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Posted by Xaniel777 on February 21, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 22, 2012



Screaming & Dreaming in the WuJo


By George Ure


A while back we touched on a very curious thing that seems to be going around…people awakening from sleep to the sound of a familiar person calling their name.  This is what we call a WuJo event, since there are a couple of ways to explain it; one being scientific while the other is woo-woo in nature.

 To the inbox for a collection of reports…

“You blogged about this last week, I haven’t seen it mentioned since then. I had the same experience as another one of your emailers, my name was yelled out while asleep. It woke me up, and to be honest I don’t exactly remember the dream exactly anymore since it was over two years ago.

I was not married at the time, so I can’t claim it was my wife yelling at me for grinding my teeth or tossing and turning too much. I vaguely recall that my now dead Grandfather in law was in bad health, and that I had thought this might have been an indication of his death (it was not, but I think I had been dreaming about WW2 stuff). My memory was jogged by reading about it in your blog.”

(I don’t blog, I write.)  Another reader describes the experience this way:

This happens to me all the time. Most of the time it is someone close to me that has crossed over, usually my dad whom I was very close to. Or my mom who I was close to at the very end of our lives together. Their voices usually sound like warnings, sometimes they even shout as if they want me to wake up right now and, of course, I do.

Sometimes it is just to get my attention, to let me know they are there. I wake up and just lay there, silent and listening (within). Sometimes I don’t know who the voice belongs to. Their voices seem to just want to get my attention – never frantic. What I wonder is if there is a difference between hearing it on the left side or the right.

Occasionally the sound is centered. I have put out a psychic request; instead of saying my name which just wakes me up and leaves me laying there wondering (I can be fairly dense even when awake), if you can only say one word, say a word that is meaningful, revealing, a solid clue word. I Googled this phenomena and it happens to many people.

It is not schizophrenia, it’s very different. Of course, those who read you know that – your voices are validated and, no, you are not crazy!, unless they ramble and tell you to do ridiculous or harmful things. Do you or any of your readers have more insight on this? My partner thinks they’re auditory hallucinations. She’s had them too.

I don’t know how to approach the scientific side of this since I can’t think of a simple way to get, count, and categorize such cases.  Every couple of weeks with the National Dream Center site, I’m able to go through, plug everything into a spreadsheet and get a kind of topological view of what’s going on people’s “mental blender” when they are sleeping.  But this?  It’s a seemingly widespread phenomena…

I’m writing with a slight sense of relief. I, too, have heard my name called 3 times in past few months. Not told a soul as I’m thinking I’ve finally lost my mind after delving in the woo-woo these last 4 decades (and then some). Like your reader stated, I’ve heard it twice in the half awake state and the strangest was hearing it wide awake, standing in the kitchen.

Now, this is not in my head; t’was a distinct voice calling my name. (I live alone and my Boxer-dog hasn’t learned to speak my name and I’m not on any meds) If it happens again I’m going to say, aloud, WTF, WHAT? instead of ignoring it in my chagrin. Make a concerted effort to communicate.

If you do manage to extract anything useful from there’s wake-up calls, we’d sure be interested in knowing about them.  They could be…

  • Departed just trying to reach out and touch a person on this side of the veil.

  • Could be a specific warning is intended.

  • Could be a mental aberration caused by reading my column…

  • Or, it could be a real change as we get closer to “thinning of the veil” which some have hinted at for this period in history.

Which would be tantalizing to say the least.  Can you imagine calling in to work and telling the boss “Sorry, can’t come in today, but have a full house of dead people from the past 10-centuries wandering through here and we’re having a jolly good time discussing what a crapping system of progressive learning Universe has set up…not at all like a regular school or the community college.  Can I bring a few in with me tomorrow?”

 Strange as it seems there is probably a lot more “chipping away” at the veil (between life and whatever that other stuff is) lately.  A couple of reasons may account for it:  There’s been a lot more people dying lately who have psychedelic experience – which could be useful since the EVP (electronic voice phenomena) crowd holds – in a few reports – that the other side is much morecolor intensive which sure would fit with descriptors like surreal and vivid…

 The other reason why the veil might thin would be the increasing number of people who pass over with significant technical knowledge – if not outright engineering skill.  These people would be familiar with the laws of physics on this side, and since there’s Eternity to work on the other side, then reaching across just becoming an engineering problem.

 Last, but not least, the world probably has a lot less fear going around these days than in the past and what IF dressed up and masquerading under the color of “religion” there are some beings on the other side of the veil that are just larger than life sick-puppy power trippers who could lose their grip on the game if enough “You don’t own me” thinking people show up.

