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Posted by Xaniel777 on February 15, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 15, 2012

Is Twitter Censoring the Greek Revolution?

From OccupyTVstations.com

    ” the only way to move forward! “

BREAKING FROM GREECE: Greeks take over a TV Station!! 

Of course I haven’t been able to find any further info. Did they start broadcasting the truth? Is this the result?

This is the photo the media is trying to hide: 800.000 protesters in #Athens

This photo was posted 5 hours ago (or 12:30 EST –  Feb. 13) while the prior photo was posted 22 hours ago. It could very well be be that the TV takeover led to a dramatic turnout in the streets! (Hint Hint :) )

Of course it’s been big news lately that Twitter is going to censor results per government requests. Do you think it’s possible that the Greek Gov might want to do a little censoring right about now?

A Twitter search of ‘Greece TV station’ shows 1 result from 8 hrs ago, 1 at 6 hrs, then about 15 from 3 hrs ago, 10 at 2 hrs, then nothing.

Does that seem believable? The tweet about Greek Protesters Occupying a TV Station gets about 50 tweets and then it’s dead completely?

Or is this Twitter censorship in action?


US government looks to mine social media to combat terrorist attacks, uprisings


It almost seems as though the only way to pull the Government back so they’ll stop spending recklessly and against U.S. citizens, is to cut off their money supply by full refusal to pay taxes !!

Although, that won’t stop them from printing up more funny money whenever they need it. As there is no (or not enough) Gold to back what U.S. Dollars are out there globally already, printing more of it only proves what an illusion the U.S. dollar is and it should have collapsed long ago !! 

The only thing propping the dollar up, is the illusion ( that we are all apart of ) that it has any value at all. Have you ever gone to a bank and tried to cash in  the value of your dollar notes for its gold equivalent?  The Banker will laugh at you !  

How can you redeem the value of the dollar if there is nothing backing it up???  That makes the dollar counterfeit and we should be rounding up everyone who made it that up.  More still, we need to add the charges of continuing this scam and public lie all this time ( going all the way back to 1913, search google to find out why). Consider yourself educated.  } ~~ Xaniel777

From FOX News.com ( believe it or not )~~Xaniel777

Published February 12, 2012

| Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO –  The U.S. government is seeking software that can mine social media to predict everything from future terrorist attacks to foreign uprisings, according to requests posted online by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Hundreds of intelligence analysts already sift overseas Twitter and Facebook posts to track events such as the Arab Spring. But in a formal “request for information” from potential contractors, the FBI recently outlined its desire for a digital tool to scan the entire universe of social media — more data than humans could ever crunch.

The Department of Defense and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence also have solicited the private sector for ways to automate the process of identifying emerging threats and upheavals using the billions of posts people around the world share every day.

“Social media has emerged to be the first instance of communication about a crisis, trumping traditional first responders that included police, firefighters, EMT, and journalists,” the FBI wrote in its request. “Social media is rivaling 911 services in crisis response and reporting.”

The proposals already have raised privacy concerns among advocates who worry that such monitoring efforts could have a chilling effect on users. Ginger McCall, director of the open government project at the Washington, D.C.-based Electronic Privacy Information Center, said the FBI has no business monitoring legitimate free speech without a narrow, targeted law enforcement purpose.

“Any time that you have to worry about the federal government following you around peering over your shoulder listening to what you’re saying, it’s going to affect the way you speak and the way that you act,” McCall said.

The FBI said in a statement to The Associated Press that their proposed system is only meant to monitor publicly available information and would not focus on specific individuals or groups but on words related to criminal activity.

Analyzing public information is nothing new in the world of intelligence. During the Cold War, for example, CIA operatives read Russian newspapers and intercepted television and radio broadcasts in hopes of inferring what Soviet leaders were thinking.

But the rise of social media over the past few years has dramatically changed both the kinds and amount of freely available information. For example, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said at a recent conference that users of the micro-blogging service send out an average of one billion tweets every three days.

“It really ought to be the golden age of intelligence collection in that you’ve got people falling all over themselves trying to express who they are,” said Ross Stapleton-Gray, a former CIA analyst and now a technology consultant who advises companies on security, surveillance and privacy issues.

As a staffer in the early 1990s in what later became the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Stapleton-Gray said the U.S. intelligence community’s early efforts to better harness the increasing volume of information becoming available on the Internet ran into resistance from old hands who believed that secrets were more valuable than the information anyone could get.

