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Posted by Xaniel777 on January 11, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : January 11, 2012



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From Oath Keepers

 Registration Deadline:

 Note to all readers: Please know that this conference is for peace officers only. Each of you can help by donating to the event financially and by spreading the word to your County Sheriff's office . Registration is due by January 11, 2012 ( This message should have been sent out at least two weeks ago, but okay.~~ Xaniel777 ) Oath Keepers has just learned that it is possible to register after January 11th, but Sheriff Mack has asked us to urge registering as soon as possible.

A tireless warrior for freedom in America, Sheriff Mack, is at it again.

He and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association are pitching a remarkable conference in Las Vegas during January 29-31, 2012. Sheriffs and Peace Officers from around the nation will convene to discuss timely issues of duty and responsibility enshrined in their positions.

The Purpose of this convention is twofold;

1) To increase the understanding and awareness for all sheriffs and peace officers regarding the true power of our constitutional authority and duty to serve and protect the people for whom we work and;

2) To unite in a concerted effort to uphold and defend the United States Constitution. Currently there are Sheriffs all across America taking stands against the unlawful incursions and overreach of state and federal governments and their agencies. The list of such patriots is long and growing. Many will be at this conference to share their experiences.

One need only view the list of Directors in CSPOA to evaluate the caliber and quality of this conference.

The CSPOA Board of Directors:

Dean Wilson, Sheriff Del Norte County CA

Jon Lopey, Sheriff Siskiyou County CA

Ron Bruce, Sheriff Hinsdale County CO

Robert Douglas, Chief of Police Chiefland Levy County FL

Cornel Rasor, County Commisioner Bonner County ID

Brad Rogers, Sheriff Elkhart County IN

Chuck Korzenborn, Sheriff Kenton County KY

Donnie Smith, Sheriff Washington County ME

Billy McGee, Sheriff Forrest County MS

Christopher Conley, Sheriff Carroll County NH

Tony DeMeo, Sheriff Nye County NV

Glenn Palmer, Sheriff Grant County OR

Gil Gilbertson, Sheriff Josephine County OR

Bunny Welsh, Sheriff Chester County PA

David Medlin, Sheriff Oldham County TX

Mark Gower, Sheriff Iron County, UT

John D'Agostini Sheriff El Dorado County, CA

Richard Mack, Retired Graham County Sheriff, AZ 

- The County Sheriff Project helps sponsor this conference.

Sunday January 29: Arrival at Tuscany Hotel. Enjoy Las Vegas Monday January 30: All day meeting Guest Speakers in the morning Sheriffs Defending Bill of Rights in the afternoon Joint Declaration discussion late afternoon Banquet, Photo, more Guest Speakers at dinner Finalization of Joint Declaration Tuesday, January 31: Optional activities News Conference Rally & Guest Speakers TBA Speakers for the conference include:

Stewart Rhodes, founder, Oath Keepers;

Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America;

Aaron Kennard, CEO National Sheriffs Association;

Sheriff Richard Mack, Founder & President CSPOA;

Dave Mattis, Fmr. Big Horn County, Utah Sheriff;

Thomas Woods, Author, Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in 21st Century;

Joseph Banister, Fmr IRS Enforcement Agent;

Michael Badnarik, Author & Trainer, ConstitutionPreservation.org;

Clyde Cleveland, Author, CommonSenseRevisited.com.

Continue reading and get full details at Oath Keepers:Click Here  

Support Operation Sleeping Giant, Join Oath Keepers and get involved.

Operation Sleeping Giant  

Oath Keepers is growing FAST, but like General Patton, we are outpacing our own supply lines. Your donations are "fuel" for our advance!

If you would like to support the Oath Keepers vital mission to teach the current serving about their oath and about the Constitution so they will stand firm and do what is right, and our second mission to remind veterans of their oath and obligations.:

Please click the PayPal image below to donate. If you would like to mail your donation: Make checks payable to: OathKeepers Mail to: Oath Keepers 5130 S. Fort Apache suite 215 Las Vegas, NV 89148



Oath Keepers salutes Down Size DC and the Tenth Amendment Center.

From Oath Keepers

Urban Warfare

                Urban Warfare

Read at source:


NDAA: Open Season for the Police State

By Jim Babka, Downsize DC

How the New Indefinite Detention Provisions can be used on Americans

Congress just passed, and the President just signed, a bill that gives legal authority to the President to kidnap and perpetually imprison persons, including American citizens, without the benefit of due process.

Members of Congress, in the days leading up to the vote, tried to assure their constituents that they have nothing to fear — that the bill doesn’t apply to Americans.

Some were lying. Most were deceived.

Now, I don’t want to imply that Barack Obama plans to sweep up every one of his critics (or even a select few) because of statements they’ve uttered publicly. That is overstatement. The law doesn’t permit that. But consider the following scenario…

You object to the way the Federal Leviathan State is run. You gather, every other Tuesday, with others who share your values. We’ll call your fictional group the Constitution League (CL).

One night, a new fellow shows up. He’s frustrated and outspoken. He complains that the time for meetings is over. Something must be done — something that will “get their attention.” You’re uncomfortable with his remarks but unsure how to respond.

You hope he never returns, and he doesn’t.

What you don’t know, until months later, is that one of our CL colleagues, the chapter Vice President, followed the vocal man out to the parking lot. The two exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. Then, your local VP reached out to a third man, a member of a CL chapter in the nearest big city. The three met regularly. They plotted and executed their own terrorist plot on a U.S. Government facility.

Now, your group meeting was the place they met. The Vice President used his CL email account. CL is all over the news. CL is now, for all intents and purposes, a terrorist group.

