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REAL NEWS May 20, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on May 19, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : May 20, 2012


Did The FBI Foil Their Own Chicago NATO Summit Terror Plot?


From Alexander Higgins Blog

Alexander Higgins

Posted by  – May 19, 2012

Evidence points to FBI once again foiling their own terror plot, this time nabbing 3 Black Bloc activists planning to protest at the NATO summit in Chicago.

Law enforcement officials in Chicago admitted today they infiltrated and planted one of their own agents among a ring of activists they accuse of planning to conduct terrorist attacks on the NATO summit in Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune (who’s article is an almost complete reprint of the Illinois State Prosecutor’s press release).

According to official documents, the group was under ‘covert surveillance’ during which an inside operative wearing a recorded three Black Bloc anarchists plotting to conduct terrorist attacks on several targets in Chicago.

Law enforcement officials allege that while monitoring the bug the three anarchists while began making Molotov Cocktails and immediately alerted special prosecutors who were part of the covert operation.

Soon after, the prosecutors obtained a no-knock  search warrant and raided the activists house with the assistance of the FBI and the U.S. secret service.

The activists, who are being held on conspiracy to commit terrorism,  vehemently deny the governments accusations.

The raid was part of a series of preemptive raids ahead of the NATO summit in Chicago during which many activists were thrown in jail without warrant or charge which is authorized under the National Defense Authorization (NDAA).

The National Lawyers Guild, who is representing the activists, further claim that while their clients have been detained since Wednesday with law enforcement has still failed to produce any evidence to support their allegations.

Given the fact that the first two trials of Occupy Wall Street activists in New York ended up with the defendants  being acquitted in court, after video in both cases proved the NYPD committed false arrests and then lied in court, it is entirely possible the police are once again making false accusations.

Did The FBI Foil Their Own Terror Plot (Again)?

It is no secret that the FBI repeatedly foils their own terror plots time and time again with the most recent example being the May Day terror plot which coincidentally targeted anarchist activists.

If the governments past history in every similar case is any indicator of the events that occurred in Chicago here is what we can expect to learn in the future:

1) The alleged terror plot was the brainchild of the FBI.

2) The FBI planted an agent within the ranks of the Occupy Protestors.

3) The agent then convinced other activists to go along with the FBI’s terror plot.

In legal terms this is an illegal practice known as entrapment and goes against the very foundations of our Constitution.

But as we have seen since the 9/11 terror attacks the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are now legacy ideas that have been declared obsolete so the government can protect us from the same bogey man they have created.

As we have seen over and over again US courts have ruled that National Security trumps entrapment and has let law enforcement repeatedly target Muslims in such entrapment schemes.

What is disturbing here is that the spying and targeting of  Muslims with ties to the Middle east is now shifting to the targeting of  the average US citizen who has done nothing more than engage in political discourse as permitted under the Constitution and encourage by our founding fathers.

The police openly admit they ‘infiltrated Occupy Chicago’ weeks before the raid so it is only a matter of time before we learn about entrapment plot.

In this case, they were conducting covert surveillance on 3 Black Bloc who came in from out of state to join the anit-NATO protests.

FBI Involvement Before the Chicago Crackdown

Cops charge three activists in a terrorism plot - Jared Chase, Brent Betterly, Brian Church

Cops charge three activists in a terrorism plot – Jared Chase, Brent Betterly, Brian Church

Prior to the Chicago raids, Jared Chase, pictured on the left above was present at a FBI raid in on Occupy Miami in Florida. During that raid Chase stated the activists were all treated like ‘terrorists’ and zip tied but he was the only one put into a police car.

Then, before the preemptive NATO summit raids Jared was once again in a car with Occupy Chicago activists that was pulled over by the Chicago Police.

That incident was recorded by the activists and uploaded to YouTube and used to show that the police were harassing them for no good reason.

Police intimidating NATO / Occupy protestors in chicago on

This video shows Chicago police questioning occupiers about Occupy Chicago, the NATO protests, and threatening violence after arbitrarily pulling over their car in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago earlier this week.

