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Posted by Xaniel777 on February 13, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 14, 2012



Controlled implosion of Federal Reserve Board and ECB continuing as planned

From Benjamin Fulford’s Blog


The controlled implosion of the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank is continuing and must be completed before a new financial system can go online, according to Pentagon and other sources. In addition, action is soon expected against criminals like Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu murdered his psychiatrist Moshe Yatom after Yatom began revealing Netanyahu’s insane plans to work with Mossad agent and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmajinedad to start World War 3. Netanyahu also phoned Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan after the 311 tsunami and nuclear disaster and threatened to blow up all of Japan’s nuclear plants unless Japan handed vast sums of money to his criminal cabal.

Other individuals expected to be “dealt with” include Henry Kissinger, J. Rockefeller, Carl Rove, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, Rahm Emmanuel, the Bush family and Yasuhiro Nakasone.

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Maine Caucus results – a vote of ‘No Confidence’

From examiner.com

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Independent Examiner


February 12, 2012

Ron Paul insists the cancelled Maine caucus sites are in his voter strongholds.

Ron Paul insists the cancelled Maine caucus sites are in his voter strongholds.

Credits: Ron Paul 2012

February 12, 2012. Augusta, Maine. For the third time in this young primary election season, there are cries of vote fraud concerning the way the Republican Party is handling its caucuses and primaries. This time, the setting was the Maine Caucus.

With each County free to schedule their vote any time over a month-long period, some local caucuses were held last week, while the majority were held yesterday. More than 16 percent of Maine’s precincts will hold their caucuses in the coming days and weeks.

Or will they?

Those election watchers who closely followed the events of yesterday’s Maine Caucus have some serious and legitimate questions. With the types of answers emanating from Maine GOP officials this morning, those questions are now turning into allegations – allegations of election fraud.

The cries of foul play aren’t only coming from one campaign this time, as they did from the Santorum campaign in Iowa, the Gingrich campaign in South Carolina or the Paul campaign in Nevada.

Instead, cries of fraud and outrage are surfacing from anyone who values free and fair elections and America’s system of democracy itself.

Here is how the events of the Maine Caucus unfolded:

  • In the days preceding the Saturday caucuses, a small handful of precincts held their votes early. The state GOP announced that the results of those precincts would be kept secret, so as not to influence the remaining precincts. 

    Individual precinct results were leaked by various Precinct Captains and campaign representatives from multiple candidates. According to the leaks, Ron Paul had an impressive and early lead. Politico even quoted John Grooms, Newt Gingrich’s Maine campaign director saying, “I think Ron Paul is going to take it.”

  • Saturday, caucus day for most of Maine, national media outlets declare Mitt Romney the winner of the Maine Caucus only seconds after polls close and the instant the first results are reported. 

    As more and more precinct results were released, reported or otherwise made available, they actually showed a neck and neck race between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Slowly moving from 15 percent of precincts reporting to 50 percent, the race appeared to be a dead heat.

  • By late evening Saturday night, it appeared that all votes had been counted and reported, except for the precincts whose caucuses are schedule in the coming days and the one that was postponed due to snow. 

    Mitt Romney was declared the official winner, with Party officials claiming that the remaining votes aren’t enough to have any effect on the final results.

The results as of midnight Saturday:

83.7% reporting (502 of 600 precincts)

Mitt Romney – 2,190 (39.2%)

Ron Paul – 1,996 (35.7%)

Rick Santorum – 989 (17.7%)

Newt Gingrich – 349 (6.2%)

Other – 61 (1.1%)

  • Ron Paul supporters are frustrated and outraged yet again by the blatant electioneering being perpetrated by the nation’s media. Not only did they declare Mitt Romney the winner in the first minutes, they’re now calling the election over with a virtual tie and 16 percent of precincts yet to report. 

    Paul backers remind us that it shouldn’t be any surprise. Take NBC and its empire of media outlets for example. The network is owned by General Electric – one of the largest Defense Dept contractors in the world. 

    Their profits will be affected by tens of billions of dollars depending on which candidate, Romney or Paul, would become the next US President.

  • From midnight to dawn, Ron Paul supporters do the math on their own to arrive at the conclusion that not only is the caucus not over, but Ron Paul has a very good chance of actually winning. They explain:

83.7 percent of the vote cast is 5,585 votes. Mitt Romney leads Ron Paul by 194 votes. 16.3 percent of precincts outstanding amounts to 894 voters in 98 precincts still yet to vote.

Ron Paul would only need to win by less than 2 votes per precinct to win, hardly an impossible feat for a candidate with the best ground game in the state and a week or more to motivate his troops.

  • Sunday morning, Maine voters wake up to the unofficial news that the Republican Party of Maine has announced it is cancelling all remaining caucuses. Almost immediately, news outlets begin changing their vote tracking and headlines.

     Instead of Mitt Romney being the winner of the Maine Caucus with 16 percent of the vote yet to report, he is now the winner with 100 percent reporting. Those 98 precincts, and the voters who make up their caucuses, will not be allowed to vote.

Nevada Caucus

News of the election irregularities in Maine comes right on the heels of a questionable Republican Nevada Caucus. In that race, the first half of the state was counted and reported within an hour. The second half of the state, having been completely turned over to state party officials, was suddenly taking 2 days to count.

Precinct captains claimed their totals didn’t match the state party’s numbers, just like in Iowa. CNN live unofficial exit polls and live vote counting all showed Ron Paul the overwhelming winner, but results announced by the state party showed the exact opposite.

It didn’t help when the State Chair of the Nevada Republican Party – the one person in charge of certifying the results – resigned in the middle of the chaos rather than play a part in what was going on behind closed doors.

