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REAL NEWS : Feb. 28

Posted by Xaniel777 on February 28, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS :  February 28, 2012



 U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner arrested, questioned and released; Asian negotiations continue


From Benjamin Fulford’s Blog

February 27, 2012

Timothy Geithner was detained for questioning by New York police on February 24th and was released after giving evidence about many high level financial criminals, according to New York police sources. “In most cases we have to slap people to get them to talk but in his case we had to slap him to shut him up,” one of the interrogators joked.

Geithner has been released but is accompanied at all times by an armed deputy to make sure he does not leave the country.  Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy is also proving to be very talkative, sources in Europe say. Berlusconi has been released.

Meanwhile, meetings between White Dragon Society representatives and South Korean government officials last week in Seoul were very productive.

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Guide to Brainwashing Little Kids


From Freedom4um.com

Published: Nov 24, 2007
Author: Polak
Post Date: 2012-02-27 16:34:49 by bluegrass 

Source: Liberty Forum 

It is rare that people are truly interested in ugly side of history, politics, or human nature. In search for such people I have decided to share some of my experiences with one ugly side of communism — brainwashing and control of “intellectual” elite. 

In recent years, there appears to be (finally) some growing unease among the Americans over what it is that the public schools really “teach.” Many people cannot understand why would somebody ever come up with “sex-ed,” or “death-ed,” or fanatical environmental “science,” or “political correctness,” and push it on kids who barely know how to read. Many of those who do the pushing do not know either — they are only “doing their jobs.” While these school programs might look illogical and wasteful, there is logic and a purpose to it. 

In my view, using brainwashing tricks on little kids is most disgusting thing imaginable. An adult already has (or at least should) the analytical skills developed to filter out garbage coming in. Kids do not and it is unfair to expect them to. This means that ALL correctly formulated conditioning will generally make it to the kid’s mind (or it’s associative database to be exact using the model I have presented). I see the whole thing as en extremely repulsive thing – how would you feel after discovering that six-year old kids are exposed to beating through punches designed by champion boxers? 

This thing has bothered me for many, many years. For me, the first visible sign of trouble in the US was “crossing guards” that I have seen utilized even for high school students. You might not think that this is a big thing – but think about it – you CAN teach a two-year- old dog to cross a street on his own. Yet the system insists on one hand that the high school kids are old enough to have sex, but on the other, they are not advanced enough to be able to cross a street on their own. 

Later, by accident, I had a chance to review years of school writing assignments of some American kid. The assignments were not formulated to test any real skills (knowledge of literature, logical thinking, knowledge of geography, history, etc). They were clearly formulated to exercise emotions. This rung the warning bell big time – is a well-known trick of totalitarian systems. The worst application of something like that was treatment of political prisoners who were forced to write an emotional essay about the system every day – or they wouldn’t get food. Sure, it is not a problem to fake something like that once, twice, for a week, or a month – but try doing something like that for several years at a situation where no other stimulants are present. No matter how strong you are, you will end up spilling your soul out and giving in to the dogmas you are forced to write about. 

I have discussed the issue with some libertarians and one of them told me that there was a book written on the subject of brainwashing in the American schools: 
Inside American Education: The Decline, the Deception, the Dogmas by Thomas Sowell

Long time later, I have found another interesting book on the subject:
Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto

Both of these books confirmed my fears and provided well-documented evidence that the problem is worse than I suspected. If several different individuals, all from totally different backgrounds reach the same conclusion, there must be something to it. I urge anyone interested in the subject to read these books. 

As good as these books are – they do miss one important element in my opinion– the technical analysis of the techniques and goals. I might be very non-objective here, but I think that all people with Polish/Czech/Serb background have much more experience in that matter. There is a good reason for it – we were exposed to it for hundreds of years – all the “tricks” were developed and tried on us in the attempts to merge us into other countries (germanization, russification, etc). In Poland there is both fiction and non-fiction literature on the subject, some of which has been translated. 

One book I particularly recommend is this one:
The Inquisitors by Jerzy. Andrzejewski

Unfortunately, this book is very rare. I looked for it for years so I could let my American friends read it. After years of searching I finally purchased from a dealer for a really steep price – over $100. Now the Z-shops are much more effective – you can have it for $14. Some university library may also have it. 

Divide and Conquer
Even though communism and other totalitarian systems rely on creation of unsophisticated people as its core base of support, no system can survive without being run by people who do not have exceptional skills. Most people will agree that communism (with its main idea being “To everybody according to his needs, from everybody according to his abilities.”) is by nature destructive to creative, exceptional people. How then can you corrupt enough skilled people to sustain communism’s existence? 

To accomplish the above requires a complex system of controlled public education, cultivating of high ambition, dividing the society (into takers and producers), cultivating controlled rebellion, and taking advantage of these divisions to corrupt, brainwash people with potentially high skills. 

Anybody who faced controlled schooling in a communist country would go through a roller-coaster of stress and ecstasy, happiness and fury, where a person’s ego would be carefully cultivated only to be trashed in an appropriate moment. All of this served a specific purpose. It is a devilish system that with 100% efficiency sorts and identifies individual people. 

