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REAL NEWS July 24, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on July 23, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : July 24, 2012


Mossad Black Ops and False Flags


From Whale.to


A Brief history of Mossad Black Ops and False Flags,

Mossad: a shell organization for Jewish/Israeli terrorism all over the world.

False Flags: Committing an atrocious act, and blaming another party or nation for it.

The point is to turn public opinion against an entity, and have someone else fight your battles for you.

Lusitania : Churchill, who was 1/2 Jewish, leaked intelligence to Germany that Lusitania carried munitions, and then it was sent it in a U-boat infested area.

The ship was supposedly torpedoed, and a massive bomb exploded, killing 1200.

This set the stage for Wilson to bring the USA into WW2, at a later date.

Kristallnacht : When government officials were away, Jewish-paid thugs went on a rampage in Berlin and some border towns.

Nazis were blamed, and world opinion favored Jews

Bromberg massacre : An estimated 58,000 German civilians lost their lives in the massacres carried out prior to the 1939 invasion.

A website on the atrocity at Bromberg explains how Polish Bolshevik Jews massacred 5,500 Germans, on one ‘Bloody Sunday, in 1939.

This was the flashpoint for the Polish invasion.

The King David Massacre : July 22, 1946 Jewish terrorists blew up a hotel, and killed 91 British soldiers, and blamed the atrocity on Arabs.

When later caught, they said the British had a list of their Arab spies and were going to turn them over to the Palestinians.

The goal of the False Flag was to pit the British against the Palestinians.

Lavon affair : In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits.

The ruse would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring

RFK Assassination : June 1968 Robert Kennedy is shot by a PLO bus-boy named Sirhan Sirhan.

Kennedy was running for President, and would have sought revenge over the Israeli killing of his brother.

The use of a Palestinian was a little too ‘Hollywood’.

USS Liberty : ….June 6th, 1967 Six fighters, three torpedo boats and two assault helicopters attacked the USS Liberty.

There were 24 dead and 177 maimed. F-4 phantoms were enroute when President Johnson stopped the rescue.

Israel’s plan was to blame Egypt, and have the US retaliate against Egypt.

Black September 5, 1972 : Eight Palestinian “Black September” terrorists seized 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany.

In the rescue attempt by West German authorities, nine of the hostages, and five terrorists were killed. Israel, and it’s Jews, are once again the victim, and the Palestinians are demons.

1976 : … Entebbe Israel faked a hijacking to Kenya (Idi Imin was an Israeli puppet), and then pulled a rescue, portraying themselves as elite commandos.

Arabs looked like monsters and the Israelis, having suffered countless persecutions, have decided to fight back.

1982 Abu Nidal : who was an Israeli Black Ops agent, attacked the Jewish Goldenberg’s delicatessen in Paris.

6 were killed, and 20 were wounded, of which 2 were Jewish.

Pan Am flight 73 : A 747 was enroute from Karachi, to Frankfurt, to its final destination of New York.

Four hijackers took control of the airplane, and for the next 16 hours, they held 379 passengers at gunpoint, while the pilots escaped.

The plane was stormed and 20 died.

Beirut Marine barracks : …October 23,1983 241 Marines died when a truck packed with explosives blew up a Marine barracks at Beirut International Airport

Achille Lauro : …1985 Abu Abbas, and 15 Arabs, took over a cruise ship and threw a Leon Klinghoffer overboard.

After two days of negotiations, the seajackers abandoned the ship.

In this False Flag, the Israelis turned world opinion against the Arabs, while once again portraying themselves as victims.

English policewoman shot : ….1984 In 1984, Zionist Jews staged a protest outside the Libyan embassy in London.

Approximately 25 English Bobbies were used for crowd control.

During the middle of the demonstration, a shot rang out and a female Bobby named Yvonne Fletcher was hit and killed.

The shot came from a building used by the Mossad to spy on the Libyan embassy, but the newspapers overlooked that and blamed Libya.

Israel used this false flag murder of Policewoman Fletcher, to turn world opinion against Libya.

Alia airliner : …1985 Nidal’s Black September group hit a jet with an SAM as it took off from Athens airport.

Although the rocket did not explode, it left a hole in the fuselage.

Lockerbie : ….Dec 1988 Mossad blew up Pan AM 103 and blamed it on Libya.

Unfortunately, the plane was late and blew up overland, and all the evidence pointed towards Israel.

Israel’s goal was to demonize the Muslims, and lay the groundwork for 9/11.

AMIA :  ….1992 Mossad blew up AMIA and the Israeli Embassy in Argentina. Over 100 killed, and practically all of them were Argentineans.

Luxor, Egypt : … 1992 An attack on Luxor, by militants, in which 58 foreigners, most of them Swiss, were killed (71 Killed in total).

Arabs blamed the Mossad.

Six gunmen disguised as police emerged from nearby cliffs and fired randomly at tourists visiting Luxor’s Temple of Hatshepsut, the Egyptian Information Ministry said.

The Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya group ( “Vanguards of Conquest” according to CNN) is a revival of the Jihad organization (Headed by Ayman Al Zawahiry) which killed president Anwar Sadat in 1981.

Israel destroyed Egyptian tourism, and turned world opinion against Muslims.

Khobar Towers : …1996 Khobar Towers was bombed. It housed an F-15 unit.

Israel said it was done by Hezbollah, but US military investigators linked it to Mossad.

Karin-A : …… 2000 Israel intercepted a ship, the Karin-A, in the Red Sea.

The ship contained massive weapons, which Israel claimed were destined for the PLO.

A Jewish arms dealer set it all up.

As a result, world opinion turned on the PLO, and Israel’s slaughter of rock throwing Arab children wasn’t questioned.

Two airports attacked :  …..1985 Terrorists of Abu Nidal’s Black Sept. struck at the Rome and Vienna airports.

Nineteen were killed at Schwechat Airport and three at the Rome airport.

LaBelle Disco : ……1986 As part of a Libya False flag, the Mossad sent a series of false messages out of Tripoli, talking of an impending attack.

The Mossad then bombed a German Disco, the Labelle Club, killing three and wounding 230.

President Reagan was convinced it was a Libyan attack, and retaliated by bombing Libya World opinion turned against Libya.

OKC Murrah Building :  …1993 One of the Mossad’s American arms, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC),

was concerned about the growth of Patriot movements such as Militias, so an attack was staged using a Timothy McVeigh patsy, who was out of Elohim City (Jewish-sponsored terror Mecca).

The real brains behind the OKC bombing were Andreas Strassmeir and Daniel Spiegelman, who were/are both Jewish.