But agencies’ requests for better social media tools indicate that resistance has wilted.

The system sought by the research arm of the national intelligence director’s office would fuse together everything from Web searches to Wikipedia edits to traffic webcams to “beat the news” by predicting major events ranging from economic turmoil to disease outbreaks.

The Defense Department’s tool would track social media to identify the spread of information that could affect soldiers in the field and also give the military ways to conduct its own “influence operations” on social networks to counteract enemy campaigns.

The intelligence director’s office and the Defense Department said they could not meet the AP’s deadline to answer specific questions about the proposed projects.

The FBI is seeking a web app that would automatically scrape social networks for data that could alert the agency’s operations center to breaking crises as they happen and plot them on interfaces like Google Maps

For such systems to work well, their developers would have to overcome several technological challenges, the easiest of which is handling the massive amount of data involved.

Developments in so-called “cloud computing” have made processing big data sets easier than ever before by spreading the work broadly across networks of computers.

Instead, experts in the field say the major hurdle is in effect teaching computers how to read. To sift the valuable information from the mundane, the software must understand the subtleties of meaning in tweets and blog posts to tell the difference between, for example, a serious statement and a joke.

Solving such problems falls to researchers in fields such as natural language processing and computational linguistics — the same specialties that brought the world the iPhone’s Siri voice-activated assistant and IBM’s Watson, which trounced its human opponents at Jeopardy.

San Francisco-based Linguastat Inc. worked with the Centers for Disease Control during the 2009 swine flu outbreak to track public fears and concerns on social networks and determine whether the CDC’s public health messages were gaining traction. Company co-founder John Pierre said that tracking public sentiment depended on much more than searching social media for specific words or phrases.

“Just because they mention it, do they like it, do they not, are they saying it in the right context? Is it a band called The Swine Flu?” Pierre said.

Authenticity also becomes an issue in analyzing social networks. Computer programs known as “bots” already plague services such as Twitter with junk posts similar to email spam. Researcher Tim Hwang has scripted his own bots to see how much influence they could wield over social networks and says the ability to create bots that closely mimic humans will only improve over time.

This matters in intelligence gathering because bots could fool analysts — and their software — into thinking they’re witnessing a genuine shift in social trends that in reality could be a government propaganda campaign driven by, for example, Twitter users that don’t really exist.

“We have all the data. How do we know what’s real and what’s not?” Hwang said.

William McCants, an analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses and a former State Department official, monitors al-Qaeda propaganda online. He said he worries that the systems the FBI and other agencies are seeking could create an overreliance on technology at the expense of carefully trained human analysts who are still better at zeroing in on the facts that matter most.

“The more data you use and the more complicated the software, the more likely it is you will confirm a well-known banality,” McCants said a friend likes to joke. “You didn’t need to be on Twitter to know that a revolution was happening in Egypt.”



“Monsignors’ mutiny” revealed by Vatican leaks

From Yahoo News

By Philip Pullella | Reuters – Mon, Feb 13, 2012

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Call it Conspiracy City. Call it Scandal City. Call it Leak City. These days the holy city has been in the news for anything but holy reasons.

“It is a total mess,” said one high-ranking Vatican official who spoke, like all others, on the condition of anonymity.

The Machiavellian maneuvering and machinations that have come to light in the Vatican recently are worthy of a novel about a sinister power struggle at a medieval court.

Senior church officials interviewed this month said almost daily embarrassments that have put the Vatican on the defensive could force Pope Benedict to act to clean up the image of its administration – at a time when the church faces a deeper crisis of authority and relevance in the wider world.

Some of those sources said the outcome of a power struggle inside the Holy See may even have a longer-term effect, on the choice of the man to succeed Benedict when he dies.

From leaked letters by an archbishop who was transferred after he blew the whistle on what he saw as a web of corruption and cronyism, to a leaked poison pen memo which puts a number of cardinals in a bad light, to new suspicions about its bank, Vatican spokesmen have had their work cut out responding.

The flurry of leaks has come at an embarrassing time – just before a usually joyful ceremony this week known as a consistory, when Benedict will admit more prelates into the College of Cardinals, the exclusive men’s club that will one day pick the next Roman Catholic leader from among their own ranks.

“This consistory will be taking place in an atmosphere that is certainly not very glorious or exalting,” said one bishop with direct knowledge of Vatican affairs.

