outrage as we’ve never seen.

6. The Geopolitical Awakening. These outrageous government takeover bids by the banking cartel is a huge catalyst for change. It is dissolving the lazy laissez faire public mindset and causing people from all walks of life to want to regain their national and ethnic identities. The collapse of the EU is the perfect example, but this is taking place across the globe, financially, politically and religiously. The harder the PTBs pound Islamic cultures the more they’re galvanized. The more they attempt to erase the Christian heritage and sovereignty of Americans the more ardently they’re clinging to their fundamental faith, values and Constitutional roots.

7. The End time Scenario. Whether spiritual, economic, political or geophysical, things are pointing to cataclysm. While the PTBs have been attempting to program humanity with as much fear as possible, just the realities of increased earthquakes and violent weather due to solar activity, magnetic field changes and galactic alignments are enough to make people stop and take notice. What would you do in such a calamity? How should you change your life now to prepare? Why does this all match up with some many prophecies? How should I prepare and care for my loved ones?
Even though the manipulators are exacerbating and taking advantage of current changes, there’s no way they can completely control geophysical, never mind profoundly spiritual change. But they’re trying. Just don’t help them, they can’t do it on their own.

The Power of the Individual

I believe the most important aspect of this wonderful worldwide awakening is the incredible power of the individual. By any one of us realizing our true potential, and living our lives accordingly, things change radically. We will naturally then influence anyone and anything in our sphere of influence. As others resonate and break free it then grows exponentially. All it takes is a little cooperation with Source, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call It.

When the options and means for living the essentially selfish, materialistic lives we’ve been taught to live start to fall away, people look for meaning in their lives. Many years ago I spoke to a Holocaust survivor in Holland who told me the best years of his life were his internment in a concentration camp. That may sound pretty extreme, but he said life became real to him for the first time. Every day had real meaning and he discovered the power of living in the moment. Friendships he made had profound importance, and most of all he discovered the spiritual side of life and the power of gratitude which he said made it worth it all.

It’s so easy to take things for granted, and when things are moving along fine for you, why rock the boat? It’s said 15% of Americans work for our bloated government bureaucracy. Let’s say they each have spouses, now you’re at 30%, or somewhere around there. When voting time comes and family decisions are made, do you really think they’re gonna vote for smaller government? It’s survival.

However, with a crashing economy many of these people will eventually be dumped, and hard. Think they’ll see things differently? It’s human nature. Now apply this to any sector out there, never mind the ongoing bankruptcies and foreclosures, and it’s like a room full of mousetraps loaded with ping pong balls going off.

And they’re gonna eventually find and plug into the truth!

Direct Revelations

Other things that can cause a shift in consciousness are psychedelic and kundalini experiences which are often life altering. Again, whether someone continues to pursue and live up to the fundamental truths than can be revealed is another issue.  In the hippie generation I knew many who wanted to be a lawyer to defend the defenseless and next they’re a corporate whore. Others wanted to be a doctor to help the helpless and now they’re a highly paid hot shot who’s only other passion is golf – hitting a little ball around till it goes into a hole.

Living up to consciousness is contrary to worldly norms and can lead to isolation and humiliation. But it comes back in spades when you stick to your convictions. We all get waylaid but now’s the time for everyone to get back on board.

Paranormal experiences are another portal for drastic change. Many people’s lives are turned upside down after having contact with other dimensional entities. Once that has happened you world view changes, and your commitment or at least preferences and outlook become metaphysical and even mystical.

A good example of one of these consciousness shifts is brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor’s “Stroke of Genius” experience which turned her into a worldwide speaker on the infinite power of consciousness instead of the mechanics of the brain. (Do watch the linked video.)

Increasing Calamities Means A Magnified Wake Up

The biggest difference between our era and previous ones is access to information, embodied by the internet. They say the enlightenment began when the printing press was invented. Radio and television catapulted society into a media crazed mind controlled mass of consumers.

But the internet is a whole other animal. It’s not fully managed and manipulated like TV, although they’re trying. It responds to you and your requests. And just about anything is available, all the time. So when someone has this initial life change..loss of job, home, security, personal calamity…they can turn to the internet and fill in the blanks. There they’ll find blogs from others who have gone through the same thing. They’ll hear others’ story of their wake ups and what it’s led to…which I would bet in the vast majority of cases has led to a whole new perspective and a more spiritual and fulfilling life.

But the support is there, the information is there. And then, when you learn to startasking the right questions it really gets interesting! No more mainstream controlled pablum, and it starts to shed some serious light in corners you didn’t even know existed!