The Zionists destroyed the Militia movement’s credibility, and brought the FBI down on them.

Flight 840 : TWA’s Flight 840, a Boeing 727 flying from Rome to Athens with 115 passengers and seven crew members aboard, had already begun its descent toward the Athens international airport.

Twenty minutes before landing, as it flew at 15,000 ft. over Argos, a town near the ancient site of Mycenae, an explosion shook the aircraft.

Four were killed but 111 lived. Once again, Israel planted the seed of “Arab” terrorism.

World Trade Center : …. 1993 In Dec. 1992, an Israeli soldier, Nissim Toledano, was kidnapped and killed.

The Israeli government rounded up 1600 members of Hamas, and deported 415 of them to the no-mans land between the Israeli and Lebanese borders.

In the brutally inhospitable weather, these 415 Hamas members were stranded without food and shelter.

Furthermore, the Israeli authorities stopped any humanitarian aid from reaching these people.

With media focus on the deportees, it triggered international outrage against Israel, which was followed by international pressure on Israel that refused to go away.

This time, Israel had bit off more than it could chew.

It was time to ‘deflect’ pressure off Israel.

Israeli intelligence services went into action.

A detailed process that is too long to elaborate here, hatched a plan.

In the third week of February 1993, a truck bomb exploded in the basement of the World Trade Center building.

Muslims used as scapegoats took the blame for it, while the real culprits were safely back in Israel.

Thus world opinion and pressure was shifted away from Israel.

Port Arthur Massacre :  …..1996 A 2-man Israeli Counter-Terrorism team wounded 25, and killed 35 at a remote tourist (It took them only 90 seconds in the Broad Arrow Cafe to kill 20.) center at Port Arthur, Tasmania.

The blame fell on a mentally challenged man named Martin Bryant, Photographs of Martin Bryant had been digitally manipulated with the effect of making Bryant appear deranged.

He has served as the designated patsy for this crime ever since.

Zionists got their long-awaited draconian gun control laws passed in Australia as a result of this massacre. funny how Bryant never even had a gun license.

Birmingham : ….1998 Birmingham abortion clinic bombed and two people killed.

As a result of the bombing, abortion opponents were portrayed as lunatics, while the Jewish-dominated abortion industry special laws passed to protect their trade.

Egyptair 990 (MSR990) : …..1999 Israel planted a bomb in the aircraft tail (unconfirmed). The plane dived 60 miles south of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, in international waters, killing all 217 people on board.

Included in the passenger manifest were over 30 Egyptian military officers; among them were two brigadier-generals, a colonel, major, and four other air force officers.

Transatlantic commercial air traffic travels via a system of routes called North Atlantic Tracks, and Flight 990 was the only aircraft at the time assigned to fly North Atlantic Track Zulu.

There are also a number of military operations areas over the Atlantic, called “Warning Areas,” which are also monitored by New York Center, but records show that these were inactive the night of the accident. 

Air Traffic Controller Peter Zalewski was responsible for both New York Tower crashes and also was controller for Egypt 990 crash in 1999

USS Cole : Sayanims in the Pentagon had the Cole directed to a part in Yemen, where Israeli agents had Arab patsies approach the Cole with a small boat, in order to be seen by crewmen, while they attacked it with a shape charge.

Sept 11 : …..2001 The most brazen of all Israeli attacks.

Flight 587 : ….2001 Mossad blows up a Fl 587 out of NY, and it crashes in Rockaway.

Bali Bomb : Mossad sets off a micro nuke on the island of Bali, killing 182. Israel blamed the attack on Al Qaeda (which is really an Israeli false flag patsy intel op), and the USA invaded Iraq.

Kenya missile : …. 2002 In 2002, Israel claimed AL Qaeda shot two SAM missiles at a jet on take-off. Israel used this incident to help lay the groundwork for shooting down a US airliner.

Manila : …. 2003 Mossad planted a bomb on a Manila ferry, killing 103. Israel blamed the attack on Al Qaeda.

CIA Bomb In Gaza : ….2003 Three CIA agents are traveling in Gaza, when a Mossad bomb exploded. Palestinians were blamed for the attack.

Madrid Train : … 2002 Mossad killed 198 in the Madrid bomb blast. Al Queda was blamed.

2004 Mossad bombed two airliners over Russia : Israel claimed it was Al Qaeda.








Time Is Running Out For The Israeli Empire


From Video Rebel’s Blog

July 21, 2012

‘Syria is do or die for Israel.’

There are lies, great lies and then there is 911.

By Sheikh Imran Hosein

Dr Alan Sabrosky is a ten year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has a PhD from the University of Michigan.

He was a Director of Studies at the US Army War College.

He is partially of Jewish descent.

He has been telling his former colleagues in the Marine Corps and at the Army War College that Israel did 911. 

He accuses American Jews of a lack of loyalty to their native land and giving their allegiance to Israel. 

He said that being loyal to America is a non-negotiable part of citizenship.

By attacking America on 911, the Israelis and the traitors in America who defend them set in motion a series of events that led to 60,000 American casualties and more if you count the suicides.

Americans spent 2 trillion dollars it cannot afford on wars for Israel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria.

America is using drones to kill innocent people in Pakistan and Yemen as part of some master plan to destabilize the region.


Why are Americans killing and dying 8,000 miles away when we have cities going bankrupt and states where the average car owner has to spend hundreds of dollars to repair damages from potholes?

When a sufficient number of Americans awaken to the truth about 911, Israel will be finished.

The Israelis knew that when they declared war on the US on 911. 

That means Israel has a date certain for the demise of America or at least when it will become comatose and cease to function so as to pose no threat to Israel.

The 911 Truth Movement is not the only truth movement out there.

There are people telling the truth about the assassinations of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Francis Kennedy.

The first meeting of the bankers to write the legislation to create the Federal Reserve was held in a private rail car on November 22, 1910.

JFK was killed exactly 53 years later on November 22, 1963 as a message to the American people that the bankers run this country.

On April 4, 1967 MLK Jr made an impassioned anti-war speech at the Riverside church in New York City.

Dr King had decided to organize a real anti-war rally of occupation for the summer of 1968 in Washington.

He wanted to stay there and shut down the town  until the war was stopped. 1968 was a presidential election year with a third of the Senate and all 435 congressmen up for election.

If Dr King had been allowed to live past April 4, 1968, we would now have a real anti-war movement in America.

But today we have Gatekeepers on the Left who are afraid to say boo about the apartheid state of Israel.

A movement that could not stop the invasion of Afghanistan.

If we had power, we could have said that there was no reason to invade Afghanistan in 2002 because Osama died in December of 2001 and besides he didn’t do 911.

