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REAL NEWS June 09, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 8, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : June 09, 2012


UPDATE :  Mass Arrests / Divine Intervention: New Briefings

From Divine Cosmos

David Wilcock

Written by David Wilcock
Friday, 08 June 2012 05:55

Finally, after months of no new insider updates, one of our top sources has gotten new information about how Divine Intervention is shaping the mass arrests that have been planned. The news is very exciting — and very positive.


We are not alone — and we never have been.

Extraterrestrial humans, widely regarded in ancient folklore as “angels,” “elves,” “leprechauns,” “faeries,” “jinn”, et cetera, have been guiding and helping us all along.

Virtually every single ancient culture reports human-looking “gods” who came and brought them written language, mathematics, agriculture, irrigation, animal husbandry, building techniques, astronomy and extensive spiritual teachings. 

Gigantic stone structures have been erected within the vast majority of these ancient cultures as well —following remarkably common patterns worldwide.

Such feats still strain our current technology almost to its limits.

“Boskop” skulls have been found in South Africa, Mesoamerica, Siberia and elsewhere, with double our current brain size —as reported by Discover Magazine in December 2009.

No known human deformity can explain these skulls.

It is quite astonishing that in the face of this much data, we still have not reached a point where the reality of ancient ET contact and assistance is considered common knowledge.

Any widespread recognition of this fact will inevitably create a legendary shift in our society — regardless of how many people will claim to have known it all along.


After several hundred years of frustrating obscurity, it appears that we are on the verge of a stunning mass awakening — to the ongoing presence of extraterrestrial humans guiding our development here on Earth, behind the scenes.

The Visitors appear to be much more knowledgeable about science and spirituality than we are at present — and there is every indication that we are on the threshold of an event that has been predicted for thousands of years, with great precision.

Over 30 different ancient cultures — virtually every ancient philosophical system in the world — was “encoded” with information suggesting that history repeats itself, in vast cycles of 25,920 years.

This was proven by reputable scholars Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend in their epic 1969 work Hamlet’s Milland brought to mass public awareness by Graham Hancock in his essential 1995 classic, Fingerprints of the Gods.

There is overwhelming evidence that the end of this year, 2012, is when this huge cycle of time — and the events predicted to take place therein — finally reaches its conclusion.

Many have interpreted the prophecies as suggesting that mass death and chaos will occur — in some sort of worldwide cataclysm.

However, this appears to be a great misunderstanding of the language of symbolism and metaphor — which is actually describing a very positive event.

What the prophecies foretold is a coming “Golden Age” of unprecedented peace and prosperity.


We are seeing the death of the Old World Order, not the Earth.

It is the death of the beliefs and prejudices of ignorance, and the corrupt social structures that upheld them.

This shift is also associated with a trans-formative “awakening” of the pineal gland in the brain — which, as I explain in the original 2012 Enigma video and in my book The Source Field Investigations, does appear to be our central connection to the Source Field.

One of the most consistent threads that runs throughout ancient spiritual teachings — right up through credible modern sources such as the Edgar Cayce Readings, the Seth Material and the Law of One series — is reincarnation.

In finalizing my new book, The Synchronicity Key, I have gone back to the “roots” of the Edgar Cayce material — such as Many Mansions by Gina Cerminara — and gained a renewed appreciation for how significantly reincarnation affects our lives today.

In short, the Visitors have taught us that the Universe is One.

There is only identity. There is no greater mystery than that of Consciousness — and how our own awareness is ultimately the Creator knowing Itself.

Life on Earth is a vast illusion, structured for the explicit purpose of spiritual evolution for all its participants.

We have large amounts of time to learn our lessons — across many lifetimes — while living in very significant amnesia of our greater Identity.

Historical epochs and events keep repeating, so as to give us similar situations in parallel cycles of time.

All the while, we have choices as to how to react to these epic changes.


Our “past lives” are not dead relics of another time, permanently sealed away from us.

Who we are as a soul — and as a conscious, waking personality — is very strongly influenced by who we have been before.

Many Mansions gives a staggering number of real-world examples from over 2,500 “life readings” given during Cayce’s lifetime of how reincarnation affects us in the everyday world.

