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REAL NEWS June 02, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 2, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : June 02, 2012


Seven Reasons Why Russian Soldiers Now Inside the US Should Stand Down and Go Home.


From Lone Star Watchdog

June 01, 2012

By realman2020

It is an honor to wear the uniform of the country born in to preserve the cultural integrity and dignity of the people.

A soldier must answer to his conscience on what is right and what is wrong.

He must realize that what he does right or wrong carrying out orders from his command will come back on them many fold.

Everyone has the free will to do good or evil. Every soldier has the responsibility to verify what information is given to them is correct or lies.

If Russian soldiers are here to murder Americans and go after the guns wearing US uniforms and using weapons issued to the American military.

They have to determine whom are they doing the bidding of.  What is the end game and what do they get out of it.

The consequences are going to be deadly if they carry out immoral orders to murder innocent people because they are told to do so.

In the eyes of our Creator, murder is murder, there is no such thing as “I was just following orders”.

What about the very people asking them to carry immoral orders out and who they really are in charge?

How do they really think of them? I will answer them.

Here are seven reasons why Russian Soldiers should disobey the orders to go after the American people’s guns and murder Americans. Why they should not be cannon fodder for the bankers and tyrants.

1. Their duty is to Russia first preserving the culture and the people.

To preserve Russia’s national sovereignty for generations to come. Coming to America to take them down does not benefit Russia at all.

It is the Russian soldier’s moral obligation to defend Russia and to protect the people from foreign armies from invasion.

Not to serve under any other flag or colors for immoral reasons.

2. The American people are well armed that exceed 100 times the size of the Russian, and Chinese armies combined.

There will be a gun behind every blade of grass. Chances are they will not make out alive.

American people will become brutal savages and hunt them down once they find out they are Russian and they murdered mothers and children too.

The Russian soldier who attacks the American people regardless if they are women, men or children attacks his own family also will not be allowed to go unscathed.

Gun sales are up here in record numbers that outnumber the ranks in the Russian Army many times over

Remember what happened in Afghanistan, the Soviet Army could not conquer an armed Afghan people.

3. The remaining soldiers who will survive, chances are will not make it home alive. They might be killed in a helicopter crash or a plane crash.

The soldiers will know too much and the system cannot afford them being alive to talk about what really happened. Remember what happened to Seal Team Six.

Russian airborne troops should be reminded of what their first real duty is to and what their real moral obligations are… They are expendable to the globalist.

If they survive that, the soldier might face a Nuremberg style trial “I was just following orders” will not be a strong defense against any war crime charges.

If they get lucky not delivered to a court to face war crimes allegations in a tribunal.

They might not return to Russia with honor, the faces of all they murdered will haunt them to their dying day.

That is not the way to live out the rest of their days with blood on their hands haunting their conscience.

4.  The people who want these Russian soldiers to murder Americans are the same people who were behind the Red Terror after the Bolshevik takeover.

The very people asking these Russian soldiers to murder the American people financed Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky to killed tens of millions of their own people by firing squads and famines.

5. The very people who are agents of the Rothschild and Rockefeller interest, President Putin threw them out of Russia are the ones dispatching these Russian solders under the UN/NORTHCOM command to carry out an Eugenics policy who wants to wipe out 90 plus percent of the world’s population.

That means even the Russian people they want to kill also.

After 70 years under communist rule the Russian government is now paying people to have children because the eugenics policies by the oligarchs.

Now they want Russian soldiers to oppress the American people who financed the murder of their own people during the Red Terror and the Stalin’s purges .

6. It is a divide and conquer game to get Americans to hate Russia and Russians to hate Americans.

The Bankers and globalist want Russia and America at war with each other while they sit back and see us try to kill each other.

Russia and America where once strong allies before 1913 way before the Federal Reserve Bank came into existence funding both sides of the conflict.

7. If the globalist succeed in murdering tens of millions of Americans taking this once good republic down.

Russia is next in the sites of the very oligarchs who sit on Wall Street and the City of London.

The very terror they plan to use on the American population will come back to Russia 10 fold.

It could be the Russian soldier’s family that will fall prey to the Eugenics plan.

It could be their wife, mother, sister, daughter, mother, brother, father or son.

Think of the long term consequences following immoral orders on any people might bring back on them and their own people.

It is my prayer and hope that Russian soldiers will think for themselves individually and collectively of what they are being told.

It is my objective to encourage them to do what is right and what is moral.

