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Posted by Xaniel777 on February 24, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 24, 2012




{Spiritual Success }


{ XANIEL’S NOTE :  I was sent this from one of my many spiritual friends and felt it would be a good idea to share with all of you. And to make sure you understand, I do not make any money from this, I am merely sharing this info for the benefit of my readers.

ALSO, I feel it was an enlightened twist from the usual doom and gloom I publish here in my effort to help wake people up from the lies that are really going on all around them.

Enjoy the read and use the info if you feel it will help you or those you know in any way ! } ~~ Xaniel777 


Hi Xaniel,


A personal message for You:

For every physical adventure, Xaniel, there’s the possibility of loss.
That’s what makes it an adventure.

For every spiritual adventure, there’s only gain. Which totally
spoils the adventure, and is why you choose to forget that all
physical adventures are really spiritual adventures.

-Your Higher Self-

Hope you feel all well and fine.

Right NOW, increased solar flare activity is anchoring a lot of
light on the planet and is bringing up a lot of stuff for people
to clear, transmute, heal, release and dissolve. It is like shining
a bright light on your home so you can see lots of dust and clutter
that you could not see in a darkened room.

The good thing is that this is a golden opportunity to clear
a LOT of stuff from aeons of past and parallel lives and the
downside is that this is a LOT of stuff to release quickly.

Before we go further into this topic I want to thank you
for BEING Here and following one of my courses:

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I believe that YOGA is one of the great opportunities
to clear and heal the whole energy system from clutters
and blocked chakra misalignment.

Especially if you want to loose some weight, which means
also misaligned chakra energies from the abdomen, you
will find Yoga as a great chance.

But there is more…

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“My life flows with easy. So be it.”

Note: To create a positive reality you have to always balance
your energy system. Negative thoughts create dis-harmony in
your chakra system. Check my INNER MASTERY TOOL
to clear out these problems:


Keep in mind. You create your reality by your thoughts, emotions
and conscious awareness. So, transform negativity into positive
pattern of consciousness and monitor your self-talk.

Your fellow traveler,



Earth Changes & Golden Cities


{ XANIEL’S NOTE :  A QUICK WORD OF WARNING :  Please be careful not to throw to much belief or energy into the Earth Changes spoken of below. If too many people focus too much energy on the cataclysmic changes that is said to be coming our way, you could ( actually and without meaning to ) usher those very events in or make them far worse than they should have been.

ALWAYS REMEMBER, you have the power to  ‘ WILL ‘  away bad things and  ‘ WILL ‘  around you,  the reality and world you truly wish to live in.

I have nothing against Lori Toye personally.  However, she speaks of these cataclysmic  Earth changes and the five Golden Cities as though they were fact. It will only become a fact if  she can get enough people to focus enough energies to make it a fact !

AND ALTHOUGH these Five Golden Cities in America sound like  some kind of  ‘ UTOPIA(s) ‘, why focus energy on just five of them when we could focus equal energies on diverting the Earth changes and start turning all our cites into Golden Cities !

Please understand, these are just my views.  You need to research and dig deep inside yourself to find what you think and/or feel is best for you.  Do not just take my word for it, but do not just take Lori’s word for it either.

You have the power to control your destiny and the reality around you.  And when you combined that with others that are like you ( think and feel as you do ),  then you have the power to shift our world, our reality and our Universe !!

WE DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE  ‘cataclysmic changes !  WE have a choice to stand by and do nothing or alter the outcome to our liking.


And now it’s time for you to know this and make a difference. For yourself and everyone around you!!} ~~~Xaniel777 


From Coast To Coast AM

February 23, 2012

Guest : Lori Toye

Known for her Earth changes prophecies, and the I AM America Map which shows vast swaths of North America submerged, Lori Toye
( blog) discussed her latest work on the vital role of the ‘Golden Cities’ – possible safe places during cataclysmic changes,
on Wednesday’s show.

These spiritual havens, which are situated on interconnecting ley lines, will aid in the reconstruction
of sustainable communities for future generations, she said, adding that there are five such areas in the United States each
270 miles across– Gobean (Arizona & New Mexico including Pinetop, AZ), Malton (Illinois & Indiana including Mattoon, IL),
Wahanee (Georgia & South Carolina including Augusta, GA), Shalaha (Montana & Idaho including Missoula, MT), and Klehma
(Colorado, Kansas, & Nebraska including Cope, CO). Internationally, there are a total of 51 golden cities, she stated.

Toye, who receives her information in a trance state from spirit beings or “master teachers,” noted that some of the Earth
changes may not be as drastic as originally depicted on her maps (such as the entire West Coast underwater).

Prayer and enlightened human consciousness can positively affect circumstances, she pointed out. In a forthcoming book, she’ll be
revealing a new map which shows Earth in the distant past when lands such as Rama, Mu, Atlantis, and Amaru (where the US now
is) once existed.

According to her sources, as we move into the “new times,” there’ll be a whole new generation of souls (like the Indigo
children) that will help raise the Earth’s vibration. We’ll learn how to tap into specific areas of the Earth, and develop
interdimensional travel, she continued.

