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REAL NEWS Aug 28, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on August 27, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : August 28, 2012


{XANIEL’S NOTE : I thought we would take a break from the Local, National and Global doom and gloom news today.

As much as we do need to know about such things in order to stay aware, alert and educated,

I felt that taking a break from that once in awhile would be a good idea.

I, myself, am starting to feel the winds of depression of all that is happening

and now feel that I need to recharge my Mental and Spiritual Energies,

to regain a more proper perspective to all that is coming at us like a whirlwind.

I equally felt the need to share this with you all.

We will resume our educational, yet gloomly news tomorrow,

in favor of a brief, but uplifting break today ! Thank-you. }~~~Xaniel777


Using Aventurine to Heal



From Uneplainable.net

By Yona Williams  7/31/12 

The knowledge of aventurine powers date back to the days of ancient Greeks when they sewed the gemstone into the clothes of warriors as a way of protection during times of battle.

With a reputation to heal on all levels, aventurine is especially helpful for matters of the heart, lungs, and adrenal glands.

In this article, you will learn more about the healing powers of aventurine. 

Aventurine is a green stone found in jewelry and other methods of healing.

The quartz comes in shades of green, blue, brown, pink and white. Translucent, the gemstone is rich in a chrome-like mica that is also called Indian Jade.

The stone directly speaks to the 4th Chakra (Heart) and speaks to the astrological sign of Aries.

The green shade of aventurine is the color of healing and hope.

Uses of Aventurine :

·    Some people will use the stone to locate solutions to problems in life because it is thought to have the ability to balance emotions and fight stressful periods.

·    The stone is believed to attract abundance and wealth, as well as shed light on possible opportunities that one may take advantage of. Others see the stone as being associated with chance or luck. 

·    When healing the body and mind, people rely on aventurine for relieving stress, anxiety, and emotional discomfort.

·    If you’re looking for good things to come in the work field, consider aventurine, which has had a connection to having a positive career. The stone may ease stress while on the job.

The crystal may help workers make better decisions, as well as perform better as a leader. 

·    Aventurine is known for its qualities of protection, which can block what is referred to as ‘energy vampires’ – people who take pleasure or have a habit of tapping into and using the energy of others.

·    Some have used the stone to enhance their creativity, imagination, and success, as well as find balance in their life.

·    Because of its reputation of being a good luck stone, aventurine is sometimes carried by gamblers who wish it to bring luck whenever they participate in gems centered on risk and chance. 

·    Since aventurine is believed to help with stress, tension and emotional pain, the stone has found a place in healing circles for a variety of physical ailments, including: lower back pain, drawing out the heat in a fever, calming inflamed wounds and joints, healing the lungs, treating muscular tissue issues, easing the nervous system, reducing cholesterol, and preventing arteriosclerosis. 

·    The stone is also associated with enhancing one’s mental powers, eyesight, wealth potential, and helping one to find peace.

·    When looking for a healing gemstone or crystal gift for a loved one or friend, aventurine is especially fitting for a doctor, nurse, hospital worker, dentist, veterinarian, clergy, physicians, artists, writers, investors, and people in positions of leadership. 








A Collection of Powerful Crystals



From Unexplainable.net 

By Yona Williams  7/31/12 

Some crystals and gemstones are used to decorate necklaces, bracelets and rings, and many are chosen for their color and beauty.

However, others are more interested in tapping into the power and energy associated with certain crystals and gemstones, such as the ruby and amethyst.

Clear Quartz – Clear quartz (also known as rock crystal) is known as a powerful healing stone that is considered as one of the most versatile.

Healers turn to the clear quartz for many different reasons, from easing the blisters of burns and soothing pain.

When the stone is placed on the part of the body or chakra in need of healing, it is believed that the crystal can treat ailments of the heart, stomach or bowels. When using other stones to heal, quartz is thought to enhance their abilities. 

Malachite – The green-colored malachite crystal is associated with causing a powerful energy that can heal.

The gemstone has been connected to the ancient times of Egypt, where the people utilized the stone to protect pregnant women, as well as reduce the pain that comes with childbirth.

Other ways to use the crystal include reducing pain and inflammation, as well as addressing issues with metabolism.

To intensify the outcome of malachite, pair the gemstome with azurite or chrysocolla to get the best results.

Ruby – When it comes to using one of the most high energy gems in the world, the ruby ranks on the top of the list.

Known to promote healing on all different levels, the ruby is associated with passion and stimulating vitality.

With a powerful influence on the root chakra, the ruby works towards removing blocks and affecting all emotions.

Those who believe in the crystal believe that rubies can improve the chances of conceiving a child, removing blood clots, improving circulation, and making the heart muscle stronger.  

Amethyst – Healers and mediators believe in the power of the amethyst – wearing the gem so that they can focus their energies in direct ways.

The gem is believed to overcome an addiction and can help with drug addicts and alcoholics.