Israel did 911.

And certainly there was no reason to invade Iraq.

We know the Iraqis did have Weapons of Mass Destruction because NATO countries had sold them nerve gas and other such things.

But the US Army destroyed those weapons which were stockpiled at Kamashiya at the end of the Persian Gulf War in 1991.

The assassination truth movement intersects with the anti-Federal Reserve and anti-war movements.

And they all intersect with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Additionally, everyone intersects with the unemployed and with the people whose homes were foreclosed or are  about to be foreclosed through Wall Street fraud.

The greatest fraud for the past 100 years has been the Federal Reserve which collects interest on the money it creates out of nothing.

Zero Hedge reported that the economy is growing at an annualized rate of 1.1% a year but that debts are  growing at an annualized rate of 21%.

The economy meaning you, your job, your paycheck, your savings,  and your pension will soon hit a brick wall doing 95 miles per hour.

That is an absolute fact of your life.

Most 18-year-olds do not take politics and economics seriously.

Tell them that 4 million Americans turn 18 every year but we create fewer than a million jobs a year which must be shared with more than a million  legal and illegal immigrants.

That will get their attention.

Many have seen Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone explain how Wall Street was able to buy every barrel of oil 27 tines using derivatives so they could double the price of oil by the time it got to a gas station near you.

A fire arms instructor has met lots of women even over 70 years-old who bought guns because they do not want one way tickets to those FEMA and DHS concentration camps.

The DHS has bought lots of incinerators, Each one is capable of incinerating tens of thousands of people a week.

They were built to dispose of those who do not want to die of starvation in a FEMA camp.

Recently a white man went into a midnight movie premiere in a black neighborhood in Aurora Colorado shooting 70 people killing 12.

This theater had so many problems from black gangs at midnight premiere that the Aurora city police had at least 4 to 8 city cops at every premiere.

But at this premiere there were no city cops.


Someone needs to ask the police that question.

Another man pointed out that the nearby Denver airport has some rather weird murals.

One depicts a man with a gas mask and a rifle just like the midnight shooter at Aurora killing children.

The next mural depicts guns being ground up by a machine.

A psychologist wrote me and said that a man suffering from a schizophrenic break would not just go calmly out to the front of the theater and sit down to wait for the police.

His adrenaline would have been pumping him up to extreme activity for at least another 10 to 15 minutes.

Another man wrote me and said we ought to ban mind control movies and not hand guns.

Two of the above men were black and two were white. 

What does matter is that this happened two weeks before a scheduled vote in the US Senate to approve a UN treaty would would allow the UN to seize American guns.

If you tell your liberal and conservative friends or your black and your white friends the same thing, they will have different interpretations even if they all agree that what you say is true.

Try telling them this:

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

Now I must tell you there is a way out of Debt Slavery and wars without end.

The Israelis have been pushing for a war against Iran and Syria.

Israel cannot fight this war.

That would be suicide.

80% of Israelis oppose an attack on Iran.

But 80% of Israelis want America to attack Iran.

The former head of the Israeli military, Gabi Ashkenazi, said an attack on Iran is stupid,  Why so?

Syria, Iran and Hezbollah have at least 150,000 missiles many of which have fuel air explosive warheads.

These have 3 to 4 times the explosive capacity of a conventional 1,000 pound (454 Kg) bomb.

That is more than sufficient to incinerate Israel.

But what would happen to the Persian Gulf fleet and to Central Command if America attacked Iran for Israel?

The Iranians and the Syrians could use those missiles against the 35 US military bases near Iran and the 20 bases in Turkey.

Iran and Syria both have Russian made anti-ship missiles. Iran is now producing its own mach 3 anti-ship missiles.

The US Navy has no defense capable of overcoming those missiles. And certainly none against Iranian rocket artillery.

They have a range of 210 kilometers (130 miles) with a 600 kilogram (1,323 pound) warhead.

The US would lose all of its Persian Gulf fleet, most of its Mediterranean fleet and all those men and women at those 55 bases.

Why would America be willing to sacrifice that many men and women to attack a people who never harmed us?

Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.

The Muslims did not do 911.

Israel did 911.

Israel assassinated President Kennedy.

It was Jewish traitors in the United States who covered this all up.

Jewish Americans will soon have to decide whether they are Americans or Israelis.

If you are either a Jewish American or a Goyim, you might want to listen to the interview with Dr Sabrosky below.

Israel and Wall Street cannot use a war to get themselves out of this economic mess they created.

If war is not an option, then the only other alternative is that they wait for the inflation rate and the unemployment rate to tick upwards slowly and then more rapidly until the American economy ceases to function and nationwide food riots destroy every city in the country.

That day is coming in less than 12 calendar months.

All Jews in the world will soon have to decide whether they will side with their banking aristocracy to repress starving people or with the people and allow banking and currency reform.

At least 3 million Americans died from starvation in the Great Depression.

All Jewish people will understand that this must never be allowed to happen again. Never Again.

The Goyim are through dying in wars for Israel and dying of starvation to  prove we are not anti-Semites.

The clock is ticking. Tick tock.

The Israeli Empire is near death’s door.

No Jews and no Goyim need die with it.

The end of the Israeli Empire does not mean the end of either Jewish people or of the Goyim.

Notes: This first article explains how we are being abused by the aristocrats of Wall Street.

Catherine Austin Fitts On Genocide And The Looting Of America


The next article explains how Debt Cancellation works on a practical level. It is my most popular essay on the subject though some object to the race of the people involved.

Eddie Reborn Into A World With Debt Cancellation.


This next article explains how Debt Cancellation and the repeal of the VAT might be spread throughout the world.

Will Brits Approve An American Military Invasion Of The City Of London?


The last article explains how Debt Cancellation, pension reform and healthcare reform could work:

What Real Debt Cancellation Combined With Pension And Health Care Reform Looks Like Part II


These are the two best parts of that Sabrosky interview that I would recommend all Jews and Gentiles watch :

9/11 Israeli Mossad Job (2 of 4) Alan Sabrosky US Military War College

9 11 Israeli Mossad Job 3 of 4 Alan Sabrosky US Military War College YouTube







Gaza Blockade Over? Egypt Opens Border to Palestinians


{XANIEL’S NOTE : Well I guess I owe Egypt’s President Mursi a very large apology.

It seems that I highly underestimated this man’s integrity.

A few day’s back I made the comment that it appeared that Mursi had cave to Israeli and U.S. pressure,

and became their man in Egypt’s New Government.

