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TODAY’S NEWS : February 20, 2012



The Israeli Threat To The World Is Real (And World Leaders Know It)


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by Saman Mohammadi 

“America is something that can be easily moved. Moved to the right direction.They won’t get in our way.” – International terrorist and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Source of quote.

Let’s get the big mystery out of the way: Israel did the bombings in India, Georgia, and Thailand. It’s really not a mystery anymore. Israel has no credibility whatsoever. But if you need to be convinced that Iran did not do the bombings, read these excellent commentaries by Stephen Lendman and Washington’s Blog.

Am I defending the leadership of Iran? Of course not. I want Iran to be de-Islamized and its corrupt leaders hanged in the public square of major Iranian cities for committing high treason and other crimes against the Iranian people.

But Israel is playing with fire here by waging war against the Iranian nation. The people of Iran will not be kind towards Israel. God is not on Israel’s side. And God favours the just and peaceful to be the victor in war, not the cruel and wicked. Israel better re-read scripture and quit messing with peaceful nations.

If you love Israel, pray for it. Pray that the nation of Iran and the people of the Middle East will forgive it for its aggression and acts of terrorism.

And Israel cannot hide its true face to the world. Israel’s false flags and blame games have gone from tragic to comedic. This is like watching a cartoon character blow up the world and then say, “It wasn’t me,” as if we’re all stupid and fearful idiots who are paralyzed by the awesome power of Israel. Well, we’re not. Israel can go to Hell.

Israel is only scary because it is an insane asylum with nuclear weapons. It does not know how to fight. If Israel did not have its large stockpile of nuclear weapons, it would not dare start wars that it knows it cannot finish. Israel’s survival plan is blackmailing and threatening the United States of America to rescue it from the hell of its own making. Pathetic.

Israel has no concept of honour and morality. Israel’s legacy of terror and lies is extremely well documented. No one is surprised at the depths to which the madmen in Tel Aviv will go. Their blood-soaked hands cannot grasp the levers of sanity and reason. Their delusional minds inhabit a dark and hateful place, and they want the rest of the world to travel to that hellish place with them.

The global public consensus is that Israel is a persistent menace to international peace and world trade. World public opinion polls show that Israeli policy is considered unjust, irrational, and dangerous. As Noam Chomsky writes in TomDispatch:

“Let us turn finally to the third of the leading issues addressed in the establishment journals cited earlier, the “threat of Iran.” Among elites and the political class this is generally taken to be the primary threat to world order — though not among populations. In Europe, polls show that Israel is regarded as the leading threat to peace. In the MENA countries, that status is shared with the U.S., to the extent that in Egypt, on the eve of the Tahrir Square uprising, 80% felt that the region would be more secure if Iran had nuclear weapons. The same polls found that only 10% regard Iran as a threat — unlike the ruling dictators, who have their own concerns.

In the United States, before the massive propaganda campaigns of the past few years, a majority of the population agreed with most of the world that, as a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has a right to carry out uranium enrichment. And even today, a large majority favors peaceful means for dealing with Iran. There is even strong opposition to military engagement if Iran and Israel are at war. Only a quarter regard Iran as an important concern for the U.S. altogether. But it is not unusual for there to be a gap, often a chasm, dividing public opinion and policy.

Why exactly is Iran regarded as such a colossal threat? The question is rarely discussed, but it is not hard to find a serious answer — though not, as usual, in the fevered pronouncements. The most authoritative answer is provided by the Pentagon and the intelligence services in their regular reports to Congress on global security. They report that Iran does not pose a military threat. Its military spending is very low even by the standards of the region,minuscule of course in comparison with the U.S.”

The people of Europe are not informed of the threat that a nuclear Israel poses to their continent because the Western press is afraid of Israel. In November 2010, the website Al-Jazeerah.info reported that an Israeli historian threatened Europe that Israel would use nukes on European cities if the situation called for it. The article is called, “Israel could to wipe out Europe with nuclear weapons and expel all Palestinians, says Israeli military historian Martin Karfeld.” Here is an excerpt:

Noted Israeli military historian Martin Karfeld stated that Israel could find itself one day forced to exterminate the European continent using all kinds of weapons including its nuclear arsenal if it felt its demise neared, stressing that Israel also considers Europe a hostile target.

