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Posted by Xaniel777 on January 6, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : January 07, 2012

Mothballing the Time Machine?

From Urban Survival

Remember a week, or two, back we were talking about plans of  www.halfpasthuman.com’s  Clif to come out with one more Shape of Things to Come report in advance of the March 2-9 period when we go into a huge release period which runs from about March 9/10 and out 90 days, where after there’s just what may be the linguistic equivalent of “ruins” left percolating along at a very small level?

Well, that report has been shelved.  The why is important and deserves very close attention here.  Check www.halfpasthuman.com often, this is all subject to change, of course.

The period approaching (this spring by Clif’s work) is not a tipping point.  It’s something else.  The reason being that with a “tipping point” you get an event (or collection of events) and then life changes, but continues on.

In the data for the period ahead, it’s the “continues on” part that’s worrisome.  In other big “tipping points” – like the tipping point that accompanied 9/11 – there was release language all over hell and gone for several days but then we started back into building tension language shortly thereafter.  This time there’s no resumption of the building.

So in Clif’s view – if I’m communicating it anywhere near accurately – whatever kicks off in March goes on  for 90-days or so, and then dribbles off as a very slow decline rate from June on out…..well, let’s just say we kinda dribble off into the future.

OK, what is it?

This may be hard to wrap your head around on the first cup of coffee but think of it this way:  What if the March period is turns into what Terrence McKenna and others have referred to as theeschaton?   That’s a concept which McKenna used – it’s Greek and means roughly “the End” – when describing how his Time Wave Zero work pointed to a period in 2012 when the harmonics ofeverything that has gone before pile up and a Grand (Whatever).

Having played with the Time Wave software – separate critter from Clif’s work – there is, nevertheless a very key misperception about the workings of time that most people walk around with in their heads. 

Specifically, the average human who exists in the Perpetual Now is hypnotized by our way of thinking into believing that the events of today are ruled by events of yesterday.  True to a point, but it’s also demonstrable that longer term harmonics exist in history.

Take this H5N1 flu case we were talking about earlier.  You know that the reason World War One ended was as much because of the Spanish Flu, as it was any desire for peace?  There were simply not enough soldiers to keep up the fighting – that’s how widespread that flu’s impact was.

I’m worried about H5N1 due in part to the unknown nature of a super bug’s impacts on societynow.  Should it come around in a couple of months – just to make a wild-ass dart throw – what would be the impact of businesses globally from people sequestering themselves away in their homes?  What happens to the global economic model?

But what if – and the data seems to point this way – we have what can only somewhat be construed as a “shitstorm” of everything bad we worry about clumping into a window of less than 90-days.  Imagine a two week period where:

  • Chinese-type internet filters is put in place by the US Government (expected operational date: March 1 or shortly thereafter, as soon as the SOPA act is passed and signed which the PTB are rushing through. (More on this in tomorrow’s Peoplenomics and a discussion of tactics.)

  • The US presidential hopefuls are “thinned out” by a combination of Super Tuesday’s outcomes – which will be smack in the middle of the last week of building tension – and by other forces, some dark and deranged.  Let your mind wander through what that could hint at.

  • Then we have a bunch of Terra entity intrusions:

    • Maybe La Palme goes off (or some dormant caldera comes to life)

    • Large flares from Cycle 24 on the sun could occur, but my take on it is that it’s unlikely in light of the latest check of the data from the folks at NASA who track the Solar cycles – and you might want to bookmark this site here next time you hear about “kill shots” or whatever.  Possibility (small) of EMP/Carrington event, sure – and I’ve spent $20 bucks on surge protection.  But I’m not too concerned until 2013.  Still…there’s the bothersome  16-year rise in Sun Disease….

    • On the other hand, H5N1 reports at this time are extremely worrisome because it’s when (as mentioned earlier) we get migration of birds and humans to Chinese New Year’s events.

    • And then there’s the Pacific Plate which could crack because it’s so big and if the expando planet theory is right, then it’d only be a matter of time.

  • More practically, there’s an ever-increasing chance of war in (plug in your favorites here):  Egypt/Israel (new hard-liners coming up), Israel/Iran which is almost a certainty at some point, but that would bring China (now in line to get Iranian oil) into direct conflict with Western/corporate interests who want to keep the lights on in Europe.

  • Oh, and did we toss in how March 1 is when things are expected to hit the fan economically in Europe?

  • How about we toss in here several semi trucks loaded with more Secrets Revealed which will unload in a major way on the entrenched PowersThatBe and rip them several new ones?

