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REAL NEWS May 19, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on May 19, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : May 19, 2012


Beware false flag attack on Chicago NATO Summit by US War Criminals

From examiner.com

May 18, 2012

Carl Herman's photo

Nonpartisan Examiner


Imagine that you are an evil advisor to the criminal 1%, and faced with this problem: the 99% are developing geometrically-increasing recognition of the 1%’s “emperor has no clothes” obvious War Crimes and economic looting, despite corporate media’s propaganda to lie and distract from those crimes (full documentation here, PuppetGov video to see it here).

You look to the future and see eventual arrests of those you advise. One recommendation is obvious: 

  • deliver a false flag attack greater than 9/11, 

  • plant evidence to blame Iran and domestic terrorist “leaders” (who are also the most effective at exposing the 1%’s crimes)

  • implement NDAA 2012 to “disappear” domestic threats to the 1%’s control, now and ongoingly as needed,

  • initiate war on Iran.

Because the G-5 nations are all involved in support of War Crimes and looting (US, UK, France, Germany, Italy), a false flag attack killing G-5 members at the NATO Summit in Chicago May 20, 21 is the preferred target in order to propagandize “outrage” and greater dictatorial control in all those nations.

 If any of the G-5 nations wanted to expose the War Crimes, they would have simply stated war law makes it illegal for a nation to use armed attacks unless attacked first by another nation’s government.

 Because these nations do not defend war law, we know they have political agendas consistent with war-murders.

I’ve written about the likely plans of US criminal 1% “leaders” to use a false flag attack to initiate war on Iran (as have many others), and independent writers are now warning of a false flag attack at the Chicago NATO Summit (for example,here).

These blogs/articles are widely re-posted, as the links show.

The endgame is to either arrest the 1% criminals or to allow their further “leadership” to remove opposition to their policies that annually kill in the millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of the 99%’s wealth. 

If this was a test to determine your future, and the future you receive reflects the quality of your choice, are you ready for your choice to be evaluated?

Readers: please note the counters for “like” and sharing are constantly reset to zero for my articles, and comments are disappeared. This is usual for people who present facts that refute the 1%’s war and looting lies and crimes. Look-up Operation Mockingbird and “Mass media information center” at www.wanttoknow.info 

Obama and the War Criminals

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MSM Blackout On NDAA Being Blocked As Unconsitutional

From Alexander Higgins Blog

Alexander Higgins

  Posted by  – May 17, 2012

The corporate media blacks out news that a federal judge has struck down NDAA powers that allow the government to US citizens in jail indefinitely without charge or trial.

Yesterday a federal judge has blocked the ability of the U.S. Government to enforce the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act Section 1021.

The provision allows the government to throw anyone, including US citizens, in secret military jails to be tortured for as long as they want without ever having to file charges or provide the slightest bit of evidence to prove the charges you are being detained for.

Of course, if you happened to be found innocent  or later vindicated for only doing something that is normally protected as free speech such as uploading a video to YouTube you have no legal right to recourse do to the government’s “National Security” card.

Last night, (May 16, 2012 ), Judge Katherine Forrest ruled that it violated not one but two amendments to the Constitution.

She ruled it violated the First Amendment’s right to free speech because journalists are being silenced and activists are being prevented from engaging in expressive activities critical of the government.

The Judge also ruled it violates the Fifth Amendment’s right to due process, that part of the constitution that says you have a right to a trial and other legal protections offered through the court system.

But the mainstream media was too busy today providing wall-to-wall coverage of the “important” cases about sex scandals with former movie stars and washed up politicians.

Meanwhile, the US congress is hammering out the 2013 NDAA which will only further expand the government’s totalitarian powers.

Of course they would be, since they have repeatedly brainwashed the public into believing the government needs to be able to lock up anyone for as long as they want and even torture or assassinate them to keep us safe from the bogey man.

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From What Really Happened.com

By Mike Rivero

Since the 1979 Iranian revolution and the downfall of the US Puppet Ruler the Shah, Iran has been an Islamic state. In that interval of time, 1979 to the present, Iran has not invaded anyone.

Not once. People of all religions live in peace in Iran, even Jews, who find life so comfortable in Iran they refused an offer by the government of Israel to emigrate!

In the same period of time, Israel, a self-declared Jewish state, attacked Iraq in 1981, bombing the power station at Osirik, claiming it was a clandestine weapons factory.

Subsequent examination of the ruins following the 2003 invasion proved Israel had lied. In 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon.

This led to the Massacres at Sabra and Shatilla. In February 2003 Israel staged incursions into Gaza and Nablus.

In September 2007 Israel bombed Syria, again insisting they were destroying a clandestine weapons laboratory.

Again there was no evidence to support Israel’s claims.

