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REAL NEWS Oct 01 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 30, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : October 01, 2012



The NDAA and Obama’s secret ‘Kill List’—are you on it?



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 30, 2012 by # 1 NWO Hatr

Intrepid Report

“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government . . .”—United StatesDeclaration of Independence

“Still, there seems to be a special viciousness that accompanies the current assault on human rights, in this country and in the world.”—Howard Zinn

The corporate owned government of the United States, now headed by President Barack Obama, has under the rubric of waging a so-called war against ‘terrorism,’ launched a perpetual terrorist war against the liberties and human rights of everyday Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow people in this nation and around the world.

The U.S. police state is no longer merely coming, it has arrived.

Barack Obama now, in the latter part of the year 2012, has the self-proclaimed right to decide who, on his top secret ‘kill list’ (which list includes U.S. citizens), will be murdered; without the bother of even being charged, much less tried, in a court of law.

His ‘Kill List,’ combined with the draconian NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), which, in relevant part, institutes in this nation, 

the right of the government to indefinitely detain (i.e. disappear and imprison) people (including U.S. citizens) without the constitutionally guaranteed due process of charge, trial, or legal defense are the most obvious, odious,

and hideous hallmarks of Barack Obama’s first four years as the chief executive of this nation.

Even the unconstitutional ‘Patriot Act’ pales by comparison to both the NDAA which Barack Obama quietly signed into law on December 31, 2011 (New Year’s Eve), and his obscene ‘Kill List.’

Barack Obama (along with his Democrat and Republican party accomplices) has gutted the U.S. Constitution, under the hypocritical and fallacious guise of fighting against the very ‘terrorism’ that his own domestic and foreign policies have cynically enhanced, and continue to enhance.

Are you, or someone you know, on Obama’s secret ‘kill list?’

Will you or a family member or friend be deemed, or perhaps already been deemed, to be a target of the NDAA?

Think about it.

Obama’s ‘Kill List’ and the NDAA are in actuality political tools for the stifling of legitimate dissent in this nation and throughout Mother Earth.

Moreover, their very existence serves to quash liberties and human rights.

Noted historian and activist, the late Howard Zinn, made it quite clear that the ‘ends’ “referred to in the Declaration [of Independence] are the equal right of all to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’

Obama’s ‘Kill List’ and the NDAA that he signed into law have, in essence, made null and void the enjoyment of the “equal right to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’” all in the name of combating ‘terrorism.’

Howard Zinn was absolutely correct in saying that “there seems to be a special viciousness that accompanies the current assault on human rights, in this country and in the world.”

Notwithstanding his unconstitutional military attacks on Libya (north Africa) and his intense Predator-drone missile attacks on Somalia (east Africa), and Pakistan, etc.,

Barack Obama, in the name of bipartisanship and “hope and change,” has, in addition, carried out, and continues to carry out, a well planned economic assault against the people of the United States on behalf of his actual corporate masters.

If reinstalled as the U.S. president (and there is a strong probability that he will be reinstalled), in the coming four years, Obama’s target will be, among other things, the destruction of SocialSecurity—once more in the name of bipartisanship, etc. 

Increased economic austerity will be the name of the game.

The charade between the Democrat and Republican parties, and more precisely, between Obama and Romney simply serves the interests of and for the Wall Street elite and their super rich cohorts whom Obama—the current adroit practitioner of stealth and deceit—has insidiously and effectively served so well.

Either way, however, be it Obama or Romney, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” will not be served.

We must understand that Obama’s ‘Kill List’ and the NDAA are but the tip of the gigantic systemic iceberg of subterfuge meant to sink the hopes, needs, and aspirations of the people of this nation and world.

It is imperative that politically conscious people of goodwill recognize this corrupt system of political and economic enslavement for what it is.

The “right” and responsibility for changing this system rests with, we the people, as we are the only ones who, out of necessity, have the will and the motivation to collectively create a New Human (i.e., a New Woman and a New Man) in what will prove to be a long and protracted struggle.

The fact is that as long as this unjust and corrupt system remains intact we—ALL of us are, in a sense, on Obama’s ‘Kill List’ and are targets of the NDAA.

Until we change the system and, in so doing, regain our humanity, we everyday ordinary people remain entrapped in a system whose time has come to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Think about it and act accordingly.

We must educate ourselves and one another while there is yet time for ourselves, our posterity, and Mother Earth.

Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one. Onward, then, my sisters and brothers! Onward!









Jim Sinclair: Government by edict



” Betraying America 923

times with just the stroke

of a pen !” ~Xaniel777

From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 30, 2012 by David2

Jim Sinclair’s Mindset

Sounds something like the Egyptian Pharaohs’ famous rule by edict ” So it is said. So it is written. So it is done.”

The Pharaohs had no need for a legislative branch, Rule by Edict has no need for a legislative branch or a Cabinet.

The next administration could be the last. I am not kidding.


Teddy Roosevelt 3

FDR 11 in 16 years

Truman 5 in 7 years

Ike 2 in 8 years

Kennedy 4 in 3 years

LBJ 4 in 5 years

Nixon 1 in 6 years

Ford 3 in 2 years

Carter 3 in 4 years

Reagan 5 in 8 years

Bush 3 in 4 years

Clinton 15 in 8 years

George W. Bush 62 in 8 years

Obama  923 ” in 3 1/2 years !










The Wanton Destruction of the Middle Class and Justice



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 30, 2012 by Henry Shivley

According to the Census Bureau, by definition, the middle class consists of those earning between $25,000 to $75,000 per year with the median household income of $51,914. 

This is an odd revelation as I have heard it said many a time that the middle class goes up to $250,000 per year. 

Maybe this is just another propaganda precipitated shift in the perception of reality.  

It is an absolute fact that since the beginning of the so-called mortgage derivative crisis, net, we have lost millions of jobs and continue to lose more steadily.

Now, Mitt Romney would say that yes, his Bain Capital did shut down factories in the United States and moved them to other countries resulting in of course thousands and thousands of American jobs being lost. (Under NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT Bain Capital was given tax payer dollars to move the companies.) 

However, says Romney, he and Bain Capital are also responsible for creating new businesses in the United States and providing thousands and thousands of jobs.

The fact is 60% of the jobs created in this so-called recovery which are being claimed by both Romney and Obama, are low wage providing only around $13 or less per hour. 

Maybe this is the reason for the change in the definition of our middle class. 

And as for the jobs from $13 per hour down to minimum wage, the majority are being worked by foreigners here on visas and illegals who pay no taxes and require no health care insurance.

This so-called shift in the middle class is actually being blamed by some on higher education. 

Apparently, as we have educated ourselves to a higher degree, we have forgotten how to manufacture. 

This is such a pathetic and blatant lie.

One week you will hear these propagandists say that we need more foreign workers because our people do not have the higher education needed to fill jobs in high-tech and management positions. 

Then the next week you hear we need Mexicans to be brought in to pick apples because we Americans, with our higher educations, don’t know how to pick an apple correctly.

So what is the truth?

The corporate elites want everything and they can only have everything if they remove what is left of the middle class and replace our entire American work force with foreigners who are more than willing to work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, for room and board, hence slavery.

You see we Americans have become far too arrogant in thinking we have some kind of right to a decent standard of living just because all of the raw resources in our country, that in reality make the creation of the wealth possible, belong to us.

This being said the international elite based in our country are now trying to cut us down to size by putting such competition on the few jobs out there that eventually all wages are reduced to room and board, hence slavery.

I think too many of us have become sick at heart at having to accept the reality of our situation. 

This is pathetic.  Don’t give in to apathy.  Get mad.  Get even.  Beat the elite down and take back that which they have stolen. 

After which we will all be quite wealthy and can take a well-earned ten-year vacation to rest our weary bodies.

You have to remember the elite see us as animals and will work us to death like animals if we let them.

There are no words to describe their duplicity, though we will find such words when we put them on trial for their crimes. 

Many just want a hemp party. 

Personally, I’m leaning towards a tenure of hard labor in tearing down the prisons and FEMA camps that have been built using our wealth for the sole purpose of inflicting unwarranted misery upon us. 

I say issue each one of them a plinking hammer and let them toil the rest of their days away, dismantling the evil, of which they are responsible for the creation thereof.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.








Taxpayers Forced To Bailout Zionist Gangsters

The Financial Crisis On Wall Street & The Gang of Zionists Behind 9-11


{XANIEL’S NOTE : This is an older piece but still a very important ‘ Wake Up the Masses ‘ tool ! }~~~Xaniel777


From Gnostic Liberation Front

By Christopher Bollyn – September 21, 2008

Reposted from: www.Rense.com

Ben Shalom Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, is the dedicated Zionist Jew behind the $85 billion taxpayer-funded bailout of Maurice Greenberg’s criminal enterprise, A.I.G.

Adding Insult to Injury:

Hard-pressed American Taxpayers Forced to Bailout
Zionist Gangsters Behind 9-11

Updated September 21, 2008

Maurice Greenberg, the Zionist criminal behind A.I.G.,
is deeply involved in the false flag terror of 9-11.
[Photo: www.cloakanddagger.de ]

The current financial crisis in the United States involves some of the very same Zionist criminals and entities that I pointed out in my recent chapter, “The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11.”

The collapse of their criminal scams on Wall Street could result in more information coming out about the Zionist gangsters behind 9-11.
Such outrageous criminal scams cannot be kept hidden for long.

The government loan of $85 thousand millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars ($85 billion) to keep afloat Maurice Greenberg’s criminal operation, American International Group (A.I.G.), brings into the spotlight one of the key individuals in the Zionist criminal network behind 9-11.

Maurice Greenberg
The criminal head of A.I.G.


It should come as no surprise that the key person behind this unprecedented government bailout of A.I.G., a huge Zionist criminal operation, is himself a devoted Zionist.

Ben Shalom Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve System, is another Hebrew-speaking scion of the Jewish Theological Seminary of New York City, like Michael Chertoff and Alvin K. Hellerstein.

How can it be that the sons of small group of uneducated Jews from Eastern Europe, who immigrated to the Bronx in the 1900s, now control a nation of 300 million non-Jews?

If you were to ask a Zionist Jew from the Jewish Theological Seminary why they control America,

they would probably say: “Because we can.”

Bernanke has been a religious supporter
of Zionist criminals since the 1970s.

Growing up, Bernanke attended the extremist Zionist summer camp (Ramah) of the Jewish Theological Seminary where he was immersed for months in the Zionist ideology of the JTS – in Hebrew.

During college in the early 1970s, Bernanke began working directly with the Jewish political crime bosses in South Carolina.


Ben Shalom (Hebrew for “Son of Peace”) Bernanke went to Harvard University and graduated with a B.A. in economics in 1975.

Throughout college, however, Bernanke had a very odd summer job for an Ivy League student of economics.

Every summer he returned to Dillon, South Carolina, to work for Alan Heller Schafer, the well-known Jewish criminal and political boss who ran a sprawling roadside gambling and drinking establishment called South of the Border.

The adjacent counties in North Carolina had been “dry counties” when Schafer originally started his drinking and gambling establishment.
Such was his clout that he was reportedly able to have the route of Interstate 95 altered so it would directly pass his saloon operation.

Alan Schafer
Bernanke’s criminal employer during his college years.

Alan Schafer was, after all, the long-standing chairman of the Democratic Party in Dillon County,

where, since 1966, he ran the “state’s smoothest-running political machine” by buying votes.

Schafer’s political machine maintained power, said Craig C. Donsanto, director of the Justice Department’s Election Crimes Branch, through a “carefully controlled and sophisticated system of rigging elections,” the New York Times reported in 1982.

This is the crime boss that Bernanke worked for, every summer, while he studied at Harvard.

“Alan didn’t want any more stump meetings because they threatened his candidates,” said A.W. (Red) Bethea, 66, who was defeated four times in Statehouse races by Schafer-backed candidates.

“If you were running against the Schafer machine without his wanting you to, you were just wasting your time.”

Mr. Donsanto said more than 1,000 Dillon County voters were paid $5 to $10 to sign their names to absentee ballots in 1980.

In the 1980 primary, 1,500 of the 7,000 votes cast in Dillon County were absentee ballots.

Two days after the primary, agents from the U.S. Justice Dept. “swooped down on Dillon County and seized the ballot boxes, touching off the largest voting fraud investigation ever conducted in the Southeast,” the Times reported.

After an 18-month investigation, 30 residents of Dillon County were indicted on charges of violating federal election laws, most of them for buying votes.

As the head of the election corruption and vote- buying machine, Schafer was sentenced to three and a half years in federal prison.

The joint state and federal investigation, which finally busted Schafer’s political machine, “broke up the county’s leadership elite, men who had controlled and manipulated Dillon’s political process since the mid-1960s,” the Times reported.

This was the well-known Jewish criminal that Ben Shalom Bernanke, a student of economics at Harvard, worked for every summer.

It is simply impossible that Bernanke was unaware of Schafer’s wide-scale criminal activities, which were legendary in the state.

(Now, Bernanke is behind the $85 billion taxpayer-funded bailout of another Zionist criminal, Maurice R. Greenberg, who ran A.I.G. for decades and who owned some $15 billion worth of A.I.G. stock, before it fell some 94 percent in value.)

The “pain and embarrassment” caused by Schafer’s decades of criminal activity aimed at controlling elections deeply affected the people of Dillon County.

After college, Bernanke earned a doctorate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his adviser was Stanley “Stan” Fischer.

Fischer, born in Rhodesia, also happens to be the current Governor of the Bank of Israel.

If you look at Bernanke’s biography you will find that he has spent his entire life engaged only in Zionist activities.

I have not found any period of Bernanke’s life when he was involved in anything other than Zionism.

Bernanke’s advisor of Zionist economics at MIT was Stan Fischer,
head of the Bank of Israel; here with Ehud Olmert on April 1, 2008.
[Photo AP – Sebastian Scheiner]

(I am working on an article to explain the massive Zionist criminal enterprise of A.I.G., primarily owned by Maurice Greenberg.)

A.I.G. is much more than insurance fraud, and there is nothing “golden” about it, except for its Israeli subsidiary’s name.

Greenberg’s criminal enterprise known as A.I.G. is sprawling and even includes a company (ILFC) that leases and finances aircraft for the airlines and secret government missions such as “enforced renditions.”

One of Greenberg’s aircraft, for example, a Gulfstream 4 with tail number N971L, was involved in the abduction of crew members who survived the Estonia catastrophe in September 1994.

Greenberg’s plane left Stockholm’s Arlanda airport with half a dozen “unregistered passengers” and took them to Bangor, Maine, the day after 11 surviving crew members disappeared from Stockholm’s Huddinge hospital.

This is just a fragment of the criminal activity Greenberg’s A.I.G. is involved in.

As I wrote in one of the latest chapters of Solving 9-11, published in July 2008,

Greenberg and A.I.G. are both involved in the 9-11 false flag terror attacks:


Rebuffed in 1987, the Mossad team of Malkin and Shalom didn’t give up on Isser Harel’s prophecy of 9-11, which meant getting the Port Authority security contract.

They simply changed tack and decided to work in a less obvious manner, through dedicated and corrupt American Zionists like Jules Kroll and Maurice Greenberg.

Shalom went to work for Kroll, according to the online 9/11 Encyclopedia entry for Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the CEO of the American International Group (A.I.G.) insurance company.

In 1993, Maurice Greenberg became a partner and co-owner of Jules Kroll’s company when A.I.G. bought 23 percent of Kroll.

Greenberg is very close to Henry Kissinger, who became chairman of A.I.G.’s International Advisory Board in 1987.

Kissinger and Greenberg

Greenberg was deeply involved in China in the 80s, where Henry Kissinger was one of his representatives, according to the 9-11 Encyclopedia.

Through the China trade, Greenberg became close to Shaul Eisenberg, the leader of the Asian section of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, and agent for the sales of sophisticated military equipment to the Chinese military, it reports.

Eisenberg was also the owner of Atwell Security of Tel Aviv…

Maurice Greenberg and Jules Kroll are connected to the key players of 9-11 in so many ways that their connections would fill a book.

For the purpose of this chapter, however, there are a few key connections that need to be underlined:

1. Maurice Greenberg and Jules Kroll became partners in 1993, the same year Kroll Associates “was chosen over three other companies to advise the Port Authority on a redesign of its security procedures.”

“We have such confidence in them that I have followed every one of their recommendations,” Stanley Brezenoff, the Port Authority executive director, told the New York Times in 1994.

2. Kroll controlled security at the World Trade Center complex in 2001 and was responsible for hiring John O’Neill, the former chief of counterterrorism for the FBI, who died on 9-11, reportedly his first day on the new job.

3. Greenberg’s son, Jeffrey W. Greenberg, became CEO of Marsh & McLennan (MMC) in 1999 and chairman in 2000.

The first plane of 9-11 flew directly into the secure computer room of Marsh (Kroll) USA, part of Greenberg’s company.

Mark Wood, an eyewitness, said: “It looked like a mid-sized executive jet and the way it turned suggested it was being aimed deliberately at a target.”

There is much more information about Maurice Greenberg’s ties to 9-11 in:

“The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11.”

Christopher Bollyn


Bollyn, Christopher, ” ‘Ghost Planes’ Make Suspects Disappear: Pentagon has new secret weapon in ‘War on Terror’ “ American Free Press, January 2004



Bollyn, Christopher, “Were Key Survivors from Estonia Catastrophe Kidnapped?” January 2005


New York Times, “Carolina Revives its Stump Meetings,” May 23, 1982 (Article about Alan Schafer’s criminal activities in Dillon County elections, S.C.)

Source: http://www.rense.com/general83/bdc.htm


When Terror Drills Turned Real:
9-11, the London Bombings
& the Sinking of Estonia

Solving 9-11 – Chapter 3
Written by Christopher Bollyn

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Christopher Bollyn

Peter Power
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Exposing the Zionist Hidden Hand
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Christmas Letter – 2007 –
Rejecting the War Agenda
& Standing Up for Peace

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“The Greatest Scam in History”
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12 December 2007

James Meigs & the 9-11 Fairy Tale
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ChristopherBollyn -11 December 2007

Rudy Giuliani and Ehud Olmert
– Terrorist Partners
4 December 2007








Israeli Lobbyist Confirms 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, While Israeli PM Draws Ridicule At The UN




September 30, 2012 by ggita32

The global 9/11 truth and justice movement was vindicated again when Patrick Clawson, the Director of Research at the Washington Institute of Near East Policy (WINEP)publicly suggested that the United States and Israel stage a false flag provocation in the Persian Gulf to justify U.S. military action and switch the war against Iran to another gear.

If Clawson’s suggestion is acted upon, it won’t be the first time that Israeli and American leaders slaughtered sacrificial lambs in a false flag operation and used the event to deceive their shell-shocked nations into war.

Both the USS Liberty cover-up and the false flag September 11 events demonstrate the willingness of Israeli and U.S. administrations to dance with the devil.

For the full context of Clawson’s remarks, watch the complete video titled, “How to Build U.S.-Israeli Coordination on Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout.”

Clawson’s comments are hardly surprising. 9/11 truth-tellers have been saying for years that the same governments who pulled off the 9/11 deception will again resort to the tactic of a covert false flag operation to get the world to support a U.S.-Israeli war against Iran.

But the truth is that the United States is already at war with Iran.

I reported back in April that the aim of U.S. sanctions against Iran is to provoke an Iranian pearl harbor, thereby mobilizing American public opinion for an all-out American-Western-Israeli war against Iran.

Clawson is not a demonic outlier, he is only publicly acknowledging what is covert U.S. policy.

The FDR administration pulled Japan into the same trap through sanctions and covert warfare that the Bush and Obama administrations have laid out for Iran.

If the sanctions don’t provoke an Iranian response, which goes against the history of the use of sanctions in this way, then the U.S., or more likely Israel, will stage a false flag event and use it to blame Iran.

Clawson’s admission merely confirms our original suspicions and adds weight to our predictions that there will be a new US-Israeli false flag to start a new war.

According to many analysts, the likely American victim in the Persian Gulf will be the USS Enterprise.

Of course, it may never happen. If there are level-headed and peace-minded people in and around the U.S. military like former Navy Adviser Gwenyth Todd then the American people and the Iranian people will be saved from a catastrophic and pointless war with each other.

But it is stupid to hope for the best.

Staying vigilant is key because a new false flag can happen any day, either in the United States, Europe, or the Persian Gulf.









Bush Insider Says 911 Was An Inside Job



Uploaded by  on Jun 7, 2011

Morgan O. Reynolds was a professor emeritus at Texas A&M University and former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis headquartered in Dallas, TX.

He served as chief economist for the United States Department of Labor during 2001–2002, George W. Bush’s first term.

In 2005, he gained public attention as the first prominent government official to publicly claim that 9/11 was an inside job, and is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Glad to see these kind of people speaking out.








Things We Must Ponder Before The Dollar Collapses By Design



” Even after it’s collapse,

money will still hold some

value ! “~Xaniel777

From Video Rebel’s Blog

September 28, 2012

The real US unemployment rate is 25% if you use the same formula the Bureau of Labor Statistics used long ago in 1980.

This is according to Dr John Williams of Shadow Stats.

The real US inflation rate is 10%. This is also according to Dr John Williams.

The Misery Index was created by Arthur Okun, an economic advisor to President Lyndon Johnson.

The Misery Index is calculated by adding together the unemployment and inflation rates.

The previous high was 21.9% in June of 1980. It is now 35%.

I leave it to you to estimate how many months it will take the US Misery Index to reach 50% and then 100%.

I am on record as saying that the US Misery Index will hit 100% before April.

The US 30 year Treasury bond yield is 2.81%. I leave it to you to calculate how much you would lose every year for 30 years even if Ben Bernanke could hold inflation to the current 10%.

This should tell us why Ben Bernanke is just about the only one in the world silly enough to buy long term Treasury bonds and hold them.

Only 51% of last year’s college graduates have found fulltime jobs and their average wage was $12.27 an hour before taxes. 

Student debt in America is now over one trillion dollars.

A ten year $25,000 loan at 10% will only burden those young people making $12.27 an hour before taxes with 120 monthly payments of $330.38.

Ben Bernanke loaned 7.7 trillion dollars at 0.01% to his very best friends in the Big To Fail Banks.

Contrast this with a recent college graduate with a typical credit card debt of $3,500.

Usually an initial credit card offer of 9.9% inevitably becomes  29.9%.

A ten year $3,500 loan at 29.9% will require only 120 monthly payments of $92.24.

Hint: If you add $92.24 to $330.38, you will understand why so many recent college graduates making $12.27 an hour before taxes cannot be expected to make their $422.62 in monthly payments.

Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff wrote This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly which was released in October 2009.

They told us that when the total public debt of any nation exceeds 90% of its Gross Domestic Product that it will eventually default.

The US GDP if properly adjusted by subtracting the 2012 US deficit.of 1.2 trillion dollars is less than 14 trillion and contracting at 7% a year after discounting for inflation.

The US federal debt is 114% of GDP if it is adjusted for reality.

If you add in 4 trillion dollars for US state and local debts, you will conclude that total US government debt is 20 trillion dollars or 143% of GDP. 

If you add government guarantees like Fannie Mae’s underwater mortgages, then you will understand why the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will no longer guarantee all of your American bank deposits beginning in January of 2013.

It seems the FDIC and the Federal Reserve are preparing for your future when the bankers decide to push you off that financial cliff in January.

You do notice that they can use the remaining money to bail out one fairly well sized bank between now and January.

Dr Steve Keen who champions Debt Cancellation says we have the highest total level of public and private debt in 500 years. Depressions cancel Unpayable Debts through bankruptcies, defaults, wage cuts and Austerity.

That means we will have the Greatest Depression in 500 years if we do not have a systematic and scientific worldwide program of Debt Cancellation.

I remind you that between 3 and 7 million Americans died of starvation in the last Depression according to the demographer Borisov.

I have also said many times that America has 200 million more people now and 90% of them live far away from farms so I expect at least 10 million Americans will die of starvation if we do not cancel debts very, very soon.

All of this financial turmoil including the death of millions every year by starvation and suicide is part of a long term plan to transfer all wealth from us to the bankers who have insisted on the right to collect interest on money that created out of nothing since 1348 when they destroyed the economy of not only Venice but all of Europe leading to the deaths of millions.