We are protected from knowing where these personality influences come from, in most cases — but they very much shape who we are, and how we function.

There are many positive aspects to it — such as children who are born with exceptional talents they remember, slightly below their conscious understanding, from other lifetimes.

There is also a full accountability for who we have been, and what we have measured out to others, in our previous lives as well. Some karma must be “suspended” until we are strong enough to be able to process it in a beneficial manner.

Trouble spots and weak points from other lifetimes will keep coming up, again and again, until we can successfully clear them — and keep a positive attitude in the process.



This is the time of the Great Initiation, forecasted thousands of years in advance.

Everyone is going through the most difficult “facing of the self” they can possibly handle at this time.

So, if you are still managing to have a positive attitude right now, you’re in terrific shape.

A positive focus at this time is not delusion.

It’s merely a deeper understanding of who we are, why we are here, and how the grand illusion of life on Earth really functions.

It is unfortunate that most people do not have a reliable, consistent, trustworthy connection to their Higher Self — as the intellect alone is insufficient to put these pieces together and solve this mystery.

The Universe is built that way. For a reason.

The pathway to penetrating its mysteries is ultimately through the heart — not the mind.

Despite how frightening things seem to be right now, the negative forces on Earth were never intended to “win” — nor would they be allowed to. 



I learned about the grand conspiracies beginning in 1992.

The world did not collapse in on me once I found out about all of this. No one has been herded off to FEMA camps.

There has been no declaration of mass martial law.

Over the years, I have read thousands of alarmist predictions of dire catastrophe around every corner.

Some were extremely convincing. For years — particularly between 1996 and 2001 — I was captivated by it.

9/11 came and went, but it did not produce anywhere near the degree of upheaval the insiders tell me it had been intended to create.

Rather than being a victory for the negative forces, it ultimately insured their defeat.

In the fullness of time, this will be very obvious.

As the tyrants of this world push ever harder for global control, the pushback has become inescapable.

They are simply not being permitted to do what they wanted to do.

Permitted by whoyou ask?

In Law of One terms, this would be a whole range of higher-density beings — ranging from fourth-density straight through to seventh-density.

There is a vast, collaborative effort in place to insure that no matter what the oligarchs try to pull on us, we will never steer into total apocalypse.

The world has continued to remain remarkably balanced, all along, compared to what has been planned by the negative.



The public is waking up. Mass arrests will happen.

It’s inevitable as the truth becomes widely known.

The very rapid changes in the financial system — such as the imminent collapse of the Euro — show that everything is now reaching a critical mass.

By some credible insider estimates I have been exposed to, major changes may be only weeks away at this point — but we will never know for sure until it actually happens.

Furthermore, as I’ve worked my way through this great initiation of international touring and 13-hour flights, a barrage of incredible dreams are preparing me for major changes to happen in the near future.

Over the last 20 years, I have collected these dreams every morning — and they have been very reliable predictors of future events.

I had a cluster of 7 to 10 very strong dreams prior to 9/11, which spelled out what was going to happen so blatantly that I wrote them all up — linking to where they had already been posted on this site — that very same night.

By comparison, I’ve had literally hundreds of dreams preparing me for this. And they are getting increasingly urgent, dramatic and incredible in scope.




Divine Intervention has dramatically increased.

There are a variety of specific examples I will include when I have more time.

The latest briefing revealed how much this Divine Intervention is shaping the strategy that will be used for the mass arrests.

It has become clear that this is a battle against an influence more than against people

And the influence, for lack of a better word, is the Luciferian force — which is described in the Law of One series in detail.

A sudden, violent mass arrest would cause extreme hardship, chaos and disruption to society.

This is exactly what the Luciferian force wants.

Now, it is becoming clear that the Divine Intervention is guiding this whole process so that it is occurring bit by bit, here and there, so as to minimize fear and maximize effectiveness. 

There will be very big changes — but it has now been realized that rather than assigning a particular date to it, they are watching events unfold and seeing how things keep miraculously improving and working out.

I will have a lot more to say about this next week.

