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Posted by Xaniel777 on January 18, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : January 18, 2012

Google, Others Join SOPA Strike, House to Resume Consideration in February


From MEET UP.com

Kim M.  Group Organizer


San Luis Obispo, CA
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December 17, 2012

Internet search-engine giant, Google, announced that it will throw its hat into the January-18-SOPA-strike ring by placing a protest link on its home page.

According to Bloomberg, Google spokeswoman Samantha Smith said, “We oppose these bills because there are smart, targeted ways to shut down foreign rogue websites without asking American companies to censor the Internet.”

Online news magazine, The Raw Story, also announced today that it will blackout its website from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST in support of the SOPA protest.

“Going dark is a radical step for an online-only news organization, and it is one that Raw Story’s management doesn’t take lightly. It wasn’t easy to tell our reporters and editors to take time off tomorrow and pretend that the news isn’t happening. But we’d rather tell them to take tomorrow easy and come back twice as strong on Thursday than have to tell them later that the government pulled the plug on our whole organization because of SOPA/PIPA…” — Roxanne Cooper, Raw Story publisher

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of online-encyclopedia giant, Wikipedia, said that his website will go one better than the rest by shutting the English-language version of his website down for the entire 24 hours on Wednesday.

And the strike appears justified.

Despite articles which have appeared claiming that the controversial legislation had been “shelved,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Lamar Smith (R-Texas), sent out a press release today stating that he expects to resume markup of SOPA in February.

“Due to the Republican and Democratic retreats taking place over the next two weeks, markup of the Stop Online Piracy Act is expected to resume in February. I am committed to continuing to work with my colleagues in the House and Senate to send a bipartisan bill to the White House that saves American jobs and protects intellectual property.” — Lamar Smith, House Judiciary Committee Chairman


Google Plans Home Page Protest Against U.S. Piracy Measures

Announcement: Raw Story to go dark on January 18 to protest SOPA/PIPA

Where’s my Wikipedia? SOPA, PIPA blackout coming

Putting SOPA on a shelf

SOPA Not Shelved, Hearings To Continue in February

Stop Online Piracy Act Markup to Resume in February

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Top US Nuclear Expert Tells Obama: There Is No Weapons Threat From Iran


The former director of U.S. programs for production of nuclear materials and components for nuclear weapons, Clinton Bastin, sent an open letter to President Obama the morning of January 13, explaining that there is no weapons threat from Iran’s fully safeguarded nuclear power and research programs. A copy of the letter, which the nuclear scientist also sent to the Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations, was made available to 21st Century Science & Technology magazine yesterday. It is reproduced below in full.

Bastin, who has served in leading positions in government since the 1950s, laid out the case on Iran in greater detail in an interview with 21st Century Science Nov. 18, 2011. The interview, which devastates the arguments for an Iranian nuclear weapons threat, is available at the 21st Century Science and Technology website.

To: Iran Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee to the United Nations

Dear Mr. Ambassador:

The following message sent to President Barack Obama this morning is based on experience-based knowledge.

There is no weapon threat from Iran’s important, fully safeguarded nuclear power and research programs. Sanctions based on false claims of a threat have disrupted Irans economy and Iranians’ day to day lives, preclude effective negotiations with Iran to resolve problems and increase world dangers.

The ultimate product of Iran’s gas centrifuge facilities would be highly enriched uranium hexafluoride, a gas that cannot be used to make a weapon. Converting the gas to metal, fabricating components and assembling them with high explosives using dangerous and difficult technology that has never been used in Iran would take many years after a diversion of three tons of low enriched uranium gas from fully safeguarded inventories. The resulting weapon, if intended for delivery by missile, would have a yield equivalent to that of a kiloton of conventional high explosives.

Drawings of weapons found in Iran by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors are fakes, prepared by dissidents to harm Iran. Any drawing for a nuclear weapon program would be stored in a top secret vault and never seen by inspectors.

Please share this information with your cabinet, Members of Congress, all Americans, and leaders of other nations, and the United Nations; end sanctions against Iran’s nuclear programs and support strengthening Iran’s economy.