In 2006, Israel attacked Lebanon, killing 1200, mostly civilians, several UN observers, and littering the landscape with land mines on their way out.

In February 2008 Israel again raided Gaza, killing over 100. HAMAS agreed to a cease fire and kept it for 6 months until November 4, when Israel again attacked without warning, killing 6 HAMAS members, and launching operation CAST LEAD.

1300 Gazans, mostly civilians, were killed. Israel lost 13 soldiers. Violations of international law included the use of White Phosphorus incendiary bombs against civilians and non-military targets.

The United Nations investigated, but Israel refused to cooperate.

In May 2010, Israel attacked an international aid flotilla bringing food and medical supplies to Gaza in international waters. 9 people were murdered including an American from New York.

In the same period of time, the United States, officially a secular nation but predominantly Christian, attacked El Salvador (1980),

Libya (1981), Sinai (1982), Lebanon (1982 1983), Egypt (1983), Grenada (1983), Honduras (1983), Chad (1983), Persian Gulf (1984),

Libya (1986) , Bolivia (1986), Iran (1987), Persian Gulf (1987), Kuwait (1987), Iran (1988), Honduras (1988), Panama (1988), Libya

(1989), Panama (1989), Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru (1989), Philippines (1989), Panama (1989-1990), Liberia (1990), Saudi Arabia

(1990), Iraq (1991), Zaire (1991), Sierra Leone (1992), Somalia (1992), Bosnia-Herzegovina (1993 to present), Macedonia (1993), Haiti

(1994), Macedonia (1994), Bosnia (1995), Liberia (1996), Central African Republic (1996), Albania (1997), Congo/Gabon (1997), Sierra

Leon (1997), Cambodia (1997), Iraq (1998), Guinea/Bissau (1998), Kenya/Tanzania (1998 to 1999), Afghanistan/Sudan (1998), Liberia

(1998), East Timor (1999), Serbia (1999), Sierra Leon (2000), Yemen (2000), East Timor (2000), Afghanistan (2001 to present),

Yemen (2002), Philippines (2002) , Cote d’Ivoire (2002), Iraq (2003 to present), Liberia (2003), Georgia/Djibouti (2003), Haiti

(2004), Georgia/Djibouti/Kenya/Ethiopia/Yemen/Eritrea War on Terror (2004), Pakistan drone attacks (2004 to present), Somalia

(2007), South Ossetia/Georgia (2008), Syria (2008), Yemen (2009), Haiti (2010), etc. etc. etc. etc.

So, who is the danger to world peace?  

{ XANIEL’S NOTE : Well, that’s obvious,‘ The Threat to World Peace is Israel and The U.S. !! ‘ …just say’n… you know..in case you didn’t understand what Mike was telling you…okay, never mind…}~~Xaniel777






J Street President: Senators, Congressmen ‘Live in Fear’ of Pro-Israel Groups


From Common Dreams

Published on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 by Common Dreams

J Street founder and President Jeremy Ben-Ami stated that many congressmen and senators refuse to criticize Israel because they “live in fear” of retribution from pro-Israel groups, Haaretz reports.

Bill Kristol at CPAC FL in Orlando, Florida. (photo: Gage Skidmore)Ben-Ami made the comments on Tuesday evening during a tepid debate between Ben-Ami and Bill Kristol, editor of Weekly Standard and a director of the pro-Israel Emergency Committee for Israel, on what it means to be pro-Israel in America in 2012

* * *

Chemi Shalev writing in Haaretz’ West of Eden blog:
J Street’s Ben-Ami: ‘U.S. Congressmen live in fear of pro-Israeli intimidation’

Many American senators and congressmen “keep quiet” and refrain from criticizing Israeli policies because they “live in fear” and are “intimidated” by pro-Israeli groups such as the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI), according to J Street founder and President Jeremy Ben-Ami.

Ben-Ami’s bald assertion came during a debate with Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, a director of ECI, held on Tuesday night at Manhattan’s palatial B’nai Jeshurun Synagogue and moderated by Jane Eisner, the editor of the Forward.

Ben Ami said that because of accusatory ECI ads in the New York Times and other media outlets, members of Congress are afraid of being branded as anti-Israel and are deterred by the “ramifications” of voicing open criticism of Israeli policies.

It was a rare moment of tension in an otherwise civil and even friendly debate, which pitted representatives of the two diametrically opposed poles of the current Jewish debate on Israel – the controversial lobby J Street on the left and the no-less contentious Emergency Committee on the right.

The crowd of 700-800, mainly from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, clearly favored Ben Ami’s positions though they were obviously pleased by Kristol’s agreement to debate him. […]

Ben-Ami, who deals with the Israeli-Palestinian issue seven days a week, was clearly better informed on the details of the issues than Kristol, who is a major player in the overall Republican agenda.

