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REAL NEWS Aug 19, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on August 19, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : August 19, 2012


The Time Has Come!!!




August 17, 2012 by kristalklear

Bayou Corne Louisiana has experienced a series of events which ‘professionals’ are having a hard time explaining — or at least the pros are finding it to be an inconvenient time to offer an explanation as to what is going on.

The nuclear array of the US is all along fault lines, and those lines are seeing multiple earthquakes from top to bottom.


8/8/2012 — Earthquake Overview – USA – West Pacific – EU – Asia – South America

The ‘professionals’ will NEVER really tell you whats going on with Bayou Corne..

because this would mean ‘they’ must admit a global unrest event is taking place..

and they CANNOT do that .. since they have already made the vested claims that everything is normal..

and nothing is out of the ordinary when it comes to earthquakes, volcanoes, or other massive geologic movements CLEARLY TAKING PLACE DAILY/WEEKLY NOW

Simply put, the Bayou Corne Salt Dome Collapse, the Plumes from several dormant volcanic areas,

the Earthquakes along the edge of the plate at fracking / injection/ drilling sites, the mystery booms / rumbles toward the center of the plate…….

all can be explained by excessive pressure on the craton..

moving the whole plate in one MASSIVE event — taking place currently — taking months to complete the process..

For certain it started last year… carrying on to today .. I am certain we will see more events similar in the near future (months or less).

Have your plans ready .. don’t be Scared… BE PREPARED !!

Its a long story, but crucial for everyone to understand !

 The Time Has Come!!!

 Nuclear Reactors on NewMadrid Fault Line








(BREAKING NEWS) Louisiana Sinkhole – FORCED EVACUATIONS ORDERED August 17, 2012



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US troops to get new headgear for ‘Homeland Security operations’



From PressTV

August 18, 2012

The U.S. Army is planning to develop new protective headgear for soldiers that will shield them from ballistic munitions, small arms ammunition and blunt trauma as part of missions that will include “homeland security operations.”

A solicitation on behalf of the Army Contracting Command asks for potential vendors to present proposals for the development and production of new headgear as part of the Soldier Protection System (SPS).

“This head protection ensemble is planned to replace the current helmet system.

The SPS will provide the Soldier multiple levels of ballistic protection that can be tailored to select mission profiles and protection against specific threats from conventional fragmenting munitions, small arms ammunition, and blunt impact. Soldiers equipped with the SPS will be able to accomplish a broad range of missions.

The SPS will protect Soldiers involved in major combat operations, stability operations, homeland security operations, joint operating concepts, and the joint force functional concept,” states the solicitation.

Developers are asked to present white papers featuring details of the helmet systems by no later than September 4.

The fact that U.S. troops are getting new headgear to protect them from gunfire during “homeland security operations” will once again stoke fears that the government is preparing for violent civil unrest on U.S. soil.

Using the Army to conduct domestic operations is illegal under Posse Comitatus except under extreme circumstances.

The Department of Homeland Security is also making preparations for domestic disorder with its recent order of riot gear.

Questions have also been asked about why the DHS is purchasing over a billion rounds of ammunition, enough to wage a 7-year ground war.

Fears that the U.S. Army is being readied to take on disgruntled Americans in the aftermath of a major economic collapse are being stoked by clear preparations based around that very premise.

A recent academic study written by retired Army Colonel Kevin Benson depicts a shocking scenario in which the U.S. Army is used to restore order to a town that has been seized by Tea Party “insurrectionists” in 2016 following a “great recession.”

The paper emphasizes how the U.S. Army’s Operating Concept 2016-2028 dictates that the military’s “full spectrum operations” will include “operations within American borders.” prisonplanet.com


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Corporations Sneaking Toxic Synthetic Preservatives Into Organic Baby Formula


From Alexander Higgins Blog

Alexander Higgins  Posted by  – August 15, 2012

Our lawless Wall Street mega-corporations are illegally sneaking synthetic preservatives into baby formula certified to be organic.