This came in a press interview broadcast by the seventh Hebrew radio and was translated on Wednesday into Arabic by the press information analysis and study center.

“We have hundreds of nuclear warheads and missiles that can reach different targets in the heart of the European continent, including beyond the borders of Rome, the Italian capital,” Karfeld said, adding that most of the European capitals would become preferred targets for the Israeli air force.

The Israeli historian reiterated Israel’s ability to destroy the whole world whenever it felt its existence would be doomed to extinction.

As for the Palestinians, the historian said that Israel at the present time pursues a specific strategy based on mass deportation of the Palestinian people and has intentions to expel all Palestinians without exception, but it is awaiting the right moment to take this step.

You know what this means right? We are all held hostage by the crazed fanatics in Israel? Do not think for a minute that Israel is bluffing. If push comes to shove, Israel will fire rockets into Europe and say Iran did it.

Israeli right-wing terrorists have threatened to use nukes against Europe and Iran. They have America in their sights, too. A nuclear 9/11 is a very real possibility. Israel is desperate. Israel is mad. Israel will do anything it wants, damn the consequences. Mentally and politically, this is not a stable nation. Its demonic and racist leaders keep the people in perpetual fear, brainwash them with lies, and tell them that war is the only method to solve their problems with the Palestinians and their other neighbours.

I’ll say it again: pray for Israel because the spirit of vengeance and justice won’t be kind to it. Pray that the victims of Israeli terrorism and Israeli aggression will forgive Israel.


Israeli Extremists On Facebook Celebrate Death of Palestinian Children Killed In Traffic Accident

International Middle East Media Center


February 17, 2012

by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies 

Earlier on Thursday morning, 9 Palestinian children and one adult were killed, and 42 were wounded in a tragic traffic accident between a school bus and a truck, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin. The accident that bereaved dozens of families was a subject of celebration to several Israeli extremists on Facebook, who expressed their joy, while one of them said he hopes “it’s a bus a day” issue.


The children, from a kindergarten in Shu’fat refugee camp, were on a field trip to a park in the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

The accident took place when a truck, loaded with sand, collided with the school bus forcing it to flip before it caught fire leading to the death of nine children, and a teacher, while 42 were injured, at least three seriously.

The road where the accident took place is under Israeli control. Local observers say the Palestinian Authority has no jurisdiction over this road. Most of these roads are not fully qualified for use.

Israeli medics also arrived at the scene and transferred some of the wounded to the Hadassah University Hospital – Ein Karem, in Jerusalem, Hadassah University Hospital in Mount Scopus – Jerusalem, Schneider Children’s Medical center, and the Sheba Medical Center, Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported.

The comments started flowing with more and more fundamentalists clearly showing their racism and hatred towards the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian children, while the tragic fact that the children were only 4-5 years old, was of not an issue to them. 

One of the Facebook users asked his fellows to “relax” assuring them that all of the dead are “Palestinian Children”.

Commenting on Haaretz news item on the accident, several Israelis expressed their sadness for this tragic accident, with some stating “disaster” and “No child deserves this”.

According to the official Palestinian News and Info Agency (WAFA), Israeli President, Shimon Peres, phoned president Mahmoud Abbas, offering his condolences.

It is worth mentioning that both Israeli and Palestinian medics, ambulances and firefighters arrived at the scene to rescue the victims.

Part of the Facebook blog containing comments on the tragic accident; the comments were made on a news item on the Facebook page of the Israeli news website, Walla. 

— — — — 
Benny: Calm down, they are Palestinian Cildren.

Tali: It seems like they are Palestinian children.. Thank God..

Tal: Thank God they are Palestinians

Ajala: Great less terrorists!!!!

Eliya: Only Palestinian children were injured about ten.

Itai: Thank God its Palestinians, let it be such bus every day.