I want them to know the truth before they are given the orders to oppress the people to decide beforehand to do well or do evil.

There is no honor in following immoral orders, which is the moment they cease being a soldier and now is a war criminal if they murder unarmed innocent people.

This is not good for them or for the glory of Russia. American soldiers who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who carried out immoral and illegal orders are messed up in the head because the faces of the innocent people they were ordered to kill haunts their memory.

Why, because they did something that had no honor by killing innocent people wherever they are in the world.

Russia is a great country because the people are good.

Be a good Russian and stand for what is good for Mother Russia even it means saying “no” commands that are wrong.

A good solder is not remembered for following orders without question. A good soldier is a man who questions authority when morality is in question when it goes against his conscience. 

He carries out his duty by his conscience even when he stands alone.

The man who stands by what is good and honorable demonstrating the true character of the nation they represent.

A good soldier knows there is a higher duty then pleasing the people above him.

History will remember him as what makes Russia great because they did well by his own people and in the eyes of our Creator who reigns supreme over us all. 

This is a notice, to every soldier who wears the uniform serving under any flag in the world.

There is a higher duty we are accountable to that is above politics and borders. Our duty is always to our Lord first before all else.

Do not forget that. We all have the choice to do good or evil. Just following orders will not be an excuse.

Remember the glory of Russia resides in her people. Bring no dishonor to her people or her flag nor taint her national character.

There is no victory or honor in oppression.

It does not benefit Russia, this only helps the bankers who carried out the Red Terror decades before in their own homeland.

Do not dishonor Russia like American Soldiers dishonored my flag and my nation for what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are no winners doing the will of the bankers hiding in the shadows.

I hope the Russian soldiers here keep that in mind. If they love Russia, they will do what is good in the eyes of God.






John Brennan: Unelected Death Sentence Czar

John Brennan’s new power. This is from  May 22, 2012 article in Salon

John Brennan's new power

In this Sept. 7, 2011 file photo, White House counterterrorism

adviser John Brennan speaks in Washington. (Credit: AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

From Salon

President Obama’s counter-terrorism chief has “seized the lead” in secretly determining who will die by US drone


(updated below)

In November, 2008, media reports strongly suggested that President Obama intended to name John Brennan as CIA Director.

But controversy over Brennan’s recent history — he was a Bush-era CIA official who expressly advocated “enhanced interrogation techniques” and rendition — forced him to “withdraw” from consideration, as he publicly issued a letter citing “strong criticism in some quarters” of his CIA advocacy.

Undeterred by any of that unpleasantness, President Obama instead named Brennan to be his chief counter-Terrorism adviser, a position with arguably more influence that he would have had as CIA chief.

Since then, Brennan has been caught peddling serious falsehoods in highly consequential cases, including falsely telling the world that Osama bin Laden “engaged in a firefight” with U.S. forces entering his house and “used his wife as a human shield,” and then outright lying when he claimed about the prior year of drone attacks in Pakistan: “there hasn’t been a single collateral death.”

Given his history, it is unsurprising that Brennan has been at the heart of many of the administration’s most radical acts, including claiming the power to target American citizens for assassination-by-CIA without due process and the more general policy of secretly targeting people for death by drone.

Now, Brennan’s power has increased even more: he’s on his way to becoming the sole arbiter of life and death, the unchecked judge, jury and executioner of whomever he wants dead (of course, when Associated Press in this report uses the words “Terrorist” or “al-Qaida operative,” what they actually mean is: a person accused by the U.S. Government, with no due process, of involvement in Terrorism):

White House counterterror chief John Brennan has seized the lead in choosing which terrorists will be targeted for drone attacks or raids, establishing a new procedure for both military and CIA targets.

The effort concentrates power over the use of lethal U.S. force outside war zones within one small team at the White House.

The process, which is about a month old, means Brennan’s staff consults with the State Department and other agencies as to who should go on the target list, making the Pentagon’s role less relevant, according to two current and three former U.S. officials aware of the evolution in how the government goes after terrorists. . . .

Brennan’s effort gives him greater input earlier in the process, before making final recommendation to President Barack Obama. Officials outside the White House expressed concern that drawing more of the decision-making process to Brennan’s office couldturn it into a pseudo military headquarters, entrusting the fate of al-Qaida targets to a small number of senior officials. . . .

Some of the officials carrying out the policy are equally leery of “how easy it has become to kill someone,” one said. The U.S. is targeting al-Qaida operatives for reasons such as being heard in an intercepted conversation plotting to attack a U.S. ambassador overseas, the official said. . . .

