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Posted by Xaniel777 on January 24, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : January 25, 2012

Rand Paul: TSA Agents Barked At Me, Sure Felt Like I Was Being Detained

From The Intel Hub

The Intel Hub
January 24, 2012

Today Rand Paul, speaking to the Daily Caller, described his detention by TSA agents yesterday in what many believe amounted to a clear cut violation of the Constitution.

Paul described his detention as a big ordeal that highlights the growing problems with the Transportation Security Agency and their police state actions.

For their part, the White House came out in defense of the TSA thugs who detained a sitting Senator as a possible terrorist, with Whit House spokesman James Carney attempting to change the narrative and reality of the story by claiming Rand wasn’t actually detained.

“Let’s be clear,” Carney said. “The passenger was not detained. He was escorted out of the area by local law-enforcement.”

This statement is such a blatant lie that its actually hard to believe it was said.

According to Paul and all the evidence gathered so far, this was absolutely a detention that caused him to miss a major speech.

But Sen. Paul told TheDC that he certainly felt like he was detained. “If you’re told you can’t leave, does that count as detention?” Paul asked.

“I tried to leave the cubicle to speak to one of the TSA people and I was barked at: ‘Do not leave the cubicle!’ So, that, to me sounds like I’m being asked not to leave the cubicle. It sounds a little bit like I’m being detained.”

We now live in a country where TSA agents can detain one of their political opponents and in turn be defended and even praised by an official spokesman of the President. (Who also happens to be a political opponent of the person detained)


The Public’s Right to Know

From SaveTheNews.org

Story picked up from 12160.info

Megan Tady, January 24, 2012

In the media reform world, we often say we’re fighting for “better” media. Of course, “better” is the sort of word that begs comparison: better than what? If we’re to demand more of our local broadcasters, we need to know what’s wrong with the status quo.

Broadcasters use the public airwaves free of charge, and in return are supposed to provide programming that fulfills the news and information needs of communities. The Federal Communications Commission requires broadcasters to keep public files detailing exactly how they serve local needs. But these records are generally kept in file cabinets at local TV stations and are not easily accessible. So the pressure is on for broadcasters to put these files online in a publicly searchable database.

The FCC is currently taking public comments on just such a proposal; the deadline for comments is this Thursday, and already thousands of people have urged the agency to adopt the rules. Earlier this month, the Public Interest Public Airwaves coalition, which includes Free Press, submitted four petitions totaling 68,000 signatures to the FCC in support of the rule change.

While the proposal may seem like a small tweak, it’s actually a major proceeding that will have lasting implications on the kind of news and information we receive. Enhanced-disclosure rules would do the following:

  • force broadcasters to reveal how much money political campaigns spend on advertising at local stations

  • require broadcasters to document who is paying for political ads

  • require broadcasters to disclose sponsored “news” segments produced by advertisers

  • reveal whether stations are engaged in “covert consolidation,” an increasingly common practice in which stations merge operations and air the same newscast on multiple stations

And finally, the rules would make broadcasters disclose how much of their programming actually serves the public interest.

Dozens of organizations and academic institutions have already submitted comments to the FCC in support of the new disclosure rules. In its comments, the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ), which represents more than 1,200 journalists, expressed concern about “pay-for-play” arrangements in which advertisers sponsor specific content. Broadcasters are increasingly presenting advertisements — also known as “fake news” — as news segments, and divulge that they are ads only during a program’s rolling credits. The new rules would allow the public to learn online whether a particular segment was an advertisement, or actual news.

The “pay-for-play” scenario is particularly disturbing in regard to health-related advertisements, the AHCJ wrote in its comment to the FCC:

Such practices are especially pernicious when applied to matters of health and health care — as they often are — because people make decisions affecting their well-being based on such reports. The result is harm to individuals who make the wrong choice based on biased information and increased costs in the health care system that we all pay for. Such deceptiveness also threatens the credibility of all journalism. A bright line must be drawn between those who say what they’re paid to say and those who make an independent effort to find out what’s true.

The need for better disclosure is particularly pressing in this election year. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which lifted restrictions on corporate political spending, has resulted in broadcasters raking in millions from political campaign ads. Spending is expected to exceed $3 billion in the 2012 election cycle. And thanks to the emergence of Super PACs that often hide behind deceptive front names, it can be hard to know who is behind the spending.

