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REAL NEWS Aug 30, 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on August 29, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : August 30, 2012


The Treasonous Elite Have Laid Down the Gauntlet



From the Trenches World Report 

by Henry Shivley – August 29, 2012

The corporate elite yesterday affirmed their declaration of a new form of government in the United States. 

On the Republican Convention floor it was declared that the United States is no longer a constitutional Republic of, for, and by the people. 

Via insurgency, the United States is now a corporate monarchy wherein the elite have become elite through the theft of the wealth of the entire people. 

They have now, through self proclamation, declared themselves the rulers and we, the mass majority their bonded servants. 

Now all that is left is to get 250 million of us heavily armed to bow to their dictate.

Our petitions have been ignored and the elitist international criminals have eaten out our substance and left us in a state of despotism, subject to arbitrary persecution under an admiralty system of courts wherein justice does not preside.

The elite now put forth the notion that all others being US nationals, are subservient and beneath them, that they can conscript us under pain of persecution to serve them in foreign wars,

designed to spread their Zionist empire around the world and bring every man, woman, and child not of their bloodlines and private associations into a state of slavery.

We the people are disenfranchised, dispossessed, and have been rendered civilly dead by a handful of traitors who are acting in the service of foreign monarchs. 

The government for the United States of America is no longer of the Republican form and no longer serves the interests of we the people.

The elite have completed their act of treason in and amongst themselves, but we the people must refuse with force (it is our right, it is our duty), as every attempt at remedy without violence has been dispelled by the minority elite. 

We the majority, authorized via our original Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights, must throw off our chains and rise up to destroy the elitist insurgency, not just in our country, but in every venue around the world.

We must once and for all destroy the parasitic elite that derive their substance through corruption, treachery, and duplicity. 

To destroy such a people must be considered to be a righteous act. 

Stand ready and when that first shot is fired that will again be heard around the world, do not stop until these unspeakable bastards are wiped from the face of the Earth.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.








If You Remove The RNC Treason Tactics, then Ron Paul Won




August 29, 2012

Source: Huffingtonpost
In all fields of human endeavor, winning by cheating is losing.
In a competition, when someone cheats, he gets disqualified. The disqualification does not make the runner-up the winner.

Rather, it reveals that the man who appeared to be the runner-up had in fact been the winner all along.

In the race for the GOP nomination for president, therefore, Ron Paul won.

As the New York Times wrote yesterday :

Delegates from Nevada tried to nominate Mr. Paul from the floor, submitting petitions from their own state as well as Minnesota, Maine, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska and the Virgin Islands.

That should have done the trick: Rules require signatures from just five states.

But the party changed the rules on the spot. Henceforth, delegates must gather petitions from eight states.

When Mr. Romney and the RNC cheat so blatantly, they make the game no longer about politics: they make themselves ineligible for the vote of anyone who cares about his own morality, his own honesty or his own integrity — regardless of his politics.

And from a purely practical standpoint, they invite Americans to ask if they want to live in a nation governed with the same contempt for those who don’t toe the party line as has been displayed both in Tampa and throughout the primary process.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robin-koerner/ron-paul-republican-conventi…








Is There Any Question That The Process Is Controlled &That Presidents Are Selected, Not Elected?




From The Daily Paul

August 28, 2012

Submitted by Trumpet Royale – 

After this RNC staged event where they turned a criminal, Mitt Romney, into the savior of the country, applying to Mitt,

all the wonderful characteristics of Ron Paul, & cheating Ron Paul delegates who were rightfully elected by the RNC rules, it is abhorently apparent to even those with the least amount of common sense,

that this system they call “the free-est system in the world” is totally controlled.

FDR, in his letter to Edward Mandel House, correctly stated “presidents are not elected, but selected by a small elite”.

And this elite that controls our electoral process, has, through a series of corrupt actions & events, stolen delegates & twisted their own rules to benefit their selected puppet(s) Mitt Romney & Barack Obama.

Like Ron Paul correctly states “nothing will change this system but us, the people, remaining awake (alert to the many tricks & massinations) & fully active & engaged in this unique opportunity to peacefully take our country back.”

Discouraged? Temporarily.

More dedicated than ever? Absolutely.

The GOP strengthened our grassroots efforts with their corrupt acts.

Reveal & tell the truth to your friends & family.

Spread this message.








Enough Is Enough: Ron Paul, Please Run as an Independent!


From Ron Paul 2012.net

What an outrage! The GOP establishment and the corrupt media have cheated Ron Paul out of his well-deserved victory.

Even Ron Paul’s campaign has conceded that Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee.

Is all hope lost? 

Not as long as we keep fighting.

If thousands of supporters pledge that we will “write in” Ron Paul this November no matter what happens, it might still be possible to convince Ron Paul to leave the GOP and run as an Independent.

