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Posted by Xaniel777 on January 5, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : January 05, 2012

Israel kidnapped & interrogated a 6-year old child for four hours

From Occupied Palestine | فلسطين


Jan 3, 2012 | Updated Jan 4, 2012 | Overview arrested continuously updated

6 years old Mohammed Ali Dirbas was kidnapped, arrested & interrogated for 4 hours on Jan 3, 2011

Israel’s mayhem against children is getting beyond every imagination. On Jan 3, three young children were arrested. The youngest was only 6 years old: Mohammed Ali Dirbas who was kidnapped from the street while going to the grocery store. After that Israel detained and interrogated little Mohammed for 4 hours.

Today Jan 4, 2012 we decide to go blog all future child arrests and campaign this information around  to create awareness for these zionist atrocities of the worst kind.

The arrest of a 6 year old is really the limit. At the moment over 160 children already are illegally detained, arbitrary and in violation with literally all International Laws, arrested, kidnapped, interrogated by every disregard of higher laws or regulations, tortured, and neglected – when ill-  even to death.

The new overview of all arrests of children will be daily and continuously updated with arrests of children if they occur and we want to ask all to help raise the awareness by sharing (and keep sharing this post), reblog it on your own weblog, website or refer or link to it.

The following updates have been published by media and/or reported and confirmed by activists on the ground in Silwan and ‘Isawiyya with regard to the appalling arrest of the 6 year old child Mohammed Ali Dirbas from Al’Isawiyya which updates will be maintained in this post for quick insights for all who want to know which depths zionist occupation has reached.

Below the list of arrests, resources and related information, reports of human rights organisations and legal context or documents will be continuously updated as well for your reference.

In a special topic about Israeli violence against children you can get an impression of the violence, abuse, torture and even death to which Palestinian children are expose due to Israeli violations and disrespect of International Laws and every moral sense possible.

Due to immense increase of the violence, the post only mentions incidents til May 2011, the following confirmed and documented cases can be found  Category Children

This post will be continuously updated.

Undercover forces kidnapped a child from Issawiya village

Jerusalem Center for Media – Rami Ghraib – Asmaa Thaher
A group of undercover forces kidnapped a Maqdisi child called Muhammad Ali Moussa Daoud Derbas (6 years old) while the rest of the children managed to escape from their hands. Our correspondent said this forces were able to breaking into the outskirts of the village of Issawiya northeast of occupied Jerusalem and immediately attempted abduction of a number of children. The occupation forces threw tear gas and sound bombs at houses and trees in the district and the territory of Dahra and Elayan family lands.

And as a result tens of citizens were injured with cases of suffocation and all treated in the field

Source: QudsMedia

قوة من المستعربين تعتقل طفلا يبلغ 6 سنوات في العيسوية
Source: Maan News Arabic

Update 1

Wednesday January 04, 2012 07:52 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

The Maan News Agency reported that undercover forces of the Israeli army kidnapped a 6-year-old child in Al-Esawiyya town, in occupied East Jerusalem, and detained him for several hours before releasing him.

Israeli border troops in East Jerusalem image by 972Mag)
     Israeli border troops in East Jerusalem image by 972Mag)

The undercover forces infiltrated into the town during clashes between Israeli soldiers and local youths; they chased some youths and children in the streets of the town before kidnapping Mohammad Ali Dirbas, 6, who was heading to a neighborhood shop, and took him to a local police station.

The army then kept the child in detention for four hours, and interrogated him in an attempt to intimate him in order to give them names of youths who hurled stones at the soldiers.

His grandfather told Maan that he was allowed to take his grandson back home after four hours, and stated that he will be taking him to a local hospital for health checkup.

Maan reporter spoke to the child after he was released, and the child said; “The Police tried to terrify me, but they can’t scare me, they must leave our land”.

Local sources reported that Israeli soldiers and undercover forces invaded the town and tried to kidnap a number of youths and children, and also fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at random; several residents suffocated after inhaling gas, and were treated by field medics.

In related news, soldiers kidnapped a young Palestinian woman in Kufr Qaddoum, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia.

Maha Ghazi Barham was returning back home after visiting her brother, who is imprisoned by Israel, and took her to an unknown location. Barham was stopped at the northern roadblock in Qalqilia; her family demanded human rights groups to intervene in order to locate their detained daughter, and ensure her release.

Source and more at the nternational Middle East Media Center.

1 (آخر تحديث)

قوة من المستعربين تعتقل طفلا يبلغ 6 سنوات في العيسوية
ٍSource Maan News Agency

Update 2

Maan News Agency | Published today (updated) 04/01/2012 10:32

Muhammad Ali Dirbas, 6, was detained by
Israeli forces in Jerusalem on Tuesday, his
relatives said. (MaanImages/HO)

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — An undercover Israeli force briefly detained a 6-year-old boy in East Jerusalem on Tuesday, relatives said.

The child’s grandfather Dawood Dirbas told Ma’an that Israeli officers raided al-Isawiya and local youth threw stones at the military vehicles.

He said his grandson Muhammad Ali Dirbas was going to the shop when Israeli forces apprehended him and took him to a police station in Salah Addin street where he was interrogated for four hours.

On his release, Muhammad told a Ma’an reporter that police officers tried to scare him “but I am not afraid of them, and they must leave our land.”

Residents of al-Isawiya told Ma’an that Israeli forces and undercover police raided the town, firing stun grenades and tear gas as they tried to detain children.

In July, masked, armed Israeli forces were caught on camera detaining teenagers playing football in East Jerusalem.

One of the boys detained, 13-year-old Islam Jaber, said he was taken to a graveyard and beaten up

Source and more at Maan News Agency

Violence against Children

Obstruction of medical aid kills children

Children of Palestine are not only threatened by arrests, just a few days ago a 7 month old baby died because Israel obstructed the permit for live saving surgery and the child died. Seven-month-old Adham Baroud died at the Al Rantissi Children’s Hospital’s in Gaza City at around 1am on 26 December. He had been referred to Israel for emergency treatment by his doctors in Gaza on 1 December.