(Clinton Bastin directed U.S. programs for production of nuclear materials and nuclear components for weapons and the successful U.S. nonproliferation initiative with India. He was a consultant to U.S. national security agencies on proliferation threats in other nations and a leader in the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign. He reviewed in detail 1970 U.S. and Iranian plans for nuclear cooperation, and has maintained cognizance of Iran’s plans since that time.)

Mr Ambassador, please share with others at UN and others as appropriate, and let me know of any suggestions or comments.

Best wishes!

I would greatly appreciate help from you and others correcting this great wrong.


Chemical Engineer/Nuclear Scientist,

U.S. Department of Energy (Retired)


Kill Democracy Before It Kills Us

Veterans Today

From Veterans Today

                            Thomas who?

Time to Admit It, Democratic Government is a Lie

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

 Gordon Duff on Kevin Barrett

Let’s alienate as many people as possible right away. Nazi Germany was more “democratic” than America is today. More than that, fascism, which I was taught to hate as either a form of socialism or corporate control was actually an almost ideal economic system, free trade, workers rights, corporate profits soared, standard of living continually raised, never any debt and no need for police state laws.  

What Hitler did when he took office was scare the living hell out of his enemies, mostly communists and the international bankers that insisted that Germany keep its old “debt based currency.” Fascism had nothing to do with race laws, oppression of Jews or any of that. These policies were totally separate and are now subject to open warfare among historians, some of whom say “it never happened.” 

What I am saying is, stick to the economic policy stuff where we can find real and useful information and the other things, “revisionism” and “holocaust peddling” are things that won’t take us anywhere, not anywhere we want to go.

Any political leader that the people choose will find himself moving into a bureaucracy run by established interests. Were historians more honest, and they aren’t honest at all, all government is an expression of mid level organized crime. The other admission is that, after a point in modern history, some time during the 19th century, all “countries” as we knew them ceased to exist and the world came under the control of organizations that had internal struggles over resources and debt.

WWI – The Dead Packed Tight With Countless Crosses

Two of these minor internal struggles were World War I and World War II. Other wars, economic collapses, revolutions and such were primarily no more than corporate scuffles in the middle of merger and acquisition negotiations. Pakistan is pressured by blowing up a Mosque.

You remind the president of Nigeria of who he should do business with by blowing up the headquarters of the National Police or finding an obscure dissident group and arming them to the teeth. When Israel gets caught doing something, Hollywood gets a new movie telling us how bad Germans are.

Based on there being hundreds, perhaps thousands of movies about “bad Germans,” what might that say about Israel? If only I were kidding. I wish there were a real leader of the people to take office in what we pretend is a “democracy” or something close.

But unless he was willing to root out the ruling class infrastructure, and I mean trials and executions (ah…no more fines) and filling the prisons, army officers, publishers, bankers, cabinet ministers, business leaders, he might as well assassinate himself because someone is going to do it for him.

Some folks to think about?Castro? Nelson Mandela? John Kennedy? It took 63 days to shoot a couple of bullets at Ronald Reagan. It took Bush the Lesser only a few months to do what he did. What am I talking about?

“Well you make damn sure Lee Wanta never finds out about this!”

Our 9/11 was planned on paper in 1999 by PNAC, enacted with Israeli help. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were orchestrated through falsified intelligence while the world economy was pushed from “minor distress” to $2,500,000,000,000 in “private debt without currency basis” and $38,000,000,000,000 in public debt backed by “currency.”

If you don’t understand the numbers, one involves “thousands of trillions” and the other “tens of trillions” and is grossly understated. Either figure is enough money to buy the entire solar system, yes, Bush and his friends, Bush and the banksters of the world are that deluded. Best part? They expect you to pay interest on that to them. Why do I say “Bush?” Every time we open a door, public or secret, the Bush family shows up.

With them we get a pack of self proclaimed “Zionists” and a bunch of others who call themselves either “neocons” or “Republicans.” What we do know is that the gang in Washington and their fighting is nothing but a turf war. Newt represents the banksters and the Afghan drug cartel.