Join us in expressing our approval of Ron Paul’s candidacy by signing our powerful message of support.

Feel free to include your comments and suggestions for his campaign.

Please Run as an Independent!

Dear Ron Paul,

You are at the right place and at the right time not only to educate Americans about the principles of personal liberty, sound money, free markets and a sensible pro-America foreign policy, but also to continue the Revolution and lead us to victory.

We the undersigned don’t want to change the GOP — we want to change America. We pledge to “write in” your name on the presidential ballot this November 6th no matter what happens until then. Please consider quitting the GOP and officially announcing your candidacy as an Independent. We pledge to assist you in every way we can.


The Undersigned

Sign Now At Ron Paul 2012.net

6,064 signatures and counting !

 Yours truly, (Xaniel777), is right here :


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Aug 29, 2012

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‘US becoming increasingly isolated’



Published on Aug 29, 2012 by 

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has arrived in Tehran to take part in the Summit of the Non-Aligned movement… that’s a bloc of countries that don’t consider themselves in union with the U.S.

Washington has voiced criticism of the UN chief’s visit to Iran and of the gathering in general.

Despite Iran’s willingness and ability to help find a solution to the Syria crisis, any ideas put forward by Tehran could be met with resistance, says author and journalist Afshin Rattansi.


1. U.S. intelligence community draft report says dump Israel!

2. Families of assassinated Iranian scientists’ sue Israel, US, UK








 Israel angered over IAEA vote on nuclear arsenal



From PressTV – August 29, 2012

File photo shows IAEA meeting in Vienna on August 27, 2012.

File photo shows IAEA meeting in Vienna on August 27, 2012.

Israel has become infuriated by a fresh initiative of Arab member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which seeks to launch a global campaign to slam Israel’s possession of nuclear stockpile.

The motion tabled by 17 Arab IAEA members has been submitted to a preparatory commission to be put to vote at the Agency’s September meeting which is to be attended by 154 countries, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. 

The initiative is widely expected to be ratified, as it enjoys the support of Muslim countries as well as other states critical of Israel’s stance on Palestine, the report said.

Israel’s Ambassador to the IAEA Ehud Azoulay, has censured the initiative, saying the Arab nations have no moral right to point fingers. 

Tel Aviv has also repeated its allegations against Iran’s nuclear energy program, claiming that the new motion seeks to distract attention from Iran’s nuclear case at the IAEA.

This is while Iran has no nuclear weapons, and is a member in good standing of the NPT. 

US President Barack Obama Administration had initially supported the plan but later condemned the initiative Under Israel’s duress, which is the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. 

Defending the Arab initiative, Jordan’s Ambassador to IAEA Makram Queisi argued that Israel has been exposing the Middle East “to nuclear risks and threatening peace” by continuing its secretive military nuclear program. 

He lashed out at Tel Aviv for thwarting “all initiatives to free the region of the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction, and in particular of nuclear weapons.” 

Since Israel began building its Dimona plutonium- and uranium-processing facility in the Negev Desert in 1958, it is believed to have secretly manufactured hundreds of nuclear warheads, becoming the Middle East’s sole possessor of nuclear weapons. 

Enjoying Washington’s support, however, Tel Aviv has steadily refused to either declare the nuclear arsenal or join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

This is while the US, Israel, and some of their allies accuse Tehran of pursuing military objectives in its nuclear energy program and have used the false accusation as pretext to impose international and unilateral sanctions against Iran and to call for military attack on the country. 

Iran argues that as a signatory to the NPT and a member of the IAEA, it has the right to acquire and develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, while promising a crushing response to any possible attack on its nuclear facilities. 










REALIST NEWS – Iceland economic recovery seen as “impressive” by experts



Published on Aug 28, 2012 by 















Rachel Corrie’s mother: ‘I know this won’t be the end’



The Guardian home

From theguardian

Harriet SherwoodBy  – 26 August 2012

Rachel Corrie's family: Cindy, Sarah and Craig, 2008
Cindy and Craig Corrie in 2008 with their surviving daughter Sarah, going through papers left by Rachel. Photograph: Stuart Isett/Polaris

The news that would turn Cindy Corrie’s life inside out came around noon on a Sunday in March 2003.

She was at home, then in Charlotte, North Carolina, when the phone rang.

“The apartment was kind of a mess, there were papers all over the place, and Craig [her husband] was doing the laundry,” she recalls in a soft, hesitant voice.

On the line was her son-in-law Kelly Simpson, but Cindy could hear her elder daughter Sarah “crying, just hysterical” in the background. They had bad news, Kelly said.

“At that point Sarah got on the phone and said: ‘It’s Rachel.’ The first words that came out of my mouth were: ‘Is she dead?’ I guess I just had to articulate the worst possibility. And Sarah said: ‘We think so.'”

