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Posted by Xaniel777 on February 10, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 10, 2012

Hacking Democracy – Full Length


1st)  I guess I am a touch crazy, but I’m okay with it !

2nd)  Why is it when your hit in the face with the truth and try to help others become aware of it,  your called paranoid??

and 3rd)  There really is no 3rd, I just made up 3rd because I’m the editor and a touch crazy ! ….and…and… I think 3rd is looking at me…. “STOP LOOKING AT ME !!!”…. ( now that’s paranoid ) ,nuff said }~~ Xaniel777


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When you can’t control the Politicians or the voters, then you control the counting! Go back to paper votes and we will have a President that was voted in!

P.S. This movie is called “Hacking Democracy” because voting is a democratic process. They makers are aware that the U.S. was founded as a Constitutional Republic.




World’s Pyramids Beaming Energy To Mysterious Space Cloud



Tue Feb 07 2012

Although NASA covered up the strange photon cloud that’s now enveloped the solar system, the word has leaked out from some scientists.

And now, as the ominous cloud approaches it’s affecting the sun and planets in measurable ways.

Amazingly, as the bizarre energy invades our space, some of the world’s most famous pyramids are generating intense energy.
Several incredible incidents of visible power beams shooting skywards into space towards the region of the alien photonic cloud are well-documented.

At the same time, people around the world began hearing and recording frightening sounds—noises that seem as if the Earth itself is moaning and wailing.

All the phenomena—including measurements of the never-before-seen gigantic electrification of the turbulent sun—seem to be centered on the deadly photonic cloud that some have called a ‘potential Doomsday space event.’

Pyramids beam energy to approaching space cloud

Ancient pyramids awake after centuries, millennia of slumber

Tourists screamed, others shot hasty videos with their camera phones as the Mayan pyramid rumbled. But no earthquake followed, instead a brilliant beam of light shot skyward into space as awed onlookers gasped, wondering what it meant.

Mayan energy beam. Processed image on right shows hidden lightning bolt

But the Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan transmitting a raw column of incredible energy into space was just the latest pyramid to do so.

Artist’s re-creation of what witnesses saw at Bosnian pyramid

In 2009 and 2010 the Bosnian pyramid of the sun beamed a pencil thin ray of pure energy towards space.

Recently, the Chinese government began closely monitoring the Xianyang pyramid for signs of activity. Last year a team of scientists investigated the pyramid and believe it may have extraterrestrial origins.[Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid]

That amazing incident was followed by the vortex blastwitnessed and captured on filmshooting from the apex of the famous Aztec Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Energy beams, vortexes, whirlwinds of intense forcewhat does it mean? Where is that energy being directed and why? What activated the mysterious power of these silent sentinels of stone quietly marking the passage of centuriesuntil something disturbed their slumber?

What brought them to life may be something more incredible than the actions of the pyramids: the arrival of an unknown force from the galactic void that’s now surrounded much of the solar system.

     The deadly photon belt

NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during 2012 to 2013. Few listened.

Astrophysicist Dr. Alexey Dmitriev

Now the eminent astrophysicist, Alexey Demetriev [“PLANETOPHYSICAL STATE OF THE EARTH AND LIFE“] claims what is happening is worse—much worse—than NASA and the ESA’s warnings. [Claim: NASA Hiding Approaching Doomsday Space Event]

Our entire solar system has entered an immense, potentially deadly, interstellar energy cloud.

Pyramids reacting to unknown, alien cloud

Dr. Demetriev has revealed that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes reported the entire solar system is at risk. Worse, Merav Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University claims this interstellar energy cloud is unstable and turbulent.

The Russian scientist further asserts this photonic cloud of energy is exciting the atmospheres of the planets and especially our sun. As this interstellar energy cloud continues to excite and interact with the sun, it causes the sun to become more active, resulting in greater output and instability.

The magnetic flux, interaction with the solar magnetosphere and Earth’s geomagnetic fields, can cause core mutations, anomalous field vortices, and polar magnetic permutations creating superstorms, wild weather swings, andmost amazing of allatmospheric and subterranean harmonics capable of being heard all across the planet.