They finance his PACs, he is their figurehead. Mitt Romney is the voice of the Mexican drug cartels and the Colombian cocaine cowboys. I don’t know why they just can’t settle their differences, if they don’t watch out, both sides will lose and America’s children may have a harder time getting really cheap narcotics. Nobody wants that, especially not our courts, our prison system and especially those who run our police forces.

Drugs are the new oil. With the failure of the phony War on Terror to be eternally self perpetuating no matter how many false flag acts of terror intelligence agencies around the world stage, with every bank looted, with every home in America worthless, with every retirement fund depleted, finding new things to steal must be a challenge.

Thank goodness for our business schools, that’s all I have to say.

“Is this a Democrat or Republican?” – “What the hell difference does it make you big dummy. We buy the stuff by the pound and once you get the skin off it all tastes the same.”

Simply put, the way things are, there can be no honest elections, no governmental reform, no economic advancement, no realization of the dreams of humanity until the vultures and cockroaches are recognized, categorized and plans are made to provide for their future, if you wish to call it that.

If you want to know what a cockroach is, read your email, listen to the advertisements on the radio or check the job offers in your local classifieds. This is that tiny version of the disease that infects the world, people who want to steal your home, take your last cent for a phony cancer cure, those who want to sell you poisons to help you lose weight or have sex.

 Others promise investments less sensible than burning your cash on the front seat of your car. Want a “payday loan?” What these little things, these tiny crimes show you is that you have no government, that even petty criminals can buy themselves the right to skin you alive.

Imagine what the really good crooks can do. 9/11? The collapse of 2007? Form the European Union then bleed Europe dry? Run prices of everything through the roof while there is no money and too much of everything that nobody can afford?

On 9/11 they changed the lawof physics. Every day now, the laws of economics are as though they never existed. I am waiting for “them” to repeal gravity itself. Didn’t Obama sign something about that last week? Do I have to get Velcro for all my shoes now?

             A-la Edmund Burke Style – Time to Bang Some Heads Together.

Where to start:

We don’t take an oath of allegiance to a totally corupt regime so such cannot be broken

1. There is no freedom without truth. Restore the free press by eliminating all secrecy and giving public access to all government activities as should be the rule always. Get rid of academia, the bureaucracy of “butt kissing” fools and no-accounts that use “degrees” as an excuse for having an unearned voice. Any real academic who told the truth would have been fired from a university the day they were discovered. Find them and put them in charge and, as for the rest, they need to be harvesting beets somewhere. China was right about “re-education.”

2. America’s Founding Fathers, not the guys who wrote the constitution, but Franklin, Adams and Jefferson were bright guys. Government starts at the bottom, every village and town and every citizen. Government is about education and debate and informed decisions. Today we are building it all on a tower of lies, fed by organized crime. Lying to the people is the biggest crime of all, it steals their reason and freedom. With the liars, the press, those who own the press, those who propagandize and lobby all in prison, we can begin to build representative government.

3. The bureaucracies must go, especially the cults. From the bottom up, we have the courts and police. Courts have to be “common sense” and continually watched. Every case has to be publicly judged and all money removed from the legal system. No more law firms, all legal advocates have to be civil service. This will save so much money it might balance the economy itself. Justice has become a racket or, more truthfully, a “hammer” to beat down the honest, the decent and the poor.

4.Police bureaucracies, in fact all civil bureaucracies have to go. Strong accountability, every day, every action, ever cent spent has to be accounted for. Why? Simple. Our bureaucracies have all been infiltrated by criminal elements, every county commission, every mayor’s office, every city council, every police commissioner, every fire chief. We will find the decent, the real leaders, put them in charge and jail the rest.

5. Ah, the military, time we talked about that. The service academies need to be restored, Air Force first but all. They have become institutions that teach feudalism, class warfare and elitism. We take some of our best potential leaders and “uneducate them” until they become useless time wasters. Then we put them in the Pentagon where they suck the life blood from the American people. General Marshall, at the beginning of World War II had to gut the military of its “dead wood.” It is time again. The best and brightest, our NCO corps, has been burned out, used up and too many of those with guts and integrity have been discharged, fired or systematically destroyed. Bush fired our real leaders when he stole the presidency. We know how to put it back and who to go to. That can begin in an hour.

