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TODAY IS : December 25, 2011

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Billions of federal dollars ‘wasted’ as U.S. debt explodes

From Daily Mail Online


Billions of federal tax dollars were wasted on apparently frivolous and unnecessary projects in 2011, even as the national debt ballooned to more than £15trillion.

For example, $10million was spent on a remake of Sesame Street for Pakistan featuring a hard-working donkey, called Baily, who longs to be a pop star.

More than £175,000 was spent on a study into the link between cocaine use and risky sexual practices – in Japanese quail.

Doing it for the kids: U.S. taxpayers spent $10million funding a remake of Sesame Street for Pakistan, called SimSim Humara

Doing it for the kids: U.S. taxpayers spent $10million funding a remake of Sesame Street for Pakistan, called SimSim Humara

And, incredibly, a billion dollars was handing home improvement tax credits to people who don’t own homes – including prisoners and children.

These are just some of the $6.9billion worth of apparently frivolous, publicly funded projects identified in a report published by Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.

Dubbed the ‘Wastebook Report’, it identifies 100 taxpayer funded programmes it says the U.S. doesn’t need and, worse, can’t afford.

In the report’s opening statement, Senator Coburn writes: ‘Over the past 12 months, Washington politicians argued, debated and lamented about how to reign in the federal government‘s out of control spending.

‘All the while, Washington was on a shopping binge, spending money we do not have on things we do not need, like the $6.9 billion worth of examples provided in this report.

‘The result: Instead of cutting wasteful spending, nearly $2.5billion was added each day in 2011 to our national debt, which now exceeds $15 trillion.’

Senator Tom CoburnSenator Coburn's Wastebook Report
 Senator Tom Coburn, from Oklahoma, alongside his Wastebook report

Many of the most expensive projects outlined in the report actually benefit those in other countries – or are, at least supposed to.

The U.S. sent $18million in foreign aid to China, a country that has lent the U.S. government $1trillion and is its largest creditor.

Bajan businessmen did well out of the U.S. taxpayer, with USAID spending $1.35million to Barbados’s Cave Hill School of Business to promote entrepreneurship.

Local politicians in India – the world’s fifth largest economy – benefitted from a $425,642 study into how they can improve their PR.

And Indonesians were able to enjoy the best in U.S. dance, after $30,000 was spent sending a New York-based dance troupe to perform in the country.

The military-industrial complex was also a significant beneficiary.

In Iraq, nearly $4.4billion was frittered away in 2011 alone on wartime contracting waste and fraud, according to a congressional report.

And more than $200million was spent in 2011 (out of a total $3billion spend) building an alternative engine for the F-35 fighter plane which the Pentagon then decided it didn’t need.

Religious sensitivity: The Air Force Academy spent more than $50,000 building this Stonehenge-like worship centre for pagan cadets

Religious sensitivity: The Air Force Academy spent more than $50,000 building this Stonehenge-like worship centre for pagan cadets

Artistic: The National Science Foundation spent £300,000 teaching the public about the origins of matter through the medium of modern dance

Artistic: The National Science Foundation spent £300,000 teaching the public about the origins of matter through the medium of modern dance

Politicians looked after themselves well too, of course. The report reveals that $35.38million of taxpayer cash was handed to the two main political parties for their own parties – despite Congress enjoying a dismal 9 per cent approval rating – the lowest ever.

Senator Coburn concludes: ‘The year 2011 will be remembered as a period of unrest as outraged Americans of all political stripes — tea party patriots on the right and Occupy Wall Street activists on the left — took to the streets in anger and disgust with the direction of our nation.

‘As you look at these examples, regardless of your personal political persuasion, ask yourself: Would you agree with Washington these represent national priorities or would you agree these reflect the wasteful spending habits that threaten to bankrupt the future of the American Dream?’

Click here to see the senator’s report in full



Research: Pineapple Enzyme Superior to Chemotherapy in Treating Cancer

From Activist Post

Sayer Ji, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Every once in a while a study pops up on the National Library of Medicine’s bibliographic database known as MEDLINE that not only confirms the therapeutic relevance of natural substances in cancer treatment, but blows the conventional approach out of the water.

