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REAL NEWS April 10

Posted by Xaniel777 on April 9, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : April 10, 2012


Michael Savage: How Obama fixed 2012 election

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : Special thanks to Tom O’Hallran for pointing me to this story on Twitter!}~~Xaniel777


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Michael Savage: Why Obama is confidend of election outcome? Obama ensured his re-election..aired 4/4/2012.





MASS ARRESTS: David Wilcock Interviews Drake — Transcript!


From Divine Cosmos

David Wilcock

By David Wilcock

April 05, 2012 at 12:12

Thousands of top conspirators in finance, media, pharmaceuticals and government are about to be arrested. Read this landmark interview transcript with “Drake” now — before it becomes front-page news!


The problems we face in today’s world are extraordinary. You may feel as if there is no way out.

There is a core group responsible for the majority of these problems. If this group is defeated, it will be much easier for us to heal our planet.

Mass arrests of this core group have been planned since at least the 1970s — according to Drake, a new whistleblower I recently interviewed.

This is the official, full transcript of that discussion — where we combined the strength of what both of us have heard independently about this plan.

Like it or not, a civilian uprising alone would never have the logistical and tactical ability to resist such a well-armed and deeply-entrenched group.

There is an absolute requirement that the military, or at least a significant majority of it, supports the will of the people in a case like this — in order for us to have a real chance at succeeding.

Despite the intrinsic paranoia and fear associated with any change of this scale, I firmly believe this will be a quantum leap in the healing of our planet. Freedom is not a pipe dream. The people demand it.


Although a certain percentage of people are not strong enough to face the truth, just yet, everyone is aware at some level that we have occult forces manipulating finance and government.

Movies like “Thrive” lay it all out for you — including the fact that these groups hope to kill billions of people, reducing Earth’s population to a size they feel would be easier to control.

Foster Gamble recently made a video announcement that Thrive will now be distributed free of charge online — as of today’s date, April 5, 2012. See for yourself — this is not a hoax:

Official Announcement that THRIVE Will Be Free



Here is the new, dedicated link to the FULL version of Thrive. When I checked it there were still only 203 hits, as it had just gone live. You can copy this, distribute this to your friends, and it will remain stable:

Official Link to Full-Length, Free Version of THRIVE Documentary


If anyone still doesn’t believe that these genocidal plots are real, send them this link and watch this movie with them — together.

They will have a lot of questions — and will probably need to pause it frequently and talk.


It may seem impossible to believe that anyone would want to install a global dictatorship — but genuinely sociopathic people do exist.

In this case they are very well-organized, and have seized power very effectively — particularly in the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy — the G5.

My own definitive statement on this is the Financial Tyranny ebook, featured here at Divine Cosmos.


The real core of this group’s power lies in the control of the money system — through the Federal Reserve banking families and their international equivalent, the Bank for International Settlements or BIS.

This Financial Tyranny is the underlying root of a staggering number of problems on Earth.

Starvation and disease is epidemic in much of the world, and even in the modern countries there is widespread poverty and economic hardship.

The majority of the world is completely fed up with Financial Tyranny, and has formed an alliance to stop it — using as non-violent a means as possible, while still achieving the necessary results.

Drake has revealed startling new information. The plan was already developed into a five-inch-thick briefing document as of 1979.


This plan will be carried out by a 60-percent majority of heroes in the Pentagon and US military — who do NOT support Financial Tyranny, and genuinely have our best interests at heart.

There are now signs that this majority has recently become a lot more than 60 percent.

Drake just told me on the phone that he is now in direct contact with the underground on a mass level.

He is now working with every significant group having to do with freedom. The numbers are incredible. There are crushing demands on his time as a result. Everyone wants to get clear on how they can help.

His latest show, after our interview, consumed more bandwidth than every other program in the entire history of Blog Talk Radio — combined — and strangled the server.

An estimated 1.3 million listeners tuned in — live. There are already YouTube copies of my interview with Drake that have over a hundred thousand views each.

The original MP3s have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times from this website as well.


Former Asia-Pacific bureau chief Benjamin Fulford was the first to break this story, as far as I am aware. He has been talking about it for at least three years now.