The Wake Up Is Now

The wake up is here and well under way, despite the PTB’s efforts to ignore, belittle or ridicule. We’re going to hit critical mass very soon, and the sooner the better, because people are suffering unnecessarily. Only a world saturated with Love and Truth can ward off this evil we’re being bombarded with, and we each need to carry the torch boldly, bravely and continuously.

Do you talk to your check out person about the world situation and ask what they think? Do you stop and point out the chemtrails to people, gently but genuinely? Do you pass on and post information you find empowering and important that others would benefit from?

Rather than let people be run by mainstream mind-control triggers to buy, submit and fear, let’s pull a few triggers of our own. You never know who’s ripe and ready to take action from just that next bit of information or word of encouragement.  We can’t force people but you’ll be surprised how many are already blossoming and would love to talk, at which time you can share some good websites and exchange emails perhaps. So many who’ve woken up are on their own amongst family or friends who think they’re nuts or paranoid, so anything we can do to reach out and help each other is huge!

It’s a great time to be alive! And I mean alive. I wouldn’t want to have my head in the sand when this next baby hits. The Ark that’s gonna save us this time is the Ark of Truth and Love, available to all!
Shine on!

Love, Zen

P.S. Here’s an inspiring little video that shows how far a little love can go, one person at a time!



Israel condemned at UN over settlements

From Al Jazeera 

Regional groups on UN Security Council censure Israel over settlement activities in occupied Palestinian territories.

Diplomats at the UN Security Council have voiced frustration over the lack of progress towards restarting Israel-Palestine negotiations and called for an immediate halt to Israeli settlement activity in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories.

In what Russia called a “historic step”, representatives of all regional groups seated on the council condemned Israeli settlements and settler violence, naming them as a principal obstacle to the resumption of talks.

“Israel’s continuing announcements to accelerate the construction of settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem, sends a devastating message,” Mark Lyall Grant, the UK ambassador, said early on Wednesday, speaking on behalf the council’s four European Union members, Britain, France, Germany and Portugal.

“With this support we are inspired and we are hopeful, because the world is with us. The entire community of nations is with us, they are not abandoning us

– Riyad Mansour,
Palestinian ambassador to the UN

“All settlement activity, including in East Jerusalem, must cease immediately.”

Russia’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin said settlement activity put into question the viability of a two-state solution.

“If you look at the map, you start wondering how even theoretically two states can be set up in Gaza and West Bank given this new reality,” Churkin said.

The Palestinians’ application for UN membership, which the US has vowed to veto, has made little headway in the three months since it was delivered to the world body by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority president.

The Security Council took nearly two months to issue a report that said there was a lack of consensus, while the bid has not yet been tabled for a vote.

Churkin called for Security Council action on the issue, but said no consensus was possible on Palestinian UN membership because of objections from the US.

[The US] believes that somehow things will sort of settle themselves somehow miraculously on their own,” Churkin said.

Direct talks between the Palestinians and Israel broke down 15 months ago over the issue of settlements.

Last February, the US vetoed a resolution that would have condemned them as “illegal” and demanded a halt to construction. The veto was the first wielded by US President Barack Obama’s administration at the UN.

‘Illegitimate’ settlements

The US believes settlements are “illegitimate” but does not go so far as call them illegal, and continues to push the issue of resolving Palestinian statehood, including settlements, out of the Security Council chamber.

“We believe Security Council action on final status issues would only harden the positions of both sides and make the resumption of negotiations more difficult,” the US deputy spokesperson at the UN said.

In New York, Israeli diplomats to the UN attributed the failure of negotiations to the Palestinians.

“The main obstacle to peace, has been, and remains, the Palestinians’ claim to the so-called right of return and its refusal to recognise Israel as a Jewish state,” a written statement from the Israeli Mission said.

But outside of the Security Council, individual countries continued to show widespread support for a sovereign Palestine.

On Monday, 182 countries approved a non-binding UN General Assembly resolution on the “right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.” The US and Israel voted against the resolution.

On Thursday, Iceland became the latest state to bilaterally recognise Palestine based on its 1967 borders. Thailand may be next, according to the Palestinian Ambassador, Riyad Mansour, bringing the total to 132.

“With this support we are inspired and we are hopeful, because the world is with us. The entire community of nations is with us, they are not abandoning us,” Mansour said.