Published in 2007 in the journal Planta Medica, researchers found that an enzyme extracted from pineapple stems known as bromelain was superior to the chemo-agent 5-fluorauracil in treating cancer in the animal model. The researchers stated:

This antitumoral effect [bromelain] was superior to that of 5-FU [5-fluorouracil], whose survival index was approximately 263 %, relative to the untreated control. [view entire study]

What is so remarkable about this research is that 5-FU has been used as a cancer treatment for 40 years, and has been relatively unsuccessful due to its less than perfect selectivity at killing cancer, often killing and/or irreversibly damaging healthy cells and tissue, as well.

As a highly toxic, fluoride-bound form of the nucleic acid uracil, a normal component of RNA, the drug is supposed to work by tricking more rapidly dividing cells — which include both cancer and healthy intestinal, hair follicle, and immune cells — into taking it up, thereby inhibiting (read: poisoning) RNA replication enzymes and RNA synthesis.

The material safety data sheet (MSDS) for 5-FU states:

The dose at which 50% of the animals given the drug die is 115mg/kg, or the equivalent of 7.8 grams for a 150 lb adult human.

Keep in mind that a 7.5 gram dose of 5-FU, which is the weight of 3 pennies, would kill 50% of the humans given it.  Bromelain’s MSDS, on the other hand, states the LD50 to be 10,000 mg/kg, or the equivalent 1.5 lbs of bromelain for a 150lb adult, which means it is 3 orders of magnitude safer!

How then, can something as innocuous as the enzyme from the stem/core of a pineapple be superior to a drug that millions of cancer patients over the past 40 years have placed their hopes of recovery on, as well as spending billions of dollars on in the process?

There is a well-known effect associated with a wide range of natural compounds called “selective cytotoxicity,” whereby they are able to induce programmed cell death (the graceful self-disassembly known as apoptosis) within the cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells and tissue unharmed. No FDA-approved chemotherapy drug on the market today has this indispensable property, which is why cancer treatment is still in the dark ages, often destroying the quality of life, and accelerating the death of those who undergo it, often unwittingly. When a person dies following conventional cancer treatment it is all too easy to “blame the victim” and simply write that patient’s cancer off as “chemo-resistant,” or “exceptionally aggressive,” when in fact the non-selective nature of the chemotoxic agent is what ultimately lead to their death.

Keep in mind that bromelain, like all natural substances, will never receive FDA drug approval.

Capital, at the present time, does not flow into the development of non-patentable (i.e. non-profitable) cancer therapies — even if they work, are safe and extremely affordable. This is simply the nature of the beast. Until we compel our government to utilize our tax dollars to invest in this type of research, there will be no level playing field in cancer treatment, or any treatment offered through the conventional medical establishment, for that matter.

Or, some of us may decide to take our health into our own hands, and use the research, alreadyfreely available on possible natural cancer treatment, to inform our treatment decisions without the guidance of the modern-day equivalent of the “priest” of the body, the conventional oncologist, who increasingly fills the description of an “applied pharmacologist/toxicologist” – nothing more, nothing less.

To view additional research on the potential therapeutic properties of bromelain in over 30 health conditions, visit the open source, natural medical resource page on bromelainhere

Please visit GreenMedInfo to access their vast database of articles and the latest information in natural health.


Last secret door of Great Pyramid ‘to be opened in 2012’, says British company

‘Micro-snake’ robot to explore 8in shafts hidden in 4,500-year-old pyramid

‘I am very confident we can resume our work in 2012’ – expedition leader

Will solve archaeological puzzle that has remained unsolved since 1872

From Daily Mail Online


The secret gates at the heart of the Great Pyramid may be opened for the first time in 2012, a British robot company believes – solving a mystery that has puzzled archaeologists since 1872.

Scoutek UK had already begun exploring behind the gates earlier this year – and produced the first-ever images from behind the gates using a ‘micro snake’ robot. But the exploration was halted by the recent unrest in Egypt.

