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Posted by Xaniel777 on January 14, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : January 14, 2012

U.S. Warns Israel on Strike

Officials Lobby Against Attack on Iran as Military Leaders Bolster Defenses

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : The U.S. is trying so hard to make it appear they are doing all they can to prevent a war with Iran, while behind the back of American citizens they’ve been building forces ever so quietly as they spin their lies of Iran’s nuclear enrichment as a reason for an attack ! Aware Americans are not falling for it !! AN ATTACK ON  IRAN FOR THE BENIFIT OF ZIONIST ISRAEL FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN THEIR WILLING IT SO, WILL BE ILLEGAL AND WILL BE NOTED THIS WAY AT THE TRAIL OF ALL THE TRAITORS THAT HELPED CARRIED THIS OUT. } ~~ Xaniel777

From The Wall Street Journal ,

not Alternative but still important for today!


WASHINGTON—U.S. defense leaders are increasingly concerned that Israel is preparing to take military action against Iran, over U.S. objections, and have stepped up contingency planning to safeguard U.S. facilities in the region in case of a conflict.


Associated Press

Iranians on Friday carried the flag-draped coffin of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a scientist working in Iran’s nuclear sector assassinated in Tehran.

President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and other top officials have delivered a string of private messages to Israeli leaders warning about the dire consequences of a strike. The U.S. wants Israel to give more time for the effects of sanctions and other measures intended to force Iran to abandon its perceived efforts to build nuclear weapons.

Stepping up the pressure, Mr. Obama spoke by telephone on Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and U.S. Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will meet with Israeli military officials in Tel Aviv next week.

The high-stakes planning and diplomacy comes as U.S. officials warn Tehran, including through what administration officials described Friday as direct messages to Iran’s leaders, against provocative actions.

Tehran has warned that it could retaliate to tightened sanctions by blocking oil trade through the Strait of Hormuz. On Thursday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed to punish the perpetrators of the assassination—blamed by Iran on the U.S. and Israel—of an Iranian scientist involved in the nuclear program.

The U.S. denied the charge and condemned the attack. Israel hasn’t commented.

The U.S. and Iran, however, have taken steps in recent days apparently designed to ease tensions. Iran has agreed to host a delegation of United Nations nuclear inspectors this month. The U.S., meanwhile, has twice this month rescued Iranian sailors in the region’s seas.

Covert efforts by Israel’s intelligence service to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons have been credited with slowing the program without the high risk of military conflict that could be sparked by an airstrike. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful uses.

But Israel has declined to rule out a strike, as has the U.S.

“It is the policy of the Israeli government, and the Obama administration, that all options remain on the table. And it is crucial that the ayatollahs in Tehran take this policy seriously,” said Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S.

Mr. Netanyahu said in a recent interview that Iran has begun to “wobble,” a signal some U.S. officials believe suggests he is willing to follow the current U.S. strategy, which seeks to avoid a military confrontation with Iran.

“Recent comments by the Israelis show they understand how tough the sanctions we’ve put in place are and are giving them time to work,” said a senior Obama administration official.

The U.S. military is preparing for a number of possible responses to an Israeli strike, including assaults by pro-Iranian Shiite militias in Iraq against the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, according to U.S. officials.

The U.S. believes its embassy and other diplomatic outposts in Iraq are more vulnerable following the withdrawal of U.S. forces last month. Up to 15,000 U.S. diplomats, federal employees and contractors are expected to remain in Iraq.

In large measure to deter Iran, the U.S. has 15,000 troops in Kuwait, and has moved a second aircraft carrier strike group to the Persian Gulf area.

It has also been pre-positioning aircraft and other military equipment, officials say. Arms transfers to key allies in the Gulf, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, have been fast-tracked as a further deterrent, officials say.

Israeli officials said Mr. Netanyahu’s government continues to closely coordinate with the U.S. in responding to the Iranian threat. “Israel believes that heightened sanctions combined with a credible military threat may dissuade the Iranian regime from developing nuclear capabilities,” Mr. Oren said.

