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REAL NEWS : Feb. 16

Posted by Xaniel777 on February 16, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 16, 2012



Active Duty Troops to March on White House


From Infowars.com

Kurt Nimmo
February 14, 2012

One thousand veterans and active duty troops will shatter the corporate media hoax that insists members of the American military do not support Ron Paul due to his opposition to the unconstitutional forever war agenda of the establishment.

Despite this myth, the New York Times was obliged to admit reality last December, even if the admission wasn’t featured on the front page of the newspaper but instead posted on a remote area of its website.

“Representative Ron Paul, the congressman who favors the most minimalist American combat role of any major presidential candidate and who said all of the above quotes, has more financial support from active duty members of the service than any other politician,” Timothy Egan wrote.

“As of the last reporting date, at the end of September, Paul leads all candidates by far in donations from service members. This trend has been in place since 2008, when Paul ran for president with a similar stance: calling nonsense at hawk squawk from both parties.”

The troops also and not surprisingly support Paul over Obama, who said he would end the wars and bring the troops home and instead expanded the unjustified, illegal and unconstitutional wars started by his predecessor.

The pie chart below shows the break down of support.

The February 20th march on the White House by veterans and active service members in support of Paul is appropriately dubbed “Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops.”  The event will begin at noon with a rally at the Washington Monument followed by a march at 2 PM in military squad formation to the White House where a special ceremony to honor troops who have died since the election of Obama will be held.

“We will step off towards the White House, turn left on Pennsylvania Ave, and come to a halt at 1600,” the Facebook page explains. “We will do an about face, and present a hand salute to a folded American flag for as many seconds as troops have died since President Obama took office, then march silently back to the Washington monument and fall out. We are currently working on arrangements and special guests for a reception that evening.”

Aimee Allen, Jordan Page, Golden State and Rebel INC will perform at a concert after the rally and march. It will be held at the Rock N Roll Hotel in Washington.

The march was organized by former Marine Adam Kokesh and Nathan Cox, a U.S. Army veteran. You can get more information on a Facebook page set-up for the event.

Members of the military take an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and this is why so many of them back the candidacy of Ron Paul.

Bill Manning, a military veteran who served as a combat pilot in Vietnam, explains in the following video why the men and women who defend America are overwhelmingly lining up behind Ron Paul.

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TSA says woman has ‘cute figure,’ asks for three body scans

The Raw Story

From The RawStory

By David Edwards
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ellen Terrell profiled by TSA

The Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) is coming under fire for allegedly doing “peep show” naked body scans of women who agents think are attractive.

Ellen Terrell told CBS 11 in Dallas that agents at DFW International Airport asked her to go through the invasive scanner three times because “[t]hey wanted a nice good look.”

A female agent at the checkpoint surprised Terrell by asking, “Do you play tennis?”

“And I said, ‘Why?’ She said, ‘You just have such a cute figure,’” the Texan recalled.

Speaking to agents viewing the scans in another room, the female agent claimed the images had been “blurry” and asked Terrell to go through a second and third time.

But after the third scan, the female agent appeared to get frustrated as she radioed her co-workers.

“She’s talking into her microphone and she says, ‘Guys, it is not blurry, I’m letting her go. Come on out,’” Terrell said.

While only female agents are allowed to pat down female travelers, the agency does allow male agents to view body scans of females.

After looking at over 500 TSA complaints, CBS 11 found a pattern of possible sexual harassment of female passengers.

“I feel I was targeted by the TSA employee to go through the see-you-naked machine because I am a semi-attractive female,” one woman wrote.

“TSA staff ‘trolling’ the lines looking for people to pull out was unprofessional,” another accusation said. “I know he went to that room to see my naked body through the machine with the other guy.”

“When I looked around, I saw that there were only women that were ‘told’ to go through this machine. There were no men,” one complaint noted.

This comment seemed to sum up most of the women’s charges: “Making American citizens unwilling victims of a peep show by TSA employees using full body imaging devices is an over-the-top invasion of privacy to which I strenuously object.”