Expedition leader Shaun Whitehead said, ‘I’m very confident we can resume work in 2012.’

The secret gates Great Pyramid of Khufu could open for the first time next year, as Leicester robot company Scoutek UK hopes to conclude their exploration of the legendary inner chamber in 2012

The secret gates Great Pyramid of Khufu could open for the first time next year, as Leicester robot company Scoutek UK hopes to conclude their exploration of the legendary inner chamber in 2012

The 'Micro-Snake' robot which will explore the interior of the Great Pyramid once the 'Djedi' expedition resumes

The ‘Micro-Snake’ robot which will explore the interior of the Great Pyramid once the ‘Djedi’ expedition resumes

Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities stopped granting permits for research such as the Djedi robotic exploration of the Great Pyramid.

But it has recently started granting permits again.

‘We’re still waiting for permission to return to the pyramid,’ Whitehead told Mail Online today. ‘In the meantime, we have been working on enhancing the robot.’ 

‘The main plan is to carefully survey and document the shafts, to gather as much information as possible to allow archaeologists to determine their purpose.  We also still plan to look beyond the blocking stones at the ends of the shafts, if it is safe and practical to do so.’

The expedition is named Djedi after the magician who Khufu consulted while building the pyramid. It is a joint project founded by Dr Ng from Hong Kong University, and Scoutek UK, in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt, Dassault Systèmes in France and the University of Leeds.

The four narrow shafts deep inside the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid have puzzled archaeologists ever since they were first found in 1872.

The shafts are just eight inches across – and thus can’t be explored by human explorers. Many experts believe that the shaft was designed to provide an ‘exit’ for the Pharaoh’s spirit into. 

Mystery markings: A close up view of the red figures on the floor behind the first blocking stone in the tomb

Mystery markings: A close up view of the red figures on the floor behind the first blocking stone in the tomb

Hieroglyphics such as this are common in pyramids. Now a camera has revealed other ancient markings in the Giza pyramid

Hieroglyphics such as this are common in pyramids. Now a camera has revealed other ancient markings in the Giza pyramid

The pyramid is the last of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing, and is thought to have been built as a tomb for Pharoah Khufu, who ruled in the Fourth Egyptian Dynasty and died in 2566 BC. 

Khufu had the Great Pyramid of Giza built as a monumental tomb, inside of which are tomb chambers, ante-rooms, chambers, ventilation shafts and access tunnels. 

There are three main chambers: The King’s Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber and the Grand Gallery. 

The King’s Chamber has two shafts connected to outside, but two tunnels from the Queen’s Chamber deep inside the widest part of the pyramid have two stone doors. 

Some experts now believe this may indicate a secret chamber, further still within the pyramid.

Inside the chamber: The limestone ceiling of the Queens Chamber inside the Great Pyramid can be seen, but what lies beyond has puzzled Egyptologists

Inside the chamber: The limestone ceiling of the Queens Chamber inside the Great Pyramid can be seen, but what lies beyond has puzzled Egyptologists



The Great Pyramid of Giza was the largest pyramid ever built. It is made of over 2.5 million stone blocks weighing around 2.5 tons each. 

The pyramid was constructed over a 14 to 20-year period concluding around 2560 BC. 
Originally standing 480.6 ft tall, the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years.

Built for the Pharaoh Khufu as a tomb, inside would have been necessities needed for the afterlife, including his sarcophagus. 

Originally, the entire casing was finished in a polished limestone 

The burial chamber is located in the center of the pyramid. It can be reached by a series of passages including a 30ft high gallery. Many of the passages were filled with traps to stop possible graverobbers.

Khufu left behind him three wives, who were interred in three smaller pyramids, and fathered fifteen daughters and nine sons.


It is not the first time robots have been used within the pyramid to gather evidence about the inner depths of the structure. 

In 1993 a robot discovered a small door set with metal pins, the first time any metal had been found inside the pyramid, igniting speculation that the pins were keys or door handles.

In 2002 a different robot filmed a small chamber blocked by a stone after managing to drill through the first stone block.

