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REAL NEWS April 03

Posted by Xaniel777 on April 2, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : April 03, 2012


Major Breakthrough In Nuclear Plasma Fusion


{ XANIEL’S NOTE :  Well, with this most recent news, I have no doubt that the ‘ U.S. political idiots ‘, ‘ Zionist Israeli political idiots ‘ and all of the ‘  NATO ~ Police the world cause we can~forces ‘, will declare all out war on these Scientists to protect their ‘ Oil interests ‘ and all the greed that evolves with it !!

And by doing so will make it crystal clear,  that the world will never get the benefits of this much better energy and way of life that would spring up from it.  

Because without you knowing it, they have already done this a thousand times over with other scientific breakthroughs! }~~ Xaniel777


From Alexander Higgins Blog

Posted by  – April 2, 2012

Scientists say have made a major breakthrough in the field of fusion bring them close to an unlimited source of the cheapest, cleanest and safest energy ever.

A peer-reviewed scientific study published in the Plasma Journal of Physics confirms that a New Jersey laboratory has just made a major breakthrough in the field of nuclear fusion that could lead to commercial grade garage size fusion generators within the next 5 years.

The scientist have recorded the highest ever magnetic confinement of a fusion fuel burning furnace reaching a temperature of at 1.8 billion degrees in their plasma fusion furnace.

The temperature is high enough to power nuclear fusion of fuels like hydrogen and boron which are called “aneutronic” because the produce now neutrons and can be converted directly into electricity.

According to the lab, the paper, titled Fusion reactions from >150 keV ions in a dense plasma focus (DPF) plasmoid,” also lays to rest a long-standing scientific controversy with major implications for whether the DPF is a viable source of useful fusion energy.

The team says they have shown conclusively that the majority of fusion reactions in DPF technology comes from confined, circulating ions, and not from a beam of ions just passing through once.

This major breakthrough will allow the team to focus on the next step into making plasma fusion reactors a reality which is the density of the hot regions required to create net energy output.

The team plans to demonstrate the full scientific feasibility on the density issue by the end of the year.

RT reports:

RT – Scientists in a New Jersey laboratory say they are close to a major breakthrough in the field of fusion that they predict will soon allow for an unlimited source of the cheapest, cleanest and safest energy ever.

Plasma Nuclear Fusion Becomes A Reality?

Researchers at Lawrenceville Plasma Physics in Middlesex, NJ have published the results of their recent work in the Physics of Plasmas journal last week, and expect one of their next rounds of testing to finally tackle an issue of energy procurement that would rival anything already available.

In their latest breakthrough, fusion researchers at the lab say that they’ve successfully heated and confined an ionized gas at record temperatures which would be high enough to allow for the nuclear fusion of certain elements, including hydrogen and boron.

Those elements double as aneutronic fuels — that is, they produce no neutrons during the fusion process — and could thus be quickly converted to electricity without using the expensive and dangerous conversion measures currently available.

Scientists say they believe they are close to a breakthrough that will allow them to harness energy from the elements and thus work with an energy source more marketable than anything now available.

According to the scientists, they have identified and emulated two of the three conditions necessary to show energy production with aneutronic fuels.

Eric Lerner, a chief scientist for Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, says that figuring out the temperature and confinement necessary for the fusion have been established in their research, and that once the team can determine the necessary conditions for the third variable — density — they will be able to harness energy from plasma.

“We are still far from having sufficient density in the tiny hot regions to get net energy, but that is our next goal,” Lerner says in a press release on the research.

To RT, fellow Lawrenceville researcher Derek Shannon adds, “We are working on the third criterion, density, now, with the goal of demonstrating full scientific feasibility this year.” 

Shannon also predicts that the research coming out of the New Jersey lab could put the groups as far as decade ahead of competing projects that aim to introduce manageable fusion fuels.

Shannon also believes that by successfully harnessing aneutronic fuels into energy, dangerous and dirty nuclear energy could soon be a thing of the past.

Lawrenceville is also in the midst of a Fusion for Peace campaign, and claim that“aneutronic nuclear energy itself could be the path to nuclear disarmament.”