Read the article, ‘Paul Camp cries Fraud over Nevada Caucus Results’ for further details.

Iowa Caucus

For skeptics who find it too painful to admit to themselves that there are serious election irregularities occurring this election season and who insist these are nothing more than conspiracy theories, this author need only remind readers that the Iowa Republican Party had to publicly and officially reverse its results two weeks after they proclaimed Mitt Romney the winner last month. That was no fairy tale or conspiracy theory.

And just as in Nevada, the Chair of the Iowa Republican Party promptly resigned as a result.

Now in Maine, it’s again no fairy tale or conspiracy theory to say the Maine Caucus was stolen. Regardless of which candidate had a probable victory taken from him is debatable. What’s not debatable is the fact that more than 16 percent of the Republican voters in Maine are going to be denied the right to vote, simply because the establishment elites don’t like the results so far.

According to Texas Congressman Ron Paul on today’s Sunday morning news circuit, the precincts in Maine being denied the right to vote are located in Ron Paul strongholds where the campaign expected to win overwhelmingly.

If there’s one bright spot in this dilemma, it’s that unlike the previous states, it may not be too late to fight the injustice. Proving party officials changed vote totals without witnesses or evidence is one thing.

Demanding that 98 precincts in Maine be allowed their Constitutionally guaranteed right to vote is another. If enough pressure and outrage is thrust upon officials in Maine, they may be persuaded to let the remaining caucuses take place as previously planned.

Then, rightfully angry Ron Paul supporters might get what they believe was stolen from them – a win in the Maine Caucus.

For more information on illegitimate tactics taken by both the Republican Party leadership, as well as the nation media, read any of the following articles:

Paul Camp cries Fraud over Nevada Caucus Results

Mainstream Media not so Mainstream

CNN Changing Election Outcome

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It is official: Elections in America are a complete hoax

From Examiner.com 

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DC Conservative Examiner


FEBRUARY 5, 2012

Voter suppression in Nevada

Video: Voter suppression in Nevada

UPDATE:  Thank you for letting me know the hyperlinks in article had gotten wiped out for some reason and were defaulting.  They should all be working fine now and should lead you to the correct sources. 

It is now almost 24 hours after voters in Nevada went to their caucuses to try to cast their votes and we still mysteriously only have results for 71.1% of precincts reporting.  

The remaining caucuses that are still not reported actually make up the most populated caucuses in the entire state.  We were told late last night that all the votes cast in Clark County had to be recounted to ensure accuracy before they would release any of the numbers to the press.  Excuse me?

Where does one even begin to voice their outrage regarding this complete joke of a corrupt system we are all witnessing?  If you believe the results finally coming out of Nevada, you must be living on Fantasy Island.  

How can caucuses that count their votes right there at the precincts have to conduct complete recounts many hours after they are over and almost everyone has gone home before they will even report most of the counts in the entire state to the public?  

There is only one explanation for this insanity:  Corruption at its boldest!  It is completely inconceivable in a caucus situation for votes to ever have to be recounted away from the precinct.  

The votes are not even cast on ballots like in the primary states, they are usually nothing more than little pieces of paper with a name on them stating the voter’s preference.  

As I wrote in a previous article, many of the polls leading up to voting have been wrought with deliberate deception.  

The only logical conclusion for such disturbingly unfair polling data is that they are being deliberately created to not only deceive voters into believing which candidate can win a particular contest but that they are obviously being used as a precursor to try to later justify completely fraudulent voting results.

The long night was filled with voter intimidation reports of having to prove or declare a religion (see video), countless reports by the media that were harassed or even kicked out of caucuses and told they could not film the events, hundreds of voters being turned away especially if they admitted they supported Ron Paul and then we still do not have a full accounting of the votes.  

It is being admitted by party officials that there are precincts in which the amount of votes cast outnumbers the amount of voters present.  In other words, ballot stuffing at its finest. What is going on here and why are we continuing to just put up with it?  

This election season has already been the greatest and most blatant case of election fraud I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.  

1.  The Nevada GOP refused to release the vote counts which were already done at the caucus locations throughout Clark County which is the most heavily populated in the state and encompasses over half of the total Republican voters in the state.  

2.  Votes are counted right on caucus night while witnessed by the voters that just cast their votes.  Any reason for a recount would have been done and should have been handled while the voters were still present.  

To suggest that entire counties must undergo recounts hours later by a select few in secret before they can ever release numbers to the press are the actions of a system that has become so boldly corrupt that it is akin to an election in a Communist country.  

3.  For a candidate to somehow come in second place that barely even campaigned there and was clearly not even a factor in the race leading up to the vote is preposterous!  

After all the shenanigans, highly suspect actions and needless recounts conducted in secret, to believe that Newt Gingrich somehow came in second in Nevada would have to suggest that you may be living in a completely biased dreamworld of grand illusions.

4.  Let’s finally face the facts as a people.  As far as mainstream media is concerned, we have completely and utterly lost all freedom of the press.  We continually witness outrageous bias towards one candidate in particular, Congressman Ron Paul.  

This bias is largely controlled as witnessed by the fact that it is not just being done on one major network but is a concerted and widespread effort.  There were many instances of the press and other members of the public not being given the freedom to film the caucus events in Nevada.   The 1st Amendment has effectively been scrapped.  

5.  If no one does anything about this when even in tiny, 3rd-world countries with no 2nd Amendment rights, people would have been rioting in the streets after the 1st hoax of an election this season pulled-off in Iowa, then we will continue to get the kind of totally corrupt elections we so rightly deserve.