And you? Well, you’ve donated to the terrorist organization. You’ve participated in its meetings. The night this angry man walked in, you didn’t call the authorities.

* Can the President have the military come and arrest you? Yes!
* Can he (or she) send you to a military tribunal for trial or just hold you indefinitely in a military facility, without charges? Yes!

Even the bill co-sponsor, Senator McCain, appears to agree with this assessment. Senator Rand Paul asked John McCain, on the Senate floor, “…under the provisions, would it be possible that an American citizen could be declared an ‘enemy combatant’ and sent to Guantanamo Bay, and detained indefinitely?” McCain responded, “I think that as long as that individual, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE, if they POSE A THREAT to the security of the United States of America, should not be allowed to continue the threat.” {Emphasis Added}

Wait a minute. Wasn’t there a provision in this bill that exempted Americans?

Despite what your Congressional office may have told you (if you called during the debate over this bill) the answer to that question is an emphatic NO!

The relevant sections of the bill are 1021 and 1022.

* Section 1021 asserts the President’s authority to arrest suspected (not convicted) terrorists and gives him the option to choose whether or not they even get a trial, and if so, what kind of trial.

* Section 1022 requires that a certain class of terrorist get no trial. Instead they must be held in military prisons, for as long as this President, or any future President desires.


Section 1021 is very expansive in its reach. It “includ[es] any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces.”

* Who is “any person?”
* What is a “belligerent act?”
* What is “direct support?”

One could be safe in assuming these words mean whatever a creatively-minded prosecutor, a flexible judge, and an ignorant jury define them to mean — EXCEPT THAT, UNDER THIS ACT, ONE MIGHT NEVER GET AS FAR AS A COURT HEARING.

These terms will be defined by the bureaucrats in power.

They could be used against political opponents.

1021 has NO exceptions. There’s not even a hint of an exception. Remember, that section gave the President the authority to arrest you and a set of options on how you were to be handled. These choices are completely divorced from the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments, as well as the Treason provisions of Article III. The President’s new alternatives are…

1. Detention without trial by the military
2. Trial by a military commission
3. Trial by some other court of the President’s choosing
4. Shipping you off to a foreign jurisdiction (info here)


1022 is a REQUIREMENT — a binding mandate upon the President. President Obama threatened to veto the bill, but only because he feared 1022 would restrict his power too much. http://gawker.com/5866210/jon-stewart-bashes-obama-for-backing-indefinite-detention-bill

This section is for your fellow CL members/plotters. Whereas, you got snatched up for “support” or “aid” to the plot, they actually carried out an attack, or as the section itself indicates…

“…participated in the course of planning or carrying out an attack or attempted attack against the United States or its coalition partners.”

Section 1022 requires the President to go with option #1 above — the other three options are off the table. In other words, no trial, either in a civilian court or military tribunal.

In the final version of the bill, after a public storm started to erupt, the title of the section was changed to indicate that it only applied to “foreign al-Qaeda terrorists.” However, titles are not normally considered part of the law but merely summary descriptions to the reader of a bill.

But this title is especially IRONIC, because it’s this section that includes the so-called exemption for American citizens. Why would you need to exempt American citizens from a section of law that applies to “foreign al-Qaeda terrorists?”

The answer is because the section applies to any kind of “terrorist,” domestic or foreign, no matter what the title says.

And here’s the so-called exemption, with the key word highlighted…

The REQUIREMENT to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.

That means that military custody, without a trial, is mandated by law, but that the President, at his discretion or by written policy, may issue a waiver on the basis that a person is an American citizen.

If this provision was a true safeguard for American citizens, then the line would’ve been written like this…

Military custody of citizens of the United States is still prohibited under this act.

See the difference? It’s a requirement that can be waived at discretion, as opposed to a prohibition.

Now, do you realize Congress has given the Federal State the power to use military detention on its own citizens? And that they’ve made it possible to wage a war on peaceful activists, if they can just incite someone in your group to attempt something violent?

Don’t worry. It’s not like the FBI is busy infiltrating meetings, entrapping some dullard into a plot, equipping and financing his efforts, and then claiming credit for stopping another terrorist attack! Oh wait, that’s happened about 40 times since 9/11.

Thus, to complete our story, the angry man who showed up at the CL meeting might’ve work for the FBI. And he duped two idiots in your group, who put you and your fellow members in legal jeopardy.

This new law is that serious. President Obama has claimed he won’t use this power. All that needs to happen now is a provocative incident. Then, all bets are off. Since these nearly unlimited, un-constitutional powers are now law, this President, or a future one, will be able to kidnap and disappear Americans. It could very easily be open season for the police state.


Jim Babka is the President of Downsize DC Foundation and DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

DownsizeDC.org will soon launch a campaign to repeal these sections from the law.

Copyright © 2012 by Jim Babka. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit to the author, DownsizeDC.org

and TenthAmendmentCenter.com is given.

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        A Fifth Order House 

From Urban Survival

I’ve been through a marvelous personal experience of how the world may operate as (and after) we stumble through the change-period (March 2-9, and in a more broader perspective March 1- perhaps July 1 of this year and even into 2013-2014) in the past day, or so.  But it’s not a simple thing to explain and is, perhaps, best shared by presenting the three separate parts which make up the whole that perhaps touches on our shared future, coming soon to a planet near you.

Vision:  Clif and I have been trying to figure out how to “get the word out” since he’s not only been working on the longer-term data falling out of the web bot project/predictive linguistics, but also the problem of how to help people “surf” the near (or past) overload conditions which will accompany events.

His current method of analysis is very intense (long processing routines, hours of distilling and a couple of hours time just for the data to load into modelspace.