The Lab’s press release:

Physics of Plasmas publishes LPP’s latest fusion advance

New Jersey Start-up Publishes 1.8 BILLION Degree Fusion Energy Advance in Leading Physics Journal

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics has published peer-reviewed results in Physics of Plasmas confirming that the firm’s Focus Fusion-1 machine has achieved the highest energy magnetic confinement of a fusion fuel ever, for any device, representing two of three criteria for net fusion energy. Translation: Garage-sized fusion generators could be possible in as few as five years.

Fusion researchers at a small NJ research company report heating and confining an ionized gas at record temperatures equivalent to over 1.8 billion degrees C, as described in a paper published March 23rd in Physics of Plasmas, the most highly cited journal devoted to plasma physics.

The temperatures observed are high enough to ignite the nuclear fusion of “aneutronic” fuels like hydrogen and boron. Such aneutronic fuels, which produce no neutrons, could generate energy that can be converted directly into electricity, without going through the expensive cycle of generating steam and putting it through turbines.

This would make LPP’s “Focus Fusion” technology potentially cheaper, cleaner and safer than any energy source now available.

“The research reported in this paper shows that we have achieved two of the three conditions needed to scientifically demonstrate net energy production with aneutronic fuels,” explains Eric Lerner, Chief Scientist at Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc.

“We have demonstrated the extremely high ion energies needed to ignite this fuel, and the confinement time of tens of nanoseconds that we need to burn it.

We are still far from having sufficient density in the tiny hot regions to get net energy, but that is our next goal.” A year ago, LPP had reported energies for ions of 1.1 billion degrees, equal to record temperatures for the dense plasma focus device that had stood since 1978.

The new work shatters those long-standing records and, most importantly, achieves the temperature needed to burn aneutronic fuels.

The paper, titled Fusion reactions from >150 keV ions in a dense plasma focus (DPF) plasmoid,” also lays to rest a long-standing scientific controversy with major implications for whether the DPF is a viable source of useful fusion energy.

Lerner’s team shows conclusively that the majority of fusion reactions in LPP’s DPF come from confined, circulating ions, and not from a beam of ions just passing through once.

If fusion reactions in a DPF come primarily from an unconfined beam, then the fusion yields are unlikely to scale to useful quantities of energy. On the other hand, if, as this research has shown, the fusion reactions take place primarily between ions confined within a concentrated ball of plasma (a “plasmoid”), then the energy from the reactions will be trapped and will heat the plasmoid up further, leading to a complete burn and net energy production. (The paper is available from LPP by request.)

The LPP research team is currently upgrading their fusion device to achieve the higher densities required for net energy, a goal they hope to achieve soon.

You can also find this release at our PRLog pressroom.

From the Lab’s website:

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics

Accelerating Unlimited Clean Energy

Follow the fusion @LPPX

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc. is a high-tech research and development corporation specializing in applications of plasma physics, including fusion power and intense X-ray sources.

Our lead project is the development of an inherently clean fusion energy generator using a device called the dense plasma focus (DPF) and hydrogen-boron fuel, an approach we call “Focus Fusion. 

This work was initially funded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is now backed by over forty private investors including the Abell Foundation of Baltimore.

LPP’s patented technology and peer-reviewed science will guide the design of a compact, environmentally safe and virtually unlimited source of energy that would be at least ten times cheaper than any existing sources.

Our research team has already achieved major experimental milestones, including the achievement of plasma confinement at energies equivalent to two billion degrees, high enough to fuse hydrogen and boron.

We intend to win the race for this ultimate energy prize by demonstrating the scientific feasibility of Focus Fusion at our laboratory in Middlesex, NJ. Non-exclusive licenses to government agencies and manufacturing partners will aim to ensure rapid adoption of Focus Fusion generators as the primary source of electrical power worldwide.


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 Japan’s government formally agrees to set up 1000 trillion yen fund but worries about geopolitical ramifications


From Benjamin Fulford’s Blog

April 03, 2012

This week’s newsletter was delayed for a day because of sensitive ongoing negotiations involving the Japanese, Chinese, Russian and US governments among others.

The negotiations are still going on as of this writing and there is much we still cannot report.

However, we can confirm that the Japanese government has agreed in principle to set up a 1000 trillion yen (12 trillion dollar) fund to be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and roll out previously forbidden technology in a responsible manner.

The problem now is how to sort out the massive geopolitical repercussions this fund will create.

In what may be a related development, there appears to have been a regime change in China because Xi Xinping, the man widely assumed to be the next president of China has not appeared on the official Chinese Xinhua news site since March 31st, while his erstwhile rival, Li Keqiang, is being given massive coverage.