I have to go to sleep now so I can get up and do Sydney tomorrow and then Brisbane on Sunday — followed by Melbourne and Perth next weekend, and New York the weekend after that. 





 The Man Who Claimed the Universe


From  Unexplainable.Net

          Watching The World Change

     By Chris Capps – June 06, 2012


It was an unusual morning on New Year’s Day in 1949 when James T. Mangan rolled into an unsuspecting courthouse to make the largest legal claim ever to cross the desk of a judge.

Space exploration was just beginning to become a reality with big plans on the horizon for the USSR’s “Object D.”

Unaware of these developments, a strange man went to court in Cook County, Illinois and laid claim to the entire universe, which he said would henceforth be known as Celestia.

Mangan’s story is the tale of a man who attempted to sue the Universe into his own pocket.

Working from a Chicago mailbox, Mangan had prepared his case ahead of time.

It would be no small task to gain recognition as owner of the whole universe, and the journey for Mangan had begun a mere two weeks prior.

On December 20, 1948 the would-be galactic emperor sat in his study speaking with his associate Ernest Eckland when he remarked about the sheer magnitude of space.

And at that moment an idea formed that would take the west on its strangest and possibly its largest legal case in history.

Mangan’s claim took several clerks and printers by surprise, and soon a chain of telephone calls sparked across wires to attempt to confirm if what he was doing was possible.

Hoping to cover all of his bases, Mangan had his declaration chronicled with the Cook County Recorder – who then contacted the State’s Attorney who could find no legal precedent denying Mangan his claim.

After that, the litigant took what he called his own “immodest idea” through the crucible of paperwork to get his claim recognized.

He contacted the leaders of foreign nations, attempted to gain recognition from the United Nations, and even declared Earth itself an occupant of his own micronation.

He then proceeded to state that the planet would become his own property if it did not leave the universe within what he called a “reasonable period of time,” or nine minutes.

Unable to move the entire planet beyond the edge of the universe, the borders of which are still hotly contested, Mangan then moved his plan to its next super-villainous stage.

He claimed that too.

Mangan suggested that the headquarters of the universe be moved to the American Midwest somewhere and that this new nation would not be a democracy, but rather what he considered his own form of intellectual despotism.

But there was yet another problem.

Many land owners whose property rights extended indefinitely up included vast scopes of the universe as no boundaries had been placed upon them.

This simple oversight, he stated, was one of the greatest in our planet’s history as the Earth’s surface is curved.

Because of this, and the unlimited ownership of space moving outward, whole planets and galaxies could theoretically be claimed on a technicality.

But was he serious? Aside from issuing passports to astronauts, and protesting the invasion of his nation by satellites like “Object D” (also known as Sputnik), Mangan attempted to use his strange view of the world to bring global peace, and move the land-loving 1940’s into the space age.

And while he may not have quite had the Earth in his pocket, a few fans of this would-be universal conquerer say he was indeed the owner of a heart the size of a planet.

He died in 1970 at the age of 74.






Alternate Earth


From  Unexplainable.Net

          Watching The World Change

          By Jesus Delgado – October 13, 2011

Alternate Earth

Mission statement:  to repair the planet, extricate all polluting technologies, and seek to nurture a stable, healthy, well balanced, living environment.

To encourage, support, and make available Education and the pursuit of knowledge, advance technologies, advance sciences, and all other wisdoms that will enhance the quality of life for all living things.

To make available, all medicines, sciences, and technologies for healings, to all in need, and respect and protect the relationship between the planet, and all living things.

To govern, and enforce laws that will protect, and enhance that relationship, and the rights of the people, and our planet to preserve one self.

To live a healthy life cycle, self improve, seek knowledge and wisdoms, promote spiritual well being, and live in reasonable peace.

The evolution:There is no easy way to make this mission statement a reality, in our current state, in fact, it’s impossible.

The way we live, the way we govern, our life styles, religious beliefs, Values,  traditions, prejudices, greeds, and insecurities, these barriers  would all guaranty a failure to execute such an evolution.

But an evolution is exactly what is needed, and such an evolution demands the support, and participation of everyone in the planet.

To eliminate these barriers is no easy task, but not impossible if we approach them logically.