  • Aside from 173 other children who died due to the same obstruction of medical care. (Report)

  • 35 babies died, due to obstruction of medical care or access restriction at checkpoints (Report)

  • The chance of being born for Palestinians in Israel knows a deathratio of 14/1000 against 3/1000 life births due to racist policies of Israel. Many services to which israel according to International Law, Art.55 & 56 of the Fourth Geneva convention is obliged are neglected causing shocking healthrisks for people, children and thus an unacceptable death birt rate (Report)

Child Prisoners

Over 160 children are still detained illegally and in violation with law, arbitrary or trailed by military courts. They are not exempted from torture

  • Stone Cold Justice – Israel’s Detention & Torture of Children – Report

  • Israel Torture Palestinian Children by Electric-Shocking – Report

  • Abusing Palestinian Children – Report

  • B’Tselem: Jerusalemite children tortured by Israeli interrogators – B’Tselem – Report

  • More about Israeli Torture

Attacks on Children

Aside from daily arrests of children in the West Bank, many children in Gaza encounter targeting by snipers and get shot or wounded, handicapped and in many cases killed. Even while sleeping in their beds in the middle at the night, attacks by arrests are mainly undertaken by night, and aggressive violent attacks like bombings on Gaza also. Children do get killed while asleep while you turn side in  your bed being unaware.

Kidnapping & Arrests of Children

Especially in Jerusalem many children are kidnapped. By the police, army, settlers and as is showed in a hidden camera captured video you can witness a child abduction of a soccer playing child at broad daylight in Jerusalem by undercover Israeli forces.

7,000 is the estimated number of Palestinian children detained and prosecuted in Israeli military courts since 2000, shows a report by Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP)

87% – Children subjected to some form of physical violence while in custody.
91%  – Believed to be blindfolded at some point during their detention.
12 % – The minimum age of criminal responsibility, as stipulated in the Military Order 1651.
62% – The percentage of children arrested between 12am and 5am.

  • Undercover forces captured on film kidnapping a child in  – video

  • Silwan Targeted – video

  • Children in Silwan – video

  • Stolen Children, Stolen Lives ~ Israel’s arrest & abuse of Palestinian Children – video

  • 383 Palestinian children arrested in 2011, 15 in the last week alone – Mondoweiss

  • Detaining children is big business for zionism: 900.000$ cashed in 9 months


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Deprivation of Basic Needs Cost Lives also of Children
Healthcare | Electricity | Water | Communication

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Obama Seeks to Distance U.S. from Israeli Attack

   From Intifada
Voice of Palestine

Analysis by Gareth Porter*

WASHINGTON, Jan 3 (IPS) – President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are engaged in intense maneuvering over Netanyahu’s aim of entangling the United States in an Israeli war against Iran.

Netanyahu is exploiting the extraordinary influence his right-wing Likud Party exercises over the Republican Party and the U.S. Congress on matters related to Israel in order to maximise the likelihood that the United States would participate in an attack on Iran.

Obama, meanwhile, appears to be hoping that he can avoid being caught up in a regional war started by Israel if he distances the United States from any Israeli attack.

New evidence surfaced in 2011 that Netanyahu has been serious about dealing a military blow to the Iranian nuclear programme. Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan, who left his job in September 2010, revealed in his first public appearance after Mossad Jun. 2 that he, Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) chief Gabi Ashkenazi and Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin had been able to “block any dangerous adventure” by Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak.

The Hebrew language daily Maariv reported that those three, along with President Shimon Peres and IDF Senior Commander Gadi Eisenkrot, had vetoed a 2010 proposal by Netanyahu to attack Iran.

Dagan said he was going public because he was “afraid there is no one to stop Bibi and Barak”. Dagan also said an Israeli attack on Iran could trigger a war that would “endanger the (Israeli) state’s existence”, indicating that his revelation was not part of a psywar campaign.

It is generally agreed that an Israeli attack can only temporarily set back the Iranian nuclear programme, at significant risk to Israel. But Netanyahu and Barak hope to draw the United States into the war to create much greater destruction and perhaps the overthrow of the Islamic regime.

In a sign that the Obama administration is worried that Netanyahu is contemplating an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, Defence Secretary Leon Panetta tried and failed in early October to get a commitment from Netanyahu and Barak that Israel would not launch an attack on Iran without consulting Washington first, according to both Israeli and U.S. sources cited by The Telegraph and by veteran intelligence reporter Richard Sale.

At a meeting with Obama a few weeks later, the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Martin Dempsey and the new head of CENTCOM, Gen. James N. Mattis, expressed their disappointment that he had not been firm enough in opposing an Israeli attack, according to Sale.

Obama responded that he “had no say over Israel” because “it is a sovereign country.”

Obama’s remark seemed to indicate a desire to distance his administration from an Israeli attack on Iran. But it also made it clear that he was not going to tell Netanyahu that he would not countenance such an attack.

Trita Parsi, executive director of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), who has analysed the history of the triangular relationship involving the United States, Israel and Iran in his book “Treacherous Alliance”, says knowledgeable sources tell him Obama believes he can credibly distance himself from an Israeli attack.

In a Dec. 2 talk at the Brookings Institution, while discussing the dangers of the regional conflict that would result from such an attack, Panetta said the United States “would obviously be blamed and we could possibly be the target of retaliation from Iran, sinking our ships, striking our military bases.”

Panetta’s statement could be interpreted as an effort to convince Iran that the Obama administration is opposed to an Israeli strike and should not be targeted by Iran in retaliation if Israel does launch an attack.

Parsi believes Obama’s calculation that he can convince Iran that the United States has no leverage on Israel without being much tougher with Israel is not realistic.

“Iran most likely would decide not to target U.S. forces in the region in retaliation for an Israeli strike only if the damage from the strike were relatively limited,” Parsi told IPS in an e-mail.