  • How about major “terrorist” (even if false flag) attacks and in comes repressive government 2.0.

  • Which would be just in time to control the anger mobs outside the stores because of the crop failures and soaring food prices which would accompany a devaluation of the dollar which could come any time, since the current dollar is drenched with debt – again as noted previously.

So, at least in the data, we have – potentially –  this  (whatever) period at hand. 

Frankly, I  differ (but only slightly) from my esteemed colleague’s view of the times immediately ahead.

One of the short-comings of the rickety time machine has always been that it reports on the language to appear which is different than actual events which may happen.  In other words, a mass media outbreak of yellow journalism which sprouts a full spring of extreme anxiety producing language at the same time the clamp comes down on public discussion – maybe – just maybe – could explain a less than ‘dead humans’ outcome of a massive scale.

But sadly, no, if that were the case the whole modelspace wouldn’t be doing a heave and collapse.  That would be what we’ve seen before.  (Keep an eye on the Pope’s health, by the way).

So rather than do a report, Clif has other agenda items to attend to, including building grow domes.

Around here, we will be working on similar (food producing) projects since this will be critically important going forward.  In addition to our usual work, I’ve added the important task of bringing up an email version of the Peoplenomics newsletter for this year, since even in China, email is still widespread even if discussion on public media may be filtered to restrain criticism of government.

Beyond that, it could be a false alarm – we are talking software here.  Or, we could be talking about a totally unexpected phenomena which wipes out a huge chunk of omnihumanity is a single pass or three.  In which case, doing little work and enjoying the last 90-days would move way up the agenda anyway.

Still, as usual, we will keep our eyes out for the worst case (and make some moves accordingly) why recognizing the limitations at hand and maintaining our steely-eyed, science-based outlook. 

Maybe after we get past this maelstrom of language in March and 90 days thereafter the rickety time machine could be restarted – or not, depending on how aggressive the SOPA filtering is.  I’d expect very and I won’t be investing in social media. 

After having a wide open internet for as long as we have, it may be that the awakening of the global consciousness is NOT something that can be allowed by the PTB because it has the potential to be the “sand in the gearbox” which brings too many people to a high state of awareness which, in turn, could undermine the current power structures and way of life to the point of failure.

I’ve written many times previously about how the PowersThatBe (regardless of what you think of them) almost always telegraph how they see things in their messaging in advance.

Yesterday’s “realignment” of the military announced by president Obama was put under the microscope from an extremely astute, advanced degree, trust me when I tell you he’s a “real deal” guy who summed up the military moves this way:

Some quick salient snippets from my POV (interesting choices of the words employed, that is):

From Obama’s ‘Sustaining Global Leadership’

(Pg 5) U.S. forces will continue to defend U.S. territory from direct attack by state and non-state actors. We will also come to the assistance of domestic civil authorities in the event such defense fails or in case of natural disasters, potentially in response to a very significant or even catastrophic event. [emphasis mine]

(Pg 7). . . we have sought to differentiate between those investments that should be made today and those that can be deferred. This includes an accounting of our ability to make a course change that could be driven by many factors, including shocks or evolutions in the strategic, operational, economic, and technological spheres. Accordingly, the concept of “reversibility” – including the vectors on which we place our industrial base, our people, our active-reserve component balance, our posture, and our partnership emphasis – is a key part of our decision calculus. [emphasis mine]

From SecDef Penetta’s ‘Statement of Guidance’

(Pg 4) There is no doubt that the fiscal situation this country faces is difficult, and in many ways we are at a crisis point. [emphasis mine]

From General Dempsey ‘Press Statement’

(Pg 2) We do accept some risk, as all strategies must. Because we will be somewhat smaller, these risks will be measured in time and capacity.

Thus, from the George-distanced perspective I find myself asking “What’s life in a regulated internet world going to be like after SOPA is signed and sites with hot language like Occupy [whatever] all go away and discussions on forums are limited to only the topics at hand and any deviation could get a website into hot water?

What would that look like in modelspace – as different sites, with different focuses (like a forum that discusses 2012, a “kill shot” site, the “occupy” sites and so forth) are all shut down sequentially because of the threat posed to the existing paradigm?

Some variant of this may account for why the language seems to disappear and discussion quickly peters out.  So could a combination of SOPA and spillover effects from a global economic collapse maybe account for some of what’s out there?  But what about Terra data going bonkers, too?

Alas, there are no simple answers, no easy guidance to be found.  We have the SOTTC reports up through this point and if we’re all here in May of 2013, then the odds are good we’re good to go out toward wherever the clock is stopped with the final heartbeat.  But the tripwires are numerous and the risks extreme.  And sometimes knowing too much about the future could be a bad thing.