The latest robot, built by UK company Scoutek, is a ‘micro-snake’ armed with a camera, designed to explore small spaces.

Designer Whitehead also worked on sensors for the Beagle 2 Mars exploration craft.

The door which still puzzles experts can be seen to be polished, thanks to the bendy camera, marking it out as an important part of the structure rather than simply as something to stop debris entering the chamber, says camera designer Shaun Whitehead.

Egyptologist Kate Spence of Cambridge University says the tunnels may purely be symbolic and relate to the stars. 

Although she is not involved directly in the study of the Giza pyramid, Spence does not believe there is a further, hidden chamber behind the door, suggesting instead that the shafts could have been built to allow the Pharoah’s spirit to cross to the afterlife.



Israel’s New House Rules: Deepening Authoritarianism

From alakhbar english

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during his Likud Party conference on 15 December 2011, in Tel Aviv. (Photo: AP – Oded Balilty)

By: Jonathan Cook
Published Friday, December 23, 2011

Nazareth – As the Arab world rids itself of autocrats one after the other, a series of legal and political moves by Benjamin Netanyahu’s rightwing government to stifle criticism of its policies have prompted warnings that Israel is rapidly heading towards a system of authoritarian rule.

In recent weeks, the Israeli government has put forward measures to muzzle the media, shut down human rights groups, and seize control of appointments to the supreme court to fill it with rightwing judges.

The concerted push against bodies traditionally regarded as the chief watchdogs of executive power comes amid wider concerns that the political climate in Israel – traditionally hostile to Palestinians under occupation and inside Israel – is now also turning against leftwing opponents of the government among the Jewish population.

Last week an Israeli commentator compared Netanyahu to Valdimir Putin, the Russian leader widely criticised for being a strongman, while another analyst warned: “The fears [in Israel] unleashed by the Arab Spring have brought Netanyahu closer than ever to perpetuating his rule and to crushing Israel’s ‘old elites’.”

Dov Khenin, a leftwing member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, has raised similar concerns: “The government has launched a comprehensive assault on democracy, led not by Knesset members from the margins of the right wing but by the prime minister himself. …[Netanyahu] is changing the fundamental rules of democracy.”

Most at risk from the planned changes are Palestinians under Israeli occupation and the 1.5 million Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. Critics warn that with democratic controls removed, and monitoring bodies silenced, Israel will have a free hand to intensify abuses in the occupied territories and entrench its discriminatory policies inside Israel.

The new political atmosphere in Israel has prompted additional concerns that the government is further straining already tense relations with Washington – a fear heightened by remarks reportedly made by Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, this month during a closed meeting of the Saban Forum in Washington.

She is said both to have decried Israel’s threats to hamper the work of human rights groups by ending foreign donations and to have expressed concern at the growing power of fundamentalist Jewish religious groups that seek to enforce strict “modesty” rules on women and gender segregation in public.

Haaretz, Israel’s liberal daily, warned in response that the changes in Israel’s political and social landscape were becoming a “strategic threat…endangering Israel’s relations with its supporters in the West, and especially the American political establishment and Jewish community.”

The latest target has been the Israeli media, selected for new restrictions and intimidation in part, say critics, because Netanyahu and many of his political allies have been the subject of reports of improper and illegal behaviour.

Last year a survey by Haifa University found that 70 percent of Israelis thought Netanyahu’s government was either highly or moderately corrupt, placing it only slightly behind the previous government of Ehud Olmert. A series of scandals forced Olmert to resign in 2008, leading to his being charged with fraud, breach of trust, forgery and tax evasion.

Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, have been accused of accepting trips abroad paid for by private business interests while he was serving as a legislator and then a government minister.

Netanyahu came under similar suspicions during his first term as prime minister in the late 1990s, though prosecutors did not seek a conviction. The allegations, however, forced him to withdraw from politics for two years.

But even more serious for Netanyahu is a growing consensus that corruption has become endemic among Israel’s political class.

