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Posted by Xaniel777 on January 28, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : January 28, 2012

A heightened chance of something big happening in March 2012

From Urban Survival

Coping:  We Do What?

As you may know, I belong to a couple of professional associations related to news writing.  Not that it will help, coming from a radio background where the printed word is just there for hints about what kinds of noises should come out of mouth, but the idea is to pick up on current thinking and technique.

So one of them has a writing awards contest going, and I submitted an entry into what I thought would be the right category.  Turns out, my guess wasn’t so good – and not sure what’s going to happen to my entry.

What’s interesting – as I set about trying to explain what the UrbanSurvival/Peoplenomics efforts are about – is that most “news” is almost purely reactive, rather than anticipatory.

Which means what?  Well, to people who don’t live “10-minutes in the future” doing things like referring to Clif’s ( Clif High at Half Past Human.com )predictive linguistics with the recent ship sinking (“So, who’s the Blonde?”) or what’s coming in the first half of March (more specifically March 2-9, +/- three days) to be followed by 90-120 days of never-before-seen levels of “release language”, may seem like rantings of an idiot.

Not that they’d be wrong, at least until mid-March.  But it brings up the interesting question of where on the roughly Rayleigh Curve of arriving events in consciousness – events “plug in”.

For the “math curious” there’s a great Northrop-Grumman intro to the Rayleigh Curve available as a PowerPoint here.  As you’ll find, it’s really the Norden-Rayleigh (N-R) curve and the form of most interest to us might be the form v(t) = 2adte^(-a*t^2 except instead of tracking something like ‘e’ effort or expenditures, we might consider ‘e’ as emergent data points in consciousness…and they are distinctly nonlinear from where we live the illusion of “timeline”.  

The main thing to be aware of is that on a linguistic/probability basis, there is a heightened chance of something big happening and we may not be bright enough to see exactly what it is that’s coming.

We’re cautious about playing “Name That Event” since that the “release language” around the 9/11 events (which we discussed in this summer 2001 report which foresaw something of large magnitude inside a 45-60 day window (with an equally inadequate drawing of the “tipping point” that was to materialize as 9/11) demonstrated that even getting aspects and attributes right [military/accident] which would [forever change how we live going forward] (which 9/11 did), we are only somewhat better today.

Yet we do have some candidate events in mind:

  • Despite a “hands off” by the Obama administration, odds are increasing that Israel will be screaming shortly for the US to join in a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, and that failing this, they will “go it alone” and stuff flares up immediately thereafter after the three day pause and some wet work bound to make headlines.  Hope to be wrong on this, but that kind of “glowing” future is my personal pick as most likely.

  • With reports in multiple countries (five) bird flu could go airborne and maybe something like that could fit the international outlook out 3-4 years, but more likely might be…

  • A complete and utter financial failure, which could bring to CDS the modern analog to the Herstatt effect which was a near miss with global financial meltdown in 1974, as all good econ students remember..

The hopful and optimistic sorts claim such an event could never happen again, but I’m not one for joining such clubs.  The reason is simple:  While it’s true that continuous settlement has removed lock-up potential from foreign exchange transactions, there is no similar mechanism for credit default swaps (CDS) and did I mention those are up in the quadrillion-dollar range?

Sadly, if you pick up the Q3 – 2011 Office of the Comptroller of the Currency derivatives report, we see juicy reminders of how close the Global Financial Grim Reaper is with phrases like “Credit exposure from derivatives increased sharply in the third quarter.”   Makes us a little nervous about what Q4 will be like when released shortly.

Clif (who is back online after being offline for a week due to the snowstorms up in the Pacific Northwest) is optimistic that it won’t be the “war case”, but since there are two specific numbers related to body counts in all this (30 million in round one and 1.29 billion by the end of round two) there seems to me to be a low probability that this would be caused by flu or financial failure, though the shutdown of international air travel might account for a demarcation line, as might initial and long-term food/famine impacts.

But back to the point of this little discussion:  I’m not sure how serious-minded people, not used to living in the world of “pre-news” would categorize anything around here.  

Data aside, there’s a 70% (or greater) chance the predictions are all wrong and are just a computational/processing error. 

Still, it’s a perplexing problem to ponder:  Do I plan to go to the group’s convention which will occur at the end of the high risk window?  Thanks to having our own plane, we at least won’t have to worry about making last-minute  travel arrangements.  And that gives us two reasons to be watching the weather closely in early to mid March.