Diplomat wife dies after forced to renew Jerusalem permit 18Dec11


                              (  Providing a Voice )

Ma’an News Agency  –  17 December 2011

LONDON (Ma’an) Israeli authorities forced the wife of the Palestinian ambassador to the UK to return to Jerusalem to renew her residency status during chemotherapy treatment, British media reported on Friday.

Samira Hassassian died in August aged 57 after she contracted a virus on the return flight to the UK in the midst of cancer treatment, her husband Manuel told The Guardian newspaper.

A spokesperson at the Israeli embassy in London denied Samira had been refused an extension of her residency, telling the paper “If there is a health issue there is no question that she would have had to travel.”

Palestinians have to renew their residency status in East Jerusalem with the Israeli authorities every two years. Hassassian said his wife, who was a US-trained chemist and lecturer in business studies, was determined not to lose her right to live in East Jerusalem.

OBITUARY  –  The Guardian

by Michel Massih

My friend Samira Hassassian, who has died of cancer aged 57, worked tirelessly for the rights of the Palestinian people and supported several charities connected with the art world, in particular the El-Shashat charity devoted to promoting Palestinian films. She shared these passions with her husband, Manuel Hassassian, who became the Palestinian ambassador to the UK in 2005.

Samira was not a simple diplomatic “adjunct”. She sought to promote trade by encouraging Palestinian craftsmen to come to Britain to exhibit their products. She was a patron of Medical Aid for Palestinians and she worked hard to bring medical assistance to thousands.

Samira was born in Beit Jala, a town near Bethlehem. Her family were part of the Christian Palestinian community there. Her father, Jabra Araj, was an ear, nose and throat specialist. Her mother, Lydia, founded a number of charities. Samira read chemistry at Birzeit University, near Ramallah, then continued her education at the American University of Beirut. From there she went to Toledo University, Ohio, to continue her studies in chemistry. She combined her BSc in chemistry with an MBA in business studies. On completion of her studies she worked at Procter & Gamble. She later lectured on business studies at Bethlehem University.

At Birzeit University, Samira met Manuel. They married in 1977. Their house in Chiswick, west London, became an essential port of call for members of the British-Palestinian community. Samira was a great listener and supported the youth of the community in practical ways. She was a passionate chef. Nothing gave her greater pleasure than to cook for family and friends. In her spare time she wrote poetry in Arabic. The essence of one of her poems was a longing to be reunited with the soil of Palestine. She longed to return and sit in the shade of the olive trees of her beloved Beit Jala, where she asked to be buried.

Samira is survived by Manuel and three children, Nadine, Tamar and Sarkis.


South Korean Intelligence Chief Questions Timing Of Kim Jong-il’s Death

Bolstering claims that North Korean dictator had been dead for over a year

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, December 20, 2011

South Korean intelligence chief Won Seo-hoon has questioned the circumstances behind Kim Jong-il’s death, pointing to evidence that the train the North Korean dictator supposedly died traveling on was stationary in Pyongyang, lending credence to claims that the “dear leader” has in fact been dead for months or even years.

South Korean Intelligence Chief Questions Timing Of Kim Jong ils Death 105095

“The head of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) on Tuesday expressed cautious doubts over the time and location of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s death, parliamentary officials said, raising questions over whether the communist North tried to beautify Kim’s death,” reports the Korea Herald.

North Korean state media claimed that Jong-il died from a heart attack due to “overwork and stress” during a train journey Saturday, but Seo-hoon told a National Assembly Intelligence Committee that the train remained stationary at Pyongyang railway station throughout the weekend.

“There were no signs the train ever moved,” he was quoted as telling the parliamentary committee.

Rumors that the North Korean leader had in fact died many months or even years before yesterday’s official announcement have been persistent.

The London Telegraph questioned back in September 2010 whether a double was covering for his premature death, noting that North Korea had gone to some lengths to formally name his son, Kim Jong-un, still in his twenties, as successor in a ceremony.

Japanese professor Toshimitsu Shigemura also made the claim during a World Economic Forum meeting in Tianjin, China in 2010. Shigemura asserts that Kim Jong-il died in the fall of 2003 and had been replaced by a lookalike for past eight years, citing sources close to Kim’s family as well as “computer analysis of his voice (that) shows the present Kim Jong not to be the same man as the one of some years ago.”

As we reported yesterday, rumors continue to circulate that Kim Jong-Il, whether he died recently or months before, was in fact murdered by discontented members of the North Korean military.