The video went viral after the activists posted it to social media. Now, three of them are being charged with terrorism in the wake of a warrantless preemptive raid on activists’ homes in Chicago.

An attorney from the National Lawyers Guild describes the video:

They were driving in a car and were pulled over without any kind of justification or reason by the Chicago police department.

They were surrounded by police and they were questioned for a very long period of time about what they were doing in Chicago, why they were here to protest, what their political affiliations were, how they identified politically—

All kinds of absolutely outrageous questions that certainly do not indicate any kind of illegal behavior because it is not constitutional simply to accuse them of a crime because of a political belief.

One officer can be heard in the video saying, “We’ll come look for you, each and every one of you.” Police also made references to the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where protesters were violently beaten back by National Guardsmen:

CPD Officer 1: “You like that, he knows these guys know, ’68. You guys know all about ’68. What did they say back in ’68?”

CPD Officer 2: “Billy club to the fucking skull.”

Then came the Chicago raids were Jared was once again present, has been arrested, and is now being charged in conspiracy plot to commit terrorism.

If this were a drug deal instead of a terror plot, assuming the accusations are true in the first place:

1) Jared was caught in an FBI drug raid in Miami.

2) Cops pull you over for no good reason in Chicago and harass you.

3) Days after, when the FBI coincidentally raids your apartment while Jared just happens to be in the middle of bagging the goods.

Now, let’s further connect the dots.

The Allegations

The documents provided by law enforcement officials, embedded below,  detail covert surveillance at the location and the time of the raid by the monitoring of a bug worn by their planted agent..

According to the documents, prosecutors were immediately informed when the defendants began making Molotov Cocktails who immediately obtained a no-knock search warrant to raid the house.

The local police, the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service then raided the house and retrieved the alleged items.

In order for the FBI to have assisted in the raid in such a short timethe FBI must who was directly working with the secret Service in the surveillance operations, the FBI must have had their own team on standby ready to conduct the raid.

Why would the FBI have their team on standby and ready to conduct a raid unless they knew the activists were going to make the cocktails that evening?

How  could the FBI have known the activists were going to make the cocktails that evening unless it was their own terror plot and they had they directed their own inside agent to instigate the activists into doing so?

What is missing from the documents, is any mentions of Jared’s illegal activities besides being a passive participant who help assist in making the cocktails.

On the other hand the documents clearly detail specification allegations against the other two.

That sets the stage for Jared to be given immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony against the others  which makes him the most likely person to the FBI plant that convinced the others to go along with the FBI’s terror plot.

The documents allege  Betterly giving instructions on how to property make the cocktails while alleging numerous activities by being planned by Church, who is claimed to have spoken of using the cocktails to set cops on fire, plotting to bring on additional conspirators, saying he would be pointing guns back at the cops this time, and Chicago will never be the same again.

The document goes on to vaguely describe a series of attacks being planned as part of the plot.

plans were made to destroy police cars and attack four CPD stations with destructive devices, in an effort to undermine the police response to the conspirators’ other planned actions for the NATO Summit.

The other actions included conducting attacks on several targets including Chicago’s 9th district police station, the Campaign Headquarters of U.S. President Barack Obama, the personal residence of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, and certain downtown financial institutions.

Defendants Brian Church, Jared Chase, and Brent Betterly (“defendants”) are each initially charged by way of criminal complaint for preliminary examination with the felony offenses of:

(1) Material Support for Terrorism, in violation of 720 ILCS 5/29D-29.9 (a special class X felony punishable by 9 to 40 years in prison);

(2) Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism, in violation of 720 ILCS 512913-14.9 and 518-2 (a class one felony punishable by 4 to 15 years in prison); and

(3) Possession of Explosives or Explosive or Incendiary Devices, in violation of 720 ILCS 5/20-2 (a special class one felony punishable by 4 to 30 years in prison).

The defendant Brian Church is 22 years old and resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The defendant Jared Chase (“CHASE”) is 27 years old and resides in Keene, New Hampshire. The defendant Brent Betterly (“BE’I’TERLY”) is 24 years old and told police that he resides in Massachusetts.

