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REAL NEWS June 10, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on June 9, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : June 10, 2012


World War III – USS Enterprise False Flag! (Another USS Liberty)

– The Heretic & Michael Rivero


{XANIEL’S NOTE : Keep in mind, this video was originally posted January 25, 2012.

The next story after this video was posted Friday June o8, 2012.

There have been plenty of people yelling from the roof tops that a false flag event ( much like the USS Liberty),  would be carried out by the Israeli Mossad and authorized by our Government (U.S.)

They will do this in order to get their war with Iran that they so desperately need right now to detract everyone from the obvious economic collapse and One World Order take-over coming to a Country near you !

Among others, Mike Rivero of WRH.com ( who helped with this video) and Clif High of Half Past Human.com, have been pushing this false flag warning the hardest.

Time to pay attention people! Time to make these people answer. Every single one of them !!}~~Xaniel777


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The Heretic presents, Mike Rivero’s “USS Enterprise False Flag” from http://whatreallyhappened.com/




This next story comes from our ‘ DID NOT SEE THIS COMING ‘ files :


Breaking News- A Major Attack on US Naval Forces in the Straits of Hormus


From Gold Coast Chronicle

By Scott W. Winchell
June 8, 2012

Editor’s Note: We at GCC are standing by SUA staff, the original source of this report was from a person who spoke with service members in theater.

The sources’ story was conveyed as printed, and it was confirmed by military personnel who did not want their names published.

Official statements were not forthcoming and no commentary was added.

SUA and Gold Coast Chronicle made numerous attempts to get official responses, but none were forthcoming

Friday, June 8, 2012 4:40 PM EST – SUA has learned through various sources that an unprovoked attack on the US Navy occurred this morning in the Straits of Hormuz. CVN-65.

 The USS Enterprise aircraft carrier and its group were reportedly attacked by no less then 4 sophisticated jets.

Confidential sources within the military have confirmed the attack off of the “Broken Isthmus”

There is no confirmed word on damage or if there are any casualties, but SUA has learned that this attack may have caused injuries and possibly one death. We have contacted the military and are awaiting official response. SUA is reaching out across the land to confirm.

Any sources would be welcomed. As of 5pm, CentCom has neither denied or confirmed the reports and pledges to update when further information is available.

UPDATE 5:25 EST – US Navy released: From U.S. Fifth Fleet–USS Enterprise completed a routine, nonthreatening, transit of the Strait of Hormuz. No date confirmation.

UPDATE 6:30 PM EST – “The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which oversees Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs and controls strategic missile units, have had a series of naval and air maneuvers in the gulf in recent weeks.( Xaniel’s Note : Looks like their already paving the way to blame this on Iran !}~~Xaniel777

These involved the firing of an array of missiles, including anti-ship weapons, and focused primarily on the Strait of Hormuz.” (This was published today at noon.)

Click here to read the whole Navy story published at noon today by UPI.

UPDATE 7:30 EST – SUA has been unable to secure further official military responses to date. Until further information is available, we stand by our original sources; however we are going to table the story at this time.

We invite any official contributions pro and con.

For the sake of our troops in the field and our national security, we hope this was a mis-interpretation of a naval event as reported by individuals in theater.

Source: Stand Up America US




And now,  A quick reminder of what Clif High had already warned prior to this event ( Although Clif foresaw this happening about August 12, 2012, it is still a clear hit by the Web-bot !)~~~Xaniel777


Excerpt from : ‘ ticks in time….and other summer hazards…’


From Half Past Human.com

By Clif High – May 30, 2012


August 12 – planned [radiation event] for the [gulf of persia, and the indian/southern oceans].

In the cabal’s on-going war (by proxy through US and other navies/militaries) against their [underseas alien enemies] here on earth, their plan is to get a [three-fer (3 for 1 hit)] by having some [fake iranians (actually the mossad agents )…want their names? naw…just kidding…our stuff does not work down to that level…] come out of ‘no where’ and [sink 4/four USA nuclear reactors] into the [persian gulf].

This will be done by the [mossad agents pretending to be iranians] actually hitting the [target painted] on the [enterprise ( USS Enterprise)].