Maybe I’d better start on my covered growing spaces, too.  All the while I’ll be wondering if the “Terrified woman from another Universe wakes up here” ( Xaniel’s Note : See that story below ), story might be something more than a put-on…

Update: Shape Report Back On

So many people sent notes over to Clif at HalfPastHuman.com that he’s being forced by public demand to complete the pending Shape of Things to Come report, even though it may be his last what with SOPA and China-like internet filtering due here.  Surely, you’ve seen about TSA squads showing up at Social Security offices as a “drill”?  Get used to that and more….the wide open internet may not survive, either.  Can’t have too many “free people” getting to be “free thinking” all at once, can we? 

The report will not be out till the first part of February however and will only focus on long term values.

Speaking of which, just to give you a sense of scale of the numbers ahead – think of these as magnification levels if you will – we’re presently (today in building tension (b)) at about (b)38.  When we get up to the peak of building tension about March 1st, we will be around b78.

When we flip over into release values (r) we hit (r)216 on March 17th, or so, then on to the first of  May where it’s up to 3,181, and by the end of May we will be at 7,571.  And before summer time is out?  (r) 50,706.  And yes, “that’s somma bigga change, mama.”

I’ve been thoroughly scolded for saying to much already, but that’s the drill.  Clif’s working a couple of hours a day – as time permits.  But we’ll keep you posted as this pie gets closer to coming out of the oven…while we’re on our way to prep the pizza pan.  Slicing should follow shortly thereafter. I’ve been tasked with finding the mushrooms….and as a reporter being fed mushroom food and being oftentimes in the dark, at that, it seems at least this task is within reach.


Terrified Woman From Another Universe Wakes Up Here

Before It's News

From Before It’s News

Mon Jan 02 2012 18:26

What would you do if you found yourself in a strange bed, your workplace had changed, and you discovered your lover no longer existed? A woman named Lerina García claims this is exactly what’s happened to her. Could you be next…?

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Lerina discovered she was in another universe: ours

What started as an ordinary day—waking in bed one morning—evolved into a series of fearful shocks and haunting horror for a desperate woman lost in an alien world: our world.

As Lerina García left her bed she noticed the sheets and bedclothes were strange. She didn’t recognize them. Still shaking off the last vestiges of sleep, however, she simply shrugged away the eerie discovery and began her morning routine.

Everything most precious to her was gone

But García would soon learn that once she’d left that slightly alien bed she entered another reality. Her life, her pasteverything most precious to herwas gone.

As she went through the routines of her first day in another universe she noticed small incongruities: things out of place, items missing or items she hadn’t purchased.

How many of you are there? Perhaps an infinite number

As she later wrote on the Internet seeking someone to offer an explanation for her nightmarish dilemma and maybe offering help: “One day I woke up and found that everything was differentnothing spectacular or having to do with time travel and such things. I simply woke up in the same year and day on which I went to bed, but many things were different. They were small things, but sufficiently important to know that there was a point at which everything was different.”

Lerina’s writings on the Internet relating her story are recounted in the Spanish language site revistadigitalavalon. The English translation is here.

Not everything was small. Although her car seemed the same and she still worked at the same company she had for 20 years, in the same building, she was shocked to learn her department no longer listed her. Her office was now in another department in a completely different part of the building.

There may be inifinite Earths being infinitely created

As the level of strangeness escalated, she dealt with her hesitancy and surprise by telling co-workers she wasn’t feeling well. She shares her first day on an alien Earth:

Four months ago I awoke on a normal morning. I was in my rented home where I’d been living for seven years. Everything was the same, except that my bed linen was different, and I paid no attention at the time.

“So I went to work in my car, which was parked where I’d always parked, and it was the same office I’d worked in for the last 20 years. But when I got to my department, it wasn’t my department. It has names on the door and mine wasn’t on it. I thought I was on the wrong floor, but no, it was my own floor. I went over to the office’s wireless section and looked myself up. I still worked there, but in another department, reporting to a superior I didn’t even know.

“So I went to the department indicated in the directory, said I was feeling ill, and left. All the contents of my handbag were the same: my credit cards, my ID, everything, but I didn’t recall having changed departments at any time.

“I went to the doctor and underwent drug and alcohol testingall clean.

“I returned to work the next day and was able to make my way by asking questions and saying that I wasn’t feeling well.”