6. We erase our banking system and the Federal Reserve as any educated moron agrees. Money is meant to be used for trade, not as a way of stealing, which is why the printing presses run 24 hours a day now. Almost all major world currencies have failed. Why? Nobody knew when to stop stealing. Currency as we know it doesn’t work. Currency requires collateral, not imagination.

7. Is there a borderless world? Of course there is. Corporations run all governments and exist outside any law, any tax system and only use governments when they need someone killed or have a scam planned. Where do your tax dollars go? 100% of them are paid to corporations. All money that goes to government is spent, every cent of it is given to a corporation, most of whom are “offshore” and own the decision makers that negotiate with them. Government is organized crime, just “mid level.”

Mike Chester just sent me a copy of the Mitt Romney “hit piece” video. What does this tell you? To me it says even the blind aren’t blind.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

This is a great film. Of course, it was financed with drug money but good theatre is good theatre and we take “good” when we can get it nowadays. How should I describe this? This is a “left hook” in the battle of the drug cartels, being fought on their home ground, that being the American political system and, more appropriately, the Republican party.

Do We Want to Get Picked Off One at a Time Like This Poor Guy – Or Have a Party?

You think that Afghanistan went from 0% of the world’s heroin supply to 96% while occupied by America by accident? You think 30 million people walked across a 50 mile stretch of border guarded with $6 billion in electronics and armies of federal agents by accident?

You think the banks woke up one day and found they were all bankrupt by accident, like nobody there went to business school or they weren’t audited by federal agencies and had their accounting certified by major firms each year?Do you want to talk rigged elections? Do you want to talk about how drug gangs now own over half the local governments and law enforcement agencies in America? 

I say, “make an omelet, go ahead, break a few eggs.” Hey, for something totally hopeless, lets hold an election where all information is controlled by media owned by organized crime, where both political parties are controlled by organized crime and the CIA chooses the winner through flipping votes using software paid for by American taxpayers.

Hold your breath, freedom and reform is on its way.

Editing Gymnast: Jim W. Dean


Why I’m Suing Barack Obama


From truthout

Monday 16 January 2012

by: Chris Hedges, Truthdig | Report

A guard in a cell block at Camp 6, Camp Delta, located at the Guantanamo Naval Station in Cuba, in October, 2007. (Photo: Todd Heisler / The New York Times)

Attorneys Carl J. Mayer and Bruce I. Afran filed a complaint Friday in the Southern U.S. District Court in New York City on my behalf as a plaintiff against Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to challenge the legality of the Authorization for Use of Military Force as embedded in the latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by the president Dec. 31.

The act authorizes the military in Title X, Subtitle D, entitled “Counter-Terrorism,” for the first time in more than 200 years, to carry out domestic policing. With this bill, which will take effect March 3, the military can indefinitely detain without trial any U.S. citizen deemed to be a terrorist or an accessory to terrorism. And suspects can be shipped by the military to our offshore penal colony in Guantanamo Bay and kept there until “the end of hostilities.” It is a catastrophic blow to civil liberties. 

I spent many years in countries where the military had the power to arrest and detain citizens without charge. I have been in some of these jails. I have friends and colleagues who have “disappeared” into military gulags. I know the consequences of granting sweeping and unrestricted policing power to the armed forces of any nation. And while my battle may be quixotic, it is one that has to be fought if we are to have any hope of pulling this country back from corporate fascism.

Section 1031 of the bill defines a “covered person”—one subject to detention—as “a person who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners, including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces.”

The bill, however, does not define the terms “substantially supported, “directly supportedor “associated forces.”

I met regularly with leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. I used to visit Palestine Liberation Organization leaders, including Yasser Arafat and Abu Jihad, in Tunis when they were branded international terrorists. I have spent time with the Revolutionary Guard in Iran and was in northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey with fighters from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

All these entities were or are labeled as terrorist organizations by the U.S. government. What would this bill have meant if it had been in place when I and other Americans traveled in the 1980s with armed units of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua or the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front guerrillas in El Salvador?