The amethyst is also connected to relieving physical and emotional pain.

In traditional circles, healers will use the gemstone to address a host of female issues, such as preventing miscarriages, easing pregnancy discomforts and encouraging an easier delivery of a child. Other ways to use the gemstone is to treat insect bites, migraines, asthma and decrease pain.

Citrine – With the ability to prevent disruptive dreams and eliminate negative energy, citrine is an orange or yellow colored crystal that some believe is connected to bringing prosperity and good fortune when a user least expects it.

Other ways to use citrine is to address constipation issues, detoxify the body, and unclog the liver.

The stone is also used for protective purposes. 








The Future – A World of Technological Mystics?




From Unexplainable.net

By Chris Capps 11/3/11

Are scientists and mystics forever destined to be distant from one another? 

Is there a time in our future when the two may walk side by side or even reside within the same organizations? 

And will there forever be conflict between the world of absolutes and the world of intuition? 

Taking into consideration a few of the long held beliefs on both sides, it seems they are destined to one day fuse.

For years subjects which were once considered exclusively technological have started to broaden their horizons and become more mystical in nature. 

Where we once had ideas of omnipotence we now have the virtual infinitude of technology. 

Where once there was an afterlife, now futurists have ideas about a life lasting forever through the power of science. 

And where we once had the broad undiscovered country of morality now we have another perhaps even more difficult struggle of humanity and logic.

But while the technological and the spiritual have long been polarized, some have begun wondering if they must remain exclusive forever or if in time they too will begin to merge as technology reaches a sufficient level of advancement.

The leap from current technological trends into the realm of the spiritual in some ways would be like comparing an abacus to one of today’s computers for the level of advancement that would be required. 

And yet in some other ways, the advancement would not need to be quite so advanced.

Scientists have already started postulating that if current trends continue then the discontinuation of any individual’s consciousness may soon become a thing of the past. 

But whether we move our minds into a sort of quantum computer with an incredible amount of space or we find a way to make our bodies invulnerable to disease and aging as some scientists are proposing, it seems possible that at some point in our future we will have to learn how to retell our stories and mythologies. 

Imagine telling a generation that had never heard of the concept of death or aging that once upon a time this was an inevitability for all human beings.  And imagine the impact it may have on spiritual institutions of the day.

It was once said by famed Fortean investigator and science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke that any sufficiently advanced technology would be virtually indistinguishable from magic. 

And so it seems to stand that in time we may soon see a blurring of the lines between technology and magic when we take into consideration the law of sociology known as Cultural Lag. 

Essentially, this suggests that at some point technology will become so advanced that to anyone aside from those actually creating the devices, it will seem more like a sort of magic than something as simple as the magnetic radiation of radio waves.  

Nonetheless we will still have the fact that “Radios throw voices” and “Lasers are hot.” 

And so the explanations of the every day may turn to mysticism – and with sufficient advancement we may find that the two are not as mutually exclusive as we once thought. 

So will there one day in mankind’s distant future be a new class within our future civilization of mystics who wield technology and philosophy from the same platform? 

Perhaps in time we will come to discover that technology, magic, thought, and science have more in common than we once thought. 

We have already begun to see that transformation in progress. 

How will it look in another century?








 Five ways towards positive thinking



From Unexplainable.net

By Asif Raza  11/27/07 

If I can conceive it and believe it, I can achieve it.

It’s not my aptitude but my attitude that will determine my altitude with a little intestinal fortitude!
– Jesse Jackson- U.S. clergyman, civil rights leader, and politician.

Positive thinking is to focus on good thoughts rather than bad ones.

It is beneficial and producing constructive results.

It leads to live active and highly determined life where self-esteem is crucial.

It encourages young people to conduct moral behavior.

It indicates growth, response and motivation in individuals.

Here are 5 ways for positive thinking :

1.    Note down three things daily that went good and sound 

It is very influential approach and it proves to your first hand positive mantle strength.

It has a significant effect in treating stress, depression and anxiety.

As it acts like psychotherapy, it improves the energy level, physical health and relieves from pain and exhaustion. 

2.    Recognize your potency weekly and use them in artistic ways in further activities

This approach also significantly boosts your social sense and makes you feel more engaged at work of welfare and well being of others.

It is estimated that an average person uses only 37% of his possible strength in his daily work routine, while highly engaged individuals uses 70 % of his potential in one week.

So by recognizing your potential you can strengthen your daily work routine.

3.    Visualize and write down your finest promising self

This is a confidence and motivation building exercise that leads a person to think about his life dreams, high aims and increases his upbeat attitude, enhances hid self-regulation and confidence.

It is because of the fact that psychologists believe that optimism is a good shield against gloominess and disappointment.

It is further associated with good physical health and longer life.

4.    Put down a gratitude letter to your dear one

If you are grateful to someone by his kind conduct and attitude or any favour among your parents, friends, teachers or any one you are interacting with, please do write to them for gratefulness or appreciation.