If you are concerned parent with an infant you most likely have spent a good deal of time discussing your baby’s formula with your pediatrician and families and checking over the ingredients to be sure none of them were harmful while choosing the one that is going to best going to help promote your baby’s health and development.

For example, conscientious parents knew thanks to the alternative media ‘conspiracy theorists’ long before our corrupt regulators banned BPA from baby products to avoid.

We also know that among the many nasty things that should be avoided are preservatives and especially synthetic ones which is one of the many reasons consumers choose organic baby formula and organic foods for themselves to begin with.

But what happens when the mega-corporations lie about what they are putting in your baby’s formula?

That’s exactly what happened and now babies across the nation are being dosed with toxic man-made chemicals.

Even more shocking is our corrupt, bought and paid for by lobbyists from the corporations they are susposed to be policing, regulators are refusing to make the multi-billion dollar companies pull the toxic shit from store shelves after being caught lying about it.

Let’s see how long it takes our corrupt regulators to act on this one, if they do at all, and if there will be any real consequences for their crimes.

Perhaps the bigger question is how long will We the People allow our corrupt politicians and regulators to turn a blind eye to the poisoning of our bodies, our children and our environment before we stand up and does something about it?

Corporations Sneak Synthetic Preservatives into Organic Food

Organic Watchdog Files Formal Legal Complaint with USDA

WASHINGTON – August 9 – The Cornucopia Institute, a not-for-profit policy research organization based in Wisconsin, filed a formal legal complaint with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) against several infant formula manufacturers that are adding two synthetic preservatives to certified organic infant formula.

The Organic Foods Production Act, passed by Congress in 1990, explicitly bans synthetic preservatives in organic food.

“This is another blatant violation of the federal law governing organics by multi-billion dollar corporations that apparently think they can get away with anything,” says Charlotte Vallaeys, Director of Farm and Food Policy at The Cornucopia Institute.

The preservatives are beta carotene and ascorbyl palmitate, synthetics that are added to infant formula to prevent the oxidation and rancidity of ingredients such as the controversial patented supplements DHA and ARA, manufactured by Martek Biosciences Corporation (Royal DSM) and marketed as Life’sDHA®.

“This is not the first time that the pharmaceutical companies and agribusinesses, that manufacture infant formula, have quietly added to organic formula the same synthetic ingredients that they use in their conventional versions without first seeking the legally required approval for use in organics,” says Vallaeys.

According to The Cornucopia Institute, there have been more than a dozen unapproved synthetic ingredients that have been added to organic infant formula over the past five years.

The public interest group has filed numerous legal complaints with the USDA, asking for removal of unapproved synthetic ingredients like the DHA algal oil and ARA fungal oils, manufactured by Martek, which was recently acquired by the Dutch conglomerate Royal DSM.

While the USDA has admitted publicly that these synthetics were added to organics due to an erroneous interpretation by previous USDA leadership, the agency, after being pressured by industry, has refused to take enforcement action and pull the suspect products from store shelves.

The DSM/Martek DHA and ARA oils, labeled on infant formula as “c. cohnii oil” and “m. alpina oil,” have been controversial since the preponderance of scientific published research concluded that they do not benefit infant development.

“These ingredients, which now appear to require additional synthetics as preservatives, amount to a gimmicky and risky marketing ploy,” added Vallaeys.

When formula with Life’sDHA® first came on the market, the FDA received numerous adverse reaction reports from parents and healthcare providers who noted serious gastrointestinal symptoms in babies who had previously tolerated formula without the Martek DHA and ARA oils.

Synthetic beta carotene and ascorbyl palmitate, according to the International Formula Council (the industry’s trade-lobby group), contribute no nutritional value to infant formula, but rather serve to prevent oxidation and rancidity.

Organic standards require that a synthetic ingredient cannot qualify for use in organic foods if its primary purpose is as a preservative.