“shadow people” 

From Urban Survival

A long-time reader with a credible background in remote viewing in a formal setting, sent this little update on “shadow people” which seem to be making a small uptick in reports….so is this related to a “thinning of the veil and 2012?  Beats me, but her comments about the shadow people are doggone interesting…

Hi, George:

I think it is probable that most of the “shadow people” incidents concern human astral travelers. It is possible for an experienced individual to change his or her appearance. I suspect that “hatman” owes something to “The Shadow,” whose images in movies and comic books tended to include a wide-brimmed hat.

When I lived in Northern California I knew a number of ladies who reported nocturnal sex with aliens. It was entirely voluntary and the encounters were enjoyed. I looked to see who was really involved and observed that the visitor in a number of cases was a blond human body-builder; he knew how to control his appearance on the astral, and had discovered that women wanted to have sex with aliens. –No, I didn’t blow the whistle on him. He was doing no harm.

Astral rapes do happen occasionally and they can leave marks. One friend went to see her doctor; he was outraged by her injuries and tried to persuade her to report her husband to police. When she told him it had happened during her sleep, and the perp was not her husband, he wouldn’t believe her.

Can people be killed that way? Sure, if they don’t have any self defense skills. In Houston years ago there was a puzzling epidemic of cases of attractive young women in apparent good health dying of unknown causes during the night. It went on at the rate of two or three per month for at least a year.

The solution is for people to develop some skills.  The Art and Practice of Astral Projection, by Ophiel, is a good place to start. Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defense.

Some of the shadow people encounters are anomalous and very creepy indeed.

I agree that wujo incidents are becoming larger and more frequent. Waves of change are agitating our little planet. If this is the precursor to a single future event, it is likely to be something that we will all wish had never happened.

For what it may be worth, I tried to see what will be going on in March of 2013. I expected to see the black hand of government strangling the internet. What I actually saw was different, and alarming. I saw a series of really enormous CMEs strike the Earth during about a two week period. If that happens, a few hardened military systems may survive but no other electronics will.

As of about 2005, the transformers used by large cities were manufactured in only a handful of plants in the entire world. The waiting time to receive one was about four years. Presumably the manufacture requires electricity, supplied by large transformers that are not shielded…

I take comfort in the knowledge that there is more than one possible future and we human beings have a choice about the future we experience. “

Still, just in case, I have kept my HT-37 and SX-122 tube type ham gear, and my grid-interactive solar system is teeming with transient protection.


The False Depiction of Truth

From Spiritual Networks

by Jazmine


At this point in my life, I’ve been doing a lot of searching, contemplating, and reevaluating. I have this huge sense of urgency to connect with what I consider to be “my truth.”

I’ve done my share of study in religion and human nature to only come to terms that what I thought I knew, didn’t exist at all. What I thought I knew is STILL unknown. It’s mere a blank page full of possibility.

I’ve learned that throughout my entire life I’d been searching for happiness, for all of the answers to life. I’ve been searching to know who I truly am when this statement isn’t even fathomable.

We are all a mystery. We will never know our truths.

I’ve realized that I’d been missing out on the joys of life by focusing on how things should be rather than just being. I’ve sold myself out to the “coulda, shoulda, wouldas.” I’ve become a person with high expectations and propabilities that have no existence in this world, only to learn that there are no guaruntees.

Life changes by the instant.

Life is interchangeable yet irreversible, but satiable through love.

That is the only purpose. Love is the only way to the heart. And through the heart you will find what truth resonates with you for the time being.

Now more than ever I am realizing that “truth” is falsely depicted. Truth does not mean total truth at all, but only truth for the moment. While nothing will ever stay the same or can stay the same due to the natural tendency of destruction or clarity, truth is merely a term to describe the possibility of now.

Right now, I am my truth.

Regarding material means, who or what we feel to be a completion in life, is only what we think will “fill us.” We think that by finding what matters the most to us, or what we think matters, then we will be happy. However, happiness only comes through being happy with ourselves. You have to be willing to accept that your truth is a mystery and find comfort in the present by knowing all that is is all that there will ever be. Only then will you find joy.

Right now, my truth—your truth is increasing by the moment, but will never be whole. Because how can truth be whole with the complexity of free will? How can truth be whole and coexist with possibility?

It can’t.

I am remebering that we are all free beyond will because we are the ones experiencing this life. We have the ability to create whatever it is that we wish to create if only we set ourselves up to win.

We have that ability.

The positive energy that we are always searching for…

The love, the heightened vibration, the happiness that we are constantly searching for…

We have the ability to feel at any given moment.

We just have to open our hearts and allow it to flow.

We have to stop searching for our truth, and be it.

We are all that we will ever be at this given moment, as tomorrow, which is now, will consist of the same.