Glenn Frankel, director of the school of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, said this type of cloaked spending could affect decision making during elections. In a comment to the FCC, Frankel wrote, “The public needs to know in a timely fashion the identity of the corporations funding these ad campaigns in order to make informed decisions about whom to vote for.”

Take Saturday’s GOP presidential primary in South Carolina, for example. The average TV viewer in South Carolina’s capital saw 182 political ads before Saturday’s primary. Broadcasters pocketed more than $11 million in political-ad money. But how much election coverage did local stations provide? Broadcasters don’t want to say, and it’s certainly hard to find out.

Major broadcasters, including those in the National Association of Broadcasters, oppose the FCC’s rule changes, and have complained that having to continually update an online database would pose significant challenges. As the nonprofit Common Frequency suggested in its comment to the FCC, broadcasters seem to be the only industry in the modern world that prefers filing cabinets to an electronic filing system.

People are fed up with fake news on TV. People are angry about countless political ads whose backers are shrouded in secrecy. People want to know how much local news their TV stations actually produce. Having easy access to broadcasters’ public files is the first step toward holding our broadcasters accountableRegister your comment to the FCC here.

Free Press is a national, nonpartisan organization working to reform the media. Free Press does not support or oppose any candidate for public office. Through education, organizing and advocacy, we promote diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media and universal access to communications.


Real Time Jim Stone Freelance – RED ALERT E-MAIL

From The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Posted By: Steve [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 23-Jan-2012 11:48:38


by JimStone Freelance

People send me news tips all the time, but I have not posted one, UNTIL NOW 
This came in my e-mail

Andy Jan 23, 2012 1:55 AM USS Liberty 2 Incoming – This is treason, that carrier is due to be decommissioned next year because it’s so old. They’re sending it in there to have the Israelis sink it and blame it on Iran!!

Jan 23, 2012 1:45 AM

These 1700 souls will be murdered on the morning of the 26th of January 2012 ! That is when Obama is to be sitting in a Georgia Court House trying to prove he is a natural born US citizen . He has been subpoenaed to appear with all his records , birth certificate and papers from the University he attended . I urge the Coast Guard to order the USS Enterprise to halt to be inspected underneath and within for explosives , IF YOU DO NOT , YOU ARE COMPLICIT ! Another 9/11 CANNOT be allowed to happen!

Jan 22, 2012 10:29 PM

Hal Turner, an FBI Intel Pro expert saw this EXACT plan on the table in September 2006 and leaked it to the public.The USS Enterprise is supposed to be scrapped in 2014 but has 8 Nuclear reactors on board. They said it was going to be a nightmare to decommission so they decided to send it to the Persian Gulf and blow it up and blame Iran. This is verbatim of what he said in 2006, THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN This MUST be stopped!

more here…..


Littlewood : Stop the pro-Israel lobby

My Catbird Seat


The ‘consultation’ on a statutory lobby register may be a window of opportunity

by Stuart Littlewood

The Queen needs a new royal yacht. But the British government says it can’t afford to buy her one. The £80 million for the project must come from private sources.

“Leading British companies will… be asked to donate funds in exchange for naming rights to various decks and facilities on board,” says The Guardian. Does this mean Her Majesty will be seen entertaining in the Goldman Sachs stateroom and sipping daiquiris on the Starbucks sun-deck? Will she shelter from squalls in the Murdoch salon and arrive and depart via the Revlon helipad?

The last royal yacht, Britannia, was a highly successful tool for promoting Great Britain Limited. That being the case, such an important national asset ought to be government funded, not sponsored by tacky brand names.

£80 million is chickenfeed in the great scheme of things. Why are we so hard up that there’s not enough in the public purse to pay for a new boat for our beloved sovereign? One reason, of course, is because for years we’ve been suckered into joining the United States in fighting Israel’s wars of aggression. Given our huge debts it beggars belief that we’re gearing up for another one… this time against Iran… and pushing the oil markets to the edge of panic.