This is planned to be [mission accomplished] while they (ptb) think we will all be watching their [head (games)] in [THE CITY (london)]…..watch for the [financial records destruction] angle to their upcoming events.

Shit don’t work well for these folks and as humans know, plans aft gang aglay.

3fer = prompt for US to attack iran + radiation against underseas enemies + radiation in air to kill off more of those annoying humans (from tptb perspective)




However, Clif did an Update to his ‘ ticks in time….and other summer hazards…’

with his ‘ hot times ‘..., which may very well apply here!

And if not, it is still worth paying attention too, as his predictions do hit positive a good portion of the time .~~Xaniel777

‘hot times’…


From Half Past Human.com

By Clif High – June 06, 2012

There are indications that the [unexpected military actions] that will [soooo upset/anger/infuriate] the [populace/usofa] are now being moved up by (7/seven to 9/nine days) from the end of June time frame discussed in the ticks in time… article.

If so, then we can expect [officialdom] to be [pimping] their [lying ‘experts’] starting on or about June 20th.

The forecasts for the [unexpected military events] have a few sub sets that pointed to [corruption (being forced)] onto the [populace/usa] by [lying experts/authorities].

The issue arising within these data sets has always been the [unending river of lies (from officialdom)] that will run smack into a [gathering wall of disbelief] from the [populace/usofa].

From our (populace’s) view point it will seem as though the [officialdom] is [trotting out magicians and sorcerers in great numbers]

The data has maintained that the [officialdom (at all levels including congress, and paid shills, and civil authorities)] will be [lying their faces off] over this period as they [deliberately], and perhaps more importantly, [desperately] try to [conceal/hide information] that is [vital] to [health and life] of the [populace].

While much of the [initial anger] from the [populace] has to do with [closed doors] and [not welcome here] forms of [hidden officialdom meetings], the data sets have suggested it will be the [actual destruction of documents] that will [ignite the fury].

This area refers back to the [damaged documents] section in the last Shape report of 2011.

As they (officialdom) are providing certain hints to those semioticians with adequate vision that schedules for their NWO are in a state of flux, it now does appear that they (tptb) have [decided] to [employ treachery/(unleashing deceit)] in [bringing to ruin] the [person provided with preferential status]. Hmmmm…yo, sheeit’s on fire.

The ‘good news’ in all of this is that the same data sets are pointing to the [rapid rise] in [precious metals prices], especially [silver] as being temporally ahead of, and to a certain extent, [putting pressures on officialdom].

So, one way to consider this information is that a rapid and steady rise in the price of silver will be leading the way (pressuring?) to officialdom [breaking down] as it [over-reacts] and [demonstrates desperation].

Here at HPH we are watching the flow of currencies into precious metals over these next 14/fourteen days as an indicator that the [unexpected military events] will be [accelerated] in their [timing].

Look to the language coming out of the CFR for other hints as we go forward into June and the Summer of (actual) Change.


copyright by clif high, all rights reserved. no use allowed without attribution. if you plan to give me shit for this later, at least read for content so we can debate what i have actually written here.

pi, the only edible irrational number.

posted June 6, 2012






US Warns Israel –There Will Be No ‘USS Liberty Pt II’


From The Ugly Truth

Posted June 08, 2012

Written in 2008 by Mark Glenn

For the last 41 years, Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty has been a taboo topic about which neither the Jewish state nor the US has allowed free and open discussion.

Like a paid-off judge in the service of organized crime interests pounding his gavel on the bench, for the last 4 decades Israel and her supporters in the US government have bellowed ‘case closed’ and have raked over the coals anyone–including the survivors of the attack themselves–from arguing otherwise.

Realizing the tidal wave of outrage that would occur if the American people were to come of age and lose their innocence in realizing what Israel did in murdering 34 American servicemen 4 decades ago in a premeditated act of war (to say nothing of the cover-up perpetrated by the US government) it has been on the list of forbidden topics……until recently.

Cutting short his trip in Europe the first week of July, recently-appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullen flew to Tel Aviv along with an entourage of high-ranking US military personnel and, upon his arrival, rushed to meet with the highest-ranking members of Israel’s military establishment.

While this is not unusual (as many such meetings have been taking place as of late) what was unusual was the topic discussed–Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty 41 years ago during the 6 day war and how ‘important’ it was that ‘history not repeat itself,’ given the present tensions existing between Israel and Iran.