Let’s begin with our life styles, and the way we live, all affected, and infected by the other barriers.

 I say that life styles, and the way we live, are separate.

There are our personal life styles, with our families and friends, and then there is the way we live, and contribute as a society.

We must ask ourselves if the way we live, and function as a society, and in our own personal lives would support such a mission statement, my guess is no, not in its entirety.

Many of us try to live a healthier lifestyle, grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically, but we must look beyond ourselves, and ask how our lifestyle influences and impacts the way we live as a community, as a society, and as a people on a global scale. 

 We must ask ourselves if the religions, values, and traditions we bring into our lives would also support such a mission statement, again my guess is no.

Many of our religious beliefs and traditions are divisive and bigoted, manifested by our insecurities, greeds, and prejudices.

Then there is the way we govern, the structure of our government is flawed to say the least, Politicians corrupted, and the few that would dare to inspire positive change, are muted by the many whose agenda is to keep things just the way they are.

Could our government ever support such a mission statement, the answer is yes, with the right incentives in place, and only a few changes.

Greed: Finally there is greed, how to deal with greed, and eliminate the source.

This will take some convincing, so I’ve decided to allow myself enough time to explain.

First let’s begin with the effects that greed has on our society, and by society I mean as individuals as well as a community and a planet.

Wars, power struggles, corruptions in our government, terrorism, economic and social collapse, famine, crimes against humanity, much devastations to our planet, and even religion all have some elements of inspirations that can be traced back to greed.

Bankers get rich while not providing loans, Insurance companies get rich while not providing affordable insurance, drug companies get rich while not providing affordable medicine and healing technologies for all who need them, our own Capitalist economic structure has a foundation based on greed, and politicians get rich while looking the other way.

This social and economic structure is flawed in that it only serves to insure the advancements of a few rather than the whole of a society. 

 Why are farmers, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, nurses, and the average family barely making a living, not receiving proper and sufficient medical attention, in debt, and facing foreclosure, while the top few get financial incentives, and bailouts to continue to support a system that doesn’t work to insure the advancement, and well being of all its citizens?

We cannot advance or evolve into a society with such a mission statement, until we get rid of greed.

First we must structure a government that will insure, and protect people’s basic needs and rights.

You must be thinking well, we already have that, not necessarily so, we must redefine what our basic needs, freedoms and rights are, as well as our responsibility to oneself, one another, our planet, and all living things.

We must successfully secure a home for everyone, the best available medicine, and healing technologies available for all, supply food and nourishment to all, the best available education, and the freedom to pursue it, the freedom to achieve a quality of life  that includes, spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness.

If your thinking what does any of this have to do with greed, let me explain.

Insecurities are a byproduct of greed, and many of our insecurities stem from our inability to acquire these basic needs, and to achieve a quality of life equal to that of each of our fellow citizens, the haves, and have not if you will.

We must give an equal value and compensation to the hard work and achievements of the farmers; teachers, public service providers and such, that we do to Bankers, and CEO’s. The advancement of a few at the expense of the masses is not justified.  

To give equal value and fair compensation to both is impossible given the over exaggerated compensations to the top few, So the rich have freedoms, luxuries, and opportunities not afforded to the masses who  provide a service much more valuable, and necessary.

So how do we get rid of greed? A good start, however complicated, would be to get rid of currency globally, and owner ship of land.

Land is not owned but barrowed, and should be maintained and improved upon, for future generations, and the riches we acquire in life should not be judged by currency, but on how we advance ourselves with knowledge, and a spirituality that inspires a healthy, well balanced respect for self, our communities, and the planet.

Riches without substance: The acquisition of wealth, Property, and the hoarding of material goods appeals to everyone on some level, and for many with good reason, a natural response when you’re born with nothing but the skin on your back side, and guaranteed nothing but the harshness of life.

A crucial and necessary survival instinct, and without it mankind could not survive still.

But as people   evolve, and advance, so too can this idea of acquisition for the purpose of survival evolve into something greater, after all its one thing to acquire for the purpose of survival, and another to acquire for greed, compulsion, or because we’ve been seduced by advertisements that convince us that we need some product when really we don’t.