Aleyah: calm down, Its a bus with Palestinian children, lets pray there will be deaths, or at least severe injuries, this is great news to start the day with.

(Several users pressed “like” on the racist posts)

Video of the aftermath






     From Pyramidion 

Politics & Faith – Egyptology & Art

    Timeless Egypt

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Story by Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh

“A tribute to Palestinian school kids killed in a tragic bus accident in Ramallah”

A truck crashed into a Palestinian school bus, killing at least nine people including eight children

West Bank, February 17, 2012: We had a really bad day today.  Nine Palestinian very young children were killed and 40 other children injured (some severely) in one horrific fiery traffic accident today and another child was killed in a separate traffic accident. 

The day started with me breaking a glass and then having to talk to a lawyer about a notice I just received to go to military court on 1 April (more on this later as it becomes clear what I will be charged with).  Then I am rushing to do interview live on an international TV station then driving to Ramallah for an important meeting and then to my afternoon classes at Birzeit University. 

Well, I never made it to the Ramallah meeting because the road was blocked for this horrific accident; an Israeli licensed trailer truck (driven by an Israeli Arab citizen) carrying fuel hit the Palestinian bus carrying children on a trip head on and the bus turned over and burst in flames (the bus burned not the trailer!)

This happened near the Palestinian village of Hizma and the villagers rushed to save the children. The Israeli cars could double back and go through the wall on the Israeli only roads.  We in the Palestinian cars had to wait as ambulance after ambulance took the dead and injured away

Forgetting about my own personal troubles, I thus started to think based on the issue of compassion and dignity more.  A story like this should generate compassion and it certainly helps us identify decent human beings (like the Israelis and Palestinians of all religions who helped save the lives of so many children)

But why did so many ignore it or feel no compassion because it is not their children or belong to their self-identified (fictional) group.  A 33-year old Palestinian Khader Adnan is on his 61 days of hunger strike (because he is held without charge in so called administrative detention by Israel). How many will care if he dies or care now about him? Regardless of his background, isn’t he someone’s husband, someone’s father, someone’s son, someone’s uncle? Below is a letter from a friend about Khader Adnan’s situation. 

These and other stories that break our hearts do not seem to elicit even a blip of compassion and care from millions who may tangentially hear about these things.  Some people say there is “compassion fatigue” among some of us but I disagree. 

I believe once you have true compassion for fellow human beings you can never tire of it; compassion here is defined as compassion for all human beings not selected members of your “tribe”, “nation”, “religion” or other concocted group identity (to me this is the opposite of compassion)

Watch the firsthand video of the horrible crash here ( disturbing scenes were blurred out) 

Eleven years ago (4 June 2001), I published this letter in Haaretz titled “Sincere condolences” about another tragedy which is relevant here:

“Upon hearing the news of the wedding party turned to tragedy by collapse of the building in Jerusalem, my shock and sadness were intense. It only got worse and turned to tears when I later saw the video footage and read about the alleged construction problems. The video footage reminded me of the footage of my sister’s wedding. I was touched by the ordinariness and beauty of this event and then the tragedy that ensued. I grieve for the victims and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and with you all.

Please accept my sincerest and humble condolences. I am a Palestinian American who works for human rights, including the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homes and lands. I believe that all people of Israel/Palestine must and will eventually live in one democratic and secular state with a constitution that protects all its citizens and treats them equally.”

We are so similar and it is a shame that political ideas (Zionism and other forms of nationalism) divided us. In 1967, as a 10-year old child in Beit Sahur, I witnessed something that still touches me to this day – a reunion between my grandfather and his Jewish best friend from high school. Two old folks who had not seen each other between 1948 and 1967. Two old folks who cried like children. Both are gone now. I thought of this, and how much I miss the wisdom of my grandfather as I saw the recent events and the tragedies and the victims of violence in our homeland.

My grandfather wrote to me in 1974 that if he was to give me one piece of advice for the future it would be to realize that the world changes and that we have to remove our own shackles, which come to us from society and culture. It is time we started thinking and reflecting carefully on the futility of separation, nationalism, and militarism.