The complexity of an operation like this is staggering — as this cabal effectively controls the media, and uses murder, torture, blackmail and bribery to insure it is never exposed.

I became personally involved by interviewing Fulford several times now — and posting the transcripts, which have never ceased to be fascinating.

In addition, I began directly working with some of his top contacts behind the 134-nation alliance of countries ready to end Financial Tyranny — as of last November.

If these mass arrests do occur, and I very much believe they will, this will be at least as significant as 9/11 in world history — if not far more so. And in this case it will be significantlypositive, not negative.

Everyone will be talking about it. There will be no possible way NOT to talk about it. The scope will be that vast — and all-encompassing.


The full details of the plan, including its origin, are classified — as some of the people involved are still alive. Any attempt to attach it to a particular time window could significantly increase the threat of exposing them.

However, in Operation Northwoods, the US government seriously considered terrorizing its own cities to provoke a war with Cuba — as of 1962.

ABC News published the details of this plan on May 1, 2001 — before 9/11.

U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War with Cuba

By David Ruppe

N E W Y O R K, May 1, 2001

In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and evenorchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.

America’s top military brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties, writing: “We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba,” and, “casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.”

You can read original scans of the entire document, in all its chilling clarity, here.

The Wikipedia page on Operation Northwoods is also quite good — at least right at this time.


Kennedy turned the plan down after it was offered to him. This plan also undoubtedly caused a great deal of alarm among many top military brass.

Seeing Kennedy assassinated, in broad daylight, not long thereafter made them very aware of what they were up against.

The same types of operations detailed in the Northwoods document had now been used against their own Commander in Chief.

For those who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and its people, against all enemies — foreign and domestic — this was certainly a powerful wake-up call.

Very likely this is when the plan for mass arrests started to gain momentum and support.


When I did the interview with Drake, it occurred to me that Nixon’s planned coup, which he circulated amongst all the top military brass, undoubtedly influenced the plan for mass arrests.

I had first read about this in William T. Still’s epic work, New World Order. Here are a few excerpts from the first chapter, which spells it all out.

Excerpts from New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies by William T. Still

7 On about October 15, 1973, I was given a memorandum by my father, Lt. Col. William L. Still, a retired Air Force officer, one of the architects of the military’s defense communications network.

On October 3, 1973 he was approached by an acquaintance, Joe Josephson, who claimed he had connections with the White House of President Richard M. Nixon.

This acquaintance asked my father how he and his military friends would feel about a military takeover of the U.S. government….

The Watergate hearings had gone on throughout the summer and now President Nixon was refusing to comply with court orders to surrender the White House tapes as evidence….

My father was dumbfounded by the suggestion that a coup was afoot. Fortunately, he was able to conceal his shock long enough to learn some of the details from his associate, Mr. Josephson.


8 Shortly thereafter, he wrote a memorandum detailing the incident and circulated it in military intelligence and FBI channels. This startling memorandum reads as follows:


Subject: Rumor concerning planning for a Military Coup within the USA.


My name is William L. Still, Lt. Co., USAF (Ret). I am not an alarmist, and consider myself to be intelligent, objective and an analyst of above average capability. I am writing this statement only after careful consideration of its potential impact on both the country and myself…

A committee exists which is dedicated to… keeping Mr. Nixon in office by any means – INCLUDING A MILITARY COUP BY HIGH RANKING OFFICERS!

I heard this rumor on 3 October 1973. The man from whom I heard this story stated that he had recently been “sounded out” on a writing job for the committee, and that there was apparently unlimited money behind it as “price was no object” in salary discussions….

We then entered into a discussion on the tactics which could be used to execute such a coup.

During the course of the discussion, I was questioned as to the feasibility of the plan, and asked whether I thought senior military men could be enlisted for such an effort.


This next part of the story is particularly provocative in light of 9/11 — and this is much less known than Operation Northwoods.

Part of this plan to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution involved assassinating the vice president in broad daylight, and bombing American cities.

Then, the whole thing would be blamed on terrorists — and would force a declaration of martial law and the suspension of the Constitution.

Nixon’s continued power would be ensured — regardless of the public uproar over Watergate. That was part of the plan.