The sources agreed that the leaks were part of an internal campaign – a sort of “mutiny of the monsignors” – against the pope’s right-hand man, Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

Bertone, 77, has a reputation as a heavy-handed administrator and power-broker whose style has alienated many in the Curia, the bureaucracy that runs the central administration of the 1.3 billion-strong Roman Catholic Church.

He came to the job, traditionally occupied by a career diplomat, in 2006 with no experience of working in the church’s diplomatic corps, which manages its international relations. Benedict chose him, rather, because he had worked under the future pontiff, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, in the Vatican’s powerful doctrinal office.

“It’s all aimed at Bertone,” said a monsignor in a key Vatican department who sympathizes with the secretary of state and who sees the leakers as determined to oust him. “It’s very clear that they want to get rid of Bertone.”

Vatican sources say the rebels have the tacit backing of a former secretary of state, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, an influential power-broker in his own right and a veteran diplomat who served under the late Pope John Paul II for 15 years.

“The diplomatic wing feels that they are the rightful owners of the Vatican,” the monsignor who favors Bertone said.

Sodano and Bertone are not mutual admirers, to put it mildly. Neither has commented publicly on the reports.


The Vatican has been no stranger to controversy in recent years, when uproar over its handling of child sex abuse charges has hampered the church’s efforts to stem the erosion of congregations and priestly recruitment in the developed world.

But the latest image crisis could not be closer to home.

It began last month when an Italian television investigative show broadcast private letters to Bertone and the pope from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former deputy governor of the Vatican City and currently the Vatican ambassador in Washington.

The letters, which the Vatican has confirmed are authentic, showed that Vigano was transferred after he exposed what he argued was a web of corruption, nepotism and cronyism linked to the awarding of contracts to contractors at inflated prices.

As deputy governor of the Vatican City for two years from 2009 to 2011, Vigano was the number two official in a department responsible for maintaining the tiny city-state’s gardens, buildings, streets, museums and other infrastructure, which are managed separately from the Italian capital which surrounds it.

In one letter, Vigano writes of a smear campaign against him by other Vatican officials who were upset that he had taken drastic steps to clean up the purchasing procedures and begged to stay in the job to finish what he had started.

Bertone responded by removing Vigano from his position three years before the end of his tenure and sending him to the United States, despite his strong resistance.

Other leaks center on the Vatican bank, just as it is trying to put behind it past scandals – including the collapse 30 years ago of Banco Ambrosiano, which entangled it in lurid allegations about money-laundering, freemasons, mafiosi and the mysterious death of Ambrosiano chairman Roberto Calvi – “God’s banker.”

Today, the Vatican bank, formally known at the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR), is aiming to comply fully with international norms and has applied for the Vatican’s inclusion on the European Commission’s approved “white list” of states that meet EU standards for total financial transparency.

Bertone was instrumental in putting the bank’s current executives in place and any lingering suspicion about it reflects badly on him. The Commission will decide in June and failure to make the list would be an embarrassment for Bertone.


Last week, an Italian newspaper that has published some of the leaks ran a bizarre internal Vatican memo that involved one cardinal complaining about another cardinal who spoke about a possible assassination attempt against the pope within 12 months and openly speculated on who the next pope should be.

Bertone’s detractors say he has packed the Curia with Italian friends. Some see an attempt to influence the election of the next pope and increase the chances that the papacy returns to Italy after two successive non-Italian popes who have broken what had been an Italian monopoly for over 450 years.

Seven of the 18 new “cardinal electors” — those aged under 80 eligible to elect a pope — at this Saturday’s consistory are Italian. Six of those work for Bertone in the Curia.

Bertone, as chief administrator, had a key role in advising the pope on the appointments, which raised eyebrows because of the high number of Italian bureaucrats among them.

“There is widespread malaise and delusion about Bertone inside the Curia. It is full of complaints,” said the bishop who has close knowledge of Vatican affairs.

“Bertone has had a very brash method of running the Vatican and putting his friends in high places. People could not take it any more and said ‘enough’ and that is why I think these leaks are coming out now to make him look bad,” he said.


Leaked confidential cables sent to the State Department by the U.S. embassy to the Vatican depicted him as a “yes man” with no diplomatic experience or linguistic skills and the 2009 cable suggests that the pope is protected from bad news.

“There is also the question of who, if anyone, brings dissenting views to the pope’s attention,” read the cable, published by WikiLeaks.

The Vatican sources said some cardinals asked the pope to replace Bertone because of administrative lapses, including the failure to warn the pope that a renegade bishop re-admitted to the Church in 2009 was a well-known Holocaust denier.