In a great simplification, the process would look like this: 

  • 1. A random sample of kids enters a government assigned elementary school, where no placing based on individual’s skills is allowed (since everybody is equal). COMPULSORY PUBLIC EDUCATION IS NO 1 REQUIREMENT OF MAINTAINING COMMUNISM OR ANY OTHER TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT!!! 

  • 2. The teachers begin pumping the official curriculum, much of which is denial of simple, common knowledge, which kids might have brought from home and pumping of official dogmas. It includes trashing of common-sense morality (and religion) substituting it with primitive, official dogmas. On one hand the dogmas are idealistic and pure, on the other hand, they are crude and idiotic — but the most important factor there is CONFLICT

  • 3. This conflict causes havoc and “overload” in the kid’s brains — they have not experienced anything like that before. This is the trick here – being exposed to conflicting, hard-to-understand, illogical data that are impossible to reconcile with the previous knowledge and experiences, and have this done when the “garbage filter” is not yet operational. This is a horrible thing to do – the “associative database” part of the brain makes it impossible to store conflicting information and there are only two paths out of this predicament. 

  • 4. At this very early stage of life, a kid is pushed to make the most important decision of his life — whether to abandon the desire to question things, become a submissive “sheep” which does what it is told, and never, ever is allowed to get “out-of-line,” or whether to rebel against the “pure, great, idealistic” dogmas, preserve at all cost the natural desire to build all information into logical, interconnected system. 

    The second choice is hard – it demands becoming a “wolf” – a little rebel and a little criminal, who at the early age of 7 or 8 has to tell the adults (the teachers) that they are full of crap in order to save his brain from being permanently ruined. The sheep will later in life became workers, clerks, and other “followers,” the wolves will either become the elite of the system or face its guillotine. The “Big Brother” already knows who is a sheep and who is a wolf. This greatly simplifies the overseeing process: only wolves are watched, paying attention to sheep would be waste of time. 

  • 5. The division into sheep and wolves further escalates the conflict. The extraordinary individuals are now playing unruly, rebellious criminals, and the sheep, out of envy and remains of ambition (they subconsciously would love to be wolves), become informants of the system. 

    The sheep do not miss any opportunity to impress the system (the great, noble teachers) and report every incident of a wolf’s misbehavior. The wolf kids grow frustrated and alienated — the conflict grows – The sheep are used to shock the wolves – “how can sheep be so stupid and submissive?” and the wolves are used to shock the sheep – “how can the wolves get away with being such jerks?” 

  • 6. The obvious result for a kid wolf is, that finally he does something bad enough to be reported to a “higher level” — school principal in this case. In most cases it will be some nasty joke played on the teacher shamelessly pushing the dogmas. This is a very key development for the kid wolf – on one hand, he now became the worst school criminal and faces punishment; on the other hand, he now became important enough to be dealt with by the most important person in the school (after months of alienation among “informant sheep” — the attention given him breaks the frustration of a lonely individual)

  • 7. The school principal is usually the only adult wolf in the school (with all teachers being “sheep”). In communist countries school principals would usually be experienced party operatives, who would “retire” into a school. To the great surprise of the kid wolf, the principal is not mad at him. The principal actually KNOWS why the kid wolf was misbehaving. 

    The Principal tells the kid that he feels the same way about the “primitive dogmas” that the teachers push. The Principal further explains that these dogmas are needed so all the stupid, evil sheep kids can understand things. If the kid wolf still has doubts whether or not all the kid sheep are evil and stupid, the principal has an ace card to play — He tells the kid wolf which sheep kid reported on him on what he reported (with a little exaggeration). The kid wolf now finds himself in the awkward position of defending his prosecutors (and humanity’s morals in the process)

  • 8. It is really important to understand what happened here technically-wise. Some people have argued with me that fear is the best brainwashing button. It is not. It might be the most widely used button, most primitive, but it is the least effective one. Why? Because it is EXPECTED!!! 

    In this situation the kid has already prepared himself for the punishment – so the actual punishment would not be so shocking. If the principal simply threatened the kid, the emotional load would be very little compared to the other trick. The UNEXPECTED always is the best button – imagine you drive 150mph, a cop pulls you over, and invites you for a beer in order to find out more about you and your car. 

  • 9. After the soul exchange, the principal explains that even though he likes the kid wolf a lot, he cannot allow him to play nasty jokes on the teachers. The kid wolf understands (often without words to be said) that he faces penalties and humiliation (like being dragged out of school by angry parents, who were humiliated by being dragged out of work). As an alternative, the Principal suggests that (rather than playing nasty jokes on the teachers), the kid wolf can simply talk to him about his anger. 