            Illustration of how pyramids may generate power

The pyramidsnatural reservoirs of earth energy and advanced capacitors engineered to draw upon the planet’s magnetic force fieldare releasing and blasting pure energy into the drifting space cloud engulfing our defenseless planetary system.

The predicted harmonics have been heard, recorded, and heatedly discussed since the spring of 2011.

Recently, some recordings have appeared on Youtube from countries all over the globe posted by puzzled, sometimes frightened people, demanding to know what the sounds are. [Skyquakes: Warnings From Earth’s Destabilizing Core]

While some are undoubtedly fakes and hoaxes, others are genuine recordings of subterranean and atmospheric harmonics.

Professor Dr. Elchin Khalilov discusses the harmonics

In a recent interview with Geochange Magazine about the strange earth harmonics, eminent scientist, Professor Dr. Elchin Khalilov, gave this analysis:

“[The]possible cause of these soundsmay lie at the Earth’s core. The fact is that the acceleration of the drift of the Earth’s north magnetic pole which increased more than fivefold between 1998 and 2003 and is at the same level today points to intensification of energy processes in the Earth’s core, since it is processes in the inner and outer core that form the Earth’s geomagnetic field.

“Meanwhile, as we have already reported, on November 15, 2011 all ATROPATENA geophysical stations which record three-dimensional variations of the Earth’s gravitational field almost simultaneously registered a powerful gravitational impulse. The stations are deployed in Istanbul, Kiev, Baku, Islamabad and Yogyakarta, with the first and last one being separated by a distance of about 10,000 km. Such a phenomenon is only possible if the source of this emanation is at the Earth’s core level. That huge energy release from the Earth’s core at the end of the last year was some kind of a start signal indicating the transition of the Earth’s internal energy into a new active phase.[Geochange Magazine]

And the harmonics are emanating from the Earth’s core as the good professor theorizes. Similar sounds are sometimes heard before great earthquakes strike.

This time, however, the sounds are not presaging massive earthquakes, but are being generated by the twisting magnetic field and the pulsing permutations of the spinning Earth’s core warping parts of the mantel. Everything’s reacting to the arrival of the huge photonic cloud that’s invaded our region of the Milky Way Galaxy.

What to expect

Demetriev warns to prepare for the worst. “Global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years.”

And as the Earth’s wailing rises into the sky, the pyramids thrust titanic bolts of energy far into space.

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A Texas Sheriff’s Department is Launching an Unmanned Helodrone that Could Carry Weapons

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : A little older post but very relevant as I’m sure you would agree ! } ~~ Xaniel777


By Clay Dillow Posted 11.03.2011 

Vanguard Defense Industries’ ShadowHawk via Vanguard Defense Industries

A sheriff’s office outside of Houston is taking a big and potentially controversial step forward with a new piece of law enforcement technology. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Conroe, Texas, is prepping its deputies to fly a $300,000 unmanned ShadowHawk helicopter –paid for with a Department of Homeland Security grant–that someday might carry a weapons payload.

This wouldn’t mark the first time a law enforcement agency has put a drone in the air, but the potential for carrying anything besides a surveillance payload is unprecedented as far as we’ve heard. There won’t be any Hellfire missiles here, but ShadowHawk–built locally by a company called Vanguard Defense Industries–is designed to carry a range of less-lethal payloads, including Taser-esque weapons that deliver an electric charge or a firearm that fires beanbag rounds known as stun batons.

Naturally, the very idea of this is fraught with controversies. Some local politicians and citizens are worried about invasions of privacy, while others are concerned that the drone will be put to use catching speed limit violators, an idea that caused some controversy in the Houston area back in 2007 (the idea was later scrapped).

Sheriff Tommy Gage told local media in Houston that his department’s ShadowHawk would only be deployed in emergency circumstances (like a hunt for a missing person) or in situations where sheriff’s deputies know they are dealing with law breakers, such as when police are actively pursuing suspects on the ground or in hostage situations. It could also be deployed to aid area firefighters in wildfire situations (nearby Bastrop was ablaze for several days this summer, and wildfires have become an increasing problem in Texas in recent years).