If Mrs Jones deposits $10,000, her bank can loan out $100,000. Her bank pays her 1% or $100 at the end of the year but they will collect $10,000 in interest on Mrs Jones original deposit.

This is called fractional reserve banking.

Hyman Minsky traced our economic booms and busts back fractional reserve lending which puts more money into circulation trough debt creation.

In fact bankers insist we have a debt based currency which means we must first borrow money and go into debt before money can be created. Our currency is also interest bearing.

Lincoln’s Greenbacks did not pay interest.

President Kennedy issued non-interest bearing Treasury Banknotes to replace interest bearing Federal Reserve Notes.

Both men were murdered for their efforts in behalf of humanity.

We all have interest bearing currencies because the bakers insist we pay them money for creating fictional government debts.

If America had Greenbacks, they would be saving a trillion dollars a year because there would not have 20 trillion dollar in government debts.

Even IMF economists have had to admit that they were completely wrong about fractional reserve banking.

I say they gave been wrong about everything else too.

I will conclude by saying something again I will either no longer have to say in 7 months or sometime soon under martial law no longer be able to say:

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?


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This is the article about the IMF admitting they had it all wrong:

IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.’









The War on Kids (Full Version)



From Underground Documentaries

This is a 2009 award winning, critically acclaimed documentary of the complete and utter failure of the public education system and United States demonization of home schoolers.

This video is protected by the Fair Use Act. For educational purposes only.


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REAL NEWS Sept 30 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 29, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 30, 2012



HIGH ALERT! Millions of Bankers can’t bank online

BofA blames Hackers from MIddle East. Bank cyber attacks by Iran? Black Monday October 1, 2012?


{XANIEL’S NOTE : Before anyone jumps on the outbound Train headed for  IRAN DID IT ‘,


VIRTUAL 9-11: Will Israel Hack The US Banking System Computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran? 

Let’s not forget, Israel is in the Middle East as well, and this is just more false-flag spin to get WWlll started !!}~~~Xaniel777


From YourTubeNews

Posted by UnSlaveMe on September 29, 2012

The financial and banking industries are on high alert tonight as a massive cyberattack continues, with potentially millions of customers of Bank of America, PNC and Wells Fargo finding themselves blocked from banking online.

“There is an elevated level of threat,” said Doug Johnson, a vice president and senior adviser of the American Bankers Association. “The threat level is now high.”

“This is twice as large as any flood we have ever seen,” said D*** Clarke, an ABC News consultant and former cybersecurity czar.

Sources told ABC News that the so-called denial of service attacks had been caused by hackers from the Middle East who had secretly transmitted signals commandeering thousands of computers worldwide.


A group of purported hackers in the Middle East has claimed credit for problems at the websites of both banks, citing the online video mocking the founder of Islam. One security source called that statement “a cover” for the Iranian government’s operations.

The attack is described by one source, a former U.S. official familiar with the attacks, as being “significant and ongoing” and looking to cause “functional and significant damage.”

Also, one source suggested the attacks were in response to U.S. sanctions on Iranian banks.

Senior U.S. officials acknowledge that Iranian attacks have been the subject of intense interest by U.S. intelligence for several weeks.

Last week, the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Intelligence Directorate, known as J-2, confirmed continuing Iranian cyber attacks against U.S. financial institutions in a report described as “highly classified.”

(Xaniel’s Note : ” HIGHLY CLASSIFIED BULLSHIT ! “ )~~~Xaniel777



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How The Government’s Lies Become Truth



From Paul Craig Roberts Blog

September 29, 2012

In my last column, “A Culture of Delusion,” I wrote that “Americans live in a matrix of lies. Lies dominate every policy discussion, every political decision.”

This column will use two top news stories, Iranian nukes and Julian Assange, to illustrate how lies become “truth.”

The western Presstitute media uses every lie to demonize the Iranian government.

On September 28 in a fit of unmitigated ignorance, the UK rag, Mail Online, called the president of Iran a “dictator.”

The Iranian presidency is an office filled by popular election, and the authority of the office is subordinate to the ayatollahs.

Assange is demonized alternatively as a rapist and a spy.

The western media and the US Congress comprise the two largest whore houses in human history.

One of their favorite lies is that the Iranian president, Ahmadinejad, wants to kill all the Jews.

Watch this 6 minute, 42 second video of Ahmadinejad’s meeting with Jewish religious leaders. Don’t be put off by the title.

Washington Blog is making a joke. http://www.globalresearch.ca/horrifying-graphic-video-of-iranian-leader-savagely-abusing-jews/

Last week the news was dominated by the non-existent but virtually real Iranian nuclear weapons program.

The Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu, blatantly intervened in the US presidential election, demanding that Obama specify the “red line” for attacking Iran.

Netanyahu believes his maximum leverage over Obama, the president of the “world’s only superpower,” is just prior to the election.

Israel cannot attack Iran on its own without the risk of Israel’s destruction.

But Netanyahu reasons that if he attacks Iran the week before the US election, Obama will have to join in or lose the Jewish vote for not supporting Israel in states such as Florida, which has a large Jewish population and many electoral votes.

If the election is close, Netanyahu, a person consumed by arrogance and hubris, might exercise his threat and attack Iran, despite the opposition of former chiefs of Israeli intelligence and military, the opposition party, and a majority of the Israeli people.

In other words, the outcome of the “superpower’s” presidential election might depend upon whether the sitting president of the “superpower” is sufficiently obedient to the crazed Israeli prime minister.

That the outcome of the US presidential election could depend upon the agenda of the prime minister of a tiny country that exists only because of US financial, military, and diplomatic support, especially the UN veto, should disturb those Americans who think that they are the “indispensable people.”

How indispensable are you when you have to do what the Israeli prime minister wants?

The US media makes certain that this question never enters american minds. Americans have been told that if Iran doesn’t have nukes, it has a nuke weapons program.

This is what the politicians of both parties, the media, and the Israel Lobby tell them.

Americans are told this despite the facts that the CIA and the National Intelligence Estimate stick to the conclusion that Iran abandoned its flirtation with a nuclear weapon in 2003 and the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors on the ground in Iran report no evidence of a nuclear weapons program and no evidence of any diversion of enriched uranium to a weapons program.

Moreover, what could Iran do with a nuclear weapon, other than use it against an aggressor?

Any offensive use would result in Iran’s destruction.

Why do Americans believe Iran has nukes or is making nukes when the CIA says they are not?

The answer is that Netanyahu says so, and the elected members of the US government in the House, Senate, and White House are afraid to contradict the Israeli prime minister, as are the American print and TV media.

Some “superpower” we are!

The “indispensable people” have to grovel in the dirt before Netanyahu.

Americans are not even aware of their shame.

Iran, unlike Israel, signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Signatories to the treaty have the right to nuclear energy. Nuclear energy requires a low level of enrichment, 5% or less.

The minute Iran announced a nuclear energy program, the Israeli government and its prostitutes in Washington lied that Iran was building a bomb.

For exercising its legal rights under the treaty, Iran has been painted as a rouge criminal state and demonized.

A nuclear weapon requires 95% enrichment.

To get to 5% from scratch and then to 95% is a long drawn out process.

I think I first started hearing Israeli government claims of an Iranian nuke back in he 1990s of last century.

When Iran announced that, in view of the sanctions imposed by the US, sanctions that affect medical supplies,

Iran was going to enrich uranium to 20% in order to supply itself with medical isotopes, the Israeli allegations that this would lead to a bomb resulted in Iran saying that the Iranian government was content for France or some other country to supply their medical isotopes and would not pursue enrichment beyond energy requirements.

The US and Russia were also mentioned as suppliers.

According to the NY Times on September 29, 2011, “the Iranian president told the Washington Post and later, in basically the same terms, the New York Times: ‘if you [the United States and Europe] give us uranium grade 20 percent now, we will stop production.’”http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/30/opinion/30iht-edvaez30.html?_r=0

On Israel’s orders Washington vetoed the Iranian concession.

Solving the problem is not what the Israeli government wants.

The problem has to be kept alive so that it can be used to foment an attack on Iran.

The Iranian nuke is one of those grand hoaxes, a lie designed to hide the real agenda.

What is the real agenda?

The real agenda hiding behind the hysterical concern about an Iranian nuke, is the rightwing Israeli government’s design on the water resources of southern Lebanon.

Twice the Israeli government sent the Israeli army into southern Lebanon to occupy and eventually annex the territory.

And twice Hizbollah defeated and drove out the vaunted Israeli army.

The few thousand Hizbollah fighters were able to defeat the Israeli army, which is equipped and supplied by US taxpayers’ dollars while Americans are foreclosed out of their homes and left unemployed as Washington applauds the offshoring of their jobs, because Syria and Iran provide Hizbollah with financial support and weapons that destroy Israeli tanks.

Syria, of course, is currently resisting its destruction by Israel and its american puppet state.

The overthrow of Syria hasn’t gone well, because the Russians and Chinese didn’t go along with it, like they stupidly did in Libya.

But the far rightwing Israeli government has concluded that with american prestige involved in the overthrow of the Assad government in Syria, the deed will be done.

That leaves Iran.

The Israeli government knows that it cannot be forthright and say that it wants Americans to go to war with Iran so that Israel can steal southern Lebanon.

But if fear over nonexistent nukes can muster the Western populations to support an attack on Iran, Iran can be eliminated as Hizbollah’s supplier, and Israel can steal the water from Lebanon.

There is no discussion whatsoever of the real agenda anywhere in the US print and TV media.

I doubt there is any discussion anywhere in Europe, which is a collection of american puppet states.

Will we get World War III for Christmas? Possibly, if the US election is close as it approaches.

If the election is too close to call, Netanyahu might throw the dice and rely on Obama following his lead.

Iran will be attacked, and the consequences are unknowable.

Let’s turn to Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Like Iran, Assange has been demonized, not on the basis of facts but on the basis of lies.

Washington, which poses as a purveyor of human rights, has been mistreating if not torturing Bradley Manning since May 2010 without bringing him to trial in an effort to make Manning say that he and Assange constitute a spy team working against the US.

Assange is a celebrity, because Wikileaks publishes the news leaked to the organization that the Presstitute media suppresses.

While in Sweden, Assange was picked up by two celebrity-hungry women who took him home to their beds.

The women later bragged of their conquests on social media, but apparently when they found out that they were rivals, they turned on the “two-timer” Assange and made charges.

One claimed that he had not used a condom as per her request, and the other claimed that she had offered one helping but he had taken two.

Whatever the accusations, the Swedish prosecutorial office investigated and dismissed the case.

Despite this known fact, the Western Presstitute media reports that Assange is a fugitive evading rape charges by hiding in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.

Even RT, an alternative media voice, has fallen for this disinformation.

After Assange was cleared in Sweden, a female prosecutor has tried to reopen the case.

There is no evidence for her to bring charges, so she demanded that England arrest Assange and extradite him to Sweden to be questioned.

Normally, people are not subject to extradition for questioning.

Only people who have been formally charged are extradited.

But this detail wasn’t of interest to the Presstitute media or to the British courts which ruled as Washington desired.

Opinions vary as to whether the female prosecutor who wants Assange for questioning is an ideological feminist who believes no heterosexual sex is legitimate or whether she is in the pay of Washington.

But experts agree that once Assange is in Sweden he is certain to be turned over to Washington, which will demand his extradition on trumped up charges.

Extradition on trumped up charges is difficult in England but easy in Sweden.

Assange offered to be questioned in London, but the female prosecutor refused.

Now the Ecuadoran Embassy is offering to send Assange to the Ecuadoran Embassy in Sweden to be questioned, but Washington, London, and the Swedish prosecutor have refused.

They want Assange without the protection of the asylum that Ecuador has granted him.

Washington has how made this obvious.

John Glaser writing in Antiwar.com, September 26, 2012, reports: “Newly declassified documents have revealed that the US military designated WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange an enemy of the state, who can be killed or detained without trial.”http://news.antiwar.com/2012/09/26/declassified-documents-reveal-us-military-designated-assange-enemy-of-state/ 

See also http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/sep/27/wikileaks-investigation-enemy

Assange is Washington’s enemy, because he let the truth get out.

WikiLeaks is a journalistic enterprise, not a spy enterprise.

It publishes information, some of which is leaked to it by whistleblowers, just as the Pentagon Papers were leaked to the New York Times.

The information leaked to WikiLeaks has embarrassed Washington, because it shows Washington to be two-faced, a manipulator of other countries’ governments and medias, and overflowing with mendacity.

In other words, Washington is not the light upon the hill but the gates of Hell or Mordor.

Assange had best be careful.

If he again speaks to supportive crowds from a balcony of the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, he is likely to be shot down by a CIA sniper.

Approved by Obama, of course. Or his successor.








Cursed is Romney, the War Monger, who would Destroy the Earth



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 29, 2012 bHenry Shivley

The two bit charlatan Mitt Romney has now stepped up front and center to declare his allegiance to the Zionist controlled militaryindustrial complex. 

Currently, the US spends over $700 billion per year on the military. 

The next closest expenditure by a country is China spending $143 billion, followed by Russia with $80 billion, then the United Kingdom with $62 billion.

The fact is the United States spends more on so called defense than the rest of the world combined. 

So does this mean that we are paying to defend ourselves from the entire rest of the world? 

Well no, would say Mitt Romney, but we are providing defense for other countries around the world, like South Korea and Japan.

So, not only are other countries getting our jobs and industry, but those of us left in the US who still have a job are paying for their defense.

Mitt Romney is a traitor of the highest order and he is right now licking his chops in thinking about all the personal wealth and power he is to obtain through further wars he intends if elected. 

Does anyone think Mitt Romney’s elitist sons are going to throw on a uniform to lead the charge into Iran? 

Or are they just going to inherit the wealth that is to be created through the death and maiming of the common US nationals that will be sent into the Middle East meat grinder?

Turn down the volume on your television and look at Mitt Romney for what he truly is. 

Do you see a military strategist or do you see a two bit plastic faced used car salesman who looks like he has a broomstick inserted up his backside?

I believe the morons who would advocate for this charlatan have to be few and far between. But the reality is it does not matter as the will of we the people does not matter, and has not for a very long time.

Take a good long look at your children and grandchildren and ask yourself which ones you will sacrifice to Zion and the future Romney Dynasty.

We have to realize we cannot vote these monsters away.  They are going to have to be physically removed.

Judge them for their actions. 

Neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama has the smallest problem with sending your children to slaughter for their Zionist masters. 

They are a clear and present danger, literally, to our well being.

Arm yourselves and prepare to fight for your lives because this is what it has come to. 

It is not that we have forgotten history and are doomed to repeat it again, it is that we no longer have a say as to the direction our country will take, and thus we know that what they have already done to us, they now intend to do again.

The illuminati has declared itself and its intentions. 

Our choice is simple. Destroy them or they will most assuredly destroy us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.








Vote counting company tied to Romney



From OpEdNews

By  (about the author) – September 27, 2012

reprinted from The Free Press

by Gerry Bello and Bob Fitrakis

Several Tanker trucks full of political ink have been spilled on Mitt Romney’s tenure as a vulture capitalist at Bain Capital.

A more important story, however, is the fact that Bain alumni, now raising big money as Romney bundlers are also in the electronic voting machine business.

This appears to be a repeat of the the infamous former CEO of Diebold Wally O’Dell, who raised money for Bush while his company supplied voting machines and election management software in the 2004 election.  

In all 234 counties of Texas, the entire states of Hawaii and Oklahoma, half of Washington and Colorado, and certain counties in swing state Ohio, votes will be cast on eSlate and ePollbook machines made by Hart Intercivic.

Hart Intercivic machines have famously failed in Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), adding 10,000 non-existant votes.

The EVEREST study, commissioned by the Ohio secretary of state in 2007, found serious security flaws with Hart Intercivic products. 

Looking beyond the well-documented Google choking laundry list of apparent fraud, failure and seeming corruption that is associated with Hart Intercivic, an ongoing Free Press investigation turned its attention to the key question of who owns the voting machine companies.

The majority of the directors of Hart come from the private equity firm H.I.G. Capital. H.I.G. has been heavily invested in Hart Intercivic since July 2011, just in time for the current presidential election cycle.

But who is H.I.G Capital?  

Out of 49 partners and directors, 48 are men, and 47 are white.

Eleven of these men, including H.I.G. Founder Tony Tamer, were formerly employed at Bain and Company, and two of those men, John P. Bolduc, Douglas Berman, are Romney bundlers along with former Bain and H.I.G. manager Brian Shortsleeve.  

Additionally, four of these men were formerly employed at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Booz Allen, now owned by the Bush family friendly Carlyle group, also made voting machines for the United States military.

Booz Allen was also the key subcontractor for the controversial PioneerGroundbreaker program, an NSA data mining operation that gathered information on American citizens until it was shut down and replaced with even more invasive successor programs like MATRIX and Total Information Awareness.  

H.I.G. Capital employees have given $338,000 to Mitt Romney’s campaign.

That amounts to over $1500 per employee.

Bain Capital, Mitt’s former company, by comparison, only gave him $268,000. H.I.G. is the 11th largest donor to the Romney Campaign. Clearly they are working really hard for their man. It appears that they will work even harder on election night.

Although not boisterously promising to deliver states where their machines are to Romney as Wally O’Dell of Diebold did for Bush in 2004, they can launder hundreds of thousands of votes and swing the vote in the crucial swing state Ohio.  

Will Mitt’s cronies steal our democracy the way they stole our jobs?

Time will tell, but they have certainly positioned themselves to do so if they choose.  

In our first investigative article  Who owns Scytl? George Soros isn’t in the voting machines, but the intelligence community is .  

the Free Press revealed that Scytl, a Spanish-based company now contracted to count 25% of the U.S. presidential vote, has ties to Booz Allen.

Scytl’s start up funding comes from three European Venture Capital Firms, Balderton Capital, Nauta Capital, and Spinnaker SCR.

The director of Nauta’s American operations is Dominic Endicott, who went from Cluster Consulting to Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) where he oversaw wireless practice.

He then rejoined his former colleagues from Cluster Consulting at Nauta. In his capacity as a Nauta partner Endicott also sits on the board of CarrierIQ.  

Scytl has emerged as the most mysterious election counting company in this presidential election.

Scytl claims to have a Scytl USA division located in Glen Allen, Virginia.

The following is a photo of the Scytl USA national corporate offices at 6012 Glen Allen Drive.

The land deed records show that the ownership of the property at that address is Hugh Gallagher, now listed as the managing director of Scytl USA.

The deed, which was prepared in Ohio by a relocation firm in 2002, pre-dates the creation of Scytl USA.

A Scytl USA sales office is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and appears to be a Rent-an-Office, often referred to as a “virtual” office with a shared secretary that serves as a mail drop. 

The ties of Hart Intercivic to Romney fund-raisers and Bain alumni should cause concern in the Obama re-election campaign. So, should the mysterious Spanish owned company, Scytl, with a U.S operation that seems to be an illusion. 








Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 29, 2012 by Clark Kent

ABC News  A 61-year-old man was shot to death by police while his wife was handcuffed in another room during a drug raid on the wrong house.

Police admitted their mistake, saying faulty information from a drug informant contributed to the death of John Adams Wednesday night.

They intended to raid the home next door.

The two officers, 25-year-old Kyle Shedran and 24-year-old Greg Day, were placed on administrative leave with pay.

“They need to get rid of those men, boys with toys,” said Adams’ 70-year-old widow, Loraine.

John Adams was watching television when his wife heard pounding on the door.

Police claim they identified themselves and wore police jackets. Loraine Adams said she had no indication the men were police.

“I thought it was a home invasion. I said ‘Baby, get your gun!,” she said, sitting amid friends and relatives gathered at her home to cook and prepare for Sunday’s funeral.

Resident Fired First

Police say her husband fired first with a sawed-off shotgun and they responded. He was shot at least three times and died later at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

Loraine Adams said she was handcuffed and thrown to her knees in another room when the shooting began.

“I said, ‘Y’all have got the wrong person, you’ve got the wrong place. What are you looking for?“‘

“We did the best surveillance we could do, and a mistake was made,” Lebanon Police Chief Billy Weeks said. “It’s a very severe mistake, a costly mistake. It makes us look at our own policies and procedures to make sure this never occurs again.” He said, however, the two policemen were not at fault.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating.

NAACP officials said they are monitoring the case. Adams was black. The two policemen are white.

Family members did not consider race a factor and Weeks agreed, but said the shooting will be “a major setback” for police relations with the black community.

“We know that, we hope to do everything we can to heal it,” Weeks said.

Johnny Crudup, a local NAACP official, said the organization wanted to make sure and would investigate on its own.

Weeks said he has turned the search warrant and all other evidence over to the bureau of investigation and District Attorney General Tommy Thompson.

A command officer must now review all search warrants.








Second Zionist 9/11 in the Making for War on Iran: Analyst



From David Icke.com

By  – September 28, 2012

Zionist organizations such as Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) are overtly plotting “another 9/11-style mass murder” of Americans to justify a military aggression against Iran, an analyst says.

“Covering up 9/11 is bad enough. But when Zionist front organizations like WINEP openly call for another 9/11-style mass murder of Americans to launch a war against Iran, it is time for the American people to put these organizations out of business,” Kevin Barrett wrote in an article on the Press TV website.

Last Friday, Patrick Clawson, WINEP’s Director for Research, suggested that the US should work covertly and through means of force to provoke Iran to take the first shot against the US or Israel.

Otherwise, he said, starting a war with Iran will be really hard to accomplish.’

Read more: Second Zionist 9/11 in the Making for War on Iran: Analyst








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REAL NEWS Sept 29 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 28, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 29, 2012



NDAA plaintiffs fear U.S. citizens already in military detention

Chris Hedges and Daniel Ellsberg shared their views on Reddit


BY  – September 27, 2012

A group of journalists and activists took to content sharing site Reddit today to answer questions on their lawsuit against President Obama’s indefinite detention act.

In his responses, one of the plaintiffs, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, said he believed that there are already U.S. citizens held in military detention by the U.S. at home and abroad.

Chris Hedges and Daniel Ellsberg are among the six plaintiffs (others include Noam Chomsky and Naomi Wolf) who recently won a permanent block from a federal judge against the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and its provision to allow the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.

The Obama administration’s attorneys immediately filed an appeal to overturn the judge’s decision.

Responding to a Reddit questioner who asked why the plaintiffs thought Obama was so swift to challenge the injunction, Hedges responded that it raised a “red flag” — suggesting that the administration was already in violation of the injunction.

Hedges wrote:

Since they [the Obama administration] were so aggressive it means that once Judge Forrest declared the law invalid, if they were using it, as we expect, they could be held in contempt of court.

This was quite disturbing, for it means, I suspect, that U.S. citizens, probably dual nationals, are being held in military detention facilities almost certainly overseas and maybe at home.

About Natasha Lennard is an assistant news editor at Salon, covering non-electoral politics, general news and rabble-rousing. Follow her on Twitter @natashalennard, email nlennard@salon.com.








Smackdown: UN turns its back on Israel



Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks at a high level meeting at United Nations 

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks at a high level meeting at United Nations headquarters Monday, Sept. 24.

From PressTV

September 26, 2012

For the first time, all western delegations remained seated at the UN General Assembly to listen to President Ahmadinejad chastise Israel.

Every other time the Iranian President had addressed the assembly, the Israeli representative raised a finger and the US, Britain and other western delegations left the room, shuffling out like zombies. 

There have been a myriad of issues of late tied to disrespect for religion. New York City is plastered with vicious Islamophobic spew.

Racist and religious hatred plastered across the world’s best known city by the vermin that serve Netanyahu and his gang of cutthroats, gangsters and perverts. 

Why, might you ask, am I using such a harsh language toward a world leader?

The answer is simple.

I was awakened today to press responses across the US equally venomous as the films blaspheming the Prophet. 

In fact, our investigations show that the origin of the posters attacking Islam, the film attacking the Prophet and the newspaper and television news unleashed against Iran’s President Ahmadinejad are all the same.

