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Posted by Xaniel777 on February 2, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 03, 2012


RON PAUL EXPOSED!!! Is this the man we want to see running the U.S.A.?



Uploaded by  on Dec 9, 2011

Ron Paul is a great man and this video shows he has been fighting for the American people for decades and will be there to end the tyranny of psychopathic criminals that have hijacked our great nation.

This video exposes the Truth of Ron Paul. We need this man. He is the only hope we have and if he doesn’t make it into the White House there won’t be anything left of the United States– civil war will be a certainty.

The U.S. is hijacked by a bunch of mobsters who don’t give a damn about the nation and certainly don’t care about the American people.

60 treasonous psychopaths in the Senate just voted in favor of locking up American citizens indefinitely without any legal recourse whatsoever in custody of the military– turning the U.S. into a military dictatorship.

Under this law they have declared they are no longer abiding by the Constitution and they have also declared they are criminals. We must stop voting for the two party scam that has given a foreign nation total control of the Democracy of the U.S.

These people are guilty of High Treason for even considering such a law– against the people of the U.S. and they need to be removed from our government.



Mayan Elders Weigh in as 2012 Dawns

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : Not the doom and gloom you might think. }

From Unexplainable.Net

   Watching The World Change

    By Chris Capps    1/3/12


For years civilization has been living in the shadow of some unknown event to take place on December 21st 2012 as the Mayan calendar comes to an end. 

Unlike previous doomsday prophecies which were made only a few years prior to the date coming to pass, the general consensus on the 2012 phenomenon is that the calendar has been around for thousands of years and is only now coming to an end.

  But with less than a year now left before the Mayan calendar ends, we are left asking ourselves if the modern interpretations are truly representative of what the calendar professes will happen. 

And so it stands to reason that we may want to hear what the current Mayan elders have to say about the whole thing.

One man making the rounds and interviewing the elders of both the Mayan and Hopi traditions is Drunvalo Melchizedek.  He has interviewed elders from both communities and has come to some startling conclusions that suggest what we think may be completely off base for the true Mayan calendar. 

He states that the date December 21, 2012 is not the exact date corresponding to “the end of the world” as many have suggested, but indicates a massive landmark for when some major changes in consciousness and consensus reality will take place – and not all will necessarily be bad.

Melchizedek, an author from Sedona, Arizona has written a number of pieces on the subject of spiritual transformation, including one on the 2012 date itself as well as a two volume book that includes information on the lost cities of Atlantis and Lemuria. 

But can he shed any light on what the Mayans say about the suspected end of the world date later this year?

One of the key components to look for in the Mayan calendar is the appearance of a massive blue star.  In 2011 one of the largest stories in new age circles was the appearance of the comet Elenin, which looked very similar to a blue star from Earth. 

Could this have been the star spoken of in the Mayan prophecy?  But in 2007 another blue comet, 17P/Holmes appeared in the night sky became more bright by a factor of nearly a million which could be seen easily by those on the ground unaided by telescopes.

Given that historians believe telescope was created in 1608, it’s difficult to imagine the star they were talking about would be impossible to spot from Earth thousands of years ago when the Mayan calendar was originally created. 

This suggests that the object, whichever one it may be, would have been visible to the naked eye to those waiting on the ground.  For a brief moment in time in November of that year, the comet 17P/Holmes even had an area of dispersion even larger than the sun itself. 

It seems little could compare to the incredible size of a comet so profoundly huge as that, and it did pick an odd time-frame to appear just five years almost to the day before the Mayan calendar would be up.

While many are claiming insider knowledge that ultimately confirms the exact details of the events in the following year, it seems there is still very little in the way of consensus on what will actually happen. 

Regardless, as 2012 quickly accelerates we will be examining the facts and attempting to solve this mystery before it comes to pass.  2012 has begun.


Wujo: Notes to the Adjustment Bureau

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : Here’s a little something, something to help set your mind to ‘ Shifting your own Reality ‘ if only you will believe and know that you can !!}~~ Xaniel777


Coping: Wujo: Notes to the Adjustment Bureau

There aren’t too many movies I will watch more than once, since the plot and the rest doesn’t change on second viewing. But still, there are some, like The Adjustment Bureau that are so close to filling in a huge number of questions about how people live, and how small changes ripple into the future, that we watched in again last night.