But they said the pope, at 84 and increasingly showing the signs of his age, is not eager to break in a new right-hand man.

“It’s so complicated and the pope is so helpless,” said the monsignor.

The bishop said: “The pope is very isolated. He lives in his own world and some say the information he receives is filtered. He is interested in his books and his sermons but he is not very interested in government.”

(Editing by Jon Boyle and Alastair Macdonald)



300,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto in Federal Court: Decision on March 31st to Go to Trail

“Willie Nelson calls for Occupy the Food System”

From Nation of Change

Little did Willie Nelson know when he recorded “Crazy” years ago just how crazy it would become for our cherished family farmers in America.   Nelson, President of Farm Aid, has recently called for the national Occupy movement to declare an “Occupy  the Food System” action.

Nelson states, “Corporate control of our food system has led to the loss of millions of family farmers, destruction of our soil…”

Hundreds of citizens, (even including NYC chefs in their white chef hats) joined Occupy the Food System groups, ie Food Democracy Now, gathered outside the Federal Courts in Manhattan on  January 31st, to support organic family farmers in their landmark lawsuit against Big Agribusiness giant Monsanto. (Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association v. Monsanto) Oral arguments were heard that day concerning the lawsuit by 83 plaintiffs representing over 300,000 organic farmers, organic seed growers, and organic seed businesses.

The lawsuit addresses the bizarre and shocking issue of Monsanto harassing and threatening organic farmers with lawsuits of “patent infringement” if any organic farmer ends up with any trace amount of GM seeds on their organic farmland.

Judge Naomi Buckwald heard the oral arguments on Monsanto’s Motion to Dismiss, and the legal team from Public Patent Foundation represented the rights of American organic farmers against Monsanto, maker of GM seeds, [and additionally, Agent Orange, dioxin, etc.]

After hearing the arguments, Judge Buckwald stated that on March 31st she will hand down her decision on whether the lawsuit will move forward to trial.

Not only does this lawsuit debate the issue of Monsanto potentially ruining the organic farmers’ pure seeds and crops with the introduction of Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) seeds anywhere near the organic farms, but additionally any nearby GM fields can withstand Monsanto’s Roundup herbicides, thus possibly further contaminating the organic farms nearby if Roundup is used.

Of course, the organic farmers don’t want anything to do with that ole contaminated GM seed in the first place. In fact, that is why they are certified organic farmers.  Hello?  But now they have to worry about getting sued by the very monster they abhor,  and even have to spend extra money and land (for buffers which only sometimes deter the contaminated seed from being swept by the wind into their crop land).   At this point, they are even having to resort to not growing at all the following organic plants: soybeans, corn, cotton, sugar beets, and canola, …just to protect themselves from having any (unwanted) plant that Monsanto could possibly sue them over.

“Crazy, crazy for feeling so…..”

The farmers are suffering the threat of possible loss of Right Livelihood.  They are creating good jobs for Americans, and supplying our purest foods.  These organic farmers are bringing Americans healthy food so we can be a healthy Nation, instead of the undernourished and obese kids and adults that President Obama worries so much about us becoming.

So what was President Obama doing when he appointed Michael Taylor, a former VP of Monsanto, as Sr. Advisor to the Commissioner at the FDA?  The FDA is responsible for “label requirements” and recently ruled under Michael Taylor’s time as  FDA Food Czar that GMO products did not need to be labeled as such, even though national consumer groups loudly professed the public’s right to know what is genetically modified in the food system.  Sadly to remember: President Obama promised in campaign speeches that he would “let folks know what foods are genetically modified.”  These are the conflict of interests that lead to the 99% movement standing up for the family farmers.

 Just look at the confusing headlines lately that revealed that mid-western farms of GM corn will be sprayed with 2,4-D toxins found in the deadly Agent Orange.  Just refer to the previous lawsuits taken all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court by U.S. Veterans who tried to argue the dangers of Monsanto’s Agent Orange, and high rates of cancers in our soldiers who had to suffer the side effects from their wartime exposures in Vietnam.

Article image

In 1980 alone, when all this mess started with corporations wiping out the livelihoods of family farmers, the National Farm Medicine Center reported that 900 male farmers in the Upper Midwest committed suicide.  That was nearly double the national average for white men. Even sadder is the fact that some of the farmers’ children also committed suicide.  Studies show that when one generation of family farmers lose their farms, then the next generation usually can’t revive the family business and traditions later.