    If the kid chooses punishment and humiliation, he is finished (since he is out of school and there are no non-governmental schools). If he chooses the “friendship” with the Principal, he gets as a reward an opportunity to get even with those who reported him, he gets an opportunity to control the teachers, and otherwise “get away with murder” as long as he continues to be “friends” with the principal. He is actually encouraged to humiliate the teachers as long as he improves his skills (so he is of value for the system)

  • 10. Please notice how devilishly clever the system is: not only was a future “comrade” recruited, but also an informant reporting on the teachers was gained. The system (the school) becomes a solid unit with multi-threaded controls: kid-sheep reporting on the kid-wolves, teachers reporting on kids, kid-wolves reporting on teachers. The principal consolidated his dictatorial rule without any violence at all. The kid wolf is on his way to become a ruthless enforcer who can kill without blinking an eye (his morality was destroyed by “betrayal” of his peers) 

  • 11. The system is continued throughout a person’s life: high-school, university, work. The carrots for “being friends” with the system grow more and more lucrative (promotions, money, honors, etc.) and carrots for misbehavior much more severe (losing one’s means of survival, being hurt(killed) personally, having one’s family hurt)

    The corrupted individual can lie to himself that he stands for higher values, that he only does the bad things since they are necessary to avoid a worse evil — we have a “sheep” of a higher level. If he struggles and rebels, he faces a “principal” of a higher level, with better carrots and better sticks. In such case, again, he either gets eliminated or becomes an operative of a higher level. 

  • 12. As bad as it might seem for wolves, the life of a sheep is even worse. Giving up on logic in an early stage means that the sheep has no chance to learn any advanced skills. The sheep is sentenced to life of doing “the safe thing,” imitating other sheep, abandoning all ambition, in order just to survive. 

  • 13. Why do people allow this? Simple – lack of knowledge and laziness. Among other things, for a teacher or parent it might SEEM that having kid-sheep is great. Wolves (or even simply uncorrupted individuals) constantly need attention, constantly test the limits of themselves and environment, constantly explore and get into trouble; sheep just sit there duh-ing all day. It is difficult enough for a parent-wolf to deal with a kid-wolf, but it is almost impossible for a sheep-parent to tolerate a kid-wolf. So, once started, the disease spreads exponentially. 

  • 14. Please note, that in most cases ALL elements of the system are pursuing EVIL goals without actually knowing that. The system has built-in multi-level controls that maintain order. 

    How does one defend himself (or his kids) from being corrupted? There are equally devilishly clever ways to deal with the system. If there is enough interest demonstrated, I will write about it here. 

    (Now I have done it — I have rebelled, I have spilled the knowledge of a higher level. I am ready for the stick and the carrot. Will I take the carrot?! )

    Application in America today

    How does it apply in the US? Quite well – almost all elements are implemented through dictates from above. Wonderfully illogical curricula are pushed on “young skulls full of mush,” while development of any real skills is totally neglected. Excellent level of conflict is achieved. Sheep and wolves are separated; the wolves are in mental warfare with everybody around. 

    This is where it ends, unfortunately. America faces acute shortage of retired party operatives willing to serve as school principals. The poor wolves are all primed up (agitated and alienated) and do their stuff, but (more often than not) there is no “Principal” to “guide” the energy “correctly” (this might be partially good)

    At the extreme cases, the wolf finds salvation to his conflict in his daddy’s firearm arsenal. Mind-altering substances administered to the wolf by the school to reduce his “hyperactivity” do help that process too. In short “It takes a village” PRINCIPAL to “educate” the “next generation.” 

    As inefficient as the American implementation of the program is, it still does achieve some goals. The wolves are still identified early and separated from the sheep. The kids still get to practice reporting on their parents and teachers. Then on the other hand, the American system just might be an improvement over the Soviet one. 

    The key weakness of the Soviet system was an exceptionally smart wolf who would learn the system early and manipulate it the same way double, triple, and quadruple intelligence agents do. Perhaps the goal of the American program is limiting the development of wolves to selected “elite” environments. (This is a story for another day though).



Bin Laden Death Coverup Continues: Compound Demolished


From Activist Post

February 27, 2012

Brit Dee, Contributing Writer

The compound in& Abbottabad, Pakistan, which authorities claim was Osama Bin Laden’s home for several years before his supposed killing by a US special forces team last May, has this weekend been totally demolished. Pakistani authorities began tearing down the house on Saturday night, working under floodlights, with the local population subject to a strict curfew and Pakistan Army soldiers and police personnel reportedly deployed in large numbers. 

The high security surrounding the building since last May, coupled with its sudden and secretive demolition, have naturally led to suspicions that this weekend marked the successful completion of a brazen coverup — journalists have never been allowed to enter the building, and were banned from going anywhere near it very soon after Bin Laden’s supposed killing.

The total destruction of the death scene makes it much less likely independent verification of the official narrative will ever be established, though considering that no evidence proving Bin Laden was actually killed in the compound has ever been provided by the authorities, this weekend’s events are hardly surprising.

The official account stretched credulity from the outset and changed significantly in the days and weeks following the Navy SEALS’ attack. At first we were told that Bin Laden had offered resistance by firing a weapon at the SEALS, but it was soon admitted that the person shot had not in fact been armed. If the unarmed individual shot dead posed no threat, then it is hard to view his death as anything other than a cold-blooded execution. The claim that Bin Laden cowered behind his wife, who was initially reported to have been killed whilst her husband used her as a human shield, also had to be retracted.

