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REAL NEWS May 11, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on May 10, 2012

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TODAY’S NEWS : May 11, 2012


Shadow Government Would Thrive With Romney as President


From Activist Post

Dees Illustration

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

May 10, 2012

Anyone who has watched even a single 2012 Republican Primary debate should be aware by now that there is has been an unshakeable commitment by virtually every candidate to the colonial “state” of Israel. Although Ron Paul’s position on Israel is somewhat more tempered than that of his Republican counterparts, not one of the other candidates is capable of even remotely criticizing Israel or its acts of aggression and oppression throughout the region.

The same situation exists for the Democrats as their incumbent candidate, Barack Obama, has already proven himself to be one of the most ardent and willing supporters of whatever decision is made by the Israeli government and the hidden hand behind it. 

Yet it is the Republican field, partly because of the primary races and partly because of the demographic makeup of its supporters, that inspires such an “I support Israel more than you do,” contest at every debate. Indeed, it has been hard to tell which candidate (when all were still in the race) was the loudest supporter of Israel at any given time.

However, during the course of the circus known as American political debates, when platform policies did not seem convincing enough to some members of the audience, there were at least two candidates who began to play the “established friendship” card as a method to demonstrate their already-developed sense of Israeli-American relations.

One of these instances was at a Republican debate on December 12, 2011 where Newt Gingrich, in a testy exchange with Mitt Romney after his claim that the Palestinians were an “invented people,” stated that he had known Benjamin Netanyahu since 1984. Romney countered that statement with the fact that he also knew Netanyahu, after having worked together many years ago at a “consulting firm.” 

Romney actually went much further than Gingrich and stated that, before he made any comments about the Israeli/Palestinian situation, he would contact his friend “Bibi” and essentially ask Netanyahu for permission to make his statement. “Before I made a statement of that nature [Gingrich’s “invented people” comment],” Romney said, “I’d get on the phone to my friend Bibi Netanyahu and say ‘Would it help if I say this? What would you like me to do?’”

As many commentators have pointed out, Romney’s position is nothing more than the outsourcing of American foreign policy to Israel.

Nevertheless, both of these statements were made as a matter of fact. Yet, most likely due to the context in which the comments were made, as well as the nature of the mainstream media, for several months there was no attempt to uncover just how close these three individuals actually are. 

Gingrich holds connections to Netanyahu through relatively obvious means as both were political leaders in their respective countries at the same time. Not only that, but Gingrich and Netanyahu share a common fundraiser, Sheldon Adelson, who is often considered one of the richest men in the world by mainstream sources. 

Mitt Romney’s connection goes back a bit further, however, and the friendship between the two men seems to be much more personal. In fact, the relationship is so “coincidental” that one might be justified in wondering whether or not this friendship actually began as some kind of intelligence/shadow government operation where both men were being groomed for their respective posts as they exist currently and may develop in the future.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a President has been groomed by the intelligence community for his future position. Of course, at this point, the evidence is only circumstantial. Still, considering what we know about the operations of the Shadow Government, it would be wise to remain aware of these connections.

With that in mind, it is reported by Michael Barbaro of the New York Times that Romney and Netanyahu first met in 1976 after both men had been hired as “corporate advisers” to Boston Consulting Group (BCG). In one of the “coincidences” revealed by the report, it is noted that both men attended business school in Boston with Romney attending Harvard and Netanyahu attending MIT, two institutions that have clear links and history with intelligence agencies, elitist think tanks, secret societies, and other related affairs. 

Upon arriving at BCG, the two men had already developed quite a reputation for themselves, as Romney was the son of a Michigan Governor and former Presidential candidate; and Netanyahu had recently completed a tenure with the elite special forces unit of the Israeli military. 

Both Romney and Netanyahu have publicly recalled the days when they were coworkers at BCG. As Barbaro writes:

Mr. Romney, never known for his lack of self-confidence, still recalls the sense of envy he felt watching Mr. Netanyahu effortlessly hold court during the firm’s Monday morning meetings, when consultants presented their work and fielded questions from their colleagues. The sessions were renowned for their sometimes grueling interrogations. 

‘He was a strong personality with a distinct point of view,’ Mr. Romney said. ‘I aspired to the same kind of perspective.’

Quoting Netanyahu in reference to the same period, the article reads, “’His star, the prime minister said of Mr. Romney’s time at Boston Consulting, ‘had already risen.’”

Both men spent two years at BCG with Romney’s tenure lasting from 1975-1977 and Netanyahu’s affiliation with the company running from 1976-1978. While still attached to BCG, Netanyahu returned to Israel to create an “anti-terrorism foundation,” while Romney famously switched companies to notorious asset stripper Bain & Company where he helped destroy the businesses and lives of thousands of people

In yet another interesting “coincidence,” during his time at Bain, Romney worked closely with Netanyahu’s second wife, Fleur Cates. Although Bibi and Fleur later divorced, the New York Times reports that she and Romney are still in contact with one another.