This false sense of self worth is also a consequence of our current way of life.

Socialism/Capitalism: Economic ideals such as Socialism, and or Capitalism have been the subject of political contest for many years, and neither throughout history has produced evidence compelling or otherwise to suggest or insure complete Social and economic stability for the masses.

Rather than arguing the points and counter points of these social and economic principals, perhaps it would be more productive, and beneficial to examine the exploitive nature of our social structure.

Social Security: This social concept could be the motivating force, and the inspiration to launch this appeal for change if we can expand on the notion, that every member of society has value and that true capital can be defined not by currency, or material acquisition, but by knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual well being.

If given the resources, the support, and opportunity to become the best that we can be every individual a Teacher and a Student, will gift to society a wealth beyond measure. 

 Then perhaps we can achieve true Social Security.

The Visitor

This short essay was written many thousands of years ago.

A beloved and historical document found once by chance on our planet.

No one knows who authored this vision for our society, but today we credit, and honor him along with many other visionaries from our past. I come from a long line of explorers, traveling great distances in search of knowledge to bring back to my people.

Our constant curiosity was rewarded when a long time ago we found this small jewel of a planet.

We’ve since been a persistent observer of your world, your customs, and your advances.

We marvel with joy and sadness at your history, and the evolution of your people when we recognize how much we have in common.






Too Dark To See


From Behind The Cosmic Veil

By Thomas P. Fusco
May 12, 2012

I  have maintained for some time now that dark matter—that mysterious, invisible substance that is allegedly so massive (in the scientific sense of the word) that it generates nearly 90% of the gravity in the universe but yet is not detectable by any known means—does not really exist.

The supergeometric model in Behind the Cosmic Veil indicates that the bending of space responsible for gravity is a cause for mass, not an effect of mass, or in other words, it is the bending of space that generates mass, rather than the conventional view that mass generates the bending of space.

This bending is ‘nonlocal’ in that its cause originates from outside and above four-dimensional space-time.

While the conventional view of physics is one of pure materialism (i.e., that every physical observation has an equally physical cause), supergeometric theory proposes that the universe comprises both physical and superphysical components.

The concept of superphysically-caused spatial bending that results in the formation of mass eliminates the need for a graviton, dark matter and dark energy, and the hypothetical mass-inducing field of the Higgs boson, and in doing so offers an explanation why we’ve never been able to confirm the existence of these things.

It also explains why we observe more spatial bending in the universe than there is mass to account for it.

I have sometimes been criticized for taking this seemingly outrageous and radical stance against virtually the whole of established physics.  

I came upon a recently published article reporting that a new study of the solar system by astrophysicists failed to find any evidence for dark matter in our cosmic vicinity in spite of its existence having been predicted by prevailing scientific theory.

To quote the article:

“The amount of mass that we derive matches very well with what we see — stars, dust and gas — in the region around the sun,” [astronomer] Moni Bidin said. “But this leaves no room for the extra material — dark matter — that we were expecting. Our calculations show that it should have shown up very clearly in our measurements. But it was just not there!”  
“Despite the new results, the Milky Way certainly rotates much faster than the visible matter alone can account for, so if dark matter is not present where we expected it, a new solution for the missing mass problem must be found,” Moni Bidin said. (This inexplicable acceleration relates in my theory to the rapid expansion of the very early universe, another anomaly for which astrophysicists can find no material explanation)

Another theory that seeks to solve the dark matter issue by offering and alternative but equally materialistic solution to this gravitational anomaly also appears to have been discredited by the study:

One alternative to dark matter is known as Modified Newtonian Dynamics, or MOND, which tweaks how gravity works at large scales to help explain the motions of stars and galaxies that researchers observe. However, “to my knowledge, MOND also would have expected a massive ‘phantom disk’ to appear in our study, so our results should contradict its expectations, too,” Moni Bidin said.


It has long been my position that the reason why a number of known anomalous observations have continually frustrated physicists’ efforts to detect within them a material explanation is that the actual cause for these observations resides outside the material, physical realm of dimensional time and space.