III. The Facts:

In conjunction with the assistance of federal and local authorities, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (SAC) and the Chicago Police Department CPD have charged this matter as part an ongoing public safety investigation being contradicted for the summit conference of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (“NATO”).

As to this particular case, the covert investigation began in early May 2012, and revealed the following:

The defendants CHURCH, CHASE and BETTERLY are self-proclaimed anarchists, and members of the “Black Bloc” group, who traveled together from Florida to the Chicago area in preparation for committing terrorist acts of violence and destruction directed against different targets in protest to the NATO Summit.

Specifically, plans were made to destroy police cars and attack four CPD stations with destructive devices, in an effort to undermine the police response to the conspirators’ other planned actions for the NATO Summit.

Some of the proposed targets included the Campaign Headquarters of U.S. President Barack Obama, the personal residence of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, and certain downtown financial institutions.

During the investigation, CHURCH stated that he wanted to recruit four groups of four co-conspirators (for a total of sixteen people) to conduct the raids, and that reconnaissance had already been conducted at CPD Headquarters located at 3510 South Michigan Avenue for the purpose of a planned attack.

As pan; of their efforts, the defendants also possessed and/or constructed improvised explosive-incendiary devices and various types of dangerous weapons (including a mortar gun, swords, hunting bow, throwing stars, and knives with brass-knuckle handles), as well as police counter-measures such as pre~positioned shields, assault vest, gas mask equipment and other gear to help hide their identity during their operations.

At one point in the investigation, CHURCH stated that he also wanted to buy several assault rifles, and indicated that if a police officer was going to point a gun at him, then CHURCH would be “pointing one back” at the cop.

On May 8, 2012, as part of their pre—NATO Summit preparations, the defendants resided in an apartment, along with other individuals, located at the three-flat residence on 1013 West 32rd Street, Chicago Illinois.

During the investigation, topics of conversation by the conspirators included committing acts of violence in other jurisdictions, planning escape routes, discussing and conducting late-night training sessions for engaging in combat with the police, and avoiding detection by law eI1forcernent’s use of electronic surveillance, FBI informants, and forensic evidence.

In one conversation, a defendant stated that “the city doesn’t know what it‘s in for“ and that “after NATO, the city will never be the same” as before.

On May 16, 2012, CHURCH, CHASE, BETTERLY and others engaged in detailed conversations about the preparation of numerous -incendiary devices known as “Molotov Cocktails” made out of empty beer bottles that were filled with gasoline and fitted with fiising.

During these activities, CHASE obtained gasoline at the HP Gas Station located at 3151 and Halsted, and then returned to the safe house at 1013 West Street.

Upon retum, the defendants using gloves began to make the Molotov Cocktails and cut bandanas as timing devices.

During construction, CHURCH and CHASE assisted in the preparation and BETTERLY gave instructions on how to properly assemble and use the Molotov Cocktails.

While the Molotov Cocktails were being poured, CHURCH discussed the NATO Summit, the protests, and how the Molotov Cocktails would be used for violence and intimidating acts of destruction.

At one point, CHURCH asked if others had ever seen a “cop on fire” and discussed throwing one of the Molotov Cocktails into the 9″‘ District Police station. 

Upon completion of several of the devices, plans were then discussed to load the Molotov Cocktails into a car located near the residence.

Given the imminent threat to public safety (including the residents in other parts of the building), surveillance officers alerted (SAC) prosecutors involved in the covert investigation who immediately obtained a judicially-approved, no-knock search warrant for the target location. 

Thereafter, CPD officers executed the warrant and detained the subjects inside the residence, Along with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S Secret Service, the officers recovered and analyzed various items from the search, including weapons, four completed Molotov Cocktails, written plans for the assembly of pipe bombs, Chicago area map, computer equipment, recording devices, video cameras, cell phones, and an assault vest, among other items.

Lessons To Be Learned

Occupy is a peaceful non-violent movement and if you have those tendencies and ideologies associate yourself with a different group and stay the hell away from the Occupy movement.

If the movement turns to violence we lose, period.