The pack of bloodsuckers feeding off the American people and the people of the world, now, finally, recognized for what they are, their visible spokesmen, Rupert Murdoch, the Koch Brothers, Mitt Romney, Sheldon Adelson and the AIPAC lobby

It is one thing for a newspaper to print biased news.

However, the control that Netanyahu’s militant extremists have been allowed to go to is unprecedented, even in the “yellow journalism”, America’s “neocon” fanatics and their “bankster billionaire” backers have stooped to. 

Today, we have picked out the New York Post, a paper owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same individual that was found culpable for wiretapping, bribery and blackmail involving Britain’s security forces, three prime ministers and key government officials. 

For those who don’t know, Murdoch and his empire are the voice of the war against Islam, the bilking of America and the world’s descent into bankruptcy, starvation and totalitarianism.

Murdoch is a monster as much as his cohort and fellow puppet Netanyahu and his minion, Mitt Romney. 

Today, President Ahmadinejad has specific points he wants to make in what will be his last address to the United Nations.

Key among those is the agreement the Non Aligned Nations came to in their conference in Tehran last month. 

The United Nations can no longer be bullied into submitting to control by the 5 permanent members of the Security Council who rule over that institution like a gang of thugs.

Every nation on earth can come to agreement but if one of the “magic 5” disagrees, generally the United States at the direction of Israel, there is no United Nations, only Israel exercising its financial hold over the US government. 

Ahmadinejad’s other issue is that the reality of Palestine must be settled and that territories occupied by Israel are not part of a Jewish state and that there is no international agreement awarding them that control. 

However, we will look at the megalomaniacal ramblings of Netanyahu and Murdoch from the New York Post: 

“Ahmadinejad’s Yom Kippur UN speech an outrage for New York City 

This is a spit in the face to all the tolerant people of this big-hearted city that plays host to the United Nations because no other city on the planet has a citizenry patient and world wise enough to put up with the theater of the absurd that usually plays out there. 

You simply do not invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad……. to the United Nations on Yom Kippur, a Day of Atonement, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. This is not just an affront to the Jews. 

We put up with the United Nations because we are the capital of the world. But even New York has to stop and shout that inviting Ahmadinejad to the UN on Yom Kippur explodes the envelope.

This is a vile, disgusting, detestable publicity stunt. 

Inviting Ahmadinejad to the UN on Yom Kippur is a treacherous piece of stagecraft designed to promote hate for a particular people who helped make this city great –

a mean-spirited gimmick that desecrates the memory of 6 million murdered Jews with the histrionic antics of the world’s best-known anti-Semite on the holiest day of the Jewish year. 

The United Nations, created as a body to promote world peace, has gone out of its way to create disharmony and division by inviting Ahmadinejad,

who will inject more venom into the bloodstream of the world on American shores during a presidential campaign, hoping to poison even the forgiving spirit of Yom Kippur….

Was it the forgiving nature of Yom Kippur that inspired the Hebrew scrawling of “Jesus is a Monkey” on the Christian holy sites across the occupied areas of Palestine? 

Please remember, this is a missive with a certain number of blatantly insane ramblings. Since when did a Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur, have anything to do with the operation of the United Nations? 

Anyone who hadn’t yet considered Israel as a danger to sanity itself only has to read.

I shudder at the term “forgiving spirit” when it punctuates paragraphs of hate mongering and vitriolic. 

Is not Israel one of 193 members with a population consisting of .0001 of those represented?

Israel has no recognized borders, no constitution.

It lives off foreign aid from others while it is the 4th largest arms exporter in the world. 

Israel also holds the United Nations record for the most majority votes to sanction for war crimes and genocide at 116.

Whenever backed into a corner, the long admitted trick of the militant extremist elements in Israel is to accuse others of “anti-Semitism” or “holocaust denial.” 

This is Wikipedia’s definition of a “Semite:”

The term Semite means a member of any of various ancient and modern Semitic-speaking peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including; Akkadians (Assyrians and Babylonians), Eblaites, Ugarites, Canaanites, Phoenicians (including Carthaginians), Hebrews (Israelites, Judeans and Samaritans), Ahlamu, Arameans, Chaldeans, Amorites, Moabites, Edomites, Hyksos, Arabs, Nabateans, Maganites, Shebans, Sutu, Ubarites, Dilmunites, Bahranis, Maltese, Mandaeans, Sabians, Syriacs, Mhallami, Amalekites and Ethiopian Semites. 

I have yet to see proof that the move by Jews from Europe and Russia, who have yet shown themselves unable to prove direct ties to any of the groups above, their move into what could and perhaps should be called Palestine is really a displacement of Semites by non-Semites. 

The use of Hebrew by the vast majority of Jewish settlers in Israel is learned and there is no continuity of the use of Hebrew in any historical context. 

I grew up in a family speaking German and Yiddish, a language reviled by those who refer to themselves as “militant Zionists.” 

I miss the language, as one of long centuries of tradition, a language of great warmth and humor, one capable of describing many of the realities of life in a way German, a more sterile tongue was never capable of. 

My German family, the Lehman’s of what was then Posen, are long gone, very probably numbering among the 8.5 million Germans that Stalin sent into Siberian camps after the end of World War II. 

Sixty million people died in and “around” World War II including 20 million Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin and endless millions displaced during the war by the Soviets to service their factories in the Urals.

Up to 40% of those froze to death or died of starvation. 

Where historians face reprisals and immediate dismissal is when they question Stalin’s version of the war.

History is continually changing and there is a real issue of the holocaust, an area where free discussion of its causes and nature have been criminalized for the obvious purpose of providing “cover and deception” for genocidal crimes that deeply parallel the holocaust itself. 

We had two wars in Europe during the last century, the largest in World History that were responsible for the deaths of 100 million people and yet 95% of media coverage and discussion is tied to Auschwitz, a camp where the smokestack for the crematorium was built by the Russians in 1947 and stands alone on a patch of concrete, never adjacent to any building.

Tours are daily. Polish guides explain how the smoke and ashes from 20,000 incinerated bodies per day went through a smokestack that didn’t exist when the camp was used.

No one asks why the carefully labeled gas chambers have flimsy wooden doors with glass windows, doors in place since the 19th century. 

It is still possible to believe in the holocaust and not be blind or totally stupid. 

German law requires a 10 year sentence for anyone who questions any of a thousand different versions of the holocaust.

Law requires they all be believed and repeated as do two dozen other nations. 

The more important questions of who profited from the war and how they, Jew or Gentile, survived untouched are never asked or answered.

War is, as we know, “the mother of lies.” 

A second question comes to mind.

Should it be a crime teaching Jews that they are a hated and despised people, to make people feel victimized and inferior?

Isn’t this a classic method of control, a “psyop” as it is called, a way of manipulating Israeli Jews into accepting an unjust society that a cultured and educated people with progressive values should find abhorrent? 

This week, it all focuses on New York; the filthy racist lies are plastered across the city by secretive groups reviled across America.

The real people of America can be misled but are clearly at an end when it comes to more orchestrated terrorism and “branded” bad guys. 

What an embarrassment it must be that, according to the Department of Justice, the leader of Al Qaeda is a man named Adam Perlman, son of Phil Perlman, whose grandfather, Carl Perlman helped found the Anti-Defamation League? 

Al Qaeda is now run by a member of one of the most influential Jewish families in America, a family known for fostering militant Zionism. 

Is it now clear why 33 consecutive “number two” Al Qaeda leaders have been killed while Perlman/Gadhan, in reality the paid publicist for Israeli based SITE Intelligence, sits in his apartment in Haifa, supposedly the “voice of militant Islam?” 

But today my mind returns to the venomous attacks, the New York Post of Murdoch, the empty threats of Netanyahu, a “dime store Stalin,” and to the very lonely Israeli ambassador to the United Nations who walked out of the General Assembly to quiet laughter. 

Sometimes these little signs of sanity and human dignity, mankind showing the smallest signs of awakening, sometimes these things are rays of hope. 









As Israeli PM Netanyahu Discusses Iran’s Nukes, Let’s Not Forget His Lies About Iraq’s WMD’s



The true nature of Benjamin Netanyahu

From Blacklisted News

September 27, 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently taken to the American airwaves to warn about the danger that a nuclear Iran poses to the world.

Netanyahu’s fear-mongering rhetoric should come as no surprise to those who remember his infamous 1992 wolf-crying comments about Iran being ”three to five years away from acquiring a nuclear weapon”;

or his testimony before Congress in the lead up to the Iraq war, in which Netanyahu showed an almost superhuman capacity to shamelessly lie to the American public in a successful effort to drag them into war.

 When Americans consider Benjamin Netanyahu’s current plea to attack Iran, they must not forget the eerily similar lies and purposefully deceptive intelligence that Netanyahu and his government gave to American officials about Saddam Hussein’s mythical “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

The video below shows some highlights from Netanyahu’s September 12, 2002 testimony before the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight.

In the video, Netanyahu tells Congress, “There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking and is working and is advancing to the development of nuclear weapons.

No question whatsoever…. Two decades ago it was possible to thwart Saddam’s nuclear ambitions by bombing a single instillation, but today nothing less than dismantling his regime will do.”

In his testimony, Netanyahu  repeatedly said there was “no question” Saddam was working to increase his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

He also fanatically said, “Every indication we have is that he is pursuing, pursuing with abandon, pursuing with every ounce of effort the establishment of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons.”

When questioned about why the 250 international inspectors found “no evidence or plausible indication of the revival of a nuclear weapons program in Iraq,”

Netanyahu falsely told the Congressional body that Saddam was burying these nuclear centrifuges in tunnels.

One can not watch Netanyahu’s testimony and conclude anything other than these two fundamental truths:

1. Netanyahu’s testimony was perjurious, and

2. The Israeli intelligence provided to the US government was a purposeful deception to get America to attack Iraq.

Aside from lying to the American public and Congress about Iraq’s WMD’s, Netanyahu and the Israeli government used their lobby in America (AIPAC) to mercillessly campaign for war in Iraq.

As the single most powerful lobby in America, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s greatest “accomplishment” in the last two decades was its successful, behind the scenes lobbying for sanctions and wars in Iraq, Libya, Iran, and Syria.

In 2000, AIPAC distributed a letter asking members to put pressure on the US Congress and the President to ramp up sanctions on Iraq and block the oil for food program, which was providing Iraqi civilians with much needed food and medicine.

In 2003, AIPAC/Israel attempted to block a bill that would have allowed US companies to export food and medicine to Iraqi civilians.

Israel/AIPAC took the position in this case that the food and medicine would not help the Iraqi people, which is obviously untrue, and that the bill would hasten Saddam’s effort to procure weapons of mass destruction.

Saddam was of course not building weapons of mass destruction, and the Israeli/AIPAC efforts ended up murdering thousands of Iraqi civilians.

In January 2003, AIPAC executive director Howard Kohr stated, “quietly lobbying Congress to approve the use of force in Iraq” was one of “AIPAC’s successes over the past year.”

Jeffrey Goldberg reported during a profile piece of AIPAC’s policy director Steven J. Rosen that, “AIPAC lobbied Congress in favor of the Iraq war.”

Flash forward to today; Netanyahu and AIPAC are now pushing hard for another, potentially disastrous American war with Iran.

Does Iran have a nuke?

No, of course not.

In fact, almost every single senior military and intelligence official from America and Israel have said on record that there is no evidence that Iran is even attempting to build nuclear weapons at this time, and even if they did, it would not pose an existential threat to Israel.

  • Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that Iran is not yet building nuclear weapons.


  • The Chairman of the Chief Joints of Staff Admiral Martin Dempsey said in a CNN interview that it is unclear whether Iran is attempting to make a nuclear weapon, called Iran a rational actor, and also warned against a destabilizing strike on Iran.


  • The former head of the US Central Command General John Abizaid said that a nuclear Iran could be contained, or in other words– Iran does not pose an existential threat to the US or Israel.


  • Israel’s former security chief Yuval Diskin said he doesn’t trust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who Diskin believes is misleading the Israeli people about Iran.

    Diskin also said in the interview that the Iranian leadership would not go the extra mile to acquire nuclear weapons because they are rational.

  • The head of the Israeli Mossad Meir Dagan said he had no idea if Iran has made the decision to acquire a nuke.

    In another interview, Dagan said the prospect of attacking Iran was the “stupidest thing I have ever heard.”

Netanyahu, in his thirst for war, refuses to acknowledge the fact that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has issued a fatwa, or a religious edict, banning nuclear weapons. 

If the Iranian leadership broke this edict it would undermine their entire regime because its authority is based on its religious credibility. 

This has, of course, not stopped Netanyahu from badgering President Obama to declare a “red line” on Iran, which is really nothing more than an agreement to attack because Iran will not give up its peaceful nuclear program, and Israel sees the existence of such a program as a red line.

On the Republican side, Sheldon Adelson, a huge supporter of Netanyahu, has pledged up to $60 million to Romney’s campaign, and has been rewarded with Romney’s adoption of Netanyahu’s position on Iran.

Read More…








With New Comets, New Worries



From Urban Survival

By George Ure – September 28, 2012

Since this morning isn’t yet a white knuckle ride, we’ll just move on to an email from my friend G.A. Stewart, expert on all things Nostradamus:

“George,   This looks like two comets for 2013 come close to what I was expecting. They hit the mark in very important ways.

Did Nostradamus see two comets for 2013?  

The new comet, named C/2012 S1 (ISON) was found by the International Scientific Optical Network (ISON) in Russia on 21 September.  

Note this:  C/2012 S1 currently resides in the northwestern corner of Cancer.  

Following its peak brightness in late November it will remain visible without optical aid until mid-January 2014.  

From my 2010 Book:   THE GREAT COMET OF 2013  

The following quatrain implies that the comet will be discovered not far from Cancer (21 June – 21 July) and the Pope will die the night it disappears.  

Nostradamus Quatrain VI-6

Appearing towards le Septentrion [Ursa Major],

Not far from Cancer (June-July) the bearded star [comet]:

Susa (Piedmont), Siena (Italy), Boetia (Thebes), Eretria, (Euboea)

Death of the great Roman, the night [it] disappears.  

Is the comet appearing towards the constellation of the Great Bear really symbolic of Russia and something else other than a comet?

That is difficult to say; it may indeed be an allusion to Russia and a missile attack.

But from the next quatrain we get a framing date of when the Vatican will have to conduct a Papal election.  

Nostradamus Quatrain X-91

Roman clergy in the year 1609 [2014],

At the first of the year holding an election:

A gray and black king issued of the Companion [classmate],

Never was there one so wicked as he.  

Since a Papal election will be held early in January 2014, we can assume that the Pope dies in December 2013.

Readers also know from Quatrain IV-100 above, that he dies seven months after the comet is discovered, which points to the comet first being sighted in May 2013.    

George, C/2012 S1 was discovered in Russia, the comet is in the constellation of Cancer and it will disappear in January 2014, when I predicted there would be a papal election. Death of the great Roman, the night [it] disappears.  

Here’s the other contender.   Comet Pan-STARRS (C/2011 L4) which is set to stun in March 2013.

Comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS), is a non-periodic comet discovered in June 2011, that is expected to be visible to the naked eye when it is near perihelion in March 2013.  

But C/2012 S1 has some major connections to Nostradamus’ prediction, especially its magnitude.  

Nostradamus Quatrain II-41

The great gaseous celestial body will burn for seven days,

The cloud will make the Sun appear doubled:

The big mastiff will howl all night,

When the great Pontiff will change countries.

New comet might blaze brighter than the full Moon.

The cloud will make the Sun appear doubled:   Appearing towards le Septentrion [Ursa Major]: Le Septentrion is the Great Bear and symbolic of Russia. It was discovered in Russia. Not far from Cancer, the bearded star (Comet):  It is in the Constellation of Cancer.

With its disappearance in January 2014 that makes my interpretation of Nostradamus spot on dude!  

Kindest Regards, Stu


In my view of things, C/2011 L4 seems the more likely, because it would fit better in the general flow of world events. 

If we take “the mistake” pending before elections, and then extrapolate the Mideast blowing up into the spring, then a change at the Vatican would fit better in March leading up to the showdown events (EMP-wars?) in late spring or early summer. 

That would also give markets time to get into position, last minute rallies and all that.

For now, I’m content to just look at this as scatter-chart material. 

Clif’s, (at Half Past Human.com), work, the ideas of some of Geryl’s work (but with a building period since changes would be over time, likely not 10-minute deals, and then this).

What we can put together might be a combination of ancient remote viewing (Nosty) Machine-assisted future-viewing (Clif’s work) and Hints from history (Geryl’s) work. 

It all fits into a neat kind of scatter pattern on a timeline of human events…and while none may be able (publicly, anyway) to predict a precise moment, it’s the general flow of things that matters and being ready for whatevers this way comes.








13 States Now Considering Gold and Silver as Money



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 28, 2012 by # 1 NWO Hatr

Backwoods Survival Blog

13 States Now Considering Gold and Silver as MoneyWhen the governor of Utah signed a bill that made gold bullion and silver bullion legal tender in the state last March, he had no idea of the groundswell he was going to start.

The Utah Sound Money Act outright flies in the face of the fiat money system, which is the printed money used today; backed by nothing but the promises of politicians…

… It is not practical for people to carry around heavy gold bullion or silver bullion coins, so the Utah Gold & Silver Depository was created.

People can deposit their gold bullionand silver bullion coins there and receive a debit card to make transactions with—just like depositing money at a bank.

The prices of gold bullion and silver bullion are based on the closing prices of both precious metals in U.S. dollars in London on each business day, creating the exchange rate used on the debit card.

Missouri and South Carolina in 2012 are the closest to enacting very similar legislation and creating a gold bullion and silver bullion depository, just like Utah. (Source: CNNMoney, February 3, 2012.)

… Other states considering legislation to make gold bullion and silver bullion legal tender are Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, New Hampshire, Georgia, Washington, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Virginia…








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REAL NEWS Sept 28 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 27, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 28, 2012



Top 10 Edgar Cayce Predictions



Published on Sep 26, 2012 by

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Many people are wondering how the predictions of Edgar Cayce are related to 2012.

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 and as we near this historic date, many of Cayce’s predictions are coming to fruition.

Edgar Cayce, also known as the Sleeping Prophet, correctly predicted the stock market crash and Great Depression of 1929, the beginning of World War II, and many Earth Changes of modern times.

This video gives a list of the most startling and memorable Edgar Cayce predictions.

Top 10 Edgar Cayce Predictions :

1. The greater portion of Europe will be changed in the twinkling of an eye.

2. There will be a shifting of the poles.

3. There will come a time when the sun will be darkened.

4. The city of Atlantis will be found near Bimini.

5. The records of Atlantis will be open to those that are the spiritual initiates

6. A new field of science will be developed based on a psychic/spiritual phenomenon.

7. A “City of Gold” will be discovered in the Gobi Desert.

8. New York State’s east coast and New York City itself will disappear.

9. America’s west coast will be destroyed.

10. Cayce envisioned that a time would come when all individuals would realize their responsibility toward one another; this will be a realization that will change the mass-thought of humanity.

For more additional info, videos and picture on these predictions, please check out this link:

Top 10 Edgar Cayce Predictions

Also check out these additional Edgar Cayce resources:

Edgar Cayce: 11:11 and Synchronicity

Edgar Cayce on Consciousness

Edgar Cayce: The Earth is catching up with Time

Edgar Cayce – An American Prophet

Also, be sure to check out in5d Alternative News where we cover the news that the mainstream media fails to report: http://www.in5d.com/news.html








Benjamin Netanyahu Says World Must Draw ‘Red Line’ For Iran



From HuffPost

By ARON HELLER 09/27/12

UNITED NATIONS — In his most detailed plea to date for global action against Iran’s nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday the world has until next summer at the latest to stop Iran before it can build a nuclear bomb.

Netanyahu flashed a diagram of a cartoon-like bomb before the U.N. General Assembly showing the progress Iran has made, saying it has already completed the first stage of uranium enrichment.




Rivero’s Counter Statement to Netanyahu’s ‘ RED LINE ‘ Babble For Iran



From What Really Happened.com

By Rivero – September 27, 2012

Will Israel hack the US banking system computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran?

Israel has admitted to previous use of false flag attacks to justify war against Middle Eastern nations.

UPDATED: Netanyahu didn’t get any traction at the UN today.

Indeed his bomb chart has become an object of ridicule in the alternative media.

By now he is throwing a huge tantrum.

He wants his war and Netanyahu is a man used to always getting what he wants.

There are only three things Netanyahu can do now to get the war with Iran going before the Israeli elections next month.(October)

The first is to simply go ahead and attack Iran, expecting that the United States will protect Israel from the counter-attack even if Israel struck the first blow.

The second option is a false-flag attack somewhere in the world to be blamed on Iran, but that is a very chancy option given the video of WIMEA Israeli lobbyist Clawson actually selling the idea that a false flag to start the war with Iran is a great idea.

The third and final option, and the one I am starting to think is the most likely, relates to the sudden flurry of media stories and statements by people like Joseph Lieberman about how Iranian hackers are attacking the US financial system computers.

Senator Lieberman(Zionist) has also been ( pressuring Obama to sign an executive order to take over the internet.)

Of course, the common sense approach still applies. Why would Iran, which wishes to avoid a war, do something that provocative.

But we know that the US and Israel are behind the cyber-weapons like STUXNET, DUQU, FLAME, etc., and that these cyber-weapons were directed against Iran, and that one variant specifically targeted banks in Lebanon and Iran.

We also know that the US financial system is stretched to the breaking point, and we know that if the government of either Greece or Spain is driven from office by angry protests, credit default swaps sold by Wall Street against those debts come due, and there is no money to pay the claims.

The Euro might even collapse, and that would trigger even more Credit Default Swaps.

So the final option, one that strikes me as very likely, is that Israel will take down the US financial computers, and blame it on Iran.

This also gets Wall Street and Washington DC off the hook, because now the financial melt-down is an act of war, rather than the result of decades of Wall Street crime and corruption and the predations of Private Central Banks.

US banks have already been hit with (so-called) cyber attacks over the last two weeks, to set the stage.

And this would also explain why the US corporate media has paid scant attention to the riots in Spain and Greece so that Americans still dependent on ABCNNBBCBS will remain oblivious to the fact that the Euro is falling apart.

This scenario also explains the testing of means to interfere with DNS to silence websites that may offer opposing interpretations of events (this too will be blamed on Iran).

Such a cyber false-flag also gives the US Government the excuse to take total control of the internet so that those pesky truth-seeking bloggers don’t give the slaves uppity ideas that this is just another war-starting hoax like the attack on the USS Liberty or 9-11.


If we can make them doubt that the official story of a financial system computer crash will be believed by the public, we can get them to call it off!

If the bank computers and alternative media do crash, the US/Israel did it!








US Zionists Scrambling like Rats on a Sinking Ship



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Henry Shivley

For the past 64 years, the Zionists in America, via the assertion of the holocaust, have enjoyed a status wherein nothing they did or said could be questioned without the person doing the questioning being labeled anti-Semitic.

This is an interesting phenomenon, as we Americans, not only could not be held in any way responsible for the holohoax, but if anything it would have to be said that it was our military might that ended it.

Believe it or not, prior to World War II, American Christians and Jewish Zionists were blood enemies as Zion denied that Jesus was the Messiah, hence categorical denial of Christianity in its very essence?

Thereafter, the Zionists, having taken over mass media, including Hollywood, managed to completely change reality in America.

Then, through mass indoctrination through public schools and Zionist controlled colleges with an implementation of multi-culturalism, tempered with political correctness, they actually turned the tables completely around.

We started seeing the emergence of a Christian Zion here in the United States, a literal push to worship Jews as they are “God’s chosen people”, don’t you know.

As the fact of the different sects of Jews faded into obscurity, the Zionists, through the purchase of politicians in our country, actually had a law passed to make it possible for them, as dual citizens, to serve within our government.

It is truly amazing how much the Zionists achieved in America in such a short time before being unveiled as the treacherous deceivers they are.

I guess that is the trouble with such a big lie, once the smallest part is revealed, curiosity dictates that the rest be examined.

The enlightenment we are seeing across our nation has come about actually quicker than did the deceit.

The fact is the masses, discovering the depth of the treachery, are quite angry and are in reality feeling a little embarrassed as this kosher insurgency has happened right out in the open, as previously mentioned, over just 64 years.