The Obama administration considers the newest phase of sanctions against Iran, aimed at reducing global imports of Iranian crude oil, as an alternative to an unprovoked attack by Israel. But what Netanyahu had in mind in proposing such an initiative was much more radical than the Obama administration or the European Union could accept.

When Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which is closely aligned with Netanyahu’s Likud Party, pushed the idea of sanctions against any financial institution that did business with Iran’s Central Bank, the aim was to make it impossible for countries that import Iranian crude to continue to be able to make payments for the oil.

Dubowitz wanted virtually every country importing Iranian crude except China and India to cut off their imports. He argued that reducing the number of buyers to mainly China and India would not result in a rise in the price of oil, because Iran would have to offer discounted prices to the remaining buyers.

Global oil analysts warned, however, that such a sanctions regime could not avoid creating a spike in oil prices.

U.S. officials told Reuters Nov. 8 that sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank were “not on the table”. The Obama administration was warning that such sanctions would risk a steep rise in oil prices worldwide and a worsening global recession, while actually increasing Iranian oil revenues.

But Netanyahu used the power of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) over Congressional action related to Israel to override Obama’s opposition. The Senate unanimously passed an amendment representing Netanyahu’s position on sanctions focused on Iran’s oil sector and the Central Bank, despite a letter from Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner opposing it. A similar amendment was passed by the House Dec. 15.

The Obama administration acquiesced and entered into negotiations with its European allies, Saudi Arabia and the UAE on reducing imports of Iranian crude oil while trying to fill the gaps with other sources. But a number of countries, including Japan and Korea, are begging off, and the EU is insisting on protecting Greece and other vulnerable economies.

The result is likely to be a sanctions regime that reduces Iranian exports only marginally – not the “crippling sanctions” demanded by Netanyahu and Barak. Any hike in oil prices generated by sanctions against Iran’s oil sector, moreover, would only hurt Obama’s re- election chances.

In an interview with CNN in November, Barak warned the international community that Israel might have to make a decision on war within as little as six months, because Iran’s efforts to “disperse and fortify” its nuclear facilities would soon render a strike against facilities ineffective.

Barak said he “couldn’t predict” whether that point would be reached in “two quarters or three quarters or a year”. The new Israeli “red line” would place the timing of an Israeli decision on whether to strike Iran right in the middle of the U.S. presidential election campaign.

Netanyahu, who makes no secret of his dislike and distrust of Obama, may hope to put Obama under maximum pressure to support Israel militarily in a war with Iran by striking during a campaign in which the Republican candidate would be accusing him of being soft on the Iranian nuclear threat.

If the Republican candidate is in a strong position to win the election, on the other hand, Netanyahu would want to wait for a new administration aligned with his belligerent posture toward Iran.

Meanwhile, the end of U.S. Air Force control over Iraqi airspace with the final U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq has eliminated what had long been regarded as a significant deterrent to Israeli attack on Iran using the shortest route.


*Gareth Porter is an investigative historian and journalist specialising in U.S. national security policy. The paperback edition of his latest book, “Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam”, was published in 2006.


25 predictions for 2012 – 2015 (plus five things that won’t happen)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com

(See all articles…)

(NaturalNews) I’ve been posting predictions each year for the last three years, usually with a 3-year window. In 2010, I posted a list of36 predictionsfor 2010 – 2012, many of which have already come true, including:

• U.S. debt to be downgraded (this happened in 2011, much to everyone’s surprise). (http://www.naturalnews.com/033253_S…)

• Increasingly radicalized weather patterns: 2011 was a year of very radical weather (http://www.onearth.org/article/top-…).

• War on health freedom ramps up, targeting raw milk (the FDA targeted Rawesome Foods in 2011, making it the biggest raw milk raid in history) (http://www.naturalnews.com/033220_R…)

• New attempts made to destroy internet freedoms (SOPA act introduced in 2011, a total internet censorship law). (http://www.naturalnews.com/034407_a…)

These predictions were made nearlytwo years ago. Of course, many predictions on that list did not come true, and some may yet come true in 2012 (http://www.naturalnews.com/028167_p…).

In 2011, I wrote another round of predictions about 2011 – 2012 (http://www.naturalnews.com/030903_p…). These include:

• New attacks on internet freedom (SOPA act happened in 2011)

• Rapid rises in food prices (now widely reported as happening throughout 2011)

• Acceleration of the economic downfall of America, along with possible debt downgrades (already happened).

• Within a generation, many of the people raised on GMOs and vaccines will discover they are giving birth tomutantsor not able to have children at all. (Infertility is already on the rise, and more evidence of this will emerge in the years ahead…)

25 new predictions for 2012 – 2015

Carrying on with this new year tradition, here’s a new round of predictions for 2012 and beyond. Before you read these, keep in mind that while these are primarily “negative” predictions, there will always be a positive backlash in terms ofthe awakening of the Peoplewho need to be shaken back to reality in order to do three things:

1) Realize what’s coming.
2) Take precautions to get through it.
3) Play a constructive role in the rebuilding of society and the advancement of human civilization.

Despite what you read here,I am an optimistfor 2012 and beyond. In fact, I recently wrote about 2012 being the “Year of Consciousness” in which all the economic collapse events, the wars, the loss of freedoms and other similar events will onlyaccelerate the awakeningthat’s necessary for global change to occur. (http://www.naturalnews.com/034554_c…)

So as you read these predictions, keep in mind that for every negative action, there isan equal and opposite positive backlash (reaction) that must follow. In the end, those who honor freedom, liberty, the protection of life and the sacredness of the divine will be victorious against the dark servants of destruction, deception and greed.

#1The European Union breaks apart– the financial strain will not be bearable, and even though both the ECB and the Federal Reserve will try to bail out the debt of major banks, they will be unable to cover the tens of trillions in bad debt, and several global banks will fail, followed by the partial or complete breakup of the EU itself. Germany, tired of carrying the debt of nations like Greece, will lead the way back to national sovereignty and away from the EU.