In the face of the complexity wave ahead, what is the (harmonious with Universe) “right path” that’s not quite apparent?

Harmony:  I don’t think he’ll mind my sharing it…a great email from Kingsley L. Dennis which is amazingly on point – and it’s another grear example of why I refer to Outlook 2010 as my personal “I-Ching Inbox”:

“Hi George,

Okay, so after about 2 years of ongoing dipping into your site and reading about the latest financial shenanigans, web-bot forecasts, WuJu reporting, and ‘what the hell’ news…I figured it was time I dropped you a line as you’re now touching on my territory!! 😉 What I mean to say is that your latest post today citing Ervin Laszlo’s book  Chaos Point 2012 and Beyond: Appointment with Destiny  peeked me enough to scribble to you with a smile….

To make this briefer than some of your reader’s mails, I am a friend & colleague with Ervin Laszlo (we have done an edited book together), and Ervin also kindly wrote the forward to my recent book New Consciousness for a New World: How to Thrive in Transitional Times and Participate in the Coming Spiritual Renaissance‘, which talks about all these complex tipping points together. I used to work as a lecturer in Sociology for a well-known UK university, where my speciality was ‘Complex Systems’….after doing my MA on Ervin’s own General Evolutionary Theory, I lectured in complexity and was one of the first to give lectures (in 2004-5) on blogging, smart-mobs, as a phenomenom of complexity… Then I left an academic career to go into full-time writing (ie. getting out of the groove!) – and in 2009 finished a book that talked about the crashing together of many complex systems, including an early analysis on GlobalRev! And how we need a change of our mental paradigms in order to move through these disturbing times…the book was finally published last September in the US by Inner Traditions (as above), which talks of all the things you’ve been mentioning on the site…

Ironically I go over to Cliff’s site to read his Complexity Shock; Cresting with the Wave., only to read that he’s using the term ‘New Complexity‘…this brought a wee smile to my face as my own PhD (published 2006) was titled ‘New Complexities‘!! Tipping points everywhere!! So we’re really on for the ride now, as all old-energy systems are shifting rapidly into increased entropic decline….and like waves of quantum interference, the new that’s coming through is creating ‘interference patterns’ which translates as physical, mental, and psychological disturbances. I talk about these disturbances in the book (as well as getting into them heavier in my upcoming book The Struggle for Your Mind: Conscious Evolution and the Battle to Control How We Think due out May 2012)…

So, for me, the major area we really have to battle for in 2012 is our very consciousness – the way we think. We’re under attack, and we the people really need to hold our minds together so that the physical disturbance patterns do not have a knock-on effect psychologically and thus disempower us at exactly the time we need to be empowered to participate in the shifts ahead….

I also live off the water-mains and grow my own food by the way! (check out my homepage below)…

So keep on rocking! And I’ll keep on reading your site….

Thanks for the wit along the way…..


— Kingsley L. Dennis

‘Let the beauty we love be what we do’

My Homepage

Guidance:  The last piece of my experience is summed up in two great observations.  One is Arthur Clarke’s Third Law:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Our other touchstone is Albert Einstein’s:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Synthesis:  Clif and I need to create what we’re calling a “fifth order house.

I expect, what our fifth order house will be is a first-effect at the kind of “new company” which my friend Jack Lessinger envisioned in his book a while back

Transformation: The fall of the consumer economy and the rise of the responsible capitalist.

As a result of understanding (so we think) some of how all this will work, Clif & I will produce period .mp3’s which will be distributed dirty cheap (we figure $3.00 each .mp3 will cover costs) and  – you’ll like this part – since it’s a fifth order house  we will allocate half of the revenue to the expense categorty “charity-community” and we will give that away.

Discovery:  It’s on this “giving away” or more correctly stated “giving back to” the community that we made our first discovery about how the current system has been designed to ensure it’s own survival.

We had originally thought “WTF – let’s give away 80% back to community and really harmonize well with Universe.”


Turns out IRS (in Publication 24) has a limit of 50% which can be sheltered from income tax.  To be sure, there are ways to organize for higher levels, such as non-profit status, but then you get into detached boards of directors, and all the rest, which when you think about it is in conflict with Einstein’s advice about simplicity.

But my discovery (or first-hand observation more accurately) is something I hadn’t considered previously:  If a company were to be formed with the express intent of help omnihumanity, we have codified limitations such that the older 4th order institutions maintain their reason to exist.

So, in other words, if Clif and I were to give away say 90% of whatever comes in to the Fifth Order House, we would end up paying income tax on 40% of the revenue.

Which gets us to a very, very interesting question:  If a company – let’s say a music group – performed on .mp3’s and did mini or micro-payments and really did just wish to spread around good and be self-sufficient, why shouldn’t such a business entity be able to give away an unlimited amount of profit back to the community, so long as it was to bona fide 501 (c)(3) charities, such as the local food bank?

The implication is that government can spend money more effectively than the people who make it and wish to give it away.  To me, that doesn’t make sense because government doesn’t do anything for free.  They get a handling charge. A steep one, too, judging by government employee counts and retirement liabilities plus entitlements, plus…..plus….plus…

As to the notion that government deserves a “cut” for providing “services” like fire and police, I’d note that those are already being paid out of property taxes and the sales taxes on the purchases made by business owners.  Oh, and let’s not leave out business taxes, as well.

May not seem like a great discovery to you, I mean it’s early at all, but it sure taught me a lot about inertia of the fourth-ordered world and why there will likely be a fair bit of discomfort going into the fifth-ordered world to come.