Think about that.

To completely infiltrate a government as big as ours and establish command and control in just 64 years must be considered quite a feat, even for a people as low down and sneaky as the Zionists.

I’m sure there has been many a day in the past 64 years when the Zionists have said to one another, “I can’t believe we are pulling this off.”

And it wasn’t that we were really stupid, it is just that after World War II, we were so busy trying to regain our footing and become prosperous again that we simply did not have time to notice.

I guess you could say their downfall was their greed.

Once they put 80 million of us out of work, we had nothing but time to figure out what had happened to us and, thanks to the miracle of the internet, the truth of Zion is now spreading like wildfire.

Even those who had any doubts have been forced into reality by the Zionists themselves through their arrogance in thinking they could actually get up in our faces and order us into yet another war at the same time we are suffering through a depression brought on by their Zionist wars.

Now all that the poor Jews who aren’t Zionists can do is pray that we will take the time to sort them out from the Zionists when the retribution through prosecutions begins.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.








They Dare Not Speak its Name – Rothschild Zionism



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Admin

David Icke

But to understand the financial crisis, 9/11 and so much more, it must be spoken constantly. As we begin a new year, amid ever-gathering global tyranny, this information is vital for everyone to know.

I have written and spoken extensively about the agenda behind the unfolding global financial crisis and here I will expose the coordinating force, or at least the prime one, behind that agenda and so much else, including 9/11.

Most conspiracy researchers either don’t realize the fundamental significance of this network or are too frightened to say so if they do. Sod that.

It is widely known as Zionism or, as I call it, more accurately, I suggest …Rothschild Zionism.

I add the ‘Rothschild’ to constantly emphasize the true creators of Zionism and its controllers to this day (see Human Race Get Off Your Knees).

I’ll explain the connection later to the gathering economic catastrophe, but some background is necessary to put it all in the context that it needs to be seen.

Ask most people about Zionism and they will say ‘that’s the Jews’, but while this is the impression the Rothschild networks in politics and the media have sought very successfully to ‘sell’ as ‘common knowledge’, it is not true.

It represents only a minority of them and many others who are not Jewish.

Rothschild Zionism in its public expression is a political ideology based on a homeland for Jewish people in Palestine and a belief that the Jews are God’s ‘chosen race’ with a God-given right to the ‘promised land’ of Israel (historically this is nonsense, as I show in my books)

They also believe that the real borders of Israel must encompass what is now Israel, including Gaza and the West Bank still officially owned by the Palestinians, plus Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Jordan, or, as Genesis puts it: ‘… from the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates’.

That’s the public expression of Zionism, but at its inner core it is a secret society created and controlled by the House of Rothschild.

They have sought to sell the ‘Zionism-means-all-Jewish-people’ lie so that they can condemn as ‘anti-Semites’ and ‘racists’ anyone who exposes the truth about Rothschild Zionism and its agents in government, banking, business, media, military etc.

This is why most researchers won’t go there even if they are aware enough to know that they should go there.

To uncover and expose what is happening in the world we need all the ‘bees’ – brain, backbone, balls – and never more so than now.

Oh yeah, and add consciousness if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes beyond five-sense reality.

Racism is the ultimate ignorance in that it relates ‘self’ to the body instead of the Consciousness – Awareness – animating and experiencing through the body. It is like judging a man by his spacesuit instead of the person inside it.

So racists are ridiculous, juvenile and silly, but no way is the threat of being branded as one (they have already tried and failed) going to stop me exposing what must be exposed if the Control System is to fall.

The world’s most extreme racists are, after all, the Rothschild Zionists, anyway.

Israel is an apartheid state every bit as much as were apartheid South Africa and apartheid America.

And by that I don’t only mean the evil that is inflicted upon the Palestinian people minute-by-minute, day-by-day, but also the extraordinarily racist divisions within Jewish society with the black Jews from Ethiopia, for example, treated as little more than vermin.

So let us get past the calculated smokescreen that challenging Rothschild Zionism and the horrors of Israel means you are anti-Jewish and instead look at the simple facts that they don’t want you to know and acknowledge.

Firstly, you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Rothschild Zionist, as US Vice-President, Joe Biden, publicly said while arse-licking his masters in Tel Aviv (ultimately his masters at Chateau Rothschild).

Some of the most vehement Rothschild Zionists are the Christian Zionists in the United States and elsewhere, led most vocally by their ‘spiritual’ leader, John C. Hagee.

Think of the worst kind of extreme Bible-bashing hypocrite and you’ve got him to a tee.

Hagee is the founder and National Chairman of the Christian-Zionist organization, Christians United for Israel, he’s a regular visitor to Israel and has met every prime minister since Menachem Begin.

Hagee – the voice, though not brain, of the Christian Zionists.

His John Hagee Ministries has given more than $8.5 million to relocate Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel and he is the founder and Executive Director of an event called ‘A Night to Honor Israel’, which pledges solidarity between Christians and the State of Israel.

See the story later in this exposé headed ‘GOD-TV Erase Israeli Bedouin Village to Bring Jesus’ Second Coming’ to appreciate the extreme and heartless way the non-Jewish Christian Zionists support the official Zionists – Rothschild Zionists.

By contrast, a large number of Jewish people are not Zionists, some even vehemently oppose it and support the Palestinians in their battle for survival against the onslaught of genocide from the Israel government and military funded by the United States.

Jewish people organise protests and call for boycotts of Israel in response to the Rothschild Zionist agenda for the Palestinians and yet how many people know that who glean their ‘information’ from the mainstream media?

How many people know, as portrayed in this picture, that many religious Jews abhor the demands by the Rothschild Zionists for a US attack on Iran and have had warm meetings with Iran’s President Ahmedinejad to give their support?

No one who only gets their ‘news’ from the Rothschild-Zionist-controlled mainstream media would know any of this because they push only one line – Zionism means all Jewish people, end of story.

But anyone who thinks that is true should read the article by Jewish musician and writer, Gilad Atzmon, later in this package, headed ‘How Israeli leaders kill for their people’s votes’.

The Rothschilds have a network of organisations, including B’nai B’rith and its offshoot, the Anti Defamation League (ADL), that work with other Rothschild- controlled groups to target anyone who gets close to seeing the elephant in the living room and exposing it for all to see.

They attack and undermine them in every way they can to stop the simple and devastating truth coming to light – that the Rothschild Zionists control the mainstream media; Hollywood and the movie industry; governments, not least in the United States; and crucially in the light of current events, they control global finance and commerce.

I am going to take you through the personnel of the Obama administration that ‘he’ appointed after his election in late 2008 to give you an idea of how the very few dictate to the very many via the Rothschild networks.

Remember as we go through the names that only 1.7% of the population of the United States is Jewish and significant numbers of those will not be Rothschild Zionists.

Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel (Rothschild Zionist) to be his White House Chief of Staff (handler). Emanuel, who has served in the Israeli army, is the son of a former operative with the Irgun terrorist group that helped to bomb Israel into existence in 1948 and cause some 800,000 Palestinians to flee their homeland in terror.

(Many Israelis connected to the Rothschild networks were sent to the United States after the State of Israel was established to specifically produce children who would be American-born citizens to infiltrate the US government system in the following generations.)

Obama’s White House Senior Advisor (handler) is David Axelrod (Rothschild Zionist), a close associate of Emanuel and the man who ran Obama’s ‘change you can believe in’ election campaigns against Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Axelrod now oversees the words on the teleprompter screens to which Obama is welded for even the most minor announcement.

Axelrod, like Emanuel, is the product of the Rothschild Zionist ‘political’ Mafia that controls Chicago where Rahm Emanuel is now running for mayor.( and has since won)

One of Obama’s chief funders and controllers is the Rothschild Zionist agent, George Soros, the multi-billionaire financial speculator and manipulator of countries, not least is the former Soviet Union.

Obama appointed a stream of Rothschild Zionist ‘advisors’ and ‘czars’ in various subject areas, including infamous Rothschild Zionist agent, Henry Kissinger, and one, Cass Sunstein, ‘Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs’, has called for ‘conspiracy theories’ to either be banned or taxed.

This is another Rothschild goal – to ban any view or research that exposes the Rothschild agenda.

Sunstein (Rothschild Zionist) says the opinion that ‘global warming’ is a manipulated hoax could be an example of what should be banned or taxed (see banned), and so how appropriate that Obama appointed Carol Browner (Rothschild Zionist) and Todd Stern (Rothschild Zionist) to take charge of his ‘global warming’/‘climate change’ policies.

Rothschild Zionists Browner and Stern – on message.

And so to the economy …

The key economic post in the United States is the head, or chairman, of the Federal Reserve, the privately-owned and Rothschild-controlled cartel of banks that hilariously call themselves collectively the ‘central bank of America’.

A national central bank should be answerable to the people, otherwise it’s just another private bank lending the government ‘money’ which the population has to repay, plus interest.

The latter describes the US Federal Reserve, which, as the saying goes, is no more Federal than the Rothschild-controlled Federal Express.

The ‘Fed’ prints money for literally cents on the dollar and then ‘lends’ it to the government at interest and for profit.

What a great scam if you can get away with it and because the Rothschild networks control the government and media as well as the Federal Reserve banks – they have.

We can pick up the ‘Fed’ story with the appointment of Paul Adolph Volcker to head the Fed during the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan (in truth George Bush senior).

Volcker was a former vice president and director of planning with the Rockefeller (Rothschild)-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank and left the Fed in 1987 to become chairman of the New York investment banking firm, J. Rothschild, Wolfensohn & Co., run by James D. Wolfensohn (Rothschild Zionist), who later became president of the World Bank.

Next in line at the Federal Reserve was ‘Mr Big’, Alan Greenspan (Rothschild Zionist), a practising Satanist according to some who say they have attended rituals with him.

Greenspan was ‘appointed’ by President Reagan (presidents don’t ‘appoint’ Fed chiefs, they are told who it is going to be) and he remained head of the Fed and thus American economic policy through all the Clinton years and most of Boy Bush before stepping down in early 2006.

In that time he oversaw the systematic dismantling of financial regulation that allowed greed and corruption to run riot and in the same period that vicious and despicable duo, Tony Blair and his Chancellor and later successor, Gordon Brown, were doing the same in Britain.

Greenspan received unquestioning support for this policy from Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretaries, Robert E. Rubin (Rothschild Zionist), former co-chairman of the Rothschild-controlled Goldman Sachs, and Larry Summers (Rothschild Zionist), former Chief Economist at the World Bank.

Bill Clinton’s Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy in this same period and Senior Economist and Senior Adviser on the Council of Economic Advisers during the Clinton administration was Peter Orszag (Rothschild Zionist).

Another Greenspan supporter of deregulation was Timothy Geithner (Rothschild Zionist), the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the most powerful in the Federal Reserve cartel.

Without the collective demolition of financial checks and balances by this cabal of Rothschild Zionists there would not have been the crash of September 2008 with its catastrophic consequences for billions worldwide.

But when Barack Obama became US President a few months later, who was in the ‘economic team’ that he ‘appointed’ to ‘sort out the mess’?

Er, the very ones who created it and it was all done from a White House controlled by Rahm Emanuel (Rothschild Zionist) and David Axelrod (Rothschild Zionist).

Geithner speaks: ‘I don’t know where the money’s gone – who cares?’

Obama made Timothy Geithner (Rothschild Zionist) his Treasury Secretary – Obama’s mother worked for Geithner’s father, Peter F. Geithner (Rothschild Zionist), the director of the Asia programme at the Ford Foundation in New York.

Larry Summers (Rothschild Zionist) was appointed director of the White House National Economic Council, and Paul Adolph Volcker, business partner of the Rothschilds, was made Chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

The gang that trashed the town was now back in town to trash it even more and you’ll never guess … they decided that the only way to save an economy brought to its knees by their collective actions and the banking system they represent was to, well, no, surely not

hand trillions of taxpayer-borrowed dollars to the Rothschild-controlled banks and insurance companies like CitiGroup (advised to disaster by Rothschild Zionist Robert E. Rubin, see above), J. P. Morgan, AIG and a long list of others.

Overseeing this and all other American government spending was Obama’s Budget Director, the already-mentioned, Peter Orszag (Rothschild Zionist), who worked closely with Rahm Emanuel (Rothschild Zionist) to impose the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which has devastated American industry in line with Rothschild policy.

Summers, Orszag and Geithner: used car anyone?

Summers resigned in late 2010 and at the time of writing the favourites to replace him are Roger Altman (Rothschild Zionist) and Gene Sperling (Rothschild Zionist).

Peter Orszag was the founder and president of the economic consultancy firm which advised the Central Bank of Iceland in the period before it went bankrupt and he advised the Russian Ministry of Finance when the country’s resource assets were being given to Rothschild Zionist oligarchs like Chelsea football club owner, Roman Abramovich, who became instant billionaires.

Orszag resigned as Budget Director in July this year with his job done, but, no matter, Obama announced that Jacob Lew (Rothschild Zionist), an under-secretary of state to Hillary Clinton, would take over and resume the same post he held under Bill Clinton.

By the time the brown stuff hit the spinning wheel in September 2008, Alan Greenspan (Rothschild Zionist) had stepped down from the Fed before the crash he knew was coming. But, once again, no matter. He was replaced by Bernard Bernanke (Rothschild Zionist) who printed even more money (at interest to the taxpayer) to hand to his Rothschild Zionist mates in Wall Street.

Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (Rothschild Zionist), who has been centrally involved in handing trillions of dollars of public money to his banking associates with no strings attached, asked the opinion of a private international Rothschild Zionist ‘law firm’ called Squire, Sanders & Dempsey to see if American states could, as some requested, legally use bail-out money or TARP –

the Troubled Asset Relief Program – to support the legal bills of people trying to protect their homes from foreclosure by the bailed out banking system.

The privately-owned Rothschild Zionist Squire, Sanders & Dempsey said ‘no’ and so Timothy Geithner (Rothschild Zionist) said the money could not be used to protect the public who had bailed out the banks from foreclosure by those same banks.

David Millstone, a very active Rothschild Zionist, partner at Squire, Sanders & Dempsey and regional chairman of the Anti-Defamation League’s international affairs committee. His firm says that public money can go to the Rothschild Zionist banks, but not to the innocent victims of the banks.

And while all this has been going on, these have been the heads of the major international financial institutions with the power to impose global economic policies:

The President of the World Bank is Robert Zoellick (Rothschild Zionist), a big-time Boy Bush administration insider who was a fervent advocate of invading Iraq long before even 9/11. Zoellick took over at the World Bank from the disgraced Paul Wolfowitz (Rothschild Zionist), another orchestrator of the Iraq invasion as Deputy Defence Secretary.

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Rothschild Zionist), the French politician who is expected to run to replace President Nicolas Sarkozy (Rothschild Zionist) at the next election.

The head of the European Central Bank (ECB) is Jean-Claude Trichet (Rothschild Zionist), another Frenchman who took over in 2003 following his acquittal in a trial over ‘financial irregularities’ at Crédit Lyonnais, one of France’s biggest banks.

Anyone think, given these facts, that the Rothschilds could control global finance and could possibly, oh just a little bit, have orchestrated the crash of 2008 and what has followed??

At the heart of the ‘bail out’ of Ireland (the bail out of Irish banks and the elite investors, like the Rothschilds, by the people of Ireland) were Jean-Claude Trichet (Rothschild Zionist) at the European Central Bank and Dominique Strauss-Kahn (Rothschild Zionist) at the IMF.

And the banks that caused the crash to which the Rothschild Zionists in power are ‘responding’ for their benefit are also invariably controlled, directly or ultimately, by Rothschild Zionists.

These include Goldman Sachs headed by Lloyd Blankfein (Rothschild Zionist) and created by Rothschild Zionists Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs who came, like so many of these people, from families that settled in America from the country where the name Rothschild originated – Germany.

Even more specifically, the German region of Bavaria comes up again and again – the home of the infamous Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt (who today I would be call a Rothschild Zionist).

The Pope and Henry Kissinger are just two examples of ‘born in Bavaria’.

Goldman Sachs was fundamentally responsible for the crash of 2008, but by that time its former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Henry ‘Hank’ Paulson, had been installed as US Treasury Secretary to begin the bank bail out policy, with enormous benefit to Goldman Sachs, in the closing weeks of the Bush administration.

Goldman Sachs was also instrumental in the collapse of the economy in Greece that started the ‘euro panic’ that later engulfed Ireland.

The symmetry is called Rothschild Zionism

They have the whole thing stitched up because the Rothschild Zionist secret society network have their agents in governments, the banking system, including the international institutions like the IMF, and control the reporting of their activities through ownership of the mainstream media.

As a result, if it is happening economically and politically, it’s because the Rothschilds want it that way – be it in banking, stock markets, commodity markets, currency valuation, the price of gold, the lot.

The world of finance is dictated by ‘investor confidence’ and who controls that?

Those who have the power to control the media, government and central bank financial statements and have the financial resources to move trillions around the financial markets every day.

In other words, the Rothschilds and their lackeys.

Rothschild Zionism is an elite secret society at its rotten core and the people I am naming here and so many more are not agents of Jewish people as a whole, but agents of the secret society that has mercilessly manipulated the Jewish population for centuries to advance its goals.

It is impossible to become President of the United States without support from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a massive Rothschild Zionist lobby group currently headed by Obama friend and funder, Lee Rosenberg.

It is also very difficult to hold high office of any kind if AIPAC doesn’t approve and a real struggle to even become a member of Congress or the Senate if AIPAC is against you.

As former BBC and Independent Television News correspondent, Alan Hart, wrote in Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews: ‘Jewish people make up less than two per cent of the American population, but account for 50 per cent of the political campaign contributions.’

And that 50 percent is overwhelmingly made up of a few Rothschild Zionists and is not in the least representative of half the Jewish population.

American political leaders may disagree on this and that, here and there, but on one thing they are all agreed …

As I write, the Rothschild Zionist-owned New York Times and Washington Post have been urging people to reject the left and the right and support ‘centrist’ politicians – the alleged ‘centrists’ and ‘moderates’ are often the most extreme of them all and need their ‘centre’ image to hide that.

Barack Obama made claims to be a ‘centrist’ and so did Tony Blair.

New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman (Rothschild Zionist) endorsed two attempts he said were underway to create a new ‘centre party’ in the United States and the Washington Post reported that a new grouping, known as ‘No Labels’, had been formed to occupy the ‘centre ground’ of American politics (they did the same in Britain with the creation of the Liberal Democrats who are now in an extremist coalition government with the ‘right-wing’ Conservative Party).

It turns out that a major funder of ‘No Labels’ is the Rothschild Zionist billionaire, James Tisch, the founding chairman of the Jewish Leadership Forum, executive committee member of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and a president of the Jewish Communal Fund.

He is also a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, headed until 2008 by Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner (Rothschild Zionist). Yes, how very ‘moderate’ and ‘centrist’ you must be, Mr. Tisch.

The Tisch family, one of the wealthiest in America, took control of the CBS empire in 1986 with the intention, they said, to promote the interests of Israel.

Two founders of No Labels, the Washington Post revealed, were David Frum (Rothschild Zionist), the ‘Axis of Evil’ speechwriter for Boy George Bush, and William Galston, a former advisor to Bill Clinton, who is close to the Rothschild Zionist Zilkha family, founders of Mothercare. Galston holds the Ezra Zilkha Chair in Governance Studies at the Rothschild Zionist ‘think tank’, the Brookings Institution.

No Labels is also supported by one of its ‘Citizen Leaders’, Kenneth R. Weinstein, CEO of the Rothschild Zionist ‘think-tank’, the Hudson Institute, founded by Herman Kahn (Rothschild Zionist), one of the inspirations for Stanley Kubrick’s character, Dr. Strangelove.

The Hudson Institute and the Brookings Institution are major strands in the Rothschild ‘think tank’ network worldwide.

The aim of No Labels is to target anyone who is ‘partisan’ in their political views (challenges the manipulated ‘consensus’) and thus force them into the ‘centre ground’ – those who support the Rothschild agenda.

You can see this for yourself at http://nolabels.org/.

No Labels is just another Rothschild Zionist extremist organisation masquerading as the moderate, ‘sensible’ centre – the wolf in sheep’s clothing technique that the Rothschilds employ to great effect.

In Britain and so many other countries around the world we have the same tail wagging the dog. The British version of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is the Friends of Israel network in every major party.

One investigation discovered that 80-per-cent of Members of Parliament in the now ruling Conservative Party are members of the Friends of Israel – which has the stated goal of supporting anything that is good for Israel (the Rothschilds who own Israel).

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is a Rothschild Zionist and so is the leader of the Labour ‘opposition’, Ed Milliband, who got the job after a campaign in which his brother, David Miliband (Rothschild Zionist), was the other major candidate. This in a country where the Jewish population (with many not Rothschild Zionists) is around 280,000 in a national population of 62 million.

The key manipulating force in the previous UK governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown was Peter Mandelson (Rothschild Zionist), who flaunts his close connections to the Rothschilds with holidays at their mansion on the Greek island of Corfu.

Lap dog Mandelson, on the right, with his owner, Jacob Rothschild. Wuff, wuff, Peter.

The Rothschilds controlled Blair as they controlled Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and this was the connection that led to Blair going into wars in support of both presidents who were being urged on by Israel (the Rothschilds).

It was the Rothschild network that orchestrated the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the War of Terror and its justification, September 11th.

9/11: The Rothschild Zionist Connection

The lease of the twin towers at the World Trade Center was bought just weeks before September 11th by businessmen, Larry Silverstein (Rothschild Zionist) and Frank Lowy (Rothschild Zionist), who both have very close links to Israeli leaders, including current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said that what happened on 9/11 was ‘good for Israel’.

The World Trade Center deal was struck with Lewis Eisenberg (Rothschild Zionist), the head of the New York Port Authority, vice president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and a former partner at the Rothschild-controlled Goldman Sachs. Eisenberg is also close to the Israel leadership.

The man pictured here who lobbied heavily for the New York Port Authority to sell the lease into private hands was Ronald S. Lauder (Rothschild Zionist) from the Estée Lauder cosmetics family.

He is involved with a stream of Rothschild Zionist organisations, including the Jewish National Fund, World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and the Anti-Defamation League.

Buying the World Trade Center lease was a terrible business deal for Silverstein and Lowy because the towers were known as the ‘white elephants’ given the state they were in and the fantastic amount of asbestos that needed to be dealt with.

Asked why he had bought the lease Silverstein said: ‘I felt a compelling urge to own them’.

I bet he did.

When the deal was done Silverstein and co massively increased the insurance for a ‘terrorist attack’ and were awarded $4.55 billion after the towers were hit.

The lease had cost $3.2 billion and Silverstein reportedly only invested $14 million of his own money.

The judge who oversaw the litigation between Silverstein and the insurance companies was Michael B. Mukasey (Rothschild Zionist) who later became US Attorney General.

‘Lucky Larry’.

Silverstein and Lowy had originally been outbid by $50 million for the World Trade Center lease by a company called Vornado, whose chief shareholder was the Jewish businessman, Bernard Mendik.

He was Silverstein’s former brother-in-law and they had fallen out big time after his divorce from Silverstein’s sister.

Then Vornado, despite having the best bid, ‘suddenly changed their minds’ and ‘suddenly pulled out’ leaving the field free for Silverstein and Lowy.

No wonder they call him ‘Lucky Larry’.

Weeks after Silverstein and Lowy presented their final bid for the WTC, Vornado’s Bernard Mendik died after becoming ‘suddenly ill’. So many ‘suddenlys’.

Silverstein had breakfast every morning with his children in the Windows on the World Restaurant, more than 100 floors up in the North Tower, but none of them showed on 9/11.

Silverstein said he had a last minute ‘dermatologist appointment’ when in truth, as one his bodyguards has said privately, he had a phone call in his car telling him to stay away from the World Trade Center that morning.

He then got on his car phone to tell his children.

‘Where’s Larry today?’

It was Silverstein who said in a television interview (which he now deeply regrets) that when another of his buildings in the World Trade Center complex, Building Seven or the Salomon Brothers Building, was on fire the decision was made to ‘pull it’ – the classic term for a controlled demolition.

