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Posted by Xaniel777 on February 17, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 18, 2012



Not Suspicious at all! Romney increases ‘lead’ as Ron Paul Wins Communities not Previously Counted

From OccupyTVstations.com 

It turns out Paul won many of the communities that hadn’t previously been counted. Paul beat Romney 21 to 5 in Waterville, according to the new GOP data. Paul also beat Romney 72 to 59 in Waldo County.

But the final vote tallies changed enough in other towns to add to Romney’s lead, according to the new data.

In Limington, Paul originally received 20 votes. But after the recount, Paul received zero votes.

In Portland, Paul originally beat Romney 106-91. But after the recount, Romney beat Paul 106-91.

In Bar Harbor, the state GOP originally said 22 people voted. But after the recount, it said 27 people voted and the five extra votes went to Romney.

In Trenton, the state GOP originally said 15 people voted. But after the recount, it said 20 people voted and all five extra votes went to Romney.

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mainstream media whores burst out truth attack…


From Clif High’s Half Past Human

shhhhhhh…..it’s coming….just a few days away…prepare your ears now…get your mind ready….you’ll never have heard such words from mainstream media ever before in your life and it is going to start a flood of such huge proportions that the world will not be the same ever again in the future and it will change more in each minute than in all the minutes that have ever come before and you will feel like you just do not have a second to catch your breath and shouldn’t you have gone to work or bed or fed someone or something but you are paralyzed with the novelty rush pouring out of the pent up frustruations of decades of pressurized mainstream media whoredom as all hell breaks loose with a single word that a single mind will not be able to contain……(no, not that one…)

wait for it, days and temporal markers falling rapidly now and precursor events spreading rippling influences outward….

you’ll hear it, then you’ll know it. All prior to the break out is speculation. Afterward all will be lost in the torrents (hint hint) of the breaking dam, which is why i thought to just get a few days advance notice for naps and pies. We will need all the energy we have (us old farts) to just keep up with the trailing edge….which begins to race away from us by March 19th with release language compounding beyond our ability to chase.

posted February 16, 2012 by clif high




Your last 26 days of life… (webbot clif high) March 2012 Breakthrough Point WW3 Conspiracy


Uploaded by  on Feb 17, 2012

posted February 6, 2012 by clif high (edited with audio by Lyndon LaRouche)

Your last 26 days of life…

On March 2, 2012, the zionists (isreali mossad and cia agents) who are the stooges of the central banksters, will attack an American naval ship (as they did with the USS Liberty)

They will try to sink this ship with a huge loss of life of American sailors. 

They will pretend to be Iranians to make you mad at Iran. 

They intend to provoke officialdom in the US and Russia and China into killing us all. 

Much of officialdom (masons, illuminati, agents of rome (opus dei et al), zionists) are in on this false flag attack, and their fervent hope for WAR to end your life, and the lives of over ONE BILLION other humans (your relatives on this planet).

So much of humanity on this planet has been made crazy by the rothchilds/rockefellers and all the priests/potentates and other a@#holes who put themselves on top of us all by lying and cheating and murder. 

They plan on yet another f@#king great war to kill off as many of us as they can. 

If they succeed, and the war is created;

no more taxes will i pay ever to anyone.

no more of their laws will i obey. 

if i survive the smoking, nuclear wasteland that will be the west coast of the USofA and most of earth, and there are any of the former central banksters and their masters alive, i will swear the remnant of my life to bringing them to justice. And i know what that means, even if the psychopathic pedofilic f@#ktards do not.

My message to them…all of officialdom is simple….you know fear. You live on the fear of others. Now it is your turn. 

Fear us now. 

We know you now. 

Your names are recorded. 

Your lives are in our hands. 

Killing billions of us only convinces the rest that we have nothing left to lose. 

You taught us to fear you.

Now the fear is gone, only hate remains.

Fear us now. 

Or we come for you later.

posted February 6, 2012 by clif high


ALERT! Brink of WW3?