A large number of respondents in the Haifa University poll disapproved especially strongly of the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman to the position of foreign minister while he is under criminal investigation. Earlier this year state prosecutors recommended Lieberman be charged with fraud, money-laundering, breach of trust and witness tampering.

However, media coverage of such investigations is likely to be severely curtailed by a bill announced by the government last week. Already nicknamed the “Concealment Law,” it threatens journalists, law officers and public officials with up to three years imprisonment for publicising a criminal investigation.

The bill bans the reporting of all documents related to an investigation, and the restrictions remain in place even after an indictment has been filed unless a senior official overturns them.

Dalia Dorner, a former supreme court judge who now heads the Israel Press Council, accused the government last week of “trying to gag the media.” The Haaretz newspaper warned that blacking out coverage would “assist mainly suspects in high office.”

The bill follows close on the heels of Netanyahu’s decision effectively to shut down Channel 10, one of Israel’s two main commercial television stations, which has earned a reputation for its relatively independent news coverage.

Officials at Channel 10 claimed last month that Netanyahu had threatened to call in a debt of US$11 million immediately unless the management removed a senior journalist, Raviv Drucker, who brought to light the most recent allegations against Netanyahu.

The government’s demand for immediate repayment of a sum considered small given that the channel has lost its shareholders more than US$340 million over the past decade – and a decision that is expected to put 2,500 employees out of work – was characterised by one political analyst as “transparent vengeance.”

It was designed, said Yossi Verter, to send a message from Netanyahu that “Anyone who dares cross the line, publicly criticize, or broadcast a lethal investigative report will meet a bitter fate.”

In a similar vein last month, Netanyahu promoted an amendment to widen the scope of Israel’s defamation law and expose the Israeli media, including bloggers, to a sixfold increase in financial penalties. Those suing would not need to prove that they had suffered damage.

Denying accusations that he was creating a “thought police,” Netanyahu told the parliament he was establishing instead the “publication of truth law.”

But even allies of the prime minister have criticised the measure. Tzipi Hotovely of the ruling Likud party called the legislation “draconian,” saying it was “like using a hammer to kill a fly.”

All these measures follow the government’s success over summer in passing the boycott law, which has limited free speech and opposition to the occupation. Anyone promoting a boycott of Israel or the illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including journalists, can be sued for large damages.

Equally troubling have been moves to curb the work of Israel’s human rights groups. Pressure in the government to clamp down on the organizations has been building since Israel’s three-week attack on Gaza in winter 2008, which killed some 1,400 Palestinians.

The human rights community in Israel is widely seen as having assisted in what the government and its supporters term “lawfare” – or efforts to hold Israel to account for its actions under international law – and international “delegitimization” campaigns.

Netanyahu and his officials were particularly concerned about the involvement of Israeli human rights groups in helping a United Nations team of legal experts, led by Judge Richard Goldstone, to draft a report into the Gaza attack that accused Israel and Hamas of committing war crimes.

Netanyahu has quietly supported two private bills aimed at curtailing foreign funding to Israel’s human rights groups, particularly those monitoring abuses committed against Palestinians by the Israeli security services.

One would end the main source of income for many of the groups by effectively banning donations from the European Union. The other would subject private donations to a crippling 45 percent tax.

The author of the first bill, Ofir Akunis, a Likud legislator and Netanyahu’s former spokesman, defended the funding restrictions by extolling Joseph McCarthy, whose name is indelibly associated with the witchhunts he carried out in the US in the 1950s to define political opponents as subversives.

The two bills are currently being reviewed by Netanyahu after his attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein, warned that he would not be able to defend them before the supreme court. The US and Europe have also issued stiff rebukes to Netanyahu over the measures.

But human rights group fear that Netanyahu is waiting to revive the bills at a time when they will face less public scrutiny. The stakes are particularly high for Palestinians, as Yitzhak Laor observed in Haaretz: “This bill truly intends to create a democracy for Jews only. If it were passed, no Arab – whether resident of the territories or Israeli citizen – would have access to the law.”

As Laor notes, the human rights community has made its mark not only in international advocacy but also in embarrassing the government through court actions, particularly in relation to the occupation.

