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Posted by Xaniel777 on February 21, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 21, 2012



Solioonensius and our poor brains…


From Clif High’s Half Past Human.com

This refers to Gurdjieff’s concept of solioonensius in which the energies from the sun become ‘extra ordinary’ in both strength and type thus causing changes within those humans who are ‘third minded’, or ‘doing the work’. However, during this time, these same solar energies were noted to cause the ‘two minded human’, also known as ‘sheeple’, to feel

‘…the time of planetary tension which energizes the earth so people strive for freedom – then turn that striving for freedom into war or the equivalent of war, into destruction. It is, according to Gurdjieff’s own theory, a time when certain new directions can be implanted into general culture.’

Note now that my thinking is that the planetary discontinuity indicated by our data as starting in March with the release language is the same as the rising of the solioonensius, which is basically happening now as it must creep up on us rather than erupt out, much like sunrise.

It is also my thinking that the entrenched elite agree with Gurdjieff’s assessment that ‘new directions’ can be implanted. Further i think their new directions are the same old shit from the same old bosses only more of it piled higher and deeper. Thus my thinking to forestall their attempts to take advantage of the karios of this time to flip us into the war rut of these past centuries by pointing out that they have secret plans to do just that, start yet another war.

NOT because i think that they will do it, but to prevent them from even trying. If several thousand people had gathered down at the World Trade Center Building complex on September 10th, and when asked WFT?, had replied, “we are here waiting for the false flag attack due tomorrow morning”. Would the September 11 attacks have happened? So i point out, ‘hey, them b@#tards are planning to sink one of our ships and blame it on the iranians!’.

Note that i am not alone in saying such things, but what i can bring to the discussion is a finer perception of the timing that the entrenched elites seek. Then, perhaps, we can all band together, point fingers, and spoil their plans.

To do this though, we have to be as grounded as possible.

So, a couple of things. Look to the sun…lots of radiations are being flung down upon us humans now. You are being affected by the solioonensius now. Everyone around you is also being affected. This is why everyone is seemingly very ‘touchy’ or stretched a bit too tight emotionally.

Time to chill out, do body work (uses up some of the energies), or extra heaps of meditation with your pie… the point being to NOT add to the pressures, either internal or external. The goal is to find non destructive ways to eat up the energy you are absorbing at this time.

Universe is going to be raining a lot of solioonensius down upon our poor brains for a while….time to remember we are being affected by processes larger than ourselves….the feelings are real, just implanted so to speak, by the energies passing though us.

Thus, as with the afterimage of the hooka smoking catapillar, these feelings of frustration will fade in time….IF we achieve the freedom at the core of the striving. If not, well….frustration can be redirected as rage…..thus the warning against elites and their false flag attacks….as they (entrenched elites) also can taste the flavors of the time, and are desperate to direct them toward their own recipes for your destruction.

We can think of something better to do with these energies i am sure.



As a personal note, the attacks on Jeff Rense are unjustified, and an examination of the ‘articles’ in which Jeff is vilified shows language that is intended ONLY to characterize, and not to provide facts. Read these attack pieces with analytical mind and the intent to smear character leaps up from the screen.

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Heal the Planet ~ February 29, 2012 – a day out of time –


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The Wheel of Life is turning, grab hold and leap with us on this day that slips between the cracks of those who would control Love’s full expression and Joy



Spooky 12th Century Prophecy on the Pope


{ XANIEL’S NOTE :  Don’t fall for all the DOOM and GLOOM Fear propaganda that was created long ago by the Elite to complete their agenda that is in play as we speak !

The world is not coming to and end.  Rather, the world as we know it is coming to an end and a bright, beautiful, new world is beginning, even now as you read this. } ~~ Xaniel777




The first thing we want to say upfront is that what you are about to read has been widely dismissed as a hoax by religious scholars. That said, the world may soon end. Judgment day approaches. The clue? Pope Benedict XVI’s rise to the papacy.

According to a 12th century Catholic prophecy by the Irish archbishop St. Malachy, who was recognized for his ability to see into the future, Pope Benedict XVI fits his description of the second-to-the-last pope before the Last Judgment, report Reuters and WorldNetDaily. The Bible says the Last Judgment is when God will separate the wicked from the righteous.

Legend has it that St. Malachy was traveling to Rome in the year 1139 when he had a vision concerning the next 112 popes. Benedict XVI is No. 111 on that list. St. Malachy described pope No. 111 as the “Glory of the Olive.”

Here’s where you may have to stretch your imagination a bit to connect Benedict to an olive, although the Internet doomsayers seem to have had an easy enough time of doing this.

The-world-is-ending crowd points to this:

  1. The choice of the name “Benedict” is a reference to the Order of Saint Benedict. A branch of this order is known as…are you ready? The Olivetans.