My observations are that:

  • Fourth-ordered institutions have structured their existence to prevent wholesale replacement by new-order institutions such as benevolent capitalism and…

  • Universe may provide so much bounty from the fifth order approach that the fifth order businesses will dominate over time, since working to personally be generous is a whole lot more attractive than working so someone (or some institution, in this case government) can go around being generous.

And the change point is just ahead when government discovers that its ability to be generous has failed because (having no skin in the game), like a 5OH does, they overplayed their generosity and they started making promises their supporting structure (4th order capitalism) can no longer support first because it is no longer in harmony with resources and need and secondly because 4th order capitalism doesn’t have a good use to which “growth” can be directed, except the continued concentration of wealth in the hands of the few.

So when you see TSA setting up checkpoints at Social Security offices and so forth, it really has to do with the fourth order world asserting power (and dare we wonder “empire building?”) as it does with legitimate “security” concerns. 

I like to ask the Hollywood actor question “What’s my motivation?” and seems to me that any enemy of America would see plain as day that we’re sinking under our own weight and that attacking the institutions which continue to gnaw at the nation’s financial underpinnings would be the absolutelast things to attack.

The 99% – knowingly or otherwise – do have a secret weapon after all.  The fifth order house.  And the more generous and open we all become, the less susceptible to terrorism as well.  We bring back the golden goose and give away eggs.  Hard to hate that kind of system, isn’t it?


The Feds have sued for peace and detailed settlement negotiations have begun

From Benjamin Fulford’s Blog

First let me start with this Correction:

” The Weekly Geopolitical News and Analsysis20120102 report incorrectly states that this year will be the year of the fire dragon. Many readers have written to tell me it will be the water dragon. The water dragon is known for calm, visionary intelligence. My apologies for the sloppy fact-checking.”  ~~ Ben


In a very major development, the Federal Reserve Board faction that is in de-facto control of the Obama regime and Israel has approached the White Dragon Society to negotiate a way to unfreeze their funds. They have promised to use any released funds for humanitarian projects and to develop hitherto forbidden technology.

The 130-nation group that announced a new financial system through the Conscious Media Network on January 1st also contacted the White Dragon Society and said they will prove with action, and not words, that they represent extremely powerful interests. This writer initially, and apparently incorrectly, denounced the announcement as a psy-ops because this group was not identical to the 117 nation Monaco group previously reported about in this newsletter.  

All of these major factions will now have to reach an agreement. There will some serious horse-trading over the coming weeks before any sort of agreement is reached or public announcement is made but it appears a solution to the financial crisis is now on the horizon.

Continue at Weekly Geopolitical News and Analys

My Recent Find

The attached documents were sent by a source linked to Ferdinand Marcos and have been confirmed as genuine secret government documents. 


5 Things You Should Know About the FBI’s Massive New Biometric Database

From AlterNet

Civil libertarians worry about the roll-out of Next Generation Identification, a massive expansion of the agency’s current biometric database.

By Tana Ganeva is AlterNet’s managing editor

January 8, 2012   

The FBI claims that their fingerprint database (IAFIS) is the “largest biometric database in the world,” containing records for over a hundred million people. But that’s nothing compared to the agency’s plans for Next Generation Identification (NGI), a massive, billion-dollar upgrade that will hold iris scans, photos searchable with face recognition technology, palm prints, and measures of gait and voice recordings alongside records of fingerprints, scars, and tattoos. 

Ambitions for the final product are candidly spelled out in an agency report: “The FBI recognizes a need to collect as much biometric data as possible within information technology systems, and to make this information accessible to all levels of law enforcement, including International agencies.” (A stack of documents related to NGI was obtained by the Center for Constitutional Rights and others after a FOIA lawsuit.) 

It’ll be “Bigger — Better — Faster,” the FBI brags on their Web site. Unsurprisingly, civil libertarians have concerns about the privacy ramifications of a bigger, better, faster way to track Americans using their body parts.

“NGI will expand the type and breadth of information FBI keeps on all of us,” says Sunita Patel of the Center for Constitutional Rights. “There should be a balance between gathering information for law enforcement, and gathering information for its own sake.”

Here are 5 things you should probably know about NGI:

1. Face Recognition

This month, the FBI is giving police departments in 4 states access to face recognition technology that lets them search the agency’s mugshot database with only an image of a face. Police can repay the favor by feeding the FBI mugshots they collect from local arrests, bulking up the agency’s database with images of more and more people.

The face recognition pilot program is supposed to expand to police departments across the country by 2014. When it’s fully operational, the FBI expects its database to contain as many records of faces as there are fingerprints in the current database — about 70 million, reports Nextgov.com. The agency’s optimism seems warranted. If most local police departments are agreeable about information-sharing NGI can vacuum up images from all over the country. 

The problem with that, civil libertarians point out, is that anyone’s picture can end up in the database, regardless of whether or not they’ve committed a crime. Mug shots get snapped when people are arrested, and unlike a fingerprint — which requires either arrest or consent to a background check — a face could potentially be captured and fed into a database from anywhere. 

“Anybody walking around could potentially be entered,” Jennifer Lynch, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, tells AlterNet. “Just the fact that those images can be taken surreptitiously raises concerns. If someone takes your fingerprints, you know. But in the face recognition context, it’s possible for law enforcement to collect that data without knowledge.” The millions of private and public security cameras all over the country would certainly provide a fruitful source for images, Lynch points out. 

Going out in public naturally entails the risk that someone will see what you’re doing or take your picture. Law enforcement officials angling for looser surveillance rules often deploy the argument that what people do in public is inherently not private. (It’s also been used in recent debates over whether it’s legal for police to put a GPS tracking device on someone’s car without a warrant.) But privacy advocates counter that modern surveillance technology goes so far beyond the human eye, which obviously has neither the capacity to track someone’s location for days (GPS) or store their image in a database (video surveillance, face recognition) that traditional distinctions between public and private don’t really apply.