#2Israel attacks Iran, then blames Iran– This event will almost certainly be justified based on fabricated intel or false flag events that drag the USA and much of the western world into this conflict. Expect this to happen as early as October, 2012, just in time to prop up Obama for the U.S. Presidential election.Expect tactical, low-yield nuclear weapons to be usedin this war.

#3Oil prices briefly surpass $200 a barrel– Due to the war on Iran, oil prices will briefly spike above $200 / barrel, sending shockwaves across the U.S. economy and causing food prices to rapidly rise.

#4Social unrest spreads across America– expect a record increase in mall riots, street fights, city protests and general thuggishness across America as the out-of-work masses become increasingly perturbed.

#5A new crime wave sweeps across western nationsas unemployed, desperate men turn to stealing and looting to put food on the table. Expect to see record thefts of metals such as copper, and watch as the attacks increasingly target previously unthinkable targets such as churches, hospitals and nursing homes.

#6Gun sales beat all previous records– Sales of firearms were already sky-high in 2011, thanks to Obama’s clever attacks on the Second Amendment (Operation Fast & Furious, pulled off by Eric Holder). In one day alone, Black Friday, a whopping 129,000 firearms were sold across America. Daily gun sales will continue to escalate all through 2012, and I predict that we will see a whopping20 million guns soldacross America in calendar 2012. Most of these sales will be to “preppers” — people who realize something’s coming down and want to protect themselves and their families against the inevitable rise of armed looters. Remember, these are gun sales tolegal ownerswho are going through proper background checks and legally acquiring firearms for self defense.

#7Gold prices break through $2500 / ounce– At first, gold prices will likelyfallin 2012. This will happen as the EU financial system implodes, causing a rush into dollars and a corresponding fall in gold prices. But this will be short-lived, and gold will then trend all the way to $2500 / ounce (or beyond). Once the U.S. dollar starts getting hammered in a global debt breakdown (which might still take several years to occur), expect gold to head into the stratosphere, possibly $5,000 / ounce or more.

#8Real unemployment exceeds Great Depression era levels– Expect real unemployment in America to hit 25% or even higher. It’s already at 22% if you count unemployment the old-fashioned way (i.e. what percentage of adults are out of work) instead of playing statistical smoke and mirrors like the paperwork weasels in Washington. I think we’ll actually see unemployment hitting 30% or higher following the global debt collapse (which may still take several years more to fully unravel).

#9The collapse of food pollinators continues– The collapse of both honeybee and bat populations will continue to decline as the world is poisoned with cell phone towers, chemical pesticides and GMOs. This, in turn, will decrease food production capacity and cause food prices to rise even further. Scientists will continue to study the issue, but political pressure from chemical pesticide manufacturers will suppress the real science and try to deflect blame away from pesticides.

#10Major bank failures rock the world– Expect to see a major bank such as Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, or Wells Fargo to go belly-up as its debt burden becomes unbearable. The Fed, of course, will try to bail out these banks with new money creation, but some of these banks havetens of trillions of dollars in debt. That’s too large for the Fed to just print up.

#11FDIC goes bankrupt– Following the failure of a major FDIC-insured bank (see above), the FDIC will beimmediately bankrupt, requiring a huge bailout effort from Washington. This could quickly cascade intobank run fearsthat cause the government to orderbank holidaysuntil the panic eases. A bank holiday is a fancy way for the government to stagebank closingsso that you can’t get your money out. By the time they reopen the banks, most of your money will be history.

#12The rise of the real media (alternative media)– Therealmedia (i.e. the alternative media) will explode in popularity in 2012 and beyond as more and more people wake up to the reality that mainstream media is purelyfabricated newsserved up for the sole purpose of keeping people brainwashed, hypnotized, and buying more stuff that will kill them (sodas, prescription medications, toxic personal care products, etc.). NaturalNews.com, which is heading toward 4 million unique visitors a month, will surge to 5 or 6 million.

#13Local Sheriffs and police rage against the machine– Led by patriots such as Sheriff Richard Mack, more local sheriffs and police are going toassert their Constitutional rightsagainst federal tyranny. This may result in clashes or evenarmed standoffsbetween the feds and local law enforcement.

#14US troops refuse to fire on Americans– Thanks to Obama’s signing of the NDAA, you can eventually expect US troops to operate on American soil (http://www.naturalnews.com/034537_N…). Many of those troops, however, will refuse to arrest or fire upon American citizens.

#15There is a small chance of a military coup in Americaas the U.S. military gets totally fed up with the criminals in Washington who lie to them, send them into battle and then deny them health care benefits when they return as veterans. Although this is a relatively small chance right now, it would increase substantially if the President orders U.S. troops to arrest and fire upon American citizens on the streets of America. This is more of a 5-10 year prediction, actually.

#16Mainstream media desperately tries to smear Ron Paul– This prediction is a no-brainer, of course. Ron Paul will be viciously and repeatedly attacked through the use of completely fabricated mainstream media lies. This is all part of the last-ditch effort to keep Ron Paul out of the White House, where he would start dismantling Big Government, the military industrial complex, and even the FDA.

#17The TSA will stage a terror event in order to justify its own existence– Under fire for molesting travelers and strip-searching elderly women in wheelchairs, the TSA is looking hard for some way to justify its own existence (and expand its budget, of course). This will culminate in aTSA-run false flag attackon U.S. soil, involving numerous fatalities. As the TSA wants to expand its authority to train stations, bus stations and stadiums, you can fully expect such an attach to prioritize those targets.

