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REAL NEWS March 16

Posted by Xaniel777 on March 15, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : March 16, 2012





The Fountain Of Youth


From The Unexplainable Store

By Jim McElwee

March 15, 2012

Today I’d like to talk about something that is on our minds from birth.  Time is something we are taught to fear, but we shouldn’t fear time any more than we fear life. 

The Fountain of Youth has always been sought after by adventurers and scholars, but with time humanity realized that we may not actually need a magical wellspring of life to keep feeling young, as long as we have control over the power of our own minds. 

Our Fountain of Youth entrainment program has been designed to trigger the true inner fountain of youth and begin generating a radiant glow of energy throughout your body that impacts how you age.

Have you ever seen someone after a decade of being apart from them and said to yourself, “They haven’t aged a day.”  The reality is, they are still aging but they have triggered the centers of their mind that help ease the aging process significantly. 

Keep in mind that all hormonal release, and all vital functions of the body have to pass directly through the mind. 

The mind acts like the computer managing the systems of the rest of the body, regulating temperature, and allowing it to succeed or fail according to the flow within it.  There’s little doubt that the mind is a powerful center of activity. 

But unlocking it can help you regulate your health in many ways, including how young you feel.  Be sure to check out our Fountain of Youth entrainment program at: http://www.store.unexplainable.net/products/fountain-of-youth.php to begin your transformation today.

And there are ways you can improve this entrainment program even more, by following a few easy steps that actually trigger an inner desire to live more healthily and fully.  The mind starts life fresh and full of curiosity. 

But over time we are told repeatedly that we are supposed to “act our age” and lower our expectations for how we should feel.  Why?  Your life is a wonderful adventure and it’s far from over! 

There’s so much we all want to do, we need as much time as we can get to allow us to do it.  It’s time to act your real age – the one you want to feel, rather than the one you’re told to feel.

Feeling young is partially about looking younger too. 

Have you ever considered the connection between how young someone looks and how young they act? 

The younger you act the younger you look, and the way to impact both is to alter your inner and outer appearance through action. 

And it’s not just about turning back the clock either.  It’s far easier to simply slow the clock where it is.

 How young is young?  Youth is a nebulous term that can refer to any number of specific ages. 

And what may have been old a hundred years ago is now considered the new youth. 

Those who push back the hands of the clock are like explorers discovering a new country full of promise and opportunity.  Except instead of land, these explorers are discovering life.

I hope you found this introduction to our Fountain of Youth entrainment program helpful.  Keep in mind that life is an adventure and you get to decide how to run it.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee


PO Box 486
Effort, PA 18330




Conceptual context threshold…


From Clif High’s Half Past Human.com

            ( Web Bot Update )

March 09, 2012

ok, so this is by way of claiming that i was correct, and to provide some hints as to what is happening now.

my claim to correctness is that the KONY 2012 was uploaded to youtube on March 5, 2012, which was our original target date for the plateau of building tension language.

True the A. Brietbart killing was on March 1, and did bring in some increased level of building tension language, but not near the necessary levels to constitute and sustain a plateau. Indeed, even by March 6 the initial flush of alt media reports were fading.

Now, in the background, slowly, with only self sustaining word of mouth, on a human2human level, the KONY 2012 movie and campaign is moving so far past viral as to constitute a new definition of this as a planetary experience.

George Ure has now been (finally) clued into how he was using language from the KONY movie ahead of its appearance and likely will report on this experience.

We did not know that KONY 2012, per se, was coming, we knew the language that would be fulfilled when the ??? whatever arrived.

It’s here.

It is my thinking now, that sometime late this afternoon pacific coast north america time zone, the KONY 2012 movie will have been watched by that final human that will be required and the whole context of the planet will begin changing as the shift into release language dominates from this point forward. It will happen before your eyes, and though many will be too blind to see it for months, it will already be engaging some of us by this evening.

This combinoric effect is what occurs when enough humans put enough intent into the same context…it changes that context. In this case, the context is the common consensus reality in which the entrenched elite rule with their psycopathic minions.

They have lost as of later today (March 9th, 2012), merely a matter of that last human having that experience, then the rush begins as more of us pile onto the idea and suddenly reality is changed. In computer marketing speak it is ‘crossing the chasm’, and it leads to ‘general adoptance’…follow the history of cell phones as a technology and you will understand the speed and forces involved.

All it takes to change reality is the intent that it shall be changed.

To my way of thinking, over 56 million people (and growing) are now so intent.

It will grow.

It is going to alter reality under the feet of the established consensus reality.


Now what was it i was saying in February about the ‘flavor of this particular time’. This time the karios has a distinct taste , and i know i am getting closer to it as the ‘victory pie’ smell is strong in the air…

true victory is victory over self (this is scalable by the way)….

it is merely the beginning.

oh, and not to put too fine a point on it, but to indulge a bit of aggressive humanness still rattling around in my old bones, and specifically for those who are ‘gulper devotees of the tavistock’ …..eat that bi#@hes….

posted March 9, 2012 by clif high




Persian woman : ” Is it safe to live in Iran at this time? “


From Benjamin Fulford’s Blog

March 15, 2012


Hey Ben –

Awaiting your weekly updates gratefully . . . Very thankful for your
down-to-earth-edness & effort . ..
I’m a 55-y-old Persian woman w/a house in Iran and looted future in
the US — do you really KNOW that Iran is gonna be spared another war?

Do you recommend living there at this time?
Things STUPID & FAKE in the US, as you know & they barely mention the

meat in the media & then downplay/redicule it . . .
Your input means a lot to me . . .
You’re in my prayers (to the God of Love & justice)
Thanx Ben,

don’t know their reputations except for a few rather famous ones.

This list includes Banks, Investment Houses, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Equity Funds, Savings Retirement Funds and other shadow banking organizations. The line is very blurry between these entities, some are owned by banks some are banks, some invest in banks as well as owning entire industries (common in Hong Kong and Japan).





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