 Why, that would be enough to trigger them into inciting their followers on this side of the veil to go and engage in wars in order to thin down the ranks of the disbelievers to more manageable levels and thus, in ethereal realms, be able to carry on with their power trippin’.



Cop Caught On Camera Threatening To ‘Make Stuff Up’ To Justify Beating


From Alexander Higgins Blog

Posted by  – February 21, 2012

Seattle police clear cop who was recorded saying he was going to ‘make stuff up’ – fabricate felony robbery charges – against a man who was just beat and arrested.

After beating man, Cops Says You're going to jail for robbery. I'm just gonna make stuff up.

After beating man, Cops Says You’re going to jail for robbery. I’m just gonna make stuff up.

Watch: KOMO-TV Reports On Police Beating Coverup 


An investigative report by local Seattle news outlets unveils the systematic disappearance of Police videos in cases where officers are alleged of wrongdoing. As part of that investigation, a video was recovered in which an officer was recorded telling the man he just arrested he was going to ‘make stuff up’ and file robbery charges against him to justify beating him.

Two men, who say they had just been robbed, were confronted at gunpoint by the Seattle police who claim they were searching for assault suspects. The men say claim they immediately “got on the ground and froze” after which the police proceeded to kick and beat them for no reason. Pictures taken after the incident show the men covered with cuts and bruises on their heads and chests.

The arresting police admit to kicking on of the victims in the chest but not in the head but justified their actions by telling a completely a different story. The police claim the men resisted arrest and refused to obey orders to freeze after which the police to chased them down and used necessary force to apprehend them.

But as KOMO-TV reports, in this incident was well as several other cases where the Seattle police are accused of misconduct, the police dashboard camera video vanished. While there was plenty of video footage taken prior to the arrest and immediately after the suspects apprehension video footage from 4 different police cars showing the time when the police actually approached the men and arrested them has vanished. KOMO-TV reports these missing videos are part of a collection of over 10,000 videos that have gone missing from the Seattle police departments database during disputed incidents.

With no video evidence to corroborate either sides story, an internal investigation cleared the police of any wrongdoing. However, KOMO-TV found the internal investigation ignored key evidence that corroborated the victims story. Specifically, they obtained several video recordings of after the arrests were made. One shows one of the men talking to the arresting officer inside the police car after the arrest. The recording reveals the arresting officer admitting he was going to fabricate felony robbery charges and just ‘make stuff up’. Another video shows the other man yelling in anger ” Why did you kick me in the head? Why?” The officer replies “I kicked you in the chest. That’s all I did”.

The internal investigation report made no mention to the recording of the officer saying he was going to fabricate felony charges. It also made no reference to claims the arrested men saying that they has just been robbed.

Despite the new revelations by the KOMO-TV investigation, the police still remain cleared of wrongdoing.

Seattle Weekly reports:

Seattle Cop Who Threatened to ‘Make Stuff Up’ After Arrest Was Just ‘Bantering,’ Police Claim

The Seattle cop who threatened to “make stuff up” – fabricate felony robbery charges – after arresting two Seattle men for a misdemeanor, was only “bantering” with them, police now say. His comment was deemed by SPD as merely “inappropriate” since he never actually made up any charges.

Two young Seattle men, Josh Lawson and Christopher Franklin, filed a claim against the city last week seeking damages for excessive force and wrongful arrest. They say officer Brad Richardson, searching for two assault suspects on the night of Nov. 16, 2010 near Seattle Center, confronted them at gunpoint and wrongfully arrested them.

Though Richardson’s police incident report says the two “took off on a dead sprint down an alleyway,” Franklin says he and Lawson immediately “got on the ground and froze.” Lawson says Richardson kicked him in the head during the arrest and handcuffing; Richardson admits to kicking Lawson, but in the chest.

According to a video recorded while the officer and arrestees were enroute to jail, Richardson said the two were going to be charged “for robbery.”

“For robbery?” asks Franklin.

“Yeah,” says Richardson, “I’m gonna make stuff up.”


But the department’s response does not do much to clarify the officer’s threat to make up a felony charge. The response fails to mention that the victim never alleged he was robbed. The officer’s report also makes no mention of robbery. The two suspects were booked for misdemeanor assault, and never charged.

The duo did file an internal investigations complaint about the actions of Richardson and other officers, but all were cleared by the department’s Office of Professional Accountability (OPA).