 Opening of new MOD Middle Eastern training facilities at Stanta in Thetford Forest, Norfolk which consist of a rural village and urban complex designed by OPTAG to train troops heading to Afghanistan Photo: ALBANPIX

Haven’t we had our fill of warmongering idiocy?

War fever was magnified at the weekend with an announcement that the Ministry of Defence had splashed out another £14 million on building a replica Middle East village in Thetford Forest for training our troops. It’s complete with shops, fully furnished homes, the stench of rotting meat and a bomb survivor with limbs blown off.

The site was originally a replica Nazi village built in 1942, but that was training for a war of a very different kind… a war in defence of our realm and for our very survival.

Why do we get dragged into these illegal and inhuman expeditions to devastate countries that are no threat to us?

Because a team of Israel-firsters in our midst think it’s smart to promote the ambitions of a foreign power at the expense of our own national interest and everyone else’s.

They have taken command and control of our country by infiltrating the highest levels of government. For example they hold the key jobs in the Foreign Office.

     Britain Plotting with Israel to attack Iran

Our watchdogs ought to have booted them out for violating the sacred principles of conduct in public life, but these leeches are now permanently attached while the dogs are de-fanged and petted.

I can imagine just how robustly the criminal regime in Israel is reprimanded by prime minister David Cameron, a self-declared Zionist, by foreign secretary William Hague, an avid fan of Israel since his teenage years, by Alistair Burt a former officer of the Conservative Friends of Israel and now minister for Middle East affairs, and by Ambassador Gould in Tel Aviv who I’m told is the first Jew appointed to that post.

The proposed lobby register

Our coalition government has just provided a glimmer of hope for a solution – an unintended consequence no doubt – by releasing a woolly discussion document on proposals for a statutory register of lobbyists. This is part of a promise to clean up politics and provide greater transparency in the wake of scandals that destroyed the last shred of public confidence in our political system.

The government defines lobbyists as ‘those who seek to influence or change government policy on behalf of a third party’. The document itself  says that a register should include information about the names of individual lobbyists and lobbying firms and the names of their clients. “In addition, we propose that the register should include whether a lobbyist was previously a Government Minister or a Senior Civil Servant. The Government does not propose that any information on meetings should be included in a register.”

However, only third-party lobbying firms will have to declare their clients and record former ministers and government officials they have on their books. Firms employing in-house lobbyists needn’t register at all.

The register should also offer the same transparency as provided for Ministers, special advisers and senior officials. The recent Fox-Werrity outrage showed how unreliable that is. It took determined digging by a retired former ambassador to shine light into the dark and sinister corners of that affair.

Tamasin Cave from the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency, an organisation representing a number of charities, unions and campaign groups, said the proposals “are fundamentally flawed and have the lobbyists’ fingerprints all over them. We need a statutory register to require lobbyists to reveal who is lobbying whom, what they are seeking to influence and how much money they are spending.”

The Independent has already blasted the government for attempting a ‘”whitewash” while campaigners say the move does nothing to clean up the lobby industry’s reputation for forging unhealthy relationships between senior politicians and leading lobbying firms.

Will ministers be required to declare why they are meeting lobbyists or which firms or groups they are representing? Apparently not, says The Independent.

Now’s your chance!

What about those who lobby on behalf of a lawless foreign power? It is vitally important to halt lobby groups like Friends of Israel  (ChristianConservativeDemocratsLabour) in their tracks. Consultation closes on 13 April, so now’s your chance. Members of the public can make their views known to: Statutory Register of Lobbyists, Cabinet Office, Fourth Floor, 1 Horseguards Road, London SW1A 2HQ. Alternatively, email registerlobbyists@cabinet-office.gsi.gov.uk marking your response with ‘Statutory Register of Lobbyists’ in the subject field of your email.

Make sure you let the government know that you know what a rotten, treacherous game they are playing. The three main political parties in the UK each have a ‘Friends of Israel’ group to ensure pro-Israel members are embedded at all levels in the British political establishment and at the very heart of government, no matter who is in power.

Campaigners argue that these placemen inhibit the government when it comes to taking a principled stand on foreign affairs issues and especially on matters relating to Israel’s criminal acts.

Or the unjustified ganging up against Iran.