Mr. Panetta and other top officials have privately sought assurances from Israeli leaders in recent weeks that they won’t take military action against Iran. But the Israeli response has been noncommittal, U.S. officials said.

U.S. officials briefed on the military’s planning said concern has mounted over the past two years that Israel may strike Iran. But rising tensions with Iran and recent changes at Iranian nuclear sites have ratcheted up the level of U.S. alarm.

“Our concern is heightened,” a senior U.S. military official said of the probability of an Israeli strike over U.S. objections.

Tehran crossed at least one of Israel’s “red lines” earlier this month when it announced it had begun enriching uranium at the Fordow underground nuclear facility near the holy city of Qom.

The planned closing of Israel’s nuclear plant near Dimona this month, which was reported in Israeli media, sounded alarms in Washington, where officials feared it meant Israel was repositioning its own nuclear assets to safeguard them against a potential Iranian counterstrike.

Despite the close relationship between the U.S. and Israel, U.S. officials have consistently puzzled over Israeli intentions. “It’s hard to know what’s bluster and what’s not with the Israelis,” said a former U.S. official.

Inside the Israeli security establishment, a sort of good cop, bad cop routine, in which Israeli officials rattle sabers amid a U.S. scramble to restrain them, has assumed its own name: “Hold Me Back.”

Some American intelligence officials complain that Israel represents a blind spot in U.S. intelligence, which devotes little resources to Israel. Some officials have long argued that, given the potential for Israel to drag the U.S. into potentially explosive situations, the U.S. should devote more resources to divining Israel’s true intentions.

—Charles Levinson and Siobhan Gorman contributed to this article.

Write to Adam Entous at adam.entous@wsj.com and Jay Solomon at jay.solomon@wsj.com


U.S. troops quietly surge into Middle East



From SFGate
Home of the San Francisco Chronicle

David S. Cloud, Tribune Co.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Washington —

The Pentagon has quietly shifted combat troops and warships to the Middle East after the top American commander in the region warned that he needed additional forces to deal with Iran and other potential threats, U.S. officials said.

Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, who heads U.S. Central Command, won White House approval for the deployments late last year after talks with the government in Baghdad broke down over keeping U.S. troops in Iraq, but the extent of the Pentagon moves is only now becoming clear.

Officials said the deployments are not meant to suggest a buildup to war, but rather are intended as a quick-reaction and contingency force in case a military crisis erupts in the standoff with Tehran over its suspected nuclear weapons program.

The Pentagon has stationed nearly 15,000 troops in Kuwait, adding to a small contingent already there. The new units include two Army infantry brigades and a helicopter unit – a substantial increase in combat power after nearly a decade in which Kuwait chiefly served as a staging area for supplies and personnel heading to Iraq.

The Pentagon also has decided to keep two aircraft carriers and their strike groups in the region.

Earlier this week, the American carrier Carl Vinson joined the carrier Stennis in the Arabian Sea, giving commanders major naval and air assets in case Iran carries out its recent threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic chokepoint in the Persian Gulf, where one-fifth of the world’s oil shipments passes.

This article appeared on page A – 3 of the San Francisco Chronicle

Xaniel’s Note : Our Blood Thirsty Government ( U. S. ) has already decided it’s going to fight Zionst Israels war with Iran for them, and in doing so sacrifice our childrens lives for no other reason than Israel demands it. All they need to do is convince the American sheeple that this is a ‘ JUST ‘war and we need to do it for our own safety. But regardless of their attempts to convince anyone at all, they are already preparing for war no matter what the U.S. or other Global citizens of the world have to say about it. Mostly because they believe that they are to big and powerful for anyone to stop them ! Very soon however, they are going to find out just how wrong they are. They will stand trail for their Crimes Aganist Humanity !!} ~~ Xaniel777

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The Real Reason Israel Kills Iranian Nuclear Scientists?