Soon after this decision, the building, which had not been hit by a plane, did indeed come down in a controlled demolition.

The problem with Silverstein’s story is that it can take weeks to place the charges in a building like the 47-storey Building Seven to make it collapse in on itself as it did.

How could the decision be made to ‘pull it’ and then down it comes?

Building Seven collapsed perfectly onto the land on which it stood – and that could only happen with a controlled demolition.

The charges were planted long before the official decision was made to ‘pull it’ and the whole 9/11 scenario unfolded from a pre-planned script.

The BBC announced on live television that Building Seven had collapsed half-an-hour before it actually did because the authorities released the ‘news’ too early.

Security at the World Trade Center was the responsibility of the Rothschild Zionist- owned Kroll Associates which has close links to the CIA and Mossad.

Security at all three airports involved on 9/11 was run by ICTS International / Huntsleigh USA, companies owned by Rothschild Zionists, Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon, and dominated by ‘former’ agents of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service and counter-intelligence agency that handles security for the Israeli airline, EL AL.

Rothschild Zionist-owned ICTS was also responsible for security at the Paris airport where the alleged ‘shoe bomber’, Richard Reid, boarded his plane to the United States and ICTS was providing the ‘security’ at Amsterdam airport when the underpants bomber boarded his flight after paying cash for a high-priced last-minute ticket, boarded without checked baggage and, reportedly, even a passport.

As a result, travellers are now being radiated in full-body scanners, of which more in a moment.

The CIA at the time of 9/11 was headed by George Tenet (Rothschild Zionist) and the ‘investigation’ into the attacks was overseen by Assistant Attorney General, Michael Chertoff (Rothschild Zionist), the son of an agent with the Israeli (Rothschild) enforcement agency, Mossad.

Chertoff co-authored the notorious Patriot Act which deleted basic rights and freedoms on the justification of 9/11 (Problem-Reaction-Solution) and then became the second head of Homeland Security, an organisation also created on the back of 9/11.

Chertoff now runs his own company, the Chertoff Group, a ‘risk management and security consulting firm’, which employs several senior colleagues from Homeland Security and also Michael Hayden, a former Director of the National Security Agency and the CIA.

Chertoff was all over the TV networks after the engineered ‘underpants bomber’ incident urging the government to introduce full body radiation scanners, which they then did.

They are produced by one of the Chertoff Group clients, Rapiscan Systems.

The underpants bomber (well, more the burn-his-own-arse ‘bomber’) was, as I’ve said, allowed onto the plane despite a string of red flags, and apparently no passport, through a ‘security’ system operated by the Rothschild Zionist, ICTS.

The Pentagon at the time of 9/11 was controlled by people like Paul Wolfowitz (Rothschild Zionist), the Deputy Defence Secretary who went on to head the World Bank; and Dov Zakheim (Rothschild Zionist), a dual Israeli/American citizen and the Pentagon Comptroller who managed to ‘lose’ trillions from the Pentagon budget – a fact that was announced on September 10th, 2001.

Anyone wonder why this announcement was not widely reported? Did something happen the next day then? It had to be a coincidence, surely, they couldn’t have known what was coming, could they??

Zakheim also wrongly classified squads of US F16 and F15 fighters as military surplus so they could be sold to Israel at a knock-down price (and bought with American ‘aid’ money, anyway). This and other military sales (often gifts) means that Israel, with a population of just seven and a half million, has one of the biggest air forces on the planet.

With love from Dov.

The Bush administration was famously controlled at the time of the September 11th attacks by the so-called ‘neocons’ or neoconservatives.

These were led by a cabal of Rothschild Zionists like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim, Robert Kagan, Douglas Feith, Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby, the disbarred American attorney and convicted felon who was former ‘advisor’ to Dick Cheney, and William Kristol, editor of the Rothschild Zionist neocon propaganda sheet, the Weekly Standard, owned at the time by Rupert Murdoch (Rothschild Zionist).

Oh yes, and this gang also included Robert Zoellick, now head of the World Bank, who took over in that post from his neocon and Rothschild Zionist colleague, Paul Wolfowitz.

I repeat – Jewish people make up only 1.7% of the American population and many of those are not Rothschild Zionists.

The ratio to positions of power is simply fantastic and I am only highlighting here what you might call a ‘headline list’.

It goes much, much deeper – see for instance this list of Rothschild Zionists controlling ostensibly non-Jewish organisations …

The neocon leadership wrote to Bill Clinton urging him to attack Iraq before 9/11 and they then went into overdrive to advocate the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan after the World Trade Center attacks under Bush.

Interestingly, these same Rothschild Zionists, along with puppet Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Vice-President Dick Cheney, both vehement supporters of Israel, launched a ‘think tank’ before Bush came to office called the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

In September 2000, this organisation published a document called Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century in which they called for American forces to ‘fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars’ with emphasis on places like Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

But the document said that this ‘… process of transformation … is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor’ to justify it to the people.

One year to the month after that document was published and nine months after most of these Rothschild Zionists came to power in the Bush administration, America did indeed have ‘a new Pearl Harbor’ which was then used to justify the agenda laid out in the document.

Coincidence? Of course not.

The Bush State of the Union address in 2002 which called Iraq, Iran and North Korea the ‘axis of evil’ was written by the neocon, David Frum (Rothschild Zionist), now supporting the Rothschild Zionist front, No Labels, and was straight from the pages of the Project for the New American Century document.

The official 9/11 Commission ‘investigation’ into what happened that day was only forced upon Bush and Cheney kicking and screaming and the man they first appointed to head the Commission was Henry Kissinger (Rothschild Zionist).

This was so ludicrous and incredible that he resigned, citing ‘conflicts of interest’, which had never stopped him before.

But the ‘investigation’ and the final report was still overseen by Phillip Zelikow (Rothschild Zionist) and it decided that the official story was basically true after failing to interview or quote key witnesses that gave another version of events.

Phillip Zelikow: ‘You mean it was supposed to be open, thorough and tell the truth? Henry didn’t mention that.’

The federal judge assigned to deal with all wrongful death and personal injury cases filed by the families of those who died on September 11th was Alvin K. Hellerstein (Rothschild Zionist) who has major family ties to Israel.

Attorney Kenneth Feinberg (Rothschild Zionist) oversaw the 9/11 victim’s compensation fund and 97 per cent of the families were persuaded to take the money in exchange for not pressing for an independent investigation of the September 11th atrocities.

Those that did demand an investigation or rejected the limitations of the compensation fund were dealt with through a ‘special mediator’, Sheila Birnbaum (Rothschild Zionist).

Feinberg (Rothschild Zionist) went on to become the ‘Special Master’ for TARP Executive Compensation related to the bank bail outs, and is currently the government-appointed administrator of the compensation fund for victims of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kenneth Feinberg (Rothschild Zionist) – busy life.

Then there is the story of the five ‘dancing Israelis’ who were arrested after police received several calls from New Jersey residents outraged that ‘middle-eastern’ men were high-fiveing, whooping and cheering as they videotaped the burning Twin Towers.

‘They were like happy, you know … They didn’t look shocked to me’, one witness said.

Police and FBI officers reportedly discovered maps of New York in the Israelis’ white van with locations highlighted, and also $4,700 in cash hidden in a sock, foreign passports, and box cutters of the type alleged to have been used by the ‘Arab hijackers’.

It was further reported that sniffer dogs found traces of explosives in the van, which belonged to a Mossad front company called Urban Moving Systems owned by Israeli Dominick Suter (Rothschild Zionist), who dropped everything (literally judging by the haste the office was evacuated) and fled back to Israel immediately after the attacks.

The Forward, a Jewish newspaper, said the FBI found that at least two of the five arrested Israelis were Mossad agents and that Urban Moving Systems was a Mossad front operation.

The five were held for 71 days, but then released without charge and allowed to return to Israel where three of them appeared on television to say that ‘our purpose was to document the event’.

Yes, an event they knew was going to happen.

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of studies at the US Army War College, has said publicly says that US military leaders now know that Israel ‘and those traitors within our nation’ were responsible for the 9/11 attacks (see his interview after this article).

Three of the ‘dancing Israelis’ on Israel television.

Since September 11th we have been subjected to a series of ‘Bin Laden’ videos and other ‘information’ promoting fear of Arab terrorism from two organisations called IntelCenter and S.I.T.E., or the Search for International Terrorist Entities Institute (so long as they are not from Israel).

IntelCenter is headed by Ben Venzke (Rothschild Zionist) and S.I.T.E was co- founded by Rita Katz (Rothschild Zionist).

In an article headed, Is Israel Controlling Phony Terror News?, writers Gordon Duff and Brian Jobert ask some key questions:

‘Who says Al Qaeda takes credit for a bombing? Rita Katz. Who gets us bin Laden tapes? Rita Katz. Who gets us pretty much all information telling us Muslims are bad? Rita Katz? Rita Katz is the Director of Site Intelligence, primary source for intelligence used by news services, Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA.

What is her qualification?

She served in the Israeli Defense Force.

She has a college degree and most investigative journalists believe the Mossad “helps” her with her information.

We find no evidence of any qualification whatsoever of any kind. A bartender has more intelligence gathering experience.

Nobody verifies her claims.

SITE says Al Qaeda did it, it hits the papers.

SITE says Israel didn’t do it, that hits the papers too.

What does SITE really do?

They check the internet for “information,” almost invariably information that Israel wants reported and it is sold as news, seen on American TV, reported in our papers and passed around the internet almost as though it were actually true. Amazing.’

But not quite so amazing if you have read this far and seen the extent to which the Rothschild Zionist secret society networks control and manipulate world events.

Rothschild Zionists Katz and Venzke provide ‘intelligence’ and Bin Laden videos for ‘security’ agencies and the media, and Adam Gadahn, pictured at the top here, is an alleged spokesman for ‘Al Qaeda’ who releases videos of himself supporting terrorism.

His name is on the FBI ‘most wanted’ terrorist list.

How strange then that ‘Adam Gadahn’ turns out to be a Jewish man called Adam Pearlman, grandson of Carl Pearlman, who served on the Board of the rabid Rothschild Zionist Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

The Chairman of the US Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is Senator Joseph Lieberman (Rothschild Zionist) who, like the Rothschild cesspit in general, is desperate to use the ‘threat of terrorism’ to censor the Internet to block the truth from coming out.

Rothschild Zionists have kept exposure from the door, up to now, through ownership of the mainstream media.

Shahar Ilan, a daily features editor with the leading Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, wrote:

‘The Jews [Rothschild Zionists]do control the American media. This is very clear, and claiming otherwise is an insult to common knowledge.’

Not only in America, either, and not only the ‘news’ media of Rothschild Zionist moguls like Rupert Murdoch.

The Los Angeles Times columnist, Joel Stein (Rothschild Zionist), wrote an article proclaiming that Americans who don’t think Jews (Rothschild Zionists) control Hollywood are just plain ‘dumb’:

‘I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. But lo and behold, even one of that six, AMC President Charles Collier, turned out to be a Jew! … As a proud Jew, I want America to know of our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood.’

I emphasise again that we are not talking here about ‘the Jews’ owning the media, Hollywood, politics, banking and big business, but a tiny clique answering ultimately to the secret society that I call Rothschild Zionism.

The mass of Jewish people have been mercilessly used and abused by the Rothschild networks that don’t give a damn about them.

They are not pursuing what is best for Jewish people as a whole, but what suits the Rothschild conspiracy for global domination on behalf of their hidden masters.

The Rothschilds and their Zionist secret society web control American government policy on Israel and everything else – and it’s the same in Britain and country after country, including France, Germany (of course), Italy, Belgium and the European Union, which was a Rothschild creation from the start.

Obama’s first major speech on the Middle East in 2008 was, according to the Wall Street Journal, written for him by James Steinberg (Rothschild Zionist), Daniel Kurtzer (Rothschild Zionist) and Dennis Ross (Rothschild Zionist).

It was delivered to the Rothschild Zionist lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Any chance of it being biased against the Palestinians, do you think?

The man appointed to oversee the war in Afghanistan and the targeting of Pakistan was Richard Holbrooke (Rothschild Zionist), Obama’s ‘Special Representative’ for Afghanistan and Pakistan who died in December 2010.

Holbrooke served the Rothschild Zionist cabal in positions of ‘diplomacy’ from the Vietnam war to the conflict in Afghanistan, taking in posts as a special envoy to the Balkans before and during the war in the former Yugoslavia; as United Nations Ambassador; as the man given responsibility for selling the Aids agenda, and so much more.

It is the Rothschilds’ duel control of America and Israel that has led to astonishing amounts of American tax dollars being transferred to Israel in military and financial ‘aid’.

One arm of the Rothschilds is simply giving it to another.

John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt write in their book, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy:

‘Israel receives about $3 billion in direct foreign assistance each year, which is roughly one-fifth of America’s entire foreign aid budget. In per capita terms, the United States gives each Israeli a direct subsidy worth about $500 per year.

This largesse is especially striking when one realizes that Israel is now a wealthy industrial state with a per capita income roughly equal to South Korea or Spain.’

The US House of Representatives recently approved another $205 million in military aid for Israel for an ‘anti-missile’ system.

‘When it comes to defense, military, and intelligence cooperation, the relationship between the US and Israel has never been stronger’, said Democrat Representative Steve Rothman (Rothschild Zionist), a member of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee.

As he spoke, the Israeli authorities were using their American-supplied military might to continue the blockade of the Gaza Strip which has been stopping supplies of food, fuel and basic needs for 1.5 million Palestinians since 2007.

I have set out here to reveal the true face of Zionism – the House of Rothschild and its networks – and how its agents in Big Government, Big Banking, Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Media and so on, are working as one unit to impose a global Orwellian dictatorship on the human population – including the mass of Jewish people.

Zionism is a subject that all but a few are either too ignorant or too frightened to tackle and expose, but it must be made public and the web dismantled if global tyranny is to be avoided in the very near future.

In fact, it’s not even about the ‘future’; the tyranny is already here and it is just a case of how deeply we are going to allow ourselves to be enslaved by it.

The Rothschilds have spent a century hiding the true and ever-gathering extent of their global control and that veil must be lifted for the mass of the people to see.

I should also stress that when I say ‘Rothschild’, I don’t only mean those called ‘Rothschild’, nor even all of the people who are known by that name.

There are many in the Rothschild family and its offshoots who have no idea what the hierarchy is doing and there are many ‘Rothschilds’ who don’t carry the name itself.

When I say ‘Rothschild’, I am referring to the Rothschild bloodline because, as I have detailed in my books, they have long had breeding programmes that produce offspring that are brought up under other names.

So when these people come to power, they carry the Rothschild genetics and answer to their control system, but they are not officially called ‘Rothschild’, and in this way the scale of the Rothschild infiltration of government, finance and so on remains hidden behind an army of offspring known by different names.

It is time to put the Rothschilds on public display because that’s the last place they want to be.

They have operated from the shadows for long enough and we must urgently ensure that those days are over.








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REAL NEWS Sept 27 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 26, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 27, 2012



How To Start A War In One Easy Step



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Admin

Lions of Liberty – by Marc Clair  

War Is The Health Of The State – Randolph Bourne

Time and time again, when a State is in trouble with it’s populace, you can be darn-tootin’ the first thing they will look to do is to distract the populace and redirect their anger.  

Throughout history no method has proven more effective in doing this than to take the country to war.

 War was Hitler’s solution to the economic troubles of Germany caused by the hyperinflation of the in the period of the  Weimar Republic, just as entering World War II was Franklin Roosevelt’s solution the Great Depression.    

Contrary to the beliefs of “mainstream economists” like Paul Krugman will like to create.

What war does do is unite the populace around the State, and make them more forgiving of tough economic times.  

How many people in the ’1940′s would have accepted the idea of rationing if it wasn’t for the “greater good” of defeating those evil Nazis and Japanese?

Of course, the idea that the U.S. government would go to war for less than noble reasons has long been the relegated to the territory of fringe “conspiracy theories” associated with the likes of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

 But the age of information is changing that , as the concept of false flags are becoming more and more accepted as a conspiracy fact. 

 It is now widely accepted that FDR was indeed well aware of the pending Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor that led to the U.S.’s direct involvement in World War II.  

It is also now known that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the invasion of Vietnam never even happened.

Whether they simply “wait” for an event to happen as in the case of Pearl Harbor or completely manufacture it as in the case of the Gulf of  Tonkin, the point remains the same.  

When the Government wants a war, they will look for the reasons to get into it. And it only takes one easy step: Create An Enemy.

One would think that in the Age of YouTube, those that would falsely lead us into war would be a bit more careful about what they say and when they say it.  

See below the video of  Patrick Clawson, who heads the Washington Institute’s Iran Security Initiative, responding to a question about what should happen if negotiations with Tehran fail.

Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran

Poor Patrick seems a bit upset that “crisis initiation is very tough”.

 He then proceeds to name all of the events over time that have justified the United States going to war from the Fort Sumter incident that started justified Lincoln’s initiation of the American Civil War all the way up to the aforementioned Pearl Harbor and Gulf of Tonkin incidents.

 Clawson goes on to discuss how a war with Iran could be initiated, while trying to do his best Jackie Mason impression:

“Sometimes Iranian submarines periodically go down. Some day one of them might not come up. Who would know why?

We can do a variety of things if we wish to increase the pressure.

I’m not advocating that, but I’m just suggesting that this is not a either/or proposition of just sanctions have to succeed or other things.  We are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians.

We could get nastier at that”.

Ah, I see.

Clawson isn’t advocating a false flag, he is merely suggesting that maaaaaybe it might be something to consider before just flat out saying the U.S. is currently using “covert means” to plan such a thing.

 What a standup guy!

The only way to prevent something like this from occurring is to make people more aware of the possibility.  

Because however it starts, a war with Iran will have much broader global implications and many believe it could lead to a Third World War. 

With the newly minted 2013 NDAA being prepped to fully legalize a war with Iran coupled with statements like these from people in the know, it’s certainly something we need to be wary of.








You can’t have free speech and Zionism, Mr. President!



US President Obama delivers foreign policy

speech at the UN — September 25, 2012~~

From Veteran News Now

by Alan Hart – September 26, 2012

Editor’s note: “There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents,” Mr. Obama told the General Assembly. 

Mr. President, that is precisely what American missiles and drones have been doing in Libya, Yemen and Pakistan — “killing innocents” and American missiles and weapons are being used by Israel for decades to “kill innocents” in defenseless Lebanon and Palestine.

Indeed! there are no words that excuse the killing of innocents sir!


As the New York Times put it, “President Obama used his last major address on a global stage before the November election to deliver a strong defense of America’s belief in freedom of speech, challenging fledgling Arab and North African democracies to ensure that right even in the face of violence.”

My challenge to the president is this. “When you are back in the White House for a second term, will you do whatever is necessary to ensure that all Americans (Congressmen and women especially) can enjoy the right of free speech even in the face of the Zionist lobby’s offensive to suppress it?”

Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent who has covered wars and conflicts wherever they were taking place in the world and specialized in the Middle East.

His Latest book  Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, Vol. 1: The False Messiah, is a three-volume epic in its American edition. He blogs at AlanHart.com.


U.S. Arming of Israel: How U.S. Weapons Manufacturers Profit From Middle East Conflict

 SEE VIDEO HERE : http://www.democracynow.org/2006/7/21/u_s_arming_of_israel_how

A new report by the World Policy Institute examines how the United States provides billions of dollars of military aid to Israel each year and how their current arsenal is composed of U.S made equipment.

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The UN Continues Pushing to Take Away Your Second Amendment Rights



 From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 26, 2012 bClark Kent

Gun Owners of America 

 We can all breathe a sigh of relief that the Obama administration was forced to pull out of signing the Arms TradeTreaty in July. 

Following its actions, China and Russia also balked.

So congratulations, once again, are in order — as your hard work paid off handsomely. 

Over 50 US Senators ultimately signed a letter opposing this abomination!

But don’t think the UN has pulled back from its unremitting efforts to destroy your constitutional rights.

Earlier this month, the UN’s “Review Conference on Illicit Small Arms Trade” adopted an anti-gun “consensus outcome document” with the acquiescence of the Obama administration.

Among other things, the document, in the UN’s own words, “underscored efforts in marking, record-keeping and cooperation in tracing small arms ….”  We all understand that this verbiage is code for national gun registration.

And in the words of the UN, “Member States agreed to strengthen national measures on marking ….” 

Now “marking” can mean many things. 

But we know from records of UN discussions, that one of the things it means is “microstamping.”

This procedure to imprint a unique identifier on fired cartridges, may or may not be safely scientifically achievable. 

And at any rate, it is very costly.

Thus without admitting it, microstamping requirements could effectively put an end to your Second Amendment rights.

Now, the “consensus outcome document” will certainly not have the punch of a Senate-ratified treaty. 

Nevertheless, we cannot assume it will not be a threat — or that the President won’t try to implement certain parts of it through Executive Order. 

Of course, Barack Obama could do an illegal Executive Order or illegal regulation with or without UN encouragement, and that is something we might be facing during a second presidential term, if he is re-elected.

ACTION:  Click here to contact your Senators and ask them to block funding for implementing the UN “consensus outcome document” on small arms.








Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil




See DoD Current and Future U.S. Drone Activities Map Click Here

We like to think of the drone war as something far away, fought in the deserts of Yemen or the mountains of Afghanistan.

But we now know it’s closer than we thought.

There are 64 drone bases on American soil.

That includes 12 locations housing Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be armed.

Public Intelligence, a non-profit that advocates for free access to information, released a map of military UAV activities in the United States on Tuesday.

Assembled from military sources — especially this little-known June 2011 Air Force presentation (.pdf) – it is arguably the most comprehensive map so far of the spread of the Pentagon’s unmanned fleet.

What exact missions are performed at those locations, however, is not clear.

Some bases might be used as remote cockpits to control the robotic aircraft overseas, some for drone pilot training.

Others may also serve as imagery analysis depots.

The medium-size Shadow is used in 22 bases, the smaller Raven in 20 and the miniature Wasp in 11.

California and Texas lead the pack, with 10 and six sites, respectively, and there are also 22 planned locations for future bases.

 ”It is very likely that there are more domestic drone activities not included in the map, but it is designed to provide an approximate overview of the widespread nature of Department of Defense activities throughout the US,” Michael Haynes from Public Intelligence tells Danger Room.

The possibility of military drones (as well as those controlled by police departments and universities) flying over American skies have raised concerns among privacy activists.

As the American Civil Liberties Union explained in its December 2011 report, the machines potentially could be used to spy on American citizens.

The drones’ presence in our skies “threatens to eradicate existing practical limits on aerial monitoring and allow for pervasive surveillance, police fishing expeditions, and abusive use of these tools in a way that could eventually eliminate the privacy Americans have traditionally enjoyed in their movements and activities.”

As Danger Room reported last month, even military drones, which are prohibited from spying on Americans, may “accidentally” conduct such surveillance — and keep the data for months afterwards while they figure out what to do with it.

The material they collect without a warrant, as scholar Steven Aftergood revealed, could then be used to open an investigation.

The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the U.S. military from operating on American soil, and there’s no evidence that drones have violated it so far.

This new map comes almost two months after the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) revealed another one, this time of public agencies – including police departments and universities – that have a permit issued by the Federal Aviation Agency to use UAVs in American airspace.

“It goes to show you how entrenched drones already are,” said Trevor Timm, an EFF activist, when asked about the new map.

“It’s clear that the drone industry is expanding rapidly and this map is just another example of that. And if people are worried about military technology coming back and being sold in the US, this is just another example how drone technology is probably going to proliferate in the US very soon.”

Domestic proliferation isn’t the same as domestic spying, however.

Most — if not all — of these military bases would make poor surveillance centers.

Many of the locations are isolated, far from civilian populations.

Almost half of the bases on the map work only with the relatively small Raven and Shadow drones; their limited range and endurance make them imperfect spying tools, at best.

It’s safe to assume that most of the bases are just used for military training.

Privacy concerns aside, the biggest issue might be safety, as we were been reminded on Monday when a giant Navy drone crashed in Maryland.








UN General Assembly: Israel subjugated to Palestine

Israel awaits the dramatic decisions of Palestinian President Abbas



Israeli Apartheid | by Latuf

Israeli Apartheid | by Latuf


At the 2012, 67th UN General Assembly, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu became irrelevant.