Jim Gerritsen, President of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, has pointed out that there are 5th and 6th generation family farmers being pushed off their farms today, and because of a “climate of fear” (from possible lawsuits from Monsanto), they can’t grow some of the food they want to grow.

These farmers are the ones who have been able to survive the changes over the past twenty years by choosing to go into the budding niche of organic farming.  Now look at what they have to deal with while trying to grow successful businesses: Monsanto’s threats.

Even organic dairy farmers have had to suffer lawsuits ( from Monsanto) when they labeled their organic milk “non-BGH” referring to Monsanto’s bovine growth hormone used by conventional dairies.

Consumers want organic food, and they want America’s pure food source to stay protected in America.  Made in America, organically, is the way of the future, and family farmers and seed businesses should be free to maintain their high standards for organic foods.  They deserve protection from Big Agribusiness’ dangerous seeds trespassing on their croplands, not to mention the use of pesticides and herbicides on GM crops.  The organic industry has an “organic seal” which is also important to the success of family businesses, and even that stamp of quality is threatened by the spread of Monsanto’s GM seed contaminating their pure seed banks.

The Banking industry is also partly to blame. Years before the mortgages and home fiasco we have now, the farmers were the first to feel the squeeze.    I interviewed Willie Nelson in the 1980’s, and he mentioned even then the high rates of farmer suicides, and that Farm Aid was receiving letters from family farmers saying the banks had “called in their loans”, even though “we had never missed a payment”. Was this just a veiled land grab for fertile lands, or to intentionally bankrupt independent family farmers?

It was so inspiring years ago when Michelle Obama planted an organic garden at the White House. It was a great precedent for the future, but what happened?  It was ruined when they discovered sewer sludge from previous Administrations had contaminated their beautiful soil where the organic vegetables were planted.  Just one small upset but it was remedied for future plantings.   What about our whole country’s organic food supply being contaminated by previous Adminstrations’ bad choices? Why did they ever allow Monsanto to introduce genetically engineered seeds into our pure, organic, and heirloom stockpiles across America in the first place?

Recently, the Obama Administration, in an effort to boost food exports, signed joint agreements with agricultural biotechnology industry giants, including Monsanto, to remove the last barriers for the spread of more genetically modified crops.

But in this recent lawsuit filed by the Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association, it was argued that a previous contamination of a “genetically engineered variety of rice”, named Liberty Link 601, in 2006, before it was approved for human consumption, “extensively contaminated the commercial rice supply, resulting in multiple countries banning the import of U.S. rice.”  The worldwide economic loss was “upward to $1.285 billion dollars” due to the presence of GMOs…

What are everyday Americans going to do to turn it around, to get rid of Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds and its dangerous threat to America’s heirloom and organic seed caches?

There is high rate of cancer in America, and eating healthier, especially organic foods, has been shown to have great benefits in beating cancer and other diseases.  When we have Agribusiness threatening independent family farmers, which leads to the farmers feeling so scared that they don’t even plant their organic crops that Americans need, then perhaps we can all see what the 99% Occupy Movement is trying to say about their conflict of interest and seemingly abuse of powers.

Willie Nelson just released a new poem on You Tube: “We stand with Humanity, against the Insanity, We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for…  We’re the Seeds and we’re the Core,  We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for;  We’re the ones with the 99%.”

Monsanto’s practices are a clear example of the wrong direction that the 99% want our country to go in.   How about shining some light on Monsanto, and before it is too late, realize the dangers of genetically modified seeds which are contaminating the world’s food supply.

 “Crazy, crazy for feeling so……  99% .”



Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France

From Activist Post

Dees Illustration

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

In a major victory for public health, and what will hopefully lead to other nations taking action, a French court decided today that GMO crops monster Monsanto is guilty of chemically poisoning a French farmer.

The grain grower, Paul Francois, says he developed neurological problems such as memory loss and headaches after being exposed to Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller back in 2004.

The monumental case paves the way for legal action against Monsanto’s Roundup and other harmful herbicides and pesticides made by other manufacturers.

In a ruling given by a court in Lyon (southeast France), Francois says that Monsanto failed to provide proper warnings on the product label. The court ordered an expert opinion to determine the sum of the damages, and to verify the link between Lasso and the reported illnesses. The case is extremely important, as previous legal action taken against Monsanto by farmers has failed due to the challenge of properly linking pesticide exposure with the experienced side effects.