The premise of it is simple: Yes, we have “free will” but it’s a bounded thing which means, if you remember set theory from your school days, that our range of motion is not totally constrained – more like the choices are usually limited.

A fine thinking piece comes from reading a few books on electronic voice phenomena (EVP) where supposedly, The Dead are living in a world of exaggerated colors and some are purported dead scientists who are trying to get back into contact with our present reality to get messages to loved ones and so forth.

By the descriptions “coming over” as reported in some EVP books, the colors in this “other world” are far more intense than is this one – and there are other colors completely.

Anyway, back to point, this is an example of a “bounding problem” – since we all know that the color wheel is a pretty well established thing in this world. Since we are creatures of bounded sets (where color and the limits to color are set by societal conventions and limitations of the optic nerve, and so forth) we accept unconsciously or otherwise that we can only see so many colors and that’s that.

Here’s a simple little task to keep you occupied: Come up with a color that is non-existent in our shared reality and is truly from “outside”. Then you will have gone somewhere. Or dream up a flavor that has never been built before – that kind of thing.

And it’s here that The Adjustment Bureau is such a fine movie.

Since I watched it last night, I’ve noticed a few small adjustments in my life.

For one, since my son’s visit, our digital bathroom scale now lives in a new location in the master bath.

Now, you have to understand that I don’t weigh myself with my glasses on (they weight something, right?) and we have a dressing chair.

Took the glasses off, thoughtless tossed the glasses on the chair, weighed myself, and then sat down to put on my socks and just as I sat down, guess what?

So now I have a broken pair of glasses to get fixed – minor thing – maybe – as it looks like the nylon rimless part just snapped. But that sets up a trip to the eyeglass emporium and for all I know, I will do something on that previous unscheduled trip that somehow causes (or saves us from) World War III.

Butterfly effect. ( UNIVERSE IN ACTION )

But it wasn’t just the glasses broken. That would have been fine.

Nossir, that lead to tearing apart my flight bag looking for my backup glasses (no luck, of course) and then the search for the spare pair in the office. Case was there but the glasses missing.

Earlier this week, I got an email from a reader who I knew from my rock & roll news director days back in Seattle. Got the computer fired up only to learn that the email I’d sent to her got rejected by her server (in Canada).

And then, while I’m trying to get that resent (it was rejected by her server again, so WTF?) my wireless keyboard decides to stick in the “won’t type anything” mode.

And this in turn leads me to my #3 server to look up how to turn the Microsoft wireless keyboard back on, which leads to the discovery that Server 3 needs to have its wireless card reset.

No time for that, so on to Server 2, normally used for audio-video production, such as an upcoming interview for the Strategic Living site, and for the www.fifthorderhouse.com sites. After looking up the information I need, but just barely. that server decides it needs to restart but by then I’m back at Server 1 which has by now gotten ready to restart.

All of which would be fine, except that now Server 1 thinks we need to perform a disk integrity check, but I tell it no, gambling I can make it through this morning’s column and will have plenty of time later to accomplish that.

By now, I’ve pissed away 45-minutes, don’t have anything written for the column this morning, and since this is garbage day, I have to spend an extra 10-minutes before publishing time taking out the garbage.

So apparently, Universe, Adjustment Bureau, or whatever, wanted to detail my writing about something this morning because sure as hell it’s been every tripwire in the book getting even this far.

Don’t know if you’ve ever had days like this one, but today is sure off to a strange beginning.

It’ll be interesting what else pops up between now and upload time….or maybe it’s all just an intricate way of reminding Clif to get the movie and watch it while we still all have power. Hard telling.

After locking myself out of the house while wheeling the garbage out to the road, I finally went through the flight bag and there was a pair of glasses. I was back in business; and apparently that was all the adjusting I needed.( Xaniel’s note : Perfect example of how Universe directs us to what we need, even if it sometimes takes us the long way around to get to it ! ) ~~ Xaniel777


For It Before They Were Against It: Google Spent $400K On SOPA Lobbying

From techcrunch

By John Biggs


According to filings with the Federal Election Commission, Google spent approximately $390,000 (out of $3,760,000.00 total) on SOPA and PIPA lobbying including efforts to educate lawmakers on SOPA and the DMCA. The question, then, is whether the massive search and advertising giant was for or against the bill – and why so much money was spent to argue the case.