Thermonuclear WAR will happen SUDDENLY (Extinction Level Event) 2012




The Illuminati Uses Fear To Shut you down

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : First,  allow me to point out that every interview I have ever listened to involving  Pastor Lindsey Williams has always driven me NUTS !

Williams has a bad habit of ranting on and on about nothingness, generally repeating himself for thirty to forty-five minutes just so he can tell the world thirty to forty-five seconds of info that may or may not be all that relevant and/or important.

Or it would be about something we had already known days before hand.

However, this particular video interview with Williams is in fact very relevant and important.

It will mark the first and only time that I fully agree and highly recommend that you heed his words for they will help you greatly !! }~~~ Xaniel777

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Like i always say.. NO FEAR.. no mather what happends or what kind of information you come across.. never forget to breathe.. keep your heart and mind at peace.. only then will you find the answers you seek

AWAKENING The masses to The Divine Within Themselves!! :D



(Awaken To Your Multidimensional SELF)


BE LOVE ((((O)))) Come Join!! SHINE & RIPPLE The Wave of Love!!



We have to hold the Congressional Budget Office director in high regard

From Urban Survival

by George Ure

February 17, 2012

We Are Not Alone

One of the central beliefs about here is that the US economy may have hit its all-time peak in 2000 when the Dow was around 11,720, but corrected for inflation that would be well north of 15,000 on the Dow these days.


It’s a cynical view, to be sure, but not everyone in Washington has swallowed the happy-talk statistical Kool-Aid.  We have to hold the Congressional Budget Office director in high regard for saying:

The rate of unemployment in the United States has exceeded 8 percent since February 2009, making the past three years the longest stretch of high unemployment in this country since the Great Depression. CBO projects that the unemployment rate will remain above 8 percent until 2014. The share of unemployed people who have been looking for work for more than six months—referred to as the long-term unemployed—topped 40 percent in December 2009 and has remained above that level ever since.

And, what’s more, that 8% number is a little shady at best, since people who run out of UI benefits aren’t counted – and magically just disappear from the counting.  Fine sleight of hand, this being an election year and all, but could both the corporate-suck-up parties get real for a change?  Americans are not stupid, and the systematic failure to get real with reports is offensive at least, and worst is cause for rebellion against what’s increasing being seen as an unjust government.

March to War

We see that WND is reporting US military types are being told to prepare for “Iran ops” March 1 to October.

 Is it a sign of reasonableness that Israel’s defense minister has backed off his contention that Iran has reached a nuclear point of no return?  No, actually.  Just gives Iran a reason to drop its Guards a bit and that may be the kind of headline that could translate into an easier first strike.  We’ll just have to wait and see – N100 masks at the ready.

 March to the Police State

So it sounded like a good idea to crack down on illegal aliens and all, but is there a chance this new federal program is just the tip of something more in the works – like biometrics for everyone?

Notice a lack of terrorist activity?  Oh, sure the underwear bomber was sentenced to life in prison.  That was way back on Christmas day 2009.

 { XANIEL’S NOTE : Meanwhile, the C.I.A. Agent that got this guy pass the check point and on the plane has yet to be arrested and made to answer for this obvious false flag event that was designed to keep you fearful and to fit into the 1%’s agenda! } ~~ Xaniel777

 Sometimes watching the complicity of the MSM in all this is amazing:  Remember, that flight didn’t originate in the USA – was coming from Amsterdam, remember?

 We note that TSA’s budget is $8.1 billion per year, not counting the lost productivity of people showing up at least a half hour earlier than every to make it through security lines at airports…

A US immigration agent was shot and killed this morning in a workplace violence outbreak in Los Angeles.  No word on what the underlying argument was about.

 Global Famine…

is out and about and right about on schedule.  It’s being called the “silent famine” but not for long…  How many Horsemen did you say?  Four?

March Reminder #2

If you have an alert IT department, you might remind them there are only a few weekends left until the FBI turns off internet access to computers that have been infected with the DNS_Changer virus.