The most overwhelming sign of this were surprising commentaries in the Hebrew media.

Despite its main editors being under Netanyahu’s control, the media’s main concern was what will Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas say and do.

Politically, Israel became subjugated to Palestine.

This was the result of dramatic events surrounding the UN General Debate. Israel publicly lost the support of its main ally—the USA—on the issue of an attack on Iran; it faces a diplomatic attack from its neighbor Egypt, and fears a Palestinian announcement on the dismantlement of the Palestinian Authority.

Netanyahu is not the man to face such harsh reality with equanimity; in fact Israel panicked and brought out a confused plan to trick Mahmoud Abbas into delivering a pro-Zionist speech.

To fulfill this Machiavellian plan, Israel recruited a Jewish Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. But, I’m rushing ahead.

Prologue: The Entire World is Against Netanyahu

President Obama

Apparently, President Obama gave up on the Jewish vote for the imminent U.S. presidential elections.

After all, never in American history had this minority decided the election’s fate (see Romney, Obama, and the Israeli Vote).

Obama is not well-seen in Israel, where he is a popular target of racist caricatures.

According to Hebrew media, Obama and Netanyahu have nil personal relations between them; both gave up on an improvement.

This is to such an extent that president Obama gave up not only on the Jewish vote, but also on the Jewish money which is much more influential during a presidential campaign. Oddly enough, this made President Obama free to pursue American interests.

President Obama at UN 67th General Assembly

In recent months Netanyahu was trying to obtain a formal statement from president Obama regarding the red lines that if crossed by Iran would lead to an attack against it by the USA.

The details requested by Netanyahu included uranium enrichment levels and weapons development.

One week before the beginning of the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu said “the sooner we establish [red lines], the greater the chances that there won’t be a need for other types of action.”

He was referring to military actions by Israel and the USA against Iran.

Secretary of State Clinton replied on the same day “we’re not setting deadlines.”

This was emphasized by White House spokesman Jay Carney “It is not fruitful as part of this process to engage in that kind of specificity.”

In other words, Netanyahu cannot start a war on Iran.

He can’t even threat since he obviously lacks support from America. The USA won’t sacrifice two million sons for the sake of Israel’s belligerent goals.

As expanded in UN General Assembly: Egypt hits Israel, the next one to spoil Israel’s game was Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi.

In an interview to the New York Times, which preceded his UN speech, he said “If Washington is asking Egypt to honor its treaty with Israel, he said, Washington should also live up to its own Camp David commitment to Palestinian self-rule.”

In other words, he politely accused Israel of not honoring the peace agreement.

Under such circumstances, Egypt cannot be expected to observe it.

Netanyahu faces also a third threat, by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who is threatening to dismantle the Palestinian Authority if the peace talks with Israel don’t advance.

The result of such a step would be a Third Intifada, which will make the first two look like pale rehearsals to it.

Sweating profusely, Netanyahu pulled out of a dusty Mossad drawer an unbelievable plan.

Netanyahu’s Best Idea

On September 24, 2012, Mahmoud Abbas met American Jewish leaders in New York.

Among them was Alan Dershowitz, who is a Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.

A supporter of Israel, Dershowitz asked Abbas to adopt the formula he had proposed on June 3, 2012, in a Wall Street Journal editorial and is known as the “Dershowitz Formula.”

Less dramatic than its name, it specifies the conditions for the renewal of the negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

Israel, American Jews and Dershowitz himself claim he is in a perfect position to make a fair offer that will be accepted by both sides.

Considering his Zionist connections, this claim is highly dubious.

The formula was stated by Professor Dershowitz as “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should now offer a conditional freeze: Israel will stop all settlement building in the West Bank as soon as the Palestinian Authority sits down at the bargaining table, and the freeze will continue as long as the talks continue in good faith.”

As typical in Jewish affairs, oral conditions were included.

In the meeting with Abbas, the Jewish leaders requested Abbas to “recognize the Jewish link to Israel.”

In other words, the Jewish leaders asked the Palestinians to recognize Israel’s Law of return, which defines automatic citizenship to any Jew arriving at Israel.

Typically, Israel never defined accurately “Who is a Jew?”

This semantic trap allows the Israeli Administration to do what it pleases, regardless of its own laws.

Why should a Jewish-American law professor be considered a fair facilitator in the renewal of the Palestinian-Israeli talks?

Not even he is smart enough to answer this.

Moreover, he showed an astounding amount of “chutzpah”—Hebrew for “insolence”—when asking something for nothing.

We have been there. Israel froze the settlements’ expansion a million times.

Every time it violated the fragile agreement achieved with the Palestinians; the last time this happened was in 2011.

There is no reason to believe this time Israel will behave differently.

In exchange, Israel requests an important declaration from the Palestinians which would be impossible to deny afterwards.

Netanyahu is trying to distract Abbas, trying to convince him to drop what will probably be an historical speech and replace it with a pro-Zionist speech.

Will Abbas succumb to this entrapment attempt?

Israeli Peace Plan | by Latuf

Israeli Peace Plan | by Latuf

Spingola Specials : Roi Tov
The interview can be listened at
Deanna Spingola – RBN – interview with Ken Freeland, speaking for Roi Tov 
and Deanna’s schedule is at Spingola Specials








He was the man who saved the world by single-handedly averting World War Three five decades ago

The man who saved the world: The Soviet submariner who single-handedly averted WWIII at height of the Cuban Missile Crisis

  • U.S.S.R. and U.S. stood on brink of nuclear war during Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Four Russian submarines secretly set sail to Cuba, with nuclear weapons

  • Vasili Arkhipov, who died in 1998, used last veto against firing sub’s torpedo

  • The Russians instead surrendered and his action avoided World War Three

From Mail Online

By LEON WATSON and MARK DUELL – September 25, 2012

He was the man who saved the world by single-handedly averting World War Three five decades ago, yet he died humiliated, outcast and an unknown. Only now has his story has come to light.

A documentary shown tonight told how for 13 days during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, the world held its breath as the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. stood on the brink of nuclear war.

At the height of the Cold War, when paranoia on both sides meant the slightest provocation could spark nuclear war, four submarines secretly set sail from Russia to communist Cuba.


 Averted war: Vasili Arkhipoy (pictured above, and bottom aboard a submarine), saved the world by single-handedly averting World War Three with one decision 50 years ago, yet he died humiliated, outcast and an unknown

Only a handful of the submariners on board knew that their ships carried nuclear weapons, each with the strength of the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945.

Vasili Arkhipov, aboard the sub B59, was one of them. As his craft neared Cuba, U.S. helicopters, aeroplanes and battleships were scouring the ocean for Russian subs.

‘At that period of time it was called “special weapon”, not “nuclear torpedo”,’ said Viktor Mikhailov, junior navigator on Sub B-59. ‘At that time we couldn’t even imagine a nuclear torpedo.’

In a game of high stakes cat and mouse it wasn’t long before the Russians were spotted. Arkhipov’s sub was forced to make an emergency dive.

Man Who Saved the World. Vasili and wife Olga in 1957
Man Who Saved the World Vasili with his daughter Yelena three years before he died

Remembered: Arkhipov is pictured above with his wife Olga in 1957, and bottom with his daughter Yelena, three years before he died in 1998

Tense: For 13 days during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, the world held its breath as the USSR and the U.S. stood on the brink of nuclear war

Tense: For 13 days during the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, the world held its breath as the USSR and the U.S. stood on the brink of nuclear war

As the submariners tried to stay hidden from their US hunters, conditions in the sub deteriorated. For a week they stayed underwater, in sweltering 60C heat, rationed to just one glass of water a day.

Above them, the U.S. navy were ‘hunting by exhaustion’ – trying to force the Soviet sub to come to the surface to recharge its batteries.

They had no idea that on board the submarines were weapons capable of destroying the entire American fleet.

Gary Slaughter, a signalman on board the USS Cony battleship, said: ‘We knew they were probably having trouble breathing. It was hot as hell in there, they were miserable.’

Mr President: John F. Kennedy was in office in the U.S. between 1961 and 1963, at the height of the crisis

Mr President: John F. Kennedy was in office in the U.S. between 1961 and 1963, at the height of the crisis

Tense: The documentary recreated the dramatic moment when Soviet sailors decided not to fire the weapon

Tense: The documentary recreated the dramatic moment when Soviet sailors decided not to fire the weapon

‘They were cramped together and they had been under great stress for a long time. Basically what we were trying to do was apply passive torture. 

‘Frankly I don’t think we felt any sympathy for them at all. They were the enemy.’

The Americans decided to ratchet up the pressure, and dropped warning grenades into the sea. Inside the sub, the Soviet submariners thought they were under attack.

Valentin Savitsky, the captain of B59, was convinced the nuclear war had already started. 

He demanded that the submariners launch their torpedo to save some of Russia’s pride.

The programme on Channel 5 revealed how in any normal circumstances Savitsky’s orders would have been followed, and World War Three would have been unleashed.

'Close friend': Ryurik Ketov, commander of Sub B-4, said Arkhipov was 'cool-headed' and 'in control'

‘Close friend’: Ryurik Ketov, commander of Sub B-4, said Arkhipov was ‘cool-headed’ and ‘in control’

Memories: Viktor Mikhailov, junior navigator on Sub B-59, said they had a 'special weapon' on board, which was not even referred to as a 'nuclear weapon'

Memories: Viktor Mikhailov, junior navigator on Sub B-59, said they had a ‘special weapon’ on board, which was not even referred to as a ‘nuclear weapon’

Ryurik Ketov, commander of another sub, Sub B-4, said: ‘Vasili Arkhipov was a submariner and a close friend of mine. He was a family friend. He stood out for being cool-headed. He was in control.’

Savitsky hadn’t counted on Arkhipov. As commander of the fleet, Arkhipov had the last veto. And although his men were against him, he insisted that they must not fire – and instead surrender.

It was a humiliating move – but one that saved the world. The Soviet submariners were forced to return to their native Russia, where they were given the opposite of a hero’s welcome.

Historian Thomas Blanton told the Sun: ‘What heroism, what duty, they fulfilled to go halfway across the world and come back, and survive.’

Covert mission: In a game of high stakes cat and mouse it wasn't long before the Russian's were spotted

Covert mission: In a game of high stakes cat and mouse it wasn’t long before the Russian’s were spotted

Proud: Arkopov's widow Olga said: 'I was proud and I am proud of my husband, always'widow Olga said: 'I was proud and I am proud of my husband, always.'

Proud: Arkopov’s widow Olga said: ‘I was proud and I am proud of my husband, always’

‘But in fact, one of the Russian admirals told the submariners; “It would have been better if you’d gone down with your ship.” Extraordinary.’

Four decades passed before the story of what really happened on the B59 sub was discovered. It was after Arkipov had died in 1998 from radiation poisoning. 

But to his widow Olga, he was always a hero.

She said: ‘He knew that it was madness to fire the nuclear torpedo. In Cuba, in honour of the 40th anniversary of the crisis, people gathered.

‘They said that the person who prevented a nuclear war was the Russian submariner Vasili Arkhipov. I was proud and I am proud of my husband always.’






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REAL NEWS Sept 26 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 25, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 26, 2012



Breaking : CorpGov Lied – Chem-Sprayed Civilians in the 1960’s



From Urban Survival

By George Ure – September 25, 2012

Think the chem-trail crowd is wrong? 

New research being unveiled today says that indeed, the Army spray unknowing civilian populations with dangerous chemicals from 1945 to 1970.

The research paper is publicly available here and here’s the summary:


This piece analyzes a covert Manhattan Project spin-off organization referred to here as the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition,

and an obscure aerosol study in St. Louis, Missouri, conducted under contract by the U.S. military from 1953–1954, and 1963–1965.

The military-sponsored studies targeted a segregated, high-density urban area, where low-income persons of color predominantly resided.

Examination of the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition and the St. Louis aerosol studies, reveal their connections to each other, and to a much larger military project that secretly tested humans,

both alive and deceased, in an effort to understand the effects of weaponized radiation.

Through this case study, the author explores how a large number of participants inside an organization will willingly participate in organizational acts that are harmful to others,

and how large numbers of outsiders, who may or may not be victims of organizational activities, are unable to determine illegal or harmful activity by an organization.

The author explains how ethical and observational lapses are engineered by the organization through several specific mechanisms,

in an effort to disable critical analysis, and prevent both internal and external dissent of harmful organizational actions.

Through studying the process of complex organizational deviance, we can develop public policies that protect the public’s right to know,

and construct checks and methods to minimize the chance of covert projects that are contrary to societal norms.”

 The report says officials looked at multiple cities for testing but “Of those, St. Louis and Minneapolis were selected as they both met the desired summer temperature range”.

So comes now the question when government officials say “Trust us!”  Should we? 

Or is this a pretty conclusive case of “Fool me once, shame on me…”?

Hats off to the I-Team at KSDK TV for being all over this…  Viral time…








Spanish Protests Devolve Into Riots



From International Business Times

BY Eleazar David Meléndez | September 25 2012 4:54 PM

Anti-government protests in Madrid Tuesday devolved into riots, after groups of tactical police charged and beat an agitated crowd.

Spanish media reported dozens of arrests and scores of serious injuries, not a surprising result given the images of bloody confrontation being broadcast out of Madrid.

At around 9 p.m. local time, some 30 minutes before the protest permit demonstrators had been granted to rally in the vicinity of the national Congress was set to expire, violent skirmishes broke out between police and protesters.

Firing rubber bullets into the crowd and charging with tactical batons, the large contingent of 1,300 riot, or antidisturbios officers seemed at times to be as much attempting to push back the rally as to trying to avoid being overwhelmed by the protesters, who numbered in the thousands.

It was a bloody exclamation point on a tense, all-day rally — denominated as the #25S demonstrations to “surround the Congress and rescue democracy” — that saw plenty of arrests earlier in the day.

About an hour after the initial charges, police had cleared out most of the area immediately near the national palace, but were still engaged in shoving matches on the outskirsts of Madrid’s Plaza Neptuno, where most congregated.

Under the watchful eye of the mythical Greek god of the sea and being observed by thousands around the world via live webcast, protesters chanted “The people united, will never be defeated,”

“You call it democracy, but it’s not” and “Being police, I’d be ashamed of that.”

Holding up banners and placards, close to 10 p.m. local time, the protesters began chanting “These are our weapons. These are our weapons.”

(PHOTO: Reuters) Spanish riot police charge at protesters during Tuesday’s anti-government protests in Madrid.








FBI Agents Craft Their Own Terror Plots


{XANIEL’S NOTE :  THE F.B.I., Ladies and Gentlemen, utterly corrupt, brain dead, and useless.

In short, they are GOD’s little joke to the U.S. of A. !!

The only terrorists, (not counting themselves of course),

that they’ve ever found, are the ones they themselves had created, set-up and arrested.

( Sometimes with the help of the C.I.A./Israeli Mossad : [meaning the underwear bomber,

where an agent, (C.I.A.?/Mossad?), got him, (the so-called bomber),  pass security and on to the plane in front of wittinesss] )

We can retire all other criminals and terrorists now, cause we have the F.B.I., who does the job of both.

This is yet another example of planting weeds just so they can pull them. What a bunch of want-to-be heroes.

Is anybody even taking these people seriously anymore?? Do they even know the difference between  justice and corruption?

More importantly, how do they even manage to keep their jobs? …questions, questions…}~~~Xaniel777


FBI agents craft their own terror plots

From Alexander Higgins Blog

 Posted by  – September 24, 2012

Turns out the foiled Chicago terror plot involving a 17-year-old would be terrorist was another FBI concocted entrapment case.

A week and a half ago, two young men plotted a terrorist attack outside a bar in Chicago – and it turns out the plot was mostly put out together by the FBI.

The two men were reportedly encouraged for months and months by undercover agents, who eventually supplied them with a fake bomb.

The 17-year-old is now facing life in prison for pushing the trigger of the fake bomb.

Trevor Aaronson, the author of “Terror Factory,” joins us for the broader implications to the story.

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From INTIFADA – Voice of Palestine

by Dr. Lawrence Davidson – September 25, 2012

I. The Israel Lobby and How it Operates

Much is being made of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s involvement in the on-going American presidential campaign. 

His public stance has been characterized as an Israeli effort to  openly…topple [President] Obama.” 

The truth is that the only thing unusual about this meddling is its open and advertised nature. 

In a more discreet fashion, Zionist pressure bordering on blackmail and bribery goes on every day.  

I have written elsewhere about this corrupting process that I call lobbification.“ 

In brief, this is how it operates:

Step One:  A lobbyist, in this case someone from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), approaches Congresspersons or Senators. 

At some point in time that means every single one of them has been approached:  all 435 voting members of Congress and every one of the 100 voting members of the Senate.  Party affiliation is not an issue here.  

Step Two:  The lobbyist offers to organize financial campaign assistance, positive media coverage, briefings on situations in the Middle East, trips to Israel, etc. 

Step Three: All that is asked in return is that the recipient consistently vote in a pro-Israel way. 

In other words, AIPAC wants the politician to surrender a part of his or her mind to the lobby — that part that might exercise critical and considered judgment on issues pertaining to Israel.  

Step Four: There are several unspoken, but publicly acknowledged, consequences of turning down this offer, or alternatively,  managing to get elected on your own and then voting the wrong way.  

1. If you say no, the same offer will be made to your opponent both at the primary and general election levels. 

2. If you are elected and vote against Israel,  AIPAC  will do all it can, sooner or later, to see you defeated. It has a good record of turning such people out of office. 

Step Five:  If you sign up for this Faustian bargain and are elected, the lobby becomes your permanent partner. 

It is a constant presence.  Its agents are always hovering about,   rating your performance, letting you know they are there. 

Prove yourself reliable and they will underwrite you for life. 

II. The President and Red Lines

President Obama made this bargain as solidly as have most other politicians in Washington. 

You can witness him affirming and reaffirming this deal in front of AIPAC conventions, while addressing the United Nations General Assembly,  on those rare occasions when he addresses the press, and whenever else he feels it is politically necessary. 

He was even willing to debase his own national party convention to make a point of his loyalty to the Israel lobby. 

Yet all this has proven insufficient.  The issue over which Obama has fallen short is Iran. 
Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu (the deus ex machina of the Israel lobby) insists that Iran is preparing to build nuclear weapons and,  taking that assumption on faith, their nuclear energy program should be stopped or placed under international control. 

It should be noted that, back in 2002, Netanyahu incorrectly made the same charge against Iraq and that today, just as in 2002, there is no real evidence for his assertion about Iran’s aims. 

All U.S. intelligence agencies agree that the Iranians are not presently developing nuclear weapons. 

Nonetheless, Netanyahu, who appears prone to OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to other people’s nuclear programs, demands that Washington set “red lines”  for Tehran which, if crossed, would trigger U.S. military action.

In other words, on the basis of unsupported Zionist fears, the Israeli government is trying to maneuver the United States into yet another Middle East war. 

To his credit, President Obama has refused to comply with the demand for “red lines.”

The standard retribution practiced by the Israel lobby against a recalcitrant American politician is to try to get him or her kicked out of office.  Usually this is done in a low-key way and most Americans don’t even know it is happening. 

But this time the act of revenge, driven by an egocentric and bellicose Israeli Prime Minister,  is being carried out in full public view. 

Here are some of the ways Netanyahu is doing this:

1. Netanyahu has joined Mitt Romney in accusing Barack Obama of being too easy on Iran and too unresponsive to an ally, Israel.

2. Netanyahu has acquiesced in the use of his image and words in a blatantly false and distorted media campaign that accuses Obama of being “cozy” with the Society of Muslim Brotherhood.

3. Netanyahu has asserted that Obama has “no moral right” to pressure Israel not to attack Iran. 

What the Prime Minister leaves out is that such an attack would constitute aggression under international law and violate treaties to which both the U.S. and Israel are signatories.  

Under these circumstances it would be immoral if President Obama did not pressure Israel to hold its fire. 

4. When accused of interfering in the presidential elections, Netanyahu has replied, “This is not an electoral issue….I think there is a common interest of all Americans of all persuasions to stop Iran.” 

The bit about this not being “electoral” is clearly disingenuous. 

If Netanyahu wants to hold an opinion about alleged common interests that is fine. 

However, if as the head of a foreign government, he publicly and repeatedly asserts that opinion in ways that aid one candidate for president over another, he has certainly made both himself and his opinion, an “electoral issue.” 

III. Conclusion 

There is speculation that, if Mr. Obama is reelected, then Prime Minister Netanyahu’s indiscreet behavior might result in a sea change in U.S.-Israeli relations.” 

Unfortunately this  is highly unlikely. 

The system of “lobbification” is solidly in place at the national political level. 

When it comes to Israel,  only two things are likely to change it:

1. Meaningful campaign finance reform that would free politicians from their present reliance on lobby affiliated contributions.  

2. The Israel-American connection becomes a voting issue such that continued blind support for Israel hurts a politician’s chance of election.   

Neither of these possibilities seem to be on the horizon:

It is the way the U.S. political system is run that makes politicians so vulnerable to  lobby power.

The fact that there are some lobbies out there that have decent and humane goals is not sufficient to justify a system that otherwise does so much damage. 

For instance, under the present circumstances it is impossible to define the national interest in an objective way. 

As it stands, the national interest is replaced by the parochial interests of lobbies that are successful at suborning Congress and the White House–Zionists pushing support for a racist and expansionist foreign power,

Cuban-Americans carrying on a 53 year old vendetta against the government in Havana, the NRA striving to protect the right of every American to own a submachine gun, and the like. 

In large part it comes down to money and how it is used manipulate leaders and parties. 

There is something age-old about this situation. 

It was the Roman Senator and master rhetorician Cicero (108 to 43 BCE) who said  “Nihil tam munitum quod non expugnari pecunia possit.” Translated as: “No fortification is such that it cannot be subdued with money.”  

That is still the rule by which lobbyists live.

Lawrence Davidson
Professor of History
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383-2133

Blog:  www.tothepointanalyses.com


DR. LAWRENCE DAVIDSON is professor of Middle East history at West Chester University in West Chester, PA, and the author of America’s Palestine: Popular and Official Perceptions from Balfour to Israeli Statehood (University of Florida Press, 2001), Islamic Fundamentalism (Greenwood Press, 2003), and Foreign Policy, Inc.: Privatizing American National Interest (University of Kentuck Press, 2009).








Which star system did YOU originate from?



Which star system did YOU originate from? | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

From in5d.com

Which star system did YOU originally come from?

The following describes traits and characteristics of specific star systems.

To find out your starseed markings, check out this link: How to find your starseed markings

Also, check this one out, too! Starseeds and Our Human Origins

The following is from Jo Amidon’s book, Where Are You Really From?

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those who have Vega as their planetary origin are self sufficient, independent, proud and strong willed.

There is an outer smooth energy and appearance of strength and capability.

Those from Vega tend to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas, they may be trivia “collectors” for information concerning their areas of interest.

They have a variety of talents and capabilities, are quite creative and often have an ability to combine creative expression with intellectual expression.

They may be artists, designers, inventors, architects or in current times may work more closely with creativity through new or expanding technologies.

Their methods of working with technology will differ from many, as it is based more on “feeling” than on intellectual understanding.

They do well at beginning projects, but less well at completing them.

There may be lessons to aid Vegans in learning self discipline and will power or they may surround themselves with others who are supportive and will aid in the completion of projects and ideas.

Those from Vega are travelers who seek variety, challenge and understanding of the many questions they have within.

They may become bored easily.

They tend to analyze, question and doubt all which they do not understand, does not meet their belief system or simply does not “feel” right.

Although quite willing to learn, change and grow, Vegans need understanding to occur on an inner level to allow opening within for change to occur.

This understanding will not be of a practical, logical nature. It will be an inner comprehension that will be more a “feeling” that leads to “knowing” instead of a technical understanding.

Most from Vega have a strong sense of responsibility, nurturing and caring.

They may find fulfillment in working with children, those who are ill or in need of care and support.

At times however, they may be overly responsible for others, and may need to remind themselves of the importance of teaching responsibility, as well as being responsible.

They may need to work with developing a stronger sense of feeling the integrity of others, as they may find themselves taken advantage of due to their caring nature.