“A rumor is circulating that earlier a high-ranking North Korean official was shot dead. This has yet to be confirmed, but such talk is evidence that discontent was brewing among some people in the North,” political scientist An Chan-il told the Korea Times, adding that military officers “could have played a role in his death”.

This claim was also echoed by Rep Chun Yo-ok of the ruling Grand National Party (GNP), who speculated that Kim Jong-Il’s death could have been an act of “homicide,” the result of an internal power struggle.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.


Obama criticises Venezuela’s ties to Iran

From nzherald

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez. Photo / AP

President Barack Obama’s sharp criticisms of Venezuela’s human rights record and its ties to Iran are heightening tensions with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who on Monday responded by calling Obama a “clown” and telling him to mind his own business.

Obama appeared to stiffen his stance toward Chavez in his remarks, which were published Monday by the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal. Some of Obama’s Republican opponents have also been strongly critical of Chavez, and analysts expect the Venezuelan president could become a popular target of criticism as American politicians feud over foreign policy ahead of next year’s US presidential election.

While Washington has long criticized Chavez, Obama’s remarks were some of his hardest to date. He pointedly raised concerns about what he described as threats to democracy in Venezuela.

“We’re concerned about the government’s actions, which have restricted the universal rights of the Venezuelan people, threatened basic democratic values and failed to contribute to the security in the region,” Obama said in written responses to questions from the newspaper.

Chavez wasted little no time in responding. He said on state television, “Mr Obama came out, attacking us, but that’s not out of the ordinary for us.”

The Venezuelan leader added, “Obama, take care of your own business, focus on governing your country, which you’ve turned into a disaster. Leave us alone.”

Miguel Tinker Salas, a Latin American studies professor at Pomona College in Claremont, California, said he expects more of such talk in 2012.

“I see Venezuela coming into the sphere of American politics during the election year,” Tinker Salas said. “Once the candidates turn their attention to foreign policy, I could see Venezuela being manipulated into becoming an issue even when there are more pressing issues in the region such as the drug war in Mexico.”

Like Obama, Chavez is up for re-election next year as he seeks to extend his 13-year presidency in the October vote.

Without mentioning Chavez, Obama also referred to a need for fair elections in the region.

“In Venezuela, we have been deeply concerned to see action taken to restrict the freedom of the press, and to erode the separation of powers that is necessary for democracy to thrive,” Obama said. “In all countries of the region, we want to see elections that are free and fair.”

Obama added that “it’s unfortunate that the Venezuelan government is often more interested in revisiting the ideological battles of the past than looking forward to the future.”

Obama told El Universal he hopes to eventually have a better relationship with Venezuela: “I look forward to the day when our governments can work more closely to advance the aspirations of our people.”

Chavez has repeatedly accused the US of trying to meddle in Venezuela’s affairs and even to overthrow him.

The leftist leader has crusaded against US influence in Latin America and has built close ties to other antagonists of Washington around the globe such as Libya and Iran. US officials have expressed particular concern at Chavez’s growing ties with Iran, and also have said Venezuela isn’t doing enough to combat terrorism or drug trafficking.

In his statements, Obama said the US government doesn’t intend to dictate how Venezuela should handle its international affairs but said, “I would argue, however, that the Venezuelan government’s ties to Iran and Cuba have not served the interests of Venezuela or the Venezuelan people.”

Obama reiterated US concerns about Iran’s nuclear program and allegations that Iran’s government supports terrorism.

“Ultimately, it is up to the Venezuelan people to determine what they gain from a relationship with a country that violates universal human rights and is isolated from much of the world,” Obama said. “Here in the Americas, we take Iranian activities, including in Venezuela, very seriously and we will continue to monitor them closely.”

He noted that earlier this year the US State Department slapped sanctions on Venezuela’s state oil company for selling petrol components to Iran.

Eduardo Gamarra, a Latin American politics expert at Florida International University in Miami, said the Venezuelan leader’s re-election campaign could actually receive a boost if US politicians take on Chavez directly.

“It can help him at home and in the rest of Latin America, where it’s a sport to take on the Americans,” Gamarra said.

Chavez and Obama shook hands at a 2009 summit, but relations have since cooled.

The US Embassy in Caracas has been without an ambassador since July 2010, with Chavez rejecting the US nominee for ambassador, Larry Palmer, and accusing him of making disrespectful remarks about Venezuela’s government. That led Washington to revoke the visa of the Venezuelan ambassador.

Chavez suggested Obama’s stances toward Venezuela are a campaign ploy.