In a statement, the TSA said that any person could opt-out of the body scanner by requesting a pat-down.

“TSA does not profile passengers,” the agency insisted. “All of our millimeter wave technology units including those in Dallas have been upgraded with additional privacy enhancements that no longer display passenger-specific images. Even prior to this upgrade, officers reviewing the images were located in a separate room and would have never seen the passenger being screened.”

A spokesperson told CBS 11 that it is against protocol to make more than two attempts at a full-body scan before requiring a pat-down.



Female Passengers Say They Were Targeted for TSA Body Scanners


From WIRED.com on Digg

February 14, 2012 



TSA agents in Dallas singled out female passengers to undergo screening in a body scanner, according to complaints filed by several women who said they felt the screeners intentionally targeted them to view their bodies.

One woman who flew out of Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport several months ago said a female agent sent her through a body scanner three times after the agent commented on her “cute” body.

“She says to me, ‘Do you play tennis?’ And I said, ‘Why?’‘You just have such a cute figure,’” Ellen Terrell recalled to CBS News in Dallas.

Terrell said the female agent appeared to be acting on a request from male agents who were in a separate room viewing the scans and who apparently asked the agent to send Terrell back through the scanner twice because the scan was blurry.

After the third scan, Terrell said the agent seemed frustrated with her co-workers in the screening room. “She’s talking into her microphone and she says, ‘Guys, it is not blurry, I’m letting her go,’” Terrell said.

Terrell, who was traveling with her husband at the time, told the TV station, “I feel like I was totally exposed. They wanted a nice good look.”

As CBS noted in its story, when TSA agents pat down a female traveler who opts out of a scanner, only female agents are allowed to touch the female passenger. But the TSA allows male agents to view the images of female passengers.

Texas State Representative Lon Burnam of Fort Worth told CBS that this was not the first time he’d heard such complaints.

So the local CBS station filed a records request to obtain all of the complaints filed by passengers and found a pattern among the 500 complaints the TSA released. The names of the complainants were redacted, so CBS wasn’t able to contact them for further details, but they included several complaints from women who noted that the agents were singling out women for screening. One woman wrote in her complaint that she felt “targeted by the TSA employee to go through the see-you-naked machine because I am a semi-attractive female.”

Another woman wrote that “the screener appeared to enjoy the process of picking someone rather than doing true random screening. I felt this was inappropriate. A woman behind me was also ‘randomly selected.’”

One woman wrote that after she went into the scanner, “I saw [the male agent] going to the private room where x-rays are, to speak to the guy [in] that room.”

A complainant indicated that “When I looked around, I saw that there were only women that were ‘told’ to go through this machine. There were no men.”

When asked about the complaints, the TSA released a statement to CBS saying that scanners at the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport, as well as at the Love Field airport, had been upgraded so that they now showed only a generic body outline, rather than a detailed image.

“All of our millimeter wave technology units including those in Dallas have been upgraded with additional privacy enhancements that no longer display passenger-specific images,” the TSA said in a statement. “To further ensure passenger privacy and anonymity, a privacy filter was applied to blur all images.”

Homepage image: TSA Blog


Kim Zetter is a senior reporter at Wired covering cybercrime, privacy, security and civil liberties.
Follow @KimZetter and @ThreatLevel on Twitter.



Degenerates Rule America


From Activist Post

Scott Lazarowitz
Activist Post

We now live in extraordinarily dangerous times in America. A majority of primary voters support three out of the four remaining Republican candidates for President who believe that the U.S. government may commit acts of aggression and start wars against foreign peoples who were of no threat to us, and who want to use the power of government and police to impose various social views onto others. Only Ron Paul wants to legalize freedom in America, and wants to end our government’s aggression’s abroad. 

 In a recent article on LewRockwell.com, human rights advocate William Grigg highlighted an Iraq War veteran who can’t comprehend that people in foreign countries don’t like invaders and occupiers on their lands, and why they try to defend themselves, their families and their territories from the U.S. military aggressors. 