A mass-market paperback book entitled The Glasshouse Tapes was published by Louis Tackwood, who claimed that he was a member of a super-secret domestic intelligence unit of the Los Angeles Police Departmentwhich was working on a plan to create a chaotic domestic political situation in the U.S. that would give President Nixon the justification for declaring martial law.

Tackwood claimed that he helped set up a secret operation which would allow anti-war demonstrators to break onto the floor of the 1972 Republican convention, then scheduled to take place in San Diego, just as Vice-President Agnew began to speak.

Tackwood and his accomplices would then cause a riot on the convention floor, with the demonstrators battling police. During the resulting uproar, the vice-president would be shot on nationwide TV to gain maximum impact.

This incident would be followed by a wave of nationwide bombings, for which the revolutionary left would openly take credit.

In response, President Nixon would then have the justification to declare a state of national emergency, and essentially suspend Constitutional rights….

11 The idea in such an assassination strategy is, of course, to create a chaotic condition. This is usually considered a necessity in coup-making. At the peak of chaos, you move quickly and ruthlessly to seize power by force and kill your opposition during the turmoil….


This next set of excerpts are only two of the most powerful examples of people speaking out about what almost happened back in 1973. We are very fortunate that these plans did not take place.

Again — I believe that in the fullness of time, we will find out that the plan for mass arrests significantly accelerated as a result of these events.

12 In June, 1982 Watergate grand juror Harold Evans appeared in a segment of the ABC news magazine 20/20 and said that [Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon] Jaworski had warned the grand jury that if indicted, the president might have “surrounded the White House with armed forces.”….

13 Seymour Hersh, writing in the August 1983 edition of the Atlantic Monthly, stated: …

“The notion that Nixon could at any time resort to extraordinary steps to preserve his presidency was far more widespread in the government than the public perceived in the early days of Watergate — or perceives today.”


I’ve just shared two very powerful examples with you, each of which has been thoroughly documented, where certain high-ranking members of the military planned on attacking American cities and blaming it on terrorists.

The Nixon coup in particular made it clear that this wasn’t just to go after a commonly-perceived enemy like Cuba — it was to establish a military dictatorship in the United States, and take away all freedoms promised in the Constitution.

The most significant new data from Drake’s testimony, to me, is how these mass arrests have been planned since at least 1979 — and the briefing document was already five inches thick by then.

It is ridiculous to assume that “everybody is in on it” if they are in finance, media, government, corporations or military. That is a cartoonish, ignorant view — and actually constitutes a form of mental illness.

The reality is that most of the people working in these areas are good. Only a very small number of folks at the very top have been causing all the trouble.

Drake and I discuss many other subjects in our interview as well. Everyone would be well advised to read this and get informed.

My own insiders have told me that this plan for mass arrests has been in very high gear ever since 9/11. However, they cannot move until they have everything lined up properly — and legally. That moment has finally arrived.

Now that I have posted this transcript, I will get back to finishing its companion piece, DIVINE INTERVENTION.


Here are the links to the solid MP3 copies of this interview that you can download and store on your hard drive.

These are ZIP files. All you have to do is download them, open them and tell them where you want your MP3 to go. It’s that simple — just like our downloadable products. Here they are:




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If you try to load these files into iTunes and it crashes, you need to update your iTunes. The current iTunes version 10.6.1 fixes most of these bugs.

Please update your iTunes to load them into your iPhone, iPod, or iPad in order to listen to these files on those devices.

And now, without further ado, let’s launch right into the interview transcript itself.

Click Here to Read full Transcript – INTRODUCTION: THE PLAN FOR MASS ARRESTS




US Army Preparing for Martial Law Scenario in US? Civil Disturbance and Mock Riot Drills In Washington


From The Intel Hub

The Intel Hub
April 9, 2012

For years the alternative media has warned about the US military possibly being used against the American people in a time of economic collapse or any sort of martial law scenario.

Drills such as Vigilant Guard 2010 have brought widespread attention to the fact that portions of our own military are training to take on crowds of American citizens demanding food and Constitutional rights in a time of crisis.