The most notoriously suspicious aspect of the official narrative was the prompt whisking away from Abbottabad of Bin Laden’s corpse, and its burial at sea — an event US officials absurdly tried to claim was carried out so as to be in accordance with Islamic tradition. Islam does permit burial at sea in certain circumstances — usually when someone has died at sea — but as the man killed was firmly on dry land and a significant distance from the North Arabian sea in which his body was dumped, such a claim is highly questionable. 

Equally dubious were official US protestations of concern for respecting the Islamic tradition of swiftly washing, shrouding and burying the deceased. Not only had this tradition been ignored in other similar killings, such as those of Saddam Hussein’s sons Uday and Qusay, Bin Laden was the world’s most wanted man — possession of his body, and evidence of such possession, would surely have been of greater importance to the US than the possible offence taken by a minority of devout Muslims.

US authorities similarly refused to release photographs of Bin Laden’s corpse, claiming that Muslims might be offended and Bin Laden’s supporters provoked into committing terrorist attacks on the West. That previously non-violent Muslims would become so enraged by a photo of Bin Laden’s corpse so as to join Al-Qaeda and commit terror attacks is unbelievable, and, again, inconsistent with the earlier publication of gruesome images of Muslims killed by the US military.

A video was released by US authorities, said to have been recovered from the compound and claiming to show a living, aged Bin Laden, but it was widely ridiculed by locals — one identifying the man in the video as his neighbour, who he named as “Akbar Khan”. Only one local spoken to by the BBC thought that the man in the video was Bin Laden, and many claimed they did not believe Bin Laden had been killed there, or indeed ever lived there.

With the body safely out of the way, and no evidence presented to confirm that the man killed was really Osama Bin Laden — beyond a claim, impossible to independently verify, that DNA samples taken from the body matched Bin Laden’s — many skeptics quite reasonably and rationally expressed doubt at the official narrative. Those who did question the official account quickly found themselves painted as “conspiracy theorists” by the establishment and the mainstream media, however – despite the lack of evidence of Bin Laden’s death, and the substantial counter-evidence suggesting that he had died of natural causes many years previously.

It is difficult not to view the destruction of evidence at the compound in Abbottabad as the culmination of a brazen coverup stretching back over a decade to the September 11th attacks. Steel from the collapsed WTC towers was quickly cut up and shipped as scrap to China with such flagrant disregard for standard procedure that Fire Engineering magazine published an article detailing how the author had “combed through our national standard for fire investigation, NFPA 921, but nowhere in it does one find an exemption allowing the destruction of evidence for buildings over 10 stories tall”

The author concluded by demanding that the “destruction and removal of evidence must stop immediately.” With the mainstream media faithfully parroting the official narrative about both 9/11 and Bin Laden’s death, it will evidently be down to independent researchers and the alternative media to try, if possible, to get to the truth of both events. 

This article first appeared at Resist Radio

Brit Dee runs an independent online radio station called Resistance Radio, which broadcasts daily news, views and analysis challenging the lies of our corrupt political and financial leaders, and the controlled corporate media, at http://www.resistradio.com.  



Zionist Immoral Intervention


From Poor Richaerd”s Blog

By Gilad Atzmon


Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz – Zionut extrordinaire

Alan Dershowitz is whining again, this time on the pages of the Jerusalem Post.   Apparently The Friends Seminary of New York which assigned its students to read my papers and invited me to attend a class,  has made it clear to Israeli ethnic cleanser apologist that he was not welcome in its premises.

Dershowitz Admits Defeat

In short, Dershowitz admits total defeat. The Quaker school that was “unwilling to cancel Atzmon’s appearance” made it clear to the Zionist supremacist that he was unwelcomed.
This is not the first time Dershowitz is hurt by me being welcomed while he is spitted out. Yet, I am puzzled by the fact that Dershowitz is so keen to share his humiliation with the public.

Normal people tend to hide such an embarrassing developments.  Dershowitz may have well developed a close affinity to himself being a victim. This tendency is indeed symptomatic within the Jewish identity discourse and Jewish culture. It is there to stop self-reflection.

Rather than looking in the mirror Dershowitz celebrates self-pity hoping to buy some empathy amongst his supportive Jewish crowd. It reminds me an old Jewish joke. Why don’t Jews drink? Because it numbs the pain. Dershowitz, is not going to hide or let the pain fade, he would actually make it into his flag.

According to Dershowitz whom Noam Chomsky and many others regard as a ‘remarkable Liar’, the headmaster of the Friends Seminary, has broken his solemn promise to him, to bring him along to present the anti Atzmon argument.

  1. Dershowitz insists that the headmaster of the seminary agreed to:

  2. Speak at an assembly to the students about the “evils of anti-Semitism”.

  3. Assigned Dershowitz’  essay to the students who were assigned my essay

  4. Invite Deshowitz to address the students

Dershowitz suggests that the Seminary broke those 3 promises. “Apparently”, according to Dershowitz,  “the students who were at the assembly have confirmed that the speakers only made things worse. The teacher who invited Atzmon talked about what a great musician he was. The headmaster was defensive about how his words were manipulated and justified bringing Atzmon based on Quaker principles.”