This veteran is like most Americans, apparently, who believe in American “exceptionalism,” in which our government may commit aggressions and trespass on foreign territories, including placing its military bases there despite the objections of the actual people living there, but foreign governments may not trespass on American lands.


 For a century the ruling regime in Washington has abandoned the rule of law, and has acted aggressively overseas and provoked foreigners and murdered countless innocents. They have gotten away with their crimes via rationalization and manipulative, emotionalistic propaganda. Currently, Washington’s degenerate rulers are claiming, falsely, that Iran is a “threat,” despite Iran being surrounded on all sides.


But Americans have naively believed the propaganda, as they did with Iraq.


The professional career politicians and bureaucrats have thus been making Americans less safe and more vulnerable because of the blowback of their government’s own aggressions


Such a narcissistic attitude of the aforementioned exceptionalist-minded veteran is contrary to the American Declaration of Independence. The Declaration asserts “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


By “men,” the Declaration is really referring to all of humankind, and that all human beings are created equal, and have an inherent right as human beings to life, liberty and the right to sustain and protect their lives. 


I think the narcissistic exceptionalists want to suggest that only Americans have a right to life and liberty, but not foreigners. Many people are just incapable of seeing a situation from the point of view of those outside their own personal territories. Believe it or not, the millions of people of Iraq and Afghanistan – the civilians who are just trying to live their lives and who have nothing to do with terrorism – see our government as an invading aggressor (which it is) and for the past ten years they have been trying to defend their lives, families, homes, businesses and sovereignty. 


A comparison regarding the self-centered exceptionalists can be made with an entirely unrelated subject, the same-sex marriage issue, which has been in the news again. It is hypocritical of the Republicans and conservatives to object to President Obama’s forbidding private institutions from opting out of the birth control/abortion mandate, while those same opponents support governmental forbiddances of private marital contracts to occur. 


Now, if you believe that you own your own life (as opposed to your neighbors’ or the State owning your life), and that you have a right to establish voluntary contracts with anyone else who is also doing so voluntarily, then you have a right to have a marital contract with whomever you want, as long as it’s voluntary, and it’s nobody else’s business.


If it’s none of your neighbors’ business, then it’s none of the government’s business, I like to say.

But if you believe that the State owns you or that your neighbors own you, then you agree with regressive neanderthals that the neighbors and/or the State should have the power to control your private contract-making decisions, and your private relationships and associations. And thus they should dictate to you whom you may or may not marry.


Selfish collectivists and communitarian reactionaries believe in the latter example of collective/State ownership of the individual and one’s private relationships and contracts. 


And the same goes for the exceptionalists who believe that they have a right to seize ownership of the lives and property of innocent human beings in Iraq or Iran who have harmed no one. Selfish, narcissistic exceptionalists believe that they have a right to break into the private homes and businesses of foreigners, search and ransack them, and assault, beat, torture and murder their people and get away with it. 


That is the primitivism to which America has sunk over the past century, thanks to criminal politicians from Wilson and FDR to Bush and Obama, and the dumbed-down, submissive, gullible and subservient sheeple who support them.


America is characterized now by a severe moral decay and massive, widespread corruption, from banksters and foreclosure fraudsters, to drug-warrior police Nazis on the take, college and high school students and teachers in widespread cheating scandals, FDA and Big Pharma corruption, and TSA perverts and child molesters. 


And now, Obama has encouraged local police departments to hire Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans to continue the growing militarization of the police. (It is reassuring that many police departments are only hiring those of lower intelligence levels!) They need their degenerate neanderthal S.W.A.T raids to further terrorize, assault and murder innocent civilians, in order to enforce laws by the nanny State which dictate to private individuals what chemicals they may or may not consume into their own bodies (which the State owns, of course).


And thank goodness Obama has signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act that now includes giving the military (and probably any armed agent of government, including local police) the power to arrest and detain indefinitely any civilian American for any reason according to what the President says, without charges, without evidence brought forward against the accused. (I feel safer now.) 