The most likely place to stage an attack is either a bus station or a stadium, and the likely mode of attack will be a chemical weapon (poison gas, like happened in Japan’s subway attacks) or an explosive device. While overall the FBI is staffed with honorable men and women, certain rogue elements of the FBI may also be involved in plotting these attacks, as they have already plotted numerous “terrorism” attacks and even supplies the weapons to the terrorists! (http://www.naturalnews.com/034325_F…)

#18The next pandemic will be spread by scientists working for the vaccine manufacturers– This sounds like a bold prediction, I realize, but there is significant evidence pointing in this direction. For example, Baxter got caught shipping vaccines containing live viruses (http://www.naturalnews.com/025760.html), and the IOM has now openly admitted that measles vaccines actuallycausethe measles (http://www.naturalnews.com/033447_I…). Vaccines, it turns out, are the perfect way to infect the population with a pandemic resulting in the fearful masses seek out more vaccines! (Gee, talk about repeat business…)

And, of course, there is a long, long history of vaccine manufacturers using human beings as guinea pigs for medical experiments (http://www.naturalnews.com/019189.html), so have no illusions about their total lack of ethics and human compassion. They will murder a child with a smile on their face if it makes them an extra dollar in profits.

#19Fukushima will produce another massive radiation releaseas the reactor buildings suffer structural failures. This could easily be initiated by another earthquake, tidal wave or hurricane. It could also happen just by wind, rain and gravity. Once it happens, the media will try to downplay the incident, claiming the radiation release is inconsequential. Even now, recently released scientific data says that14,000 deaths in Americacan be attributed to Fukushima radiation.

#20 – (Wildcard)Ron Paul drops the Republican party and runs as a libertarian, where he ends up splitting the vote among those on the right, and ultimately putting Obama back in the White House for another four years.

#21The U.S. government will stage an online hacking attack against a hospitalor other critical institution such as a nuclear power plant or air traffic control system. The point of all this will be to blame it on “internet terrorists” and crack down on internet freedom. It’s just like 9/11 and the Patriot Act, but this time they’re targeting the internet.

#22Martial Law will be declared in America– Regardless of who gets elected President in 2012, expect Martial Law to be eventually declared in America as the economic downturn really hits home and waves of disgruntled masses take to the streets, wondering why all their money disappeared (the bankster crooks at the Fed and Goldman Sachs stole it, they will discover). This will lead to prediction #22…

#23Economic collapse will lead to FEMA camps cranking up– As the economic unraveling of the world reaches the shores of the USA (which technically may take beyond 2015 to fully unravel), the FEMA camps will transition to full operation. Masses of the “new homeless” will be rounded up under martial law and relocated to those camps, which will be advertised as “refugee camps.” At first, these camps may focus on providing food, shelter and medical care to the new class ofeconomic refugeesin America. But before long, they may be twisted by tyrants into something more like concentration camps.

#24A false flag terror attack will attempt to place blame on veterans or farmers– This is all part of the effort to turn farmers into suspected criminals because they aretoo self-reliantaccording to those who demand centralized control over the masses. Veterans are also a threat to the controllers because veterans know how to use rifles and they know the difference between fighting for freedomvs. fighting for the political interests a bunch of self-serving tyrants and politicians.

#25The rise of ANONYMOUS as a global force to be reckoned with. Anonymous, which is really a network of online activists who despise government censorship and the military industrial complex, recently hacked STRATFOR, a military intelligence hub, and released tens of thousands of documents, passwords and credit card numbers onto the ‘net. This is just one small example of what Anonymous is truly capable of doing, and in 2012 – 2015, you can expect Anonymous to carry out many more such acts of “hactivism” against the dishonest corporations, war-mongering industries and any institution that tries to enslave the masses while threatening liberty.

As explained on Wikipedia:

Anonymous has no leader or controlling party and relies on the collective power of its individual participants acting in such a way that the net effect benefits the group. “Anyone who wants to can be Anonymous and work toward a set of goals…” a member of Anonymous explained to the Baltimore City Paper. “We have this agenda that we all agree on and we all coordinate and act, but all act independently toward it, without any want for recognition. We just want to get something that we feel is important done…”

The Big Unknown

In addition to those 25 predictions, there’s alwaysThe Big Unknown. Something really big seems likely to happen in 2012 – 2015 that’s so far out of left field that nobody could foresee it. We’re talking game-changing big, such as (perhaps) the invention of a bonafide free energy device, or contact with a non-human civilization from another planet. Maybe it’s a the invention of a new microscope device that can see bioenergy, or perhaps the planet gets struck by an asteroid, sending tidal waves crashing into the coasts of every continent.

Many people feel something big is going to happen in 2012, and while I don’t think it has anything to do with the Mayan calendar (see below), I do agree that the world beyond 2012 will be changed in profound ways due to some game-changing events (either positive or negative). Hopefully such events will be found in the realm of either consciousness or the sciences, where innovation results in real breakthroughs that help humanity live in greater harmony with each other and with the planet. See my article on consciousness here:

Five things that will NOT happen in 2012 – 2015

#1The world will not end on December 21, 2012. The Mayan calendar holds no special sway over the physics of the universe. We’ll all still be here on December 22nd, probably realizing we have yet to get our Christmas shopping done.

#2There will not be any sustained economic rebound. The depression is only going to get worse over the next three years, and the money supply will become even further diluted by the Fed’s money creation addiction. By 2015, unemployment will be far worse than it was in 2010 or 2011.

#3The U.S. government will not protect you from terrorism. Any apparent terrorism that actually happens will be little more than fabricated theater. Yes, the fatalities may be real, but the terrorists aren’t brown men from the Middle East. They’re fat white guys in Washington who are trying to hold on to power by scaring people into compliance.

#4The U.S. dollar will not hold its value. The money you’re currently earning and saving will be worth less and less over the next three years. While it mayseemlike it’s holding value compared to European currencies (which are themselves on the verge of collapse), in reality your U.S. dollars have less and lesspurchasing powereach day.

#5The Biblical Rapture will not occur in 2012. Those who literally claim the Rapture will take place in 2012 and all good people will vanish from the planet while the bad ones are “left behind” will be sorely disappointed. I’ve already received a lot of flack about this prediction from some who follow this, but the belief in the Rapture as an “escape” from this world is a whole lot like the New Age prophecies surrounding the Mayan calendar (or other similar events). They are all based on the idea that the “enlightened” people will be spirited away from the Earth, while those who are unenlightened are left behind.