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that my work is compatible with Quaker philosophy – I preach peace and tolerance.  Yet, I wonder how long is it going to take to Dershowitz to accept that my work is supported by some of the greatest humanists of our time, while he, has managed to buy himself a horrendous reputation of a compulsive liar and a defender of a genocidal State.

How long will it take for Dershowitz, ADL and AZZs  to accept that calling me an ‘anti Semite’ or a ‘holocaust denier’ is counter effective. First, because I am not. Second,  because it only proves that Jewish culture has lost its capacity to engage in any process of self reflection or productive exchange.

By now it must be clear to my detractors that all those Jewish smear campaigns against myself and The Wandering Who only achieved one thing. They proved how valid my criticism of Jewish identity Politics is.

Dershowitz is deluded enough to believe that the real reason behind his rejection was “pressure from hard-left members” within the faculty.  He is obviously wrong. Dershowitz ideology and manners are incompatible with humanism let alone Quaker philosophy.

There is no room for Dershowitz in any pluralist or tolerant institute and not because of his supremacist or racist views, but because the elder Zionist is an opponent of elementary freedoms and human rights.

As one would expect, Dershowitz reverts to the usual Zionist pressure.

“Unless I am invited to address the students inside the school, I will appear outside the school, where I will hand out my essays to those students who are willing to read them and will address those students who have an interest in hearing a response to anti-Semitism.  I am also considering inviting parents, students and other members of the Friends Seminary community to an event, in a venue outside the school, where these issues can be discussed openly and candidly.”

Watch some exciting moments  from the MLK memorial concert @ Friends Meeting House, an event Dershowitz attempted to destroy 

I am perplexed, if Dershowitz is so convinced by his argument, why wouldn’t he debate me? Is he afraid? Probably and he has a good reason. However, Dershowitz offer is indeed an amazing development, the notorious supremacist offers some free Zionist supplementary teaching for Quaker youngsters.

This must be ideal, the students will be able to enjoy both worlds. They will encompass the true meaning of peace in the morning and then learn how to justify a Zionist massacre just before they go to bed.  lol

Dershowitz ends his daily drivel saying, “the Friends Seminary, like other elite schools around the United States, teaches our future leaders.” For once, I agree with Dershowitz. This is exactly why the Quaker institute assigned a humanist paper by myself while Dershowitz and his paper were not allowed entry.

To read The Primacy of the Ear, the paper that was assigned by the Quaker faculty click here.  


Gilad Atzmon’s New Book: The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics Amazon.com  or Amazon.co.uk. 



A Shortcut to Your Desires


From Dr Eric Amidi

Hope you are enjoying your day.

Have you ever wondered how some people attain their desires and get results fast, while some others struggle their whole life to get the same results?

I know that has puzzled many, but the answer is not what most people expect, and so it seems elusive.

Often times, answers to problems are simple but people look for them everywhere except where the true answers are.

*** Question ***

How’s it that some people reach their goals so fast and get results quickly?

>>> My Comments:

That is such a simple and yet important question. And the answer may surprise you.

I know a lot of people, who have been searching for the fastest path to wealth, the quickest way to lose weight, the shortcut to great relationships…

And I am sure if you think about it, you know some people like that too…

In fact, I know some of them for over 10 years, and even to this day, they are still searching for the fastest path…

What do you think they are doing wrong that they haven’t gotten what they have been looking for?

After all, if they are looking for the fastest path, why is it taking forever?!

And here’s the answer that I mentioned it might surprise you…

You never get to your desires fast, if you are looking for the fastest way!

You get to your desires fast, ONLY when you are looking for the right way!

Yes, it may sound strange, but it’s true that:

The fastest way is not the right way, but the right way is the fastest way!

Ironically, those who make a long-term commitment to their goals are the ones who will not take long to get results, while those who are looking for shortcuts have been, are, and will be looking for shortcuts.

So, for any desire that you would like to attain look into all the right things to do as if it is your lifetime goal and take those right little steps not shortcuts…

Those little right steps get you there faster than elusive shortcuts…

“The right way IS the shortcut”

Searching for shortcuts can waste a lifetime and it’s never late for the right way.

Wish you success in everything you do,

Dr Eric

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How can you master the ULTIMATE SECRET –  ‘ You are the Power ! ‘


The Belief Secret

From The Belief Secret

 There’s no doubt: You’ve heard it ALL before.

“Focus on what you want – and watch it manifest in your life.”

Thoughts are things. Ask and you shall receive. Place your order with the Universe.

These are the repeated teachings of The Secret, cosmic ordering, What the Bleep, manifestation, the Law of Attraction, prayer, lucky charms – and more.

But have you ever sensed there’s SOMETHING ELSE going on?

Something that we don’t quite understand yet, which makes the results so unpredictable?

What if there was an uber-secret… a secret BEHIND all of the other “secrets”?

A method of enjoying total happiness, abundance, power, wealth and health in YOUR life. A method better than ANY other out there.

Let me introduce you to a very interesting man: Mr Claude Bristol.