It is time to insist on and teach ourselves to live together in equality and humanity. If the Berlin wall tumbled, Apartheid in South Africa was dismantled, and Europe is unifying, why can’t we do the same? Imagine if the billions of dollars we spend on weapons were spent to better our economies, desalinate sea water, develop closer relationships and friendships, and provide therapy for the over 17,000 injured in the recent violence.

In the midst of our tragedies, let us work together for a better world.

Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh teaches and does research at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities in occupied Palestine. He serves as chairman of the board of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People and coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Beit Sahour He is author of “Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human rights and the Israeli/Palestinian Struggle” and “Popular Resistance in Palestine: A history of Hope and Empowerment”



Report: Insider Documents Detail a March 23 Greek Default Plan; Gov to Freeze Bank Accounts, Eliminate Euro, Restrict Capital Flow

SHTF Plan - When The Shit Hits the Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You - Preparedness, Planning, News, and Commentary

           From SHTFplan

Mac Slavo
February 16th, 2012

That a default in Europe is coming has never been the question. For the astute observer the only thing at issue is how and when it will happen.  While the mainstream financial media and government officials have tried to spin this story as one that involves only Greek debt, the fact of the matter is that this isn’t isolated to a single country. Italy, Portugal, Ireland and most other European countries are in exactly the same boat.

Despite all of the propaganda and machinations from leading financial powers like the United States, Germany, and France, it’s should be clear that there is no viable solution to the debt debacle facing Europe. As such, we should understand that a situation similar to what led to the Great Depression of the 1930′s is now unfolding once again. The ability of entire nations to pay off their debt is now in question, and given the sheer size of the numbers we’re talking about, any reasonable person could agree that there is simply no plausible resolution that will make all parties whole again.

This has been playing out in Greece for nearly three years, and we may very well be just weeks away from the dreaded moment when it finally becomes official. An exclusive report detailing internal bank documents from two major Wall Street players says that we may have much less time than we think as insiders prepare for a financial doomsday next month:

Via The Slog:

A written document giving firm dates and detailed actions for a planned Greek default has been in the possession of two top Wall Street bank currency trading bosses since the second week in January. The Slog has separate but corroborative sources affirming the existence of the document, and a conviction among senior bank staff that – at least at the time – the plan represented “a timetable, not a contingency”.The plan gives a firm date of March 23rd for default to be announced after the close of business.

Senior bankers on Wall Street have been given detailed documentation setting out a timetable to Greek default, including firm dates and technical ‘orders’ about last use of the euro as a currency there. The revelation arrived at Slogger’s Roost last Monday, since when I have been trying to obtain corroboration. This arrived in the early hours of today (Thursday). One of the banks is Barclays Capital (Barcap) run by controversial figure Bob Diamond. The other must remain anonymous for the time being, in order to protect sources.

The document asserts that Greece will officially be declared in default by all the ratings agencies after the close of business on Friday march 23rd. At the weekend all Greek bank accounts will be frozen, with emergency measures detailed to prevent the flight of capital. Included in the paperwork is a list of very limited exceptions to the ‘no withdrawals’ order. All major banks ‘are instructed  not to deal with euro exchange  as of open of business in Greece on Monday 25th march. All Greek markets will close for one day ‘at least’.

As yet, I have been unable to establish the source of the documents. But one of my informants admitted, I have strongly suggested to Greek business friends and clients that they sell up fast, do a sale and leaseback on property, empty bank accounts, and change to a hard currency.

In testimony before Congress earlier this year Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned that a “disorderly” default would create a “huge amount of financial volatility globally that would have a very substantial impact not only on our financial system, but on our economy.” The aforementioned report indicates that Mr. Bernanke and his counterparts around the world are fully aware of how bad the situation in Europe really is, and they are trying to avoid a disorderly default through the implementation of an orderly contingency plan.

This report also indicates that key players and insiders know exactly what’s about to happen and they are unloading positions in financial instruments that stand to collapse once the Greek default is official, leaving the general public holding the bag.