Although he started out being what I would refer to as a True Leader to his people,

I felt disappointment when I read, ‘  Clinton assures Israel, Mursi will keep Gaza closure.’ ( READ HERE…)

But with this story today, ‘ Gaza Blockade over? Egypt Opens Border to Palestinians ‘, I literally fell over!

It would seem that, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, either misunderstood the arrangement,

or she deliberately lied to Israel,

or she was told by Mursi just what she wanted to hear, so that he could make her look foolish at a later date !

I’m personally going with the, ‘ make her look foolish ‘, selection.  And if that’s the case, ” BRAVO, MURSI “

This is a major slap to the face of Israel, Clinton and the U.S…..AND I AM LOVING EVERY BIT OF IT !

Egypt now has a Leader that is proving that he can’t be bought, pushed or intimidated.

I am happy for and envious of, Egypt. And wish the U.S. had even a small fraction of such a Great Leader. 

” God/Allah Bless you Mursi. Long live your reign !!” }~~~Xaniel777



From AntiWar.com

Free Entry, No Permits Required

by Jason Ditz, July 22, 2012

Five years of full-scale blockade of the Gaza Strip may have finally come to an end in the wee hours of Monday morning, with Egyptian officials announcing that they are opening the border unilaterally and completely to all Palestinians, including those stuck in the strip.

Officials say that all Palestinians can enter Egypt at will now, without permits or visas, and that this will include not only those in Gaza, but Palestinians entering Egypt by plane from elsewhere and means a de facto opening of the Gaza border.

Indeed the first travelers entering Egypt without this restriction were seven Palestinians who arrived by plane.

The move comes just a week and a half after the Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that he was “confident” Egypt’s President Mursi would fully open the Gaza border to trade.

This opening seems even more than anyone had hoped.

Israeli officials have yet to respond to the news, but will presumably be extremely hostile to the change, as it will undermine their long-standing strategy of keeping Gazans in a state of constant siege.

Last 5 posts by Jason Ditz :







Israel orders demolition of eight Palestinian villages for IDF training sites


From RT News

July 23, 2012

Israeli soldiers fire their weapons during a training session near Beqa'ot in the West Bank (Reuters/Handout)

Israeli soldiers fire their weapons during a training session near Beqa’ot in the West Bank (Reuters/Handout)

The West Bank was divided into three zones: Area A, Area B and Area C – in 1993 by the Oslo Accords, which defined the final status of the land.

Area A is secured and governed by the Palestinians, while Area C is under full Israeli control.

In Area B, the administration comes from the Palestine Authority, while security is provided by Israeli forces.

Area C makes up over 60 per cent of the West Bank.

Israel’s Defense Ministry has ordered eight Palestinian villages in the West Bank to be razed, claiming the land is needed for military training.

Hundreds of Palestinians are to be displaced despite evidence that the villages have existed since 1830.

The residents of the villages, located in the southern region of Hebron, are accused of illegal dwelling in a fire zone.

The government said in a memo to the Supreme Court on Sunday that the 1,500-plus residents will be moved to the nearby city of Yatta, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

The Defense Ministry has obtained evidence the Palestinians have permanent homes there.

The IDF will allow the displaced Palestinians to continue farming the abandoned land and tending cattle on weekends and holidays, when there is no military training. There will also be two monthlong periods allotted to the residents for farming, the memo says.

Despite the evidence the villages existed well before 1976, the Israeli military views the Hebron Hills as theirs, since the land – like most of the West Bank – is graded Area C, which is under Israel’s complete control. 

The Israeli Defense Ministry intends to use the land to train its soldiers, which would include firing exercises.

This is strictly forbidden in areas where people live nearby, though not on humanitarian grounds.

Haaretz says this is not because civilians may get hurt or killed, but because they may spy on the exercises or steal weapons to use for terror purposes.”

The villages of Majaz, Tabban, Sfaye, Fahit, Halawa, Al Marqaz, Jinba and Kharuba – together with four other locations in the Hebron Hills – have been under threat of demolition since 1999, according to the Association for Human Rights in Israel.

An evacuation was halted in 2000 by a court decision after 700 people were evicted.

Many Palestinians living there in traditional “fellaheen” communities still reside in caves and tents.

They fear they haven fallen prey to an intimidation campaign as Israel seeks new lands on which to build settlements.







Assassination Nation – Fifty Years of US Targeted ‘Kill Lists’: From the Phoenix Program to Predator Drones


From the Trenches 

Posted on July 21, 2012 by Admin

Counterpunch – by Doug Nobel

 A broad-gauged program of targeted assassination has now displaced counterinsurgency as the prevailing expression of the American way of war.”–Andrew Bacevich [1]

This spring the US drone killing program has come out of the closet. Attorney General Eric Holder publicly defended the drone killing of an American citizen [2], while Obama’s counter terrorism czar John Brennan publicly explained and justified the target killing program [3].

And a New York Times article by Jo Becker and Scott Shane chronicled Obama’s personal role in vetting a secret “Kill List.” [4]

This striking new transparency, the official acknowledgment for the first time of a broad-based US assassination and targeted killing program, has resulted from the unprecedented and controversial visibility of drone warfare.

Drones now make news every day, and those of us who have been protesting their use for years have heightened their visibility in the public eye, forcing official acknowledgment and fostering worldwide scrutiny.

 This new scrutiny focuses not only on drone use but also, and perhaps more importantly, on the targeted killing itself – and the “kill lists” that make them possible.

This new exposure has set off a firestorm of reaction around the globe.

Chris Woods of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism told Democracy Now!

“The kill list got really heavy coverage … newspapers have all expressed significant concern about the existence of the kill list, the idea of this level of executive power.” 

[5] A Washington Post editorial noted that “No president has ever relied so extensively on the secret killing of individuals to advance the nation’s security goals.”

[6] Becker and Shane of the Times pronounced Obama’s role “without precedent in presidential history, of personally overseeing the shadow war …”

[7]  And former president Jimmy Carter insisted,  in a recent editorial in The New York Times, “We don’t know how many hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed in these [drone] attacks, each one approved by the highest authorities in Washington.

This would have been unthinkable in previous times.” [8]


In fact, US assassination and targeted killing, with presidential approval, has been going on covertly for at least half a century.

Ironically, all this drone killing now offers us a  new opportunity: to pry open the Pandora’s box hiding long-held secrets of covert US assassination and targeted killing, and to expose them to the light of day.

What we would find is that the only things new in the latest, more publicized revelations about kill lists and assassinations are the use of drones, the president’s hands-on approach in vetting targets, and the global scope of the drone killing.

Those of us in the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones, Code Pink and other groups protesting US drones for years have correctly focused on the use of drones as illegal, immoral and strategically counterproductive.