I had been getting some pretty good results from The Secret and The 11 Forgotten Laws. But the results weren’t consistent, and I never understood why. I knew they worked some of the time. This course made it all so clear. Incredible gains since starting, and this has really rocketed my life success. This replaces the Law of Attraction for me, and I’m getting the results I want ALL of the time now.”
– J.N.Stanley, Aurora, IL 60504 – jame****@hotmail.com


Claude Bristol was born in 1891.

He served as an American soldier during World War One in both France and Germany. After initial service, he continued as editor for the army newspaper, “Stars and Stripes.”

When Bristol returned home, he worked as a police reporter, setup many successful businesses, and later began work as an investigative journalist – working for some of the biggest city newspapers around.

He began to cover some incredible stories – and stumbled upon a “golden thread” linking the most amazing individuals he met. It was this “golden thread” that would ultimately lead to his long-lost 1948 book.

He witnessed sick men miraculously heal in holy waters. He watched roulette gamblers consistently winning fortunes by rubbing a lucky charm. He saw businessmen make stacks of cash, when all the odds were stacked against them – all with total ease. He saw politicians somehow “mind-controlling” others in the room.

Today, we might say these people were manifesting their destiny.

They kept a goal in mind and achieved it.

But did these things happen because “thoughts are things”?

Were they really tapping into “the power of the cosmos”?

Or was something else really going on? Perhaps something more scientific?

It was these thoughts which sparked Bristol’s life-long research into everything miraculous: Huge business success; Incredible health cures; Secrets of celebrity & fame.

In his 50’s, he summarized the findings in his ultimate work – about the ultimate secret.

He called it… The Magic of Believing.


Claude Bristol understood the real secret behind all of these miracles:


Belief changes both yourself and the world around you, in ways that psychologists and scientists are only just beginning to understand.

What you expect to happen – very often happens.

With belief, your perceptions shift. The world around you changes. Opportunities become more apparent. Things move: luck, health, love, miracles.

Think about it: Belief is the real golden thread behind manifesting, cosmic ordering, prayer, the placebo effect, hypnosis, the Law of Attraction – and more.

Sure, the “gurus” re-wrap everything in mystical hype and ritual to sell more copies: the enchanting graphics on The Secret DVD, the “amazing” 10-step self-help system, the lucky talismans.

But, when the smartest people have considered it, they realize that…

Belief is the ULTIMATE SECRET behind it all!

When you REALLY “get” that, you can skip every other system out there – because you’ve uncovered the ultimate source.

Believe and you really will receive.

This isn’t a question, but feedback. When I got your PDF book, I was skeptical. The whole thing about belief made sense, yet how could you GET that belief? I was changed after reading, and the techniques have become a daily thing for me now. I love the course, and you can use this message on your site if you want.”
– Ann Buckley, Miami, FL 33169 – buc*******@comcast.net


Belief is the real secret behind manifestation – and almost every other “key to success” self-help program you’ll ever encounter.

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If you’ve ever tried to convince yourself of something that just isn’t true, you’ll know how hard it can be. Are you really a millionaire? Confident? Successful? Attractive? The voice of the inner-critic just won’t shut up.

Until it met with Claude Bristol!

Through his research, Bristol uncovered a tiny handful of techniques to change your beliefs at the very source – instantly. Techniques such as the Mirror Technique and Card System, to name just two.

And these techniques produced MIRACULOUS RESULTS within just MINUTES of using them. Amazing results in love, happiness, money, success – quicker than ever before.

This was Claude Bristol’s real discovery: he not only uncovered the underlying belief secret, but also how to change these beliefs for super-speedy results.

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Imagine uncovering the final “secret” you’ll ever need – ONCE and for ALL!

A handful of simple techniques that you can use to change your underlying beliefs – and bring about seeming miracles and magic in your life.

Well, that’s precisely what Claude Bristol wrote about way back in 1948, in his long-lost book – The Magic of Believing.

This was undoubtedly the pinnacle of his career – and a book that would go on to receive critical acclaim the world over, with thousands achieving amazing results – only to later get lost in the folds of time.

Inside The Magic of Believing, Bristol unearthed powerful information about the belief secret – and how it works.


Why BELIEF is at the heart of almost every “MIRACLE” in the world!
The SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH which actually PROVES how beliefs change the world around you (minus all of the New Age mumbo-jumbo!)
PRECISELY how you can CHANGE your beliefs for INSTANT RESULTS – using the Mirror Technique, Card System, and more!
The simple, REAL-WORLD EXPERIMENTS that YOU can perform – to actually test whether your belief is “working properly”
The little-known secrets of PROJECTING your THOUGHTS onto others – to help achieve powerful results with ANYONE, ANYWHERE
How YOU can enjoy more MONEY, LOVE, SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in your life – just by following Bristol’s simple, proven steps
This is solid, scientific material – without the excess hype you’ll find everywhere else in the self-development community.

Remember, this was written in 1948 – when times were so much tougher than today. They wouldn’t entertain nonsense. Yet they loved this book – because it blew them away with its real-world results.

I’ve been ‘manifesting’ in my life since I was in my 20’s, and had some great success too. I’m somewhat older now, and this guide has really been my ‘missing link’ when it comes to understand how everything has worked. Who needs The Secret when you have The Belief Secret? I recommend this book, and am happy for you to use this as a testimonial.”
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Claude Bristol was once a police reporter.