When contacted by ReutersMonsanto’s lawyers declined to comment. 

Monsanto’s Deadly Concoctions

Farmer Paul Francois was not alone in his quest to hold Monsanto accountable for their actions. He and other farmers affected by Monsanto’s deadly concoctions actually founded an association last year to make the case that their health problems were a result of Monsanto’s Lasso and other ‘crop protection’ products.

Their claims were also met by many other farmers. Since 1996, the agricultural branch of the French social security system has gathered about 200 alerts per year regarding sickness related to pesticides. However only 47 cases were even recognized in the past 10 years.

Francois, whose life was damaged by Monsanto’s products, has now set the powerful precedent in the defense of farmers.

‘I am alive today, but part of the farming population is going to be sacrificed and is going to die because of this,’ Francois, 47, told Reuters.

It is also important to note that Monsanto’s Lasso pesticide was actually banned in France back in 2007 following a European Union directive that came after the ban of the product in other nations.

 This article first appeared at Natural Society, an excellent resource for health news and vaccine information. 



Syria: Delusion and Disinformation – Lies Paralyze Us All

Syrian “Truth” Crippled by the Lies of Libya

Posted by 

Veterans Today


Truth is the rarest commodity of all.  Even sports reporting involves bribery.  International relations, history books, newspapers, simply forget it.

How do you find truth, where do you start?  You certainly don’t go to Pravda.  We talk about “money in politics” turning government into a sewer.  News, universities, all sources of knowledge are polluted by payoffs, often orchestrated as complex game theory intelligence operations, in fact, this is almost invariably the case.

Whoever pretends to be involved, even Tel Aviv’s Al Qaeda franchise, there is a real revolution in Syria.  Those who state otherwise do so knowing they are lying.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

VT has become an international news service.  Wherever we don’t have people on the ground, those with the right contacts and the ability to understand lies when they hear them, we are paralyzed.  Almost everything else that we get as “corrected” or “independent” news is a blend of occasional brilliance, usually “borrowed,” followed by “dot connecting” that is beyond silly.

I still have a few crazy people trying to tell me how Libya was plotted against, the haven for mankind, the perfect government, overthrown by Jewish bankers and NATO.  

Gaddafi vacationed with the Jewish bankers, was a NATO stooge all his life and, though was killed to silence what he knew, was a brutal animal.

Every rumor, the banks, the oil deals, the NATO invasions, his African Bank, the denials of his Israeli partnership and the thousands of mercenaries, many still being sorted out, all were proven false.
Remember how thousands of Al Qaeda were on the ground in Libya?  How many times did you read dozens of “pundits” quote that one, using the same terms.  Not one of them has been found.  Where do you go to apologize to Al Qaeda, Tel Aviv or Washington?  Funny thing, those who wrote so many times that the CIA ran Al Qaeda were willing to change tunes when told to.

We call that “moral flexibility.”  I call it folks I don’t care to hear from anymore.
VT had people on the ground, with the rebel army, infiltrating Gaddafi’s forces and eventually hunting him down.

So, when do all those who were caught lying in broadcast and column after column apologize for their lies now that the thousands of Israeli mercenaries are caught, now that the Central Bank rumor is disproven, now that 100,000 Marines that never existed turns out to be 4 maintainence workers?  BP still has their oil contract, everything is, if anything, too much the same.

Everything reported by dozens of “independent journalists” was either error or, in many cases, we tracked laundered payoff money from Israel to their secret accounts.

What damage did these fools and liars do?  Now we face Syria and we can’t move because we are paralyzed by the Libyian liars brigade of hotel bound fantacists, many of whom were on the payroll of Tel Aviv, the neocons of Washington or the brutal Gaddafi dictatorship.

Most important of all is real freedom for the people of Egypt.  They are key.  They sit next to Israel, help control Gaza, have real power and are very much the victim of international plots.  A year after Mubarak falls, so much is still at risk and real freedom is still in doubt.  As is so often the case, dislodging the rats is a job nobody is trained for and, too often, only other rats can dislodge rats.