“He’s looking for votes,” Chavez said. Addressing Obama directly, he added: “If I could be a candidate there in the United States, I’d sweep you away.”



Venezuela’s Minister of Energy and Petroleum, Rafael Ramirez, announced yesterday that the country’s proven oil reserves have been increased to 130 billion barrels, a 30% increase over previous official figures. Ramirez also said that with the most recent certification of crude oil reserves, which was conducted by the Chinese company CNPC, Venezuela is on track for its goal of certifying a total of 235 billion barrels in proven reserves in the Orinoco Oil Belt alone by the end of 2009. This is in addition to Venezuela’s 71 billion barrels of conventional crude.

(Ahem)Memo to President Obama; sir, since it appears that a war against Iran for its oil reserves may have, at least been postponed for a little while, I observe that you have seen fit to criticize Venezuela’s President Chavez for alleged “…threats to democracy in Venezuela.”

I am stunned that you seem oblivious to the absolute, delicious irony of your just having signed a military appropriations bill into law, giving you the discretion to have ANY US citizen picked up by the US military, and held in indefinite detention, with absolutely no due process, no charges filed, and no trial by jury.

While it’s known that the US has used indefinite detention of suspects in its “war on terror”, Congress has voted to make the same treatment legal for US citizens apprehended within the US.

An amendment to the Act that would have explicitly forbidden the indefinite detention of American citizens, without trial, was rejected.[14]

And why, sir, was that indefinite detention of American citizens without trial rejected?!?

Because it was you, Mr. President, who insisted on the inclusion of that language!

At issue was never again subjecting US citizens to lawless internment the way Japanese Americans were in 1942. At the time, loyal citizens were forced into War Relocation Camps lawlessly. Murphy faintly hoped Obama would emulate Truman. However, Senate bill sponsor Carl Levin said he insisted on subjecting US citizens to the same draconian treatment as foreign nationals. The original Senate bill excluded them. At his request, they were added.

So, Mr. President, you are bashing Chavez about “democracy” (which is really about control of Venezuelan oil), while you have signed this anti-Constitutional, anti-Bill of Rights abomination into law?!?

Blushing yet, Mr. President?!?!? ~~~ Mike Rivero WRH.com


US military: defend Americans, don’t NDAA “disappear” them

From Examiner.com

Carl Herman's photo

, Nonpartisan Examiner

US military take an Oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” 

The US Constitution refutes the so-called “National Defense Authorization Act” provisions for US military to seize people in America (hereherehere).  The 5th and 6th Amendments of the US Constitution promise that if the government is to seize you, they damn sure have to demonstrate you’ve committed a crime (my comments). Note that these promises apply to all persons, not just citizens:

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury (that means a jury of one’s peers, not the dictatorship of “the leader” – “fuehrer” in German) nor shall any person… be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;…

“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury…, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.”

The Oath to the US Constitution is first and primary for the US military to defend America and our freedoms. By definition,America’s freedoms are in our Constitution. The respect Americans and the world have for US military is in proportion to upholding the freedoms in the US Constitution.

US military are trained to refuse unlawful orders. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Article 92 makes US military duty clear to obey lawful orders. The primary source for lawful orders is the US Constitution. A nation’s constitution are its central and defining laws. 

Any order that interferes with constitutional law is by definition an unlawful order that must be refused. Using the US military to seize Americans is such an obvious breach of the US Constitution that it evokes the legal term, ab initio: void and without legal effect from the beginning. Such orders are such an attack upon the US Constitution that the closest crime I can imagine for those voting for it is treason: war upon the US Constitution and its people.

Another unlawful order would be against the 1st Amendment to interfere with Internet freedom of speech and/or Occupy movements: “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.”

US military who defend the US Constitution from those attacking it will also be attacked.

Those attacks will come in various forms of threats. Requiring that orders be written, signed, and explained how they support the US Constitution might be a good first line of defense to make the choice of sides clear to your brothers and sisters in uniform. 

It will take courage to defend the Constitution against predictable uses of intimidation and force. With enough US soldiers’ defense of the US Constitution, enemies to it will be seen for what they are, be isolated, and face justice. 

I assert that depression and suicide of your brothers and sisters in uniform are a direct function of your being ordered into unlawful wars (resources below to explain and document). Standing for the Constitution is how you fight back.

US military: honor your Oath. Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Be heroes for the brighter future we all feel, see, and choose to build.

The solution is to arrest and prosecute the obvious criminals in areas of war policy and corporate media that lie in provable commission and omission to continue US CRIMINAL wars.

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