Yet, we’ll be faced with dramatic earth changes over the next century, such as an asteroid or meteor impact in the Nevada desert that will set off a series of cataclysms including earthquakes, volcanoes, non
-stop rain, and a possible pole shift, she cautioned.



Buying The Vote: 12 Facts About Super PACs That Will Blow Your Mind


From BlackListedNews

February 23, 2012

Source: The American Dream

In American politics, it takes an enormous amount of money to win campaigns, and the rise of the “Super PACs” is allowing the wealthy to exert even more influence over the political process than they did before.  When you examine the results of federal elections over the past several decades, you quickly discover that the candidate that raises the most money almost always wins

Wealthy individuals are limited by law as to how much money they can give directly to a political campaign, but there are no limits on how much money they can give to Super PACs.  During the 2012 election season, some of these Super PACs actually have more money than the campaigns of the candidates that they support do. 

Buying the vote is not illegal in America, and these Super PACs are buying huge amounts of advertising in key states.  Unfortunately, most Americans have never learned to think for themselves.  Instead, they let the television do much of their thinking for them.  If their trusted friend, the television, tells them to vote a certain way, then that is what they are likely to do. 

Super PACs are much more likely to run negative ads than the actual candidates are, and we have already seen very negative ads dramatically move the poll numbers in some of the states.  Sadly, as long as very negative ads keep working people are going to keep using them.

Super PACs are supposed to be completely and totally “independent” of the campaigns that they support, but the reality is that many of these Super PACs are run and staffed by former top aides of the candidates.

Some of the candidates are relying on the Super PACs to be the “attack dogs” while they sit back and try to maintain a more “positive” image.  If a Super PAC goes too far, a candidate can simply claim that he does not have any control over that Super PAC.

If money did not influence elections, then people would stop giving so much of it to the campaigns and to the Super PACs.  The truth is that money does influence elections, and when wealthy individuals and big corporations are allowed to pour millions upon millions of dollars into these Super PACs it gives them a much, much larger say in the outcome of our elections than you and I have.

When Mitt Romney stated that he was “not concerned about the very poor“, he may have misspoke, but there was some truth to what he was saying.  Mitt Romney and the other candidates don’t need the poor.  What they need is to keep the flow of money coming from the rich so that they can buy the votes of the poor.

When you have a very high percentage of “sheeple” in a society, the hearts and minds of the people can be bought.  Our horrific education system has dumbed-down the general population, and most Americans spend their days in an entertainment-induced haze.  Critical thinking is in short supply in the United States today, and most Americans are more than happy to have someone else tell them what to think.

Politics has become a war of money, and Super PACs are “bazookas” in that war.

The following are 12 facts about Super PACs that will blow your mind….

#1 Sheldon Adelson and members of his family have already given more than $10 million to Winning Our Future – the Super PAC that is promoting Newt Gingrich.

$10 million dollars sounds like a lot of money, but a recent CNN article put these donations into perspective….

Recent estimates peg his net worth at around $20 billion. That means his $10 million donation was exactly one twentieth of one percent of his net worth. Yes, 0.05%.

That would be like a millionaire giving a $500 donation. Or a $50 gift for someone worth $100,000.

#2 Texas businessman Harold C. Simmons has given more than $14 million to Republican Super PACs during this election season.

#3 Overall, well over $50 million has been spent by Super PACs so far and we have not even gotten to the general election yet.

#4 The Red, White And Blue Fund, a Super PAC that supports Rick Santorum, has raised at least 2.8 million dollars so far.

#5 Winning Our Future (the Newt Gingrich Super PAC) has raised at least 13.1 million dollars so far.

#6 American Crossroads, a super PAC that boasts Karl Rove as a senior adviser, has raised at least 23.4 million dollars so far.

#7 Restore Our Future, a super PAC that was created by former aides of Mitt Romney, has raised at least 36.8 million dollars so far.

#8 In January, Mitt Romney’s campaign raised 6.54 million dollars.  Restore Our Future raised even more than that – 6.62 million dollars.

#9 The four Republican presidential candidates raised a total of more than 21 million dollars in January.  Their Super PACs raised a total of more than 22 million dollars.

#10 Donations from New York, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, California and Texas make up 2 out of every 3 dollars raised by the Super PACs.

#11 During the race for the Republican nomination, 27 percent of all the ads run by the Republican candidates have been negative.  Conversely, about 75 percent of all the ads run by the Super PACs have been negative.

#12 The Federal Election Commission is projecting that a total of 11 billion dollars will be spent on political campaigns during the 2012 election season.

Right now, Mitt Romney has raised far more money than the other Republican candidates have an his Super PAC has raised far more money than the other Republican Super PACs have.

It doesn’t really matter that he is just a slightly more experienced version of Barack Obama.  He has the money, he has the support of the establishment, and the mainstream media is telling Americans that he is the person that the “red team” is supposed to vote for.

Yes, there is always the chance that Romney could fall apart and that the Republican establishment would be forced to find another option.  Miracles do happen.

But remember, the candidate that raises the most money almost always wins.  The following is from Politifact….