This is only one of many signs of massive changes in planetary governance.

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Bin Laden Death Movie Mired in Controversy


From The Daily Bell

April 02, 2012 

  Kathryn Bigelow

After years on Australian television, actor Callan Mulvey is making a move into the American film market.

The actor has come into his own over the last few years, starring in the small-screen police-actioner “Rush” and it seems like the weekly exhibition of his action chops must have caught the right eyes somewhere as he’s now scored roles in two big films in the works this year.

First up is Kathryn Bigelow’s film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, “Zero Dark Thirty,” which has already been lensing over the last month or so.

As expected, there’s no word on who exactly he’ll play, but he joins a stellar ensemble cast that already includes Joel Edgerton, Chris Pratt, Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Kyle Chandler and Edgar Ramirez among others.

The film hits later this year on December 19th. – IndieWire

Dominant Social Theme: We can’t wait for “Zero Dark Thirty” that will tell the truth about the daring SEAL raid that killed enemy number one, Osama bin Laden.

Free-Market Analysis: Every time we think we are finished with the death of Osama bin Laden, we are thrust down the rabbit hole again. Surely we are not the only publication to question the death of Osama bin Laden, writing that he died long before May 1, 2011.

We wrote about it here: Osama bin Laden is Dead Again?

Then, more recently we wrote about it in within the context of Washington’s inability to provide any proof – any at all – that bin Laden had been murdered on May 1. You can see that article here: Pentagon Has No Records of Osama’s Death … CIA and Admin Stonewall Requests …

In it, we pointed out that there was no evidence for the killing: no body, no photos – and now the official word from the Pentagon itself that there was no evidence it could provide. As a result it is being sued.

If the suit is not thrown out on the laughable grounds of “national security” it will be interesting to see what the trial produces. Either the Pentagon will end up looking treacherous (if it actually has evidence to provide) or incompetent. Our bet is that the lawsuits won’t reach the courts.

The lawsuits are surely deserved.

There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that bin Laden died of kidney failure perhaps a decade ago. In fact, CNNs medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta stated the likelihood bin Laden was extremely ill, at least, on CNN back in January of 2002, the same time then-president of Pakistan, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, stated he thought it likely bin Laden had died of kidney failure.

Those in the skeptic’s camp, including many in the alternative media, hypothesize that the “killing” of bin Laden had more to do with burnishing Barack Obama‘s presidential credentials as a decisive war-time president than a successful assault on a the world’s most wanted man.

Ironically, while the Pentagon struggles to come up with any evidences of bin Laden’s death, there is no such difficulty when it comes to Hollywood.

Here a movie blockbuster is being prepared by Kathryn Bigelow (see excerpt at beginning of article). She is the former wife of blockbuster director James Cameron, recently of “Avatar” fame.

It seems to us more than likely that Bigelow has somehow begun to cultivate American Intel connections. Her previous movie, “The Hurt Locker,” was also a movie focused on the US war machine.

Such movies supposedly show the “gritty” and emotionally difficult side of war. But in reality, almost always they contribute to the aggrandizement of the American military enterprise.

It is not entirely supposition that Bigelow is in some sense a proponent of the US military industrial establishment. In fact, she is being sued over her supposed connections by conservative “watchdog” Judicial Watch.

Here’s an excerpt from a report at The Wrap on the lawsuit dated January 17:

Pentagon, CIA Sued Over Alleged Meetings With Kathryn Bigelow … A government watchdog group is suing the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, claiming the agencies are refusing to release details of their alleged meetings and communications with director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal.

It has been alleged that Bigelow and Boal – in preparation for the script to their Annapurna Pictures movie about the killing of Osama Bin Laden – received classified information regarding his death.

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act complaint – which was obtained by TheWrap – in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. The group says the DoD and CIA have not complied with its FOIA requests within the legally required 20 working days.

Judicial Watch sent FOIA requests to the DoD and the CIA on August 9, seeking records of alleged meetings and communications between government officials, the makers of the Bin Laden movie and employees of Annapurna Pictures, according to the group’s complaint.

According to The Wrap, suit comes in addition to an investigation launched by the Office of the Inspector General at Defense over the alleged meetings. (Whether the Pentagon will prove effective in investigating the CIA remains to be seen).