What would it have meant for those of us who were with the southern insurgents during the civil war in Yemen or the rebels in the southern Sudan? I have had dinner more times than I can count with people whom this country brands as terrorists. But that does not make me one. 

Once a group is deemed to be a terrorist organization, whether it is a Palestinian charity or an element of the Uighur independence movement, the military can under this bill pick up a U.S. citizen who supported charities associated with the group or unwittingly sent money or medical supplies to front groups. We have already seen the persecution and closure of Islamic charity organizations in the United States that supported the Palestinians. Now the members of these organizations can be treated like card-carrying “terrorists” and sent to Guantanamo.

But I suspect the real purpose of this bill is to thwart internal, domestic movements that threaten the corporate state. The definition of a terrorist is already so amorphous under the Patriot Act that there are probably a few million Americans who qualify to be investigated if not locked up. Consider the arcane criteria that can make you a suspect in our new military-corporate state.

The Department of Justice considers you worth investigating if you are missing a few fingers, if you have weatherproof ammunition, if you own guns or if you have hoarded more than seven days of food in your house. Adding a few of the obstructionist tactics of the Occupy movement to this list would be a seamless process.

On the whim of the military, a suspected “terrorist” who also happens to be a U.S. citizen can suffer extraordinary rendition—being kidnapped and then left to rot in one of our black sites “until the end of hostilities.” Since this is an endless war that will be a very long stay.

This demented “war on terror” is as undefined and vague as such a conflict is in any totalitarian state. Dissent is increasingly equated in this country with treason. Enemies supposedly lurk in every organization that does not chant the patriotic mantras provided to it by the state. And this bill feeds a mounting state paranoia. It expands our permanent war to every spot on the globe. It erases fundamental constitutional liberties. It means we can no longer use the word “democracy” to describe our political system.

The supine and gutless Democratic Party, which would have feigned outrage if George W. Bush had put this into law, appears willing, once again, to grant Obama a pass. But I won’t. What he has done is unforgivable, unconstitutional and exceedingly dangerous. The threat and reach of al-Qaida—which I spent a year covering for The New York Times in Europe and the Middle East—are marginal, despite the attacks of 9/11.

The terrorist group poses no existential threat to the nation. It has been so disrupted and broken that it can barely function. Osama bin Laden was gunned down by commandos and his body dumped into the sea. Even the Pentagon says the organization is crippled. So why, a decade after the start of the so-called war on terror, do these draconian measures need to be implemented?

Why do U.S. citizens now need to be specifically singled out for military detention and denial of due process when under the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force the president can apparently find the legal cover to serve as judge, jury and executioner to assassinate U.S. citizens, as he did in the killing of the cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen?

Why is this bill necessary when the government routinely ignores our Fifth Amendment rights—“No person shall be deprived of life without due process of law”—as well as our First Amendment right of free speech? How much more power do they need to fight “terrorism”?

Fear is the psychological weapon of choice for totalitarian systems of power. Make the people afraid. Get them to surrender their rights in the name of national security. And then finish off the few who aren’t afraid enough. If this law is not revoked we will be no different from any sordid military dictatorship. Its implementation will be a huge leap forward for the corporate oligarchs who plan to continue to plunder the nation and use state and military security to cow the population into submission.

The oddest part of this legislation is that the FBI, the CIA, the director of national intelligence, the Pentagon and the attorney general didn’t support it. FBI Director Robert Mueller said he feared the bill would actually impede the bureau’s ability to investigate terrorism because it would be harder to win cooperation from suspects held by the military. “The possibility looms that we will lose opportunities to obtain cooperation from the persons in the past that we’ve been fairly successful in gaining,” he told Congress.

But it passed anyway. And I suspect it passed because the corporations, seeing the unrest in the streets, knowing that things are about to get much worse, worrying that the Occupy movement will expand, do not trust the police to protect them. They want to be able to call in the Army. And now they can.