He collected facts and details in a meticulous manner – and hated sloppy conclusions and illogical testing. He spent months with leaders, celebrities, athletes and hard-working Americans, collecting hundreds of detailed stories of how the “belief secret” had been used – always with amazing results.

Inside The Magic of Believing, Bristol documents hundreds of such awesome experiences.

Such as:

The inferior baseball and football teams that went from zero to hero – such as Knute Rockne’s team, after using this simple belief technique

How doctors the world over have been baffled by the “miraculous” healing of warts – simply by applying one particular belief secret

The young investment banker that found his true love – thanks to a simple process which took just five minutes

The business “mogul” who earned the modern-equivalent of $3m in cash – just by sitting on his backside for 10 years!

The Hawaiian “kahunas” that helped people to live through terrible illness, via the power of belief

Golfing pro Gene Sarazen – and how he used a special belief secret to ensure he won each and every game he played

The “belief stories” of both Alexander the Great and Napoleon – which helped instantly secure success in their lives

Bristol’s own story of using a special “belief secret” to secure FIRST CLASS accommodation on every one of his journeys

The “belief miracles” from Lourdes – and the elderly men and women who were suddenly healed from crippling disease

How one of the greatest fisherman in the world used a certain belief trick to catch prize-winning fish, over and over again

The war veteran that “healed” his lower-limb paralysis – and went on to setup his own highly-successful insurance business

The story of a nervous lawyer on the brink of collapse – discovering the belief secret which rocketed his confidence and helped him win almost every case he handled

How a young druggist went from nothing – to the equivalent of over $5m personal income every single year – just by using one of

Bristol’s simple techniques

The gardeners which encouraged plants and shrubs to grow exceptionally fast, with a simple little belief trick

How an antique expert used this secret to get out of a frustrating appointment – by getting the other side to cancel (!!)

The stories of women enjoying amazing new looks after using one special belief technique

The story of how “Bob” won investment banking contracts worth tens of thousands – just by applying this simple secret

How Bristol’s students used his techniques to achieve everything they wanted from life: including HUGE fortunes, life-long partners, beach homes, massive business success, fame, and more!

… And this really is just the beginning.

The belief secret works – and has been proven, time and time again.

Would YOU like to discover it, for yourself?


Now, I know I haven’t introduced myself properly yet.

My name is Bradley Thompson – and I’m a self-development leader.

I’m the man behind Subliminal Power, the million-download mindset program, used by world leaders and athletes the globe over. I’m the founder of the world’s largest hypnosis downloads store, Instant-Hypnosis.com. I’ve written many best-selling books, such as “Lucid Dreaming in 7 Days” and “Building a Subliminal Studio.”

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I can genuinely say that this is undoubtedly the most important book on self-development that I’ve ever read.

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However this book is TOO IMPORTANT to be kept in the dark…

That’s why I’ve personally spent THOUSANDS acquiring the rights to The Magic of Believing – and having it transcribed, edited and updated – all with a brand new introduction, awesome new layout, and MORE.

I’m not talking about some cheap, throw-away e-book – but rather a quality, professionally-produced 220+ page publishing effort, all designed to bring back one of the world’s most powerful books on the science of manifestation.

Now, I don’t want to overwhelm you with special offers and bonus downloads: this book is too important to be lost in marketing hype.

The deal is simply this:

If you’d like to discover the REAL SECRET behind The Secret, cosmic ordering, hypnosis, the Law of Attraction, manifestation, prayer, lucky charms, religion, and more – then I WANT YOU to get this guide.

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The Magic of Believing is going to ASTOUND you.

It really covers EVERYTHING that the self-development world is trying to understand right now. It may have been written in 1948, but it’s fully up-to-date – and includes a brand new introduction by yours truly.

Make no mistake:


You see, I know it’ll amaze you. But I don’t want you to risk a single cent trying it out.

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Claude Bristol was WAY AHEAD of his time.

His books talk about computers, genetic engineering, micro-surgery, digital recording, the Space Shuttle and more – way back in 1948.

He was a man of science – and his logical attitude uncovered the ULTIMATE SECRET behind the Law of Attraction, The Secret, cosmic ordering, lucky charms, prayer, What the Bleep – and much more.

He discovered the BELIEF SECRET – and how to use it to manifest ANYTHING, QUICKLY.

HAPPINESS, success, abundance, HARD CASH, your LIFE PARTNER – whatever you want, you can manifest within JUST DAYS.

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Remove the Clutter, and Discover a Most Perfect YOU


From Spiritual Networks

by Julie Miller

Remove the Clutter, and Discover a Most Perfect YOU 
Message from Archangel Haniel 
Channeled by: Julie Miller 
February 27, 2012 

Dear hearts, today I would like to get to the Heart of the Matter regarding moving away from living your life solely through your emotional body where there are continual reactions to events that have already happened in your life.