Through a glass darkly: universes are not identical

Lover disappears, old beau remains

I’ve been separated from my partner of seven years for some six months. We broke up and I started a relationship with a fellow from my neighborhood. I know him perfectly well, having been with him for four months. I know his name, surname, address, where he works, his son from another relationship, and where he studies.

“Well, that fellow no longer exists. He appeared to have existed before my ‘jump’ but there is no trace of him now.

“I’ve hired a detective to find him and he does not exist.

“I’ve visited a psychiatrist and its all been put down to stress. He thinks they’re hallucinations, but I know this isn’t the case. My former boyfriend is with me as though nothing had happenedapparently we never broke it off [in this world]and Agustín (my current boyfriend) appears to have never existed. He doesn’t live in the apartment he used to live at and I cannot find his son.

The multiverse is an architecture of puzzles and paradoxes

“I swear to you that it’s true and that I’m very sane. My own family doesn’t remember things like surgery performed on my sister’s shoulder a few months ago: she says she’s never been operated on. Small things to that effect.”

Yes, just small things. Things like a different job, a loved one that’s vanished forever, and another life in another universe that can never be returned to again.

Hall of mirrors: we all may exist on a trillion worlds

A plaintive plea

As can be imagined, Lerina’s traumatic life on this new Earth with a boyfriend she’d broken up with in the other world is causing her bouts of stress and depression. She ends her story with a plea for help:

“Please, if someone has had a similar experience, please contact me to see what may have happened.

“I cannot find any pathology that matches my experience. For five months I’ve been reading all of the theories I’ve come across and am convinced that it has been a jump between planes or something, a decision or action taken that has caused things to change.

In ‘The Twilight Zone’ a woman confronts her multiverse double

“What upsets me is that that I’m in the same year, not in a different time, and I’m exactly the same. Let me explain: it’s as though I had lost my memory five months ago and woke up having dreamed those five months, with the exception that everyone remembers me during that time, and I’ve done things that I’m not aware of having done.

“Has anyone had a similar experience? Pranksters and people with a grasp on ‘the truth’ can refrain from commenting. This is very serious to me. Thank you  Luz.”

Could Lerinaa highly educated womanbe simply hallucinating everything? Perhaps she is suffering from a form of rare spatial time-related mental illness?

Perhaps not, for she’s not alone in her experience.

A man from another reality shows up in Tokyo’s airport

An impossible visitor arrives in Tokyo

A curious incident took place in Tokyo, Japan during the early 1990s: a man arrived on a flight with a passport from a non-existent country.

The man expressed anger and shock when Japanese customs officials detained him. Although the officials checked their records carefully, the passport had been issued by a country that did not exist. No record showed the country had ever existed.

Although passports exist issued by non-existent countries (known as camouflage passports), this passport was real and had custom officials’ stamps on various pages including stamps by Japanese customs officials from previous visits.

The man was well-traveled, caucasian, said the country was in Europe and had existed for almost 1,000 years. He carried legal currency from several European countries, an international drivers license and spoke several languages.

Finally, indignant, he demanded a meeting with higher government authorities. He was convinced some massive practical joke was being played on him.

Once transported you may never return home

After being detained for almost 14 hours in a small security room at the airport terminal, some government officials took pity on him and transported him to a hotel. They ordered the mystery visitor to wait there until they decided what to do about the matter. From the reports, the Japanese were just as confused and flustered as the mysterious man without a country.

Although two immigration officials were posted with instructions not to permit the man to leave his room, the next morning the guards discovered he was gone. The only exit was the door they watched and the only window had no outside ledge and was 15 stories above a busy downtown street.

The authorities launched an intensive manhunt throughout Tokyo for the mysterious traveler, but finally gave up the hunt.

The man was never seen again.

Other universes are all around us; we can’t see or touch them

The professor’s drive into oblivion

Inexplicata relates a story that is like Lerina’s, except from the opposite point of view.

The original account was written by journalist Segundo Peña and published in one of Venezuela’s biggest newspapers,El Tiempo.

Peña relates a strange tale that smacks heavily of a multiverse shift. The incident occurred on the campus of ULA (the University of the Andes) and involved a well-known faculty member.

This is what happened in full daylight, according to dozens of witnesses: the professor left one of the university’s buildings, crossed a parking lot to his parked car, and entered it. Many saw him as he walked to his car, some even called out to him and waved.

The professor opened his car door, climbed in, sat down, and closed the door. The car sat there unmoving. Eventually, a few curious students went to the car and found it empty.

The professor had vanished, presumably for good, as the incident occurred more than 40 years ago.

Reality may be more tenuous than imagined

Can such things be explained?

There is no orthodox scientific explanation for any of the incidents described, unless one looks at the leading edge of scientific speculation.