But weaponized law enforcement drones? Even loaded with a non-lethal payload the Montgomery Country Sheriff’s Department is dipping its toes in uncharted waters. Texas perhaps has a reputation for dealing unsympathetically with lawbreakers, but Texans are also fiercely protective of their civil liberties. There no telling how this one will shake out, but if Montgomery County can make a success of its drone deployment this could mark the beginning of a larger trend in law enforcement and a larger, more hands-on role for robotics.


Australian Police Want Aerial Surveillance Drones to Track License Plates and Monitor Cars of Interest

Robot Drones Aren’t Just For the Military

British Police to Monitor Civilians with UAVs by 2012




From DesertPeace

February 9, 2012


1. Does Israel have the ability to cause severe damage to Iran’s nuclear sites and bring about a major delay in the Iranian nuclear project? And can the military and the Israeli people withstand the inevitable counterattack?

2. Does Israel have overt or tacit support, particularly from America, for carrying out an attack?

3. Have all other possibilities for the containment of Iran’s nuclear threat been exhausted, bringing Israel to the point of last resort? If so, is this the last opportunity for an attack?

For the first time since the Iranian nuclear threat emerged in the mid-1990s, at least some of Israel’s most powerful leaders believe that the response to all of these questions is yes.*

The above is taken from an article posted in the Magazine Section of the New York Times on the 25th of January. I assume, that just in case some Americans are not aware of Israel’s positions, the Times will make sure there is enough room to fit them in. After all, it has become a known fact that the New York Times is one of the official spokesmen for the Israeli government in the West.*

Today, the Times reports about a new phrase coined by Israel’s Defense Minister, that being  “zone of immunity” . The meaning is to define the circumstances under which Israel would judge it could no longer hold off from an attack because Iran’s effort to produce a bomb would be invulnerable to any strike. But judging when that moment will arrive has set off an intense debate with the Obama administration, whose officials counter that there are other ways to make Iran vulnerable.*

In actuality, all of the above indicates one thing, and one thing only… that the New York Times and the government of Israel have entered into the “zone of insanity”, a much more dangerous zone than the TwilightZone.*

A related article from today’s HaAretz can be read HERE.

Report: U.S. believes Israel sees Iran nuclear problem ‘too narrowly’

A New York Times report says Obama administration see approach of Defense Minister Ehud Barak for stopping the Iranian program as ‘too narrow.’



U.S. Officials: Terrorist Group Ran By Israel Behind Iran Bombings

From Alexander Higgins Blog

February 9, 2012

U.S. officials tell NBC Israel runs a terrorist organization known to conduct bombings, unconventional warfare, and targeted assassinations throughout the Middle East.

Israel Is Working With Designated Terror Group (The Peoples Mujahideen) To Kill In Iran

Summary: Airing Date Feb.09, 2012

Deadly attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists are being carried out by an Iranian dissident group that is financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service, U.S. officials tell NBC News, confirming charges leveled by Iran’s leaders.
The group, the People’s Mujahedin of Iran, has long been designated as a terrorist group by the United States, accused of killing American servicemen and contractors in the 1970s and supporting the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran before breaking with the Iranian mullahs in 1980.

The attacks, which have killed five Iranian nuclear scientists since 2007 and may have destroyed a missile research and development site, have been carried out in dramatic fashion, with motorcycle-borne assailants often attaching small magnetic bombs to the exterior of the victims’ cars.

U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Obama administration is aware of the assassination campaign but has no direct involvement.

For background on the group, some clips from Wikipedia.

People’s Mujahedin of Iran

The People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI, also MEKMKO) (Persian: سازمان مجاهدين خلق ايران sāzmān-e mojāhedin-e khalq-e irān) is a militant Terrorist organization that advocates the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran[3].



A “bargaining chip” between Tehran and Washington?