 The American people as a whole did absolutely nothing to protest all the shenanigans in Iowa so we are now treated to even worse corruption in the Nevada caucuses.

6.  Nevada GOP Chairwoman, Amy Tarkanian officially resigned effective 12:01am last night while votes were being recounted.  According to ABC’s Action News 13, her resignation was supposedly decided prior to the caucuses yesterday because her husband is running for the US House and wanted to avoid a possible conflict of interest and to help her husband with his campaign.  

Your guess is as good as mine as to the timing of this resignation given all the controversy surrounding the results of the Nevada caucus.

The following quotes seem most appropriate in expressing where we find ourselves as a nation:

“The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion.”

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

“No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting as fear.”      Edmund Burke

“Fear of serious injury cannot alone justify suppression of free speech and assembly.  Men feared witches and burned women.  It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears.”        Justice Louis D. Brandeis

“To maintain the ascendancy of the Constitution over the lawmaking majority is the great and essential point on which the success of the American system must depend; unless that ascendancy can be preserved, the necessary consequence must be that the laws will supersede the Constitution; and finally, the will of the Executive, by influence of its patronage, will supersede the laws.”            John C. Calhoun

“No matter how noble the original intentions, the seductions of power can turn any movement from one seeking equal rights to one that would deny them to others.”      Tammy Bruce

“If you are afraid to speak against tyranny, then you are already a slave.”    John “Birdman” Bryant

Quote Source

To the Paul campaign that is expecting to win the Maine caucuses………Sure, good luck with that!  

In conclusion, if the 4 candidates remaining in the Republican primary do not come forth in the next few days to condemn and try to correct the continued and obvious election fraud being perpetrated against We The People, then they do not possess the integrity to be seeking the office of President of the United States.  

I will begin coverage of the 5 Presidential candidates that have emerged to seek the nomination of the Constitution Party.  It will give me much less grief, if at all.

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The Coming World Government

From The Intel Hub

New Dawn Magazine
By Adrian Salbuchi
February 12, 2012

Lucid and aware people observing world events unfold over the past decade or so – say, since September 11, 2001 – will have surely asked themselves what on Earth is going on here?

We see ever-growing violence, war, outright lies, invasions, false flags, social upheavals, poverty, ruin and the death of millions… The world’s become a pretty dangerous and pitiful place to live in, and it only gets worse…

Which leads us to the obvious question: Why?

Why is all this happening? Can we explain it away as Man’s wicked nature? Or his folly and ignorance? Perhaps just a series of bad mistakes and wrong turns on key issues?

Most everybody will have a ready reply, no doubt coloured by his or her own philosophical outlook.

The more rational will say it’s just wrong decisions taken by normal people in an environment of growing complexity.

Optimists will shrug their shoulders playing things down with the quaint statement that there’s always been war, persecution, poverty and corruption…

Pessimists, as always, will complain that we’re all doomed, especially if they are “2012-repent-the-end-of-the-world-draws-nigh” types. What, then, should we think?

First, A Word About “Conspiracies…”

If you don’t buy any of the above explanations, and you feel that today’s calamities are being purposefully engineered – that some group of people somewhere control the course of world events – then be careful because you risk being branded another paranoid, hallucinating, conspiracy theory kook.

Don’t let that worry you too much because those who disqualify as mere “conspiracy theories” any attempt to put together an alternative model of how global power reallyworks are either,

(a) blissfully ignorant and believe in the “world according to CNN and FoxNews”;

(b) near-sighted on key long-term geopolitical processes; or

(c) purposely deceptive and thus have an axe to grind protecting the Global Power Elite, which always reacts with uneasiness whenever someone shines a light on them. I will only deal with the last of these options.

Debunking “conspiracy theory” accusations is really not all that hard because what is thus branded is really just normal human behaviour. Or should we yell Conspiracy! every time two or more people having common interests and goals come together to coordinate and articulate their actions, joining forces to promote such goals and objectives more easily and with a higher degree of certainty?

We see this at work in our community, schools, even in our own families. Such normal human behaviour is so ubiquitous that nobody bothers to mention it – that is not until you point out the highest echelons of world power also do exactly the same.

Every time somebody says very powerful individuals and entities quite predictably also engage in common actions, planning, and agreements in order to achieve common goals, the “C-word” kicks in with all its might ready to kill any such line of thought or investigation dead in its tracks.

How dare you say that global bankers plot to manipulate money and finance so they can control economies, markets, governments and the media!

How dare you insinuate that the rich and powerful create organisations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or the Trilateral Commission to do their geopolitical mega planning supporting long-term Global Power Elite interests bent on imposing World Government on Mankind!

How can you be so paranoid as to even suggest that Money Power uses its clout to place “their people” in the White House, Parliament, Downing Street, the Casa Rosada, and Editors’ desks in all major media outlets?

That is the mainstream reaction whenever we speak of bankers, oil men, defence contractors, politicians, journalists and their respective corporations, organisations, banks, lobbies, lodges, armies – who all most clearly do have common interests and objectives – coming together and using their vast money flows to exert iron-fist control over society.

This is all so obvious that only very naïve people (or very cheeky “analysts” on the Elite payroll!) conclude otherwise. What is really naïve is to think that George Soros never picks up the phone to discuss mutual plans with Sir Henry Kissinger or Christine Lagarde; or that David Rockefeller never dines with his Rothschild, Morgan and Warburg brethren.

Don’t be taken aback by the “C” word. Whoever uses it to silence lucid and aware people do so because they know nothing is more dangerous to them than… lucid and aware people

Let’s now take a look at how the world really works, call it “conspiracy” or otherwise.