From The Atlantic

Robert Wright

ROBERT WRIGHT – Robert Wright is a senior editor at The Atlantic 

and the author, most recently, of The Evolution of God, New York Times 

bestseller and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. More

With yet another Iranian nuclear scientist freshly assassinated–presumably by Israel–Jeffrey Goldberg asks a good question: Why is Israel doing this?

Goldberg thinks the most common answers are less than compelling. It’s unlikely, he says, that “Iranian nuclear knowledge is so concentrated in the minds of a few scientists” that these killings are a major setback to the nuclear program. And he doubts that the killings will scare much Iranian talent out of the nuclear science business, since the Iranian government wouldn’t tolerate such an exodus.

But there’s a third option that Goldberg doesn’t consider: Israel is trying to start a war with Iran. The more Iranian scientists it kills (and the more missile testing facilities it blows up), the more likely Iran is to retaliate. And things have a way of escalating, which would pave the way for military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Obviously, Israel could bomb Iran’s facilities even without such escalation. But escalation offers two advantages:

1) Israel gets less blame, because it isn’t accused of starting things. Of course, from Iran’s point of view, Israel did start things by assassinating Iranians and blowing up Iranian stuff. But whether assassinating foreigners is bad depends on your point of view. In the eyes of the west and especially the United States, it’s terrorism when Iran does it but not when Israel or America does it.

2) The United States is more likely to get drawn into the war. Israel presumably prefers that America do the lion’s share of the bombing of Iranian nuclear facilities, since the U.S. has deeper strike capabilities. If Israel launched strikes on Iran out of the blue, while the U.S. still considered a diplomatic solution to the nuclear standoff possible, Israel couldn’t count on the U.S. joining in. But America would certainly spring to Israel’s defense if Israel found itself in an escalating war with Iran that Iran was blamed for starting. And once America was involved in hostilities, it would probably take the opportunity to set back Iran’s nuclear program.

Personally, I don’t find the Israeli assassinations as perplexing as Goldberg seems to. Though bomb-building knowledge per se can’t be extinguished by killing a few scientists, talent is always a scarce commodity, and removing key talent from any enterprise can set it back significantly. So I don’t think Israel is assassinating scientists just to draw America into a war. But it wouldn’t surprise me if, from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s point of view, that prospect isn’t exactly a deterrent.


Comcast Accidentally Admits SOPA Would Make the Net Less Secure

From MaximumPC 


Posted 01/11/2012 at 2:56pm | by Ryan Whitwam

 comcastComcast announced today that it has finished the rollout of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) across its network. While patting itself on the back, Comcast’s blog post went on to essentially admit that a major element of the enforcement plan in SOPA and PIPA is incompatible with DNSSEC. Comcast is the owner of NBC-Universal, and a vocal supporter of SOPA.

The way Comcast outed itself is a little roundabout. The nation’s biggest ISP feels confident enough in DNSSEC that it shut down its internal domain Domain Helper redirect service. Domain Helper would try to redirect users that typed in commonly misspelled addresses to the right website. The important thing here is that Comcast ended support for Domain helper because it says DNS redirects are not supported by DNSSEC. SOPA and PIPA would use DNS redirects to block offending websites. Oops.

According to Comcast itself, DNS redirects are indistinguishable from malicious attacks like DNS poisoning. SOPA supporters have been brushing off claims that SOPA-mandated DNS redirects would mean a less secure Internet, but it appears that when not on Capitol Hill, Comcast believes quite the opposite to be true.


West Bank 2011: One year of Humiliation in a Two Minutes Video

From Pyramidion
Politics & Faith – Egyptology & Art

      Timeless Egypt

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

JANUARY 7, 2012

It is a new year in the West Bank.

And on Christmas, a rainy and great wind swept over the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Trees bent and roofs rattled but the wind couldn’t carry away the suffering, vulnerability and the long 365 days of humiliation.