  2. Benedict XVI chose his name in part to honor Pope Benedict XV, whom the new pope described as a “courageous prophet of peace.” Get it? Olive branches have long been associated with peace.

  3. During Palm Sunday celebrations in March 2005, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was photographed holding olive branches and not the more traditional palms.

Reuters notes that scholars have long dismissed the wide publication of St. Malachy’s prophecy as nothing more than a propaganda attempt to influence a 16th century conclave. But those who believe are not swayed by this. They insist that Pope John Paul II fits Malachy’s description of pope No. 110, who was supposed to be “of the labor of the Sun.” Turns out that Pope John Paul II was born on the day of a full solar eclipse and died on the same day as a partial eclipse.

And that brings us to the last pope in Malachy’s vision, pope No. 112.He is supposed to be Peter the Roman, who will lead the Catholic church before “the formidable judge will judge his people.” Since Pope Benedict XVI is well into his 80s, it is presumed his reign will not be long. And then we will welcome the last pope and the Last Judgment.

Did that give you goose bumps?






Occupy Continues to Declare Victories





Dispatches on the fights against austerity, budget cuts and general economic instability, mostly from In These Times Staff Writer Allison Kilkenny (@allisonkilkenny). Kilkenny co-hosts the progressive political podcast Citizen Radio.

 FEB 20, 2012

A young couple embraces at the Occupy Portland encampment on November 11, 2011, in downtown Portland, Ore.   (Photo by Getty Images)

Recent raids on the Occupy movement’s major camps have led some mainstream media outlets to declare that all the camps are “gone,” a claim easily disproven by visiting any one of the dozens of cells still operating in smaller towns and cities all across the country.

Not only are many camps still in operation, but the offshoots of Occupy are not only surviving, but securing real, meaningful victories, which should interest media players who bemoaned that Occupy was too ideologically scattered and too flighty to fight for lasting policy changes.

Occupy oftentimes plays a supportive, inspirational role in ongoing protests. For example, parents and students occupied Brian Piccolo Specialty School on Chicago’s West Side for nearly twenty-four hours in opposition to a proposal that would result in the firings of Piccolo’s entire staff under the tutelage of a private operator, a dramatic gutting process the city refers to as a “turn-around.”

Outside, Occupy Chicago and other allies set up an encampment and protested in solidarity.


At the end of the twenty-four hours, parents and students declared a victory when the Board of Education promised to have a meeting with them. Parents insist the board erroneously decided to close the school based on incomplete information.

“You cannot go around and affect the lives of thousands of children based on a lack of information,” said Cecile Carroll, a community member and parent of two Chicago Public Schools students, during a press conference announcing the end of the occupation. “If you would have engaged with us in the first place, we would never have had to do this.”

“It’s not over yet,” Keilah Becker, a member of the Occupy Chicago Social Media Committee and one of the twelve people who spent last night inside Piccolo told the Occupied Chicago Tribune. “The fight is long-term. There are so many other schools on this turnaround list.”

Occupy other times plays a more direct role in protests, such as the Occupy Our Homes movement that recently helped a 78-year-old former civil rights activist in Atlanta stay in her home after she was threatened with foreclosure by JP Morgan Chase (while the bank was touting its commitment to the values of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

OOH also helped four other individuals and families stay in their homes, most recently a man named Fred Shrum.

Michigan Radio:

The “Occupy our Homes” movement has taken up the cause of Fred Shrum, another homeowner facing foreclosure in Metro Detroit.

The group is a coalition of anti-foreclosure groups, organized labor, and other activists with the Detroit “Occupy” movement.

So far, their protests on behalf of people facing foreclosure have helped keep four Metro Detroit families in their homes—including one case where protesters blocked a dumpster that came to clear out the house.

Those families were able to re-negotiate terms with their lenders.

Now, the group wants to help Shrum. The Dearborn Heights homeowner sought a mortgage modification when he had to take a pay cut and undergo surgery. But after what he calls a long and confusing back-and-forth with mortgage servicer Wells Fargo, Shrum didn’t get the modification–and now faces eviction.

Occupy activists in Oregon were generally overlooked by the national media. After all, with only six members in one of their working groups, they lacked the dramatic numbers at the Wall Street and Oakland camps. Yet, despite their small size, the group was able to secure a major victory by killing the Twitter-as-Felony bill SB 1534.

SB 1534 would have criminalized electronic communication, changing any misdemeanor into a Class C felony if it was arranged using the internet (“aggravated solicitation,”) and violations would have carried a $125,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

Obviously, Occupy participants who frequently use the internet and Twitter to put out calls to action could be speciously accused of “aggravated solicitation” for numerous reasons, so Occupy Oregon immediately went into action when they learned about the proposal:

We posted a Stop Senate Bill 1534 iPetition which gathered around 200 signatures over the weekend. Fliers were distributed around town. Very late on Friday, SB 1534 appeared on the list of scheduled hearings for Monday. One of us caught it.