Under questioning by City Council member Nick Licata at a public safety committee hearing last week, OPA director Kathryn Olson said her office’s exoneration of Richardson was justified. She also noted that the OPA complaint finding was posted online (see page 17) by SPD so the public could see it. But it makes no mention of the officer’s taped comments about fabricating charges.


Olson, OPA’s civilian auditor, who reviewed the case after KOMO-TV aired the dash-cam vid, said the short clip didn’t tell all. As the cop and suspects are riding along, she said:

There was bantering. The officer did say something along the lines of ‘I could make up stuff,’ but that was taken out of the context of a larger conversation that he was having. He was bantering, you know, not necessarily the best way to interact, but it had – what was involved actually was an assault, and so there was a reference to a robbery and jaywalking and it was very clear that he wasn’t intending to make up anything. Instead it was a bantering that was going on with the suspect – not necessarily the best practices – but there was no issue of dishonesty…


Source: Seattle Weekly



John G. Loxas Was “Armed” With a Baby – So a Scottsdale Cop Shot Him in the Head



Posted on 16 February 2012 by William Grigg

Scottsdale Police Officer James Peters, a former SWAT operative previously involved in six fatal officer-involved shootings, killed John Loxas II Tuesday night (February 14) while the 50-year-old grandfather was holding a baby.

Although police “could see that the suspect had the baby in his arms” just before Peters fired the fatal shot, Loxas was unarmed, according to a Scripps wire service account. “After several calls for Loxas to exit the home, he opened the door with the baby in his left hand, and stood just inside the doorway…. Officers then saw Loxas reach down to his right, lowering the baby and exposing his head and upper body. Peters then responded to the movement with a single shot to Loxas’ head.”

Two years ago, Loxas was arrested following a report that he had been seen “yelling and walking around with a handgun.” Although officers described Loxas as “drunk” and “threatening his neighbors with a pistol,” he was not charged with aggravated assault – as Arizona statutes would dictate – but for the trivial offense of “disorderly conduct.”

Tuesday’s episode was quite similar: The police were summoned by a report that he had kicked a neighbor’s garbage can into the street while he was on a walk with his nine-month-old grandson. When police arrived they found him outside his home. Ordered to “step away” from the house, Loxas retreated inside. Without any evidence that Loxas intended to harm the child, the officers created a “crisis entry team” – that is, they escalated the conflict by imposing a military protocol that led to the summary execution of a man who wasn’t suspected of a violent crime.

That decision might have been prompted by the fact that Loxas – in addition to having a turbulent relationship with his neighbors — was an outspoken political dissident who briefly considered running for President.

“A REVOLUTION IS COMING,” Loxas wrote in a March 2011 Facebook entry. “THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE. The question is: Who do YOU want to be President of the United States AFTER the revolution is over?”

“I believe that the World Bank/International Monetary Fund/Federal Reserve/IRS, mainstream media, corporatism, Zionism and GREED are the true axes of evil whether or not … they know or believe that themselves,” he continued. “Right or wrong, true or untrue; this is MY belief, and I firmly stand by it.”

Given his characterization of government as an all-encompassing criminal menace – a description no rational, honest person would dispute – it’s not surprising that Loxas regarded “ANY agent of the government” to be “an enemy of the PEOPLE,” and insisted that in the event of large-scale civic unrest that people should focus their rage on government buildings or officials, rather than each other. Whatever one thinks of the wisdom of such exhortations, they are indistinguishable, in tenor and reasoning, from countless similar examples one can cull from the writings of America’s revolutionary period.

Killer cop: James Peters now on paid vacation.

Although Loxas was treated as if he were a heavily armed barricaded kidnapper, a search of his home turned up a total of two firearms – neither of which was within easy reach when he was killed by Officer Peters – and an object described as a “functional improvised explosive device” that was disposed of by a bomb squad and not inspected by any independent party.

The Scottsdale PD has claimed that the paramilitary tactics used in the confrontation were dictated by concerns for the infant’s safety. It’s not clear how shooting the grandfather while he was holding the infant was to the child’s benefit. Another possibility is that Loxas, by virtue of his impassioned political opinions, fit the profile of the dreaded “Sovereign Citizens” movement, which has been designated by the FBI as the most prominent domestic “terrorist” threat – and the most acute threat to “officer safety.”

In late January, an FBI-led paramilitary strike team conducted a full-force raid on the residence of a Lake Mary, Florida couple suspected of harboring “Sovereign Citizens”-derived political views.  Brandishing automatic weapons and deploying camera-equipped robots, the SWAT team went through the house and garage, removing several boxes of documents. The couple has yet to be charged with a crime.