An agency powerpoint presented at a 2011 biometrics conference outlines some of the sophisticated technology in the FBI’s face recognition initiatives. There’s software that distinguishes between twins; 3-D face capture that expands way beyond frontal, two-dimensional mugshots; face-aging software; and automated face detection in video. The report also says agencies can ID individuals in “public datasets,” which privacy advocates worry could potentially include social media like Facebook. 

Meanwhile, existing laws are rarely up to speed with galloping technological advances in surveillance, say privacy advocates. At this point, “You just have to rely on law enforcement to do the right thing,” Lynch says.

2. Iris Scans

Iris-scanning technology is the centerpiece of the second-to-last stage in the roll-out of NGI (scheduled for sometime before 2014). Iris scans offer up several advantages to law enforcement, both in terms of identifying people and fattening up databases. 

The pattern of an iris is so unique it can distinguish twins, and it allegedly stays the same throughout a person’s life. Like facial recognition, iris scans cut out the part where someone has to be arrested or convicted of a crime for law enforcement to grab a record of their biometric data.

“This capability has the potential to benefit law enforcement by requiring less interaction with subjects and will allow quicker acquisition,” reads a CJIS report to the White House Domestic Policy Council. 

In fact, being in the same place as a police officer equipped with a mobile iris-scanning device is all it takes. Last fall, police departments across the country got access to the MORIS device, a contraption attached to an iPhone that lets police collect digital fingerprints, run face recognition and take iris scans. (Over the summer, the FBI also starting passing out mobile devices to local law enforcement that lets them collect fingerprints digitally at the scene, according to Government Computer News.)

3. Rap-Back System

A lot of the action in the FBI’s fingerprint database is in background checks for job applicants applying to industries that vet for criminal history, like taking care of the elderly or children, hospital work, and strangely, being a horse jockey in Michigan. As Cari Athens, writing for the Michigan Telecommunications and Law Review points out, if a job applicant checks out, the FBI either destroys the prints or returns them to the employer. But that’s no fun if the goal is to collect vast amounts of biometric data!

Through the “Rap-Back” system, the FBI will offer employers another option: the agency is willing to keep the fingerprints in order to alert the employer if their new hire has run-ins with the law at any point in the future. 

“The Rap-Back Service will provide authorized users the capability to receive notification of criminal and, in limited cases, civil activity of enrolled individuals that occurs after the initial processing and retention of criminal or civil fingerprint transactions,” reads the FBI site.

4. Data Sharing Between Agencies

The roll-out of NGI advances another goal: breaking down barriers between databases operated by different agencies. One of the directives of the billion-dollar project is to grease information swapping between the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense. The DOJ and DHS have worked toward “interoperatibility” between their databases for years. In 2009, the Department of Defense and DOJ also signed on to an agreement to share biometric information. 

All of these agencies have been busy ramping up their collection of data. The Department of Defense’s ABIS database has archived fingerprints, images of faces, iris scans, and palm prints in Iraq and Afghanistan and have started collecting voice recordings. They claim to have 5.1 million records, with 49 percent coming from Iraq, but efforts in Afghanistan are ramping up, according to a DoD powerpoint(Biometric information gathered in Iraq will not be relinquished with our pull-out, as Spencer Ackerman reported.) The Department of Homeland Security biometric database (IDENT) grabs the fingerprints and a photo (searchable with facial recognition) of visitors to the US through a program called US-Visit. Through the Secure-Communities program, meant to reveal the immigration status of people booked in local jails, (more on that below) both IDENT and the FBI collected biometric information from local law enforcement. 

A DHS powerpoint about Secure Communities promises that “Under NGI, law enforcement agencies will have the option to search multiple repositories.” FBI reports detail how NGI will promote smoother swapping of more and more detailed biometric information: “NGI will increase information processing and sharing needs of the more than 18,000 local, state, federal, and international agencies who are our customers.” It’s not clear which international agencies will be able to tap into NGI.

The advantages of collaboration are clear, but it’s not without some potentially nasty consequences. When that information includes private identifying data, like the unique pattern of an iris, fingerprint or face , civil liberties advocates see likely privacy breaches. 

“With more people having access to data, you don’t know where data is going, who’s using it against you.” says EFF’s Lynch. “Particularly when you’re talking about surreptitious collection like facial recognition, the government has the ability to track you wherever you go. Data sharing between agencies presents the possibility for constant surveillance.”

Sunita Patel points out that cases of mistaken identity can be infinitely complicated when the information flows through multiple government agencies. If you’re mistakenly flagged by one agency, she says, how would you go about scrubbing the false record whenever your fingerprint or Iris scan gets pinged by a different one?

5. NGI and Secure Communities (S-Comm)

One recent test run in interagency data-sharing has not gone particularly well: Secure Communities, a DHS program that lets local law enforcement officials run the fingerprints of people booked in jails against the IDENT database to check their immigration status and tip off ICE to undocumented immigrants. 

Like many policies targeting America’s immigrant population, Secure Communities (S-Comm) — pitched as protection against violent criminals — devolved into dragnets and mass deportations, with people getting dragged in for minor offenses like missing business permits and even for reporting crimes. In one incident a woman called the police about a domestic violence incident, only to be ensnared in deportation proceedings herself. As Marie Diamond points out in Think Progress, DHS’s immigration databases have so many errors that the program “routinely flags citizens as undocumented immigrants.” 