This, say critics, explains other moves by Netanyahu’s government to increase its control of the country’s supreme court. The court has become a key battleground because several judges are due to retire in the next few months, opening up an opportunity for the right to appoint a batch of like-minded judges.

The most significant measure is a bill – backed by the justice minister, Yaacov Neeman – that would skew the composition of the judicial appointments committee to ensure a rightwing majority on the bench.

Yariv Levin, of Netanyahu’s Likud party, who sponsored the bill, said: “We want to fundamentally change the Supreme Court and to get it away from the control of the leftist radical elite that is controlling it and return it to the people.”

The right’s favored candidate for the court is Noam Sohlberg, a district court judge and resident of a West Bank settlement who has repeatedly ruled against human rights groups.

His decision to deny residency to 15-year-old twin boys whose parents and siblings are Israeli residents and live in Jerusalem – thereby threatening to split the family – made headlines last month.

At the same time, 51 high-profile Israelis, including a handful of laureates of the Israel Prize, Israel’s top honour, petitioned Dorit Beinisch, the head of the supreme court, to oppose the government’s plans for the selection committee.

Beinisch, who retires in February, belatedly responded, castigating Israel’s politicians for creating a “poisonous” atmosphere of “open incitement” to undermine and weaken the court.

The Haaretz newspaper quoted a close associate of Beinisch’s saying: “This is a very slippery slope that could lead to Germany of the 1930s, when the majority rode roughshod over the rights of minorities.”


Email sent out by Roger Weigand (Trader Rog) to David Morgan (Silver-Investor) –

Something Odd is happening with the Banks in Europe and exchanges on 12/24/11

From  Sherrie Questioning All 

David Morgan 

David Morgan of Silver-Investor.com  

sent me an email today from Roger Weigand of WeBeatthestreet.com .


    Roger Weigand

Both  of them are metals experts and always keep their eyes on what is happening in the investment area of metals and mining.   

I have had the pleasure of interviewing both previously about the“Red Alert” email regarding the plans of confiscating metals by the government, for the IMF and One World Currency.  fyi – Roger has communicated with me that I could post the email here.


It seems something is going down with the banks in Europe today.  Here is Roger’s email sent out to other  experts in the metals (Gold and Silver) field.

Here is the email:

Trader Tracks Situational Alert Saturday, 12-24-11 -Christmas Eve at 740am PST – roger wiegand -Traderrog:

“We have received a report of unusual banking activity. Banking screens on 138 different currencies are show 00.000.  Some rate fluctuations are beginning to appear. There have been no answers on this activity but banks have been notified to expect a large change in currency rates.” (quote not attributed to protect the source).  

In our view, what is happening is a massive devaluation in probably the Euro Currency relative to the values versus individual nations. The ECB loaned over $600 Billion (produced out of thin air with no collateral) last week to European Central Bank Member Nations. We think this next step is to re-configure the values of the Euro within each member country. 

Obviously the little broken ones like Greece, Portugal and Ireland will be de-valued MORE relative to Germany and France. Last report we got said the consortium of countries amounted to 27 total.  The B.I.S., the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland is the bankers’ bank. The BIS is very secret about their work and activities. They are probably the orchestra leader in this event. 

We also noticed later Friday that the ECB is taking a $40 Million dollar lease in a New York City Building. Are they moving the whole headquarters from Brussels, or is this a newer and bigger expansion of the ECB?  I think its an expansion and the IMF is fin charge for sure in charge. The IMF is gathering cash from member nations to cover their activities in propping-up Europe and who knows who else. This is all part of the grand scheme moving to a One World Government and One World Currency. 

In our view, when the credit and bond markets break-down, the global Super-Crash is underway in an expansion of Greater Depression II.  Read your history from 1900 to 1918. This is being exactly replicated from 2000 to 2020. The Panic of 1908 was repeated in our Panic of 2008. The bigger world war begins on schedule from 2013-2014 to 2018. We think the gold and silver rally can peak in 2017 but perhaps extend all the way to 2024. 