Two Occupiers from Salem joined the group, and the newly formed coalition made up eight of the ten citizens who testified against SB 1534. After the hearing, the group visited a Republican Senator who had been a cosponsor of the bill.

He sat down with us for a long rather uncomfortable dialogue about the bill since he was not on the Judicial Committee which heard the testimony. We asked him to withdraw his sponsorship, and he did distance himself from the bill. We also told him that we were watching the legislature very closely this year which is how we found this particular bill, and we would follow up if the bill moved forward.

Occupy Oregon in the office of the Senator who cosponsored SB 1534. Photo by O’Stephanie

One particularly dedicated Occupier, identified as “O’Stephanie” at her Newsvine column,  stayed overnight at the Statehouse. While there, she visited the office of the Eugene Democrat, Senator Floyd Prozanski, who told O’Stephanie in his capacity as Judicial Committee Chair that the SP 1534 was officially dead.

Not that I was gloating. Well, maybe a little. I was proud of all of us and how we the people had made our voices heard. In Western Oregon, local Occupys had organized into a loose coalition of “Occupy Oregon” so we could Occupy the Legislature for this month-long session.

And it all worked.



Nutmeggers Oppose Detention without Trial


  From public news service


February 20, 2012

BERLIN, Conn. – Opposition to provisions of a law signed by President Obama last New Year’s Eve, the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA, brought a hundred people of many backgrounds together on Saturday, to a meeting at the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford in Berlin. 

One of the speakers was Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, who says that even under the most charitable reading of the law… 

“The NDAA abrogates the right to trial and due process for non-citizens and for citizens apprehended outside the United States. The fact of the matter is that, even for U.S. citizens within the United States, the NDAA does, in fact, authorize detention without trial.”

He says that’s because it legally justifies the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force in Afghanistan, which has already been used to arrest two American citizens on U.S. soil.

The Bill of Rights says Americans should be protected from detention without trial. However, Buttar says, in recent years, civil liberties have been under attack in the name of national security. He adds that the NDAA extends the security concerns that led to holding prisoners at Guantanamo Bay,

“Beyond Guantanamo Bay into the domestic United States and across our country, from coast to coast, giving any future president the authority, essentially, to round up political opposition without allowing people a day in court to prove their innocence.”

The Connecticut chapters of the ACLU and the Council on American Islamic Relations have filed a Freedom of Information Act request for information from the police departments of Stamford, Waterbury and Bridgeport, according to Sandra Staub, legal director of the ACLU of Connecticut:

“To ask them for records relating to cooperation with the NYPD with respect to surveillance of the Muslim community.”

A Pakistani-American from Shelton, Connecticut, was arrested in 2010 for the attempted bombing of Times Square. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life without parole.

Melinda Tuhus, Public News Service – CT



The 10 Most Excellent Reasons to Attack Iran



From War Is A Crime .org

  formerly AfterDowningStreet

By davidswanson –

20 February 2012

1. Iran has threatened to fight back if attacked, and that’s a war crime. War crimes must be punished.

2. My television says Iran has nukes.  I’m sure it’s true this time.  Just like with North Korea.  I’m sure they’re next.  We only bomb places that really truly have nukes and are in the Axis of Evil.  Except Iraq, which was different.

3. Iraq didn’t go so badly. Considering how lousy its government is, the place is better off with so many people having left or died.  Really, that one couldn’t have worked out better if we’d planned it. 

4. When we threaten to cut off Iran’s oil, Iran threatens to cut off Iran’s oil, which is absolutely intolerable.  What would we do without that oil? And what good is buying it if they want to sell it?

5. Iran was secretly behind 9-11. I read it online. And if it wasn’t, that’s worse. Iran hasn’t attacked another nation in centuries, which means its next attack is guaranteed to be coming very soon.

6. Iranians are religious nuts, unlike Israelis and Americans.  Most Israelis don’t want to attack Iran, but the Holy Israeli government does. To oppose that decision would be to sin against God. 

7. Iranians are so stupid that when we murder their scientists they try to hire a car dealer in Texas to hire a drug gang in Mexico to murder a Saudi ambassador in Washington, and then they don’t do it — just to make us look bad for catching them.

7. b. Oh, and stupid people should be bombed.  They’re not civilized.

8. War is good for the U.S. economy, and the Iranian economy too.  Troops stationed in Iran would buy stuff.  And women who survived the war would have more rights.  Like in Virginia.  We owe Iranians this after that little mishap in 1953.

9. This is the only way to unite the region.  Either we bomb Iran and it swears its eternal love to us.  Or, if necessary, we occupy Iran to liberate it like its neighbors.  Which shouldn’t take long.  Look how well Afghanistan is going already.

10. They won’t give our drone back.  Enough said.


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