The document, available online in PDF here, is fairly succinct and covers a number of topics, thereby explaining the massive cash outlay. Here’s the specific mention of SOPA:

S. 968 – Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011; S. 978 –
Commercial Felony Streaming Act; S. 2029 – Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act; H.R. 3261 –
Stop Online Piracy Act; Digital Millennium Copyright Act service provider safe harbors; Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The document also mentions a number of other lobbying topics including “Regulation of online advertising; privacy and competition issues in online advertising” and “Renewable energy policies” so it’s not all SOPA all the time over at Google’s New York offices. However, there is a key word missing in the filing – whether Google was for or against the bill and what, if any, opinion they injected into the lobbying effort.

Google was unavailable for comment for this piece but it’s clear that most organizations with a dog in the fight spent some money on lobbying. Wikimedia spent a mere $10K on their efforts, at least according to documents we found. The MPAA made its interests clear in the media but less clear in FEC filings, pouring in $850,000.00 in lobbying money while mentioning nothing of its stance.

According to one reader who performed a bit of data mining on the documents, top spenders are, in order:



The Information Technology Industry Council




CSC Holdings




These numbers are clearly elusive. There’s no value in admitting your position in these documents and clearly there’s no requirement. All we have is a trail of cash going from company to lobbyist to politician. What is said during these glad-handing sessions is unclear, but given the predilections of some of the filers, assumptions can be made.

More interesting are these numbers on the aggregate. While we don’t know what was said, the $1,799,066 represented above talks and it’s clear big business has more resources to pass favorable legislation than any nerd army massing online at SOPA’s gates.


5.6 Million Americans Have Switched Their Banks In The Last 90 Days


From ThinkProgress ECONOMY

By Pat Garofalo on Feb 2, 2012 

Back in November, the Occupy Wall Street movement inspired “Bank Transfer Day,” a day for Americans fed up with the actions of the nation’s biggest banks to move their money to a different institution. Initial estimates of the impact of Bank Transfer Day placed the number of accounts moved at around 600,000, but later estimates revised that downward to around 200,000.

However, new estimates from Javelin Strategy and Research, a research and consulting firm, show that the original numbers were closer to the truth. Javelin found that 5.6 million people have moved their bank accounts in the last 90 days, with 610,000 citing Bank Transfer Day as their reason:

Bank Transfer Day and the Occupy Movement have received tremendous attention, and for the first time we have market research data to measure the impact on the financial services industry. Javelin’s research estimates that 5.6 million U.S. adults with a banking relationship changed providers in the past 90 days. Of those switchers, 610,000 US adults (or 11% of the 5.6 million) cited Bank Transfer Day as their reason and actually moved their accounts from a large to a small institution.

Javelin noted that this pace of account closing is three times the normal rate. While 11 percent of people moving their accounts cited Bank Transfer Day, one quarter said they moved their money because their old institution charged too many fees. Account closures at Bank of America, the nation’s second largest bank, actually jumped 20 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, potentially driven by the bank’s ill-fated decision to implement a $5 monthly fee for its debt cards.

According to the consulting firm cg42, the nation’s 10 biggest banks could lose as much as $185 billion in deposits this year due to customer defections. Of those banks, “Bank of America is the most vulnerable and could lose up to 10% of its customers and $42 billion in consumer deposits.” (HT: Business Insider)


Due process, detention and defense


By Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) -01/30/12 

In the halls of Congress, many issues divide us, but there are also issues that unite us as Americans. Protecting the due process rights of American citizens and legal permanent residents should be at the top of the list. Every American deserves their day in court. Every American is innocent until proven guilty.

These are core values enshrined in our founding document – the United States Constitution.

A few months ago, Congress voted on legislation to fund our national defense. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) secured a pay increase for American military personnel, funded the operations at every base and national laboratory in our country and continued vital cybersecurity programs that are keeping America safe.

Passage of the NDAA didn’t happen overnight, and we were proud to be among the bipartisan leaders in Congress that successfully stripped language from the NDAA that would have given the president – and all future presidents – the ability to effectively declare war on anyone, anywhere. Our coalition in defense of civil liberties was successful in this crucial battle, but our work is not yet done. 