After Obama is re-elected next year, we forecast a larger expansion of demonstrations not only throughout the world but in major cities in the USA. The calls for impeachment will reach new screaming levels after the dirtiest political campaign in history. There will be lawsuits and re-calls with lots of voter fixing and tampering. We think Romney is the GOP candidate and he will not have one chance in a one million to be elected. 

Someone has filed a $1 Trillion Dollar lawsuit in this mess and there is a lock-down on information relative to the suit and to the impending (we think) devaluation. It is obvious to us that this is being done over the Christmas holiday so markets cannot react as they are closed.  Many will not open until next Tuesday after the designated Monday, Christmas holiday in the USA. 

If my prognosis is correct, this could be a real market mover and perhaps a real market shocker. If I am correct in my surmising what these people are doing, precious metals might rally in a vicious snap-back valuation on fear and security. Gold and silver are being technically pressured to the high side anyway. If this event proves to be true, hang on to your hat. I would not be trading anything but watching first to see what markets do in Asia on Monday evening on Bloomberg in America. -Traderrog

 Roger Wiegand
Editor Trader Tracks Newsletter

I do want to state, the part of “Obama being re-elected” next year in the email, is not something I agree with at all, nor the part of Romney being the GOP nominee.  I sincerely hope people are smarter than that and Ron Paul will be the nominee.

Here is a post I did about the One Trillion Law Suit filed. 

But what the heck is going on in Europe right now?  Perfect week to do something, when everyone is distracted and busy with the holidays.  Watch what the banks are doing.


Francis Boyle: US threat to nuke Iran is criminal

From Aletho News

Press TV – December 24, 2011

A distinguished American expert on international law says the US government threatening Iran with nuclear war amounts to an internationally accepted criminal act.

Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois at Champaign, further noted that when Obama administration officials say “all options are on the table,” against Iran, they are, in fact, alluding to a nuclear war which is prohibited by international law.

Addressing the 18th conference on “Direct Democracy” in Feldkirch, Austria, on nuclear deterrence, Boyle added that the US government is threatening to attack Iran “under the completely bogus pretext” that it might have a nuclear weapon.

He added that as the sole global authority to monitor nuclear activities, the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA )  has already refuted charges against Iran as “simply not true.

The legal expert stated that Article 2 of the UN Charter “prohibits both the threat and the use of force except in cases of legitimate self-defense” and the US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, “do not qualify under that definition.”

The professor also said that nuclear weapons and “nuclear deterrence” have “never been legitimate instruments of state policy, but have always constituted instrumentalities of internationally lawless and criminal behavior.”

Boyle noted that the former US President George W. Bush’s doctrine of preventive warfare, which has not been officially repealed by Obama, was in fact, concocted by the Nazi lawyers for the Nazi defendants at Nuremberg and was rejected at that court.

“If we don’t act now, Obama and his people could very well set off a Third World War over Iran that has been already threatened publicly by (the former President George W.) Bush Jr.,” he asserted.

He added that the governments of all the nuclear weapons states – including the US, Russia, France, Britain, China, India, Pakistan, and North Korea – are “criminal” for threatening to exterminate humanity.

“If mass extermination of human beings is a crime, the threat to commit mass extermination is also a crime,” Boyle said.

The professor noted that the US today is engaged in “ongoing international criminal activity” for “planning, preparation, solicitation, and conspiracy to commit crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide.”

“The design, research, testing, production, manufacture, fabrication, transportation, deployment, installation, storing, stockpile, sale, purchase, and the threat to use nuclear weapons are criminal under well-recognized principles of international law,” Boyle added.

He concluded by saying that the leaders of NATO states which “go along with US nuclear policies are all accomplices as well.”


The Perfect Heist: Why Government Theft Continues To Go Unnoticed

Posted by poorrichard at Poor Richard’s Blog

The Daily Reckoning via businessinsider.com

This week, we doff our caps to the folks at the European Central Bank. They’ve pulled off the perfect heist.

The euro-feds have opened the valves…turned on the spigots…and let nearly a half trillion euros worth of liquidity flow directly into the very same banks that have proven they can’t be trusted with a penny.