Now, a new release by the website Public Intelligence, once again confirms that as recently as February and March of 2012, US troops at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington were conducting training scenarios for a civil disturbance domestic quick reaction force.

A series of photos of the drills shows US troops with crowd control riot shields on the opposite side of actors portraying what can only be described as American citizens.

The following photos are from March and February of this year and were taken at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. The first four photos from March depict riot control training for a “domestic quick reaction force” that would aid in civil disturbances.

The second set of photos from February depict the 67th Military Police Company that typically mans the area’s Regional Correctional Facility attempting to quell riots among “restless prison inmates” that have created a disturbance, wrote Public Intelligence in a blog post that accompanied the photos.

Soldiers assigned to 3rd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, prepare to control a riot during training, March 13, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The unit is conducting civil disturbance training in preparation as a domestic quick reaction force.

Soldiers assigned to 3rd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, conduct riot training March 13 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The unit is conducting civil disturbance training in preparation as a domestic quick reaction force.

Soldiers assigned to 3rd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, hold their line in efforts to control a riot during training, March 13, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The unit is conducting civil disturbance training in preparation as a domestic quick reaction force.

In the second series of photos, the 67th Military Brigade is seen taking part in what was described as a prison inmate riot. (FEMA Camps inmates?)

Soldiers with the 67th Military Police Company grab hold of a soldier playing the role of a restless prison inmate who has been injured on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., Feb. 16 while practicing riot control drills during a culmination exercise that concluded a week of training for the soldiers.

In a post on the U.S. Army’s 5th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment’s Facebook page the drill was somewhat explained:

JOINT BASE LEWIS-McCHORD, WASH. – The Soldiers in a closed formation bang their batons in cadence against their shields as an angry mob approaches.

“When I initially picked up my shield, the thought of the movie 300 was the first thing that came to mind,” said Spc. Kyle Wilhelmi.

Teams of Soldiers assigned to 3rd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment, 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade conducted civil disturbance training here March 13. The Soldiers, though not quite Spartans, are effectively training to hold their line and successfully control crowds if called upon for a civil disturbance

Soldiers with shields, batons and rifles pushed through and maintained a dominant stance against a mob of about 40 civilians. The riot escalated as the crowd began throwing snowballs, slurred profanity and made offensive gestures at the Soldiers. The more forceful members of the mob charged the Soldiers but were easily pushed back, as many often fell to the icy surface.

Consider this:

The Department of Homeland Security, the USDA, and the FBI have ALL purchased or are set to purchase over 750 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo while at the same time portions of the US Army are directly training for crowd control within the United States.

You can view all the photos through Public Intelligence Here.





Riots May Be Controlled With Chemicals


From Alexander Higgins Blog

Posted by – April 9, 2012

Police look at firing chemical irritants at rioters in search for ‘less lethal’ weapons, such as plastic bullets, to deal with civil disorder

Riot police are seen in front of fires during a demonstration against government spending cuts in London. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/PA Ima

Riot police are seen in front of fires during a demonstration against government spending cuts in London. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/PA Ima

Future riots could be quelled by projectiles containing chemical irritants fired by police using new weapons that are now in the final stages of development.

The Discriminating Irritant Projectile (Dip) has been under development by the Home Office’s center for applied science and technology (Cast) as a potential replacement for plastic bullets.

Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal that last summer’s riots in England provided a major impetus to Home Office research into new-generation riot control technology, ranging from the Dip to even more curious weaponry described by Cast technicians as “skunk oil”.

The briefing by Cast for the Police Service of Northern Ireland says that last year’s disorder sparked a surge of ideas to the Home Office from the public as well as companies manufacturing police technology. To capitalise on the interest, Cast convened a “brainstorming” event in October. Participants included police from London and Northern Ireland, the Police Federation, the Serious Organized Crime Agency (Soca) and the Ministry of Defense’s Defense Science and Technology Laboratory.

“No ideas too stupid or ‘off the wall’ to consider,” the briefing notes record.

The November briefing, The Development of New Less Lethal Technologies, suggests that the Dips would be loaded into guns used to fire the existing generation of plastic bullets. They would be intended to be accurate at a range of up to 65 meters.