Could it be that this brash heretic, who dares to challenge certain positions of conventional physics with the forbidden subjects of the paranormal and the supernatural, or even (yikes!) Biblical thought, might actually be onto something?

Time will tell. 

Find the article at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47101905/ns/technology_and_science-space/t/dark-matter-mysteriously-missing-around-sun/#.T5IHJdkuRFI.






 The Pyramid Code


From The Pyramid Code.com

Here is Part 1 of 6 You Tube videos with The One Network with Richard Gardner.

Direct links are as follows:

.Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


Here is a video of Hakim’s son, Yousef, speaking eloquently about the revolution in Egypt from the balcony of the family home in front of The Sphinx.

It shows how different the Egyptian people are to societies in the West, the simple requests they have, and the courage of the population as a united people.

Hakim, Yousef’s father, passed away after The Pyramid Code was filmed. Yousef and his family are carrying on legacy. Posted July 21, 2011.


Here is Part 1/6 of a YouTube presentation from Megalithomania in May 2011 in Glastonbury, UK hosted by Hugh Newman. Carmen’s presentation is calledMatriarchal Societies in Prehistory.

In her presentation, Carmen shows images of the newly cleaned ceiling in the Temple of Dendera revealing secrets of our ancient past and showing the extreme sophistication of astronomical and astrological knowledge of the ancient Egyptians.

As well, Carmen shows images of strange plasma energy photographed during the Sound and Light Show in front of the Giza Pyramids on 2 different nights.

Thanks to Hugh Newman for arranging the technology for a remote session! Follow 2/6, etc.


Here is some aerial footage shot by Carmen Boulter while the professional videographer, Mohamed Hamdy, took HD footage.

That is why you see the helicopter pilot in the shots.

To get the permit, the Foreign Press Office within the Ministry of Information of the Government of Egypt had to get the Minister of Defense himself to personally sign the order instructing the Egyptian Air Force to allow us to fly in one of their helicopters.

We had to be accompanied by an agent from the Intelligence Agency as well.

After months of paperwork negotiating between the Canadian Embassy in Cairo and the Egyptian Embassy in Canada, I arrived to find no seat belts and no doors on the Gazelle helicopter. Too late to turn back!


This is the original 8:30 trailer that was used to pitch the series. I was not happy with the footage that was not shot in HD so my team edited the trailer and we took another team back to Egypt on 3 film shoot to get the footage that you see in the series.

It was not possible to re-shoot the interviews, mind you, since we could not go back to the experts and ask them to repeat what they had said a year before.

This was a big struggle for me as Director and Producer of The Pyramid Code. I was striving for the best production value possible and the footage was compromised.

As well, with the aerial footage, we were promised a gyro, a device to keep the camera steady in the helicopter which didn’t happen. Oh well. It’s Egypt!


This is the official HD 3D :30 second opening for the TV series.

It was made by JUMP Studios in Calgary, Canada. They have made 3D openers for major sports events including Hockey Night in Canada, Monday Night Football, several winter and summer Olympic games, and just about every international sporting event in between.

This is true 3D animation.

The music is called Dynasty and it was composed by Michael Damon for the series along with 18 other pieces that are available through the <Music> tab above.


This is the original opening for ‘Episode 1 – The Band of Peace’ before we contracted JUMP Studios to do the 3D Opening.

The music is the first piece Michael Damon composed for the series called ‘Among the Reeds’.

As Director and Producer, I was so inspired when I heard Michael’s composition. Both Michael’s parents are concert musicians so he was raised in an atmosphere of orchestration and composition.

After composing 14 tracks with stems for individual instruments, the editors asked for more. The last 4 tracks were even better!


Here is a two-hour interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Kerry traveled to Egypt with Carmen Boulter on the Magic Egypt 10.10.10 trip with a total of 37 people from 7 countries: Canada, the US, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Sri Lanka.

We got to watch the sun rise between the paws of The Sphinx and spend 2 hours alone inside the Great Pyramid on 10.10.10.

At the time of this posting, it has had almost 60,000 hits on YouTube.

The number count on YouTube is such that you have to watch the entire 2 hours to get a hit.

A big thanks to Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot for the opportunity to network!





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