World Government

The dream of erecting a world government controlled by a very small, extremely powerful and elusive minority goes back several centuries. Its roots lie not just on the political stage but, more so, in social, cultural and religious spheres, often with symbolic, “occult” overtones.

In our time it has been variously described under the guise of “New World Order,” “One World,” “Over-World” and, more recently, “Globalisation.”

Call it what you will, the facts are that national sovereignty, which is the ability of the People to organise around nation-states, to make the final decisions on their own affairs, from being a sharply defined concept is now so eroded and diffuse that no one can readily define exactly what sovereignty means today.

Maybe this would be acceptable if national sovereignty were lessened for the sake of better coping with global problems affecting Mankind as a whole – for the Common Good – however increasing famine, disease, contamination and war shows a very different picture. Why?

The reason is that basically World Government is not emerging around robust global public institutions that have (or should have) the Public Good of We the People in the forefront, but rather around private organisations that have sectorial profit and interests at their forefront. In fact, the World Government we see rising before our eyes has one key, seldom mentioned, characteristic: it’s private.

Private Power

Let’s start from basics: what drives the world today is not justice, it’s not the pursuit of the Common Good, nor international law, nor ethical values, nor democracy.

What governs the world is Power and today Power has been illegitimately amassed in the hands of a tiny usurping minorityWhat do we mean by “Power”?

Firstly, Power is the concrete ability to plan, promote, organise, and carry out actions, the results of which invariably lead to specific and desired objectives and goals in the short, medium and long terms. Power is the capacity and ability to make certain things happen irrespective of any resistance, and at the same time blocking certain otherthings from happening irrespective of their force; if need be by war…

This definition spans political, economic, industrial, financial, business, technological, cultural, psychological and (usually, in the last instance) military stages.

The exercise of Power requires coordinated and intelligent use of all resources at hand – whether plentiful or lean, physical or virtual – with the view of achieving concrete objectives and goals.

Secondly, we should differentiate Formal Power from Real Power. What the media show us are the very high profile visible results of actions carried out by Formal Power structures, i.e., national governments, financial markets and the media. However, Real Power levers that make things happen are far less visible.

They plan out what happens in the world, when it happens, where, and who makes it happen. Symmetries between Real Power and Formal Power help explain how our global system works. Let’s recap:

Real Power is centred on discrete proactive structures and organisations that drive concrete and effective political, economic and social processes in a nation, a region, a social class, a public or private institution, or a combination of these. Its effectiveness stems from its continuity in time that allows it to grow and leverage its capacity for world domination.Real Power structures drive causes which, although themselves not visible, nevertheless generate highly visible results.

Formal Power is centered on structures that are for the most part reactive executors of strategies and decisions emanating from Real Power structures.

These include high profile structures like major multinational corporations, transnational banks, multimedia monopolies, key universities and the top echelons of government in all countries (presidents, cabinet members, congressmen, judges).Formal Power structures are accountable for high-profile effects that have their roots in low profile causes emanating from Real Power structures.

The conquest and use of power has much in common with surfing: a dangerous staying balanced, a perilous not falling off the board, a flexible control of speed, direction and pitch. Good surfers “ride the wave” just as Italian philosopher Julius Evola recommended we learn to Ride the tiger...” Come to think of it power also seems to have a feline, hunting and preying style and gait to it.

This leads to the need of clearly grasping a fundamental and harsh “Law of Power”:Those who have Power use it to promote and drive their objectives and interests; those who do NOT have Power must suffer the consequences of the actions of those who do have the Power to promote and drive their objectives and interests. 

Here lie the roots of the dramatic situation most countries suffer today because power is no longer in the hands of people and organisations working towards the Common Good.

The Pyramid

It helps to approach Power from a Corporate viewpoint. After all, the modern corporation developed, thrived and survived enormously over centuries of time becoming a key driver in the on-going shift that “privatised” power, transferring the reins of control from public political institutions to eminently private economic structures articulated in three vertical hierarchical levels:

Shareholderswho are the real owners and controllers of the Corporation, even if they seldom or ever become involved in its operational and administrative processes. Shareholders focus on finance, not economic production;

Directors, who represent shareholders and supervise/oversee the correct, efficient and proper operation of the Corporation in accordance with shareholder interest. They are accountable for ensuring maximum growth of present and future stock yields with minimum expense, thus making the capitalist corporation intrinsically an antisocial agent.

Managers, who are well-paid employees accountable for the day-to-day running of the Corporation. Normally, they are trained and hard working specialists who add value to the Corporation through their talent, organisational skills and discipline.

Today the superstructure of a veritable World Government already exist, but for the most part we do not recognise it as such because the paradigms normally associated with the concept of “government” are not readily visible.

Rather, since power has become privatized, today’s World Government has much more in common with traditional private power structures described above. This lies at the very foundations of “globalisation,” where power is private and “democracy” is the preferred political system through which private power structures control public government i.e., through money.

Therefore public power – “government” – in almost every country can only occupy the lower level of decision-making (President, Prime Minister, Congress, Parliament, etc.).

Medium and upper level decisions all lie above or outside national governments and countries, so we the People have no access or control over them, even though they deeply affect us all. Let’s have a closer look at how this hierarchy of global power plays out in practice:

Top Level Decisions (i.e., the “Owners” of this world) – Geopolitical Scope

In the private corporate world, upper level decisions are taken by shareholders. In the public World Government this is done by the Global Power Elite. Save in major countries as the US, UK, Russia, China and France, national governments have little or no access to this upper decision level where the “Masters of the World” wield Real Power.