                  Gould and Werritty connection

The aim of Friends of Israel is to promote the interests of Israel within the British Parliament. The Israeli regime is racist in its treatment of the Arab population and criminal in its territorial ambitions. The manifestos of Israel’s political parties are horrific. MPs who align themselves with Israel and endorse its practices are contradicting our own anti-racist laws and international and human rights laws.

Should MPs and ministers be acting on behalf of a foreign military power at the expense of our own interests and security? Of course not. They are expressly forbidden to let outside influence cloud their judgment. To do so would breach the second of the Seven Principles of Public Life, namely Integrity – “Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organizations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their official duties.”

Yet Friends of Israel lobby groups go to great lengths to influence those in power. Some say that FoI membership is a necessary passport to high office.

But the man in the street is entitled to look at the Seven Principles of Public Life and say that the activities of lobbies like Friends of Israel are against the intentions, both in word and spirit, of those Principles. Disgraced defence secretary Dr Liam Fox was quoted on the Conservative Friends of Israel website as saying: “…We must remember that in the battle for the values that we stand for, for democracy against theocracy, for democratic liberal values against repression – Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided.” This was when his party was in opposition. Fox presumably spoke for all Friends of Israel in his party (that’s 80 percent of Conservative MPs according to some claims) who were hoping to form the next government. He would have Parliament and the country believe that Israel’s enemy,Iran, must become Britain’s enemy – the sort of dangerous nonsense that could lead our nation to disaster and once again cause hundreds of thousands of innocent people to be shredded and incinerated… Don’t his sort ever learn?

And seldom do FoI members declare an interest when speaking or writing about the Middle East. That is unacceptable in the ‘Mother of Parliaments’.

In the United States there are growing calls for the Israel lobby AIPAC, which is so super-powerful that it calls the shots in Congress and has presidential candidates grovelling to Israel’s agenda, to be classified as an agent of a foreign power and treated accordingly.

Double standards prevail

Strait of Hormuz: Oil gateway to the world

Flotilla: The Nimitz-class aircraft carriers USS John C. Stennis (R) and USS Abraham Lincoln that sailed through the Strait of Hormuz yesterday

Flotilla: The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (left), takes over from the USS John C. Stennis in the Arabian Sea. The USS Abraham Lincoln later led the convoy through the Strait of Hormuz yesterday

British warship: HMS Argyll, the Type 23 frigate, which joined the U.S. vessels (file photo)

British warship: HMS Argyll, the Type 23 frigate, which joined the U.S. vessels (file photo)

Under pressure: USS John C. Stennis (L) and USS Abraham Lincoln (R) pictured last week. Yesterday they passed through the strait. Today the EU are expected to impose an oil embargo

Under pressure: USS John C. Stennis (L) and USS Abraham Lincoln (R) pictured last week. Yesterday they passed through the strait. Today the EU are expected to impose an oil embargo. Credit images : dailymail,uk

The British government ordered a warship to join the US flotilla steaming through the Strait of Hormuz “to underline the unwavering international commitment to maintaining rights of passage under international law”. It’s a response to Iran’s threat to close that seaway if the West imposes an oil embargo.

Royal Navy ships have been patrolling there continuously since the 1980s, but brave Britain hasn’t lifted a finger to keep the sea lanes to Gaza open in response to Israel’s endless illegal blockade and brutal assaults on Gaza’s fishermen and peaceful humanitarian vessels trying to reach the besieged population with aid.

And yesterday the EU announced an embargo on Iranian oil exports, which Britain had been pressing for. It is horribly reminiscent of the bully-boy tactics of the early 1950s, when Britain and America engineered a similar embargo and brought Iran to its knees in order to overthrow the democratic government of Dr Mossadeq and reinstate the hated Shah and his secret police. Why? Because Iran wanted to control its own oil and Britain and the US didn’t like that.

This latest move amounts to another direct attack on Iran’s economic lifeline and smacks of collective punishment and economic terrorism. It will cause hardship to ordinary citizens and further hostility throughout the Islamic world. Nothing pleases Israel more, but why are we so eager to dance to Israel’s tune and damage ourselves in the eyes of world opinion?

Hague said: “Today’s sanctions show how serious EU member states are about preventing nuclear proliferation…” But he and the EU are not in the least serious about nuke-bristling Israel’s refusal to sign up to, or even discuss, non-proliferation. No sanctions there.