During the Iraq war, U.S. troops disarmed the PMOI and posted guards at its bases.[82] The U.S. military also protected and gave logistical support to the MEK as U.S. officials viewed the group as a high value source of intelligence on Iran.[83] The PMOI is credited with revealing Iran’s nuclear program in 2003 and alerting Americans to Iranian advancements in nuclear technology.[84]

The same year that the French police raided the PMOI’s properties in France (2003), Tehran attempted to negotiate with Washington. Iranian officials offered to withdraw military backing for Hamas and Hezbollah, and to give open access to their nuclear facilities in return for Western action in disbanding the PMOI, which was revealed by Newsnight, a BBC current affairs program, in 2007. The BBC uncovered a letter written after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 where Tehran made this offer[85] The proposition was done in a secret letter to Washington via Switzerland. According to the BBC, the U.S. State Department received the letter from the highest levels of the Iranian government[citation needed]. According to Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff of Secretary of State Colin Powell, interviewed by the BBC, the State Department initially considered the offer, but it was ultimately rejected by the office of Vice President Dick Cheney.[86]

The group is listed as a terrorist organization by several nations.

The United States, Canada, Iraq and Iran have designated the PMOI a terrorist organization.[13][14] On January 26, 2009, following what the group called a “seven-year-long legal and political battle”, the Council of the European Union removed the PMOI from the EU list of organisations it designates as terrorist.[15][16][17][18]

Interesting how the EU removed the the group from their terrorist list. Might that have anything to do with them knowing the group is an Israeli front?

And here is the BBC running a false report on the group no longer being active.

The group has had thousands of its members for many years in bases in Iraq, but according to the British Broadcasting Corporation “they were disarmed in the wake of the US-led invasion and are said to have adhered to a ceasefire.”[12]

News reports also confirm that the groups works with the U.S. intelligence agencies. So the U.S. is allowed to do business with terrorist organizations but no one else is.

The PMOI and the NCRI claim to have provided the United States with intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program in 2002 and 2008.[19][20]

Here’s a report Council of Foreign Relations meant to mitigate the perceived threat from the group an keep them of the U.S. intellegence radar.

In 2005 the US think-tank, Council on Foreign Relations, believed that the PMOI had 10,000 members, one-third to one-half of whom were fighters. The think-tank claims PMOI membership has dwindled, the organization has had little success attracting new recruits.[27]

A list of the organizations crimes:

Anti-American Campaign

It has been alleged that MEK killed six Americans in 1973, 1975, and 1976.[36]

  • The PMOI failed in an attempt to kidnap the U.S. Ambassador to Iran,Douglas MacArthur II, on November 30, 1971.[37]

  • USAF Brig. Gen. Harold Price was wounded in a May 1972 assassination attempt.[38][39]

  • The first success in the assassination campaign was the murder of Lt. Col. Louis Lee Hawkins, a U.S. Armycomptroller. He was shot to death in front of his home in Tehran by two men on a motorcycle on 1973-06-02.[38][37][40][41][42]

  • A car carrying U.S. Air Force officers Col. Paul Shaffer and Lt. Col. Jack Turner was trapped between two cars carrying armed men. They told the Iranian driver to lie down and then shot and killed the Americans. Six hours later a woman called reporters to claim the PMOI carried out the attack as retaliation for the recent death of prisoners at the hands of Iranian authorities.[38][37][41][43]

  • A car carrying three American employees of Rockwell International was attacked in May 1976. William Cottrell, Donald Smith, and Robert Krongard were killed. They had been working on the Ibex system for gathering intelligence on the neighboring USSR.[37][44]

Leading up to the Islamic Revolution the Marxist wing of the PMOI conducted attacks and assassinations against both Iranian and Western targets.[14]According to the U.S. Department of State and the presentation of the PMOI by the Foreign Affairs group of the Australian Parliament, the group conducted several assassinations of U.S. military personnel and civilians working in Iran during the 1970s. After the revolution the group actively supported the U.S. embassy takeover in Tehran in 1979, and opposed the release of the diplomats in 1981 by the Iranian regime, and called for their execution instead. As a result they staged a large demonstration.[26]

The U.S. and Isreal used the group to launch attacks against Iran from Iraq.