Europe, as we suggested in Predictions of a Mad Tin Foiler, is going down, and once that happens the next phase of this crisis is going to take hold. We’ll likely see massive outflows of capital from Europe to the United States, which would have an almost immediate and adverse impact on dollar denominated assets including US stocks, commodities, and precious metals.

If and when this event happens – because dates set forth by the powers that be are always subject to change – it will be a tell-tale sign that a similar collapse in confidence of the US dollar and US debt instruments will soon follow.

While the sources for the above report are as of yet unconfirmed, and no copies of it have been made available, if true we  will likely see bits and pieces emerge over coming weeks.

It is and has always been our intention to make our readers aware of developments that could negatively impact our physical and financial well being. As we’ve indicated previously, it is our belief that the first signs of any major man-made event will emerge in non-mainstream alternative news sources.

This may be one of those signs.

There have been false alarms in the past, and we won’t deny that this may be one of them. But we’re of the view that when a smoke alarm goes off, we evacuate first and substantiate it once we’re out of harm’s way. The alternative is that you end up trapped in a burning building.

Update Added February 16, 2012 @ 18:30: Related Stories 

Will Greece Default On March 20? [Forbes]

Lehman Crisis Veterans Warn European Leaders Against Provoking Greek Default [Bloomberg]

Fitch Says Greece Will Default By March 20 Bond Payment [ZeroHedge]



BREAKING: Kurt Haskell Exposes Government False Flag Operation During Underwear Bomber Sentencing



Exclusive: Personal Statement from Kurt Haskell, Delta 253 Passenger

Kurt Haskell
Thursday, February 16, 2012

Every victim of a crime in Michigan is entitled to make a statement in open court regarding the impact of the crime on their life. The statement is limited to the victim’s physical, emotional and financial well being as it relates to the crime. Keep that in mind as you read my statement. Below is a copy of the victim impact statement I gave today at the Underwear Bomber sentencing hearing. When reading my statement, keep in mind that I am a practicing attorney in the State of Michigan. In addition, I regularly practice in the Court the hearings are taking place at and therefore, I am somewhat limited as to what I can say. We were limited to 5 minutes each.

I wish to thank the Court for allowing me these 5 minutes to make my statement. My references to the government in this statement refer to the Federal Government excluding this Court and the prosecution. On Christmas Day 2009, my wife and I were returning from an African safari and had a connecting flight through Amsterdam. As we waited for our flight, we sat on the floor next to the boarding gate. What I witnessed while sitting there and subsequent events have changed my life forever.

While I sat there, I witnessed Umar dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt, being escorted around security by a man in a tan suit who spoke perfect American English and who aided Umar in boarding without a passport. The airline gate worker initially refused Umar boarding until the man in the tan suit intervened. The event meant nothing to me at the time.

Little did I know that Umar would try to kill me a few hours later as our flight approached Detroit. The final 10 minutes of our flight after the attack were the worst minutes of my life. During those 10 minutes I sat paralyzed in fear. Unfortunately, what happened next has had an even greater impact on my life and has saddened me further.

When we landed, I was shocked that our plane taxied up to the gate. I was further shocked that we were forced to sit on the plane for 20 minutes with powder from the so called bomb all over the cabin. The officers that boarded the plane did nothing to ensure our safety and did not check for accomplices or other explosive devices. Several passengers trampled through parts of the bomb as they exited the plane. We were then taken into the terminal with our unchecked carry on bags.

Again, there was no concern for our safety even though Umar told the officers that there was another bomb on board as he exited the plane. I wondered why nobody was concerned about our safety, accomplices or other bombs and the lack of concern worried me greatly. I immediately told the FBI my story in order to help catch the accomplice

I had seen in Amsterdam. It soon became obvious that the FBI wasn’t interested in what I had to say, which upset me further. For one month the government refused to admit the existence of the man in the tan suit before changing course and admitting his existence in an ABC News article on January 22, 2010. That was the last time the government talked about this man.

The video that would prove the truth of my account has never been released. I continue to be emotionally upset that the video has not been released. The Dutch police, meanwhile, in this article (show article), also confirmed that Umar did not show his passport in Amsterdam which also meant that he didn’t go through security as both are in the same line in Amsterdam. It upsets me that the government refuses to admit this fact.