You post that letter of thankfulness by your own self and read it aloud if possible. 

5.    Perform charity and social work regularly

Be generous, big hearted and engage yourself in social welfare activities.

It will make your life more pleasurable and congenial.

Always behave with positive Image and try to make a habit of caring others.

It is very important gesture.

You should avoid social evils and promote human values. 








5 Easy Ways to Become a Creative Thinker



From Unexplainable.net

By Asif Raza  11/6/07

The most obvious prerequisite for a creative thinker is he must be a thinker.

The dominant characteristics of creative thinker are questioning, wonder, curiosity, love to understand the process and live in a process of discovery, research, critical, analytical, higher intellect-Intuition etc. 

Higher intellect or Intuition is divine blessing for thinker achieved only by transcendental meditation, practice, devotion and sincerity which ultimately makes thinker a creative thinker.

Make it a habit talk to people and ask them how they solve their problems.

Here is s a short list of five easy ways to become creative thinker :

1.    You should force yourself to approach problems in inventive and practical ways.

It will expand your reasoning faculty. 

For example, while going to office, take different routes regularly or perform all your tasks left hand instead of right hand. 

2.    Read scholarly books based on problem solving tasks, watch philosophical and adventurous movies, and take interest in artistic works of all forms and styles that are not fascinated usually.

For instance, if you are there in painting exhibition, please observe straightly until you comprehend the main theme of painting.

If any piece of art inspires your aesthetic sense, do read more about it in detail. 

3.    Solve logical puzzles such as crossword, Chinese puzzle or jigsaw puzzle etc.

All puzzles can easily be found online. 

4.    Search “Word of the Day” every day from dictionary use it at least five times during the day. 

5.    Approach logic reasoning from different perspective.

Think of all potential solutions and persuade yourself that you already know the answer.

Think again and again of how you can apply your mistakes to improve yourself.

When you contribute an intelligent reflection to a complex task, please incorporate that thought into your next challenge. 








10 Steps to Improve Your Memory



From Unexplainable.net

By Asif Raza  11/1/07

Everyone can take steps to improve his/her memory and with practice, you can increase the skill of learning and ability to memorize a lot of information. 

Whether you want to win first rate at your history test, the memory competition, or simply keep in mind where you put your wallet, this article can help you a lot to enhance your memory skill.

1.    Encourage Yourself Regularly.  

You have to convince yourself that you have good memory.

It can be improve by motivation if you beat yourself down through the time, you will definitely make healthy progress. 

2.    Keep Your Brain Active. 

By challenging your brain with problem solving activities, puzzles and games you can keep your brain active and improve its faculty of reason and memory. 

3.    Exercise Daily. 

Regular physical and aerobic exercise improves blood circulation and efficiency of body and competence of your brain.

It is develops power of resistance against the memory loss.

4.    Reduce Stress.

Constant stress disturbs the ability of learning and recollecting.

Always make an effort to regularly practice yoga, relax to make you fresh mentally. 

5.    Eat Healthy and Eat Healthy. 

A healthy diet, full of nutrients contributes to a healthy brain.

Foods like spinach, broccoli, blueberries, and berries are very useful to promote healthy brain functioning.

Increase nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6 and Thiamine are very important in daily food.

Try to eat 5 or 6 time through out the day instead of 3 times throughout the day, it may improve your memory as it balance your blood sugar, which is very important for brain to work  efficiently. 

6.    Repeat All Those Things Regularly You Need to Learn. 

When you want to remember something, repeat it, either aloud or silently.

Try writing it down and think about it. Remember, the more times you hear, see, or think about something, the more surely you’ll remember it.

7.    Organize Things in Group You Need to Remember. 

To make things easy to memorize, try to categorize things in the form of lists.

It will help you to remember things among other things.

On the other hand,  unorganized things are very difficult to remember. 

8.    Organize Your Life. 

Keep frequently used item like eyeglasses, keys and wallet in the same place daily.

Write addresses in your address book and keep phone numbers in your cell phone.

Use an electronic organizer to remember your daily schedule and appointments. 
Be attentive, alert and try to understand the material first before trying to memorize anything.

Repeat and review what you have memorized as many times as you can.

Apply your learning in discussions and practice it regularly.

9.    Sleep Well!

A Harvard research study shows that people who sleep well tend to remember their things well.

Because sleeping well affect the brain’s ability to recall recently learned information in very positive way.

A minimum sleep of 7 hours a night may improve your memory and learning ability. 

10.    Engage Your Auditory and Visual Senses 

Creative writing wit pictures, charts, drawings and music support your memory and learning skill very much.  








The Illusion of Time and Shifting Reality


{XANIEL’S NOTE : Don’t let the name Pleiadian force you to think that this is all nonsense.

This video is a powerful source of info that explains Shifting Reality and the illusion of what we call time. }~~~Xaniel777 



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