Human rights and civil liberties groups have argued for the White House to make public the legal process by which names end up on the targeting lists.

“We continue to believe, based on the information available, that the (drone) program itself is not just unlawful but dangerous,” said Hina Shamsi, director of the ACLU National Security Project. “It is dangerous to characterize the entire planet as a battlefield.”

Shrinking the pool of people deciding who goes on the capture/kill list means fewer people to hold accountable, said Mieke Eoyang from Third Way, a centrist Democratic think tank.

“As a general principle, if people think someone is checking their work, they are more careful,” Eoyang said. “Small groups can fall victim to group-think.”

Needless to say, all of this takes place in total secrecy, with no legal framework and no oversight of any kind. Indeed, even after they had Brennan publicly defend the CIA drone program, the Obama administration continue to insist in federal court that the program is too secretive even to confirm its existence. 

It’s just a tiny cadre of National Security State officials who decide, in the dark, whom they want dead, and then — once the President signs off — it is done.

This is the Change with which the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate has gifted us: ”some of the officials carrying out the policy are equally leery of ‘how easy it has become to kill someone.’”

Reuters previously described the secret process used to determine which human beings, including American citizens, would be targeted for due-process-free death-by-CIA: they “are placed on a kill or capture list by a secretive panel of senior government officials with “no public record” nor “any law establishing its existence or setting out the rules” — an actual death panel, though one invented by the White House rather than established by law.

And now John Brennan has even more control over the process, and fewer checks, when issuing these death sentence decrees.

Remember in the Bush era when little things like the Patriot Act and warrantless eavesdropping and military commissions were the Radical and Lawless Assaults Trampling on Our Constitution and Our Values?

Now, all those things are completely normalized — controversies over those policies are like quaint and obsolete relics of a more innocent era — and we now have things like unelected Death Sentence Czars instead.


Charles Davis has two good posts — one here and one here — on the desperate mental gymnastics invoked by some Obama fanatics to justify (and, when that fails, ignore) all of this.

UPDATE: I was on Al Jazeera yesterday debating the potential de-listing of the MeK as a Terrorist group, and that can be seen here(because of technical issues, my participation began at 19:40). I was also interviewed yesterday by Anti War Radio about Obama’s detention policies and the recent court case invalidating the NDAA’s detention powers, and that can be heard here.







THE KILLING, ( MURDERING ), OF U.S. CITIZENS IS NOT A NEW CONCEPT TO OUR TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT, ESPECIALLY WITH THE HELP OF THEIR ALLIED ASSASSINS,  ZIONIST ISRAELS MODSAD. ( and don’t think for a second, that our CIA didn’t have a hand in any of it, because you would be wrong ! )


THE AL-QAIDA, ( Which means toilet when translated. Ohhh, what a sense of humor the CIA/Mossad must have…),  A CONTROLLED AND OPERATED CREATION OF THE CIA/MOSSAD, ( Even Sec. Hillary Clinton has admitted it to be true ), BECAME THE NEW TARGET AND EXCUSE TO GO TO WAR, WHILE EQUALLY, SLOWLY AND FRAUDULENTLY STEALING OUR FREEDOMS.

A SELF STARTED WAR, WHERE OUR ( and others), SOLDIERS WERE/ARE,  KILLED/MURDER BY THE VERY SAME,  AL-QAIDA CIA/MOSSAD TERRORISTS DRESSED AS AMERICA’S SO CALLED ENEMIES. ( and let’s not forget all the innocent citizens that have been murdered in the lands that America has illegally/fraudulently invaded and that JOKE of a U.N. ignored(s) !)






Commonly Asked Questions about the USS Liberty

Prepared by the Independent Commission of Inquiry

From If AMERICANS Knew.org

  1. What happened to the USS Liberty?

    The USS Liberty was a virtually unarmed American navy ship that was attacked by Israeli planes and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967.

  2. What were the American casualties?

    34 American sailors were killed and 172 injured that day, a casualty rate of 70%. This is among the highest casualty rates ever inflicted upon a U.S. naval vessel.

  3. What was Israel’s explanation for the attack?

    Israel claimed the attack was “a case of mistaken identity”; that they didn’t know it was an American ship.

  4. Why would we question that explanation more than 30 years later?

    The ship’s survivors were afraid to speak out in the early years because of threats of “court martial, prison or worse” if they did not remain silent. However, as time passed, they have stepped forward to say the attack was deliberate. 