They will crush us. We cannot fight their guns, and their bombs, and their tanks nor can we even for one second hope to be able to take on the military  industrial complex and their massive big brother spy machine that monitors nearly every aspect of our lives.

The only hope to end the corruption and influence of corporate interest, lobbyists and special interest groups that own our politicians is to advocate political reforms that the 99% percent can agree on and demand in a voice of solidarity.

By the 99% I really mean the 99.9% which includes people from both sides of the aisle, Republicans an Democrats alike and everyone in between.

Finally, if someone approaches you advocating violence reject them like a bacteria because that is exactly what they are. They are a lethal disease, most like a government agent provocateur,  that will kill the entire movement.

The State’s Documents

NATO Summit Terrorist Charges Against Black Bloc Members Jared Chase, Brent Betterly, Brian Church

NATO Terrorist Plot - Page 1

NATO Terrorist Plot - Page 2

NATO Terrorist Plot - Page 3

Official Illinois State Attorney’s Press Release

Note the headline of this press release is a lie. It reads partially ‘investigation into violence during the NATO summit’. There

a) was no violence and

b) the arrests took place before the NATO summit not during. Why would they release a press release that says during the NATO summit before the NATO summit?

Also this claims that the activists had a mortar gun. That is suspicious because it isn’t repeated anywhere in the media or by the police yet would be more damning than Molotov cocktails.

NATO terrorism charges Press Release

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House Passes Stealth Legislation



From AntiWar.com

by , May 17, 2012

Go to Google and type in “H.R. 4133.”

You will discover that, apart from a handful of blogs and alternative news sites, not a single mainstream medium has reported the story of a congressional bill that might well have major impact on the conduct of United States foreign policy.

 H.R. 4133, the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, was introduced into the House of Representatives of the 112th Congress on March 5 “to express the sense of Congress regarding the United States-Israel strategic relationship, to direct the president to submit to Congress reports on United States actions to enhance this relationship and to assist in the defense of Israel, and for other purposes.”

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) reportedly helped draft the bill, and its co-sponsors include Republicans Eric Cantor and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Democrats Howard Berman and Steny Hoyer.

Hoyer is the Democratic whip in the House of Representatives, where Cantor is majority leader. Ros-Lehtinen heads the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The House bill basically provides Israel with a blank check drawn on the U.S. taxpayer to maintain its “qualitative military edge” over all of its neighbors combined.

It requires the White House to prepare an annual report on how that superiority is being maintained.

The resolution passed on May 9 by a vote of 411–2 on a “suspension of the rules,” which is intended for non-controversial legislation requiring little debate and a quick vote.

A number of congressmen spoke on the bill, affirming their undying dedication to the cause of Israel.

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas was the only one who spoke out against it, describing it as “one-sided and counterproductive foreign policy legislation. This bill’s real intent seems to be more saber-rattling against Iran and Syria.”

Paul also observed that “this bill states that it is the policy of the United States to ‘reaffirm the enduring commitment of the United States to the security of the State of Israel as a Jewish state.’ However, according to our Constitution, the policy of the United States government should be to protect the security of the United States, not to guarantee the religious, ethnic, or cultural composition of a foreign country.” Paul voted “no” and was joined by only one other representative, John Dingell of Michigan, who represents a large Muslim constituency.

It is interesting to note what exactly the bill pledges the American people to do on behalf of Israel.

It obligates the United States to veto resolutions critical of Israel, to provide such military support “as is necessary,”

to pay for the building of an anti-missile system, to provide advanced “defense” equipment (including refueling tankers, which are offensive),

to give Israel special munitions (i.e., bunker-busters, which are also offensive), to forward deploy more U.S. military equipment to Israel,

to offer the Israeli air force more training and facilities in the U.S., to increase security- and advanced-technology-program cooperation, and to extend loan guarantees and expand intelligence-sharing (including highly sensitive satellite imagery).

Actually, there’s even more included, and I may have missed the kitchen sink.

But the objective is to provide Israel with the resources to attack Iran, if it chooses to do so, while tying the U.S. and Israel so closely together that whatever Benjamin Netanyahu does, the U.S. “will always be there,” as our president has so aptly put it.