There is a time when you must take the initiative to enthusiastically modify the shape of the life you want to have. On your most personal level, I am trying to encourage you to lengthen your limitations and change your viewpoints. In time dear hearts, you will ascertain the expectations you have for yourself, for others and for situations are acceptable and suitable and which ones are not.

This is done by recognizing with your heart the inner feelings and ability to detect patterns of behaviour much more clearly. Through practice living through your heart and more often leaving your Ego mind on its own, you will learn how to have genuine expectations of yourself and of others.

The many challenges you have had already have helped support the expansion of all your senses and have assisted the growth and development of your inner-wisdom and knowledge that is meant to be shared in an unconditionally loving nature. 

Dear hearts, I work within the White Ray of Purity and the Orange Ray of Logic, Knowledge and Reason. Invoke my presence by lighting a dark magenta candle, verbally identifying what it is you require from me.

I will never reject you as I love you completely and unconditionally. Part of your spiritual and personal growth dear hearts is knowing your Truth. If you are going to stand for your Truth, you then need to know what that truth is. Dear hearts, for you to know your Truth you really need to KNOW yourself.

This means you must look within, not from searching from what others think. Go and scrutinize and question each and every part of your existence in order to fully understand why it is you feel the way you do. 

So many of you are clouded with the beliefs they have about themselves they think to be true when in reality they are not. Many of those beliefs were given to you through other people’s attitudes or words, or even from your own personal reactions to things that have already happened in your life.

The belief system that has become an integral part of your life includes the past and the present. With hard work, determination and commitment you can learn to see through the core of yourself as you truly are. I encourage all of you dear hearts to find yourself first, accept what you find with open arms and an equally opened mind.

Love yourself with the fullest of compassion your unconditional heart can muster then you will find your truths. Your truths, once you remove all the blockages will give your comfort and show you of your spiritual and divine direction. Underneath all the clutter, is a most perfect being and this being is YOU. 

Do not dear hearts use up any more of your precious energy on events and circumstances that have already happened and passed. Live in the present. Identify what is about a specific event that continues to pull you back, see what it is trying to teach you and learn the lesson that is being revealed.

Accept this lesson, Release this past event and the feelings and power it had over you to God and carry on with the uplifting energies that flow through you with life, faith and trust. Dear hearts, I have seen many dear souls become stuck here, unable to move forward. Please ask for me if you find yourself immovable. 

Being that you are a child of God, it is necessary to accept the beautiful light that shines within each of you through all the functions you move through every single day and in various levels of consciousness; even levels of consciousness you may of yet not be aware of. I can strengthen your own perceptions of your psychic abilities.

Being able to understand yourself, your truths, your given talents and abilities and being able to see yourself in your True Light is greatly encouraged. Each of you will blossom in Divine Time. There is no set Time on your readiness.

Without artificial illusions that come from your Ego I will put a spotlight on where your strengths sit and where practice and dedication is required. When we combine our efforts – yours and mind you will see with clarity the truth and reality that is alive within you. 

When you seek reflection to glean the truth of yourself and the world around you, you will discover the courage to step out of those pre-defined boundaries you set up on your own or aided by other’s thoughts and Egotistic opinions.

Within each of you dear hearts is a great inner spiritual power. This inner-power, fuelled by love and knowledge has strength on its own. Believe in your own capabilities and never stop aiming for the greatness of your anticipated achievements. More will come from the selfless efforts you put forward. 

The wisdom and knowledge you have gained from the experiences you have succeeded from are beneficial to others. Each and every one of you must walk your own path, yet it’s the sharing of “how you got there” that is most helpful when it’s done without bias, presumption or judgement.

You are worthy of the love you have for yourself, received from me, from God and other people that are spiritual or still holding a physical body. Do not be embarrassed by what you believe to be true. Your truth and your values are yours. Being able to live by your truths through your pure heart and not being embarrassed is hopefully encouraging. Be confident for what you hold as the truth and for what is of great value to you.

This does open the possibility of risking others to see your vulnerable side; do not look at this as a weakness dear hearts. At the risk of looking imprudent and still upholding what fills your heart and soul with peace is what matters dear hearts. Each of you will identify with similar truths and values, but they will still be personal to your own uniqueness.

Respect each other as each of you are of equally loved and respected by the many Divine Beings you look up to. Ridicule is unnecessary and it’s an unacceptable way to behave towards others who have agreed to open up and share their story, their truths and values. Make a conscious effort to live through your hearts dear ones.

Everyone on this fine planet deserves to be love; no one deserves to be judged or made fun of. I ask of you dear hearts to go out-of-your-way to be accepting of other people’s concepts and to love them for what they believe in. 

Dear hearts I accept every aspect of you. I do not judge you or do not withhold my love for you for the choices you have made. I Love You. The challenging lessons you have dealt with and have yet to meet are there to inspire a greater intensity to strive for more and to be all that you can be. Look at them with a positive light, instead of low grumbled complaint.

You will flow through the challenge quicker and find yourself filled with more peace that will enable you not to react in a strong emotional way. Learn to reach for your inner-power, your own strength, courage, and self-love and for me. We will walk together through your challenges, embracing the truth in each of them, hand in hand. 

I AM Archangel Haniel through Julie Miller


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