This is all coordinated by and grouped around the following major axes dealing with the geopolitical :

Think Tanks – A compact, hierarchical, seamless and very powerful global network of geostrategic planning centres – so-called “think tanks” – notably, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission (TC), Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs (“Chatham House”), World Economic Forum, Project for a New American Century (PNAC), amongst others.

Their job is to plan out the long-term development of complex political, economic, financial, technological, military and cultural processes, integrating them into consistent, sustainable and complex geopolitical models, geared to achieving growing long-term national, regional and global domination.

Finance Dynastic Families wielding immense economic, financial and social power and fortune since generations, even centuries: i.e., Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Mellon, Bin-Laden, Bush, Buffet and others.

Royal Dynasties and Noble Bloodlines who wielded social, economic, religious and financial Power for centuries (i.e., the ruling nobilities of Britain, Holland, Spain, Belgium, as well as the “uncrowned nobilities” in France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Portugal). They closely link-in with their counterparts in Islamic sheikdoms and patrician financial “nobilities” in the US and Far East.

Religious Organisations – Political structures of key religious faiths, notably The Vatican, Church of England, Lutheran and Calvinist Churches, the Jewish Sanhedrin, Evangelical and Pentecostal organisations, many of them staunchly pro-Zionist;

Supranational Political Structures – Freemasonry, Zionism, International Social Democracy, International Christian Democracy, various NGO’s and lobbies. Here we find the highest echelons of global power coming together at its pyramidal apex. No doubt, whatever lies behind “Illuminati” tradition dwells here: a compact Round Table of “Elders” representing money power, Dynastic families, Kings, Queens and Sheiks, Vatican priests, Rabbis, Lutheran and Anglican clergy, and the bloodlines from where the future “King of the World” shall arise. The buck stops there.

Organised Crime – Not surprisingly organised crime interacts with “legitimate” power structures and may even be created by them under various “operational agreements.”

This brings under the fold various Mafias, arms dealers, drug cartels, money launderers, plus their respective financial managers. Boundaries are not clear-cut because organised criminal groups seem to have successfully embedded themselves into “legitimate” organisations, including the CIA, MI6, Mossad, DEA, FBI, SEC, financial institutions, stock exchanges, and armed and security forces.

The New World Order power structure contains pacts and agreements forged with major criminal organisations willing to respect and abide by unwritten guidelines and rules of engagement.

Mid-Level Decisions (the “Deciders”) – Strategic Scope

In the private corporate world, these are in the hands of the Directors. In the public World Government this refers to a set of major players: multinational corporations, transnational financial institutions, media monopolies, major universities, and specific sectors in all national governments, notably in the areas of foreign policy, economics and defence.

They direct and channel huge resources to finance political campaigns that promote previously screened, selected and approved political parties and candidates, maintaining a credible balance and image in order to ensure the electorate always have the – albeit, false – impression that “the people elect those who govern them”: let’s call this the “democracy game.”

Monopoly multimedia organisations, in turn, execute intense short-term PsyOps campaigns (e.g., right before an election), whilst the educational system executes medium- and long-term psychological pressure to ensure the population at large believe, accept, embrace and play the “democracy game” questioning little or nothing about it.

Lower Level Decisions (Day-to-Day “Operators”) – Operational Scope

In the private corporate world, these are in the hands of Managers. In the public World Government, these are “the Authorities: i.e., governments, law enforcement agencies, armed & security forces, controlling and supervisory entities, and the like.

It includes “The President” or “Prime Minister” as head of the Executive Branch, Congressmen and women (or Parliamentarians) in the Legislative, and judges in the Judiciary branches of public government.

A nation’s president or prime minister is thus limited to merely executing short-term management level decisions during their short tenures in office (usually, three or four years with, perhaps, one possible re-election term: clearly too short a span to consolidate continuity of power).

They can be described as the “CEO’s” of our countries with clipped wings and permanently challenged by a similar tightly controlled group of pre-selected “opposition” candidates, also canvassed, screened and approved by the “Directors” and “Shareholders” of the Global Power Elite who control the whole democracy game, financing costly election campaigns and media-based PsyOps.


Another major cause of violence and conflict today is that financial, economic and social processes have very different dynamics and their own “time” factors, so to speak:

Finance (High Speed Change) – Modern technology allow finance to move instantaneously as financial operators and players around the world speculate, invest, divest, migrate from one market to another, from one currency to another, using extremely powerful computer, software and telecom networks at the speed of light, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dynamics: Finance’s “time” runs in seconds and minutes, and has become highly automated. This huge advantage helps to explain why Finance today reigns supreme over us all.

Economy (Moderate Speed Change) – Economic processes run at a much slower pace because building cars, airplanes, and TV sets; manufacturing cookies and clothing; rendering services, erecting plants and factories; training and recruiting workers, requires planning, knowledge, time and effort.

Dynamics: Economy’s “time” runs in days, weeks, months, even years. The Real Economy thus operates at a slower speed than Virtual Finance to which it is unnaturally subordinated.

Societal (Slow Speed Change) – Collective processes governing changes in mental paradigms, ethical values, social customs, habits and styles, etc., are much, much slower still. Today, we experience unprecedented social and cultural “re-engineering” on a planetary scale. The two main instruments driving Social Change are:

The School System – Education on social, cultural, economic and political matters has become distorted, contaminated, deconstructed, eroded, emptied of content and turned upside down, on all manners that need accommodating and alignment to support and promote the mental profile that Global Power Elite planners demand.

