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REAL NEWS May 22, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on May 22, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : May 22, 2012


 The Long Lost Treasure of Cocos Island


From Unexplainable.net

By Chris Capps May 12,2012


The idea of pirate gold is still alive with us today even as legends of the findings are lost to antiquity.

The idea that somewhere beneath the waves or buried on an obscure island a mountain of gold could be hiding is something that has taken pirate lore from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island all the way to the modern Pirates of the Caribbean series still plundering the box office.

But the real treasure is still said to be out there, and the legendary gold rumored to be on one island would make even the most affluent Hollywood actors take a second look.

Cocos Island is a small patch of land approximately eight miles in diameter with a height of less than two miles.

And there is at least one thing that sets it apart from all other islands in the area. Cocos Island is said to host somewhere around 350 tons of gold on it worth billions.

Situated just west of South America, the island has a long history for being the destination of pirates hoping to bury treasure.

It was this simple island that would inspire Treasure Island, and it has been the location for over three hundred treasure hunting expeditions.

The stories lead all the way back to the dreaded pirate Captain Bennett Graham.

When a woman named Mary Welsh was captured and transported to an Australian prison colony in 1819, she produced a treasure map, giving the approximate coordinates of a lost hidden treasure.

When she eventually found her freedom, she would return to the island in search of the treasure.

Unfortunately, the chart she had been given was misleading. Something on the island had changed, though she couldn’t pinpoint why or how. Ultimately she left, hoping to one day return on a second expedition.

That expedition never materialized.

Another adventurer, a man by the name of August Gissler would later make it his life’s work to uncover this treasure, focusing on the Golden Madonna – a human-sized jewel encrusted statue of the Virgin Mary made of solid gold.

But while Gissler searched all his life, the only artifacts he discovered were also some of the best evidence for the treasure’s existence.

During his long search within the colonies, Gissler discovered six gold coins, strewn throughout the island. Could someone have beaten Gissler to the treasure and then built an empire from the lost deposits of gold found throughout the island?

Or is it still there waiting lost forever in the sands, well hidden from human eyes?

And Graham wasn’t the only pirate said to have stashed treasure on Cocos island.

In addition to the standard famous treasure of Lima, and the cache of Bennett Graham, there are other hordes said to be hidden on the island, including Benito “Bloody Sword” Bonito and his cut of gold said to be buried before he was caught and hanged.

The strangest thing about Cocos, however, is that somehow the treasure left behind there is never found.





The Pythagorean Brotherhood


From Unexplainable.net 

By Yona Williams April 30, 2012

In ancient Greek history, Pythagoras was a legend in philosophical circles.

Born in 570 BCE, the philosopher was a native of Samos before he moved to Magna Graecia – the network of Greek colonies in Southern Italy.

Pythagoras had a reputation for mixing math with mysticism and this gained the attention of young men who came from aristocratic backgrounds.

With these men, the Pythagorean Brotherhood was born – a secret society or cult based on the theories and teachings of the philosopher. 

Legend has it that Pythagoras gained all of his knowledge when he traveled throughout Egypt and the East.

He is said to have heavily borrowed some of the viewpoints from ancient mystery religions.

Some of his accomplishments and milestones include making significant mathematical discoveries, such as the Pythagorean Theorem , identifying the ratios associated with music, and established the doctrine connected to the “transmigration of the soul.”

In other words, he believed in reincarnation.

This belief was also met with a strict vegetarian diet.

In his teachings, he also taught the sacred geometry was important.

This concept would later become a theme for the Freemasons as well. 

In order for one to become a part of the Pythagorean Brotherhood, potential candidates had to undergo a strict initiation process.

If they passed the hard interview, then they had to swear an oath on a sacred triangle that was called the tetractys.

This meant that the men would give up their worldly possessions to the group as a whole.

They’d also take a vow of silence that lasted for five years. During this time, they were called akousmatikoi (or listeners).

They were permitted to listen to Pythagoras teach only when he was instructing from behind a veil. 

In time, the listeners would move up in the ranks of the inner circle and become mathematikoi – which is what members of the inner circle were called.

The mathematikoi concentrated on the Pythagorean teachings that dealt with science and philosophy.

The akousmatikoi focused on the mystical oral teaching of Pythagoras. These were referred to as symbola. 

The Pythagorean Brotherhood grew in power and political influence in its day – existing from around 530 BCE to around 450 BCE.

However, when they started to support the losing side of a political battle between local parties, they started to dwindle in influence.

Violence erupted between the parties and their headquarters were burned to the ground in the city of Crotona.

Many members of the Brotherhood paid with their lives as they were killed.

Pythagoras was able to escape death and went into exile, but he died a couple of years later around 495 BCE.

However, his philosophy was strong and lived on to survive. 





The Day I Died! My Near Death Experience!

Uploaded by  on Nov 22, 2010

The day I died was a new beginning. That’s the day I started living.

Now I have no fear of death. I actually have no fear of anything.






How To See Multi-Dimensional Beings/Ghosts With Your Eyes!

Uploaded by  on Nov 18, 2010

How to see into the unseen.





Buffy Sainte Marie – No No Keshagesh

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Buffy Saint-Marie – No No Keshagesh, taken from the album “Running For The Drum”

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