They may find others attracted to their understanding energy, and may be approached in many situations by others wishing to share personal problems.

It should be noted that few from Vega are themselves willing to share personal details with others, unless trust is first established.

Vegans have healing abilities, and may have an affinity for stones and crystals.

Many from Vega work in caring for others in the area of health care, either physical, mental, as teachers or in areas which allow freedom of creative expression.

They have a strong need for time alone, privacy, and freedom from restrictions.

It is important that they be shown appreciation for what is done for others.

Those in personal relationships with Vegans may at times be in need of more attention, and may feel somewhat neglected, due to their many interests and areas of focus.

They may become so involved with caring for others, that they neglect personal needs and personal relationships.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Those who have Sirius as their planetary origin are very focused, very determined and set on whatever path they are on at a given time.

It is very difficult to change the mind of one from Sirius, but once they have become convinced that a new “path” is more appropriate, they become totally focused on the new, and release the old quickly.

Sirians have strong beliefs, ideals and personal integrity.

Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those from Sirius make loyal, trustworthy friends, but expect the same in return.

They become hurt and disillusioned when these expectations are not met.

Sirians do not share the inner personal self with others easily, and may have difficulty sharing emotions and expressing feelings and needs.

To be fully accepted and trusted as a close personal friend of a Sirian means that you have been carefully scrutinized.

Sirians may have difficulty in relationships and friendships when they expect to be treated in a certain way, but do not share their expectations with the others involved.

It is important to work with sharing expectations, ideals, communicating needs and desires to avoid being hurt and disillusioned.

This often occurs as a result of lack of communication or lack of mutual understanding and clarity in relationships.

Those from Sirius tend to be future oriented, and do not enjoy focusing on the past.

They may become defensive if forced to focus on the past by others.

This is due to the fact that past pain and emotion is held within, denied and repressed rather than being dealt with at the time of occurrence.

Due to this there may be large amounts of old emotion in need of being dealt with and released.

Sirians do not enjoy confrontations or open expressions of anger but if forced into an argument will defend themselves and their beliefs fiercely.

This is particularly true if honor of themselves or loved ones is involved.

One of the lessons many Sirians have chosen to work with in this lifetime is the importance of releasing old pain, forgiving self and others, and moving on.

Sirians have a very unique and strong sense of humor, which often is only seen when they are with those they trust and feel at ease with. Sirians may be considered dreamers by some.

This is due to their active, vivid inner life.

This can cause forgetfulness and a tendency to not notice trivial third dimensional things in the present.

They may at times appear to be uninterested, or inattentive, but in actuality they are simply somewhere else.

They may not realize that others are unaware of their inner activity.

Although they appear very calm, quiet and reserved on the surface, there is much activity within.

As children, Sirians may often be thought to have learning disorders or thought to have problems with their attention span.

This is due to the attraction of the inner world, which is often more interesting than that which is taught in Earth schools.

They do best in learning when visual methods of teaching are used, and they are allowed hands on types of learning with freedom to move around and explore.

These are children who benefit greatly from alternative schools, the are very intelligent but strong enough within to feel that if something does not interest them, they should not be required to learn about it.

Those from Sirius have a deep connection to the Earth and energies of nature.

Many Sirians have had numerous lives as American Indians and maintain close ties and memories of these lives.

They are very visual, both in their ability to see things which others do not, and in their manner of learning.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those who have Pvila as their planetary origin have strong personalities, strong abilities and much pride.

There is a strong sense of humor and desire to be the focus of attention.

These are often “class clown” or “life of the party” types.

There may be a tendency to go too far with teasing and humor, sometimes at the expense of others.

This is not done with any intention to hurt, simply from a tendency to become “carried away” with impulses of the moment.

There is need to learn compassion and gentleness in dealing with others.

Pvilans carry an aura of power which may give others the impression that they are unbending and unapproachable.

This can be unsettling, especially to those who are insecure or have low self-esteem.

At times others may have trouble understanding and coping with Pvilans, as they can come across as a bit overbearing.

It may be necessary to work with modifying behavior patterns, and softening the approach used in interactions with others,

It is good for others to look beyond the forceful exterior, this allows the kindness within to be seen.

When this is done, it will be found that Pvilans are very caring, and will do much to help those they feel are true friends and are deserving of their aid.

At times they may do too much for friends, and may need to step back and allow others their learning experiences.

Those close to Pvilans, will find them to be very loyal, devoted friends who easily overlook the shortcomings and flaws of friends.

They may be very quick to judge or label these same shortcomings or flaws in others who are not yet considered friends.

It is helpful for Pvilans to learn to step back and detach from “self”, as they tend to become so engrossed in their personal life that they may exclude others.

This can be a problem in personal relationships, as others may feel neglected when this occurs.

One of the lessons many from Pvila have chosen to work with in this lifetime is the control of ego and learning to balance care for others with care for personal needs.

There is a drive to collect information, details, knowledge and a desire to explore and understand everything.

Pvilans possess a “photographic” type of memory.

There is an ability to retain what has been learned, for future reference, in graphic detail.

Pvilans make good lecturers, authors, or may work with technical or scientific knowledge.

They not only love collecting knowledge but also sharing it with others.

They have many possible careers, and may have several active careers at once, as they do not like to limit themselves.

They are usually knowledgeable on many different subjects and ask many questions in seeking information and details.

They may feel frustration or intolerance with others who do not seek to learn and understand with the same diligence.

It is good for Pvilans to work with developing tolerance and understanding of those who do not share their thirst for knowledge.

Pvilans are very determined and focused upon whatever their path may be at any time.

This path may change frequently, as they move from one pathway to another with ease.

To others, it may appear as if they have difficulty in making decisions, or maintaining a focus.

This is not true, they simply have the ability to maintain a number of focuses at once with changing levels of priority.

Areas of interest will come and go as the desire for new knowledge leads them to seek ever onward.

In relationships, those from Pvila need respect and freedom.

They should seek those whose personal power and security is strong, so they will not be intimidated.

Pvilans must have time alone to reconnect and find peace within.

There is a strong need for privacy and quiet times.

They balance well with others who share this need for freedom and privacy.

There is often an attraction to those who have softer energies, yet it is important that they be with others of equal intelligence, as this creates the challenge and excitement Pvilans so enjoy.

This allows energy balancing, yet maintains the intellectual stimulation that is so important for Pvilans.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Those who have Pleiades as their planetary origin are sensitive, loving and kind.

There is a deep, abiding desire for peace and happiness for all.

If one from Pleiades were asked what do you want out of life? They would likely say, “to be happy.”

Pleiadeans have a pleasant smooth energy which others enjoy being near.

Which star system did YOU originally come from?They are emotional and loving, but tend to repress much due to their desire to please others.

They are sensitive and react quickly to criticism.

Pleiadeans tend to sacrifice personal needs and wants while attempting to please others.

This may cause inner resentment.

Rather than expressing resentment or anger openly, Pleiadeans may instead use passive aggressive behavior in hopes that their feelings will be noticed and responded to without the need for discussion.

They must learn to realize others whom they seek to please would usually prefer to hear their feelings and needs.

Pleiadeans can become physically ill in situations where there is anger, open tension or arguments around them, as they absorb emotions of others in an unconscious effort to mediate and smooth situations.

The tendency to repress their own emotions, and the emotions absorbed from others can form energy blockages if not released over a period of time. This can lead to eventual physical illness.

A large part of the learning experience for Pleiadeans is to learn to allow others to experience what they have chosen, and not become personally involved.

They will learn to be aware of their desire to make others happy and realize that one can only be responsible for ones personal happiness and self development.

They must learn to allow others to be responsible for themselves, their growth and learning situations.

They must learn that they cannot decide when others are happy, or what others need to be happy, and instead focus on creating their own happiness.

As true responsibility is accepted for self and personal happiness, they will flourish and the physical body will respond with radiance.

Pleiadeans must work to develop communication skills on a third dimensional level and also to develop self-esteem.

It is important for them to reclaim personal power, learn to communicate freely and become strong within.

At times, it may appear to others that Pleiadeans are overly reserved and distant.

This is due to their tendency to criticize their thoughts to the point of not sharing them and the self esteem problems many Pleiadeans have.

Often they feel that their thoughts are not “worth” sharing and must work in this area also.

Those from Pleiades may develop patterns of using various third dimensional pursuits as temporary escapes from reality, or false aids in building communication ability and confidence.

This could be ventures into drugs or drinking, creating sexual or romantic dramas, or simply escaping into other realities through reading, television or movies.

Pleiadeans release through crying.

Due to their tendency to repress emotions, this may build to a point where releasing must occur.

This may result in crying which appears as an overreaction to current situations.

Instead, it is a releasing of much more than the current situation.

Due to the communication issues which are worked with, many Pleiadeans experience various types of releasing in the throat chakra area, such as crying.

This could also be frequent physical problems or speech difficulty, such as hoarseness, coughing, or tightness in the throat chakra.

This will no longer occur when confidence and free communication of emotions and needs are learned and used in daily life.

These can be used as signs to look within at what is not being communicated that needs to be.

Pleiadeans are very strong on faith and trust.

They have a strong sense of purpose from childhood, a feeling of knowing there is a God connection, purpose and plan, even in their darkest hour.

There is an inner desire to seek spiritual answers and to find their connection to the God Force.

As they begin to seek and learn, growth begins.

As they begin to realize the God connection and to love themselves as the perfect beings that all are, many of the old feelings, emotions and self doubts fade.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those who have Orion as their planetary origin have strong personalities, ideals and beliefs. Orion’s may be recognized by the many questions they ask!

There is a strong drive to understand the reasons and inner meanings of all things.

They tend to analyze people and events in their need to understand.

This may be frustrating to those around them, as this may create feelings of being scrutinized.

This is due to the tendency of most Orions to operate on a mental level, rather than a feeling level.

This is not due to a lack of feeling, it is simply the primary mode of operation for an Orion.

Orions want others to respect their opinions and may argue to gain respect and convince others of the validity of their opinions.

They must learn to balance the drive to understand, with sensitivity to the needs of others.

The mature Orion has learned that in explaining their views and opinions, having them accepted as valid and considered by others is what they seek, and it is not necessary to have others be in agreement.

Orions have a deep inner thirst for knowledge and may be frustrated with those who do not share this thirst.

There is interest a wide variety of fields.

It will be obvious when conversing with an Orion that either a subject holds great interest for them, and they are quite knowledgeable, or there is no interest at all and know almost nothing of that area.

There is strong skepticism and difficulty in accepting new beliefs without thorough evidence and proof of validity.

This is due to their mental and intellectual focus, and need to ‘make sense’ of things logically before accepting them.

Orions tend to be critical of others, and of themselves.

This is because Orions expect and seek perfection.

They have a keen eye for details and notice things which others do not.

They tend to point out these things to others, if they feel these are things in need of attention or correction.

This can be upsetting to those not accustomed to Orion energy, and may be taken as personal criticism.

It is good to realize that Orions are very sensitive to balance, and may feel physically upset or ill in situations where there is imbalance.

This creates their need to correct imbalance when it is sensed.

It can be emotional imbalance that is sensed in others, or in themselves, or outer physical imbalance.

Orions need beauty and balanced flow of energy in their surroundings to feel their best on all levels.

In relationships and in dealing with emotions, Orions react to emotions intellectually and may surprise others by their reactions.

The drive to understand is much stronger than the emotional reaction.

It is very important for them to understand the reasons behind a situation, to aid in their ability to accept and understand.

In an emotional situation, a typical Orion response is to ask questions, although the quieter Orions may do this within.

This does not mean they do not feel or care, simply that they must seek understanding.

Orions are often uncomfortable with emotional situations unless they know those involved well enough to feel free to ask the questions within.

By honoring this need, communication can be built in relationships with Orions.

If their need to question, or understand emotion is not allowed, they will develop patterns of repressing emotions, or exploring them only on an inner level.

Those from Orion need privacy and time alone to recharge, learn and develop the flow within.

They learn best alone or in small groups, and do not feel comfortable in large classroom settings.

There is a high energy level, which combined with the questioning nature, makes Orions intolerant of classroom learning, when they feel teaching is not done well, or is not meaningful.

Many Orions make excellent teachers, due to their ability to see many details, and “angles” of presenting information, to make learning more interesting for the student.

Orions enjoy making others laugh.

There is a strong sense of humor and desire to tease and play.

Others may notice that the change from playfulness to being critical can occur quickly.

There is strong communication with spirit, and psychic ability.

As Orions grow on a spiritual pathway, they find their largest challenge to be that of developing higher levels of trust and faith.

This is due to many aspects of spirituality that must be accepted simply on faith.

Orions are deeply ingrained with the need to question, seek proof, answers, and logical understanding before accepting beliefs.

This can create difficulty and an inner struggle for many Orions, as they learn to combine the technical mind with the spiritual self.

However, it is these same qualities which make Orions important collectors of information and knowledge which can be shared with others.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Those who have Maldeck as their planetary origin have strong, steady personalities.

They are determined and focused in their beliefs, whatever those beliefs may be.

It may be difficult to for someone to convince one from Maldeck of the validity of new beliefs, as there are always many questions that must be answered to their comfort before accepting new possibilities.

They often have deep leadership abilities, although these may be quietly expressed.

Those from Maldeck are very intelligent, technically minded and detail oriented.

They are knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas.

They may have several careers, or one career with strong interests outside the field they chose for career.

They seek to understand what is below the surface of people, things and events.

Due to this, they seldom accept simple explanations or easy answers.

They tend to analyze events, experiences and interactions with people and believe there is always more than what is apparent on a surface level.

Those from Maldeck are individuals who usually will know quite a bit about any subject that may be brought up in conversation.

Which star system did YOU originally come from?They are reserved, and may appear to be distant or hard to approach to those they do not know well.

They are cautious and skeptical about whom and what they trust with their innermost selves.

If one is accepted as a friend or in an intimate relationship, they are very loving, honorable and trustworthy companions.

They are disappointed in relationships if others do not return these qualities equally.

They expect from others what they themselves are willing to give.

It is often surprising to others to find such deeply felt beliefs, opinions and emotions in one who appears on the surface this quiet and reserved.

Only with those they trust fully do they open themselves emotionally, but when this trust is present they are very capable of, and enjoy sharing themselves on all levels.

Maldeckeans love challenges, mysteries and the unknown or unexplainable.

They are often fascinated with “magic” and the use of energy to create and manifest.

They often have an early interest in astronomy, the planets and exploring the universe.

They may love tales such as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the Magician and others of that era.

The desire for honor, integrity, loyalty and service of common goals is strong.

They may long for historical times when the defense of these ideals was a common daily activity.

Those time periods on Earth were favored by Maldeckeans, who may feel frustrated by much in this current time on Earth.

In relationships Maldeckeans are strongly supportive and understanding of partners, providing their partner is equally open to sharing themselves fully, and discussing all elements of their needs and desires.

Once mutual understanding is achieved, there is a willingness to do whatever is needed to help those they love achieve their goals and dreams.

It should be understood that because of the Maldeck questioning nature, it might take many discussions for this to occur.

Maldeckeans have a strong loyalty and little problem with commitment, whether it is to a relationship, friendship, career or ideal.

They do expect the same in return and will be quickly disillusioned if this is not so.

This would be one of the rare occasions when a Maldeck temper might be seen.

Maldeck was a planet which was on the other side of Mars.

It no longer exists, and current remains of the planet are what appears to be an asteroid belt.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those who have Arcturus as their planetary origin have strong personalities, a deep inner strength and a ‘knowing’ within.

On the surface, they appear strong, capable and powerful.

There is a feeling from childhood of having an important purpose in life, although there is not usually knowledge of what that might be.

There is a searching for this purpose, which often leads to spiritual exploration.

If this purpose is not found, there may be an inner feeling of dissatisfaction or unhappiness without understanding of the cause of this.

Arcturians are very creative.

Many Arcturians are writers, artists, designers or use their abilities to create in some way.

Arcturians are often good public speakers, have a good sense of timing and humor, the “life of the party.”

They enjoy making others laugh.

They are loving and like to travel.

They may tend to get bored easily and seek new experiences to avoid boredom.

If they do get “bored” they may create dramas—just to stir things up or create excitement.

This can show up in a tendency to create big problems out of little ones, to drag out situations, or dramatize situations to get attention.

Arcturians may seem hard to get close to or distant at times.

They do not have many close, intimate personal friends, but have many “casual” friends.

If an Arcturian accepts you as a close personal friend, and shares themselves with you on an inner level, know that you have been carefully considered prior to being “accepted.”

Arcturians attract people: Complete strangers are drawn to the Arcturian energy and magnetism.

They are good advice givers, and their aura makes it appear to others that they are strong and complete.

Others may be surprised to find that Arcturians have problems and feelings just like everyone else.

There is often a wide circle of acquaintances that depend upon their Arcturian friends for advice and guidance.

Although willing to listen and give advice, Arcturians may be impatient with those not willing to put forth needed effort or are not really “trying” to accomplish what they seek.

There is impatience with “whiners”.

Those who seek advice but are not willing to use the advice they are given may lose their Arcturian mentor when this is realized.

Arcturians have much energy, either physical and mental.

They may jump from one place to another or from one subject to another.

They normally do not like sitting still and being quiet, but need to feel that they are accomplishing something.

They tend to be enthusiastic and optimistic. When their energy is focused and used well, there is little they cannot accomplish.

When it is scattered and without focus, there will be many projects begun, with few completed.

In love relationships, Arcturians need personal freedom.

They feel trapped in relationships that are restricting.

They need time alone, time with friends, and to be able to do this without guilt or explanations.

There is need for understanding that freedom should apply to all involved– the treatment they need for themselves should be extended to others.

Arcturians are not comfortable with expressing their deepest emotions, and tend to react to situations that stir deep emotions by creating diversions.

Of their emotions, they are most comfortable with expressing anger, and humor.

They may create arguments, begin story telling (Arcturians are great story tellers!), try to create laughter, or have a sudden urge to ‘do something’ to avoid openly discussing their emotions.

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Apollonians love to learn and add to their many talents.

There is often interest in taking varied classes and developing many abilities.

There is a deep questioning nature to Apollonians that leads them on a search for answers and fulfillment.

This may result in a number of careers or interests in a lifetime as they seek to constantly add to their repertoire of knowledge.

They may at times feel somewhat like “sponges” as they soak up many different bits of knowledge.

They may appear to others like “professional students”, or give the appearance of being unable to make up their minds as to what they wish to do.

This is not the case.

It is simply that Apollonians do not allow themselves to be limited to any one role, or definition of who and what they are.

Any attempt by others to limit them or label them is very strongly and instantly resisted.

This is one instance where the normally calm Apollonians will show a dramatic reaction.

There may be situations where the Apollonian may feel that others are making attempts to limit, restrict or label them…regardless of the truth, if a situation creates this feeling, there will be a strong reaction.

There is a deep desire to be self-sufficient and avoid the need to depend on others, financially or emotionally.

They may need to remind themselves at times to enjoy life and take time for pleasure, as they tend to be rather serious.

This can be very obvious if they are focused on a pathway of learning or achievement.

It should be noted that even the rare Apollonian who chooses a pathway of pleasure seeking and play rather than serious learning, will be just as deeply and fully focused on that pathway.

Many from Apollonia have work to do as Earth healers and feel a deep connection to the Earth and her needs.

There is early recognition of energy fields, auras, spirit friends or angels, which leads them to be drawn to spiritual learning as a means of finding answers and explanations.

These abilities with energy may lead them to do healing work at some point in their lives, either with the planet, animals or people.

There is often an attraction to children and desire to help children and those who are helpless or in need.

This could be as a parent, teacher, counselor, or simply an interested friend.

There is a strong ability to empathize with others and use that ability to help others to heal and release emotional pain and fears.

There is a strong love of beauty and nature.

Apollonians often rely on the beauty and peace of nature to heal themselves and find peace within.

There is a strong sense of intuition and spiritual connectedness.

Those from Apollonia may have often considered themselves exotic or taken pleasure in being “different.”

Vega Sirius Pvila Pleiades Orion Maldeck Arcturus Apollonia Andromeda


Which star system did YOU originally come from?Those with an Andromeda planetary origin seek freedom.

There is a deep inner thirst and drive that leads them to search for this feeling of freedom.

They may change jobs, homes or relationships in their search.

At some point, they will realize that the freedom they seek, and the feelings they often have of being trapped are not due to their actual circumstances.

The true freedom they seek comes only from within.

It is found only by developing self love, and the inner spiritual self.

The mature Andromedan has realized this, and works with this knowledge to create a reality that allows these needs to be honored, while continuing to grow in other areas.

Andromedans must work with issues of self-confidence and love.

These areas may be obvious in their need for development, or they may be disguised.

When self love and confidence are developed, the inner freedom and spiritual connectedness will be found within…where it has always been, if the trust and faith in self were present to allow it to be seen.

As this develops, the connection between self and God becomes strong.

This allows past life memories to flow, and many old talents begin to awaken to be used once again.

Many Andromedans discover they have much to offer others on a spiritual pathway and become known as teachers and healers.

The Andromedan tendency to be self-critical may lead them to expect others to be critical of them.

They are often surprised at finding how well they are liked by others!

Outwardly, many Andromedan are confident, capable, and outgoing with well developed abilities to communicate with others.

They are very good at keeping the inner fears, doubts and insecurities inside and presenting a very different ‘face’ to the outside world.

They may be well suited to teaching, health care or careers which involve traveling.

Some learn to combine the attraction to drama with writing or acting, and express themselves in those ways.

Andromedans enjoy travel and thrive on experiencing many types of realities.

They enjoy excitement, activity, and variety.

They may have early desires to visit past life homes, shown as desires to visit certain places or interest in certain areas or time periods without understanding why.

They may enjoy driving fast, or flying in airplanes, as this stimulates subconscious memories of ‘home’.

Andromedans tend to create dramatic learning scenarios for themselves, due to their tendency to be self-critical and not take themselves seriously.

Through learning to ‘notice’ smaller growth opportunities and lessons, they will begin to avoid creating larger dramas.

Andromedans have healing and communication abilities which are often felt early in childhood.

These are often ignored or discouraged by family members, and must later be retrieved.

Andromedans are sensitive, caring individuals who have much compassion and ability to put themselves in another’s position and truly empathize.

There is a desire to work with healing the physical, emotional, or psychic pains of mankind.

Which star system did YOU originate from? | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database


From the author, Jo Amidon: All of the information on planetary origins is taken from my book, Where Are You Really From?” Copyright 1996.

In the book, each chapter includes the information given here, plus more personality characteristics, bits of ‘history’ on each, and lists of plants, animals and stones whose DNA originates from each of these planetary groups. The book was not in print for several years an updated book is now available.

Where Are You Really From? copyright 1996 Jo Amidon with The Teachers of The Universal Mind.

Click the link above to order your copy ! Your order will be through cafepress.com and you pay them either with a credit card or via Paypal.com, which ever you prefer.









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REAL NEWS Sept 25 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 24, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 25, 2012



United States of America Corporation fiscal year ends this week; time to end the horror



From Benjamin Fulford Blog

September 24, 2012

The United States of America Corporation (as opposed to the Republic of the United States), based in the Vatican-like independent city state of Washington D.C., has its fiscal year end on September 30th.

This criminal corporation has been constantly at war over the past 60 years if not the past several hundred years.

It needs to be bankrupted once and for all and many of us are trying to do just this.

The 13 inbred families that own this corporation have been trying desperately to avoid bankruptcy by starting World War 3.

However, even though they retain a rump of brain-washed slaves in Europe and North America, they have lost their ability to fool the world’s governments, militaries and intelligence agencies.

Soon even the brain-dead TV slaves will awaken.

The recent troubles between China and Japan have provided us with a unique peek at how world elite power games work at the highest level.

China’s new leader, Xi Jinping, vanished from public view for a couple of weeks after making a speech at a top communist party academy. During that speech…

Become a member and continue reading at : Weekly Geopolitical News and Analys








Would you revolt if firearms would suddenly become illegal to own?

(ORIGINAL TITLE : Those Behind the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and Passage)


As I mentioned before, a New World Order brought into existence through fraud and deception can never allow freedom of speech, freedom of thought, or freedom of inquiry, or its own crimes become exposed.