On the surface, perhaps this looks like just another weary story about how the US political and military-industrial complex are continually using Hollywood to promote military propaganda. But there is more to it than that.

Usually the scenarios are not so blatant and the initial subject matter is not so questionable. It would seem to bear out a theory we have that what we call the Internet Reformation is taking its toll on the power elite.

There is surely a Western power elite that wants to run the world and uses dominant social themes, fear-based propaganda, to frighten people into giving up power and control to globalist facilities specially prepared for that purpose.

But the Internet, as predicted, has made inroads into the promotional programs of the elite and many of these fear-based themes are not working so well these days.

As a result, the elites have begun to use authoritarian laws and regulations to push their apparent goal of a New World Order. They have also grown more sloppy about their command and control mechanisms.

It is as if they are going through the motions of their program without actually caring so much anymore as to whether people understand the parameters. In fact, this is fairly dangerous to the elite program of global governance.

There was a reason to use subterfuge all these years. There are a lot more who are NOT elites than are. Brute force, obvious promotions and obviously unfair, Draconian laws are a poor way to gain the cooperation of seven billion people.

Conclusion: The Bigelow lawsuit and the movie that is now filming will be interesting to track in terms of the efficacy of power elite memes. It seems to us that the elite’s ability to propagandize efficiently is falling apart. We’ll be interested, therefore, to see the outcome of both.




Romney gets nasty in Nevada but Ron Paul prevails


From Doug Wead The Blog

April 1, 2012

For Ron Paul supporters there is good news coming out of Nevada but the price paid to win these victories has been brutal.  Here goes.  A report from people in the trenches.

In Carson City, the vast numbers of Ron Paul supporters made no difference.  The chair ignored them.  The Carson City Caucus was so ugly that the insider, GOP, Romney establishment itself splintered under the pressure.  More than one eyewitness compared it to rape.

This from a GOP insider who has been used in the past as a Sergeant of Arms.  ”It was disgusting. The whole atmosphere was negative.  The leaders were angry and arrogant.  One fellow had a legitimate question about procedures and was shouted down by the chair. He was then escorted out by the Sgt at Arms to be talked to. This question was answered with one sentence later, during the proceedings!”

Here are some observations from Tom Mangone, a businessman.

“One young man stood in the middle of the group of the candidates he supported. He was very calmly stating that we all came here to become delegates to represent our county. He stood his ground in a polite way to become a delegate. The gal who was ‘running’ our group condescendingly said, ‘Do you want me to call the Sergeant of Arms?’ I was proud of this young man, he calmly responded, ‘For what, wanting to participate?’ I later found out he was on the Nevada State Debate Team.”

A woman, who was pregnant and ready to give birth at any moment, participated in her  precinct meeting and became a delegate to the county convention. However, I do not believe she got the opportunity to become a delegate to state, based solely on the candidate she supports.

“But, a man, from my own precinct, who did not participate in the process and did not attend his precinct meeting, showed up only at the county convention. He stated that he could not even attend the state convention, but he became a delegate because of his candidate of choice. This took a spot from someone that wanted to represent Carson City and would have been at the state convention to do so.”

Jennifer Kruger, a professional businesswoman, wrote a critique of the event, point by point, that will break your heart.  I am trying to get permission to pass it on.

Another observer sent me this in an email: “What sickens me is the fact that most, if not all of those thirty and younger were Ron Paul supporters and they saw just what the good ol Boys and their of ladies had done to them and see how America works now at least in Carson City.

“I am sick of the old country club set, making their decisions behind their luxury doors, establishing ‘rules and techniques’ that enable them to have it ‘their way or the highway’ as declared by them from the podium.

“This country needs the young people and they were raped at the Carson City GOP Convention and it was sad to watch helplessly!”

Concludes Mangone: “You read about these kinds of events happening elsewhere, not thinking that it could happen here. I left wondering if we were still in America. It seems that while attending an event such as this you would think we would all be on the same team.  And even though the front table suggested that we were, they insisted we get divided in four separate groups. I counted on these people to do the ‘right thing’ and I was sadly mistaken.

“I guess I should feel lucky because in other countries if you question how the voting process is ran or decline to share who you voted for, you wind up in jail or a bullet is put in your head. Sadly, this country is heading towards that mentality. Trust is now completely gone for the Carson County Republican Party.