It is understood that the Dip, which was originally supposed to have been introduced in 2010, would be loaded with CS gas, pepper spray or another irritant.

Other parts of the briefing, released under the Freedom of Information Act, refer to a need in the short term by police to develop “counter laser dazzle” technology to protect officers from being dazzled by people using lasers like those used in recent Greek riots.

Large sections of the briefing were redacted by the Home Office, which designated them as “commercially sensitive”. However, the Guardian understands that the “less lethal” technology discussed included heat rays and sound weapons. One weapon that particularly interested police officers was something Cast technicians referred to as “skunk oil”.

The system would involve pellets containing foul-smelling liquids being fired from weapons similar to paintball guns. Such would be the smell that individuals hit by the pellets would want to go home to change their clothes, while associates would be reluctant to stay close to them.

The Guardian has also obtained figures illustrating the extent of recent spending by police forces around the country on the existing generation of plastic bullets, now referred to as attenuating energy projectiles (AEPs).

Some forces appear to have decided to considerably boost their stocks. Leicestershire constabulary spent £19,630 buying AEPs in 2010-11, doubling its spending on the previous year. So far in 2011-12 it has spent more than £10,000. Even a relatively small force, Avon and Somerset, which faced serious disorder in Bristol last year during the English riots and on a previous occasion amid anger over a controversial Tesco store, has spent more than £70,000 in the last three years. It also currently possesses 28 AEP launchers. That is 16 more than the larger West Midlands police, which still nevertheless spend more than £53,000 stocking up on AEPs in the last three years.

Gloucestershire police, whose territory was the scene of one of the more surprising outbreaks of rioting last summer, decided to considerably boost its AEP stocks last year. It spent £32,060 doing so, more than double its combined spending in 2009 and 2010. Elsewhere, Greater Manchester said it had sufficient supplies last year after spending more than £76,000 in the previous two years, while Nottinghamshire has spent £74,000 in the past three years.

A number of forces, including Merseyside and West Yorkshire, declined to provide information. Merseyside used the Home Office’s claim that terrorism remains a “substantial” threat as a reason for not providing the information.

A final response has not been provided by the Metropolitan police. The Met commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe, told a meeting of the Metropolitan police authority last November that the force authorized the deployment of plastic bullets on at least 22 different dates last year.

Another freedom of information request from the Guardian found that the Home Office supplied £4.4m worth of AEPs between 2007 and March last year to police forces across England and Wales. The projectiles are supplied to the Home Office by the Ministry of Defense for police use.

While the Home Office invoiced forces for £700,000 worth in 2007-08, this rose to £1.2m in each of the following years and to £1.3m in 2010-11.

Powered by Guardian.co.ukThis article contains content from Riots may be controlled with chemicals by< Ben Quinn Charles Arthur, which was written for The Guardian on guardian.co.uk Monday 9 April 2012 14.01 EDT.

The content is published here under license between Alexander Higgins and Guardian. The Re-use of this content is permitted providing that you comply with the The Open Platform Terms and Conditions. In short you must register for an Open Platform API key and keep all content, including this notice, unmodified and fully intact.

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Arsenic, caffeine, banned antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and more found in chickens


{ XANIEL’S NOTE : It is mind boggling how many people that are sick, dying or have already died, as a result of what these people are doing to our food supply.

And now they are pushing in each State to make it  a crime to grow your own food.

How much longer will we put with this, you ask??  NOT MUCH LONGER ! As the mass arrests will be beginning soon. Very soon!!}~~ Xaniel777 


From Activist Post

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
Activist Post

Many people are well aware of the fact that chickens are regularly given roxarsone, what amounts to arsenic, in an attempt to both fight parasites and increase the growth rate of chickens while making the flesh of the chicken that certain“appetizing” shade of pink.

However, the worrisome substances in present in the chickens we eat do not end there. This is just one of the many fronts in the war on our health and the freedom to choose foods free from extraneous chemicals. For more on this subject, listen to our interview with Heather Callaghan of Activist Post on End the Lie radio below:

Two new studies, co-authored by Keeve Nachman, a scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future, have found a disturbing amount of chemicals being fed to chickens on factory farms on a routine basis.