The connections between Romney and Netanyahu have persisted, evolving into what Barbaro describes in his article as a “network of friends.” Network is an definitely an interesting term in this context and it may be more accurate than Barbaro intended it to be. 

Nevertheless, after Romney’s election as the Governor of Massachusetts, Netanyahu paid him a visit where the two men allegedly discussed various aspects of government life, specifically the hallmarks of union-busting, asset stripping, and privatization, policies both men have such a fondness for. 

A few years later, Romney himself traveled to Israel where the two men met in the Old City in Jerusalem and allegedly discussed economics.

At this discussion, Netanyahu told Romney that he was engaging in a campaign to discourage American pension funds from investing in companies connected to Iran. At this statement, Romney “immediately saw the wisdom of his action” and organized meetings between Netanyahu and American government officials. 

Romney then embarked on his own campaign of politically motivated investment strategies by sending out letters to legislators suggesting they sell off all assets of corporations doing business with Iran held by any pension funds under their control.

Unfortunately, America’s irrational support of Israel will not change regardless of who is elected in November.

Obama, with the exception of some very mild rhetoric, could scarcely be more cooperative with Israeli Government interests; and Romney is quite open about his willingness to be drawn into WWIII.

This is to be expected since both men are public representatives for the same agenda, just like their predecessors.

Because of this fact, it would be very interesting to investigate just what Romney’s ties to the intelligence community may be. After all, he has openly professed his parallel vision with the mad dog of the Middle East, Bibi Netanyahu.

As Romney has stated, “We can almost speak in shorthand. We share common experiences and have a perspective and underpinning which is similar.”

Of course, it should also be pointed out that Romney and Obama’s loyalty to Israeli interests does not equal loyalty to the Israeli people, who are only being used as the battering rams and triggers of destabilization and world war.

Nor do the American people factor into this equation as anything but financiers and warm bodies for future military adventures.

With the obvious oppression of the Palestinian people, we see a clear recipe for a lose-lose-lose situation all the way around, except for the very small cliques at the top who will laugh, as they always do, all the way to the bank.

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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at) gmail.com






LA Police Officer Confronts CIA Director On Drug Trafficking


From Alexander Higgins Blog

Alexander Higgins

Posted by  – May 9, 2012

If you have been paying attention to the (alternative) news over the latest 24 to 48 hours ( Note : a little longer than that now – Xaniel), you probably read about a CIA plane that just crashed carrying tons of cocaine.

Of course that plane was supposed to be transporting prisoners to a secret torture prison but that is another topic.

CIA Plane Crashes in Mexico – A Story With a Twist in the Tale

source: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/12/12/19210/608/933/420107

Remember that “extraordinary rendition” debacle that took place a few months ago? To recap, a few English journalists had clocked that the CIA were leasing private planes to secretly fly illegally captured law abiders to secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Think I’m a conspiracy nut? Go and tell the BBC they are nuts too….


Anyway on with the show, I have a treat in store for you!

It seems that one of the planes logged on this list of “CIA Prison Planes” has been in a little accident – It crash landed in Mexico after running out of Jet fuel en route to the US. The authorities were more than a little surprised when they found four tons, yes you heard me right, four tons of cocaine on board.

The men flying the plane have disappeared – including one woman, the CIA refuses to comment, and the mainstream press don’t want to touch the story. Aren’t you glad, that at times like this we have Current TV. This story should go on infomania, with a twist of sarcasm and a touch of Conor Knighton’s humor.

We’ve all heard the rumors that the CIA are the reason that the United States is awash with cocaine…. is it time to connect the dots now that one of their planes has crash landed with four tons of coke in it?

Source: Current TV


Since we are talking about CIA drug trafficking, this video is relevant and should be shared for all Americans to see.

On November 15, 1996, there was a town meeting in Los Angeles on allegations of CIA involvement in drug trafficking. Former Los Angeles Police Narcotics Detective Mike Ruppert seized the opportunity to confront then CIA Director John Deutch.

You can buy a recording of the town hall meeting here:http://www.c-spanarchives.org/library/index.php?main_page=product_video_info&…


Video clip is posted for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


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Why No Prosecutions on Wall Street?

Goldman, JPMorgan, Citi, Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, are All Clients of Holder’s Law Firm

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : Well, this certainly explains a lot ! }~~ Xaniel777 

From AgainstCronyCapitalism.org

Shared By BlacklistedNews.com

Yeah, that might have something to do with it. Maybe.

In the wake of the financial disaster in 2008, which is still unfolding in case you haven’t noticed, federal prosecutions of financial crimes are at a 20 year low. That is a remarkable stat.

Could the fact that financial firms dumped piles of $100 bills on Obama’s head in 2008 have anything to do with the lack of prosecutions?

No way. Attorney General Eric Holder says simply that though Wall Street may have acted stupidly, he just can’t seem to find any fraud.

And that all the big banks are clients of Holder’s law firm—a law firm that at least partially specializes in financial crime defense?  

That has nothing to do with the lack of prosecutions either.

There are just too many pot dispensaries in California to bust, and Mexican drug lords to arm, for the American people to expect the enforcement of financial crimes from their attorney general.