In particular, we are especially concerned with Section 1021 of the NDAA which includes unnecessarily ambiguous language regarding our detainment policy. We have spoken with people across the political spectrum, and there is broad bipartisan consensus that the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens is unacceptable and inconsistent with the values most Americans hold dear.

That is why we have taken the lead in the House of Representatives, working with Senator Dianne Feinstein in the Senate, in introducing the Due Process Guarantee Act of 2011 (H.R. 3702 and S. 2003). This bill explicitly affirms that any American or legal permanent resident must be charged or tried and cannot be indefinitely detained.

A clear statement from Congress was necessary in light of the uncertainty surrounding our detainee policy, not only in the NDAA, but to clarify that this is Congress’s view on detainee policy going forward. The importance of protecting our due process rights goes beyond one bill or one session of Congress.

The legal community is split on how to interpret Section 1021, but enough legal scholars worry that it could allow for the indefinite military detention of American citizens that a clarifying law is necessary. Congress did not intend to allow citizens to be indefinitely detained, and it is appropriate to pass a law that explicitly protects our due process rights and clearly defines our detainee policy.

We now have more than 50 co-sponsors, including the ranking members of the House Armed Services, Foreign Affairs and Judiciary committees. Our friend, Rep. Walter Jones, a Republican from North Carolina, has also cosponsored this legislation, and we expect more of our Republican colleagues to join us in this battle to protect liberty and freedom in the weeks ahead.

The right to a trial is a core principle of the American legal system. Depriving Americans of these essential liberties undermines the Constitution while doing nothing to strengthen our national security.

Allowing suspects to indefinitely linger in our cells is, in fact, detrimental to our national security goals. If a suspect is proven to be a terrorist, for the sake of the victims and deterring any future attacks, he or she must be brought to justice. America has done this with Timothy McVeigh and hundreds of other terrorists.

Moreover, the ability of America to lead the world community is strengthened through partnership with allies. Reaffirming the justice of the American system bolsters our legitimacy with allies, thereby encouraging further cooperation and improving our national security.

The NDAA takes many steps to ensure that our military has all the essential resources it needs to continue keeping America safe and free. Our brave men and women in uniform signed up to protect our nation and the Constitution it was founded upon, and so too should Congress.

With the passage of the Due Process Guarantee Act of 2011, the unnecessary ambiguities encumbering the NDAA will be cleared up. We encourage the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives to give the Due Process Act of 2011 the up-or-down vote it deserves.

Rep. Garamendi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Heinrich (D-N.M.) both serve on the House Armed Services Committee. 


No indictments for Westerly police in Mystic man’s death

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : Another shinning example of our growing Police State when the police can do whatever they want without any repercussions.

Things like this, involving the police, are happening all over our once great Nation.

The police abusing their authority is most likely more noticeable at any Occupy Location !  But to get a full picture of how many people were, have or will be killed as a result of police abuse,  you’ll have to follow your favorite alternative media source, as Main Stream Media covers little if any of it !

WE CAN’T TRUST MOST OF THE POLICE ( I say most, because there are some who ‘DO’ take their oaths to protect and to serve the public very seriously and if it really came down to it, they would stand with us )


TheDay.com logo

From theday in Connecticut 

By Joe Wojtas

Publication: The Day

Published 02/02/2012

                                                                                                     Courtesy O’Loughlin family

 An undated photo of Ryan O’Loughlin and his wife, Lucia Uchalova

Ryan O’Loughlin’s family, attorney stunned by R.I. grand jury’s finding

 A Rhode Island grand jury has decided not to indict any of the Westerly police officers involved in the June 2011 arrest of Ryan O’Loughlin of Mystic, who suffered internal injuries and died a few hours after being released from custody.

O’Loughlin’s death has been ruled a homicide by the Connecticut medical examiner.

The Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General announced Wednesday that a statewide grand jury had just concluded its investigation into the circumstances surrounding O’Loughlin’s arrest and had “declined to return indictments against any member of the police department.”

“The Statewide Grand Jury found that the actions of the officers were legally justified,” the office said in a press release.