If you’re IT department is worth its salt, it might have already scheduled complete virus updates and scans, but sending them the link above with a simple email “We ready?” might not hurt.  Much as it would be nice to believe all IT folks are geniuses, there is some evidence to the contrary…



FBI Secures Warrant To Kill Internet Access To 4 Million Users


From Alexander Higgins Blog

 Posted by  – February 16, 2012

The FBI plans to kill internet access to 4 millions users to eradicate DNS spoofing software, similar to the kind Anonymous threatens to use to shutdown the entire Internet.

In an unprecedented move to combat online hackers, the FBI has obtained a warrant from U.S. courts authorizing them to cut off internet access to 4 million online users on March 8th. The warrant gives the FBI to throw the Internet kill switch as part of  efforts to eradicate the Internet of software that changes DNS traffic, a common protocol used to find address of websites and other servers on the Internet.

A report from The Blaze states” Krebs on Security reports that the malware — DNSChanger Trojan — has infected more than 4 million computers in more than 100 countries thanks to the work of six men who were arrested in Estonia for the crime in Nov. 2011. Gizmodo reports that the virus causes the user to be sent to fraudulent websites by changing DNS settings and even prevents them from visiting security sites that could help rid them of the virus.”

In possibly related news, the Hacker Group Anonymous has threatened to use similar software to shutdown the entire Internet on March 31st, nearly 3 weeks after the FBI plans to throw their own kill switch to eliminate the DNS spoofing software from the Internet.

FBI Secures Warrant To Kill Internet To Eradicate DNS Changing Malware

FBI Secures Warrant To Kill Internet To Eradicate DNS Changing Malware

Gizmodo reports:

The FBI Might Cut Off the Internet For Millions of People on March 8th

In an unprecedented move, the FBI may cut off Internet access to millions of people on March 8th to try to rid the country of a Trojan. Millions of computers are infected worldwide—maybe even yours.

The DNSChanger Trojan originated in Estonia and might be lurking undetected on as many as a half-million computers in the United States, according to Brian Krebs. It has been found on the computers at half of all Fortune 500 companies and at 27 government agencies. The Trojan changes an infected computer’s DNS settings to send users to fraudulent websites. What’s more, the worm is particularly malicious in that it also prevents you from visiting security websites that might diagnose or fix the problem. While the men authorities suspect are behind the Trojan have been arrested, the Feds, working in concert with the Estonian government, have yet to put the final kill on the worm’s botnet.

That’s where the Internet shutdown comes in. The FBI has a court order allowing it to set up temporary replacement DNS servers so that those with infected computers or networks can get the worm off of their systems. The court order, however, expires on March 8th. Unless that order gets extended, anybody who hasn’t cleaned up their act before it expires, might get cut off from the Internet altogether.


Source: Gizmodo

Krebs On Security reports:

Half of Fortune 500s, US Govt. Still Infected with DNSChanger Trojan

More than two months after authorities shut down a massive Internet traffic hijacking scheme, the malicious software that powered the  criminal network is still running on computers at half of the Fortune 500 companies, and on PCs at nearly 50 percent of all federal government agencies, new research shows.

The malware, known as the “DNSChanger Trojan,” quietly alters the host computer’s Internet settings to hijack search results and to block victims from visiting security sites that might help scrub the infections. DNSChanger frequently was bundled with other types of malware, meaning that systems infected with the Trojan often also host other, more nefarious digital parasites.

In early November, authorities in Estonia arrested six men suspected of using the Trojan to control more than four million computers in over 100 countries — including an estimated 500,000 in the United States. Investigators timed the arrests with a coordinated attack on the malware’s infrastructure. The two-pronged attack was intended to prevent miscreants from continuing to control the network of hacked PCs, and to give Internet service providers an opportunity to alert customers with infected machines.

But that cleanup process has been slow-going, according to at least one security firm. Internet Identity, a Tacoma, Wash. company that sells security services, found evidence of at least one DNSChanger infection in computers at half of all Fortune 500 firms, and 27 out of 55 major government entities.