Meanwhile hard-pressed British and European motorists are likely to pay a heavy price for this tomfoolery when oil prices rocket. And we are still waiting for proof that Iran has actually done something wrong, are we not? Where does Hague think he’s leading us?

Notice too how the British government’s broadcast regulator has chosen this moment to silence PressTV, Iran’s English-language broadcaster in the UK, by revoking its license and thus suppressing the other side of the story. PressTV was an inconvenient voice that ruffled too many fine feathers among Britain’s bloodthirsty elite. Truth and free speech, as usual, are the first casualties in softening up the public for war.

Stuart Littlewood

About the author: Stuart LittlewoodView all posts by 

Stuart Littlewood’s articles are published widely on the web. He is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For further information please visit www.radiofreepalestine.co.uk. “Lawlessness must have painful consequences for the lawless, not their victims.” (Stuart Littlewood)


Israel orders jail without charge for PLC speaker

From Ma’an News Agency

    (MaanImages/Mouid Ashqar, File)

RAMALLAH (Ma’an)— An Israeli military court on Tuesday ordered the detention of Palestinian parliamentary speaker Aziz Dweik for six months without charge.

Dweik, who was seized by Israeli forces at a Ramallah checkpoint on Thursday, heads the Palestinian Legislative Council. His lawyer Fadi Qawasmi said Ofer military court gave the administrative detention order early Tuesday, after a Sunday hearing was postponed.

The PLC speaker’s office denounced the order as an “abusive decision without any charge or legal justification,” accusing Israel of trying to stop a parliamentary session scheduled for next month.

“It is an Israeli attempt to thwart Palestinian reconciliation,” the statement said.

The Palestinian parliament has been inactive since Hamas ousted Fatah from the Gaza Strip in 2007, a year after Hamas won parliamentary elections. The parties signed a reconciliation agreement in May 2011 but it has yet to be implemented.

Since Dweik’s detention, three other MPs and a former minister, all members of the Hamas-affiliated Change and Reform Bloc, have been seized by Israeli forces.

On Tuesday morning, soldiers seized Abul Jabbar Fuqaha from his Ramallah home, days after entering the premises of the International Red Cross in East Jerusalem to detain MP Mohammad Tawtah and former Jerusalem affairs’ minister Khalid Abu Arafa, and storming the Bethelehm home of MP Khaled Tafesh.

The PLC speaker’s office urged the international community to “break its silence and stop compliance to the Israeli occupation which undermines all international conventions.”

Tawtah and Abu Arafa had been sheltering in the Red Cross compound for 18 months after Israel revoked their residency permits. The ICRC has said it told Israeli authorities that international humanitarian law prohibited the forcible transfer of Palestinian residents from their homes, for whatever reason, while warning the officials the compound had no special status and could not prevent police entry.

PLO official Saeb Erekat, who is holding exploratory talks with Israeli envoys in Jordan, said on Monday the detention of the politicians “exposes the farcical nature of (Israel’s) peace rhetoric.” He urged the international Quartet, which is brokering the talks, to intervene.

There are now 27 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council detained in Israeli jails, according to prisoners rights group Addameer.

Israel holds 307 Palestinians in administrative detention, including 19 PLC members, for renewable terms of six months that do not require a trial or charges, according to the groups’ latest figures.


Iran ‘definitely’ closing Strait of Hormuz over EU oil embargo

From End the Lie

Tensions in the Gulf could reach a breaking point as a senior Iranian official said Iran would “definitely” close the Strait of Hormuz if an EU oil embargo disrupted the export of crude oil, the semi-official Fars news agency reports.

 The announcement came in response to a decision by the European Union on Monday to impose an oil embargo on Iran over the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

“The pressure of sanctions is designed to try and make sure that Iran takes seriously our request to come to the table,” EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said.

However, with Washington’s decision to deploy a second carrier strike group in the Gulf, the EU’s attempt to pressure Iran economically could greatly increase the likelihood of all-out war in the region.

The Strait of Hormuz is the vital link between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

It is also one of the most strategic chokepoints in the world when it comes to oil transit.