“Consistent with the practice in cases of this kind, the Office of Attorney General brought the matter before a Grand Jury to promote integrity in the process and trust in the outcome. It is the responsibility of the Grand Jury to determine the facts, apply the law to those facts and to decide whether anyone may be charged with criminal wrongdoing,” the release stated.

The office also said state law does not allow it to release any further details surrounding the grand jury probe.

The attorney for O’Loughlin’s family, Mark Dana of Providence, said Wednesday that the family was devastated by the decision. “They had hoped for some responsibility and some justice,” he said. “There’s never been a question about how Ryan died. There are questions that need to be answered. This just doesn’t make any sense.

“Something happened in that grand jury room, but we’ll never know what it was. It’s apparent the Westerly police can do whatever they want without any repercussions.”

Dana said there is an option of asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the case and file charges, but he said that agency is often reluctant to do so when state authorities have already investigated.

Dana said he does plan to file a lawsuit against the police department and officers on behalf of the family in the next few months. The grand jury’s decision not to indict the officers does not hurt his civil case because there is a lower standard of proof in a civil action, he added. “It doesn’t mean that they didn’t use excessive force,” he said.

Dana said O’Loughlin’s widow, parents and other family members said they can not understand how the officers were not indicted, considering the injuries O’Loughlin suffered.

Dana, who noted that he, too, was surprised there were no indictments, said he understands that officers sometimes have to use force to make arrests. But in this case, he added, O’Loughlin was a bystander who suffered a lacerated liver that caused him to bleed to death. O’Loughlin was never charged with assaulting any of the officers.

Westerly police Chief Edward St. Clair and Town Manager Steven Hartford released the following statement Wednesday: “The Jury verdict brings a conclusion to a very difficult and sad chapter. The family members of Mr. O’Loughlin have suffered an unspeakable loss. Nothing can or will change that. A thorough and independent review of the facts as to whether our officers acted correctly has been made. We have been urging everyone from the beginning to wait for a fact based conclusion and not to rely on speculation and a one sided version of events.

“An independent Grand jury with no connection to Westerly or the Westerly Police department or any of the investigators has reviewed all of the facts, all of the evidence, all of the witnesses, including the Ct. Medical examiner and their conclusion was simple but clear: the actions of our officers were legally justified. It is now clear that those officers were doing their jobs in accordance with their training and we are grateful that this matter has been brought to a conclusion.”

In the early morning hours of July 9, 2011, three Westerly police officers arrested O’Loughlin after a disturbance outside Perks & Corks on High Street in downtown Westerly. The officers said they pepper-sprayed and struck the 34-year-old Navy veteran in the legs with a baton after he refused to put his hands behind his back.

Later in the day, O’Loughlin appeared in Fourth Division District Court in Wakefield, R.I., on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, posted bond and returned home. Late that afternoon, he began vomiting and his wife, Lucia Ochalova, took him to the Pequot Health Center in Groton, where he died 16 hours after his arrest.

Last September, Dana announced that the autopsy report showed O’Loughlin was the victim of a homicide. He said the report showed O’Loughlin sustained 12 separate injuries to his head, chest, abdomen and legs during his arrest, including the lacerated liver that caused him to bleed to death.

“In short, Ryan was beaten to death,” Dana said at the time.

During the arrest, Dana said, O’Loughlin never assaulted any of the officers but only refused to put his hands behind his back. He said toxicology tests showed O’Loughlin had no drugs or alcohol in his system.

Perks & Corks owner Bryan Keilty has said he called police when another man punched holes in the bathroom wall of his business. He said O’Loughlin seemed to know the man, whom police identified as Daniel Smith, 28, of 21 Cottrell St., Mystic. O’Loughlin followed Smith outside in an effort to persuade him to pay for the damage.

According to reports by officer Terence Malaghan and Sgt. David Turano, O’Loughlin swore at the officers. Officer Greg Barna told O’Loughlin to put his hands behind his back because he was under arrest, but O’Loughlin refused and resisted being handcuffed.

Barna also pepper-sprayed O’Loughlin, who, although “visibly affected” by the spray, continued to refuse to comply with officers’ orders, according to the officers’ reports.

The report states that Barna began to deliver strikes to O’Loughlin’s legs. The officers then took him to the ground and struggled with him for a few minutes before placing him in handcuffs, according to the report.



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