I mean wasn’t Maddoff enough to placate you hicks in the hinterlands?

You don’t expect us to throw Corzine under the bus too do you? Because that ain’t gonna happen.

Click here for the story.






Bill Gates Oral Polio Vaccine Cripples 47,500 Children


{ XANIEL’S NOTE : As you may already know, yet allow me to say again,  Bill Gates and that twit he calls a wife, are very much on the

‘ Very Elite List of People ‘ who will answer for their ‘ Crimes Against Humanity ‘ ! } ~~ Xaniel777


Published on May 8, 2012 by 







Why Can’t Obama Bring Wall Street to Justice?


The Daily Beast

From The Daily Beast


Peter J. Boyer – Peter Schweizer

Despite his populist posturing, the president has failed to pin a single top finance exec on criminal charges since the economic collapse. Are the banks too big to jail—or is Washington’s revolving door at to blame?

Peter J. Boyer and Peter Schweizer investigate:

  • Obama’s 2009 White House summit with finance titans, in which the president warned that only he was standing “between you and the pitchforks”

  • Why, despite widespread outrage, financial-fraud prosecutions by the Department of Justice are at 20-year lows


  • Attorney General Eric Holder’s lucrative ties to a top-tier law firm whose marquee clients include some of finance’s worst offenders


  • How Obama’s trumpeted “task force” for investigating risky mortgage lenders—announced in this year’s State of the Union speech—is badly understaffed and has yet to produce any discernible progress

With the Occupy protesters resuming battle stations, and Mitt Romney in place as the presumptive Republican nominee, President Obama has begun to fashion his campaign as a crusade for the 99 percent–a fight against, as one Obama ad puts it, “a guy who had a Swiss bank account.” Casting Romney as a plutocrat will be easy enough.

But the president’s claim as avenging populist may prove trickier, given his own deeply complicated, even conflicted, relationship with Big Finance.

Obama came into office vowing to end business as usual, and, in the gray post-crash dawn of 2009, nowhere did a reckoning with justice seem more due than in the financial sector.

The public was shaken, and angry, and Wall Street seemed oblivious to its own culpability, defending extravagant pay bonuses even while accepting a taxpayer bailout.

Obama channeled this anger, and employed its rhetoric, blaming the worldwide economic collapse on “the reckless speculation of bankers.”

Two months into his presidency, Obama summoned the titans of finance to the White House, where he told them, “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

The bankers may have found the president’s tone unsettling. Candidate Obama had been their guy, accepting vast amounts of Wall Street campaign money for his victories over Hillary Clinton and John McCain (Goldman Sachs executives ponied up $1 million, more than any other private source of funding in 2008).

Obama far outraised his Republican rival, John McCain, on Wall Street–around $16 million to $9 million.

As it turned out, Obama apparently actually meant what he said at that White House meeting–his administration effectively would stand between Big Finance and anything like a severe accounting.

To the dismay of many of Obama’s supporters, nearly four years after the disaster, there has not been a single criminal charge filed by the federal government against any top executive of the elite financial institutions.

“It’s perplexing at best,” says Phil Angelides, the Democratic former California treasurer who chaired the bipartisan Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. “It’s deeply troubling at worst.”

Strikingly, federal prosecutions overall have risen sharply under Obama, increasing dramatically in such areas as civil rights and health-care fraud.

But according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, a data-gathering organization at Syracuse University, financial-fraud prosecutions by the Department of Justice are at 20-year lows.

They’re down 39 percent since 2003, when fraud at Enron and WorldCom led to a series of prosecutions, and are just one third of what they were during the Clinton administration. (The Justice Department says the numbers would be higher if new categories of crime were counted.)




                    Getty Images (3); Paul J. Richards / AFP-Getty Images

“There hasn’t been any serious investigation of any of the large financial entities by the Justice Department, which includes the FBI,” says William Black, an associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, who, as a government regulator in the 1980s, helped clean up the S&L mess.

Black, who is a Democrat, notes that the feds dealt with the S&L crisis with harsh justice, bringing more than a thousand prosecutions, and securing a 90 percent conviction rate.

The difference between the government’s response to the two crises, Black says, is a matter of will, and priorities.

“You need heads on the pike,” he says. “The first President Bush’s orders were to get the most prominent, nastiest frauds, and put their heads on pikes as a demonstration that there’s a new sheriff in town.”

Obama delivered heated rhetoric, but his actions signaled different priorities. Had Obama wanted to strike real fear in the hearts of bankers, he might have appointed former special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald or some other fire-breather as his attorney general.

Instead, he chose Eric Holder, a former Clinton Justice official who, after a career in government, joined the Washington office of Covington & Burling, a top-tier law firm with an elite white-collar defense unit.

The move to Covington, and back to Justice, is an example of Washington’s revolving-door ritual, which, for Holder, has been lucrative–he pulled in $2.1 million as a Covington partner in 2008, and $2.5 million (including deferred compensation) when he left the firm in 2009.







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