Exploring that dimly lit boundary between knowledge and mythbetween the known and the unknownthe answer may be found.

People who appear and disappear may not be snatched up by rogue ripples of time, but by anomalies in the fabric of the shifting, living multiverse.

Some quantum physicists theorize that existence is populated by infinite universes infinitely created. Each universe is like an infinite bubble birthing new universesnew limitless bubbles. Time does not exist. Instead everything is an eternity of now.

In the world of the quantawhich encompases all that isthe multiverses are vibrating at different rates and some parallel worlds literally overlap ours.

Physicists also have had glimpses into these other realties during experiments where sub-atomic particles have winked out of existence and then reappeared. Whether they’re jumping dimensions, or actually traveling between multiverses, no one knows.

Some ‘Earths’ may not have a moon

Finally, quantum theory and string theory recognize a symbiotic relationship between cognitive awareness and the universe. In essence, a universe cannot really exist unless a mind perceives it. The mind influences the quanta and the quanta influences (perhaps even programs) the mind. It’s a two way street.

So now what would happen if that quantum link between the quantum universe and the quantum mind were brokeneven briefly?

Would the person become like a ship that lost its anchor—in this case an anchor to the universe? Could a person slip from this reality into one right “next door” to our universe? If so, would there be an exchange trading one version of a person for another, sort of a universal-multiverse swap? Or, as in the case of the hapless lost professor, would a person simply vanish with no counterweight replacing him or her from an adjoining reality?

Time would be unaffected, and the two parallel universes would be so symmetrical that only minor things may be different.

Yes, minor things like a lover that no longer exists or a sister who never had surgery

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A Moment Of Inspiration

From Oath Keepers

A note from Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers:

“Below is something my Uncle Rex (my Mom’s brother) recently wrote for me, when he knew I was feeling down and losing hope.  I think you will like it.”

Swearing In

                         Swearing In

In the Shadow of our Fathers

The liberty we possess as Americans is not government granted but God given.  It is what our Fathers call “Our natural birthright.” Therefore, it is not ours to give away nor to relinquish; for in essence, it is given to us as caretakers for the up and coming generations of Americans yet unborn.

It is as if we are running a marathon with the baton of American liberty clutched in our hands.  Our goal and our purpose is to carry it safely and pass it on to the next generation of American runners so they in turn may pass it on to the next and so forth.

But – if because we cannot see the finish line and the odds against us seem insurmountable; if we become overwhelmed and lose our will to continue the race and succumb to the temptation to sit it out; if we lose the hope in the contest and give up the race, then all is lost and American liberty is no more. The fate of future Americans is weighed in the balance and we as a free people are in charge of the outcome for no man or group of men holds in their hands the final answer to the issue but ourselves. It is up to us to run the good race and fight the good fight; we as individuals as well as we as a team, for no one person carries the American baton of liberty by themselves, we are all in this together till the end…and be assured there is no end, at least not until Providence dictates it to be so.

When in the darkest hours of the year 1772, when disunion against British tyranny seemed eminent, Warren of Plymouth was desponding and said:

“The towns are dead and cannot be raised without a miracle.”

Samuel Adams responded: “I am very sorry to find in you the least approach towards despair. Nil desperandum (never despair) is a model for you and me. All are not dead; and where there is a spark of patriotic fire, we will rekindle it.”(Bancroft”History of the United States” Vol. III pg. 426)

And indeed they did!

In late December of 1772, during that same low ebb, the Boston Committee of Correspondence wrote:

“ By the people’s thorough understanding of their civil and religious rights and liberties, encouraged to trust in God that a day was hastening when the efforts of the colonists would be crowned with success, and the present generation furnish an example of public virtue worthy of imitation of all posterity.” (IBID pg. 428)

Today is that day!

Therefore, let us be a worthy example for our posterity by walking worthily of the freedom whereby we have been made free and by never returning back to the beggarly elements of slavery; for we are not children of the bond woman of old Europe but we are free born under these western skies, and free we must remain, for you are children of noble parental blood – they never quit, neither must you.

The world watches what you do here today with the greatest of anxiety for if we fail, the light of mankind’s hope for liberty and freedom will be extinguished and the world will be thrown into an age darker, sinister and more slavish than mankind has ever experienced.

Finally brethren, be not counted as the generation who lost all after it has been given all by those who gave all,  for if you do, your posterity shall rise up in their slavish toil and curse you.