“I saw the faces of several individual voters, (for most this was their first convention experience), and there was disbelief from all arenas. Many could not believe the Republican leaders did this and a few stated that they were no longer interested in politics. More and more of these types of events are happening across the country and it is driving a wedge right through the Republican Party. Many Republican voters have been lost. With the polls showing such a close race this type of behavior is gift wrapping Obama another four years in office.”

But Carson City corruption aside, statewide, Ron Paul is prevailing.  In Henderson, Nevada he swept all state delegates from Nye County and won a strong majority of state delegates from Douglas County.

Nye County Republican Party leadership had attempted to fill empty precinct delegate slots with people who failed to be elected or even participate in the February 4th caucus precinct meetings. 

Ron Paul supporters worked tirelessly to keep the convention running by Republican Party rules.  After a tiring circle of threats from the chair to shut down the proceedings unless attendees turned a blind eye to the cheating, Paul supporters elected a chair determined to conduct the proceedings in a fair manner.

With this blow was dealt to the current Nye County Republican Party leadership, they all departed – forfeiting any intention to represent or lead their county to the state convention.  The end result in Nye County was a fair, compliant election of a slate of delegates and alternate delegates to the state convention, all backing Dr. Paul.

Farther west in Douglas County, Ron Paul supporters locked down more than half of the 108 state delegates and many alternate delegate positions.

Reflecting on the powerful impact the Paul conservative movement is having in Nevada, Ron Paul 2012 Nevada State Chairman Carl Bunce said, “Supporters of Dr. Paul are reshaping Republican politics in Nevada.  They have the stamina and determination to bring the party back to its limited government roots, county by county.”

The Nye and Douglas successes add to a decisive victory in Clark County, the populous county encompassing Las Vegas.  In Clark, Paul secured approximately 60 percent of the delegates heading to the state convention, and won a supermajority of the Clark County Republican Executive Board.

Progress and momentum such as in this is hardly limited to Nevada.  It is happening in Washington, Missouri, Iowa and other states.  There are setbacks.  In North Dakota, where on Super Tuesday Rick Santorum won and Ron Paul came in second, the state convention was hijacked by Mitt Romney lawyers

Romney, who came in third place in the Super Tuesday voting, nevertheless took 60% of the delegates there, even though outnumbered at the convention.

Says Jesse Benton,  Ron Paul Campaign Chairman, of the battles now raging at state conventions, “Beltway insiders might dismiss it, some in the media may choose to overlook it, and establishment party hacks will at times cheat, but nothing can stop the Ron Paul-influenced reawakening of the conservative movement in America.  Voters are smarter than the representation they’re getting and the empty rhetoric of fake conservatives and serial hypocrites.”




Palm Beach Elections Overturned After Hand-Count Reveals Op-Scans Mistallied Results


From The Brad Blog

March 30, 2012

By Brad Friedman

The computers got it wrong. The losing candidates were declared and certified as the “winners.” But they didn’t actually receive more votes than their opponents. This time, we happened to find out.

As long-time readers of The BRAD BLOG know, there’s a reason we routinely slam election officials and media for announcing wholly-unverified computer-reported results of elections before any of the ballots are actually examined by human beings.

So called, post-election “random audits” of a tiny number of paper ballots — where paper ballots exist, where officials even bother to do that much — are almost always useless, easily gamed, and, at any rate, almost always poorly carried out. Post-election spot-checks are no substitute for actually, ya know, counting actual ballots.

Nonetheless, election officials and media simply presume that optically-scanned ballots have been correctly tallied on Election Night because, after all, “computers are more reliable than human beings,” as they like to say, and any result, apparently, is far more important than an accurate result reflecting the actual will of the voters.

The situation is made still worse in states like Florida where horrible election laws actually prohibit human beings from examining paper ballots to assure they’ve been tallied accurately after they’ve already been processed by a computer system.

And it’s all made even worse than that in Florida as the state has turned election results verification on its head by requiring results be certified just six days after the election, long before results can actually be canvassed by officials for any type of accuracy.

With all of that in mind, and all of the warnings The BRAD BLOG has long offered about optical-scan tallying systems, guess what’s just happened in Palm Beach County, Florida — one of the absolute most disastrous counties for elections in the entire country?…

From the Palm Beach Post:

The supplier of Palm Beach County’s voting and tabulating equipment says a software “shortcoming” led to votes being assigned to the wrong candidates and the elections office declaring the wrong winners in two recent Wellington council races.