    Recently, high government and military officials have suggested that not only was the attack deliberate, but that the US government covered-up the incident.


    { Xaniel’s Note : Not only did the U.S. cover it up, but Johnson,( another traitor President) had knowledge of it before hand and needed that false flag attack to convince Americans to go to war with Egypt. 

    Pretty much the same way he deceived Americans to go to war with Vietnam over a U.S. radio operator’s mistake! 

    Many soldiers and innocent people have died as a result of this President’s lust for war!

    If he were the only President to betray us, life in this country would still make sense .

     However, he wasn’t and isn’t, the only one.} ~~ Xaniel777 


    Today, an Independent Commission of Inquiry has found that Israel committed “an act of war” against the United States (see Findings of Independent Commission).

    In addition, the Navy’s chief attorney to the original 1967 military Court of Inquiry has issued a statement that orders to cover-up the incident were issued by President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara [see Statement of Captain Ward Boston, USN, JAG (Ret.)]

  5. Did Israel have reason to believe the USS Liberty was an Egyptian ship?

    Israel says its pilots and torpedo boat commanders confused the USS Liberty with the El Quseir, an Egyptian ship allegedly firing upon its forces in the Sinai. But there was no Egyptian naval bombardment that day; nor did the El Quseir (an unarmed 1920s-era horse carrier out of service in Alexandria) bear any resemblance to the Liberty

  6. Isn’t it difficult to identify a ship if you’re in an airplane?

    In 1967, the USS Liberty was the most sophisticated intelligence ship in the world, with dozens of large antennas, including a large moon-bounce “satellite-dish” mounted on a tall structure near the stern. 

    It may have been one of the most easily identifiable ships of any navy in the world. 

    With a displacement of 10,000 tons, it was four times the size of the antique Egyptian transport it is claimed to have resembled. 

    Freshly painted, the Liberty carried large white identification numbers on its bow. Egyptian hull numbers are painted black.

  7. Doesn’t Israel say that the Liberty flew no flag?

    According to American survivors, a 5-by-8 feet American flag was hoisted early that morning and was flying all day until it was shot away by attacking aircraft. Within several minutes, it was replaced by the giant 7-by-13 feet holiday ensign, which flew for the duration of the attack.

  8. Could Israel have thought the ship was in a war zone, acting suspiciously?

    According to surviving crewmembers, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft closely studied the Liberty over an eight-hour period prior to the attack, one flying within two hundred feet of the ship. 

    At all times the Liberty was a clearly marked American ship in international waters, proceeding at a speed of only 5 knots.

  9. What was the weather like the day of the attack?

    Weather reports confirm that it was a clear day with unlimited visibility.

     The Israeli reconnaissance planes could have seen the Liberty’s crew sunbathing on the upper decks just before the attack. The flag was flying in a 12-knot breeze for most of the afternoon.

  10. Doesn’t Israel say they ended the attack the minute they saw someone hoist an American flag?

    The Israeli attack by combined air and naval forces spanned two hours — as long as the attack on Pearl Harbor.

     The air attack alone lasted approximately 25 minutes: consisting of more than 30 sorties by approximately 12 separate planes using napalm, cannon, and rockets which left 821 holes in the ship. 

    Following the air attack, three Israeli motor torpedo boats torpedoed the ship, causing a 40’x 40’ wide hole in her hull, and machine-gunning firefighters and stretcher-bearers attempting to save their ship and crew. 

    More than 3,000 machine-gun bullet holes were later counted on the Liberty’s hull. 

    After the attack was thought to have ended, three life rafts were lowered into the water to rescue the most seriously wounded. 

    The Israeli torpedo boats returned and machine-gunned these life rafts at close range. 

    This was followed by the approach of two large Israeli Army assault helicopters filled with armed commandos carrying what appeared to be explosive satchels (they departed after hovering over the ship for several minutes, making no attempt to communicate)

  11. Did the Liberty send out a distress signal when it was under attack?

    Throughout the air attack, the Liberty’s radio operators found it difficult to transmit a distress signal because the attacking Israeli aircraft jammed all five of the Liberty’s American, not Egyptian, emergency radio channels. 

    However, a call for help did reach the U.S. Navy command in the Mediterranean.

  12. What was the American response time?

    Although American carrier-based air support was only 40 minutes away, help did not reach the USS Liberty for seventeen hours. 

    Navy fighters were launched from the aircraft carriers America and Saratoga while the Liberty was under attack.