No ruling in ‘birther’ challenge

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

By Bill Rankin

Around the Plaintiff's table Kevin Powell (from left), Thomas Hatfield, Carl Swensson, John Sampson, and Mark Hatfield greeted each other before the hearing. The plaintiffs contend President Obama is not a natural-born citizen and not eligible to be on the Georgia ballot.

Bob Andres, bandres@ajc.com

Around the Plaintiff’s table Kevin Powell (from left), Thomas Hatfield, Carl Swensson, John Sampson, and Mark Hatfield greeted each other before the hearing. The plaintiffs contend President Obama is not a natural-born citizen and not eligible to be on the Georgia ballot.

After hearing evidence with neither President Barack Obama nor his lawyers in attendance, a state administrative law judge on Thursday did not issue a ruling as to whether Obama can be allowed on the state ballot in November.

Lawyers for area residents mounting “birther” challenges told Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi that Obama should be found in contempt of court for not appearing when under subpoena to do so. But Malihi did not indicate he would recommend that and cut off one lawyer when he criticized Obama for not attending the hearing.

The defendant's side was empty as the Obama camp decided to boycott the hearing.

Bob Andres, bandres@ajc.com

The defendant’s side was empty as the Obama camp decided to boycott the hearing.

“It shows not just a contempt for this court, but contempt for the judicial branch,” lawyer Van Irion told Malihi.

“I’m not interested in commentary on that, counselor,” Malihi quickly replied.

Late Wednesday, Obama’s lawyer, Michael Jablonski, wrote Secretary of State Brian Kemp, asking him to suspend the hearing. “It is well established that there is no legitimate issue here — a conclusion validated time and again by courts around the country,” Jablonski wrote.

Jablonski also served notice he would boycott the hearing.

A Georgia judge did not issue a ruling on a 'birther' challenge as to whether President Barack Obama can appear on the Georgia ballot.

Ross D. Franklin, APA

Georgia judge did not issue a ruling on a ‘birther’ challenge as to whether President Barack Obama can appear on the Georgia ballot.

In response, Kemp said the hearing to consider the challenges is required by Georgia law. “If you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the [Office of State Administrative Hearings] proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril,” Kemp wrote.

Thursday’s hearing was held before a packed courtroom with almost every seat taken — except for those at the defendant’s table facing the judge.


Twitter Commits Social Suicide ( But Updated with Twitter’s Version of Things ) 

From Forbes

Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibbs, Contributor

I cover the tech and internet industries.

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Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Starting today, we give ourselves the ability to reactively withhold content from users in a specific country — while keeping it available in the rest of the world. We have also built in a way to communicate transparently to users when content is withheld, and why.

With those words earlier today, in a blog posting titled “Tweets still must flow” the management of Twitter went over to the dark side and may well have dug their own grave.

In what can only have been a fit of corporate insanity, Twitter announced that it has the ability to filter tweets to conform to the demands of various countries.

Thus, in France and Germany it is illegal to broadcast pro-Nazi sentiments and Twitter will presumably be able to block such content and inform the poster why it was blocked.

[UPDATE: Please see below for the reason that the sections discussing computer mediated filtering are deleted.]

Quite obviously, Twitter’s management believes that there is some kind of value in being able to filter in this way but given that, over the course of 2011, the number of tweets per second (tps) ranged from a high of almost 9,000 tps down to just under 4,000 tps, any filtering has got to be computer-driven.

So, consider this tweet:

@FactsorDie Nazi Germany led the first public anti-smoking campaign.

Could that be considered to be pro-Nazi? How will a program accurately make that determination?

What concerns me is that if the algorithm Twitter uses registers a false positive (i.e. determines that the tweet is pro-Nazi when it isn’t) and the tweet has any time sensitivity to it then that attribute will be completely nullified by the time the tweet makes it out of tweet-jail if it ever does.

On the other hand if the software makes a false negative (i.e. determines that the tweet is NOT pro-Nazi when it is) then the filtering is useless and Twitter will be held accountable by every political group with an axe to grind.

Now it might be argued that some percentage of false positives or false negatives will be acceptable but what is that percentage? 0.0000o01%? That equates, at a minimum of 4,000tps, to 3,456 misclassified tweets per day or 1,261,440 per year!

And will the filtering software be able to detect irony and sarcasm? I rather doubt it.

And what about the fact that Twitter will be implicitly editing all tweets? Doesn’t that attract legal issues in that they are taking on an editorial responsibility and therefore become a lightning rod for lawsuits?

I see Twitter’s management having made an epic mistake. In trying to appease the demands of political pressure they’ve dug themselves a huge hole that they won’t be able to climb out of. The mere fact that they have published a blog posting claiming that they can filter seals their fate.