The text of Hedges’ legal complaint

NDAA official text


The Balanced Government Amendment

From iPetitions

A Modest Proposal to Restore Balance to Our System of Government

The Text of the Amendment:

The Supreme Court shall consist of not more than thirteen Justices.

The Justice with the longest cumulative tenure shall be the Chief Justice. In the event of a tie, the elder shall be the Chief Justice.

Each year three States, selected in sequential alphabetical order, shall each appoint one Justice to the Supreme Court.

The appointment shall be made by the State Governor and ratified by the State Legislature.

If a State fails to appoint a Justice within thirty days, that State shall forfeit its turn to the next eligible State such that three States nonetheless each appoint one Justice in a given year.

A currently sitting or retired Supreme Court Justice may be appointed by a State. In this event, that Justice’s current tenure will be reset to zero and the Justice’s cumulative tenure will continue to accrue.

In the event that the number of Supreme Court Justices exceeds thirteen, the Justice or Justices with the greatest current tenure shall be retired. In the event of a tie, the elder shall be retired.

Upon adoption of this Amendment, the senior Senator from each State shall select the first State to appoint a Supreme Court Justice by a method of random chance performed on the Senate floor. Thereafter the States shall continue to be selected in alphabetical order.

Please see a discussion of the Amendment  at www.thebalancedgovernmentamendment.com


Richard Durbin

Sign petition here…




Rachel Corrie: ‘a true hero’ was killed by the state of Israel, and by its brutal regime that practises not only ‘mass punishment’ but also ‘ethnic cleansing’. The same regime that has displaced over 4 million Palestinians, and killed many thousands. The same regime that has denied the right to self-determination to the Palestinian people.

A regime that systematically destroys the lives of innocents every single DAY.

BTW : This is not about Jews or even the citizens of Israel. This is about the Zionist in all their forms: Jewish, Christian, ect.

Zionist control Israel much they same way they control the U.S. ! } ~~ Xaniel777

From American Free Press

Posted inNational News

January 13, 2012

USS Liberty

By Victor Thorn

AMERICAN FREE PRESS and its predecessor, The Spotlight, are the only national newspapers that have regularly given coverage over the past quarter-century to the Israeli naval and air attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. During a Dec. 30, 2011 interview with Phil Tourney, a Liberty survivor and co-author of the book What I Saw That Day, the Navy veteran revealed to AFP one more bombshell that few have ever been willing to discuss about the duplicitous attack.

“Forty-four years after the fact, I can only come to one conclusion about what happened on June 8, 1967,” said Tourney. “The USS Liberty was set up by the U.S. government to be sunk by the Israeli military so that they could blame it on Egypt. After this attack, two American aircrafts were launched carrying nuclear-tipped missiles in order to bomb Cairo. That city was within three minutes of being obliterated. Without a doubt, it would have started WWIII.”

Tourney lived through what has become the greatest military cover-up and conspiracy in this nation’s history. Thirty-four crewmembers were killed during this Israeli assault, and 174 were wounded, most of them critically.

One of the subjects discussed during this interview was, what would happen if the American public finally had their eyes opened about this unmitigated act of war perpetrated by the nation of Israel.

“If the truth ever came out,” Tourney began, “it would change history and how people felt about the Israeli state. If the mainstream media devoted an entire week of stories to the USS Liberty and exactly what happened, the American people would be up in arms, begging for blood. Even though I’ve been accused of being an anti-Semite for trying to tell the truth, everyone should remember one important point—USS Liberty crewmembers didn’t murder anyone. The state of Israel did. The truth will change history.”

When asked to elaborate, Tourney said: “Things would change drastically in regard to Zionism. There would no longer be any money, aid or weaponry being sent to Israel. If people were interested enough to study this subject, they’d find out further that Adm. [Thomas] Moorer and Capt. Ward Boston wrote scathing articles to the Navy Board of Inquiry saying its report [on the Liberty] was a complete lie and sham.”

Tourney added that “Israel ruined many lives that day—not only survivors, but families that lost loved ones, too. Many of the wounded have long since died, taken their own lives, been thrown in prison or are messed up in the head.”