Source: Krebs On Security

The Blaze Reports:

Kill Switch: FBI Could Shut Off Internet for Thousands on March 8 to Eradicate Virus

It’s a scary thought, having the Internet forcibly shut off for you. But it’s just what some Fortune 500 companies and government agencies could face as the Federal Bureau of Investigation tries to get rid of an extremely malicious computer virus.


(Related: Seven charged for infecting 4 million computers with ‘false advertising’ malware)

In the United States, a half a million computers were reportedly infected with a security firm finding at least one infection in half of the Fortune 500 companies and 27 government agencies. What’s to be done? Krebs on Security reports that any computer still infected by March 8, 2012, will have Internet service disconnected from it:

“Yes, there are challenges with removing this malware, but you would think people would want to get this cleaned up,” said Rod Rasmussen, president and chief technology officer at Internet Identity. “This malware was sometimes bundled with other stuff, but it also turns off antivirus software on the infected machines and blocks them from getting security updates from Microsoft.”

Computers still infected with DNSChanger are up against a countdown clock. As part of the DNSChanger botnet takedown, the feds secured a court order to replace the Trojan’s DNS infrastructure with surrogate, legitimate DNS servers. But those servers are only allowed to operate until March 8, 2012. Unless the court extends that order, any computers still infected with DNSChanger may no longer be able to browse the Web.

Rasmussen said there are still millions of PCs infected with DNSChanger. “At this rate, a lot of users are going to see their Internet break on March 8.”

Krebs reports the FBI saying that it is currently working on ideas to minimize impact on users in that event. Rasmussen says that cleanup, even if the deadline is extended, will still take a long time given the number of computers and says in addition to being “an interesting social experiment”, it would be a faster fix.


Source: The Blaze 



The New American: Coalition of Patriot Groups Unite To Oppose NDAA

From Oath Keepers

February 15th, 2012


Read at The New American:


Written by Joe Wolverton, II   * Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Intolerable Acts was the name used by American colonists to describe a series of oppressive measures passed by the British Parliament in 1774 relating to the amount of self-government permissible in the American colonies. The acts sparked outrage and firm resistance to the tyrannical regime of King George III throughout the 13 colonies. These arbitrary violations of the rights of the colonists — rights enjoyed by all Englishmen — resulted in the convening of the First Continental Congress in order to organize a formal denouncement of the decrees and to unite the Americans in their resistance to the Crown. Despite various attempts by several delegates to reconcile with Britain, independence was declared within two years and the American War for Independence raged until liberty was achieved in 1783.

Lately, the government of the United States of America has been passing measures masquerading as laws that are easily as arbitrary and deleterious of freedom as any of the coercive measures passed by the despotic regime of the British Empire that caused our ancestors to take up arms and reassert their freedoms. The latest and perhaps most egregious of these is the recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act of 2012(NDAA).

President Barack Obama signed the NDAA into law on New Year’s Eve 2011, granting himself absolute power to deploy the armed forces of the United States to indefinitely detain American citizens suspected (by him) of being “belligerents.”

With the President’s signing of this act, the writ of habeas corpus —     a civil right so fundamental to Anglo-American common law history that it predates the Magna Carta — is voidable upon the command of the President of the United States. The Sixth Amendment right to counsel is also revocable at his will.

If the foregoing description isn’t sufficient evidence of the similarities between the autocratic acts passed in the 18th-century English Parliament and those passed by our own 21st-century Congress, further proof is found in the coalition of patriot organizations (including The John Birch Society,   among others) uniting to call upon states to nullify these measures in the several state legislatures.

Toward that noble aim, these groups, under the direction of the Patriot Coalition and the Oath Keepers,   have created a website that serves as both an educational portal and a repository of sample nullifying resolutions.