I really like Twitter; it’s a unique and amazingly rich social platform but Twitter’s management may have just diminished if not wiped out their edge and their global relevance.

You can’t service all of humanity if you allow the needs of politics to triumph over the needs of the people. And if you can’t service all of humanity, what is your relevance?

CORRECTION: I received the following comment from a Jodi Olson, part of the communications team at Twitter.  Jodi wrote:

I saw your piece on our news today and wish you would have checked in with us for perspective on the story–your piece is inaccurate and misleading.

What’s new today is that we now have the ability, when we have to withhold a Tweet in a specific country, to keep that Tweet visible for the rest of the world. We hold freedom of expression in high esteem and work hard not to remove Tweets.

The key is that this reactive only.  It’s on a case-by-case basis, in response to a valid request from an authorized entity.  This is not a change in philosophy. Twitter does not mediate content, and we do not proactively monitor Tweets.

Also key is that we’re making a clear effort to be transparent.Our policy in these cases is to 1) promptly notify the affected users, unless we are legally prohibited from doing so; 2) withhold the content in the required countries only, rather than worldwide; 3) clearly indicate to viewers that a Tweet or Account has been withheld, and 4) make available any requests to withhold content through our partnership with Chilling Effects.

To put the news in context, see this post from the EFF’s Jillian York.

Could you please update your story to make the accurate corrections?

I stand corrected over the point that the filtering is reactive (and presumably human-driven) versus proactive (and computer-driven) … Twitter’s original blog posting obviously wasn’t clear on this issue and in many ways the willingness of Twitter to acquiesce  to “authorized” entities raises even more questions. I find Jodi’s wish that I “would have checked in with us for perspective” remarkably naive … wouldn’t you think that what Twitter writes in its own official blog would be what they mean and not require spin clarification. That said, I have replied to Jodi and I’ll update this posting whenI hear back from her.


Settlers who went too far – even for Netanyahu

The Independent


Donald Macintyre ventures to the village which has provoked a legal crisis in Israel

Itai Harel gazed across at the rocky wilderness of the Judaean Mountains and urged us to “look at all this wonderful, empty land all the way from Jerusalem, waiting for its sons to come to build and live in it”. It was one of the few moments that Mr Harel, a 38-year-old social worker, turned lyrical in helping to explain why he, his wife and six children are living with 50 other families in a fenced outpost on a remote hilltop east of the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Standing by the stables Mr Harel uses for the successful therapeutic riding centre he runs, you would hardly guess that Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered that every structure here should be evacuated and demolished in little more than eight weeks. Or that the outpost has become the crucible for a political and judicial trial of strength; one which may decide whether Israel’s government is prepared to put any limits at all on illegal Jewish West Bank settlement.

This peaceful winter morning, children are clambering over the slides in the playground of one the community’s two kindergartens. The water tower and electricity pylons, like the road that winds up the hillside to the summit, testify to the generous $4m-worth of help the community has had from governmental agencies since its establishment a decade ago. So too do the Israel Defence Force soldiers on protective duty here.

Yet this is part of the Migron paradox – there is absolutely nothing legal about it. Forget about international law, which most democratic governments believe is violated by all Jewish settlement in occupied territory. Like another 100 such unauthorised outposts, which started to spring up in the 1990s to get round Israel’s promise to build no new actual settlements, it has no basis in Israeli law. Moreover, government departments have regularly confirmed, and the Supreme Court accepted, that Migron was built on land privately owned by individual Palestinians and their families in the nearby villages of Burqa and Deir Dibwan, which makes it doubly illegal.

In her judgment, issued after repeated unfulfilled promises to evacuate the Migron residents, the Chief Justice, Dorit Beinisch, declared unequivocally that “we can only hope residents [of Migron] accept their duty not to behave as hooligans and resettle in any other place the state allows them.”

Mr Harel is hardly an obvious “hooligan”, insisting he wants a peaceful solution. But his ideological belief in his right to live where he chooses in the West Bank is not in doubt. “Look, my father survived the Holocaust, his little brother was killed. He tried to come to Israel after the war when he was six with his parents and another brother and the British sent them to Cyprus. He fought in the troops that liberated Jerusalem [in the 1967 Six Day war].”

Mr Harel, who believes it is for the voters and not the courts to decide the fate of the land, adds: This is my history. Is this the land of my forefathers or is it occupied territory? I think most Israelis know the answer.”

The Supreme Court order has raised the spectre of an evacuation even more violent than in 2006, when nine houses were evacuated in another illegal outpost, Amona, on which thousands of right-wing settlers converged. As it is, the demolition of three houses here resulted in a series of “price tag” attacks by settlers, which included vandalised and burned mosques in several Palestinian villages. (Migron settlers are adamant none of them took part.)