To complicate matters: activists at the Center for Constitutional Rights argue that the documents they obtained after an FOIA request and lawsuit show that the FBI saw the program as a great opportunity to start beefing up NGI and pushed reluctant local police departments to participate in the program.

An CJIS/FBI guide instructing officials how to pitch S-Comm to local law enforcement explains that, “Ultimately, LEA participation is inevitable because SC is simply the first of a number of biometric interoperatability systems being brought online by the FBI/CJIS ‘Next Generation Identification’ initiative.” 

The document lays out strategies for dealing with resistant police departments, including, “Deploy to as many places in the surrounding locale, creating a ‘ring of interoperatability’ around the resistant site.”

“It’s a way of operationalizing wide-sweeping intelligence gathering,” Sunita Patel of CCR tells AlterNet.

What could possibly go wrong? 

Advancements in the collection of biometric data are double-edged: there’s the threat of a massive government surveillance infrastructure working too well — e.g., surveillance state — and there are concerns about its weaknesses, especially in keeping data secure. 

A breach of a sophisticated, multi-modal biometric database makes for a nightmarish scenario because the whole point of biometric data is that it offers unique ways to ID people, so there’s no easy fix — like a password change — for compromised biometric data. Pointing to the dangers of identify theft of biometric data, Patel observes that, “Unlike a password, the algorithm of an iris can’t be changed.”

Tana Ganeva is AlterNet’s managing editor. Follow her on Twitter or email her at tana@alternet.org.


Witnesses: Israel military vehicles enter Gaza

From Ma’an News

Published January 10, 2012

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli military vehicles entered the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning, with witnesses reporting heavy gunfire in the area.

Forces accompanied bulldozers around 300 meters inside the border near Jabalia to raze lands in the area, witnesses told Ma’an. No casualties were reported.

An Israeli army spokesman said the incident was “routine activity.”

Gunfire was also heard in the southern Gaza Strip early Tuesday, with locals saying Palestinian militants exchanged fire with an Israeli military post near the Kerem Shalom crossing.

The military spokesman said he was not familiar with the incident.

Report: Quartet asks Israel for incentives to Palestinians

From Ma’an News

Published January 10, 2012

TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Quartet envoys asked the Israeli Prime Minister to provide “confidence-building measures” to keep Palestinian officials in talks after the end of the month, Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

PLO official Saeb Erekat met Israeli envoy Yitzhak Molcho in Amman on Monday, in the second round of unofficial, closed-door talks hosted by Jordan.

Hoping to extend the meetings beyond the Jan. 26 deadline it had set in October, the Quartet and Jordan have called on Benjamin Netanyahu to consider freeing Palestinian prisoners and expanding the Palestinian Authority’s control, among other measures, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

Palestinian officials insist they cannot enter full talks with Israel until it freezes settlement building on occupied Palestinian land, saying this threatens the viability of the Palestinian state they would be negotiating for. There was no indication after Monday’s meeting that a settlement freeze was being considered by Israel.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Juda said the PLO gave Israel a proposal on borders and security issues at the first summit last Tuesday, and Israeli representatives promised to respond to the proposals in future meetings.

One more meeting is scheduled before the end of January.




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(Miss American for FederalJack)   Imagine a scenario where the government subsidizes (bribes) a corporation to force you, under some shady implied mandate,  to accept a newly invented Gizmo for your car.  The corporation tells you everyonemust have one”, “you don’t have any choice”, and if you refuse your car will cease to operate and be confiscated.  You feel a little nervous and skeptical since you never heard of this Gizmo and your friends haven’t either. 

The corporation tells you that his Gizmo is going to save you money on your fuel bill, conserve the world’s energy, and help to save the earth from your morbidly overweight carbon footprint.  You feel somewhat bewildered because no one has ever ambushed you like that, telling you that you must comply with something you never heard of, and you’d like a bit of time to think about it. But, the next day you come out the door to leave for work and see that the Gismo has already been installed on your car, and all your neighbor’s cars as well. 

You all get to talking and figure ‘oh well we all have to have it anyway and we’ll be saving money’, so you get in your car and head to work while your mind goes to the workday ahead of you.  Over the next week, for some reason you feel sick and lightheaded when you arrive at the office, but soon the feeling passes, and you get on with the days work.

One afternoon on the way home, you look down and are shocked that you need gas already!  Usually you can go a whole two weeks on a tank of gas since you live near the office.  But this time your tank is near empty after just ten days, and on top of it you have that sick feeling again.  “Hey, I thought I was supposed to save gas with this Gizmo”! 

When you get home you feel so bad you just head to bed.  But in a few minutes the phone rings and wakes you up.  It’s Joe, the neighbor.  He tells you that the Gizmo on his car blew up, but the man at the corporation told him it must have been something that was already wrong with his car that made the Gizmo blow up and the repairs are on Joe’s dime.  He’s really ticked off, since everything was fine before the Gizmo went on.  He also tells you that the repair is really going to hurt since he was out sick for the last few days without pay.  And to make matters worse they want him to pay hundreds to replace the Gizmo.

A few days later you feel really rotten and instead of driving to work you head straight to your Doctors office.  He doesn’t know what is wrong, so he orders blood work and sends you to the drugstore for medicine.  You figure you’ll go into work and do a short afternoon and go home to bed.   On the way home you toot the horn at your friend who’s filling up at the gas station. 

He doesn’t wave back and looks mad.  By the time you get home you feel even sicker, even though you started the medicine the doc prescribed.  You glance at the newspaper and see the headline that George, who lives at the end of the street has died in a car fire.  The fire chief is investigating and the man at the corporation says it absolutely wasn’t caused by the Gizmo.  You start to become worried.  Could it be the Gizmo?  You’d heard someone say it wasn’t tested for safety.  But the corporation said it passed federal standards.