R. Ruth, Founder, The Educational Institute for Governmental Studies


BEWARE: Religion has Bewitched the Nations

From Vatican Crimes

The religious system has exposed so many lies – how can we still believe in nuns, how can the world find itself in the state of so-called “beatifying a pope”. These are all spells!! The Vatican and its daughters have tricked or bewitched the nations so that they do not obey the truth.

The apostles affected the world with lies, and as a result, there are people so bewitched with their man-made doctrines that some people today dare to believe that a piece of bread is “Christ’s body”, that a drink of wine is “the blood of Christ”. So much religion garbage!

We can not continue living this way! It is time to leave behind this religious deceit – leave behind that rosary, the so-called “holy water”, etc.

In this video, Jose Luis De Jesus, the Man Christ Jesus, exposes all these lies of religion and teaches you the nourishment of your mind is TRUTH. You are prosperity, You are truth, You are wisdom, You are love, You are justice, You are perfected, You are healthy, You are blessed, You have already been forgiven 2000 years ago, You have already been made one with Christ, You are a god!

For more info, visit: http://www.CEGEnglish.com

For more information on crimes committed by the corrupt and evil religious system, visit: http://www.vaticancrimes.us

Fire Killing 92 Kids in Catholic School Remains a “Mystery”


In learning of the organized crime committed by catholic nuns worldwide in their institutions, has caused a great interest in taking a closer look at the mysterious Chicago fire in the Our Lady of the Angels elementary school…especially knowing how nuns function with immunity, remain silent when questioned about their crime and their known schemes to cover up evidence by burning down places to later claim that records were lost in the fire. 

The tragedy at a Catholic elementary school in Chicago over 50 years ago was an extraordinary moment of grief. 

Considered one of the deadliest fires in American history, it took the lives of 92 kids and 3 nuns at Our Lady of the Angels School, leaving families physically and psychologically scarred for life, and destroyed a close-knit working-class neighborhood. 

Astonishingly, some of the nuns, out of frozen panic or blind faith, told their students not to flee but to get on their knees and pray and wait for the firemen.

There is a book entitled To Sleep with the Angels: The Story of a Fire which tells the the moving story of that fire and its consequences written by two journalists who have been obsessed with the events of that terrible day in December 1958. 

It is a true story of a disaster that shocked the nation. In gripping detail, those who were there—children, teachers, firefighters—

describe the fear, desperation, and panic that prevailed in and around the stricken school building on that cold Monday afternoon. 

But beyond the flames, the story of the fire at Our Lady of the Angels became an enigma whose mystery has deepened with time: its cause was never officially explained despite evidence that it had been intentionally set by a troubled student at the school. 

The fire led to a complete overhaul of fire safety standards for American schools, but it left a community torn apart by grief and anger, 

and accusations that the Catholic church and city fathers had shielded the truth. 

Authors David Cowan and John Kuenster have recreated this tragedy in a powerful narrative with all the elements of a first-rate detective story.


Gerald Celente: EU Collapses In 90 Days, Bank Holiday and War

Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: Twenty-two months of hysteria of an impending European financial collapse, starting with Greece in March of 2010, will finally come to an end in 2012, according to the founder of Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente.

Hysteria of the horrid possibility of a European meltdown and the dire implications for the world economy a collapse will end, as the event finally turn into unequivocal reality by April 1, with accusations of ‘fear mongering’ by a significant portion of the mob quickly dropped in favor of the next predictable reaction to the crisis: outrage against those who allowed the collapse. Get my next ALERT 100% FREE

“I would say, since I’ve been doing this work, over 30 years ago, I’ve never been more concerned than I am right now,” Celente told ABC, Australia.

In Celente’s latest forecast, titled, The First Great War of the 21st Century—Prepare, Survive, Prevail, he paints a bleak picture for 2012, predicting a worsening of class warfare that already wages within more than a dozen countries, from Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and Qatar to the UK, Greece and Italy, which will eventually spread to eastern Europe/central Asia and more intensely in the United States.

But, what the world has seen so far is only a economic and social symptom of central bankers’ stop-gap remedies, haphazardly applied to the global financial crisis since its beginning in the U.S. and the fall of Bear Stearns in 2008.

After dozens of trillions of dollars thrown at a global solvency crisis with nothing but further deterioration to show for the money spent, some wonder if the world is about to slide still further into depression.

According to Celente, when the European Union falters from too much supply of debt coming due ($7.3 trillion from G-7 nations, see zerohedge.com) against the backdrop of sliding demand for more debt, the European domino will topple other dominoes, widening the global depression to include the world’s larger economies.