I believe that the Divine Creator put us here on this planet to solve our problems rather than magically escape them through some supernatural exit. So in a year from now, we’ll all still be here, believe me. Every year, there’s another prediction of the coming of Christ or the end of the world from a prominent preacher or Biblical teacher, and every year they’re wrong. 2012 will be no different. This doesn’t mean the Bible is wrong, or that those who follow the Bible are wrong, by the way. I’m just saying that the idea of a Rapture happening in 2012 and taking all the enlightened people away from the Earth is not going to happen. And no, the Bible doesn’t even say it will happen in the first place.

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The Stealth Zionist War on Ron Paul

Veterans Today

From Veterans Today

Newsweek/Daily Beast, The Phony Progressive Israeli Front Shows Its Colors

     … by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

You can take ibuprophen, even smoke crack…and the GOP is still there.  They just wont go away. 

The endless blithering about a pack of cowards, morons and malcontents who want America to pay $12 bucks for gasoline and, as usual, go to war for Israel…taxing the poor to death, including the soldiers, while they line their pockets. 

They call themselves “conservatives” as if their style of it were a good thing. First of all, none of them have a clue what it means.  What they want is new laws. 

We elected Obama to undo what 8 years of “conservative” had done.  He has failed.  We need less and less “conservative, Obama is too “conservative.”

What the last few decades has taught…hasn’t anyone paid attention to ?

  • Conservatives threaten while others do the fighting

  • Conservatives talk about work while golfing and eating lunch all day. Others do the work

  • Conservatives don’t pay taxes…they print counterfeit money and borrow from China

  • Conservatives are the same old Washington crowd, child pornography, rent boys, spying for Israel, lying with every breath, all done with a bible in their hands and a preacher at their side that none of us would let one of our children get near.

  • Conservative means foreign rule and staggering debt. It means 99% working for the 1%

  • Conservative also means lies.  The “liberal press” is owned entirely by “conservatives.”

‘ They’ want to put Ron Paul in a padded cell – when we really need to put ‘ Them’ in there, instead. All in favor say Aye!

In a nation where our primary problem is crime,meaning that our entire financial system is operated by gangsters who belong in prison, working hand in hand with politicians that should be sharing cells with them.

Add in military leaders who belong in there with them and an “official press” that is half a step above terrorists, being preached to day and night is making my head hurt.

Do Gingrich and Santorum exist so that Bachmann and Palin will appear less like sub-normal and patently dangerous blithering idiots?

And then why do presidential candidates have to ‘kiss the Zionist ring’ by making the obligatory pilgrimage to Israel.

They all debase American by agreeing to wear the beanie in a photo op to prove their subservience and acknowledgement that ALL must pledge allegiance to Israel or you cannot run for president, realistically.

I can almost imagine Romney simply because he looks like a politician, pointless, gutless and like so many others, dedicated to nothing whatsoever other than continuing the charades:

  • Pretending Israel isn’t taking our foreign aid and buying congress to get even more money, we call it pump priming and everyone involved, congress, Israelis, all belong in prison

  • Pretending American weapon, cluster bombs, white phosphorous, are being used by Israel on their civilian population based on “religious differences”

  • When is congress going to stop hiring Israeli firms to advise them on Middle East policy and counter-terrorism?

  Who is Dancing Now – And for Whom?

I’m sorry, but when a New York City detective calls me and tells me that they arrested the 9/11 terrorists but had to put them on a plane to fly to Israel afterward.

They were forced to release them by a mayor and police commissioner who became wealthy beyond measure fighting the same terrorists they ordered released.

Of course this is all ‘classified information’ now, you know…to protect the American people. Yes, they are still using that con, and it is still working for them.

This all reminds me of the reports that came out this last week, that FBI Director Louis Freeh ordered agents to stop a weapons and money laundering sting one day before nailing the Newt Gingrichs on video.

For years, FBI agents have been told to look the other way.  One crew was paying those we were told were 9/11 terrorists.  They were told to be silenced.

I can still picture the planeload of terrorists heading for Tel Aviv, film of the planted explosives, some released with tons of explosives and machine guns, all living the lives of heroes after having murdered 3000 Americans.

I learn more about being “conservative” every day and wonder why we just don’t string all of them up.  I want trials and arrests, of course, not real trials.  I want “tribunals,” with no witnesses, no lawyers, no appeals, just executions, midnight arrests after doors are kicked down, the way “conservatives” have their henchmen do it.

It seems even Obama, who may not do this, won’t restore America’s laws after they were twisted into an unrecognizable slop by “conservatives.” Don’t tell me you are conservative.  It is simply another way of saying “thief and child molester.”

Back to “Ron Paul.”  It’s been one of those mornings.  I read the Iowa news.  I never should have done that.

            Who is Stringing Who Along – This Election Cycle?

The video below is one of the endless series of stealth attacks against Ron Paul by what should be his real base.  Paul is hardly a conservative.  He is the only real progressive, liberal candidate out there despite his own misrepresentations.

   “A Plain Jane?” – Oh No…No Way!

The one you will be seeing comes from what Americans should know of as the Mafia, were the truth to get out.

It is a “hit job” by organized crime, in this case, Jane Harmon and here phony “liberal” gang at Newsweek.

His accused racism is 99% “pro-American” and advocating a foreign policy that is no longer under the control of extremist organizations claiming to be “pro-Israel”.

Nobody is willing to admit, other than author Jeff Gates, that these organization are historically tied to organized crime.

American Jews, 78% at least, are Obama supporters and many may well support Paul. Veterans Today is seeing massive support for Paul among active duty and veterans.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

The idea that years later there are still people trying to use the word “conservative” as though it doesn’t mean “slave to Israel” and “ignorant bumpkin.”

The country club gang, the tax cheats, the boys who sent our jobs overseas, those making a living running phony job scams, repossessing houses, running up credit card fees, this is our “conservatives”, these and the meth dealing hillbillies who sit up all night worried about the rich being taxed out of existence while waiting for their SSI check.