Last June, the Department of Homeland Security conducted drone surveillance of a remote farm outside Lakota, North Dakota at the request of Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke. The farm belonged to the family of Rodney Brossart, who was involved in a dispute with the Sheriff regarding the disposition of cattle that had wandered onto his land. Citing material emitted by the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, Sheriff Janke described Brossart and his wife as suspected “Sovereign Citizens” – a designation that apparently elevated this insignificant quarrel over wandering livestock to the status of a threat against Homeland Security.

Read more here.



Is the U.S. losing faith in its own dollar?

Bills proposed in more than a dozen states to make gold and silver legal currency for use


From MAIL Online News


 20th February 2012

  • Bill to legalise gold & silver coins as usable currency

  • GOP proposal comes among financial uncertainties

  • These coins keep face value even if metal price moves

  • Would not lead to people carrying gold in their purse

U.S. politicians are rapidly losing faith in the dollar, with more than a dozen states proposing legislation to legalise gold and silver as a currency.

Politicians in Colorado concerned about the nation’s financial stability are the latest to push a bill to legalise gold and silver coins as usable currency.

But from a consumer angle the conservative bill would not lead to people carrying gold nuggets in their purses and would have little practical effect.

Varying values: Five coins on the left were minted over 100 years ago and are worth thousands of dollars. The five on the right were minted in the last few years and are worth their face values of $1 to $25

Varying values: Five coins on the left were minted over 100 years ago and are worth thousands of dollars. The five on the right were minted in the last few years and are worth their face values of $1 to $25

The GOP proposal reflects anxieties about the domestic consequences of the European debt crisis and chronic deficit spending in Washington D.C.

Backup: Republican Senator Kent Lambert's bill in Colorado is designed to provide consumers with alternatives in case the dollar falls badly

Backup: Republican Senator Kent Lambert’s bill in Colorado is designed to provide consumers with alternatives in case the dollar falls badly

‘There are lots of concerns about the U.S. monetary system,’ said the bill’s sponsor, Republican Senator Kent Lambert of Colorado Springs. 

‘There’s no way to maintain the value of anything if countries start a race to the bottom by inflating their currency to get out of debt.’

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul believes the U.S. should return to the gold standard, so paper currency is guaranteed by precious metal.

‘I am not a Ron Paul kind of guy,’ Senator Lambert said. ‘But that’s something I think is very legitimate that he brought up.’

Utah legalised gold and silver as a currency option last year. Politicians in more than 12 other states have proposed similar legislation on currency.

Rich Danker of Washington-based conservative think tank the American Principles Project favours a return to the gold standard.

 ‘These bills offer a sound monetary alternative to the U.S. dollar,’ he said. ‘They allow people to store their wealth in coins that will not decrease in value.’

Support: GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul believes the U.S. should return to the gold standard, so paper currency is guaranteed by precious metal

Support: GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul believes the U.S. should return to the gold standard, so paper currency is guaranteed by precious metal


Minted U.S. gold and silver coins retain their face value, even if the value of the coins’ precious metals rises. 

So a $20 gold coin minted in the 1800s is still legally worth $20, even though its real value may be thousands of dollars in today’s market.

Gold was trading at above $1,700 an ounce last Friday. The U.S. largely abandoned gold-backed money during World War One to pay for the war.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt basically banned gold and silver as legal currency to prevent hoarding during the Great Depression.

President Richard Nixon formally abandoned the gold standard in 1971.

The Colorado proposal faces long odds. People who want to spend gold and silver coins currently have to convert them to paper dollars first.

Gold and silver coins made by the U.S. Mint are mostly used for investment portfolios. People can trade them, with capital gains taxes on profits.

Senator Lambert’s bill is designed to provide consumers alternatives in case the dollar falls badly. It would not make merchants accept nuggets of gold and silver as payment.

Colorado has a rich mining history, and its gold and silver caches helped finance construction of the state Capitol in the 19th century.

The state no longer keeps reserves of gold nor silver, although gold and silver bullion are kept at the U.S. Mint in Denver, near to the Capitol.

The bill cleared a Senate committee and awaits a vote in the full chamber.



Report: “Israeli Army Killed 114, including 15 Children, In 2011”

International Middle East Media Center


by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

February 17, 2012

A report released and published by the Mezan Center for Human Rights stated that Israeli troops killed 114 Palestinians, including 15 children and two women, and injured 467 residents, including 120 children and 25 women in dozens of attacks, airstrikes and bombardments carried out against the Gaza Strip in 2011.