In congressional races in 2010, the candidate who spent the most won 85 percent of the House races and 83 percent of the Senate races, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. That’s a large percentage, but it’s lower than what the sign indicated.

Indeed, the percentage for 2010 was lower than it had been in recent election cycles. The center found that in 2008, the biggest spenders won 93 percent of House races and 86 percent of Senate races. In 2006, the top spenders won 94 percent of House races and 73 percent of Senate races. And in 2004, 98 percent of House seats went to candidates who spent the most, as did 88 percent of Senate seats.

If you think that most Americans are going to sit down and critically assess the political positions of these candidates before deciding who to vote for you are being delusional.

Most Americans do what the television tells them to do.

And the candidates with the most money are able to buy more influence on television.

What do you think our founding fathers would say if they could see us now?



Feds Sue Activist Cindy Sheehan Over Back Taxes


From RSN ( reader supported news )

By George Warren, Cornell Barnard, ABC News10/KXTV

22 February 12

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan in front of the White House. (photo: OutofCentralAsiaNow/WordPress.com)
Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan in front of the White House. (photo: OutofCentralAsiaNow/WordPress.com)

he federal government has filed a lawsuit to force anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan to provide her financial records to the Internal Revenue Service.

An IRS revenue officer said Sheehan refused to answer any questions about her finances after receiving a summons at her Vacaville home.

The U.S. Attorney’s office on Tuesday filed a petition to enforce the IRS summons.

The summons ordered Sheehan to produce bank account statements for the period from August through early November 2011.

According to IRS revenue officer Jose Arteaga, the financial information may be relevant to the collection of Sheehan’s federal income tax liabilities for tax years 2005 and 2006.

Arteaga said Sheehan first met with him on Nov. 22 and sought an extension to Jan. 17. It was during the January meeting that she refused to answer any questions or produce the requested documents.

Sheehan said she’s always been up front with the IRS and has no intention of paying her taxes. She says the government has already taken enough from her.

“If they (federal government), can give me my son back, I’ll pay my taxes, but that’s not going to happen,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan became an anti-war activist after her son, U.S. Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, was killed in Iraq in 2004. She attracted national attention by setting up a camp in 2005 near President George W. Bush’s ranch in Texas.

More recently, Sheehan has been involved in the Occupy movement and was arrested during an October demonstration in Sacramento.

The IRS lists Sheehan as self-employed.



Legislators attempt to force fluoridation on New Jersey

From Natural News

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) New Jersey is one of the few U.S. states where the vast majority of its residents are not forcefully medicated with fluoride chemicals via their water supplies. Only about 20 percent of New Jersey residents, in fact, are exposed to fluoride in water, which makes it the fourth least fluoridated state in the country. But state legislators in the Garden State are currently trying to change this by passing legislation that would mandate all public water supplies in the state to fluoridate their water.

Sponsored by Democratic State Senators Joseph F. Vitale (http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/members/BIO.asp?Leg=175) and Loretta Weinberg (http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/members/BIO.asp?Leg=260), NJ Senate Bill S-959, the New Jersey Public Water Supply Fluoridation Act, and its identical companion legislation, Assembly Bill 1811, would require “the fluoridation of all public community water systems in New Jersey.”

According to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), a health freedom advocacy group, the New Jersey legislature has been working towards enacting these new fluoridation laws without telling the public or seeking appropriate public input. And outcry from those who oppose the legislation — the NJ League of Municipalities, the NJ Sierra Club, the NJ Business and Industry Association, the citizens’ group No Fluoride New Jersey, and even a number of local water companies and utilities across the state have all objected — appears to be going unheard.

“Since fluoride’s benefits are topical, it makes no sense to swallow fluoride and makes even less sense to put fluoride into drinking water when fluoridated toothpaste is available to everyone,” said Paul Connett, PhD, executive director of FAN and co-author of the book The Case Against Fluoride. “Not only does this unfunded mandate completely strip away all local control of fluoridation, but requires local taxpayers to fund the estimated $5 billion start-up costs and the annual $1 billion cost to maintain the practice.”

Fluoride is a toxic waste byproduct known to damage the brain, vital organs

Besides failing to make an appropriate public announcement about the bills, legislators are also withholding the fact that the toxic fluoride chemicals being proposed for water supplies is not natural, and is actually a waste byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum production industries. As a result, those who drink it are exposed not only to fluoride’s toxic effects, which include brain, thyroid, and other organ damage, but they are also exposed to arsenic, lead, radionuclides, and various other toxic chemicals that typically contaminate it.

More than 25 published papers have shown that fluoride chemicals reduce IQ levels in children, and many people across the U.S. today have dental fluorosis, a condition where teeth become mottled and brittle, as a result of overexposure to fluoride. It is also a drug that has never been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means its deliberate addition to public water is an illegal form of practicing medicine without a license or proper prescription.

There is also no way to properly dose consumption of fluoride when added to water, as individuals of all ages and sizes consume varying amounts of the toxic chemical. This means that individuals with compromised immune system or health problems, as well as babies, are at an extreme risk of fluoride poisoning just from routine exposure to fluoridated water in their everyday lives.

To contact the authors of these bills and express opposition, visit:

Sources for this article include:





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