In order to conceal the circumstances of is own birth from its own citizens, the New World Order has to be history’s greatest tyranny.~~Rivero of WRH.com


From Keys To Liberty ~ American Ideals
Posted by dbhj – September 24, 2012

Amazing KeysToLiberty is not the only website that has caught on to the passage of the Small Arms Treaty, a little late, but onboard is The Independent Sentinel. 

They appear to have the same conviction on an Executive Order, but quote an article from the National Rifle Association; a fox in the chicken house, as NRA is a United Nations NGO.

Media Matters (George Soros publication) is constantly attacking the NRA, for all the wrong reasons, see here, here and here. 

Do a search on google for Media Matters and the NRA. Never much about other pro-gun groups, almost like they are helping to advertise for the NRA. (Do a search Media Matters and GOA)

Media Matters is helping to set the battle in the courts to “NRA (U.N. NGO member) vs. treaty”.

This is a well planned attack on the ‘right to keep and bear arms’ by the globalists.

KeysToLiberty is not the only website concerned with the American Rifle Association and its NGO status.

Another article that was sent in by a reader concerns the Real Danger of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty is in the Interpretation. 

The article makes mention of Harold Hongju Koh.  

Nice photo of an employee of the United Nations and the U.S. State Department under Hillary Clinton.

A legal advisor appointed on June 26, 2009 and still present.

Koh also served under President Clinton and Reagan. 

Koh is almost a permanent bureaucrat around the White House, shifting from Department of Justice to Department of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

Ever wonder why unemployment is so high?

Koh holds down 3 very high paying jobs, faculty at the United Nations, Dean at Yale Law School and at the Department of State as Legal Adviser.

Back to the ‘Real Danger’ , and yes Koh turned the Declaration of Independence on its head in this article authored by Koh. 

He quotes a lot of early Supreme Court cases on admiralty law – piracy.

None of those cases deal with firearms rights and most of the cases were at a time when a vast majority of the world still had firearms.

Koh is trying to sponsor international law over our Constitution.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court is restricted from making law, it merely interprets the Constitution as it was originally written, or has in the past.

To show how one-sided Koh’s argument is, here is a case from 1957:

“It would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of those who created the Constitution, let alone alien to our Constitutional history and tradition to construe Article VI (the Supremacy Clause) as permitting the United States to exercise power under an international agreement, without observing Constitutional prohibitions. 

In effect such construction would permit amendment of that document in a manner not sanctioned by Article V.”

and again the same case:

“The prohibitions of the Constitution were designed to apply to all branches of the National Government, and they cannot be nullified by the Executive, or by the Executive and the Senate combined.”
These are quotes from – Reid v. Covert, (1957), 354 U.S. 1

It has been a long time since the Supreme Court issued the decision on Reid v. Covert, on a Treaty must comply with the Constitution.

All cases can be overturned, See Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1856, upholding slavery.

Guess who would represent the case now before the Supreme Court? 

Why Harold Hongju Koh of course, or at least as an Amicus curiae (friend of the court).

Koh would already have a Supreme Court Justice on his side.

  Ruth Bader Ginsberg who attacked our Constitutional government in Egypt.

“I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012.”

Would you revolt if firearms would suddenly become illegal to own?

There is something you should know about in the U.N. Programme of Action. 

Post conflict’ is brought up in the document several times.

Is it possible they want you to revolt, causing a new civil war in hopes of losing your ‘right to keep and bear arms’ for ever?

If that is the case; and it appears likely, then Americans are forced to win at all costs to prevent the government, through the U.N. from permanently disarming the American people.

It has always been the globalists wet-dream to disarm world entirely, particularly America; as we are the last bastian of freedom left.

Their New World Order will be totalitarian to the extreme.

Life under such a global government would be unbearable for the average American. 

Think hard, and plan well, and quit spending your hard earned money for donations to NRA so they can lose the coming battle. 

Use that same hard earned money to prepare for the coming battle for freedom.

Remember  the globalists are directing this court battle, setting things in motion. 

They know the NRA will compromise, yet again.








The US is the World’s Biggest War-Monger



From This Can’t Be Happening

Sun, 09/23/2012 – 10:15 — Anonymous

by: Dave Lindorff

There is a massive deception campaign in the US, and in its global propaganda, which seeks to portray the United States as a poor set-upon nation that would like world peace but just has to keep a military stationed around the globe to “police” all the world’s “trouble spots.”

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

That truth is that the US is the biggest war-monger the world has ever known.

Defending US empire around the globe at a cost of $1.3 trillion a year

Defending US empire around the globe at a cost of $1.3 trillion a year

Let’s start with its budget

According to research by the War Resisters League, the US, in fiscal year 2012, budgeted a total of $673 billion for the military, plus another $166 billion for military activities of other government departments,

such as the nuclear weapons program, much of which is handled by the Department of Energy, or the Veterans Program, which pays for the care and benefits of former military personnel.

There’s also another roughly $440 billion in interest paid on the debt from prior wars and military expenditures.

All together, that comes to $1.3 trillion, which represents close to 50% of the general budget of the United States —

the highest percentage of a government budget devoted to the military of any modern nation in the world — and perhaps of any government of any nation in the world.

That spending represents also the world’s biggest percentage of national gross domestic product devoted to the military (GDP is a measure of all economic activity in a nation).

Looking at the other countries with big militaries — China, Russia, Britain and France — not only does not one come even close in terms of the percent of GDP spent on its military,

but taken together, all of their expenditures on their military combined total less than half what the US spends by itself.

Since the late 1960s, the US government has engaged in a sleight-of-hand to hide the scale of its military spending from the American people.

It has done this by adding to the federal budget the amount of money spent on Social Security, the nation’s retirement program, and Medicare, the health insurance program for the elderly and disabled.

This is not a correct accounting however, because both of those programs are actually funded by a separate payroll tax paid by employees and employers,

and the resulting trust funds are actually dedicated to the citizens who receive or will receive benefits from the programs.

Using that fraud, the government and the politicians are able to claim that the US “only” spends 24% of the budget on military.

Even that would be far above what is spent by any other nation in the world, but it is actually only half of what the US really spends as a share of its general budget.

One reason the US military budget is so huge is that the US operates some 900 bases abroad, in what amounts to a program of global empire.

The organization Foreign Policy in Focus has estimated that the cost of keeping those bases operating is about $250 billion.

Empire costs a lot more than that though.

There’s also the cost of operating a global fleet of ships, including incredibly costly aircraft carrier battle groups.

That cost, surely in excess of $100 billion when the cost of the ships is factored in, doesn’t get broken out by the Pentagon.

Then, there is another way the US is the world’s biggest war-monger.

This is in its role as the world’s biggest arms merchant.

In 2011, according to reports, the US sold more than $66 billion in arms to the rest of the world, often, as in the case of India and Pakistan, or India and China,

or Israel and Egypt and Saudi Arabia, selling weapons to countries that are mutually hostile to each other or even, as in the case of India and Pakistan, in a state of active conflict along their border.

That $66 billion — an all-time record for the US — was an astonishing and depressing 78 percent of the global arms market for the year.

Russia was the second biggest arms dealer, selling only a paltry $4.8 billion in weapons to the rest of the world.

None of these weapons the US is selling makes either the US or the world any safer.

Indeed, two of the biggest recipients of US military “aid” and weapons sales are Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The Saudi regime last year purchased $30 billion in arms from the US that year.

Meanwhile the US has been providing Israel with $3 billion in outright military aid each year for years.

Israel also buys billions of dollars in weapons from the US each year.

Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship and a promoter of instability within Syria, while it also props up dictatorships in countries like Yemen and Bahrain.

In other countries, like Israel or Colombia, US aid encourages military actions which could lead to conflicts that would inevitably draw the US in as a participant.

The truth is that none of America’s military spending makes the US safer. While GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, caught in some bizarre time warp, may think Russia is America’s “biggest enemy,”

the reality is that there is no nation on earth that poses any military threat to the US itself, and to the extent that terrorism might constitute a threat of some kind,

America’s trillion-dollar military is virtually useless against such small scale secret actions, which call for a police response, not a carrier battle group or a nuke.

There’s a good reason one doesn’t see fanatics traveling to Brazil or China or New Zealand to blow things up: Those countries aren’t stationing their troops within other countries’ borders, and aren’t selling weapons to countries that threaten their neighbors.

The US government tells Americans that all that money they are spending on the military is designed to “protect” them from harm.

In fact, the evidence over the years is that it is making Americans more vulnerable and less safe.

Not only that, but the wars that the US has started over the years — in Indochina, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and elsewhere —

have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of young Americans (and of course to the deaths of millions of people in those countries, most of them civilians).

History has shown that a country that spends half of every tax dollar collected from its citizens on its military cannot hope to prosper.

As President Dwight Eisenhower, a former top general in the US military who led US forces in World War II, once famously stated in a 1953 address to a group of newspaper editors:

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

This world in arms is not spending money alone.

It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities.

It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population.

It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement.

We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat.

We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people.

This is, I repeat, the best way of life to be found on the road the world has been taking.

This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”

Most of the rest of the world isn’t fooled by American government accounting tricks.

Being at the barrel end of the gun, people of other countries know how US military spending is a primary cause of war and terror in the world.

But we Americans ourselves need to wake up to the massive damage that our military-obsessed political system is doing to our country, lest it ultimately destroys us.

There is a clear reason that social programs in the US are threatened, that the economy is in a prolonged depression, that our education system is collapsing, and that our standing in the world has plummeted.

It is our militarism, and the incredible amount of the national wealth that is being spent on it.

This article first ran on the English-language website of PressTV.








UN General Assembly: Egypt hits Israel

“Washington should also live up to its own Camp David commitment to Palestinian self-rule.”



(  UN 67th General Assembly  )

UN 67th General Assembly | Opening Ceremony

From Roi Tov

Today, September 25, 2012, the General Debate of the 67th UN General Assembly will begin and last for a week.

Two planned speeches are of immense importance for the future of the Middle East.

The newly elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas have already hinted at the controversial content of their speeches.

The aftermath may change forever Israel’s position in the area.

“Oom-Schmoom,” said Ben Gurion

Against all odds, UN in Hebrew is shortened as UM, and pronounced “oom,” resembling the English version.

This is random; the “U” stands for “nations,” while the “M” is a strengthened form of “unified,” literally and ironically meaning “made one.”

David Ben Gurion was Israel’s first Prime Minister and the person who had declared the state’s incomplete independence, following Resolution 181 of the UN General Assembly of November 29, 1947.

He often referred to the UN as “UM-Shmum,” (pronounced “oom-schmoom”) a term that translates into bad English as “UN-schmo***.”

Israelis have stayed on the same level of infantilism since those days.

They may feel better after publicly uttering the insulting words towards the organization to which they owe so much, but reality is clear: the UN is getting more and more relevant.

Last year, on September 23, 2011, an historic event took place at the 66th meeting of the UN General Assembly.

Mahmoud Abbas—speaking for the Palestinian people—asked the UN member states to accept Palestine as an equal member of this exclusive club.

Minutes later, Benjamin Netanyahu answered a rambling comment on the source of the Netanyahu name on behalf of the State of Israel, the UN-member oppressing the aspirant state.

The speeches and further comment can be found at Netanyahu is not a Netanyahu.

Soon afterwards, Israel blocked Palestine’s application at the UN Security Council, which must have approved the topic before it was brought to the General Assembly.

Yet, a few days later, on October 31, UNESCO granted Palestine full membership, with 107 votes in favor, 14 against and 52 abstentions.

Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa and France voted in favor, Israel, US, Canada and Germany opposed, while Britain oddly abstained (US Enters UN Alley).

The process became unstoppable.

On June 28, 2012, during its 36th Session in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the World Heritage Committee finally recognized the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as a World Heritage Site.

No less important, it catalogued it under Palestine, which promised to speed up the reparations blocked by Israel since 1967.

Israel had successfully delayed Palestine at the General Assembly, but it failed in other bodies related to the UN. In his coldgrave, Ben Gurion probably has second thoughts about his violent, obscene style.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Strategy

A few days ago, I published a commentary on the Jewish New Year.

It was named Jewish New Year: We Are back in 1947!.

There was a good reason for the name; we are back at the partition days of 1947.

As a special gift to Israel, Palestine announced during the Jewish holidays that it is considering giving a dissolution letter to Israel, ending the Palestinian Authority.

Last February, the topic had been commented on by members of Mahmoud Abbas’ office.

This time the threat was uttered by the Secretary General of the PLO’s Executive Committee Yasser Abed Rabbo to the London-based Arab newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on September 18.

This is the logical result of the stagnation in the negotiations between Israel and Palestine, and the ongoing enlargement of the illegitimate Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

This is a smart move by Palestine.

It is not directly related to the UN since such a letter must be handed directly to Israel, after all the Palestinian Authority is a formal part of the State of Israel.

However, it is sending a very clear message to the UN, which would be requested by Palestine to upgrade its status to the one of observer at the UN, the same status held by the Holy See, Vatican City.

This will upgrade Palestine’s status from Occupied Territory to Occupied Country, opening new options for a legal battle against the Israeli occupation.

The unambiguous message of Abbas to the UN is: “recognize Palestine as an observer, or after the end of the Assembly, I will dismantle the Palestinian Authority.”

Even more dramatic is the standing of Egypt, which may turn out being Palestine’s savior.

Morsi’s Leadership

Egypt’s new president turned out to be an impressive and surprising leader.

Barely known before the elections, he assumed power as little more than a civilian leader subjugated to the military junta that replaced CIA-backed Mubarak.

Last month, he surprised everybody by taking back full executive authority from the generals.

“This is the will of the Egyptian people through the elected president,” he explained in a recent interview.

Considering this, all his other declarations must be taken seriously. He defeated his main enemy, everything else should be easier.

An open question is his exact position with regard to the Peace Agreement between Egypt and Israel.

After all, the Muslim Brotherhood—to which Mr. Morsi is affiliated—demands a referendum on it.

The agreement won’t survive such an event. Until now, he had made pacifying statements towards Israel, but he was fast to push the army into Sinai (Securing Sinai: Egypt Retakes Sovereignty).

This event is forbidden by the peace agreement between the countries, but it was done with the explicit acceptance of the Israeli government.

The next target of Mr. Morsi seems to be Israel.

He will attend the UN General Debate and has already made intriguing declarations of what he expects from the USA and Israel.

In an interview to the New York Times, which preceded his UN speech, he said “If Washington is asking Egypt to honor its treaty with Israel, he said, Washington should also live up to its own Camp David commitment to Palestinian self-rule.”

In other words, he politely accused Israel of not honoring the peace agreement.

Under such circumstances, Egypt cannot be expected to observe it.

“Fulfill the agreement, or we’ll find a different path,” was the not so subtle message given to America and Israel.

More impressive is the fact that Morsi is not asking for goods for Egypt, but for Palestine.

He demands that the Palestinian-related parts of the agreement be respected by Israel; this includes the freezing of West Bank settlements as a first step.

Egypt currently leads the Non-Aligned Movement, the largest group of countries in the UN.

It is safe to assume that Mr. Morsi will be able to gather momentum in favor of Palestine.

“Oom schmoom,” said David Ben Gurion; yet, Israel is about to learn a very important lesson in diplomacy.

Israel is failing to stop Palestine.

Egypt, a much larger and important country than Israel, is actively supporting Palestine.

Wild winds of change are freezing up Ben Gurion’s tomb; meanwhile, Netanyahu keeps rambling about the origins of his name.








AIPAC-Drafted US Aid to Israel Illegal

Israel’s nuclear weapons render it ineligible for US aid



From AntiWar.com

by , September 24, 2012

The Israel lobby’s biggest and longest-running Washington boondoggles are the massive annual weapons and economic packages to Israel.

Tightly coordinated campaign contributors (both individuals and political action committees) and the Israeli government’s own quiet demands manifest themselves within AIPAC-drafted foreign aid legislation.

The U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 forces Americans to fork hard-earned tax dollars over to Israel’s coffers on the pretext that it is in eminent danger.

Yet declassified documents reveal that even the current prime minister once worked inside the state’s clandestine nuclear arms smuggling rings.

Transferring foreign aid to the Middle East’s sole nuclear weapons state — which can obviously take care of itself — is not just unseemly and unnecessary. It is illegal.

AIPAC’s publicly available tax return [.pdf] reveals it has now become as seamlessly linked to its foreign principal as its parent organization — the American Zionist Council — was when it was finally ordered by the Kennedy administration to openly register as an Israeli foreign agent in 1962.

AIPAC spent $1,541,572 maintaining its Jerusalem office.

The office, led by Wendy Senor Singer, is described as the official location for daily meetings with senior Israeli government officials.

It is also used to coordinate the visits of supplicant U.S. politicians with funding from a mysterious captive charity of no employees claiming to be an educational organization [.pdf].

The Israeli government’s desires are seamlessly transcribed into legislation at AIPAC’s headquarters in Washington — raising the perennial question why AIPAC is not registering as Israel’s foreign agent.

In relation to the sheer volume of American taxpayer dollars it transfers to Israel, on paper AIPAC is a rather thinly-funded and top-heavy organization.

In its latest schedule of contributors, filed in late April and just obtained by special request from the IRS, AIPAC reported that only 1,949 individual contributors provided 61% of its $64 million in total contributions and grants.*

The top-tier donors each gave on average $20,206, with the top donor chipping in an impressive $6,610,181.

Although contributions to 501(c)(4) organizations like AIPAC are not tax-deductible, corporations and partnerships can write off contributions as a business expense.

One AIPAC donor, an attorney in New York City whose confidential data the IRS didn’t successfully scrub, presumably paid AIPAC with funds from his law partnership, which AIPAC listed as the contributor’s address.

AIPAC claims in mandatory disclosures filed with the clerk of the House of Representatives over the same time period that it spent approximately 4% of its total budget on actual lobbying.

AIPAC’s core lobbying mission hasn’t changed much since AIPAC’s founder left his Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs post in New York in 1951.

Isaiah Kenen’s mission was to obtain U.S.-taxpayer-funded weapons and aid by lobbying from a Jewish Agency funded front group of “concerned Americans” rather than working openly as Israel’s officially registered foreign agent.

In Kenen’s day, Israel first obtained massive amounts of surplus WWII conventional weapons simply by stealing or purchasing [.pdf] them to be scrapped and instead smuggling them from the United States in violation of the Arms Export Control and Neutrality Acts.

The smuggling networks were established and funded by small numbers of wealthy Zionists who were curiously immune from criminal prosecution.

When less enfranchised citizens later demanded warranted prosecutions, the Justice Department simply ignored them, establishing a policy that has held fast to the present day.

The AIPAC-sponsored U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, signed into law by President Obama on July 27, 2012, makes unprecedented demands on U.S. taxpayers and diplomats.

It mandates American economic largess to Israel via high technology, agriculture, medicine, health, pharmaceutical, and energy transfers.

It demands funding for Israel Aerospace Industries (a corporation only recently linked to Israeli espionage activities against the U.S.) missile-defense programs and air-refueling tankers and munitions Israel could use to unilaterally set off a wider war with Iran.

Israel even won a detour of used weapons from U.S. forces departing Iraq.

The aid law extends already generous loan guarantees to Israel.

However, the package also requires the U.S. president to issue to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and House Committee on Foreign Affairs a report on the status of Israel’s “qualitative military edge” by Jan. 23, 2013.

It is finally time for some hard truths.

An honest presidential response to this AIPAC-mandated reporting rider would wipe clean all current and future U.S.-taxpayer-funded obligations to Israel.

A truthful presidential assessment would finally tell the American people the following: “Israel has deployed a clandestine nuclear arsenal with some components and materials stolen from the United States. Our foreign aid laws therefore make Israel ineligible for further taxpayer dollars.”

Such a truthful declaration would turn the tables on AIPAC and its small group of donors now pushing Americans to steal from themselves by systematically violating the Symington and Glenn amendments to U.S. foreign aid laws.

Ending aid would disentangle unwitting Americans from Israel’s unending conflicts, illegal settlements, systematized abuse of Palestinians, and clandestine nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. 

*As reported in 2011, in previous years AIPAC filed contributor schedules with the IRS that improperly listed only two donor entries. After numerous complaints were made to the IRS, AIPAC has apparently been forced to again file proper schedules listing every contributor donating more than $5,000.

Read more by Grant Smith :








The Jewish Cartel Not QE3


By Brother Nathanael Kapner

IF THE ROOT IS ROTTEN both the tree and the fruit will be decayed. If the foundation is shifty both the walls and the roof will cave in.

For the US government to borrow money from the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank AT INTEREST when it can freely coin its own money as provided by the US Constitution then something is rotten in DC.

Many are witlessly aiming their guns at Ben Shalom Bernanke…this time for his QE3 Stimulus Program to supposedly boost the economy.

Fact is, Bernanke is once again bailing out Goldman Sachs and the entire Jewish Cartel by buying $40 billion worth of “mortgage-backed securities” every month.

These are the same “bundles” and “financial products” that the Jewish-owned Fed bought with tax payer money back in 2008 with Goldman Sachs being the main recipient.

QE3 is NOT about the economy.

QE3 is about buying leftover BAD loans that the Jewish bankers participated in via subprime mortgages and making the taxpayer pay for it.

And the pawn of the big Jewish bankers, (he’s a member of the Synagogue), Ben Shalom Bernanke, is dutifully carrying out orders from the yarmulke big boyz.





UNDER DUBIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, Jewry’s pawn in the White House, Woodrow Wilson, pushed through the Federal Reserve Act on December 19, 1913, while most of the members of Congress were home for Christmas.

Operating as agents for Nathaniel Rothschild, the monetary resources of America were now in the hands of three Jews:

Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb Bank; Paul Warburg, appointed by Wilson as the Fed’s first Chairman; and George Blumenthal, a high official of JP Morgan.

Henceforth, the “Treasury” of the United States would forever be in the hands of the Jews.

A glance at today’s Treasury Department finds Jewish Cartelization as the status quo.

The current head of Treasury is the Fed’s boy Timothy Geithner.

(Geithner served as President of the NY Fed from 2003-2008 and as Under Secretary of the Treasury from 1999 to 2001 under Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers.)

His current assistant is former Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson.

During the “too big to jail” scam, Henry Paulson, a former Goldman Sachs CEO, was Secretary of the US Treasury. Paulson’s main adviser was Jewish Goldman Sachs man, Steve Shafran.

The Jew Larry Summers—(a protege of Goldman Sachs’ Robert Rubin)—was head of the Treasury from 1999 to 2001 under Clinton.

Undersecretary to the Treasury from 1999 to 2001 and Assistant Secretary to the Treasury from 1997-1999 was Goldman Sachs Jewish partner, Gary Gensler, now the head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission where he covered for his Goldman Sachs buddy, Joe Corzine, in the MF Global theft of segregated accounts.

Treasury Secretary from 1995-1999, part of Clinton’s “Kosher Cabinet,” was former Co-Chairman at Goldman Sachs, the Jew Robert Rubin.

Just as Jewish investment banks own the corporations they finance, Jewish Wall Street which runs the Fed (Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase CEO’s are perennials on the NY Fed Board) also owns the megacorp, The United States of Amerika, chartered as a corporation under the 14th Amendment.



WHEN JEWISH PUPPET OBAMA was being propped up by the Jews for President, one of his first “showings’ was as guest speaker at the launching of Robert Rubin’s The Hamilton Project in 2006.

The aim of Rubin’s Hamilton Project was ostensibly to create an “economic platform” for the Democratic Party’s 2008 Presidential elections.

But its real goal was to ensure that Obama would not only be the next president but be surrounded by Hamilton Project boyz such as the Jews Peter Orzag (now working for Goldman Sachs) and Jason Furman.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the FIX IS IN. And the FIX has a Kosher Seal engraved on it.

We can throw stones at Bernanke all we want for ‘failed’ Fed policies from the ‘people’s point of view.’

But the Fed is a huge success for the Jewish bankers and those like their head clerk, Ben Shalom Bernanke, who live off the proceeds.

For if it’s good for the Jews (as the saying goes) then in most cases, (especially when it comes to making money), then it’s bad for Amerika…








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