Considering the subject of that meeting and the well-known cover-up that has taken place these last 41 years, the meeting should have made headline news all over America.

Sadly, however, it did not, just another testimony to the fact that America is now officially ‘occupied territory’ every bit as much as Arab Palestine.

The fact that the meeting took place at all is news enough, but what is of even more importance is what can be inferred from the meeting.

Given the fact that this brazen 2 hour attack upon the United States has been hushed up these last 41 years, there can be little else to conclude by Mullen’s meeting other than the obvious–

That someone from within the intelligence or military apparatus of the United States has looked towards the horizon and concluded that Israel is planning a ‘USS Liberty Pt II,’ meaning an attack on a US ship, most likely in the Persian Gulf, leading to a massive loss of life to be then blamed on Iran.

As was intended in 1967 when Israel attacked the Liberty, Americans would be incensed into such a war frenzy that they would demand the ‘obliteration’ (a la Hillary Clinton) of the guilty party, the false identity of which the Jewish media establishment in America would be all too glad to provide.

And while all players involved have been tight-lipped about the particulars of this story, what can be concluded nevertheless is that Mullen’s impromptu trip to Israel and subsequent discussion was in effect a stern warning to Israel of ‘Don’t even think about it bubba’.

Those who suspect that Mullen (a company man not cut from the same cloth as the recently ‘retired’ Adm. William Fallon) has been afflicted with a sudden case of patriotic fever should consider this recent news against the more likely backdrop of sheer pragmatism.

The sad fact is, patriotism more than likely had little to do with it.

The US is having its rear end handed to it in Iraq and Afghanistan and now some in Washington are beginning to realize that they‘ve just put their foot into something nasty with regards to Israel’s dirty wars in the Middle East that will never be finished as long as she exists.

With oil and virtually all consumer products skyrocketing in price simultaneous to the US economy going down the drain, some now understand that by signing on as Israel’s pit bull in the Muslim world that America will wind up paying the ultimate price for her devotion to the Jewish state, meaning the complete destruction of her economy and her position as a world power.

It is no secret Mullen is very friendly when it comes to the great experiment in Jewish self rule in the Middle East as well as his willingness to tow the line with regards to the sworn enemies of that great experiment.

Immediately after the release of the National Intelligence Estimate in early December of 2007 stating that Iran had no nuclear weapons program America’s highest ranking military officer high-tailed it to Israel (the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to do so in a decade) to reassure her of America’s support that would last ‘1,000 years’.

As of late however, America’s top general officer seems to be singing a different tune with regards to widening the present debacle to include war with Iran that stands the very real chance of bringing into the fray nuclear-armed nations such as Russia and China.

Out of necessity therefore he has now joined with saner voices both inside and outside the Bush administration who are trying to prevent an otherwise apocalyptic end to America.

In discussing an attack on Iran Mullen recently stated that opening a third front would be ‘extremely stressful’ on the US military and added that it would lead to consequences ‘difficult to predict’, adding that “There is need for better clarity, even dialogue at some level.”

And this, added to all the other things taking place these days (not excluding of course the talk of withdrawing US troops from Iraq) is what is making Israel jittery to the point she would contemplate pulling off another ‘USS Liberty’.

For the sake of her own survival she simply cannot afford to have her ‘fixer’ in the Middle East walk away from a ‘hit’ to which he has been assigned, and it is for this reason that forward-thinking people in the US are beginning to sense Israel may soon pull a few surprises out of her infamous black bag of dirty tricks.

Once the stomping grounds solely of ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists’ that the Jewish state might pull a fast one in order to get the US involved in a war for her own interests, now ‘respectable’ people have begun to voice such thoughts openly as well.

In a recent piece appearing in an issue of American Conservative Magazine entitled ‘If Iran is Attacking, It Might Really Be Israel’, ex-CIA officer Phillip Giraldi writes as follows–

‘Some intel types are beginning to express concerns that the Israelis might do something completely crazy to get the US involved.

There are a number of possible “false flag” scenarios in which the Israelis could stage an incident that they will make to look Iranian, either by employing Iranian weapons or by leaving a communications footprint that points to Tehran’s involvement.