We have abhorred the schizophrenic ease of remote killing, the uniquely frightening horror of a drone strike, and the unavoidable (even intentional) killing of countless civilian “terrorist suspects” in “signature strikes.”

We have also warned of the proliferation of drones in countries around the globe and of their procurement by US police forces and border patrols, for surveillance and “non-lethal” targeting.

But drones are not the only, or even the most important, concern.

It’s the targeted killing itself, past and present.

In this article I start to unravel what the latest demands for transparency should lead us to investigate fully: the fifty year history of US assassination and targeted killing that has resulted, quite directly, in the present moment.

Those who are mortified by the latest revelations of Obama’s kill list have much to learn from a more comprehensive, historical perspective on US killing around the globe. 

Who knows: Perhaps someone in Congress might even be prodded to do what Senators Fulbright and Church did in years past: hold hearings on this continuing execration taking place in our name.

Until then, what follows is an introduction to this ongoing horror story.

Section 1 of this article briefly reviews the lethal history of the US Phoenix Program in Vietnam, the original source of subsequent US counter terrorist tactics and strategies. 

Section 2 revisits briefly the well-worn history of US kill lists and assassinations in Latin American countries, followed by the somewhat less-well-known history of US kill lists and assassinations in countries on other continents.

Section 3 traces the direct legacy of Phoenix, even its explicit resurrection by the key architects of the US targeted killing programs in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in a growing number of “countries we are not at war with.”

One point of clarification and definition.

It is well known that in recent history the US has orchestrated assassination attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, on major world leaders.

Examples include: Lumumba under Eisenhower, Castro and Diem under Kennedy, Gaddhafi under Reagan, Saddam Hussein under Bush, and Allende under Nixon.

[9]  The term “assassination” is typically restricted to such killings of political leaders, and President Ford’s executive order banning assassination applies only to the assassination of foreign heads of state.

[10] The focus of this article is different. Here we discuss the US-generated kill lists used over the last half century, under direct presidential authority,

for the targeted killing of thousands of civilians suspected of being or harboring terrorists/ insurgents, from Vietnam to Guatemala, from Indonesia to Iraq, right up to the present day.

The Phoenix Program 

The US Phoenix Program was a secret, large scale counter terrorist effort in Vietnam. Developed in 1967 by the CIA, the Phoenix Program, called Phung Hoang by the Vietnamese,

aimed a concerted effort to “neutralize” the Vietcong Infrastructure (VCI) consisting of South Vietnamese civilians suspected of supporting North Vietnamese or Viet Cong soldiers.

The euphemism “neutralize” meant to kill or detain indefinitely.

Then CIA Director William Colby, while insisting in 1971 Congressional hearings that “thePhoenix program is not a program of assassination,” nonetheless conceded thatPhoenix operations killed over 20,000 people between 1967 and 1972. [11]

Phoenix targeted civilians, not soldiers.

Operations were carried out by “hunter-killer teams” consisting both of US Green Berets and Navy Seals and by South Vietnamese Provincial Reconnaissance Units (PRUs), units of mercenaries set up for assassination and “counter terror.”

A Newsweek article in January 1970 described Phoenix as “a highly secret and unconventional operation that counters VC terror with terror of its own.”

[12]  Robert Kaiser of the Washington Post reported Phoenix being called “aninstrument of mass political murder…sort of Vietnamese Murder Inc.,” designed to terrorize the civilian population into submission.” [13]

Until 1970 the computerized VCI blacklist was a unilateral American operation.

After the devastating 1968 Tet offensive, South Vietnamese President Thieu declared: “The VCI must be eliminated…and will be defeated by the Phoenix program.”

[14] Phoenixbecame a ruthless “bounty hunting” program to eliminate the opposition.

[15] The US and South Vietnamese created a list of tens of thousands of suspects for assassination.

These names were centralized and distributed to Phoenix coordinators.

From 1965-68 U.S. and Saigon intelligence services maintained an active list of Viet Cong cadre marked for assassination.

The program for 1969 called for “neutralizing” 1800 a month.

The VCI blacklist became corrupted by officers inserting their personal enemies’ names to get even.

Due process was nonexistent.  Names supplied by anonymous informers showed up on blacklists.

[16] CIA Director Colby admitted in 1971 that the blacklists had been “inaccurate.”

[17] Few senior VCI leaders were caught in the Phoenix net. Instead its victims were typically innocent civilians.

A Pentagon-contract study found that, between 1970 and 1971, ninety-seven per cent of the Vietcong targeted by the PhoenixProgram were of negligible importance.

[18] By 1973, Phoenix generated 300,000 political prisoners in South Vietnam.

Military operations such as My Lai used Phoenixintelligence; in fact, the My Lai massacre, hardly an isolated incident, was itself aPhoenix operation. [19]

Apologists  have offered rationales for Phoenix that sound eerily similar to those used to defend current drone attacks.

Phoenix was typically referred to as a “scalpel” replacing the “bludgeon” of search and destroy, aerial bombardment or artillery barrages.

Alternatively, it was called a precision “rifle shot rather than a shotgun approach to target key political leaders … and activists in VCI.”

[20] Military historian Dale Andrade explains, “Both SEALS and PRUs killed many VCI guerrillas – that was war. They also inevitably killed innocent civilians – that was regrettable….but [Phoenix] operations were much more discerning than the massive affairs launched by conventional …forces. That fact was often lost in the rhetoric of assassination and murder …”[21]

Phoenix was created, organized, and funded by the CIA.

Quotas were set by Americans. Informers were paid with US funds.

The national system of identifying suspects, the elaboration of numerical goals and their use as measures of merit, was designed and funded by Americans.

One former US Phoenix soldier conceded, “It was “heinous,” far worse than the things attributed to it.” [22]

Kill Lists from Phoenix to Latin America

The US intelligence community formalized the lessons of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam by commissioning Project X, the Army’s top-secret program for transmitting Vietnam’s lessons to South America.

[23] By the mid-1970s, the Project X materials were going to armies all over the world.

These were textbooks for global counterinsurgency and terror warfare.

These included a murder manual, “Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare,” which openly instructed in the assassination of public officials, and was distributed to the Nicaraguan Contras.

Another manual, “Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual,” was used widely in Honduran counterrorism efforts.

Use of the Project X material was temporarily suspended by Congress and the Carter administration for probable human rights violations, but the program was restored by the Reagan administration in 1982.

By the mid-1980s, according to one detailed history, “counterguerrilla operations in Colombia and Central America would thus bear an eerie but explicable resemblance to South Vietnam.” [24]

What follows is a brief sketch of the widespread application of  US-promulgated Phoenix-derived  reigns of terror, kill lists, and death squads throughout Latin America and beyond.