     However, they were quickly recalled by the White House.

     This is the only instance in American naval history where a rescue mission was cancelled when an American ship was under attack.

  13. Why would Israel have deliberately attacked an American ship?

    Israel’s motive for launching the attack has never been determined with certainty. 

    This is why an impartial investigation is critical. 

    One hypothesis is that Israel intended to sink the ship (with no survivors) and blame Egypt because this might have brought the United States into the 1967 war. 

    Another hypothesis is that the Liberty was gathering intelligence about activities that Israel did not want revealed.

     Examples might include the massacre of Egyptian prisoners of war that was then occurring in the Sinai, as well as Israel’s impending invasion of Syria.

  14. Has the incident been investigated in the past?

    Some people say that there have been “thirteen official investigations” all concluding the attack was a case of mistaken identity. 

    Several were conducted by Israel. 

    Upon examination, however, every one is based upon the conclusions of the original 1967 US Navy Court of Inquiry, which accepted the Israeli version, but which has been exposed and discredited by its chief attorney as a cover-up

  15. Did the surviving crewmembers testify in the other investigations?

    In not one of these “investigations” were any of the Liberty’s surviving crewmembers permitted to publicly testify.

  16. Why would the White House prevent the rescue of an American ship?

    This is, perhaps, the most disturbing question arising out of Israel’s attack. 

    It is why there needs to be a thorough investigation of the actions taken by the White House and the Secretary of Defense. 

    Why did they order the recall of the planes that had been sent to rescue the Liberty

    Why did they order that the survivors be silenced and the true facts be withheld from the American people? 

  17. What kind of investigation are you calling for?

    We are calling for a new Court of Inquiry by the Department of the Navy, with congressional oversight, to take public testimony from surviving crewmembers and otherwise thoroughly examine the circumstances of the attack.

  18. Why are you calling for a naval — and not a congressional — investigation?

    We believe this would remove the inquiry from the political pressures traditionally exerted by special interest groups upon individual congressional offices. 

    Fundraising and election pressures have prevented an honest investigation from being conducted for the past 36 years.

  19. Why is this significant for the American people 36 years later?

    We have a duty to the crew of the USS Liberty, while the survivors are still alive to testify, and while the perpetrators can be brought to justice. 

    Furthermore, any policies that paralyze our elected leadership to the extent they become unable or unwilling to protect Americans and American interests, endangers not only the safety of all Americans but also the national security of the United States. 

  20. Doesn’t America have a special relationship with Israel?

    No nation or people should be above the law; nor should American interests be subordinated to the interests of any foreign nation. 

    Those Israelis responsible for ordering the attack and the resulting murder of American sailors must be held accountable for their actions.


{ XANIEL’S NOTE : A quick reminder so that we do not forget,  Clif High has recently reported that his latest Web-bot Issue suggests another false flag attack involving the Israeli Mossad and with the full co-operation of, ( as well as planned out by ), our ( U.S.) Government,  who has delibertly sent/placed the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Enterprise ( an old vessel, due to be de-commissioned soon) in harms way.  

To be used as a sacrificial lamb to justify and attack on Iran on behalf of  ‘ Zionist Israel – the Evil Virus of the World ‘!

Read an excerpt of that false flag attack from Half Past Human.com below.}~~Xaniel777


From Half Past Human.com

By Clif High – May 30, 2012

August 12 – planned [radiation event] for the [gulf of persia, and the indian/southern oceans].

In the cabal’s on-going war (by proxy through US and other navies/militaries) against their [underseas alien enemies] here on earth,

their plan is to get a [three-fer (3 for 1 hit)] by having some [fake iranians (actually the mossad agents)… want their names? naw…just kidding…our stuff does not work down to that level…]

come out of ‘no where’ and [sink 4/four USA nuclear reactors] into the [persian gulf].

This will be done by the [mossad agents pretending to be iranians] actually hitting the [target painted] on the [enterprise].

This is planned to be [mission accomplished] while they (ptb) think we will all be watching their [head (games)] in [THE CITY (london)]…..

watch for the [financial records destruction] angle to their upcoming events. 

3fer = prompt for US to attack iran + radiation against underseas enemies + radiation in air to kill off more of those annoying humans (from tptb perspective)





John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012

Published on May 31, 2012 by 

James Morris, political analyst and commentator confronts John McCain about the USS Liberty Cover-up on Memorial Day.

Website: http://america-hijacked.com

John Gidusko’s USS Liberty website:





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