National Liberation Army of Iran

Further information: Operation Mersad

Near the end of the 1980-1988 war with Iran, a military force of 7000 members of the PMOI, armed and equipped by Saddam’s Iraq and calling itself the National Liberation Army of Iran (NLA), went into action. On July 26, 1988, six days after the Ayatollah Khomeini had announced his acceptance of the UN brokered ceasefire resolution, the NLA advanced under heavy Iraqi air cover, crossing the Iranian border from Iraq.

It seized and razed to the ground the Iranian town of Islamabad-e Gharb. As it advanced further into Iran, Iraq ceased its air support and Iranian forces cut off NLA supply lines and counterattacked under cover of fighter planes and helicopter gunships. On July 29 the NLA announced a voluntary withdrawal back to Iraq. The PMOI claims it lost 1400 dead or missing and the Islamic Republic sustained 55,000 casualties (either IRGC, Basij forces, or the army). The Islamic Republic claims to have killed 4500 NLA and Iraqi troops during the operation.[56] The operation was called Foroughe Javidan (Eternal Light) by the PMOI and the counterattack Operation Mersad by the Iranian forces.

Then the U.S. invaded Iraq in the First Persian Gulf war. After leaving the U.S. used the group to squash rebel groups in Iraq.

According to presentations of the PMOI by the U.S. Department of State and the Foreign Affairs group of the Australian Parliament, the PMOI assisted the Iraqi Republican Guard in suppressing the Kurdish and Shiite uprisings in Iraq after the 1991 Persian Gulf War.[26]Maryam Rajavi, who assumed the leadership role of the PMOI after a series of years as co-leader alongside her husband Massoud Rajavi, has been reported by former members of the PMOI as having said: “Take the Kurds under your tanks, and save your bullets for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.[28]

In the following years the PMOI conducted several high-profile assassinations of political and military figures inside Iran, including Asadollah Lajevardi, the former warden of the Evin prison, in 1998 and deputy chief of the Iranian Armed ForcesGeneral StaffBrigadier GeneralAli Sayyad Shirazi, who was assassinated on the doorsteps of his house on April 10, 1999.

Of course, this explains why the U.S. didn’t go after the camps after taking over Iraq in the second invasion.

After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, PMOI camps were bombed by coalition forces because of its alliance with Saddam Hussein. On April 15, U.S. Special Forces brokered a ceasefire agreement with the leaders of the PMOI and entered into a ceasefire agreement with the coalition after the attack. Each compound surrendered without hostilities.[65][66][67] In the operation, the US reportedly captured 6,000 PMOI fighters and over 2,000 pieces of military equipment.[68][69] This was a controversial agreement both in the public sphere and privately among the Bush administration due to the MEK’s designation as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.[70]

While other terrorists and even American’s charged as enemy combatants can be held indefinitely without trial in secret CIA torture prisons under the NDAA, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had no problem declaring captured members of this organization “protected persons” under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

In the operation, the US reportedly captured 6000 MEK soldiers and over 2000 pieces of military equipment, including 19 British-made Chieftain tanks.[69][71]The MEK compound outside Fallujah became known as Camp Fallujah and sits adjacent to the other major base in Fallujah, Forward Operating Base Dreamland. Captured MEK members were kept at Camp Ashraf, about 100 kilometers west of the Iranian border and 60 kilometers north of Baghdad.[72]

After a four-month investigation by several U.S. agencies, including the State Department, only a handful of charges under U.S. criminal law were brought against PMOI members, all American citizens. The PMOI remains listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the Department of State.[73] Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared PMOI personnel in Ashraf protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention. They are currently under the guard of US Military. Defectors from this group are housed separately in a refugee camp within Camp Ashraf, and protected by U.S. Army military police (2003-current), U.S. Marines (2005–2007), and the Bulgarian Army(2006-current).[74]

Despite being listed terrorists, the U.S. government also refused to allow the military to raid their camps in Iraq. Finally, in 2009. the Iraq government raid the groups camps and crackdown on the organization, telling them they had to base their operations somewhere else. Even after being arrested by the Iraq government, the captured terrorists where allowed to be released only 72 days later.

