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REAL NEWS April 11

Posted by Xaniel777 on April 11, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : April 11, 2012


{ XANIEL’S NOTE : BLOCKED AGAIN ! It seems like I’m always having to make apology’s  for the news getting out late. Today is no different.

Once again I was unable to get into my own site to load and publish the news.

Whether this continues to be some kind of Hack , Service Provider or just a glitch with my computer is unclear for now.  

Unlikely that it is my Service Provider ( although they haven’t got back to me yet ), and I triple checked my computer and it checks out fine.

This leaves me to believe I have a clever little hacker who managers from time to time to block my ability to get into my websites.

According to my tech friends they ( the hacker(s) ) have only succeeded in bringing down my websites a handful of times over the years, but now only seem to be able to block my entrance every now and again ( meaning it’s time to change the passwords again ) .

Although I have news to share,  it has taken to long to get things back to normal and will be released with updates and ‘ ON TIME ‘ tonight , at or before midnight Pacific Time !

Whatever the problems were/are, I once again apologize for this very annoying and hair pulling inconvenience ! } ~~ Xaniel777


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