Of the entire republican party, only Romney has ever had an actual job.  He isn’t qualified for public office, lacking leadership, vision, character and a philosophy that would lead to something other than the destruction of the human race.

He is the best offered other than Paul who I think needs to cut down on his coffee a bit before putting the tongue into gear.

What you just saw disgusts us for a variety of reasons, primary of which is that the things Ron Paul is saying here is what proves to us that he isn’t utterly insane like the other candidates.

Veterans Today is Negotiating with Iran to Head up Recruiting of American Zionist Jews and NeoCons for the new “Rick Santorum Brigade”

We are willing to let Rick Santorum lead the invasion of Iran personally as he has promised to do.  I will personally buy his ticket and will call Iran myself to make sure his visa is stamped.

He is unlikely to get in any other way.

We wish Paul would speak openly about 9/11, openly about torture and war crimes and how many of his colleagues in government belong in prison and not on America’s welfare roles.

I don’t see Paul as perfect but compared to everyone else, he isn’t insane.

I also am very proud that one candidate has taken on a our real foreign enemy, the criminal organization that tries to pass itself off as the Israel lobby, the gangsters and financial robbers who are tearing the world apart and destroying the good names of Jews who have been loyal Americans since the founding fathers.

This one, this “video,” of course, is a sneak attack from Jane Harmon, the muscle behind the war lobby in Washington, perhaps the single individual who sits at “ground zero” of “fairyland central”.

She heads up the sleazy, phony left wing bull and the heart of anti-American propaganda that represent what The Daily Beast and Newsweek is all about. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize a “mouthpiece” for a foreign terrorist asset when one sees it.

Ron Paul can be fixed, all he needs is real support and some new backbone.

Obama, intelligent though he is, has been unable to get out from under the thumb of Bush doctrines and the threats and bullying that has kept America from overriding any of the Bush dictatorship.

With martial law in the United States signed into effect 2 days ago without one in a hundred Americans knowing, the foolishness and ignorance of the Harmon/Murdoch syndicate and their gangster friends means very little in real life.

Americans who used to fear terrorists now fear running out of fuel and food money before the end of the month.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


Face it, the election was stolen

the banner is here

From Jim Stone

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist January 4, 2012

Well the chips are in, and the election is stolen.

It took a lot to kill Ron Paul, with my estimated margin of preference for Paul running over 30 percent absent statistical rigging, and others such as Drudge having him at 30 percent, Iowa WAS a slam dunk.

We have all been convinced over the years that people often change their minds the moment before they enter the polls, and THAT is why election results can be so unpredictable, but even if you believe people flop about in their beliefs and preferences like fish out of water, it does not wash in the case of Ron Paul.

We all know, – at least anyone who hits this site should know, that the type of people who support Ron Paul are firm in their convictions and will not flip flop on issues and between candidates. If Ron Paul lost in Iowa, this election was stolen, pure and simple.

Even despite the media smears and excessive voter turnout thanks to the many who voted a lot more than once via the open ID program, Ron Paul was at 30 percent in most exit polls. To drive the final nail, that secret vote count was essential; – so many people supported Ron Paul that the establishment could not get enough repeat voters to push back the wave.

For as long as we sit around and let the establishment steal our power from us, there will be no revolution. So many people are too flouridated, Zolofted and food poisoned to ever see the light of day, and in a democratic Republic that can kill a society. With the present condition of so many people, there is not likely to be an American future.

When we have a media so rigged that we can’t get ANY truth through “official” news channels about issues like 911, Osama Bin Laden, the Federal Reserve, JFK, and a host of other subjects, you can forget about the 50+ percent of the people who don’t have enough brains to read anything beyond the ingredients on a Gerber jar. It is beyond their capacity to seek out anything other than whatever is baby fed them by Fox and CNN. They are useless dead weight that will drown us all.

And we are not likely to do anything about it, because the establishment has firmly and conveniently rooted in all of us an attitude of non violence, while in turn that same establishment uses violence modus operandi. It’s a lose lose for us.

Americans are so often now a bunch of skinless boneless chicken breasts just waiting to be eaten. And absent a violent revolution, we will be digested and flushed.


Jimstonefreelance.com encourages re-posting. Just leave a visible link back to this site, do not modify content, and credit the work to Jim Stone.


The Revolution Begins in 2012

My Catbird Seat


Get ready for 2012. We are coming for you!

By Cenk Uygur

Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party were appetizers for what is to come. I have never seen the American people so disgruntled, and neither has anyone else. Every number is a record. Congressional approval is at a record low of 9%. Can it get lower? Can it go negative? The number of people satisfied with the candidates running for president is at a record low. Dissatisfaction in this category is four times higher than it was even in 2008.

The Tea Party might not know it but they are mad about the same thing that Occupy Wall Street is. They have a sense that our politicians have sold us out – and they are 100% right. The problem isn’t Big Government or Big Money. The problem is when Big Money buys Big Government leading to Big Corruption.

It isn’t personal corruption. No one is stuffing money into freezers (at least not a lot of people are). It isn’t that Senator Ben Nelson or Senator Orrin Hatch is a bad person. It’s that we have built a system that is built on systemic corruption. The only way you can get elected is by doing the bidding of huge donors. And those donors can control the process entirely because of the unlimited amount of money they can spend.

The average winning House candidate now spends $1.4 million per election. The average winning Senate candidate spends $10 million. Which average guy has that kind of money? You must raise the money from big donors – and then you are at their mercy. If you want to win, you need the money. If you want the money, you have to give them something in return.

How often does money control the outcome? An overwhelming amount of the time. The candidate with more money wins 93% of the time on the House side and 94% of the time on the Senate side. It’s game, set and match.

So, of course, our representatives don’t represent us, they represent the people who got them elected – the big donors.

This system cannot stand. It will not stand. I’m not saying that it falls in 2012. That is way too optimistic. But the battle is joined in 2012. There are now many constitutional amendments trying to address this problem. Those movements will only grow. And probably at surprising speed.

