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Posted by Xaniel777 on February 28, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : February 29, 2012



Jamie Diamon, a global economic scourge

right action….week zero: planetary


target = jamie diamon, the poor twisted human so suffering that he has to act out as a global economic scourge.

From Clif High’s HALF PAST HUMAN.com

asymetric tools for planetary adjustment

This is 2012, in case it escaped your notice. This is the year of adjustment, for us humans, both interspecies and intraspecies.

February 29th is upon us. For those heart warriors out there, i offer a target for a planetary Hoʻoponopono, that in the person of jamie dimon, one of the economic terrorists currently scouring the last tasty morsels up from the planetary economy. This individual is repeatedly referenced on Max Keiser’s reports as being a top devestator among the other psychopaths at the peak of the ‘power pyramid’.

So my thought is to demonstrate what results can be obtained from real power. You there…in the back, that’s right, you 100,000 strong heart warriors…need you to Hoʻoponopono jamie dimon’s ass today, and every day, until he his healed.

Note that while we do this primarily for the planet, and for the poor suffering fat faced bastard jamie dimon, mostly i want to do this for max keiser…just so he can get a little moment’s peace.

So if you could do that, those who are strong…no joke, this is one twisted mo’fo who will require a whole lot of healing…..it will seriously take it out of you to assist in bringing jamie back to humanity. That is why i suggest that one hundred thousand of us share the load….after all, Max has been carrying it alone all this time, and as we know, Max has other work waiting.

All right then, all together now….a one, a two, a three…. Hoʻoponopono jamie’s ass today….

thanks. He really really needs it.

posted February 28, 2012 by clif high



Four Horsemen trailer: “You don’t know what’s been done to you”


From examiner.com

Carl Herman's photo

 Nonpartisan Examiner

Video: Four Horsemen trailer

The documentary Four Horsemen follows the 2011 Academy Award-winning documentary Inside Job. The purpose of both is to begin factually explaining what Occupy points to:

  • A “1%” oligarchy within economics, government, and media have transferred wealth from the 99% to themselves. This has been, and is today, massive criminal fraud costing the “99%” trillions of their dollars every year.

  • People who can document these crimes are doing so, AND public civic participation is required to build a brighter future for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants.

  • Occupy is opportunity for the 99% to recognize the 1%’s crimes centering in money and war (with corporate media to cover-up the crimes), end the crimes through arrests, and create policy for all Earth’s inhabitants. 

From Four Horsemens Press section:


The Four Horseman is a independent cinematic feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the global economy really works. Living in the age of consequence unfettered growth and profit seeking have pushed humanity to the brink.

Today’s Four Horsemen – socially organized violence, debt, iniquity and poverty control all of our lives. They’re gathering momentum, decimating communities and compromising future generations if they are not arrested the planet will gallop to a logical conclusion.

By dispelling the myth that capitalism has failed the Four Horsemen charts how a vast majority of the world’s population have been made to pay for the greatest heist in history. Capitalism hasn’t failed – it has worked perfectly according to the rules the systems creators have established at the detriment to those who can least afford it.

Younger generations sense innately that something is wrong. Disillusionment and unhappiness are far reaching throughout the developed world where almost everyone has got to the end of the benefits of economic growth.

Four Horsemen film pulls together for the first time 23 of the world’s leading thinkers who have held jobs at the highest level and explain where we go from here and how we can begin to re-engage.

Four Horsemen will be released soon. Click here to add demand for showing in your city.



Investigate the Federal Reserve’s activity and the missing 16 trillion dollars spent without congressional approval.


{ XANIEL’S NOTE :  For those wondering :  Xan M.Las Vegas, NVFebruary 28, 2012 ~ Signature # 649 } ~~~ Xaniel777


From WE the PEOPLE

CREATOR of this petition : 

Nathan L ~ Boise, ID ~  February 24, 2012 ~ Signature # 1


Begin a public investigation into the evidence Lord James of Blackheath brought before the House of Lords on February 16, 2012.

16 trillion dollars is missing from the American people as well as from various other countries around the world. Prove to us you want an honest government and take the lead by investigating these allegations immediately.

Created: Feb 24, 2012

Issues: Budget and TaxesEconomyGovernment Reform





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In support of liberty, Virginia Senate Passes “NDAA Nullification” Bill 1160


From 12160.info

By Michael Boldin

Tenth Amendment Center
February 28, 2012

Today, the Virginia Senate took a firm stand in support of liberty, the Constitution for the United States, and the Constitution of Virginia by voting in favor of House Bill 1160 (HB1160), the “NDAA Nullification Act.”

The final vote was 39-1.

After a motion to recommit (delay until next year) went down to the wire before being rejected yesterday (report here), groups across the political spectrum activated in support of the legislation, which codifies in law that no agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia – including defense forces and national guard troops, will comply with or assist the federal government in any way under it’s newly claimed powers to arrest and detain without due process.


The bill’s primary sponsor, Delegate Bob Marshall, had this to say in support:

During World War II, the federal government incarcerated tens of thousands of loyal Japanese Americans in the name of national security. By this bill, Virginia declares that it will not participate in similar modern-day efforts.

Even President Obama had questions about the bill, when he promised the American people that he would not use the unrestrained powers it granted him — but why should we trust any President with such powers?

There are moments in our history when our liberties hang in the balance. This is one of those moments. I urge the Senate…to lead the way in the nation to ensure that Virginia will not cooperate when the Federal Government strays off the reservation with laws that take away the civil liberties of our citizens.”






AP: Israel will strike Iran without warning US


{ XANIEL’S NOTE : We’ve been hearing for thirty or so years now about Iran’s fictional nuclear enrichment program that in truth has never existed and does not exist now. ( even the Israeli’s have admitted so, as have all the alphabet agencies of the U.S.)