Sarah and Kelly had picked up a phone message from a neighbour in the family’s home town of Olympia, Washington State, conveying sympathy after hearing about “the tragedy” on television.

They turned on their TV set to find, scrolling across the bottom of the screen, the words: “Olympia activist killed in Gaza Strip.”

“Sarah thought: if it’s Rachel, why haven’t Mum and Dad called me? Then she thought: they don’t know.” Still holding the phone, Cindy walked across a car park to where her husband was, in the apartment block’s laundry room. “You can’t soften something like that. I said: ‘It’s Sarah and Kelly, and they say Rachel’s dead.'”

Rachel Corrie, 23, had been crushed under an Israeli military bulldozer while trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home in Rafah, at the southernmost end of the Gaza Strip.

According to witnesses, the bulldozer’s driver had driven straight at her, then reversed over her, even though she was clearly in his line of vision.

Rachel was a volunteer for the pro-Palestinian direct action organisation the International Solidarity Movement and the youngest of the Corrie’s three children.

Her death propelled her family into an almost decade-long battle for accountability and justice.

What Cindy describes as “a milestone” in that fight will come on Tuesday, when a court in Haifa hands down its verdict in a two-and-a-half year civil lawsuit brought by the Corries against the state of Israel.

“If you had told me 10 years ago that this would happen to us, and I’d do any of the things I have done since that time, that any of us would, I’d say you’re crazy – I won’t even breathe again,” says Cindy. “Always for parents there’s that dread of something happening to a child. I don’t even know how to describe how we got through those first minutes and hours.”

Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie died trying to stop an Israeli army bulldozer from destroying Palestinian houses in Rafah in 2003. Photograph: Denny Sternstein/AP

Rachel was born on 10 April 1979, five years younger than her sister Sarah, and seven years younger than her brother Chris. Asked what Rachel was like, Cindy pauses.

“It’s kind of a sad question. You try to hold on to all the memories, but you realise there are things that you lose. Sometimes it’s hard to remember.”

But these are some of the ways she describes her daughter: inquisitive, with a rich inner life; creative; an intense observer; an artist; a sympathetic listener; expressive; a constant doodler; able to connect with different people; a poet. “I always thought that when she came through the front door as an adult, you just knew it was going to be interesting.”

The Corries lived in Olympia, a small community centred round the progressive liberal Evergreen State College, which Rachel later attended. Cindy describes the town as “politically and environmentally aware”, much like the Corries themselves.

“As a family we were certainly always politically interested, with a lot of discussion going on, but we were not activists, not protesters.”

Cindy, now 64, the oldest of six siblings, grew up in a “very conservative Lutheran” household, but describes her own immediate family as “spiritual” rather than church-going.

They were “middle-income – we lived really quite modestly, we were pretty frugal people”.

Cindy had rarely been outside the US, certainly never to Europe or the Middle East.

By early 2003, Craig Corrie had taken a job in North Carolina, and the couple moved to Charlotte, although always with the intention of returning to their home base in Olympia.

“Like a lot of families, we had just been trying to get our kids through college, and finally we were free of that responsibility. It was like when we were first married – we could decide what to do with our time.”

They hiked in the Appalachian mountains, took driving trips, saw movies.

Cindy learned French and played the flute. “I’m really grateful for that time. It was a quiet time before this really intense period that came after. We spent a lot of time thinking about how we were going to spend the years ahead. It was a pleasant interlude.”

Back in Olympia, following 9/11, their younger daughter was becoming drawn into the burgeoning peace movement and beginning to explore the reasons behind the atrocity.

“That drew her to Israel and Palestine as at least part of the problem,” says Cindy.

As for her parents, “it wasn’t that we weren’t interested [in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict], but I think we were just very distanced from it. We knew about it in the way that most Americans did, by listening to news reports. Our sympathies were very much with the Israeli Jewish narrative, because that’s what we knew. I read The Diary of Anne Frank to my kids when they were growing up, and that was the narrative we connected with – and the Palestinian narrative really didn’t exist for us.”

But Rachel decided to volunteer as an activist for the Palestinian cause.

At the time, the second intifada (uprising) against the Israeli occupation was under way, with an escalating cycle of violence from both sides: frequent suicide bombings carried out by Palestinian militants, and incursions, shootings, shellings and demolitions by the Israeli military.

“It felt a little unnerving,” says Cindy. “At first we hoped it wouldn’t happen. But Rachel was 23 years old, and was very much making her own decisions, as we thought she should. We had always supported our kids in whatever steps they wanted to take. Some people say: ‘Why did you let her go?’ That was not ever something I felt was my role.”

Cindy began learning about the Middle East: reading, watching films, discussing the issues with her daughter.