Everything moves so much quicker now (just look at how many times and how quickly the Republican primaries have turned already).

This movement is going to take the country by storm and Washington is going to be completely surprised by it. As usual, they will say “no one could have seen it coming.”

I’m telling you now, it’s coming!

People are starting to become furious that we have in effect lost our representative democracy. It’s time for a revolution. Not a physical one, but a political one.

A revolution that turns over the establishment’s apple cart, challenges this corrupt system and brings back our democracy.

Get ready for 2012.

Declaration of Independence

Our politicians are bought. Everyone knows it. Conservatives know it. Liberals know it. The Democrats are bought. The Republicans are bought. They don’t represent us. They represent their corporate donors who fund their campaigns and promise them well paying jobs after they leave office. We have taxation without representation. Our democracy is in serious trouble.

What happened? CLICK HERE to find out.

Cenk Announces Wolf-PAC.com at Occupy Wall Street

So what can we do to regain our ability to make our votes count and take back our democracy? We have to concentrate all of our resources into one single attack – making sure we take corporate money out of politics. The only way to do that is to bypass the corporate owned Congress and the Supreme Court – and pass a Constitutional amendment. We must pass an amendment saying that corporations are not people and they do not have the right to spend money to buy our politicians.

The objective of Wolf PAC will be to raise money and raise an army for the sole purpose of passing this amendment. We need a Constitutional revolution to get unlimited corporate money out of politics. Please join us and help retake our democracy.

CLICK HERE to read our proposed amendment.

Join the Fight

The objective of Wolf PAC is not theory, it is results. We will pass the amendment and we will regain our democracy. Here is how we’re going to do it.

We must gather up a fighting force. We need programmers and organizers and lawyers and leaders. We need this movement to be in all 50 states. So, first we are doing a call for generals in this army. Please write into us and tell us what your expertise is and how you can help.

Our Congress is completely infected with the virus. So proposing an amendment through Congress seems hopeless. But luckily there is another way. We can do this purely at the state level. The states can call for a constitutional convention and they can ratify an amendment that comes out of one. And there is nothing our corrupt federal government can do about it.

We are hoping that the first wave of volunteers help us organize at the state level. Let’s go occupy the states!

Source: http://www.wolf-pac.com/

More from Cenk Uygur



Meet the Mainstream Press

Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog Logo


By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Nothing is more emblematic of the mainstream media (MSM) than NBC’s “Meet the Press.”  I wonder if it should be renamed “Meet the Corporate Mainstream Press” because that is exactly what it was on Sunday.  Before the first vote was cast, Sunday’s panel anointed Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate to face Barack Obama this fall.  I really wonder why we have caucuses or primaries at all.  

We should all just watch TV and let shows like “Meet the Press” tell us what’s good for us.  The word pompous comes to mind when I see them in action, and last night, Ron Paul showed them how little they know what America really wants by finishing just a few percentage points behing the Romney. 

The MSM doesn’t tell reporters or guests what to say; they just pick the people who will say what they want.  I heard only one relatively flattering thing about front runner Ron Paul during the entire discussion.  Kathie Obradovich from the Des Moines Register said some of the caucus goers were “flocking” to Ron Paul because they were “desperate for real change,” and Congressman Paul was “completely different.” Other than that, every other word about Paul was negative. 

Why?  Let’s face it, the left and right do not want real change and will try to taint or destroy anyone who brings it.  They want the system of secret banker bailouts and Fed deals that rescue companies like General Electric from financial ruin which is part owner of NBC.  (During the financial meltdown of 2008, GE was the sole owner of NBC and now has only a 49% share of the network.)  

They do not want prosecutions of Wall Street bankers for causing the financial meltdown with “liar loans” and “toxic” mortgage backed securities.  Republicans and Democrats want what they have now and are just taking turns ripping off the country.  The corporate owned MSM is just happy to take campain advertising money and are happy to cover the fake fighting. 

You could not have gotten a more Romney biased panel on “Meet the Press” if you would have gone to Mitt’s campaign headquarters.  Mike Murphy, GOP strategist, said Congressman Paul, “. . . would be the surprise disappointing finish.”  Mark Halperin of Time Magazine said he saw “two scenarios for Romney and they were “great” and “good.”  Andrea Mitchel of NBC said Paul “really hurt himself on foreign policy.” 

 To be fair, it is not just NBC doing a hatchet job on Congressman Paul, other networks have been less than objective.  Yesterday on FOX, Democratic strategist James Carville opined that Romney was the only Republican that “has a chance of winning nationally.” 

I think the Democrats and President Obama would like nothing more than to run against the man who thinks“corporations are people too.”  Mitt Romney would be predictable and would not go after the real issues that are holding America back.  The main issue is the fraud and rip-offs in the financial system. 

There will be no recovery and little job creation unless and until the banks and Wall Street are no longer able to rig the system so they always win.  There should also be some prosecutions, but I digress.  Romney, who couldn’t get much more than 25% of the Iowa Republican vote, will be very beatable for Mr. Obama.  Both are the picks of Super PAC corporations.  Santorum would just be the Republican replacement for Romney if he can hold up after Iowa. 

Paul, on the other hand, would be unpredictable and difficult to corner.  The Congressman also has something all other Republicans envy and that is motivated, young supporters who want real change.  President Obama can no longer campaign on the change slogan.  He got in and nothing really changed.   

If you would have said Ron Paul would be a close third in Iowa a year ago, I am sure you would have been laughed out of the room.  That is the same thing you could have said about Barack Obama in January of 2008.  Hillary Clinton was so strong, they were doing skits on “Saturday Night Live” belittling the other candidates in the Democratic field.

We all know how that turned out.  I am not stumping for Congressman Paul.  I just want accurate reporting, and accurate reporting is usually fair reporting.   I don’t see much objectivity from most of the MSM, and it is not asking too much for facts without spin or distortion.

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