You just want to lie down and sleep now, but the phone rings.  It’s Wanda, Joe’s friend.  She said she’s scared and doesn’t want to have the Gizmo put on her old car because of what happened to Joe, but the corporation said they would take her car, and she needs her car to go to work.  She wants to know what to do.   You tell her it doesn’t look like she has any choice since there’s no bus service in her area. She starts to cry and hangs up.  You now have a crashing headache and collapse in bed.

The next day on the way to work, you think you’re feeling a bit better.  As you approach the red light you see police cars and a bunch of people.  Some of them have signs saying “stop forced Gizmos”, some are being tazed and arrested, and  you see a bunch of cars lined up at the “get your Gizmo here” store, There’s a car on the side of the road with the hood up and a man sticking his head in the engine where smoke is streaming out.  A little further down the street you see a cop driving away in a new Corvette and a man stranded there with his “Refuse Gizmos” sign.  “Oh my God” you think. What should I do?  You feel sick as hell.  Frantic, you pull over and look around inside your car for something to vomit in.

You head back to the doctors since you’re sure something is terrible wrong.  He tells you he can’t find anything wrong and tells you it’s all in your head.  You sit in your car wondering if you are going nuts, when you see that you need gas again.  While you’re filling your tank and digging for your last money before payday, your phone rings.  It’s your elderly next door neighbor Ester, asking if you can give her a ride to her doctor.  She’s really sick and the corporation took her car. 

The Gizmo was making her ill so she took it off herself after they said they absolutely would not remove it.  It finally dawns on you that the Gizmo is making you sick and you want it off.  When you finally get to work you call the corporation and tell them you want the Gizmo off the car because it’s making you so sick that you’re missing work.  The man says he’ll see what he can do and that he’ll call you back.  You swear to yourself that you’ll get a lawyer and sue the pants off of them.  Yea!  You’ll get a class action suit going!!  That will stop this insanity!

You stay home the next day waiting for the man to call, but he never does.  By now, you are livid and drive down to the corporation, feeling more sick by the minute.  The man comes out, walking toward you with a smirk on his face.  You demand that he take his Gizmo off your car and reimburse you for the extra gas the Gizmo used, your sick time off work, the doctor visit and the medicine.  He says ‘I’m really sorry, there’s nothing I can do”.  You tell him you want to see his boss. 

He laughs and says ‘I am the boss’.   You are ready to blow.  He says “look, here’s what I can do.  Maybe you got a bad Gizmo.  I’ll put a reconditioned one on and I bet you’ll be fine.  It’s not the Gizmo making you sick.  They are safe and you will save money”   You tell him you know the Gizmos have a bad design and they are all defective, and you know they never even tested them for safety.  The man gets a knowing smile on his face and walks away……….

WHAT THIS STORY REPRESENTS is the dangerous fiasco called The Smart Grid, the installation of so-called wireless Smart Meters on every home in America, and the attitude and demeanor of the utilities towards their customers.  States, utilities, and corporation commissions were awarded (bribed) with shares of a 3.4 billion dollargrant (giveaway) from the ’09 stimulus fund (our money) to implement this program.  It is all a part of the sovereign ending, goodbye America, UN Agenda 21 treaty. 

If or when it is complete, it will be another part of the complete control matrix over every persons life, our movements, activities, and in this area, our energy usage.  This program has been rolled out with no public education, notice, or input, and it didn’t take long for the huge problems with it to surface and for the people to resist.  It is being sold as a money saver for ratepayers, a way to conserve the world’s energy, and supposedly to help save the environment. (Sure, a better environment that will literally soak communities in radiofrequency radiation, at a time when cities, schools, and public places are removing wi-fi and moving cell towers because of the danger!)  And let us not forget that Agenda 21 is heavily weighted with de-population ideals, for a sustainable earth. 

You know, sustainable is always good.  While Americans are enduring and grieving the slow grinding death of our nation, we’ve had to helplessly watch as our elected ‘leaders’ openly steal and pillage the last of our freedoms and wealth.  They spent what’s left of our own money to build a fortress of protection against us, and will do whatever is necessary to silence, control, intimidate, jail or eliminate their ‘enemy’.  This happy talk Smart Grid reveals its true evil purpose in the arrival of an innocent looking guy called the ‘installer’.  And once his work is done, you will know that you have come face to face, toe to toe, with the true face of tyranny. 

You will realize, as you call for help, that everyone, right down to your local town council, or county sheriff, will not stand up to the monster, will not do anything but watch, as you slip below the surface and expire.  They think they will be safe if they go along with the monster, that they will keep their place on the pedestal far above you, oblivious to the fact that they are next.   The utilities know exactly who to target first.  The ones with the smallest voice and the lowest bank accounts.  I would bet my life that the fleet of installer’s trucks have yet to enter the avenues of Beverly or Hollywood Hills.

One of the ‘benefits’ for the utilities is that they will be able to eliminate hundreds of thousands of meter reader jobs.  Hey, we’re all for more unemployed fellow Americans since we were the ones paying for them, right??.  But wait!  We won’t be saving that money!  Instead, that money will now go to the extra electricity the meters use to operate themselves, checking your usage every few seconds and wirelessly sending data between meters, antennas, towers, and back to the electric co.

High level engineers and electrical experts are highly critical of these meters for many different reasons.   For one, they are not UL safety approved. WHY?  Manufacturers have not revealed the drawings and schematics for the meters. WHY?  (secret recipe?) They say that much of the energy they use will be wasted. WHY? (they don’t care maybe, because you pay for it?)  As opposed to good old analog meters, digital meters are switch-mode technology, creating what is called ‘dirty electricity’ each time they switch modes to read your usage, which is constantly.