“If you live in Greece, you’re in a depression; if you live in Spain, you’re in a depression; if you live in Portugal or Ireland, you’re in a depression,” Celente said. “If you live in Lithuania, you’re running to the bank to get your money out of the bank as the bank runs go on. It’s a depression. Hungary, there’s a depression, and much of Eastern Europe, Romania, Bulgaria. And there are a lot of depressions going on [already].”

And as far as a Chinese riding in on a white horse to save the day, Celente said, it’s “highly unlikely. China has 1.3 billion people with a million problems . . . If the Europeans and Americans don’t buy a lot of crap, then the Chinese can make it and sell it to them.”

He continued to explain that China will then likely slow its imports of materials from countries which have been supplying mined product during the commodities boom, leading to a vicious spiral of increased unemployment and declining economic activity—a scenario strongly intimated by Dow Theory Letters author Richard Russell in his latest letter to investors (excerpts posted on King World News). Russell, too, expects a steepening U.S. depression, with 25 percent unemployment in the America as his target at the bottom of the depression.

“This whole thing is connected,” Celente explained. “China isn’t going to have the money to throw around to losers anymore than loan shark would give a gambler who can’t pay his old debts back and has a bad gambling habit another loan to gamble . . . They [Chinese] have their own problems to deal with.”

How bad will the next leg down in the world economy likely to be? Could Russell be right? Celente believes a comparison with the 1930s is a good one. He continued, “ . . . you can even listen to Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, or I like to fondly call it, the International Mafia Federation—the loan sharks of last resort—even she’s saying what we’ve been saying now for three years about the parallels between the Crash of 1929, the Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars, world war.

“The Panic of ’08; you have the Great Recessions—Great Depressions going on. Oh, by the way, real estate prices in the United States, they’re at a steeper decline than they were during the Great Depression. Foreclosures continue to mount. It’s taking people over 40 weeks, who lose jobs to find another job, and then finding one at a fraction of what they lost the old one at.”

And as history demonstrates, when horrible economics overwhelm a society, political leaders search for a means of generating national jingoism to redirect the angry mob. That search for political safety usually turns to war.

“So then you look at the trade wars that they’re now talking about,” Celente said. “And, as I said, when you add them up, you have the beginnings of a great war going on already. Oh, and now, and now, they’re talking about, hey, we did such a great job in Iraq and Afghanistan, why don’t we bomb Iran? Have you heard the presidential candidates of the United States, with the exception of Ron Paul, that all want to go to war against Iran? So you can see where it’s going.

“You have psychopaths that have caused a lot of these problems that are giving the answers to how to solve them by adding more violence and criminality on top of old violence and criminality.”

Celente said the kickoff to a global meltdown and a call to war could “spiral out of control” some time “by the first quarter of 2012” as the European crisis worsens to the point of a crack up. “There’s no way to bail out the European nations,” Celente said forcefully.

And the build up to social unrest, calamity and possible civil war can be seen a mile away, said Celente, who segued into another one of the trends he sees for 2012: Safe Havens (escaping the United States).

“They just passed a law in the United states, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),” he said. “It now gives the president the right to identify a person like me and call me a terrorist and that I’m against the government. And the military can come and break down my doors—the military—and arrest me, charge me with nothing, give me no trial, no rights of habeas corpus, no jury, no judge, and they can kill me if they so choose, torture me; they can send me to any country around the world.”

Celente advises preparing now for a quick route out of the United States if a bank holiday (a prediction of his) is called. The ramifications of a dollar devaluation aren’t clear, but an enacted NDAA, FEMA camp readiness and scheduled TSA checkpoint expansion plans suggest the U.S. may enter a crisis on par with the lead up to the U.S. Civil War of 1861-5.  Also see BER article, Gerald Celente Forecast 2012, FEMA Prepares for Dollar Collapse



From DesertPeace

January 5, 2012 



That’s the headline on every Israeli newspaper this morning…. 12 extremist settlers ??? Is that supposed to solve the problem of settler violence?


According to a report issued by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA);

In 2011, three Palestinians were killed and 167 injured by Israeli settlers, whereas one Palestinian was killed and 101 others injured by Israeli soldiers during clashes between Israeli settlers and Palestinians, said the report.

‘Violence by Israeli settlers undermines the physical security and livelihoods of Palestinians living under Israel’s prolonged military occupation,’ said OCHA. ‘This violence includes physical assaults, harassment, takeover of and damage to private property, obstructed access to grazing and agricultural land, and attacks on livestock and agricultural land, among others.’ Italics taken from THIS post.

Are we to believe that the barring of 12 extremists will stop this violence?