Kristol repeatedly cited his own ignorance in order to dodge open disagreements with Ben-Ami, conceding that he doesn’t know much about the blockade of Gaza, that he is not aware of the details of Israeli settlement activities in the West Bank and that he is incapable of judging whether Israeli democracy and the rule of law are indeed endangered by the government’s refusal to carry out High Court orders to evacuate the settlements at Migron and at the Ulpana sector of Beit-El, as Ben-Ami asserted.

* * *

J Street@jstreetdotorg

Bill Kristol doesn’t think ECI intimidates Congress on Israel? He should talk to its Executive Director… pic.twitter.com/3KrcL7us






California food police gone wild:

LA County health enforcers conduct door-to-door raw milk confiscation operations

raw milk  

From Natural News

Thursday, May 17, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com(See all articles…)

(NaturalNews) In a bombshell revelation of the depth of the food police state that now exists in LA County, California, NaturalNews has learned that the LA County health department has unleashed door-to-door raw milk confiscation teams to threaten and intimidate raw dairy customers into surrendering raw milk products they legally purchased and own.

According to Mark McAfee (see quotes below), both LA County and San Diego county have attempted to acquire customer names and addresses from Organic Pastures (www.OrganicPastures.com) for the sole purpose of sending “food confiscation teams” to customers’ homes to remove the raw milk from customers’ refrigerators.

Using both phone calls and home visits, these teams intimidate customers and try to force them to give up their milk.

These revelations have surfaced in a recorded NaturalNews interview with Mark McAfee, the founder of Organic Pastures and a food rights advocate.

Here’s what he told us:

LA County health enforcers go door to door, demanding your fresh milk

“I received a phone call yesterday morning from a wonderful young gal, a 36-year-old mom out of LA County.

She’s one of our UPS customers that we deliver overnight raw milk to her house.

When the CDFA was in here the other day on our recall, they demanded to have all our delivery addresses for overnight UPS delivery.

We screwed up and [inadvertently] gave it to them, they got it from one of our secretaries here.

The LA County health department started calling her, six or seven times, demanding that she give up her raw milk from her own home to the health department.

She refused, then they showed up at her house and demanded that she give her raw milk to them.

She was getting ready to call 911 for the Sheriff’s department and have them removed from her front doorstep, and she was threatening to use her camera to take a picture of them and post it on Facebook for harassing her over her raw milk…

The investigators left after she told them she was not going to give them the raw milk and to get the Hell off her property.

This is what’s going on, it’s like food Nazis, it’s incredible what these people are doing, trying to collect food from people’s houses, that have not made them ill!

Then the San Diego health department called me up and said oh we want a list of all your buyer’s club members, and I said no…

and they said we want all their addresses and their names, because we want to go to their homes.

I said it ain’t happening, we aren’t going to give it to you.”

Are armed raids on raw milk customers next?

LA County has already conducted armed raids on raw milk distribution centers — are armed raids on raw milk customers next?

Will LA County Health Department investigators start calling on the police to go door to door, arresting raw milk owners as if they were crack dealers?

Remember: The raw milk from Organic Pastures is legally sold, legally purchased, and greatly enjoyed by its customers.

There are virtually no complaints about this product. Customers love it.

Only the government wants to confiscate it and destroy it.

And even as the county is unleashing food police to confiscate raw milk that authorities say might be dangerous, they cannot find anyone actually harmed by it.

Nor do they pay any attention to the fact that upwards of 70 percent of the fresh chicken meat sold at grocery stores across California is routinely contaminated with salmonella and other pathogens.

What this clearly demonstrates is yet another ratcheting up of the California police state, where county authoritiesreach right into your refrigeratorand confiscate food that they claim might not be safe — food that you’ve legally purchased and wish to consume knowing full well that it’s fresh and raw!

Regulators operating as lawless, idiotic tyrants

The question on all our minds is simple: Where does this end?

Having already criminalized raw milk distribution at Rawesome Foods, thrown James Stewart in jail (http://www.naturalnews.com/035208_James_Stewart_torture_county_jail.h…) and completely shuttered the Rawesome operation, California’s bureaucrats seem to have too much time and money on their hands, so they target real food and local farms while ignoring the truly dangerous criminals running loose across the streets of L.A.

Such is the inevitable result of big government gone bad, which is almost an oxymoron because big government always goes bad. Eventually, the power granted to authorities at any level (county, state, federal) is turned against the People, and food, farms and freedoms are among the first targets to be threatened.

Read NaturalNews for more breaking news on this food police confiscation story. In the mean time, I also recommend reading www.TheCompletePatient.com for timely coverage of this topic, as well as “Raw Milk Freedom Riders” (http://rawmilkfreedomriders.wordpress.com).

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