Today, Tourney’s feelings on how government officials turned their backs on him and his shipmates are heartfelt, sincere and poignant.

“It’s like parents hiring a hit man to kill you,” he added. “Then they go to the prison and spring your killer. That’s exactly what the U.S. government did to us. When they put a gun to our heads, they put a gun to everyone’s head.”


As one of the self-described “walking wounded,” Tourney explained what transpired in the hours leading up to this pivotal event:

“On June 7, one day before the attack, I was aboard the Liberty, which was the world’s most sophisticated spy ship,” said Tourney. “We were heading toward the Mediterranean to monitor the Six-Day War so that we could communicate our findings directly back to the National Security Agency in Fort Meade. They received our communications immediately because we bounced microwave signals off the Moon.”

Only 20 years old at the time, Tourney took immense pride in his ship and its mission. He also felt safe in the supposed notion that Israel was our ally.

“I’d heard all through life how badly the Israelis had been treated,” he said. “I never knew any better. I never did any research. So, I believed it.  But later I found out that historians were either wrong or they lied. Even on the morning of June 8 while on sound and security watch, I felt safe because our good friend Israel was protecting us. In the distance, I could see black smoke rising from bombs being dropped, yet gave little thought to being attacked, especially since large U.S. flags flying from the Liberty gave us cover.”

At 2 p.m. on June 8, Tourney’s life would be forever changed. His words are fueled by the sheer horror of what he endured that day:

“Jet aircrafts came in firing and strafing our ship,” he said. “Within minutes they took out hundreds of antennae and all of our .450-caliber machine guns. We were defenseless.”

But all those aboard were not without hope. Utilizing true American ingenuity and never giving up their fighting spirit, Tourney described a miraculous effort.

“About half-an-hour into the attack,” he said, “one of our men stretched a long wire so that we could transmit a message to the Sixth Fleet: ‘Under Attack by Unmarked Fighters. Send Help.’ A number of ships received this SOS, and soon Capt. Joseph Tully of the USSSaratoga ordered planes to rescue us.”

However, in an act that goes well beyond betrayal into the realm of full-fledged treason, Tourney laid out how Liberty became a ship without a country.

“Defense Secretary Robert McNamara contacted the Saratoga and recalled the fighters, telling them not to aid our ship,” he said. “But, showing true courage, Tully re-launched the jets, without authorization . . . After the second set of fighter jets were dispatched, the president of the United States—Lyndon Johnson—personally recalled them,” said Tourney.

Tourney says Johnson told Tully:  “I don’t give a [expletive] if that ship goes to the bottom and every sailor is lost. We will not embarrass our ally, Israel.”

If the audacity of this heartless command wasn’t bad enough, Tourney interjected with his own appraisal of the situation.

“The only message we’d sent from the makeshift wire that had been strung was: ‘Attacked by unmarked aircraft’,” he added. “We never initially identified the attackers. So how did LBJ know Israel was behind the assault?”

Following a hellish two-hour attack where Israeli jets dropped napalm on Liberty, pierced its sides with 850 cannon holes and blasted open a gaping 40-foot-by-40-foot hole with torpedoes, a “prepare to abandon ship” order had been given. But Tourney tells what ensued: “The [Israelis] immediately shot our life rafts in the water. They sunk two of them and took a third aboard their boat as a trophy.”

When asked what he did in the aftermath, Tourney replied: “We kept looking for American help because we knew they got our message. But none ever arrived. So that night, I held a lantern as a doctor operated on my good friend Gary Blanchard. I could tell he wasn’t long for this world.. . . [T]he doctor cut Gary open from his chest to groin. . . . [H]is kidneys were shot up. He died a few moments later.”

AFP inquired as to Tourney’s state of mind at that moment, surrounded by death and chaos.

“You have to remember,” he began. “our ship had been on fire with napalm, and Liberty’sfuel tanks were burning. I was filled with rage and anger. We’re the greatest nation on Earth, and no one came to help. . . At that point I realized: We’re going to have to do this on our own. My biggest fear, though, was that the Israelis would return and finish us off. Plus, let’s be clear, every crew member knew Israel was responsible, because we saw their flag on the torpedo boats.”