Much of this is familiar territory to many activists and scholars, and is merely the tip of the iceberg, but it merits review as a backdrop for the current context of kill lists and targeted assassination. [25]


The U.S. Army’s School of Americas (SOA), started in 1946, trained mass murderers and orchestrated coups in Peru, Panama, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico.

The SOA trained more than 61,000 Latin American officers implicated in widespread slaughter of civilian populations across Latin America.

From 1966-1976 the SOA trained hundreds of Latin American officers in Phoenix-derived methods.

Between 1989-1991 the SOA issued almost 700 copies of Project X handbooks to at least ten Latin American countries, including Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Honduras.

In 2001, SOA was renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC), but peace activists know it as School of Assassins. [26]

The CIA trained assassination groups such as Halcones in Mexico, the Mano Blanca in Guatemala, and the Escuadron de la Muerte in Brazil.

In South America, in 1970-79, Operation Condor, the code-name for collection, exchange and storage of intelligence, was established among intelligence services in South America to eradicate Marxist activities.

Operation Condor promoted joint operations including assassination against targets in member countries.

In Central America, the CIA-supported death toll under the Reagan presidency alone exceeded 150,000.

The CIA set up Ansesal and other networks of terror in El Salvador, Guatemala (Ansegat) and pre-Sandinista Nicaragua (Ansenic).

Honduran death squads were active through the 1980s, the most infamous of which was Battalion 3–16, which assassinated hundreds of people, including teachers, politicians, and union leaders.

Battalion 316 received substantial CIA support and training, and at least 19 members graduated from the School of the Americas.

In Colombia, about 20,000 people were killed since 1986 and much of U.S. aid for counternarcotics was diverted to what Amnesty International labeled “one of the worst killing fields.”

The US State Department also supported the Colombian army in creating a database of subversives, terrorists and drug dealers.

In Bolivia, Amnesty International reported that from 1966-68 between 3,000 and 8,000 people were killed by death squads.

The CIA supplied names of U.S. and other foreign missionaries and progressive priests.

In Ecuador, the CIA maintained what was called the lynx list, aka the subversive control watch list of the most important left-wing activists to arrest. In Uruguay.

Every CIA station maintained a subversive control watch list of most important left wing activists.

From 1970-72 the CIA helped set up the Department of Information and Intelligence (DII), which served as a cover for death squads, and also co-ordinated meetings between Brazilian and Uruguayan death squads.

In Nicaragua, the US provided illegal funds to the Contras, and Marine intelligence helped maintain a list of civilians marked for assassination when Contra forces entered the country.

In Chile, 1970-73, CIA-created unions organized CIA-financed strikes leading to Allende’s overthrow and subsequent suicide.

By late 1971 the CIA was involved in the preparation of lists of nearly 20,000 middle-level leaders of people’s organizations, scheduled to be assassinated after the Pinochet coup.

In Haiti, U.S. officials with CIA backgrounds in Phoenix-like program activities coordinated with the Ton-Ton Macoute, “Baby Doc” Duvalier’s private death squad, responsible for killing at least 3,000 people.

For over thirty years the US military and the CIA  helped organize, train, and fund death squad activity in El Salvador.

From 1980-93, at least 63,000 Salvadoran civilians were killed, mostly by the government directly supported by the U.S.

The CIA routinely supplied ANSESAL, the security forces, and the general staff with electronic, photographic, and personal surveillance of suspected dissidents and Salvadorans abroad who were later assassinated by death squads.

US militray involvement in El Salvador allowed “the lessons learned in Vietnam to be put into practice … assisting an allied country in counterinsurgency operations.” [27]

In Guatemala, as early as 1954, the U.S. Ambassador, after the CIA-orchestrated  overthrow of the Arbenz government, gave to the new Armas government lists of radical opponents to be assassinated.

Years later, throughout Guatemala’s 36-year civil war, Washington continuously to supported the Guatemalan military’s excesses against civilians, which killed 200,000 people.

US Assassination Programs Exported to Other Countries

In Indonesia, 1965-66, the US embassy and the CIA provided the Indonesian military with lists of the names of PKI militants, which were used by Suharto to crush the PKI regime. 

This resulted in “one of the worst episodes of mass murder of the twentieth century,” with estimates as high as one million deaths. [28]

In Thailand, in 1976, the new junta used CIA-trained forces to crush student demonstrators during coup; two right-wing terrorist squads suspected for assassinations tied directly to CIA operations.

In Iran, the CIA launched a coup installing the shah in power and helped establish the lethal secret police unit SAVAK.

[29] The CIA and SAVAK then exchanged intelligence, including information and arrest lists on the communist Tudeh party.

Years later, in 1983, the CIA gave the Khomeni government a list of USSR KGB agents and collaborators operating in Iran, which the Khomeni regime used to execute 200 suspects and close down the communist Tudeh party.

In the Philippines, in 1986, Reagan increased CIA involvement in Philippine counterinsurgency operations, carried out by more than 50 death squads.

In 2001, before 9/11, the Bush administration sent a unit of SOF to the Philippines “to help train Philippine counter terrorist forces fighting against Muslim separatists” within groups like Abu Sayyaf.

After 9/11 US-Filipino cooperation was stepped up and the ongoing separatist conflict was cast, to the benefit of both sides, as “the second front in the war on terror.”

[30] In Feb, 2012, a US drone strike targeting leaders of Abu Sayyaf and other separatist groups killed 15 people, the first use of killer drones in Southeast Asia. [31]

A “global Phoenix Program”: drone targets worldwide

“A global Phoenix program … would provide a useful start point” for “a new strategic approach to the Global War on Terrorism.”

–David Kilcullen [32]


Despite the US-perpetrated counter terrorist slaughter in Latin America and elsewhere in the 1970s-1990s, the US Special Forces debacle in Mogadishu in 1993, popularized in the film Black Hawk Down, severely impacted US willingness to use Special Forces in counter terrorist missions for the next decade.

But then, after 9/11, things changed drastically. On September 17, 2001, President Bush signed a secret Presidential finding authorizing the C.I.A. to create paramilitary teams to hunt, capture, detain, or kill designated terrorists almost anywhere in the world.

The pressure from the White House, in particular from Vice-President Dick Cheney, was intense, and in the scramble, a search of the C.I.A.’s archives turned up – the Phoenix Program. [33]

In July , 2002, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sent an order for a plan to make sure that special forces  could be authorized to use lethal force ‘in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.’”