The Media – Aside from distorting our world view of reality through the press, it also uses “entertainment” and “show business” to promote demoralising, destructive, often perverse content, inspired by the age-old collective dumbing-down method prevalent in the latter days of the Roman Empire – panem et circenses: bread and circuses – with the “added value” of today’s technologies.

Dynamics: Social and cultural change is very slow. Its “time” runs in decades, generations; even centuries.

The “Wheel” of World Power

Today’s global geopolitical power architecture would look something like this:

Major Multinational Industrial Corporations – The Fortune 500 of industry, services, retailing, oil, energy, mining, R&D, defence, aerospace, foodstuff, agricultural, chemical, construction, shipping, consulting, etc.

Private Financial Institutions – Inter- and trans-national banks, financial consultants, risk-rating agencies, stock exchanges, fund managers, insurance and reinsurance companies, pensions and investment funds, etc.

Multilateral National and Supranational Entities – The International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Bank of International Settlements, all national central banks, notably the US Federal Reserve Bank and the European Central Bank, the United Nations, and others.

Universities and Academia – In political science, international and government relations, and economics (i.e., Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Chicago, Stanford, Georgetown, Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics).

Multimedia Monopolies – The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, CNN-Time Warner, CBS, MSNBC, Fox, BBC, The Economist, Der Spiegel, Foreign Affairs, Reuters.

Government – Key domestic and foreign policy, economic, financial and monetary posts.

In order to serve New World Order goals and interests, this “Wheel of Power” must spin in a specific direction, steered from its hub which is controlled by a discrete, though not secret, network of think-tanks and geopolitical planning centres, acting flexibly, sequentially and consistently.

It gives each of the major axes of power their specific “libretto,” to act out so that each, at the right time, does what it needs to do within a much wider plan spanning the world for decades to come.

This is a highly hierarchical, disciplined, pyramid-like scheme and as we observe its operators and players further down the pyramid they become increasingly numerous and less aware of the “full picture.”

As in the intelligence community, each player operates on a “need to know” basis, where only those at the very top or near the apex can have a bird’s eye view of what is happening, and how everything ties in neatly into a long-term Master Plan. For those with a taste for the symbolic, that’s the All-Seeing Eye symbol on the US one-dollar bill…

Big Money Power

Big money power is profoundly anti-democratic. It has always surprised me the way politicians, the media, “intellectuals,” academics and opinion-makers speak mouthfuls about “democracy” insisting it be imposed upon everybody everywhere and yet we never hear a word about the urgent need of democratizing finance and the economy.

There’s a taboo around that idea, even though it is absolutely plain for all to see that finance and the economy are governed by strict authoritarianism of a most undemocratic flavour. However, none of the people who should point this out to global public opinion – journalists, analysts, politicians – dare do so.

Poderoso Señor es Don DineroMoney is a Powerful Lord – wrote Spanish poet Don Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas four centuries ago. And it is certainly sobering to see how this powerful gentleman, “Lord Money,” marches ever so strong in our terrible 21stcentury.

World Government is already upon us. For many decades it has functioned as a sort of global “shadow government” preparing to take a major leap to become a formal and “legally” binding World Government.

It confronts the world with a system of thought in which “democracy” and capitalism contain their own values, which means that in order to participate in them, we must accept those values; even transcendental values on such matters as justice, happiness and the like. Citizens must therefore give up their minds to the System, which is neither political nor economic, but rather a system of consciousness.

Democracy and capitalism are systems of consciousness. People do not realise this but their minds are determined by these systems. This is why democracy and capitalism represent a totalitarian regime.

Totalitarianism means total control of society… never has there been totalitarianism as strong as we have today. The totalitarianism of the democratic and capitalist systems is so sophisticated, that even our desires are determined by the System. We desire that which society wishes we desire.

It cannot be said loud enough. If true democracy is government of, by and for the majority of We the People for the purpose of protecting and promoting the Common Good, and the “democracy game” we’re all forced to play today is fully subservient and subordinated to UNdemocratic money power, then it follows that there is NO democracy, anywhere.

Not to understand this is not to understand how the global power system really works which, in turn, means not being able to arrive at a correct diagnosis as to why things are going badly in this world.

And if we don’t get our diagnostics right, then no cure will ever be found for this sickly state of affairs. It’s high time we open our minds and eyes to this!

ADRIAN SALBUCHI is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio talk-show host in Argentina. He has published several books on Geopolitics and Economics in Spanish, and recently published his first eBook in English: The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope? which can be ordered through his web site www.asalbuchi.com.ar, or details can be requested by E-mail to arsalbuchi@gmail.com. Salbuchi is 58 years of age, married, with four adult children, and works as strategic consultant for domestic and international companies. He is also founder of the Second Republic Project in Argentina, which is expanding internationally (visit: www.secondrepublicproject.com).



Egypt Military Rejects US Threats and Braces for General Strike

My Catbird Seat


by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

February 12, 2012

Ashraf Ezzat

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Dr. Ashraf Ezzat writes articles about ancient Egyptian history, Ancient Near Eastern history, comparative religion and politics especially the Arab- Israeli conflict. Founder and board member of the bibliotheca Alexandrina friends society. His articles have been featured in several online publications and Egyptian Magazines. He regrets the fact that most people dismiss the vital role history plays in their daily affairs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I cite Egypt, where the Military Government has only recently reared up on its hind legs, flashed its cojones and placed 43 employees of various “NGOs” on trial for activities inimical to the unity and security of Egypt. 