In a statement posted on the website explaining why the NDAA merits special attention from friends of freedom, the Patriot Coalition/Oath Keepers declared:

Our legal team has spent hundreds of hours developing the most detailed and in-depth NDAA resolutions for state legislators you will find anywhere. There are also resolutions for county sheriffs, and others in the works for other state and local governments, veteran service organizations, grassroots organizations, and more. In the coming weeks and months, “The Intolerable Acts” legal team will also produce and distribute model resolutions and legislation related to the entire spectrum of “intolerable and coercive acts” passed since 9/11/2001.

Senator Lindsey Graham is not alone in his belief that Miranda and due process should be waived because in his words, America IS the battlefield! He should read the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the rest of the U.S. Constitution. Watch the videos below to hear Senator Graham in his own words. Rather than destroy the Constitution, how about we end the VISA Waiver Program that allows foreigners to just waltz in, virtually unannounced? The VISA Waiver Program should be suspended at the very least until “the end of hostilities” since, according to Senator Graham (and others) we “are at war.” Hmm… where’s that declaration of war? Oh… don’t have one. Still leaning on an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) that Congress approved to go after those responsible for the attacks of 9/11/2001? Is this Groundhog Day, in which every day is 9/12/2001?

In a demonstration of historic awareness of the urgency of the constitutional crisis we are experiencing, the website is appropriately named theintolerableacts.org. In an interview with The New American, Richard Fry, the general counsel for the Patriot Coalition, explained the impetus behind this unique and constitutionally sound approach to defeating these latest acts of absolutism: “The federal attempts to fight the NDAA just do not get the job done. Most of the congressional proposals toward that end are nothing more than controlled opposition,” said Fry.

To their credit, the groups supporting the efforts of theintolerableacts.org are seeing success spreading through the nation.

As reported earlier,   State Representative Charles Key of Oklahoma has introduced a resolution drafted by the legal team of the Patriot Coalition and the Oath Keepers, which includes Fry and Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers and a graduate of the Yale Law School. The bill officially requests that the U.S. Congress repeal Sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA. Furthermore, the legal effect of those two sections would be void in Oklahoma.

In statement released concurrent with the introduction of the resolution, Rep. Key wrote:

President Barack Obama has said he would not hold citizens indefinitely; it is deplorable that he would sign into law legislation that contains clauses that would authorize him to do just that. Oklahomans have taken notice of this repugnant new law and as state lawmakers it is our duty to apply pressure to Congress and the president to undo this debacle.

Fry indicates that the push in Oklahoma is only the beginning. He informed The New American that his group has a “commitment from State Representative Glen Bradley of North Carolina” to file a similar measure, as well as “serious interest” from state lawmakers in South Dakota.

Currently, the website offers anti-NDAA resolutions for state legislators and county commissioners in the following states:









New York

North Carolina




South Dakota



The consortium of concerned patriotic partners behind theintolerableacts.org is not focusing solely on state assemblies, however.

Sheriffs are provided with a sample resolution, as well. In that document, a participating county sheriff can express his view that

all provisions of the NDAA which are unconstitutional, including as noted herein above, were and are null and void from their inception and will not be implemented, enforced, or otherwise supported in this county, and it is the express policy of the Sheriff that no officer, employee, or agent of the Sheriff’s Office may implement, enforce or otherwise support, directly or indirectly, any of the above noted unconstitutional provisions including seizure, detention, or trial by the United States Armed Forces, and/or any other agents of the United States government, both foreign and domestic, of any person, including any United States citizen and/or lawful resident within this county, and that a violation of such policy will be deemed a violation of their oath of office and/or employment, and will subject them to discipline up to and including termination and potential arrest for assault, battery, kidnapping, unlawful detention, and other unconstitutional actions under the color of law.

According to Fry, renowned constitutionalist Sheriff Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA),  introduced the model sheriff’s NDAA resolution.

Americans zealous to protect their Republic and the Constitution that limits the power of the government thereof are advised to contact their county and state elected representatives to encourage them to review the model resolutions provided at theintolerableacts.org and to present them for consideration to the appropriate lawmaking body.


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