[34] Rumsfeld prompted Bush to authorize the military to “find and finish” terrorist targets.

Here he was referring to “the F3EA targeting cycle” used in anti-infrastructure operations by Special Operations Forces.

F3EA, an abbreviation of find, fix, finish, exploit, analyze, utilizes comprehensive intelligence to “find a target amidst civilian clutter and fix his exact location . . . . enabling surgical finish operations … to catch a fleeting target.” [35]

Lt General William (Jerry) Boykin, Delta commander in Mogadishu, deputy undersecretary for Defense for Intelligence and a key planner of the Special Forces offensive in Iraq, announced, “We’re going after these people. Killing or capturing them … doing what the Phoenix program was designed to do, without all the secrecy.” [36]

Back in 1963, the CIA had supplied lists of communists to the Baath party coup so that communists could be rounded up and eliminated.

[37] Now, forty years later, it was the Baathists’ turn to be rounded up by Special Forces and CIA and executed. After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the U.S. military notoriously developed a set of playing cards to help troops identify the most-wanted members of Saddam Hussein‘s government, mostly high-ranking Baath Party members. Less well-known was the secret targeted killing of thousands of Baathist civilians by US Special Forces.

Seymour Hersh wrote in 2003 that “The Bush Administration authorized a major escalation of the Special Forces covert war in Iraq.”

… Its highest priority [being] the neutralization of the Baathist insurgents, by capture or assassination.

[38] A former C.I.A. station chief described the strategy: “The only way we can win is to go unconventional. We’re going to have to play their game. Guerrilla versus guerrilla. Terrorism versus terrorism. We’ve got to scare the Iraqis into submission.”

[39] The US even hired thousands of contract killers previously responsible for US-sponsored extra-judicial killings and death squad activity in Latin America.  

The operation—called “preëmptive manhunting” by one Pentagon adviser—had, according to Hersh, “the potential to turn into another Phoenix Program.” [40]

Global Phoenix 

In 2009, the Office of the Secretary of Defense sponsored a paper by the National Defense Research Institute entitled “The Phoenix Program and Contemporary Counterinsurgency.”

The paper notes, “The persistent insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan have generated fresh interest among military officers, policymakers, and civilian analysts in the history of counterinsurgency. The Phoenix Program in Vietnam—the U.S. effort to improve intelligence coordination and operations aimed at identifying and dismantling the communist underground—is the subject of much renewed attention.” [41]

The paper continues, “As the United States and its allies shift their focus to Afghanistan and weigh counterinsurgency alternatives for that country, decisionmakers would be wise to consider how Phoenix-style approaches might serve to pry open Taliban and Al-Qaeda black boxes.” [42]

Two key architects of the current Phoenix-style global counterinsurgency efforts by the US are David Kilcullen and Michael Vickers. 

David Kilcullen has been counterinsurgency advisor to two former Middle East commanders, General Stanley McChrystal (formerly head of Special Operations) and General David Petraeus, now CIA Director.

Michael G. Vickers, made famous in the book and film Charlie Wilson’s War about the CIA’s anti-Soviet Afghan campaign of the 1980s, is currently Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, wielding such vast authority over the US war on terror that, according to a Washington Post profile, Pentagon colleagues refer to as his “take-over-the-world-plan.” [43]

Kilcullen wrote in a much-quoted 2004 paper entitled “Countering Global Insurgency” that “Counterinsurgency campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq have reawakened official and analytical interest in the Phoenix Program.”

He proposed that “a global Phoenix program … would provide a useful start point” for “a new strategic approach to the Global War on Terrorism,” one which would focus on “interdicting links … between jihad theatres, denying sanctuary areas, … isolating Islamists from local populations and … disrupting inputs” from others. [44]

Vickers issued a Phoenix-style directive in December 2008 to “develop capabilities for extending U.S. reach into denied areas and uncertain environments by operating with and through indigenous foreign forces or by conducting low visibility operations.” 

“It’s not just the Middle East. It’s not just the developing world. It’s not just non-democratic countries – it’s a global problem. Threats can emanate from Denmark, the United Kingdom, you name it.”

[45] According to a Washington Post profile, “the most critical aspect of Vicker’s plan targeting al-Qaeda-affiliated networks around the world involves US Special Forces working through foreign partners to uproot and fight terrorism.”

[46] US military and Special Operations forces would “pay indigenous fighters and paramilitaries who work with them in gathering intelligence, hunting terrorists, fomenting guerrilla warfare or putting down an insurgency.” [47]

Pentagon colleagues have said of Vickers, “he tends to think like a gangster.”

[48] Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell revealed that getting Bin Laden in Pakistan was Vicker’s “baby,” and “more than anyone else in the department, he drove the issue.”

[49] 2011 New York Times Vickers summarizes his strategy this: “You make a deal with the devil to defeat another devil.”[50] “I just want to kill those guys.” 

[51] A 2011 Such is the megalomaniacal mission underlying the US global war on terror, its kill lists and worldwide program of targeted assassination.

Killer Drones Revisited

Engaging in any assassination blurs the line between the good guys and the bad.” It is also “a proclamation of weakness and an admission of failure.”–John Jacob Nutter, The CIA’s Black Ops [52]

The purpose of this article is to reframe the current attention on killer drones and Obama’s “kill list” within an historical perspective.

The goal here is not to discourage the escalating protest against killer drones or against Obama’s targeted assassination program around the globe.

As stated at the outset, the unprecedented visibility of these nefarious activities and of the outraged public response to them  is precisely what is needed at this time.

This heightened awareness also affords a perfect opportunity to revisit the extraordinary history of US assassination and targeted killing that has led directly and explicitly to these activities.

Focus on the drones alone will not be sufficient.

For even the major counter terrorist mastermind David Kilcullen himself, an avid proponent of the global targeted killing program, has argued against the use of drones.

In a 2009 New York Times editorial he argues that “The goal should be to isolate extremists from their communities; [they] must be defeated by indigenous forces…Drone strikes make this harder, not easier.”

He adds, “The use of drones displays every characteristic of a tactic – or, more accurately, a piece of technology – substituting for a strategy, [with minimal understanding] of the tribal dynamics of the local population.

This creates public outrage and a desire for revenge.” [53]

Scholar Maria Ryan, in a 2011 article entitled “War in Countries We Are Not at War With,” writes: “In 2006 the Pentagon announced that it had sent small teams of Special Operations troops to US embassies to gather intelligence on terrorism in  Africa, South East Asia and South America…

There is, then, a covert side to the Global War on Terrorism  that is not visible and not currently knowable in the absence of whistleblowers, leaks, or things gone wrong.” [54]

The heightened public attention paid to drone killing might very well, in time, lead to some welcome success in curtailing their use.