In its report, al-Mezan stated that the shelling led to the total destruction of 10 homes while at least 152 homes were partially damaged, in addition to the destruction of 31 stores and shops, 23 industrial facilities, 73 public facilities, and 23 vehicles. 

Also, troops bulldozed and uprooted 8410 square meters of agricultural lands in the coastal region. 

Furthermore, the Israeli Navy continued its attacks against the Palestinian fishermen and carried out 69 attacks last year leading to the injury of six fishermen. The navy also confiscated six fishing boats, and damaged fishing nets and fishing tools in seven attacks.

The Center said that these attacks against the fishermen are depriving dozens of families from their only source of livelihood. 

The army further confiscated 35% of farmlands in the Gaza Strip, a total of 17% of the lands in the coastal region, and continued to target border areas, including homes and agricultural lands.

Al-Mezan said that despite Israeli claims of easing the illegal Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, the Nahal OZ and the Karni Crossing remained fully closed, while the Beit Hanoun (Erez), Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) and the Rafah crossings were partially opened. 

The Center denounced the ongoing Israeli violations to international law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions, and demanded that the International Community act on obliging Israel to adhere to international regulations, and to stop its violations against the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip.



Netanyahu calls top US general a servant of Iran



21 February, 2012

Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. (Reuters / Yuri Gripas)

Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. (Reuters / Yuri Gripas)

Gen. Dempsey denounced a strike on Iran in the near future as “destabilizing” and “not prudent” over the weekend while speaking to CNN in regards to America and Israel’s effort to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear warhead. Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has now addressed that statement himself, calling into question the US official’s intentions.

Netanyahu is now suggesting that the US is adopting policies that will favor Iran, and not their historical ally: Israel.


COMMENTS BY : Mike Rivero of WRH.com

My Hebrew is just about as fluent as is my Syriac (non-existent), but if Netnanyahu really said that the US is “… adopting policies that will favor Iran.”, the US should immediately withdraw its ambassador from Tel Aviv, declare Prime Minister Netanyahu Persona Non Grata in the US, and immediately pull all military and financial aid to Israel.

I know that will only happen when pigs fly; however, Netanyahu’s absolutely hubristically ungrateful dismissiveness of the US, which has bent over backwards to consistently support Israel, is a slight which cannot remain unaddressed, and should be addressed in the most concrete and meaningful ways possible, and in a language Israeli leadership will understand.

I do not know what kinds of threats or inducements Netanyahu will attempt to offer President Obama when they meet on 5 March to sign off on either a joint US/Israeli strike against Iran, and very soon, or simply a sign off on an Israeli strike, and very quickly.

But I do know that Pakistani, Russian, and Chinese leadership have recently publicly stated that should Iran be attacked, all three of these nuclear armed countries will enter the fray on the side of Iran.

So what we have here, is a potential global, thermonuclear war over an alleged Iranian weapons program which cannot, to date, be proven to exist.

And I would strongly caution Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding the following: the American people are sick, tired, and angry at the cost in American blood and American money which Israel consistently demands be sacrificed on the altar of ultimate Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. We, sir, have had it, and wish this to stop immediately, thank you very much.

So please, Mr. Prime Minister: I would honestly, and respectfully, ask that you be very, very careful what you wish for as to the ultimate outcome of a US/Israeli attack against Iran..



Google Hacked Internet Explorer To Spy On Users, Just Like Safari


From Alexander Higgins Blog

Posted by  – February 21, 2012 

Microsoft reveals Google hacked Internet Explorer, just like Safari, so they could track people’s online activity everywhere on the internet.

Apple recently reported that Google hacked their Safari web browser so they could track users online activity on MAC computers and notebooks as well as on all of Apple’s popular handheld electronics with online capabilities such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Google admits hacking Safari security settings to spy on users

Google Admits Hacking Safari To Spy On Users
Internet giant says it circumvented security settings in browser to track users on desktops and iPhones which allowed third-party advertisers to spy on users.

Read more…

That announcement made Microsoft engineers suspicious that Google may have employed similar measures to bypass Internet Explorer’s security settings to track all of IE users online activity as well. Sure enough, Microsoft has come forward to say Google has employed a different hack which achieved the same results on the world’s most popular web browser.

I was to place I bet, I would bet that Mozilla engineers will soon make the same announcement about the Firefox web browser.