County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher, who insisted a computer glitch rather than human error was to blame for the fiasco, claimed vindication after Dominion Voting Systems released its statement.

Wellington and 15 other municipalities held elections on March 13. In Wellington, the ballot was set up with the mayor’s race first, the Seat 1 council race second and the Seat 4 council race third.

Unbeknownst to elections officials, the vote totals for the mayor’s race ended up being reported and later certified as the results of the Seat 1 race. The Seat 1 vote totals were certified as the Seat 4 results and the Seat 4 vote totals were certified as the mayoral results.

Yes, it’s true that Palm Beach County simply cannot carry out an election properly on any type of voting system. It’s true that…

But the problem in Palm Beach this time out was not the fault of Palm Beach. It was the fault of the same computerized optical-scan systems used all over the country.

The systems which will once again be used this November, and which have been used throughout the primary cycle. The systems which failed in Palm Beach were made by Sequoia Voting Systems, which was recently purchased — along with Diebold’s Election Division — by a private Canadian company named Dominion Voting.

With those two acquisitions — and immediate lies about them both — Dominion became the second largest e-voting system vendor in the country.

Is it any wonder then, with New York state as the last in the country to force all of its counties to move to computerized voting (many of them opting to go with Dominion-made scanners), that folks like Columbia County, NY’s Democratic Election Commissioner Virginia Martin joined with her Republican counterpart, Jason Nastke, to insist on only 100% hand-counted paper ballots in their elections, as we detailed this past Wednesday?

“The most accurate and reliable method is a 100% visual audit,” Nastke noted earlier this week. In 2010 Martin opined in an editorial that her state “handed us a $50-million lemon when it required that we use computers to count votes.” She went on to explain: “Since I, as election commissioner, have to certify to the accuracy of any election run under my watch, that steers me in the direction of a more elemental process — a hand count under the watchful gaze of individuals who are invested in its accuracy.”

No, the real wonder then is how it can be that more states and counties across this nation have yet to follow Martin and Nastke’s lead in actually looking out for their voters, rather than relying on often-inaccurate, easily-gamed computer systems for the most central part of our electoral democracy: counting the vote.

Whether it’s Dominion or Sequoia or Diebold or Hart-Intercivic or ES&S or any of the other private companies which have taken dominion over our once-public electoral system, they are all run by the same folks who move from company to company and from election office to election office and lie about the same crappy, unaccountable, secret vote-counting systems. The company names change, the people do not and neither does their error-prone technology.

The Palm Beach Post reports Dominion Voting Systems issued a statement earlier this week from Waldeep Singh, a vice president of customer relations. Prior to that, Singh worked for Sequoia. Prior to that, Singh worked for the California Secretary of State. They all work together. Just not for you.

“The incorrect reporting of vote totals which occurred in the Wellington [Palm Beach County] election was caused by a mismatch between the software which generates the paper ballots and the central tally system,” Singh said in his statement.

“This synchronization difficulty is a shortcoming of the version of software currently being used in Palm Beach County and that shortcoming has been addressed in a subsequent version of the software. These enhancements help to prevent such an anomaly from occurring in the future. Dominion is in the process of providing this newer version to Palm Beach County.”

Singh would not return the call from Palm Beach Post which had additional questions. That’s standard operating procedure for these companies.

The paper goes on to report that Palm Beach County’s Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher “has been in negotiations with Dominion to buy new software, but she said the upgraded software would not have been available for the March 13 elections because it has not yet been certified by the state Division of Elections.”

The nice thing about hand-counting paper ballots — other than the fact that citizens can actually oversee the results of their own elections and know the results are accurate, is that nobody has to rely on anybody to “certify” secret vote counting software that, years later, will be found to have been certified inaccurately, as is almost always the case.

Of course, the op-scan failure that happened in Palm Springs this year isn’t all that unusual. What’s so unusual is that anybody actually happened to notice it this time, and that election results may actually be changed this long after an election has been certified in which the wrong candidates were announced as the “winners” of their elections.


* * *


UPDATE 4/2/12: More details now on how these elections were resolved over the weekend (by a public hand-count) and how Dominion is now claiming it wasn’t really their fault after all, in a new statement to the state of Florida. The Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, however, disagrees, as she explained today to us. Full details now here…




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