A day or two later as Liberty limped toward a port in Malta, Adm. Isaac Kidd assembled the survivors in small groups and, after removing his stars, demanded to know what occurred.

After learning the truth, a red-faced Kidd pinned his stars back on his uniform and said, “If any of you ever repeat a word, I’ll make sure you end up in the penitentiary, or worse,” Tourney said.

Stunned  by these remarks, Tourney told AFP: “I thought he was going to say that America would make sure that Israel paid for what it did to us. But instead, I think the government hoped that our ship would sink before it ever reached Malta.”

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McCain, Bachmann Confronted Over ‘Incident’

By Victor Thorn

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) knows the truth about what happened to the USS Liberty, because his father was directly involved in the cover-up. During a Jan. 4 interview with AFP, James Morris, the editor of a news and commentary website entitled “America Hijacked,” referenced a monumentally historical event when Liberty survivor Capt. Ward Boston approached McCain at a political fundraiser and told him he’d worked with his father.

According to Morris, McCain’s face abruptly turned white before he ushered Boston away and moved on to the next person in line.

“McCain and his admiral father covered up the USS Liberty attack on orders that came down from the highest corridors of the U.S. government,” Morris said. Liberty survivor Tourney agrees. “McCain has been part of the cover-up and knew exactly what happened to us,” Tourney said. “This fact has been documented since at least 1981. But his reaction leaves a lot to be desired. He claims: ‘It was a tragic mistake. Forget it. Get over it. Israel paid reparations.’ . . . McCain won’t tell people that most of the crewmen only received $200 or $250 in compensation.”

On Dec. 29, 2011, during a national radio broadcast from DesMoines, Iowa that was simulcast on C-SPAN, host Jan Mickelson had as his guest Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who at the time was still vying for the Republican presidential nomination. After a brief introduction and a few pleasantries, Mickelson took calls from his listeners.

The first to dial in was Morris, who addressed the guest with a taboo subject.

“I suggest Michele Bachmann do a Google search for Cindy McCain and the USS Liberty,” Morris told listeners to the radio show. “Israel is not an ally of America. They deliberately murdered American sailors and Marines on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. Michele Bachmann is willing to overlook that. She’s also spreading lies about Ron Paul, who is not going to put our country at risk militarily. Michele Bachmann is a neocon Israel firster. She’s willing to get us into World War III by initiating a war with Iran. [Iran’s president Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad never threatened to wipe Israel off the map.”

At this point, Mickelson abruptly cut off Morris and snidely remarked, “He’s on a Ron Paul rant there.” He then asked Mrs. Bachmann if she had any comments.

Completely ignoring all references to the Liberty, Mrs. Bachmann instead repeated a mantra indicative of her slavish devotion to Israel.

“I do believe Israel is our ally, and we need to stand for Israel,” she said.

Yet again, the unprovoked attack by a foreign power on an American ship remained the 800-pound gorilla in the room—ignored by the media and politicians that are supposed to stand with our servicemen against such hostilities.

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and the author of many books on 9-11 and the New World Order. These include 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Role in 9-11 andPhantom Flight 93 and Other Sept. 11 Mysteries Explored.



Uploaded by on May 23, 2011

A Feature Film in Development for Release 9/11/11
Confession of a 9/11 Conspirator is a dramatization of the first day of the President’s New Investigation of 9/11.

The movie will show that the Bush-Cheney administration is guilty of conspiring to cover-up the truth about 9/11 – whatever it is.

This includes making false and misleading statements in their official reports – and misusing government agencies – for the purpose of deceiving the public – and the Congress – into believing that a thorough and complete investigation had been conducted.

For leaders of the Bush-Cheney administration to have been involved in such a cover-up is treasonous.

The film simply proves the official reports aren’t true.

It does not speculate as to what might have really happened.

That’s for a real new investigation to find out.

Take a look at this video by Ed Asner who plays the new investigation’s Chairman.


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