But too narrow a focus on the US deployment of Predator and Reaper drones might also distract us from other forms of Phoenix-derived targeted killing still being perpetrated globally – and covertly – by our Assassination Nation.

Doug Noble is an activist with Occupy Rochester NY and Rochester Against War.


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Bank Contractors Break Into Homes Accross the US 

JP Morgan Worst Violator


From America First

Banks own most of America!  We need to stop talking about “owning a home” when most of us are borrowing it from the bank.

Returning from work or vacation, homeowners across the U.S. are finding themselves locked out of their houses, with their homes broken into and many of their belongings stolen and destroyed.

The culprits? Bank contractors, hired to preserve abandoned properties. These contractors often ignore signs of occupation, including furniture, maintained gardens and turned on lights.

It is illegal for any bank representative to enter a property if they have not retaken it at a foreclosure sale – especially if there are signs of occupation. Yet contractors have been repeatedly ignoring these signs.

“For some reason when these contractors ride by residences and don’t see anyone home, they just jump the gun and change the locks,” said Richard Fersch, a Pennsylvania sergeant in charge of foreclosures.“They even lock pets inside.”

A Kansas man found his parents’ furniture missing. A Florida couple had a laptop, iPod and six bottles of wine stolen. In addition to a coin collection, a Pennsylvania couple was missing its pet cat.

But some contractors break in and change locks even while homeowners are in their house. Nancy Jacobini called the police after she heard someone rattling the handle of her front door and cutting the chain off at her home in Orlando.

Several months later, the same thing happened again – but this time, a man emerged through the front door.

The break-in happened even though Jacobini had been making payments to her bank on a trial loan modification.

The break-ins are a problem widespread in the foreclosure industry, and The Huffington Post found more than 50 homeowner lawsuits against banks and the two largest U.S. property management contractors, Safeguard Properties and Lender Processing Services.

Safeguard spokeswoman Diane Fusco told the Huffington Post that break-ins are uncommon and that her company strives to minimize them.

But most of the lawsuits involve Safeguard, which inspects 1.5 million homes each month.

The bank most often named in the lawsuits was JPMorgan Chase.








Worst whooping cough outbreak in over 50 years happening among the fully vaccinated



From NaturalNews

July 23, 2012 by: Craig Stellpflug

(NaturalNews) If four shots of toxic vaccines do not work against pertussis (AKA whooping cough), then maybe five or six will work…

Or maybe not…

The CDC now reports the highest level of pertussis cases in 50 years.

Of course, they are encouraging all children and adults to line up for yet another shot in the dark.

Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases reports 18,000 nationwide cases of pertussis so far this year – twice as many cases as there were at this time in 2011 and matching the 1959 numbers reported by this time of the year.

Pertussis is a bacterial infection involving the respiratory tract that spreads by coughing and sneezing.

It often starts out like the common cold, but can become a life-threatening infection, particularly for infants under the age of one.

The vaccination for pertussis is included in the DTaP vaccine.

The pertussis vaccine in not solving the problem

CDC data shows 84 percent of children under the age of three have received at least four DTaP shots and yet, despite high vaccination rates, whooping cough still keeps circulating, largely among the fully vaccinated.

This is because pertussis is a cyclical disease where natural increases in infection tend to occur every four to five years no matter how high the vaccination rates are.

81 percent of 2010 California pertussis cases under the age of 18 were fully vaccinated children.

In a pertussis outbreak in Texas, the CDC statistics show that 81.5 percent of cases were fully vaccinated with four DTaP shots.

Washington State health officials are saying this year’s pertussis cases could top a 60 year old record in spite of approximately 84 percent vaccination coverage.

Reuters recently reported that according to the CDC, the number of pertussis cases is growing –in the fully vaccinated population!

In a very recent DTaP vaccine study, researchers reported a dismal 24 percent vaccine effectiveness among those aged 8-12.

With this ridiculously low rate of DTaP vaccine effectiveness, the public health brainiacs have come up with their best plan for everybody to have three primary shots and three follow-up booster shots.

DTaP is bad news for babies

A study at UCLA indicated that in the USA, approximately 1,000 babies die annually as a direct result of DTaP vaccination. One survey found a 7.3 percent risk of SIDS within three days after a DTaP inoculation.

Vaccine reaction symptoms within days of the DTaP shot include:

high fever; sudden collapse; hours of persistent crying, high pitched screaming with arching of the back, signs of brain inflammation; severe and/or bloody diarrhea; redness, swelling and pain at the injection site and signs of seizures.

Raymond Obomsawin, M.D. said “Delay of DPT immunisation until two years of age in Japan has resulted in a dramatic decline in adverse side effects… an 85 to 90 percent reduction in severe cases of damage and death.”

Amazingly, pertussis during the first two years of babies’ lives also dropped sharply. Instead of preventing pertussis, the DTaP actually promotes it as well as SIDS.

Many vaccines are implicated in causing Juvenile Diabetes, but the vaccine-virulent poison – pertussis toxin, is the worst.

Pertussis toxin affects the pancreas in the insulin-secreting parts.

As early as the 1970s, the pertussis shot was known to stimulate over-production of insulin by the pancreas followed by exhaustion and destruction of the islets of Langerhans, resulting in diabetes.

Vaccination is not immunization!

Recovering from whooping cough confers a naturally-acquired immunity that is much stronger and longer lasting than any artificial immunity induced by the toxic laden vaccine.

Vaccination requires more and more booster doses to try to extend the artificial vaccine immunity.

Vaccines are medical procedures that always come with risks. Study up before you let them shoot your child!

Sources for this article :




About the author:

Craig Stellpflug is a Cancer Nutrition Specialist, Lifestyle Coach and Neuro Development Consultant at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ. http://www.healingpathwayscancerclinic.com/ 

With 17 years of clinical experience working with both brain disorders and cancer, Craig has seen first-hand the devastating effects of vaccines and pharmaceuticals on the human body and has come to the conclusion that a natural lifestyle and natural remedies are the true answers to health and vibrant living.

You can find his daily health blog at www.blog.realhealthtalk.com and his articles and radio show archives at www.realhealthtalk.com



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This web site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance the understanding of humanity’s problems and hopefully to help find solutions for those problems. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. A click on a hyperlink is a request for information. Consistent with this notice you are welcome to make ‘fair use’ of anything you find on this web site. However, if you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. You can read more about ‘fair use’ and US Copyright Law at the Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School. This notice was modified from a similar notice at Information Clearing House.} ~~~~ Xaniel777



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