The International Formula Council, which is now petitioning the USDA to legalize the use of these synthetic materials in organics, never uses the word “preservative” to describe synthetic beta carotene and ascorbyl palmitate.

They instead use terms like “antioxidant” to “prevent undesirable oxidation” and “prevent rancidity” in “powder formulations containing DHA and ARA.”

The federal organic standards also require that synthetics be allowed in organic foods only if they are deemed essential.

“The only reason why these two synthetic preservatives are added to infant formula is to prevent the rancidity of some of the other synthetic ingredients that are not essential and have also been added illegally,” says Vallaeys. “This is a slippery slope, and we urge the USDA to take appropriate enforcement action and put an end to the practice of first adding synthetic additives to organic food, including infant formula, and then seeking subsequent approval.”

In its complaint, Cornucopia also asked the USDA to investigate the formula manufacturers’ organic certifying agent, Quality Assurance International (QAI).

QAI is one of the largest organic certifying agents, and has come under fire in the past for certifying organic livestock operations that failed to meet the organic standards for animal welfare and outdoor access.

QAI has also allowed its clients to add a number of other allegedly illegal synthetic ingredients to organic food and livestock feed.

The Cornucopia Institute refers to QAI as, “the corporate certifier of convenience.”

“Consumers should be able to trust that the organic label represents foods that are free from unnecessary synthetic ingredients, and they rely on third-party certification by USDA-accredited certifying agents,” says Mark Kastel, Codirector of The Cornucopia Institute.

“But that system breaks down when certifiers like QAI allow their clients to add unreviewed and unapproved synthetic ingredients and when the USDA, when faced with industry pressure, fails to carry out its enforcement duties.”


buyer’s guide to avoiding organic foods with DAM/Martek’s DHA algal oil and ARA fungal oil, including foods aimed at adults and children, like Horizon milk (manufactured by Dean Foods), is available on The Cornucopia Institute’s website.

The Cornucopia Institute named the following brands of organic infant formula in its complaint to the USDA: Earth’s Best, Similac Organic, Vermont Organics, Bright Beginnings and Parent’s Choice (sold by Walmart).

Similac Organic is produced by Abbott Laboratories, a $30 billion pharmaceutical corporation.

The other brands are produced by PBM Nutritionals, owned by Perrigo, a $2 billion dollar pharmaceutical corporation.

The only commercially available baby formula available in US stores that does not contain these synthetic preservatives is Baby’s Only Organic, manufactured by Nature’s One.

Baby’s Only Organic is certified organic by OneCert.

A comprehensive report, Replacing Mother—Imitating Human Breast Milk in the Laboratory, is also available on the Cornucopia site.


The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit farm policy research group, is dedicated to the fight for economic justice for the family-scale farming community. 

Their Organic Integrity Project acts as a corporate and governmental watchdog assuring that no compromises to the credibility of organic farming methods and the food it produces are made in the pursuit of profit.

Their web page can be viewed at www.cornucopia.org.

h/t : David Icke

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Renegade Jewish Settlers Part 1/5


Published on Jul 2, 2012 by 

Jewish settlers in Palestine: the most notorious squatters in the world.

Israeli settlers have been slowly nibbling away at Palestine’s West Bank territory for four decades. 300,000 setllers now occupy outposts that range in size from plywood shacks to full-blown suburban housing complexes.

Their abundance has grounded the much-ballyhooed two-state solution to a halt. VICE correspondent Simon Ostrovsky travels from Tel Aviv to the remote West Bank outposts where young Israelis squat for the sake of their heritage.

But first, Simon pops in for some quick counter-terrorism training with a member of Israel’s Special Forces, just in case.

Hosted by Simon Ostrovsky | Originally aired in 2012 on http://VICE.com

Watch the whole series here:
Part 1/5: http://bit.ly/Renegade-Settlers-1

Part 2/5: http://bit.ly/Renegade-Settlers-2

Part 3/5: http://bit.ly/Renegade-Settlers-3

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Part 5/5: http://bit.ly/Renegade-Settlers-5









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