The dirty electricity stays in the wiring and interior of your home and is as dangerous as the pulsing radiation the meters send outward.   So the power co. needs to know every 4-10 seconds how much electric you’re using?  WHY?  Utilities, and the public utility commissions who are supposed to regulate them, admit they chose to by-pass human and environmental safety testing.  WHY??  (What are they afraid of finding and what’s the big hurry?)  Utilities are hiding the laboratory testing results of the meter’s functions.  WHY?

Many people object to what they see as an invasion of their privacy.  They say the meters are spying and wire tapping devices.  Others fear that when the grid network is complete, the power co. will be able to regulate your appliances or arbitrarily shut your power off if you are not good little boys and girls.  Some people worry about the security of their private information and who the power co. may share it with or sell it to without their consent.  The utilities know how Americans love their gadgets, so they are selling the Smart idea that you’ll be able to turn things up or down, on or off from your cell phones while you’re at work, or just check you usage. 

But who else will be able to hack into your signals and know when you are not home or turn off your meat freezer? Apparently even certain government officials are concerned that there’s no one in charge of the overall security of the grid since utilities themselves are supposed to create their own systems, and to monitor and maintain the cyber security of the grids they have built.  Lovely!  In today’s greedy corporate culture, that ought to work out real well.  Corporate self policing.  Can you say ‘banking system’?  77% of IT security professionals are concerned about Smart Grid cyber security. Even the ex CIA chief is ‘slamming’ the smart grid. 

By the way.  I haven’t heard about any of the money going for actual repairs, upgrades, or hardening of old or worn out parts of the electrical infrastructure.  But that’s how we do thing now in Amerika.  Pave right over all the cracks and potholes without fixing them first.  This whole plan sounds like a bunch of 3 yr. olds playing with their Legos, while dollar signs dance in their eyes.

But my whole problem with this debacle, which leads back to the title of the article, is the sneaky, covert, slimy, lying, mafia-like way in which the utilities are conducting themselves.  In their blood thirsty quest for profits (mainly for the guys at the top), they have been brutally ignoring the THOUSANDS (8000 as of last June) of health complaints, most of them exactly the same curiously, that have been filed since their meters were installed; denying responsibility for fires and explosions that happened right away or soon after the meters were put on homes and businesses; threatening elderly or disabled

(AND the general public) with electric shut-offs if they don’t want the meters; absolutely refusing to replace analog meters for people who literally have to leave their homes because they are so sick;  having home owners arrested for blocking the installations; threatening to jail people who out of desperation had the Smart Meters removed on their own and analog meters put back on; blowing people off who’s bills skyrocketed after the new meter went on, telling them their old meter was defective and now the billing is correct; outright lying about the amount of radiation the meters produce, even referring to them as AMRs now (Automatic Meter Read devices) and dropping the word Smart;

installing meters when people have posted the sign “do not install smart meter here” or returning later when the occupants aren’t home to defy their wishes; using untrained sub contractors in unmarked trucks who put advanced meters on old homes with inadequate wiring; refusing to pay for ruined home appliances, TVs, or computers from voltage surges; faulting a homeowner’s existing wiring or elec. panel, even when people have video of the meter on fire; denying responsibility when people DIE in the meter caused fire.  Yet the installations of Smart Meters marches on.  The more people who find out about this, the faster they install.  I think this is the most unbelievable and outrageous assault on Americans I’ve seen in my entire life. Argentina or Costa Rica anyone??  I’m packed and ready to go.

There has been a huge public outcry, demanding a halt to the program.  Cities and counties (AND the state of Hawaii) have banned the installation of the grid or meters. Studies have shown there is no cost savings whatsoever.  Independent studies have shown the meters to be far in excess of the stated level of pulsing and radiation, and the FCC’s guidelines.  Doctors continually state that these FCC guidelines are far too high, woefully outdated, and were set way before all the wireless technology came into use.  And this is the lame leg on which the utilities stand on?? (which is their continuing talking point). 

Even though the health effects of radiation and radio frequencies (RFs) have been studied for 50 years, and the symptoms of harm well documented and published, yet the utilities continueto maintain there is no proof of harm.  I’ve studied enough of the research documents myself to know this is a flat out lie.  The FCC themselves state that they only create guidelines for things like radio stations, radar, and phone frequencies and do not regulate health guidelines. 

And the EPA says “that FCC guidelines are only for radiation frequencies that heat or burn the skin during a short exposure, and they do not imply the safety of any mechanism at lower levels or long term exposure”.  I won’t go into the list of all the health repercussions of being zapped with PULSING radiofrequency radiation waves and bathing in dirty electricity.  You can research that on your own.  I can tell you from my own experience that it is NOT pleasant.  I’m living with 4 of them, and fighting it daily.  None of it is good, but the pulsing is much more damaging to your body than a steady current.  Suffice to ask you: do you like your DNA in one piece, or shredded to bits?

I stumbled upon an unclassified Army research document that goes into deep detail about how to use RFs as a control weapon and exactly which levels and the amount of force and direction needed to create the desired effect “in the enemy”, and it will affect 100% of the targets.  The Smart Meters are a perfectly designed and refined weapon based on that research.  Just the kind ‘they’ like.  The ‘slow-kill, you can’t blame me’ weapon that they are famous for.  Vaccines, poison food, chemtrails, mercury and fluoride to name a few others.  The absolute determination of the utilities and their minions to force every single person, no matter the pain or consequences, to endure their plot is the giveaway.  

THEY WANT US DEAD!    See the military document for yourself: www.RefuseSmartMeters.org


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