Iraqi government’s crackdown

On January 23, 2009, and while on a visit to Tehran, Iraqi National Security Advisor Mowaffak al-Rubaie reiterated the Iraqi Prime Minister’s earlier announcement that the MEK organisation will no longer be able to base itself on Iraqi soil and stated that the members of the organisation will have to make a choice, either to go back to Iran or to go to a third country, adding that these measures will be implemented over the next two months.[76]

On July 29, 2009, eleven Iranians were killed and over 500 were injured in a raid by Iraqi security on the MEK Camp Ashraf in Diyala province of Iraq.[77]U.S. officials had long opposed a violent takeover of the camp northeast of Baghdad, and the raid is thought to symbolize the declining American influence in Iraq.[78] After the raid, the U.S. Secretary of State stated the issue was “completely within [the Iraqi government’s] purview.”[79] In the course of attack, 36 Iranian dissidents were arrested and removed from the camp to a prison in a town named Khalis where the arrestees went on hunger strike for 72 days, 7 of which was dry hunger strike. Finally, the dissidents were released when they were in an extremely critical condition and on the verge of death.[80]

In 2003, when the group tried to move their headquarters to France, they where raided and arrested. The U.S. government attacked France over trying to prevent the terrorist group from moving their headquarters to Paris. French officials where quickly pressured to released those arrested.

2003 French raid

Further information: Irano-French relations

In June 2003 French police raided the PMOI’s properties, including its base in Auvers-sur-Oise, under the orders of anti-terrorist magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguière, after suspicions that it was trying to shift its base of operations there. 160 suspected PMOI members were then arrested. In response, 40 supporters began hunger strikes to protest the arrests, and ten immolated  themselves in various European capitals. French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy (Union for a Popular Movement) declared that the PMOI “recently wanted to make France its support base, notably after the intervention in Iraq”, while Pierre de Bousquet de Florian, head of France’s domestic intelligence service, claimed that the group was “transforming its Val d’Oisecentre [near Paris]… into an international terrorist base”.[81]

U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas and chairman of the Foreign Relations subcommittee on South Asia, then accused the French of doing “the Iranian government’s dirty work”. Along with other members of Congress, he wrote a letter of protest to President Jacques Chirac, while longtime PMOI supporters such as Sheila Jackson-Lee, Democrat of Texas, criticized Maryam Radjavi’s arrest.[28] However, the PMOI members were quickly released.



Getting Ready for the Self-Reliance Expo in Mesquite, Texas

From The Berkey Guy Blog

February 9, 2012

BooksDisaster Education & PreparationDoom and Bloom™,DoomandBloom.netEducationalFeatured ContentFoodHealthHerbal & Home RemediesLimited SpecialsNatural DisastersOrganic Food StoragePortable Water PurificationQuick-Tips & Shortcuts,Sales & DealsSeedsSelf-RelianceTechnologyVolcano Collapsible Propane GrillWaterWater StorageWise Food Storage

Hey folks! We’re here in Mesquite, Texas getting ready for the Self-Reliance Expo. For more information about this Expo, and to learn when we’ll be coming to your state, please visit SelfRelianceExpo.com.

We are excited for many reasons, one of which is that Texans are good people! They have wonderful hospitality, tell you exactly what they’re thinking, and when they do something, they do it BIG! Since we began offering products online, Texans have been wonderful customers to serve.

The state is rich with so much history, it’s a shame this trip keeps us on a tight schedule. Just last night we stopped in and visited some historical landmarks, such as a 150 year-old jail, a Bonnie & Clyde landmark, and an old cabin off of Main Street. There are many buildings which have great architectural appeal and are gigantic in size. The food has also been fantastic here.

What can people expect by attending the show? Besides saving tons of money in buying products at discounts, there are many products that people will find which they never knew about, such Wes Morgan’s Stronghold Haywire Klamper, Humless Silent Generator, and more!