But that’s how a zombie system works. The living give. The monsters get.

And since, at this stage of the credit cycle, the living don’t have much to give, the feds turn on the printing presses.

Then, from whom does the money come?

Gotta come from someone, no?

That’s right… When you borrow it, it comes from the people who lend it. When you tax it, it comes from the taxpayers. But whom does it come from when you just print it up?

Well, at first it appears to come from no one. Nobody reaches in his pocket and finds fewer dollars. Nobody’s pocket has been picked. But how could that be? Nothing comes from nothing. You add a zero to a zero and you still have a zero.

And yet, the zombie banks now have 489 billion more euros in their vaults. That’s what it said in Thursday’s Financial Times.

“Banks snap up 489 billion euros in ECB loan offer.”

This money certainly seems real. The banks can lend it. Spend it. Toss it out the window or down the drain. They can light cigars with it. They can use it to wrap gold coins before sending them out as Christmas presents.

Let’s see, we saw an ad. Mercedes Benz CL class 2011-2012 autos are selling, in round numbers, for $100,000. With this money, you could buy about 6 million of them. Which is probably more or less what will happen to the money.

But what concerns us today is not where it goes but where it came from. Did it come from space? From another galaxy? No? Then, isn’t all wealth on earth owned by someone? Yes? Then, it must have come from some humans somewhere on Earth.

But who?

Here’s an answer: Each unit of currency represents a claim on resources. Now, there are enough new units to claim 6 million new Mercedes. We infer that people who had claims on them previously have less of a claim now, because there are only so many new Mercedes available. And since those claims arose from the value of the currency they earned and saved, we further infer that the value of the new money must have been stolen out of the value of the old money. What else can you call it but theft? People who had euros previously now have less purchasing power (at least theoretically). They never agreed to let their money be clipped. They never even knew what was happening to them.

But since we’re in a Great Correction…and since Europe is entering a recession…and since recessions and corrections are basically deflationary (prices fall as demand eases)… the old currency holders aren’t likely to notice…or raise a stink about it.

It may be larceny, but it’s grand larceny. Heck, it’s great larceny. The perfect heist. The poor victims don’t even know they are victims. They have as much money in their pockets and bank accounts on Friday as they had on Monday. And if prices rise slightly, not one in a hundred will blame the ECB.

Meanwhile, over in the USA, the criminal gangs can’t seem to get organized.

Late yesterday came a report that a deal had been struck to extend the payroll tax by 2 months. But a bigger problem is coming up. Just wait ’til next year. Here’s Bloomberg with a full report:

Payroll Tax Tiff Times 25 Awaits Congress in ‘Utter Dysfunction’

Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) — The brinksmanship in Congress over a payroll tax-cut extension may end up looking like a quaint disagreement by next December, when lawmakers must grapple with a fiscal policy debate at least 25 times more costly.

Unless Congress acts by the end of 2012, income tax cuts will expire, automatic reductions in defense and domestic spending will start and the alternative minimum tax will ensnare millions more taxpayers. The same Congress that can’t find a way to extend the widely supported payroll tax cut beyond Dec. 31 will be seeking to bridge long-held ideological differences.

“The prospects are bleak,” said Leonard Burman, a former Treasury Department official who teaches public affairs at Syracuse University in New York. “I’ve never seen such a high level of dysfunction in the 25 years or so that I’ve been paying attention to government.”

The year-end 2012 series of deadlines on tax and spending policy stems from Congress’s tendency to push problems into the future with temporary solutions. This year alone, lawmakers have flirted with a federal government shutdown three times, almost defaulted on the US debt for the first time in history and allowed aviation taxes to lapse for two weeks.

Trillions at Stake

The $4 trillion in expiring tax cuts and $1.2 trillion in potential spending cuts dwarf the $200 billion at stake in the current fight over the payroll tax cut and other provisions, including expanded unemployment insurance. Those items, if extended for another year, would expire at the end of 2012.

Bill Bonner
for The Daily Reckoning

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