Once Rachel had arrived in the Gaza Strip, her frequent emails home, describing what she was seeing and experiencing, illuminated what had been a distant conflict. “They brought us a view, a perspective, that we had never seen before,” says Cindy.

The couple were anxious, but not unduly so.

Rachel called soon after arriving in Rafah, asking her parents if they could hear the sound of shelling in the background.

“I could hear her voice trembling. Craig and I carried our anxiety with us.”

Cindy spoke to her daughter again, six days before her death. “She sounded really happy.”

Then, on 16 March 2003, came that terrible phone call, “the worst moment of my life”.

Cindy “stumbled through” the following hours, days and weeks, feeling physically ill.

“I couldn’t sleep. I would drift off, then feel jolts of pain through my arms. And then there was that thing of going to sleep and then waking up and finding that it is a nightmare but it’s real and it’s always there every day.”

Rachel Corrie in front of an Israeli army bulldozer at Rafah, 16 March 2003

Rachel in front of an Israeli army bulldozer at Rafah on 16 March 2003, the day she was killed. Photograph: Getty Images

Immediately, intuitively, Cindy “knew we had to get her words out. I knew how important that was to her, and I knew what the impact had been on family and friends. She wanted to find ways for people to hear about what she was seeing.”

The family released Rachel’s emails to the media.

“It was the Guardian that picked them up very quickly, and it was huge, very significant. All kinds of things came from that.”

 Rachel’s powerful writing was adapted into an acclaimed stage play, My Name is Rachel Corrie, performed in at least 10 countries, including Israel.  It was also published in book form,Let Me Stand Alone.

Meanwhile, the day after Rachel’s death, then Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon promised then US president George W Bush a “thorough, credible and transparent” investigation into Rachel’s death.

Less than a month later, an internal inquiry by the Israeli military concluded that its forces were not to blame.

 The driver of the bulldozer had not seen Rachel before she was crushed beneath the vehicle, it said.

No charges were brought and the case was closed.

The Corries’ battle for justice has dominated their lives for close to a decade.

They found themselves “up against a wall of Israeli officials determined to protect the state at all costs, including at the expense of truth”, as they said in a statement last summer.

They learned how to campaign, deal with the media, assess legal documents, challenge authority and harness the support of their government whenever possible.

Eventually – their “absolutely last resort” – in March 2010 they sued the state of Israel over Rachel’s death, accusing its military of either unlawfully or intentionally killing her, or of gross negligence.

“The demands of the lawsuit have been huge,” says Cindy. “In some ways, we were naive, coming from the United States, where it’s unusual for a trial not to be over within a few weeks.”

In the past two and a half years, the Corries have spent a total of eight months in Israel, broken into short visits to coincide with the sporadic hearings.

Now, Cindy says, “I’m just relieved to be at this point and, no matter what happens, we’ll be at the other side.

“It’s very unpredictable. We believe we know what should happen, but we also know what the state [of Israel] has to say. We’ll have a verdict, and then we’ll determine how to respond. But we know this won’t be the end.”

Apart from justice for Rachel, the Corries are also committed to justice for the Palestinians.

Six months after Rachel’s death, Cindy and Craig finally visited Gaza, and the house their daughter was trying to protect from demolition.

There have been subsequent visits to Gaza, and Cindy hopes there will be more in the future. The family have made many friends from Gaza, including the occupants of the house, the Nasrallah family, whose home was finally razed in the spring of 2004. Cindy says she now has a “deeper sense of what injustice means”.

“Craig and I have been so blessed because Rachel gave us this opportunity to focus here. There’s no end to the work that can be done around this issue, and other peace and justice issues. If, miraculously, the Israeli-Palestinian situation could be fixed, there’ll be something else that could command and deserve attention.”

But, she adds: “I know realistically I have to find a way to get more balance in my life than I have now. I look at the weeds in my yard and I think about how much I’d love to go out and work there for an hour every day. I hardly cook any more. I’d like to make some time for those kinds of things.”

The verdict in the lawsuit, she says, is part of a process, “one piece of what we’ve done. In terms of what happened to Rachel and the accountability that we’re seeking, the process has shown there are huge problems here [in Israel] in investigations and the legal system. There continue to be things that need to be discussed, exposed and addressed.”

“Closure” is not something Cindy is expecting. “Closure isn’t the right word. In my mind, it suggests that there’s an end to something, and I just don’t see that happening.

“The loss, the void, is permanent. You feel it every day of your life,” she says slowly, hesitantly.

“What happened to Rachel will never be OK, but I feel pretty at peace with where I am. All you ever do is take the next breath and the next step. I’m still just taking the next step, but you get to the point where it’s OK to do that.”


Nick Hayes on the Rachel Corrie court verdict – cartoon

Nick Hayes 29.08.2012

© Nick Hayes 2012








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