“We were kind of floored,” Nachman said. “It’s unbelievable what we found.”

One of the studies was published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Environmental Science & Technology while the other peer-reviewed study was published in Science of the Total Environment.

Some claim that there is no proof that the arsenic is harmful to either the chicken or the person who eventually consumes the chicken, but the sheer amount of it that is in our food supply is nothing short of disturbing.

Indeed, a 2004 Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy study showed that over half of the chicken bought in stores or in fast food restaurants contained abnormally high levels of arsenic.

It gets even more troubling when one realizes that a shocking 2.2. million pounds of the substance are used on a yearly basis in the production of 43 billion pounds of poultry.

If the claims that there is absolutely no danger posed by the use of arsenic in feed are completely true, one must wonder why the Maryland state Senate passed a bill banning chicken feed containing arsenic with a 32-14 vote.

“This bill in my mind is a no-brainer. The scientific questions have been answered. We’re talking about a heavy metal, a known carcinogen that we’re spreading on the land,” Drew Koslow, the Choptank Riverkeeper for the Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy said.

“We have allowed the industry to add tons of deadly arsenic to Maryland’s food and environment each year for decades,”said Tom Hucker, a Democratic Delegate, in a statement.

All that remains is for the House to accept the Senate’s amendments and then Maryland will become the first state in America to ban roxarsone, hopefully setting a precedent which will help similar legislation be passed across the nation.

Aside from arsenic, new research has discovered that chickens have been fed a massive drug cocktail including fluoroquinolones, a banned antibiotic which is illegal because it has been linked to the creation of so-called “superbugs.”

Furthermore, they found caffeine and even the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) Prozac, which is prescribed for depression, in chicken imported from China, along with antihistamines, and acetaminophen.

Apparently, Prozac was placed in chicken feed because chickens who are stressed out tend to produce tougher meat and given the atrocious conditions chickens are subjected to in factory farming operations, chickens are often understandably stressed.

The caffeine reportedly comes from coffee pulp and green tea powder also placed in their feed in order to force them to stay awake longer and eat more food, thus bulking up faster for sale.

All of this was discovered through tests conducted on the chickens’ feathers, which are similar to the fingernails and hair of humans in their ability to accumulate chemicals.

Potentially the most disturbing part of this entire thing is that many farmers are reportedly not even aware that they are feeding their chickens this drug cocktail.

This is because farmers are often forced to use a certain food mix by the food companies that purchase their poultry, meaning they don’t really have a choice in the matter and often are completely clueless about the questionable ingredients.

Even more worrisome, some organic chicken meat has been shown to have traces of arsenic in tests, although organic chicken feed supposedly does not have roxarsone as an additive.

Since this is the case, Sara Novak concludes, “the next most rational step is to give up the bird completely.”

This article first appeared at EndtheLie.com. Read other contributed articles by Madison Ruppert here.

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. He is available for podcast and radio interviews. Madison also now has his own radio show on Orion Talk Radio from 8 pm — 10 pm Pacific, which you can find HERE. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at admin@EndtheLie.com


Obama Orders Press Blackout After US Credit Rating Cut


{ XANIEL’S NOTE : I guess this is the finial proof that ‘ MAIN STREET MEDIA ‘ is in fact owned operated and completely controlled by the ‘ Elite ‘,  to be used as a propaganda and disinformation source, whose sole purpose is to dumb down and control the American people.

NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE THE POWER TO BLOCK THE FREE PRESS, ‘ NO ONE !’  For we all ‘ have a right to know !! ‘

The only real free press left is the ‘ ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ‘.

And you can rest easy knowing that all of my Alternative News Colleagues and I are working around the clock to keep the U.S. and the World as informed of the truth as humanly possible !!} ~~ Xaniel777


Maine Republic Email Alert

“. . . if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle?” — I Corinthians 14:8 —
“. . . that I should bear witness unto the truth.” — John 18:33 // David E. Robinson, Publisher

Posted by EU Times

A shattering report from RIA Novosti’s Washington D.C. bureau appears to prove that the mainstream press in America has become nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Obama regime when during a White House news briefing this past week they were effectively ordered not to report on this past weeks credit rating cut of US government debt.