Tech News reports:

Microsoft Calls Google a Cookie Monster

Safari users aren’t the only ones who may be unintentionally picking up tracking cookies from Google as they surf the Web. The search provider also stuffs Internet Explorer with cookies, according to Microsoft. The methodology is different, but the result is the same. In response, Google said the result is due to IE using outdated and impractical standards.

Google is tracking users of the Internet Explorer Web browser without their knowledge, Microsoft has asserted.

After news emerged last week that Google had bypassed the privacy settings of Apple’s Safari browser, Microsoft researchers began looking into whether the search giant was also playing fast and loose with IE’s settings.

However, IE 9 has an additional privacy feature called “Tracking Protection” that blocks the method Google is using, Microsoft said. Users without IE 9 or who have the feature turned off may be susceptible.

Google “basically hacked IE differently than they hacked Safari, but the result is pretty much the same — they overrode the browsers’ capability to block cookies and prevent reporting,” Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told TechNewsWorld. Google “appears to be intentionally violating the privacy rights of users of third party products.”

Google’s actions are “concerning at any level, being misleading to consumers who expect these [privacy] controls to be honored and working,” Chris Babel, CEO of TrustE, told TechNewsWorld.


What Google Did

Internet Explorer uses the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) feature to block third-party cookies unless the site they’re from sends along a Compact Policy (CP) statement indicating how it will use the cookie and stating that it won’t track the user. That policy must be in machine-readable form.

In other words, P3P appears to work on the honor system. Tell it you’ll comply and it OKs you. But if you’re sneaky enough to lie, it will let you get by anyway.

Microsoft said Google gets around P3P by leveraging a nuance that requires browsers to ignore any undefined policies they encounter. It sends along a P3P CP that is not in machine-readable form and is, therefore, undefined.

With Safari, Google used an iFrame that loaded a page containing a meta refresh to a Google ad link. If the user wasn’t logged into Google, the response directed the browser back to Google’s DoubleClick advertising platform. If the user was logged into Google, the user was directed first to Google’s authentication service and then to DoubleClick.

In the case of Safari, Google claimed the whole thing was the accidental byproduct of its creating a temporary communication link between the browser and Google servers.


Source:Tech News World

Russia Today reports:

Google got around Microsoft’s privacy policies too

If you read the recent reports that explain how Google exploited a flaw in Apple’s mobile browser to potential spy on its users, you might have wondered if you were among the victims. As it turns out, engineers at Microsoft pondered the same thing.

Now following revelations that Google sent scripts to the mobile version of Apple’s Safari application to keep tracks on its users, the programmers behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are learning that they were also impacted by the flaw.

A researcher at Stanford University recently identified an attempt by Google in which the company bypassed the privacy settings of users of the popular Apple Safari browser by means of forcing the app to accept a small cookie file that they could then watch to monitor online activity. Not only did the maneuver allow Google to exploit millions of users of competing products, but it also meant that millions potentially had their Internet history unknowingly monitored by the search engine giants.

In the days since the news broke, Google has downplayed the development and has repeatedly insisted that the exploit was meant to make mobile browsing more seamless. “[W]e designed this so that the information passing between the user’s Safari browser and Google’s servers was anonymous — effectively creating a barrier between their personal information and the web content they browse,” a spokesperson explained.

Google claim to be developing a work-around and insist that no harm was ever intended, but now Microsoft is learning that they were exploited as well.

“When the IE team heard that Google had bypassed user privacy settings on Safari, we asked ourselves a simple question: Is Google circumventing the privacy preferences of Internet Explorer users too?” Internet Explorer executive Dean Hachamovitch writes this week on his blog. “We’ve discovered the answer is yes: Google is employing similar methods to get around the default privacy protections in IE and track IE users with cookies.”

This revelation comes after Microsoft stepped up and shunned Google over its escapade with the Safari browser. “Apparently, Google has been able to track users of Apple’s Safari browser while they surf the web on their Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs,” Internet Explorer Business and Marketing General Manager Ryan Gavin blogged last week. “This type of tracking by Google is not new. The novelty here is that Google apparently circumvented the privacy protections built into Apple’s Safari browser in a deliberate, and ultimately, successful fashion.”

Little did the IE team know that similar success was made by Google after they managed to also bypass Microsoft’s policies.

In support of Microsoft, at least it’s reassuring to know that someone still uses Internet Explorer — even if it’s for malicious means. Netscape Navigator has yet to comment as to if they were effected as well.

Source: RT


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