Let me put some of the Pravda email online, the one infecting the internet, the blend of truth and fantasy: 

The west, and particularly the USA, have engineered, financed, armed, trained and encouraged civil war in the Middle East and Africa. In truth, the so-called “Arab Spring” was an Arab spring cleaning. That is to say, time for the Empire to “clean out” those nations that won’t cooperate with their disgusting full spectrum world domination plan.
They have deliberately and with malice of forethought fomented these civil wars and “rebellions” that are destroying the tranquil, peaceful lives of men, women and children. They pretend to have an interest in the peace and safety of the people, when the opposite is true. They have no interest in seeing the violence come to an end.
This is while they continue to prop up disgusting fascist, racist, genocidal regimes such as in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, etc.
Once again, that pig-headed, big mouth flap jaw sinister female, Susan Rice, had to get her digs in with yet another verbose dishonest statement oozing of arrogance and stupidity.
“The United States is disgusted that a couple of members of this Council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our sole purpose,” U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said.
Yes, we know your purpose, Ms. Rice. To destabilize countries. To kill their people. To destroy their way of life. To take over the world and make it groan under your heels.
“For months this Council has been held hostage by a couple of members,” she said, referring to Russia and China, who she said had been “delaying and stripping bare any text to force Assad to stop his actions.”

Taking a moment here, our writer is correct about Ms. Rice.  What I don’t have is a staff in Syria I have known for years and I trust.  In fact reporting from Syria is confusing to all of us.  I know Syria to be a vicious police state whose people have lived in fear for decades and that Assad minimally needs to step down and that a democratic government that serves the people needs to replace him.
I also know that doing that will draw in western intelligence agencies and that the Soviet Union, that chooses to pretend it is now “Russia,” has a vested interest in Syria.  But, the writer is correct, those of the Gulf states have proven their worthlessness when they went into Bahrain.

And who, Ms. Rice, is going to stop YOU from your murderous, evil, demonic actions?

Without referring to Russia by name, she said the vetoes were “even more shameful” given that Russia has continued to sell weapons to to Syria. She called the vetoes “unforgivable” and said “any further blood that flows will be on their hands.”

Yes, Ms. Rice you only want weapons in the hands of the murderers, the terrorists and the population of Syria left defenseless.

The topper whopper of them all: Russia and China “remain steadfast in their willingness to sell out the Syrian people and shield a craven tyrant.”

Who does she think she’s kidding??

Yes, there are lessons from Libya. Was it necessary for the west, not NATO as France was the primary operator there and hasn’t been in NATO since 1959, but was it necessary for forced “regime change.”
I have my own opinions on that, opinions with foundation. Gaddafi choose to run to Israel and his friends in Washington, the neocons, for protection from Obama and Sarkozy. He assumed that if he promised undying love to Israel, promised to continue his secret WMD pact with them that Obama would back off.
Then, by going to Obama’s enemies, the neocons, believing somehow that he was invisible, he felt he had found another ally ready to take his cash.

Little did he know of the rifts, how Obama had been betrayed by Israel and the Koch Brothers cash that tried to undermine reform in America, all with neocon/Israel blessing.

He had stuck his head into the badger’s den and had it handed to him on a platter. He was stupid.

Sell out the Syrian people? How about them perpetrating the murders of hundreds of Syrian people and disrupting their lives, peace and safety so that they could get an inconvenient government out of their path to world domination?

Ms. Rice is fooling no one. It’s amazing she can lie like that with a straight face. It didn’t pass without notice that while the Syrian representative to the UN, Bashar Al Jaafari, spoke, she removed her ear piece to show her utter classless disrespect for the Syrian people. She wouldn’t even listen…what does that say?

All the blood that flows in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan is the direct responsibility of the United States and its overlords in Tel Aviv. Disgusting USA and Rice, are you going to STOP now?  The terrorists in Syria have Israeli weapons. How does she justify that?

Funny thing, the Israel’s use American weapons.  Go look?  America M-4 and M- 16 rifles, American jets, bombs, the rest of it.  Israel makes weapons, mostly for export and sells them.  Were weapons brought into Syria, they would be chosen based on their ability to use captured ammunition, 7.62×39 and that AK-74 stuff, 5.34 caliber, not NATO 5.56.

There are hundreds of thousands of Soviet weapons in Israeli hands, they are cheap and efficient and this story we now read has the same credibility as the old tale from Kuwait of babies being taken out of incuabators.

It is an embellishment.

As for Pravda’s statement that Assad represents the Syrian people, get real.  Syria is a police state.  I have friends who had to pay massive bribes just to move to a different apartment.  It is and has been one of the nastiest places on earth.  I don’t hate Syria but I always felt horribly sorry for people who had to live under Syria’s insane police state government.  We aren’t all idiots who buy the kool aid of Pravda, especially after their unmasking over Libya.