It looks like Dick Cheney and Barack Obama have taken some lessons from the new Sharia-ruling Iraqi regime, as well as the repressive Iranian government, on how to treat their own people. But make sure everyone marries only those the government permits you to marry, and make sure that everyone must support and pay for someone else’s abortion. 


Degenerates rule America. (Is there any way to correct this situation?)

Scott Lazarowitz is a writer and cartoonist. Please visit his blog.

Read other articles by Scott Lazarowitz here. 



False Flag? Israel Blames Iran for Convenient Bombing

No deaths, just long sought after provocations; a geopolitical gambit executed with the proficiency of Mossad.


From The Intel Hub

The Intel Hub
By Tony Cartalucci
February 13, 2012

 “…it would be far more preferable if the United States could cite an Iranian provocation as justification for the airstrikes before launching them. Clearly, the more outrageous, the more deadly, and the more unprovoked the Iranian action, the better off the United States would be.

 Of course, it would be very difficult for the United States to goad Iran into such a provocation without the rest of the world recognizing this game, which would then undermine it. (One method that would have some possibility of success would be to ratchet up covert regime change efforts in the hope that Tehran would retaliate overtly, or even semi-overtly, which could then be portrayed as an unprovoked act of Iranian aggression.) “

 -US foreign policy makers in the Fortune 500 funded Brookings Institution’s 2009 “Which Path to Persia?” report, pages 84-85.


 “U.S. officials said they have seen no intelligence to indicate that Iran is actively plotting attacks on U.S. soil. But Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. said the thwarted plot “shows that some Iranian officials — probably including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei — have changed their calculus and are now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime.”

 The warning about Iran’s more aggressive stance was included in written testimony that Clapper submitted to Congress on Tuesday as part of the intelligence community’s annual assessment of the nation’s most serious security threats.”

 – “Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on U.S. soil, U.S. intelligence report finds,” Washington Post, January 31, 2012


 “We predict that the threat on our sites around the world will increase … on both our guarded sites and ‘soft’ sites,” read the memo, with soft sites interpreted to mean potential targets such as synagogues and other Jewish community buildings. The letter was circulated by the head of security for Israel’s Consul General for the Mid-Atlantic States, ABC News said.”

 -”‘Soft’ Target Threat Gets Community’s Attention,” The Jewish Week, February 7, 2012


 Quite clearly, there is a premeditated conspiracy working ceaselessly to provoke Iran into a war it neither wants nor will benefit from in any conceivable way, and upon failing to provoke Iran, provocations will be manufactured in their stead, as seen in the recently botched “plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador on US soil,” later revealed to be a US sting operation involving DEA agents and a duped, entrapped patsy.

Now Israel is blaming two attacks on their own embassies, one in New Delhi, India and another failed attack in Tbilisi, Georgia, squarely on Iran.

There were only minor injuries reported in the New Delhi attack which was carried out in a similar manner to those targeting Iranian scientists in Iran – attacks now admittedly the work of  Israeli Mossad agents and US-funded, armed, trained, and harbored Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK) terrorists.

Iran clearly has nothing to gain by bombing Israeli targets abroad, especially in nations like India where such an act would not only give the West the provocation it is on record trying to “goad” out of Tehran for years, but also one that would unsettle relations with India which would directly effect the conflict in Afghanistan festering on Iran’s eastern border.

Conversely, a non-lethal attack on Israeli targets gives the Wall Street-London-Tel Aviv corporate-financier elite the exact provocation they have been fishing for on record since at least 2009.

Reuters reports, “a bomb wrecked a car carrying the wife of the Israeli Defence attache as she was going to pick up her children from school.”

All the emotional plot points exist to manipulate public opinion against Iran, and behind a Western attack that has so far been perpetually stalled by a world increasingly irate over the West’s global warmongering.

The degree to which this likely stunt will be successful in serving as a pretext for war (or at least further escalation) for an axis that has been waging a campaign of terror against Iran for years remains to be seen.