With world oil output estimated at some 88 million barrels per day in 2011, the US Energy Information Administration estimated that some 17 million of those barrels passed through the Strait.

If economic sanctions sufficiently pressure Iran to retaliate by closing down the Strait, nearly 20 per cent of worldwide oil trade would be impacted, resulting in a massive spike in global energy costs.

With over half a million regular forces and an additional 120,000 personnel in the country’s elite Revolutionary Guard,  analysts believe the consequences of a US-led war against Iran would dwarf recent Western-backed military incursions the Middle East.  

Thus far, the US decision to maintain two carrier strike groups in the region has been described as “a routine activity” by Iran.  

But the vast US military buildup in the region, which was bolstered when the Pentagon dispatched an additional 15,000 troops to the neighboring nation of Kuwait, was only the latest step in an obvious attempt by Washington to strengthen its military capabilities in the region.

However since 1988, when the United States managed to destroy some 25 per cent of Iran’s larger naval capability during Operation Praying Mantis, Iran has spent the last two decades preparing its Revolutionary Guard naval forces to exploit the vulnerabilities of the United States’ larger conventional forces. 

According to Revolutionary Guard commander Brigadier General Jafaari, “The enemy is far more advanced technologically than we are, we have been using what is called asymmetric warfare methods… our forces are now well prepared for it,” he said, as cited by Global Bearings.

Ultimately,  the latest round of brinkmanship between Iran and the West may force Iran to the negotiating table over its uranium enrichment program. 

However, the EU strategy of averting “chaos in the Middle East” by tightening the economic noose around Iran could spark the very conflagration it was ostensibly trying to avert.

Source – http://rt.com/news/iran-close-strait-hormuz-embargo-455/


Senator accuses government of hacking his phone

From The Sydney Morning Herald

By Courtney Trenwith

January 24, 2012

Greens ICT spokesman Scott Ludlam today unveiled the party's cyber safety policy.

Greens communications spokesman Senator Scott Ludlam claims he was under surveillance. Photo: Andrew Sheargold

Alleged eavesdropping coincided with hacker visit.

WA Senator Scott Ludlam fears the federal government hacked his mobile phone while he was escorting a former WikiLeaks associate visiting Australia.

Mr Ludlam became suspicious when his iPhone played up while he was with internet activist Jacob Appelbaum in Victoria last Friday.

Mr Appelbaum, a known hacker who represented WikiLeaks at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference in 2010, suggested the phone had been intercepted and the transmitter switched on remotely to record Mr Ludlam’s conversations.

“It was a reasonable [suspicion] because Jacob knows what he’s on about [in regards to hacking],” Mr Ludlam said.

“The day I was escorting Jacob into Melbourne the battery was draining unusually fast, about three times as fast as normal.

“When your phone battery is dead by 10am, something strange has happened.”

Mr Ludlam said he was giving “serious thought” to taking further action to confirm whether his phone was hacked, and by who.

He suspected the government wanted to track his whereabouts and record his conversations with Mr Appelbaum, who is a key member of the Tor Project, which has created software to allow internet anonymity.

Users of the software can access websites and post and transmit information with little to no chance of being traced.

The American is said to be under regular surveillance by the US Government and has been detained at US airports on numerous occasions, with his laptop and mobile phones confiscated.

He was in Australia to attend the War on the Internet conference in Melbourne.

Mr Ludlam used his experience to highlight that more than 250,000 requests to intercept telecommunications devices were made in 2010-11 by Australian authorities including state and federal police, but excluding intelligence organisations such as ASIO.

“That’s vastly larger than I realised,” Mr Ludlam said.

“Whether or not mine has been tapped, I think it’s interesting to reflect on the huge number of data access [grants made].

“It’s not just your conversations. It’s for grabbing your location data, where you were, what websites you visited [and] who you rang.”

ASIO cannot comment on specific individuals. However, a spokesperson emphasised that ASIO’s collection of intelligence via telecommunications interception required a warrant.

“ASIO must seek agreement from the Attorney-General and satisfy strict tests set out in relevant legislation before a warrant will be issued,” the spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for Acting Attorney General Jason Clare said the Government had a long-standing policy not to comment on any claims made in the media relating to individual intelligence matters.


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