But the scariest bit of the bill is its call for “an expanded role for Israel within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), including an enhanced presence at NATO headquarters and exercises.”

If Israel becomes part of NATO, which is clearly Congress’s intent, the U.S. and other members will be obligated to come to the aid of a nation that is expanding its borders and is currently engaged in hostilities with three of its neighbors.

Israel has also initiated a series of regional wars.

Whether NATO membership for Israel would benefit anyone is questionable, but it is something the neocons have been seeking for years, to turn Israel’s wars into a new crusade against the Muslim world.

And then there is the congressional propensity to conceal additional spending in legislation that is normally passed without a great deal of debate.

It is perhaps no coincidence that on May 7 the Republican spokesman, the redoubtable Howard “Buck” McKeon, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, released his party’s proposal for increased defense spending (yes, increased) for 2013. McKeon,

who has never served in the military and who was holds a bachelor of science degree in animal husbandry from Brigham Young University, is an uber-hawk who relies heavily on campaign contributions from the defense industry.

Perhaps “Buck” should consider changing his sobriquet to “Warbucks,” but as he probably lacks a sense of humor, it would be wasted on him.

Included in the proposed defense bill is a cool $1 billion for Israel to upgrade its missile defenses.

Money for Israel inserted in the U.S. defense budget suggests that Congress believes that defense of the U.S. and defense of Israel are pretty much conjoined at the hip.

That’s on top of the $3 billion Tel Aviv already receives and the numerous defense co-production programs that it benefits from, which will clearly be expanded if 4133 is any indication.

The media predictably underreported the largesse for Israel with a couple of lines hidden away in a story in The Washington Post about overall defense spending.

Many who follow the issue have known for some time that Congress, generally speaking, will unhesitatingly do anything to benefit Israel and its supporters, be damned the consequences for the rest of us.

That they do it without any public scrutiny is unforgivable and is as much the fault of the media as it is of the devious ways of America’s legislature.

If Congress wants to give Israel the type of guarantees that would require Washington to support Tel Aviv’s foreign and security policy, there should be a free and open debate with the American people understanding clearly what such a commitment means in terms of costs and consequences, not a “suspension of rules” stealth legislative package.

If Buck McKeon and his friends on the House Armed Services Committee want to give Israel a billion dollars and actually believe it serves the U.S. national interest, why do they hide it in a procurement bill for the defense of the United States?

If historians 100 years from now seek to explain how a great power committed seemingly intentional national suicide, they will have to look no further than the voting record of the U.S. Congress.

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Increasing Israel Aid, Cutting Everything Else



MJ RosenbergBy 

May 17, 2012

It’s no longer news that the one item exempt from cuts in every budget slashing proposal (including Rep. Paul Ryan’s “gut Medicare” offering) is aid to Israel.

Actually it is hard to use the word aid about an annual multi-billion dollar gift that goes directly to the Israeli military. That word suggests that the recipient is needy, which the Israeli military most certainly isn’t. (Virtually all our aid to Israel is military).

U.S. “aid to Israel is, by far, the largest chunk of our foreign aid budget.

That portion of the budget is increased (an extra billion in this year’s budget) while real aid programs to the sick, hungry and impoverished in Africa, Asia, and Latin America is always on the budget cutters’ chopping block. (Mitt Romney says China should provide non-military foreign aid, not us — the wealthiest nation on earth).

It’s no secret why Israel’s gifts from the U.S. are immune.

The Israel lobby uses its power to direct campaign contributions to ensure that no Member of Congress, or president for that matter, ever dares suggests that Israel take a hit as Americans do.

You have to wonder why Israel, at least for propaganda purposes, does not offer to accept a cut given that so many Americans are hurting so badly.

I suppose the Netanyahu government does not want to establish any precedent by which Israel aid goes any direction but up, regardless of how badly the U.S. economy is doing.

The behavior of the Israeli government and its lobby toward this question reminds me of the scene in Fiddler On The Roof  in which a beggar complains to a passerby who just dropped a coin in his cup:


Beggar: One kopeck? Last week you gave me two kopecks.