I became further saddened from this case, when Patrick Kennedy of the State Department during Congressional hearings, admitted that Umar was a known terrorist, was being followed, and the U.S. allowed him into the U.S. so that it could catch Umar’s accomplices. I was once again shocked and saddened when Michael Leiter of the National Counter terrorism Center admitted during these same hearings that intentionally letting terrorists into the U.S. was a frequent practice of the U.S. Government. I cannot fully explain my sadness, disappointment and fear when I realized that my government allowed an attack on me intentionally.

During this time, I questioned if my country intentionally put a known terrorist onto my flight with a live bomb. I had many sleepless nights over this issue. My answer came shortly thereafter. In late 2010, the FBI admitted to giving out intentionally defective bombs to the Portland Christmas Tree Bomber,the Wrigley Field Bomber and several others.

Further, Mr. Chambers was quoted in the Free Press on January 11, 2011 when he indicated that the government’s own explosives experts had indicated that Umar’s bomb was impossibly defective. I wondered how that could be. Certainly, I thought, Al Qaeda wouldn’t go through all of the trouble to plan such an attack only to provide the terrorist with an impossibly defective bomb.

I attended nearly all of the pretrial hearings. At the hearing on January 28, 2011, I was greatly disappointed by the prosecution’s request to block evidence from Mr. Chambers “as it could then be able to be obtained by third parties, who could use it in a civil suit against the government”. It really bothered me that the government apparently was admitting to wrongdoing of some kind as it admitted that it was concerned it would be sued. It further upset me to know that the government was putting its own interests ahead of those of the passengers.

When I attended the jury selection hearings, I questioned why versions of the same two questions kept coming up, those being:

1. Do you think you’ll be able to tell whether something is actually a bomb? and

2. Do you realize that sometimes the media doesn’t always tell the truth?

I continued to be greatly saddened at this point as I felt the truth continued to be hidden.

When Umar listed me as his only witness, I was happy to testify, not on his behalf, but on behalf of the truth. I never expected to testify, as my eyewitness account would have been too damaging to the myth that the government and media are putting forward. A mere 5 days after I was announced as a witness, there was an inexplicable guilty plea which exasperated me as I no longer would be testifying.

In closing I will just say that regardless of how the media and government try to shape the public perception of this case, I am convinced that Umar was given an intentionally defective bomb by a U.S. Government agent and placed on our flight without showing a passport or going through security, to stage a false terrorist attack to be used to implement various government policies.

The effect this matter has had on my life has been astounding and due to this case, I will never trust the government in any matter, ever.

In regards to sentencing, nothing I’ve said excuses the fact that Umar tried to kill me. He has waived his valid claim to the entrapment defense. Umar, you are not a great Muslim martyr, you are merely a “Patsy”. I ask the court to impose the mandatory sentence.




Privacy International

From Privacy International




Surveillance Who’s Who exposes the government agencies that attended six ISS World conferences between 2006 and 2009. ISS world is a surveillance trade show known to industry insiders as ‘The Wiretappers’ Ball’. This project is part of our Big Brother Incorporated investigation into the sale of surveillance technology. Read more…

Help us investigate
ISS World is attended by brutal dictatorships and Western democracies alike. Governments and companies from all over the world meet, mingle, buy and sell – we want to know who’s dealing with who. Many countries publish government spending, which you can use in conjunction with our data and the WikiLeaks Spyfiles to dig around. Take direct action by submitting Freedom of Information requests or writing to your elected representative. A little data goes a long way in this sort of investigation. Join our discussion list to be kept up to date and share your findings.

join the list

Use the data
Can you do something with our data? We encourage others to disseminate it, reuse it or build a visualization.

surveillance heatmap

Company database in collaboration with:IB Image

Government spending data by:


We have used the data available to us, some of that data is vague or may contain errors. Please see our data methodology for more information. If you spot a mistake in the data, let us know on our discussion list.

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