The Netanyahu government has now proposed a remarkable “compromise”, under which the outpost is removed to another approved site 2km away. It is still in occupied territory of course, but on officially designated “state land”.

Hagit Ofran, from the advocacy group Peace Now, believes the move may only be a delaying tactic. But in any case, she argues: “It would mean that the Israeli government would establish a new settlement and would send out the message that if you steal Palestinian land without authority, and threaten the use of violence, we will build you a new settlement on the taxpayer’s account. It’s outrageous.”

Outrageous or not, the offer has not yet been accepted by the settlers, who have been bolstered by right-wingers in the Netanyahu coalition who are arguing in favour of primary legislation retrospectively to legalise the outpost – a move which Peace Now argues would “signal the settlers to continue to build outposts without permission and to create facts on the ground.”

A few kilometres away in Burqa, Abdel Khader Mohammed Samarin, 72, a leader of the local Palestinian landowners group who petitioned the Supreme Court, looked out across the lovely valley which separates the Palestinian village from Migron. Mr Samarin, who says he lost 16 acres of land out of the 500 seized to make way for the outpost, said: “I want to appeal to Tony Blair as head of the Quartet to pressure Israel to let us have our land back. I want to appeal to the world.”

But he added: “My hope is weak. I don’t think they are going to do this.” And that analysis, at least, is shared by Mr Harel. “Come back in the summer when it is warmer and I’ll take you horse riding,” he said. “In Migron.”

How the land lies: Settling disputes

Settlements remain a constant source of friction between Israel and the Palestinians, with the issue touching on political, religious and territorial claims.

More than half a million Jewish settlers – encouraged by successive Israeli governments – live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which were seized by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War. Along with Gaza, these territories are considered the basis of a future Palestinian state, and the international community views all settlements as illegal and an obstacle to peace.

Rapid expansion of settlements has driven many to despair of a two-state solution. Israel wants the largest settlements to remain in Israel in any deal, a solution that critics say would effectively result in Palestinian “bantustans”, or isolated self-governing enclaves, in the West Bank.

Settlers determined to assert Israel’s claim to the West Bank are motivated by financial, security and religious reasons. Many consider the West Bank part of their historic birthright.

The situation is even more intractable in East Jerusalem, coveted by the Palestinians as their future capital. Israel asserts sovereignty over Jerusalem, and 250,000 settlers live in the Arab-dominated east of the city.

Outposts – makeshift communities built without Israel’s authorisation – have proved a particular thorn in Israel’s side. Migron, built on private Palestinian land, is the largest of these.

Under the Bush-era “road map” in 2003, Israel committed to dismantling outposts built after 2001. Migron was one, but efforts to move it have been blocked by right-wing opponents, and settlers have threatened to make it a key battleground if the state attempts to dismantle it.

Catrina Stewart


Israeli Finance Minister Pushes Naval, Aerial Blockade of Iran


{ XANIEL’S NOTE :  Once again, ‘ Israel ‘ has already admitted that Iran DOES NOT have nuclear weapons or has even made a decision to build one and yet with that ‘ ZIONIST WISDOM ‘ that I laughably refer to as Israeli Logic, is still pushing for a war. However,  with this plan of idiocy, they will draw in Russia and China. ( especially China, who has already made arrangement with two supertankers to take oil from Iran )  Of  course this is exactly what Israel wants. These evil fools desire to set off a nuclear war that brings about their ‘ ZIONIST  END OF DAYS ‘, because they truly believe they are doing God’s work ! I don’t know what god they pray to, but it’s NOT the God I know, love and trust. MY GOD WOULD NEVER ASK OR EXPECT ANYONE TO MURDER THE WORLD IN HIS NAME !!

‘ GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE ‘ ??  Not likely ! } ~~ Xaniel777


From AntiWar.com

by Jason Ditz, January 26, 2012

‘No One Can Go Out’ Insists Steinitz

In an interview today with Bloomberg Businessweek, Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz rejected the European Union’s ban on importation of Iranian crude oil, insisting it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Instead, Steinitz called for the international community to impose a full naval and aerial blockade across all of Iran so that no one can even go out[sic].” This is the only option with any chance of success, he said.

Steinitz said a good model for his plan was the Cuban blockade by the United States in 1962, an effort which nearly ended with the annihilation of all life on earth in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

“Sometimes it might work. You have to at least try,” Steinitz added. It is unclear how he imagines the full aerial blockade in the north could be imposed, since it would presumably be opposed by Russia.

Last 5 posts by Jason Ditz


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