Those who argue Israel would never do such a thing should think again.

‘ Israel is willing to behave with complete ruthlessness towards the US if they feel that the stakes are high enough.’

Witness the attack on the USS Liberty and the bombing of the US Consulate in Alexandria in the 1950s.

If they now believe that Iran is a threat that must be eliminated it is not implausible to assume they will stop at nothing to get the United States to do it for them, particularly as their air force is only able to damage the Iranian nuclear program, not destroy it…’

Joined alongside Giraldi is former long-time CIA analyst Ray McGovern who in his most recent piece  ‘Israel Planning a September/October Surprise?’ writes the following with regards to the US pulling out of the Middle East and what Israel might do as a result–

‘My guess is the Israeli leaders are apoplectic…This dramatic change — or even just the specter of it — greatly increases Israel’s incentive to ensure US involvement in the area that would endure for several years.

The Israelis need to create “facts on the ground” — something to guarantee Washington will stand by “our ally.”

The legislation drafted by AIPAC calls for a blockade of Iran.

That would be one way to entangle; there are many others.

The point is that the growing danger the Israelis perceive will probably prompt them to find a way to get the US involved in hostilities with Iran.

All Israel has to do is to arrange to be attacked. Not a problem.

There are endless possibilities among which Israel can choose to catalyze such a confrontation.

Viewed from Tel Aviv it appears an increasingly threatening situation, with more urgent need to “embed” (so to speak) the United States even more deeply in the region — in a confrontation involving both countries with Iran.

A perfect storm is brewing…In sum, Israel is likely to be preparing a September/October surprise designed to keep the US bogged down in Iraq and in the wider region by provoking hostilities with Iran.

And don’t be surprised if it starts as early as August…

Readers will recall that American Free Press newspaper predicted in the aftermath of the National Intelligence Estimate being released that the prospect of war with Iran being cancelled (or delayed) would likely result in Israel resorting to desperate measures in getting her way.

AFP further speculated that the timing of the release of the NIE was suspicious, coming just a few days before Dec 7, the day Americans remember the attack on Pearl Harbor and that possibly the release of the report was timed to prevent a sneak attack by an Israeli sub on a US ship stationed in the Persian Gulf.

For her part, Israel is attempting to play the role of the innocent, cooperative and concerned ally in the wake of Mullen’s meeting by summoning Judge Jay Cristol, a federal bankruptcy judge in Miami and devoted Zionist who wrote a book in 2002 exculpating Israel of any wrongdoing in the Liberty attack. He is lecturing at military academies in Haifa and Ashdod on how to avoid the ‘mistakes’ that led to the attack on the Liberty.

One thing is for certain.

Out of all the topics to be discussed with his Israeli counterparts, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mullen picked the topic of the USS Liberty, and not because he felt nostalgic, sentimental or even–Heaven forbid–guilty over the way the Liberty survivors have been treated these last 41 years.

He, like many within the military and intelligence establishment, no doubt realizes that America sits at the precipice of destruction and is no doubt trying to pull her back before that proverbial ‘point of no return’ is reached, if in fact it has not been reached already.

And as sobering a theme as all this may be, the fact is that it may turn out to be much worse.

What Israel wants, Israel gets, and the fact that an attack on a US ship has been thwarted does not mean that the fat lady has sung, as now the likelihood of a false flag attack on the American mainland has been made all the more probable.

This time however, just for good measure and for spite, it might not be a city building coming down after being struck by an airliner, but rather an entire city being consumed in a mushroom cloud, courtesy of a place called Dimona and a criminal organization known as Mossad.

2008 by Mark Glenn







US Liberty Cover-up-News Analysis-06-08-2021


Published on Jun 9, 2012 by 

On 8 June 1967, USS Liberty, an American ship in international waters, was attacked without warning by the air and naval forces of Israel, killing 34 US soldiers.

Israel’s reason; A mistake.

And through the aftermath and decades the US relation with Israel tighter than ever.

But a closer look at this relationship exposes the realities behind what appears to be a cozy, yet lop-sided relationship, to Israel’s favor.

Why has the US allowed Israel to have penetrated so deeply in its political and internal life?

Just some of the questions we’ll be asking in this edition of the Press TV News Analysis.






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