This pretty well describes how the CIA and the Mossad are working in the Middle East to exploit political parties, opposition parties, tribal and regional differences, staged black flag terrorist attacks, and other violent events to disrupt and destroy incumbent governments and render them dysfunctional and helpless against further Israeli and Mossad penetration, and ultimate control of neighboring Islamic States whom they claim to be threats to their security, a ruse to “justify” expanding the limitless frontiers of Eretz Israel in compliance with the plans outlined by Theo Herzl and Idod Yinon.

The Ray Davis contractors of the CIA and the Mossad operate not only in Pakistan… they are ubiquitous and exist deeply embedded in the culture of almost all Middle East Arab States, and particularly in those in which we find current discord and “Arab Springs.”

The only thing which makes Ray Davis different from these other shadowy characters was that he screwed up badly when he let the situation get far enough out of hand that he had to do some public shooting himself, and he got caught with the smoking gun in hand.

They are simply using nicey-nicey words, or is it merely the current Western Government/MSM Euphemism of the Day, when they describe Spies, Saboteurs, Assassins and CIA/Mossad Terrorists as “… employees of non-profit NGOs?”

One of the 19 is the son of US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. Sam LaHood and five other Americans are in Egypt while the others have left, according to a statement from the Egyptian prosecutor’s office.

Expect to see more of the same in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, and many other places in Africa as we have already seen in Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya and Iran… wherever you hear of “terrorist” activities.

The “NGO employees” on trial in Egypt are fortunate. Not too many years ago Spies and Saboteurs were hanged whenever and wherever they were caught out.


“A phone call from the American embassy in Cairo used to be the sure thing to straighten up such a wretched mess. But this time it wasn’t enough.”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat / Cairo

Egyptian investigative judges Sameh Abu Zeid, right, and Ashraf el-Ashmawi, who are investigating the foreign funding of NGOs, enter a press conference at the Justice Ministry in Cairo on Feb. 8, 2012

Egypt’s ruling military council has rejected US threats to end aid payments to the country.

US-Egypt tensions have risen considerably following the decision to ban 43 pro-democracy staffers- including 19 Americans- from travel and refer them to a Cairo court on charges of violating laws regulating the operation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Among those hit by travel bans is a son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, as well as other foreign staffers of the International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute.

A statement released on the council’s official Facebook page stressed that Egypt is a country with a rich heritage that cannot be pressured or blackmailed into doing someone else’s bidding.

The council also added that Egypt’s international relations with the US and other countries were governed by the common interests of both parties, and that “Egypt does not bow to the domination of anyone.”

… Now, such a statement, coming out from a military that has been indulging in an obscenely large American aid (US$1.3 billion annually) for the past 30 years, is quite perplexing and calls for some contemplation.

To begin with, and to put the reader into perspective, the whole “crackdown on foreign NGOs Cairo offices” with the decision to prosecute 43 staffers is but a cheap political stunt we Egyptians have seen it so many times before but with slight variations.

The catch goes like this. …  In dealing with any foreign investment, be it in the field of industry, publishing, tourism, etc, Egyptian authorities would grant the applicant for investment, or in our case, the NGOs, a temporary permit to operate in the country until all the required paper work is completed, but of course the paper work is never completed and the final authorization is never granted for security reasons.

Egypt-Workers from a non-governmental organization National Democratic Institute, or NDI, wait as Egyptian officials raid their office in Cairo, Egypt, Thursday, 29 December, 2011. Photo AP

If things went smoothly and convenient for the authorities, nobody would bring up this final authorization issue, if not, the targeted venture/business would be suspended and its workers/staff legally convicted of breaking the regulation rules and also of illegal foreign funding.

It’s a dirty old trick, but works fine and even looks good before any court of law.

A phone call from the American embassy in Cairo used to be the sure thing to straighten up such a wretched mess. But this time it wasn’t enough.

The American embassy aggressively intervened; Leon Panetta, the US defense secretary, telephoned Egypt’s military ruler, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, and asked him to lift the travel ban on the American citizens, even a delegation from the supreme council of armed forces (SCAF) flew to Washington for negotiations over the issue.

The awfully weird thing is that SCAF grew more hostile and adamant about legally pursuing this NGOs case after the generals had cut short the visit to the U.S and returned to Cairo.

Something unusual happened back there in the Pentagon behind closed doors.  “Egypt military generals play risky game with U.S” The associated press reported … Watch the video here.

Were the Egyptian generals so naïve and stupid as to jeopardize 30 years of US alliance and support over this small NGOs’ issue … or is this a whole new deal aimed at helping the military to censor freedom of expression and silence the growing tide of dissent in Egypt?

But on the other hand, SCAF may also fear it has much more than US aid to lose if it fully embraces a democratic transition that could bring civilian oversight of its considerable financial assets and curb its long-standing domination of power.

In the meantime, Egypt’s ruling generals have deployed additional soldiers and tanks across the country in preparation for the anniversary of former president Hosni Mubarak’s ouster from power on 11 February.

The move is seen as a warning to activists planning to mark the day with a national strike and civil disobedience campaign to demand a swifter transition to civilian rule.

More military tanks are deployed in Egyptian major cities as the country braces for general strike.

Prime Minister Kamal Al-Ganzouri told a press conference that calls for civil disobedience were part of a plan to “overthrow the state” and all Egyptians should unite to get through the crises and dangers the country was facing.

Al-Azhar, a prestigious seat of Sunni Muslim learning, also criticized the calls for civil disobedience, the state-owned Al-Ahram news portal reported.

Pope Shenouda, head of the Orthodox Coptic church, said the civil disobedience was against Christian religion, according to the MENA news agency

Egypt’s de facto ruler Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, called earlier this week for plans for the first post-Mubarak presidential election, currently scheduled for June, to be completed quickly.