Israeli border soldier stands guard during repeated clashes with Palestinian demonstrators in the West Bank town of Qalandia in 2011

IN the so called Middle East’s only democracy, they do not do guillotines. But there are other innovative rituals of humiliation, designed to reassure the Palestinians that every New Year could well be their last in the land of olive trees. As the wind calms down everything returns to normal, but not for the Palestinians, they don’t.

Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem may be best known for is its camera project, which started in 2007 when the organization began distributing video cameras to Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. These cameras are often the only object Palestinians can “arm” themselves with in the face of discrimination, oppression and violence waged against them.

In 2011, volunteers in B’Tselem’s camera project filmed over 500 hours of footage in the West Bank. These are two minutes they collected and edited from it, depicting life under occupation and military rule, as a way to sum up the year that passed.

Sources: +972 website & B’Tselem’s Facebook page.


Radiation Doctor Admits TSA Naked Body Scanners Can Cause Cancer

From 12160.info


Jonathan Benson
Natural News
January 5, 2012

(NaturalNews) No matter how many times the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) claims the machines are safe and pose no threat to travelers or personnel, naked body scanners that emit ionizing radiation are, indeed, a very serious health threat. And Dr. Edward Dauer, head of radiology at Florida Medical Center, agrees, having recently come forward to explain that naked body scanners can cause cancer, particularly in those over age 65 and in women who are said to be genetically prone to developing breast cancer.

“I think it’s potentially a real danger to the public,” Dr. Dauer is quoted as saying by theSouth Florida Sun Sentinel. Contrary to popular belief, even the so-called “small doses” of radiation emitted from the machines are toxic, and represent “additional exposure” that could lead to the onset of cancer.

The TSA continues to insist that the ionizing radiation emitted from its backscatter X-ray naked body scanner is minimal, and that individuals are exposed to far more background radiation every single day just living their normal lives. But the agency has not provided any solid proof to back this claim, and many experts say that the radiation emitted is concentrated on the skin in a much more harmful way (http://www.infowars.com/pilots-association-urges-airline-pilots-to-…).

In fact, a group of scientists from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), has publicly countered the TSA’s claim that naked body scanners are no more dangerous than background radiation. The group says this claim is highly “misleading” because background radiation on airplanes, for instance, is absorbed by the whole body, whereas during a naked body scan, it is focused directly on the skin and its underlying tissues.

“Ionizing means it knocks the electrons out of your body, which breaks your DNA chain, which can cause death or cancer,” said Dr. Dauer. “Adding to this notion, John Sedat, head of the UCSF opposition group, wrote in a letter to the Obama Administration that “[a]ny glitch in power that stops the device could cause an intense radiation dose to a single spot on the skin.”

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has repeatedly challenged the constitutionality of naked body scanners in the first place, and is currently pressing a lawsuit to stop the entire body scanner program, which it rightly says is “unlawful, invasive, and ineffective” (http://epic.org/privacy/airtravel/backscatter/).

Sources for this article include:


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The Alternate Economy

From The Alternate Economy

Tristan Nagler

JANUARY 6, 2012

In my blog I have gone into a lot of detail about one idea. This idea is divided into many smaller aspects which are represented by the various posts I have made up to this point. All of the posts have one common theme, however. All of the posts on this blog discuss the idea of Love. Generosity is the one aspect of Love on Earth that is the most unbalanced. It expresses itself most strongly in our economy. An economy is simply a set of rules and formulas that govern the flow of resources within a community. Our current economy is an economy of greed. In order to create any true change in our future, we must accept that our current system is broken. Once we are able to accept this, we can begin to work on changing ourselves. The Alternate Economy is first and foremost about personal change.

True Love

The following table presents my philosophy in the order it was meant to be read. Please, take the time to investigate my ideas. There are many other posts on my site as well, but I recommend reading these posts first. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

An Economy of Greed

A Quest for Truth



Outward Expressions



Inward Expressions

A Spirit of Receiving


The Procession of Ages
One Life
The Truth

The Idea of Love is best expressed with Balanced Emotions


But how does that translate to our Economy?

An Economy of Generosity
Checks and Balances



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