This Wall Street-London-Tel Aviv axis has openly admitted they seek to provoke war with an unwilling adversary, and all three are experts at manufacturing provocations for otherwise unjustifiable acts of aggression.

Iran is an aggressive though not reckless nation – so says the US policy think-tank Brookings Institution in their own “Which Path to Persia?” report.

Iran does not lack an accurate understanding of global public opinion, evident in their English news service, PressTV. Should Iran choose to finally strike out against the West for their blatant and consistent acts of war, they would most likely do so with global public opinion in mind – likely excluding the possibility of targeting a mother on her way to pick up her children from school.

As in any crime, big or small, the first and most pressing question to answer is, “cui bono” or, “to whose benefit?” An axis of Western powers desperately seeking a pretext for a war they’ve tried to start for years?

Or a nation desperately trying to avoid war, weathering constant and overt acts of aggression directed at their economy, infrastructure, civilians, military leaders, and politicians, only to end up bombing an Israeli mother on her way to pick up her children from school?

With this in mind, and with Iran squarely denying any responsibility for the attacks, the burden of proof lies entirely on Israel.

Tony Cartalucci is an independent journalist and frequent Intel Hub contributor. He writes on his own blog, the Land Destroyer.



More bases for Maine caucus complaints from Ron Paul (with 2 updates)



This entry was posted in Maine PoliticsNational by Amy Fried

In addition to the issue about whether weather-postponed Maine GOP caucuses will count in the final tally, Ron Paul supporters have some additional bases for complaint.

One involves what happened in Portland on the final caucus day.  A major part of the procedure involves the selection of delegates to the state GOP convention, where the delegates to the national Republican convention would be selected. The Republican nominee must capture a majority of delegates at the national convention.

As the Washington Post reported,

Party officials announced at the end of the Riverton Elementary School caucus that there had been a discrepancy in the final tally of state delegate ballots, and that they had received 19 more ballot sheets than they had the green index cards that voters turned in when they took their ballots. That meant that the results of Portland’s state delegate race – at least, for the time being – were void.

Another emerging issue involves different tallies being reported from some of the caucuses. Often there are errors that are corrected later. However, a poster (Larry in Augusta) at the conservative site As Maine Goes suggests that these may be skewed toward Romney, since the Portland numbers were incorrect and Waterville results were omitted.

Looking at both list below is the error rate and if these errors hold true throughout the State Paul will win the straw poll by six votes. Paul would have 2289 to Romneys 2283. How does this sort of thing happen? 15% of Ron Paul votes were not counted…..

Mistakes were made. Something tells me it’s going to take some time to sort this out.


As reported by the Village Soup, Waldo County is “mostly missing from official GOP results.”

Maine GOP Chair was on the Howie Carr show. You can listen here.



General Says Russia Could Use Nuclear Weapons to Keep Country Intact

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : I can’t speak for anyone else on this great planet of ours,  but,  when leaders start throwing around the phrase ‘ COULD USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS ‘ so open and freely,  I start getting a little twitchy !! } ~~ Xaniel777


The Moscow Times

From The Moscow Times

16 February 2012

The Moscow Times

Russia’s armed forces would be within their full rights to use nuclear weapons if any threats to the integrity of the country arise, Russian General Staff head Nikolay Makarov said Wednesday.

“Of course, we are not preparing to fight against NATO; we don’t have those kinds of goals or tasks. But it is clearly written in our doctrine when we are within our rights to use nuclear weapons. In this case we would use them,” Makarov said in an interview on radio station Ekho Moskvy, RIA-Novosti reported.

The general added that strategic stability is dependent on the nuclear deterrent.

“In terms of our armed forces, we are investing every kopeck wisely and a very serious modernization of our nuclear potential is being undertaken,” Makarov said.

He also spoke about Russia’s plans to purchase a new class of submarines, to upgrade its bombers, and to introduce new strategic missiles that the general noted are far more advanced than the previous generation.



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