 The Russian International News Agency (RIA Novosti) is a Russian state owned news agency based in the capital Moscow whose clients include the presidential administration, Russian government, Federation Council, State Duma, leading ministries and government departments, administrations of Russian regions, representatives of Russian and foreign business communities, diplomatic missions, and public organizations. 

The White House news briefing referred to in this report occurred this past Thursday (5 April) when Obama regime officials were queried about the latest shock downgrade of the United States credit rating stating that to the American people this critical event should be kept in the category of a “non-story” so as not to confuse and/or shock them. 

Most surprisingly, this report continues, the mainstream US news media, including their most important television networks and major newspapers, dutifully followed the directives of the Obama regime and failed to uniformly inform the American people of this momentous event. 

Vermont Retirement Secret – No 401k Needed to Retire Rich.

Credit rating agency Egan Jones (EJR) downgraded the United States Thursday on concern over the sustainability of public debt. Egan Jones Obama Orders Press Blackout After US Credit Rating Cut is one of the most important ratings firms in the world; they lowered the US credit level from AA+ to AA. The firm reduced the US from AAA to AA+ in July 2011, just before Standard & Poor’s did the same.

Egan Jones further warned: “Without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult.” They added that there was a 1.2% probability of US default in the next12 months.

The company cited the fact that the US’s total debt, which now equals its total GDP, is rising and soon will eclipse the national GDP; the company sees the debt rising to 112% of the GDP by 2014.

So dire have economic conditions become in the United States that American freelance alternative press online columnist Allen Roland stated to Press TV this past week that the United States is experiencing a deep depression and cited the following facts:

 “Reality is finally coming to the surface. The stock market is not the American economy. Eighty percent of the stock market is basically high frequency trading of the big boys playing games with their money.

And 61 percent of the American debt is being bought by, guess who? The Fed (US Federal Reserve Bank) – So we’re printing money.

So let me give you the raw economic numbers, which basically what this is telling us – raw economic numbers about the American economy: 38 percent of all Americans are either considered to be low income or living in poverty; 57 percent of all children in the US are living in homes that are either considered to be low income or impoverished; the average amount of time a worker stays employed in the US is now over 40 weeks and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.6 million Americans were self-employed in 2006;
today that number is 14.5 million.”

Most astounding to note in these horrible statistics about the US economy are that they are apparently welcomed by Obama who yesterday stated about the weekly jobs report:

“We welcome today’s news that our businesses created another 121,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate ticked down…”

Failing to be mentioned by Obama, or his propaganda mainstream press corps lap-dogs, was that the only reason the US unemployment rate was able to be tagged lower was due to the record number of 88 million Americans dropping out of the work force because there are no jobs for them.

To how the Obama regime is really dealing with the catastrophic rate of unemployment, aside from keeping the American media from telling the truth, appears to be through mass arrests of those who dare to protest, and as of 29 March showed nearly 7,000 US citizens jailed for protesting in at least 113 separate cities.

Even worse, new reports from the United States are further warning that a new wave of home foreclosures is underway that will rival the upheaval seen by those who lived through the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

To how the Obama regime will deal with future instability caused by unprecedented economic dislocation and chaos Americans are being warned that their police forces have now adopted Israeli techniques which, in essence, labels all protesters as terrorists while at the same time the US Department of Homeland Security is still refusing to say why they ordered 450 million rounds of ammunition.

One of the rare exceptions to those American media organizations doing lapdog service for the Obama regime is the highly respected lawyer and New York Times best selling author Glenn Greenwald who in his latest article in Salon Magazine writes:

“The uncritical relationship and overlapping functions of government officials and establishment media organs are more severe than ever.”

Most sadly in all of these events, the once great United States, whose press freedoms were once legendary, has been placed at No. 47 on the world’s press freedom index by the internationallyrespected Reporters Without Borders (RSF) organization in a stunning move reflecting how deprived of real truth the American people truly are.

The great American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson once warned his fellow citizens, “Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.”

With that warning going unheeded,however, the quote of the great American author Mark Twain seems to be the more appropriate one to use for this American generation, “There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.”

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