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, will be the Key Note Speaker on Saturday morning at 11:00, presenting a lecture onSurvival Nutrition: How to choose foods & supplements that will keep you alive & healthy.” Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy will be presenting a series of Collapse Medicine lectures and offering classes on “How to Suture” (SOLD OUT), and many, many other great presentations.

We will be offering free items with purchases at our booth. We are excited to have a few copies of  the Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook, and the New print copy of Dr. Prepper’s Making the Best of Basics, with a newly added chapter by Doctor Bones & Nurse Amy available at our booth as well. We will post photos from the event on the blog next week.



Getting Prepared Month 5: Sanitation Supplies and Establishing a Community of Like-Minded Folks

From Activist Post

Gaye Levy, Contributing Writer

The months seem to be flying by.  And as each month passes, I feel a sense of relief that that except for a short burst of extreme winter weather, my household has not had to dig into our emergency supplies for sustenance.  

On the other hand, some unexpected personal emergencies have come up, and with them a renewed focus on being prepared not only for the big events in life, but also the smaller events that can turn your world upside down.

What are we doing in month five of 12 Months of Prepping, One Month at a Time In Getting Prepared Month 5 we are focusing on cleaning and personal sanitizing supplies and on taking steps to establish a neighborhood community of like-minded folks that are interesting in learning about preparedness.

This is going to be an easy month so let’s get started. 


  • Liquid dish soap

  • Plain liquid bleach

  • White vinegar

  • Empty spray bottle

  • Liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer

  • Bar of soap

  • Disposable hand wipes

  • Disposable latex or nutile gloves

  • Canned, ready-to-eat soup – 4 per person

  • Portable am/FM radio with batteries

It is understandable that food, water and first aid are at the top of everyone’s list when they first start gathering emergency supplies; and to that end, yes we are going to add some food this month.  But before we do so, we need to take a tour around the house and gather up some cleaning and sanitizing supplies.

Why are cleaning supplies important?  Well for one, staying clean is necessary in order to remain healthy.  But perhaps equally important is the sense of calm we feel when we are in a clean environment.  Think about your own living conditions in normal times.  My guess is that you would much prefer to walk into a clean home than one that is littered with dirty dishes, towels, crumbs, dust and heaven forbid, grime and mold.  Just the thought of it makes me want to check in to a nice clean hotel room!

We are not going to go overboard with our initial cleaning supplies – just some dish soap, white vinegar and plain liquid bleach (which also doubles as a sanitizer).  With these items, you can pretty much clean everything with some elbow grease.  You might want to throw some rags into the mix (and of course, my personal favorite is what I like to call “magic rags” but are actually microfiber cloths).  And of course, you can keep those dirty rags clean with some dish soap and a tad of bleach.

And what is with the vinegar, you say?  Add about a quarter to a half cup (no need to measure) into your spray bottle, then top with water and you have an easy, inexpensive and effective household cleaner.

Clean hands are essential to good health

Anyone who has traveled a lot – especially by cruise ship – will know that being in a close environment accelerates the spread of germs from one person to another.  One of the best ways to avoid illness is to keep those hands clean.  For that reason I can not emphasize enough the importance of hand soap, hand sanitizers and some latex or nitrile gloves.

One thing to be aware of when shopping for your sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer is to look for products with an alcohol content of 60% or more – preferably more.  This is not an area to be cheap since the cost of these items is nominal to begin with.  If you are interested in learning more about hand sanitation, I suggest that you go back and read Killing the Cooties-Good Hygiene is a Survival Skill We All Should Practice which was researched and written after I became confused by the various marketing claims of hand sanitation items.

Okay.  So I have drilled you on the importance of cleanliness.  We are now going to take a trip to the grocery or warehouse club and pick up some canned soup.  This time we are going to get four cans per person.   I personally choose the Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle or Chicken and Rice flavors since they are not overly salted, but your mileage may vary.  Pick out something you already eat and enjoy.  Remember, this is not the time to experiment with something new and foreign to your palate.