As Saturday will mark one year since the ouster of President Mubarak, Egyptians remain deeply divided and confused, amid increasing political fog, over how they perceive post-Mubarak Egypt.

For more articles by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website.

VIDEO : Are the Freedom Fighers in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in the Vanguard of a Global Revolution? 


You have to click link above to the video because I could not upload it to this site most likely because I could not download it or even watch it at YouTube.  As it is being censored by YouTube under some copyright B.S.  

If your going to put a video on YouTube to share with the world why would you bother to block the download or the ability to even watch it at YouTube with a copyright.

You just as well keep it and put it up you butt where it would do you the most good!! On the other hand maybe it’s just YouTube playing censorship police again. You know like Google, Facebook, Twitter, ect.  } ~~ Xaniel777



Will the Media Report If Obama is Assassinated by Mossad?

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February 12, 2012



In case you missed it – The Atlanta Jewish Times publisher Andrew Adler, in an editorial on Jan. 13, committed treason when he suggested that Israel’s Mossad should consider assassinating President Barack Obama.

Author, Michael Collins Piper correctly predicted that western media would stop reporting the story that Obama’s life could be in mortal danger from Mossad terrorists inside the United States.

The outrageous silence by a criminally complicit mainstream media is coupled with open acknowledgement that Obama is deeply resented within the Jewish community.  Many speak with vitriol that the President presents a serious danger to Jews and to Israel when he holds Netenyahu’s regime to account.

Mossad is prolific at assassination.  Six Iranian nuclear scientists have been murdered in the past few years.  Then consider the documented role of Mossad in the terrorist events of September 11, 2001 as more than sufficient reason to warrant extreme caution for Obama at the Whitehouse and particularly when flying in Air Force One.

Finding Zionist connections to terrorists inside the United States is not difficult.  Rahm Emanuel’s father – a former member of the Irgun terrorist group, is one example:

“Benjamin Emanuel, a Jew from Russia whose real name was Ezekiel Auerbach, was arrested by British police for terrorist activities in the months prior to Israeli independence. Many of the British policemen killed by Emanuel and his Irgun colleagues between 1947 and 1948 had been transferred to Palestine upon Indian and Pakistani independence in 1947. Irgun saw the increase of British policemen from the Indian subcontinent as a major threat.”

Zionists are not enough satisfied  that American troops have been bleeding and dying all over the middle east for decades.

And what does it mean when western media is united in suppressing the screeming news of Adler’s advocacy of Obama’s assassination?

Just who is in control of Mainstream media, anyway?



1% US banks gamble $5 million per US household; $532 trillion total

From Examiner.com 

Carl Herman's photo

Nonpartisan Examiner

Reuters and wanttoknow.info provide prima facie evidence that the US 1% runs Wall Street as rigged-casino gambling to transfer wealth from the 99% to themselves. The amount of money fraudulently gambled is not millions of dollars, not billions, not even tens of trillions, but over five hundred trillion ($532,000,000,000,000).

Look at Demonocracy’s images to get an idea of this magnitude of money.

Let this sink in: $532 trillion means that the 1% US banksters gamble over $5 million dollars for every US household and $1.7 million for every American.

It also means that the 1% has cooperation from “leadership” in Congress, law enforcement, and almost all corporate media to have this gambling as the core of the 99%’s mortgages and pension funds, with the criminal fraud of representing this as “investments,” “regulated,” and “fair.”

Ending global poverty would be accomplished with an annual investment of $100 billion a year for ten years. This would save the lives of a million children who die from preventable poverty each month, is less than 0.7% of the developed countries’ GNI, has reduced population growth rates in every historical case, and is the best way the CIA concludes to reduce terrorism. The annual amount to end poverty is 0.02% of what the top five US banks gamble every year.

Excerpts from Reuters and www.wanttoknow.info:

(Reuters) – U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, were partners for years at a Washington law firm that represented a Who’s Who of big banks and other companies at the center of alleged foreclosure fraud, a Reuters inquiry shows…. Reuters reported in December that under Holder and Breuer, the Justice Department hasn’t brought any criminal cases against big banks or other companies involved in mortgage servicing, even though copious evidence has surfaced of apparent criminal violations in foreclosure cases.

OCC’s Quarterly Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives Activities: Third Quarter 2011
December 2011, OCC (U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks)

The OCC’s quarterly report on trading revenues and bank derivatives activities is based on Call Report information provided by all insured U.S. commercial banks and trust companies, reports filed by U.S. financial holding companies, and other published data. The notional amount of derivatives held by insured U.S. commercial banks decreased $1.4 trillion, or 0.6%, from the second quarter of 2011 to $248 trillion. Notional derivatives are 5.7% higher than at the same time last year. Derivatives activity in the U.S. banking system continues to be dominated by a small group of large financial institutions. Five large commercial banks represent 96% of the total banking industry notional amounts. Insured commercial banks have more limited legal authorities than do their holding companies.

Note: Graphs in this report show that the holding companies for the top five banks also control massive amounts of derivates totaling $326 trillion! The holding companies JPMorgan Chase, BofA, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs have over $311 trillion in derivates, 95% of the total U.S. market. So these banks and their holding companies combined own $532 trillion in derivates, equivalent to roughly $75,000 for every person on the planet. What are the bankers doing? If the above link fails, click here.

After 15 years of my own research after US political leadership reneged on all promises (public and private) to end poverty after we led to create the Microcredit Summit in 1997, here’s my best explanation of what’s driving economics:

How an economics teacher presents Occupy’s economic argument, victory


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