This is the very same game plan always played by the U.S. and those idiot Israeli Zionist Bugs because they can’t come up with anything better.  I suspect it’s because they don’t have enough intelligence between them to wipe their own butts with.

( I shouldn’t be so hard on them though,  after all their only following the orders of their masters, ‘ THE ELITE ‘.   You remember

‘ THE ELITE ‘  don’t you?  Their part of the,  ‘ Don’t let this happen to you ‘ crowd.  ” LOSERS, everyone of them! )

And when given the order from their masters, the U.S. and Israel pull this game plan out whenever there is a lack of fear in the world or they need a distraction from something they did illegally or are fixing to do illegally.  

The biggest viruses and terrorists to the world and world peace are in fact the leadership of the U.S.A., Israel and any country that stands with them and their  ‘ CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY !(AND LETS NOT FORGET ABOUT THE TRUE PROBLEM, ‘ THE ELITE ‘) 

All of these people will be brought to justice and answer for all they have ever done to the world and the innocent people who live on her.

And if you believe for a second that the U.S. is not involved in whatever the Israeli’s have planned then read the story after this one. At best,  Israel is either trying to force the U.S. into hurrying the attack or is trying to give the U.S. deniability for now in order to surprise Iran later.  The next story below this one says it all !!  } ~~ Xaniel777 


From Alexander Higgins Blog

Posted by  – February 28, 2012

Israel will strike Iran without warning US - intelligence source

Israeli officials say if they decide to launch a pre-emptive attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, they will do so without the prior consent or knowledge of the US, according to an AP report citing leaked US intelligence.

The message was conveyed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak to a number of senior US officials visiting the country, the news agency said, citing a US intelligence source. The official spoke about the sensitive strategic negotiations on condition of anonymity. Both the US and Israel declined to make any official comment.

Tel Aviv insists its strategy is necessary in order to protect Washington from being blamed for failing to stop an Israeli attack, should it take place. But it may also signify Israeli frustration over America’s position on the conflict.

America has told its Middle Eastern ally that it will neither take military action against Iran nor back unilateral action on the part of Israel. Washington favors sanctions over brute force as a means to stop Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

The news of Israel’s unilateral intentions comes ahead of a key visit to the US by Netanyahu, planned for early March. The Israeli premier reportedly ordered his ministers not to publicly discuss the Iranian nuclear program in an apparent damage limitation move ahead of his trip. The report of the “gagging order” came a day after Defense Minister Barak gave a lengthy TV interview in which he spoke of the danger posed by Iran.

Western countries and Israel are convinced that Iran’s uranium enrichment program is aimed at developing nuclear weapons capability. Israel is determined not to allow this to happen. Iran insists that its nuclear pursuits are purely civilian.

Tensions rose again last week after a leaked UN nuclear watchdog report stated “serious concerns regarding possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program.”

In the latest bid to halt the enrichment, the US and EU issued sanctions against Iran’s oil industry. However they failed to rally all major buyers of Iranian oil to their banner. Tehran remains adamant that the move will not divert it from its nuclear research.

Source: RT 



Pentagon Demands $100 Million More For War With Iran

From Global Research

Global Research, February 27, 2012
RT – 2012-02-25

Pentagon wants $100 million extra to be prepared for a war with Iran. The money, requested from the Congress, is to beef up US military presence in the Persian Gulf and rapidly upgrade weapons to more effectively combat Iranian armed forces.

 US Central Command, which oversees American forces in the Gulf region, wants them prepared to defeat the Iranian fleet and shore artillery. They also want additional drone capabilities and mine swiping equipment to clear the Strait of Hormuz, should Iran act to set mines there as it threatened to, reports The Wall Street Journal.

 As part of the push, US spec-op team stationed in the United Arab Emirates has also been ordered to be prepared to take parting in military action in the region, the newspapers says citing defense sources. The unit is currently training elite forces of the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and other US allies in the region.

 The Pentagon submitted the request for extra funding on February 7, saying it is needed “bridge near-term capability gaps” in the Persian Gulf. The request is yet to be made officially public after lawmakers review it.

 It comes on top of changes made last summer that provided Central Command with about $200 million for additional upgrades, some of which could be used in areas outside the Gulf region. The earlier request asked money for a torpedo defense system, airborne anti-mine weapons and new cyber weapons. It was approved by the Congress.

 The Iranian Navy deploys relatively small fast-moving heavily armed vessels. US naval forces have been made to fight against larger targets and may lag in efficiency against Iranian, American military planners believe. To close the gap, US warships would need to be equipped with rapid-fire machine guns, anti-tank weapons and smaller caliber guns.

 The planned upgrade comes on top of the nearly $82 million program to improve the Massive Ordnance Penetrator, the largest bunker-buster bomb deployed by the Pentagon. The weapon may be used against Iranian fortified sites, but some experts believed the bomb would not be good enough to destroy those.

 Tension has been building rapidly over the months over Iranian controversial nuclear program. The US and its allies accuse Tehran of secretly developing a nuclear weapon under the guise of civilian research, an allegation the Islamic Republic denies. There is no conclusive proof of the allegation, and even US intelligence doubts Iranian nuclear ambitions. Nevertheless, the US and the EU issued sanctions against Iranian oil exports in a bid to put leverage on the country.

 There is speculation that Israel may launch an attack on Iranian military facilities in a pre-emptive strike. Tehran threatened to respond with military force against such an attack. It also said in case of a conflict it would block the Strait of Hormuz, through which some 20 per cent of all world’s traded crude passes.


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