Speaking of canned soup, I know you have already put away a can opener but is it a good one?  Last night as I was opening up a can of spaghetti sauce, I realized what a job my can opener was (an OXO Good Grips).  A good can opener (versus a lousy one) will set you back maybe ten or fifteen dollars and is well worth it.

And finally, the last item this month is a portable radio plus batteries.  Or, if you can swing the extra cost, a hand crank radio that also works on batteries or by solar power.  I do have two personal favorites:  the Kaito Portable Dynamo & Solar-Powered Radio and the Etón Red Cross Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather. Either one will serve you well but if you can not swing it budget wise, a good portable AM/FM radio can be had for less than $10.

Month 5 Tasks:

  • Make two photocopies of important papers and put one in the storage container, and one away from your home.

  • File an electronic copy of your important papers on a flash drive.

  • Talk with neighbors about organizing a neighborhood preparedness group.

Call me paranoid, but one of my personal fears is not having access to my important documents and papers.  The basics, for me, include copies of my driver’s license, passport, a brief medical history and listing of prescription drugs and dosages, pet vaccination and rabies certificates, and an emergency contact list.  I have copies of all of these items tucked away in my bug out bag, my emergency first aid kit, a relative’s home down in Seattle, and on a flash drive that I carry in my handbag.

Your list may vary, but whatever it is you consider important, just do it!

The Community is Going to Be Important

There are some folks that may not agree with me, but I truly believe that it is better to make friends with your neighbors than to consider them foes.  The more like-minded people you can gather around you the better.  And so, today, I would like to suggest that you reach out to neighbors or others in your community to share preparedness ideas and to perhaps organize a neighborhood preparedness group.

There are a number of reasons why I suggest this.

One important reason for sharing your knowledge with a group is that they will share back, and you will learn so much more than you could on your own.  You will learn what skills they may have that you don’t have, and when the time comes to work together you can spread the burden of chores and duties.  Another important reason is that by being friendly, you will begin to establish a trust that translates into watching each other’s back, keeping a collective eye out for bad guys or simply watching for zombies trying to get to your stuff.

If saving money is important – and these days I don’t know a single person where cost is not a concern – consider the economy of pooling purchases to get a group discount or to save on shipping.  Just last month Survival Husband pooled his ammo purchase at Lucky Gunner with some of his buddies and together they saved over $60 in shipping.  That is significant!

Another savings can be in book purchases.  It may not be a lot, but if you purchase a lot of survival type books, you can create a lending library amongst each other, saving $10 or $20 each time you borrow instead of buy.  The possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind that as you reach out to find like-minded neighbors, you do not have to form a large group. Even four people – two households – can make an effective group.  Start small, and slowly establish trust.  You will not be sorry.

The Final Word

Looking back at the calendar with twenty-twenty hindsight, it would have been so much more logical to start month 1 at the beginning of the year instead of October.  But as with life, we can not turn back the clock and start over.  We can only renew and revisit and keep up our efforts to soldier forward.

Being prepared has become a true adventure for many of us.  And while it may be considered a hobby for some, it is also a necessity.  There is a certain sense of calm that kicks in when you have the knowledge that you are doing what you can to prepare for unpredictable events in life.  Thank you for following along.

Month 1: Supplies, Gear and Tasks to Get You Started
Month 2: First Aid, Personal Hygiene and Home Safety
Month 3: Special Foods, Fire Drills and Home Safety
Month 4: Prescription Medicine, Cash, and Things to Keep Us Warm

Read other articles by Gaye Levy here.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

Gaye Levy, the SurvivalWoman, grew up and attended school in the Greater Seattle area. After spending many years as an executive in the software industry, she started a specialized accounting practice offering contract CFO work to emerging high tech and service industries.

She has now abandoned city life and moved to a serenely beautiful rural area on an island in NW Washington State. She lives and teaches the principles of a sustainable, self-reliant and stylish lifestyle through emergency preparation and disaster planning through her website at BackdoorSurvival.com.

SurvivalWoman speaks her mind and delivers her message with optimism and grace, regardless of mayhem swirling around us.


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