Donor: I had a bad week.

Beggar: So you had a bad week. Why should I suffer?


That beggar needed a lobby.

Anyone who doubts that the lobby keeps the money flowing to Israel through the selective use of campaign contributions should read this transcript. It is from 1992 and it comes from a tape in which the president of AIPAC boasts to a potential donor (who is secretly recording the conversation) about how AIPAC operates.

The good news is that, at last, the Israel “aid” program is coming under scrutiny, from journalists if not from Congress.

In Thursday’s Washington Post, Walter Pincus asks why “the United States put[s] Israel’s budget problems aheads of its own.”

He takes specific aim at a U.S-Israel deal in which:

the United States will provide an additional $680 million to Israel over three years.

The money is meant to help pay for procuring three or four new batteries and interceptors for Israel’s Iron Dome short-range rocket defense program.

The funds may also be used for the systems after their deployment, according to the report of the House Armed Services Committee on the fiscal 2013 Defense Authorization bill


He also notes that:

(1) The Iron Dome funds, already in legislation before Congress, will be on top of the $3.1 billion in military aid grants being provided to Israel in 2013 and every year thereafter through 2017.”

(2) The House committee version of the defense authorization bill… includes another $168 million “requested by [the] Government of Israel to meet its security requirements…

This money is to be added to three other missile defense systems that have been under joint development by the United States and Israel. The $168 million is in addition to another $99.9 million requested by the Obama administration for those programs.


I have no problem with the U.S. helping to fund the Iron Dome project, a missile defense system that has proven effective in defending Israeli civilians from missile attacks.

I have a weakness for systems that defend civilians anywhere against missile attacks, including Palestinians who are defenseless against Israeli attacks.

But I have to wonder if the overall U.S. aid program for Israel should not be cut in view of the horrific economic conditions here at home.

After all, the House has voted to cut $36 billion from nutrition assistance programs, which would kick 2 million people off of food aid, cut benefits for 44 million more, and drop 280,000 low-income children from the free school lunch program.

I am no fan of budget cuts in general but with everything else under the sledgehammer, it is nuts to exempt Israel (nor would it be exempted but for the power of the lobby).

Then there is Pincus’ final point.

Although the U.S. is putting $900 million into Israel’s missile defense program “the United States has no rights to the technology involved.”

Pincus concludes:

So here is the United States, having added to its own deficit by spending funds that it must borrow, helping to procure a missile defense system for Israel, which faces the threat but supposedly can’t pay for it alone.

To add insult to injury, Pentagon officials must ask the Israeli government-owned company that is profiting from the weapons sales — including Iron Dome — if the United States can have a piece of the action.


Are we the biggest suckers on earth or is it just the irresistible clout of the lobby. Read this transcript and you’ll have your answer. Would you want to be the legislator who objects to this arrangement?

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated since its original publication.

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Panetta: Obama Has Authority to Override Congress to Declare War


Published on May 16, 2012 by 

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the President has the authority to override Congress’ exclusive power to declare war, if some “vital interest” is at stake.







Obama “Born In Kenya”


Published on May 17, 2012 by 


Who is Barack Obama?

The question remains contentious, but a new smoking gun piece of evidence makes certain that so-called “birthers” won’t be going anywhere.

It has now emerged that Barack Obama’s own authorized biography while president of the Harvard Law Review says he was “born in Kenya” and raised in both Indonesia and Hawaii.

This is prima facie evidence that the public has been sold on a big lie.

It further only reinforces the mountains of related evidence that has surfaced, not the least of which is Michele Obama’s own public statements about their returning to Barack’s “homeland” in Africa to conduct a public AIDS test stunt. Wow!

Breitbart.com broke the story as part of their “vetting” series that has coincided with the untimely death of Andrew Breitbart himself.






Obama Said He Was Born in Kenya Up Until 2007!


Published on May 17, 2012 by 

That’s right Barack Obama PR firm was telling the media that he was born in Kenya up till 2007.

Obamas official agent speaking for him was putting this out from 1993 to 2007.






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