Exactly who is supplying weapons to terrorists, both in Syria and Libya? The United States and its sycophant “allies.” Who is telling the so-called “opposition” not to negotiate under any circumstances? The United States. Who is providing the Goebbels propaganda machine of lies and disinformation? The United States and its sycophant allies. The United States arms expansionist, colonialist Israel and funds their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

I have to decide if this was included just to put in an occasional fact or to propagandize and play to the crowd.  Either way, it is truth among statements far less than true and, yes, America is untrustworthy.  As for serious and meaningful attacks on Israel, known well for its ability to orchestrate American policy, they seem strangely absent as is any mention of the strong decades old partnership between Israel and the Soviet Union against the United States.  We aren’t children and we are hardly blind.

The position of Russia and China is clearly correct, moral and just. The vetoes by Russia and China now make it possible for the people of Syria to resolve their own issues.

The lesson of Libya was not lost on Russia and China, but was unfortunately on 13 other collaborator countries who voted, in essence, to approve of American domination and aggression.

When someone can prove the statements, that the Syrian deaths are actually films made in Qatar, prove it rather than simply say it as though it were true, I will be more than ready to listen.  In a world where every child has an IPhone, and email or upload capability though many Arab nations are restrictive and not at all free, I still expect evidence.  Thus far, no evidence of any substance, though we are dealing with a news agency with full access to all of Syria, has come forward.

If you have it, if no military action has been perpetrated against civilians in Syria and you can prove it, please do.  You do not do it here and have not yet done it.  Even Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News turned out live video in Tripoli with bullets going everywhere, actual quality journalism, obviously not staged.

Why can’t Pravda send satellite TV crews through Syria, to the front lines and talk to people among those who they tell us are not rebels and have us hear, first hand, how it is all being invented.

There was nothing correct in the resolution that was clearly one-sided, totally oblivious to the reality on the ground that Syria is under seige from without by foreign terrorist elements, armed and agitated by the west.

Russia and China refused to become part of the problem, which is western interference and bullying.

The resolutions on Libya merely called for a no-fly zone and the west so bastardized the wording that they turned it into an excuse for regime change, bombing the living daylights out of Libya, destroying its environment, inftrastructure and civilian population, totally depopulating at least two cities, the ethnic cleansing of its black population, the rape of its women, seizure of its oil, use of illegal weaponry and a ground invasion. Thousands of foreign troops have invaded Libya. They armed one side and denied the necessities of life to the other. How balanced is that? How just and fair is that?

There are no foreign troops in Libya.  You just shot yourself in the foot, making statements where several million people all failed to film one second of video or a single photograph.  The nation of Stalin now attacks the nation of Hitler.  Hitler is dead but do we now have proof that Stalin is alive and well?  Seemingly so it seems.

How Hitlerian is that?

One can only say to Ms. Rice and her cohorts: Enough! You lose! You stink! Go to hell! Enough of your duplicitous hypocrisy and lies.

Lisa Karpova


This diatribe of occasional truth mixed with propaganda and childish fantasy has moved around the world.  What has it really done?  It discredits those who seek the truth.  Yes, we know the west has tried to undermine Assad.  We also know most of his own people would chop him to bits if they got a hold of him, same as with Gaddafi who you also defend.

We also know Assad made peace with Israel long ago, as did Mubarak and Gaddafi and Russia, who used Israel to spy on America for decades of the Cold War, a Russia that we now are increasingly finding to still be the Soviet Union of old.

Yes, America lies, Russia lies, China lies and the Gulf states are puppets with no respect for human freedom.
We also know Pravda lies.

All lies are equal, all enslave men, attempt to use and mislead for evil purpose, in this case, to enslave on behalf of the Soviet Regime which is alive and well in the Oligarchs and their Israeli and neocon friends.
We watch and learn.

With access none of us have, with endless funds, with the ability to move anywhere in Syria, segments of uncut film would have been nice.

Our mistrust goes much further than Assad and Israel and Pravda or the Americans and their puppets in the Gulf.

We are all sick of lies.

New ones only make it worse.  If Assad has a story to tell, I have a film crew, a passport and no fear of being shot at.  Invite Veterans Today.  We have the “stones” to do what is needed and the reputation.  We are hated by all the right people.

We have been on the correct side every time.

This is because we work from information, from truth and not for profit.

No, send me no money, no new car, I have no private charity paying me 2 million a year like others around me.  We don’t have a side other than reporting the truth, something we can’t afford in Syria !


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