Now for the title of this post …. why am I calling this a new Israeli board game? Here’s a report from yesterday …

Israel issues tenders for 300 settler homes

An Israeli ministry on Tuesday issued tenders to build 300 new homes in Jewish only settlements in the occupied West Bank, Israeli media reported. The rest of the report can be seen HERE

Hence the name …. brings to mindpass goandget out of jail for freefrom another board game. Just what kind of game is the IDF playing with us? The mosque burnings, olive grove destruction and murders are often conducted under the watchful eyes of IDF officers themselves. Suddenly they want us to believe they are doing something about it, banning 12 to make room for another 300??

Here’s a card that’s missing from the new game…

What I find disturbing as well is that only one of the 12 is named, by the extremist Arutz Sheva yet; One of the recipients of a restraining order was Yishai Marzel, son of right-wing activist Baruch Marzel. “I am proud of my righteous son, who was singled out by the IDF for his efforts as a warrior on behalf of the land of Israel,” Baruch Marzel said. “We survived Pharaoh and Antiochus, we will survive Netanyahu, Barak and the Likud.” (another example of the ‘rotten’ apple not falling far from the tree). The full report can be seen HERE

So, what are we to think? Is this all for real or just another attempt by Israel to ‘Con The World’ …. Until we get an answer, enjoy this parody from their last attempt…


Welcome to a whole new universe

From  Blog

The Unobservable Universe is becoming available through more and more sales channels and copies are getting distributed to readers worldwide! The book is getting very positive reviews by readers and book reviewers, including a 4 star rating on Amazon.com and a 5 star rating on BarnesandNoble.com!  I also have a growing number of local speaking engagements throughout New Mexico during July, August, and September at which I hope to meet my readers and answer their questions.  You can learn more about these events by clicking here.

In case you have not yet read the book or some of its most important assertions were obscured by the many words that just litter the manuscript, the book describes a process through which a small set of flawed and incomplete interpretations that modern physics inadvertently continues to embrace as scientific truth can be uniquely and definitively identified.  Of course, these same flawed and incomplete scientific interpretations give rise to the large and growing number of paradoxes involving our universe that have arisen especially since the start of the new millennium.  

Once this handful of misunderstandings is corrected, the Theory of Everything underlying all physical phenomena in our universe is no longer obscured and emerges largely on its own.  This relationship allows Einstein’s Special and General Theories of Relativity to be combined into a single, more general form.  Einstein spent most of his life trying to understand why relativity needed to be described by two theories and why the predictions made by relativity and quantum mechanics are incompatible with one another.

By the end of the book I present the Unity Expression.  All physical phenomena obey this single, simple, and very straightforward underlying relationship in which space-time itself is conserved.  The relationship proposes the physical basis for gravity, and explains how to produce and put it to work for us as a benign source of energy that eliminates humanity’s age old tradition of rubbing two “sticks” together – be it real sticks or hydrocarbon “sticks” or nuclear “sticks” – to produce heat and power and which contaminate the planet as an unfortunate, pesky side affect.  

Personally, I don’t feel too terribly sentimental about leaving the “sticks” behind and forging ahead especially since food is today being diverted to produce biofuel and the world is facing the very real prospect of increasing levels of starvation and poverty, and this time they’re not limited to places we can conveniently ignore.

Another key insight I uncovered along the way is that mass is not a property of matter. Instead, mass is a property of space as the universe’s local potential energy (in the form of indeterminate wave functions that we perceive as free space) collapses into observable determinate states; void space puckers and morsels of matter are observed at the phenomenon’s center of gravity.  Einstein’s field equations are completely correct; however, it appears to me that Einstein inverted the cause and effect relationship among the phenomena set known as matter, mass, and gravity.

Here are just a few of the other interesting tidbits which are also described in detail in the book:

  • the universal gravitational constant increases over time and provides the basis for the false perception that the rate of the expansion of the universe is increasing;

  • there was no Big Bang;

  • the mysterious phenomena known today as dark matter and dark energy can be fully understood through simple scientifically based explanations;

  • the physical basis for causality and the the arrow of time;

  • the physical basis for gravity and the means by which to produce and harness it.

This last point seems particularly important since a contraption built on these concepts holds the potential to re-establish the health and long-term habitability of the planet and provide the prospect of a brighter future for all of our planet’s life forms, since energy becomes pretty much free, inexhaustible, and evironmentally benign.

The theories proposed in The Unobservable Universe have the potential to drastically alter the direction of human civilization in a very positive way, while actually preserving a meaningful future for the other living things with which we share our amazing planet.  That surely must count for something.


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