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REAL NEWS Sept 03 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 2, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 03, 2012


The Big Lie About Police Brutality is Claiming it’s Not Rampant

“The more Israel trains the U.S. police, the more the police treat us like the Palestinians!”~~Rivero of WRH.com



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From Nation of ChangeHUMAN RIGHTS

By Dave Lindorff – 2 September 2012
This Can’t be Happening/News Report

Police brutality is in the news, thanks to the widespread availability of amateur video and the omnipresence of security cameras.

We’ve seen scene after scene of police beating the crap out of, and even shooting and killing unarmed or minimally dangerous students, women, old men and crazy people, many of them after they have been handcuffed and checked for weapons.

The police brass, and leading politicians who oversee the departments involved, nearly always have the same answer: This is not the norm, these are isolated incidents, police violence is not on the rise.

The thing is, of course, it is on the rise.

Just as the exonerations of supposed murders and rapists are only those where there was DNA available to prove their innocence, while many more are also clearly wrongly facing death or long prison sentences, the scenes of brutality we’re seeing on the videos are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg too.

What is different is that we’re seeing these things at all.

It used to be that getting videos of police brutality was very rare — like the taping of the notorious police assault on the prone body of Rodney King by Los Angeles cops during a traffic stop.

It just happened that someone with a video camera was at the scene when it occurred. Nowadays everyone with a cellphone is a potential videographer, so we’re seeing more of what really goes on when police make their arrests.

Just check out the latest video of LAPD officers body slamming a 5’4″ nurse (two times!) who had the audacity to get out of her car when they stopped her for talking on her cell phone while driving (this particular video was taken by a surveillance camera at a store focussed on the parking lot where police had followed the woman’s car).

Note that one of the burly cops slamming this small handcuffed woman to the ground and later fist-bumping to celebrate with his younger partner holds the rank of commander — he’s a 20-year veteran of the LAPD.

Or check out this video of four LAPD cops on top of a 19-year-old (black) student stopped for skateboarding on the wrong side of the street.

After he was down and handcuffed he was punched in the face by a cop, breaking his nose and cheekbone.

This for a very minor offense, not even warranting an arrest, but just a citation.

But it’s not just Los Angeles.

We also have videos like this one of a young woman stopped by a cop in Florida.

In this case the cop was fired and jailed after his supervisor viewed the video, taken by the camera on the cop’s own car.

This case was unusual.

The woman filed no complaint about the abuse, probably figuring it would be pointless.

But in a standard review of the officer’s video footage, the incident was spotted and referred up the chain to the department chief who was outraged at the treatment of a handcuffed woman.

Much worse was the killing, by six Saginaw, Michigan cops, of a troubled homeless man who had called 9-11 after an argument with a shop attendant.

Standing far from the cops, and holding a small knife, he was shot, apparently, judging from the video, as he was walking away from the officers, who hit him with a volley of 46 shots, killing him. 

This video was taken by someone in the parking lot who had a cell phone.

Two months later, the local DA is still allegedly claiming to still be “investigating” that tragic incident.

The thing we need to all recognize is that these videos are just the incidents that have been captured on video.

They clearly reflect something that is going on all the time, usually without any video to record it, or often even without any eye witnesses.

Police in too many departments are out of control.

Too many departments are allowing their uniformed and armed cops to act as though they are an occupying army.

Many of the younger cops may even have come from military duty in Iraq and Afghanistan where they actually were acting as an occupying army since in many jurisdictions there is a preference given to hiring such veterans.

That would be fine if those veterans were put through training programs to make clear to them that there is a fundamental difference between war and policing, and that the public here at home is not the enemy, but I sincerely doubt that that is being done in most police departments.

Indeed, given the mindless hanging of the appellation “hero” on everyone who wears or once wore a military uniform in our current war-obsessed culture, veterans who become cops are probably seen as ideal for the job.

The attitude of being occupiers and in a state of war with the people being “policed” is enhanced by politicians who call for tough policing, and by the Pentagon, which is handing out military equipment to police like candy to trick-or-treaters.

Police are routinely armed with M-16s in their squad cars.

We all saw the result of this kind of militarization of the police in the ease with which police in cities across the country, from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles to Portland and points in between became paramilitary goons in attacking peaceful Occupy Movement protesters with everything from tear gas canisters and rubber bullets to mace or pepper spray aimed point blank into faces.

Or look at what happened when a whacked and sacked employee in New York City staked out a spot near his former employer and executed a supervisor he felt had gotten him fired.

Two cops on the street, when he turned towards them still holding his gun, unloaded their service revolvers at him on the crowded street, killing him but also injuring nine innocent bystanders.

We can call that a panicky reaction to having a man with a gun point it at you, but we need to expect better of our police.

These were men who at least should have been wearing bullet-proof vests, making them much better protected than all the people on the sidewalk they were sworn to protect.

Even if they had felt the need to protect themselves by firing at the gunman, they were clearly out of line emptying their weapons at him.

What they did is a tactic called “spray and pray” by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It means firing off everything you’ve got if a bullet is fired your way.

It’s deadly, and it’s an inappropriate tactic in an urban setting even in war time.

It’s even more outrageous in the middle of midtown Manhattan at the morning rush hour.

What is happening to this country?

I’m sure all the Republican yahoos in the Tampa Convention Center who called out for the dotty old Clint Eastwood to reprise his famous and overused “Dirty Harry” line of “Go ahead, make my day!”,

and who shouted out the line enthusiastically as he offered it up for them at the end of his painfully embarrassing 12-minute ramble, think that all this police violence is just fine.

But it’s not. Police officers are not Dirty Harry.

They are supposed to be trained professionals tasked with protecting the public, not putting them in even worse jeopardy.

I keep coming back to firefighters, who are true heroes.

Would a firefighter pull down a house while people were inside, in order to put out a blaze? Of course not.

But police emptying their guns wildly at an armed man on a crowded street is the same thing as doing that, and they did it without hesitation.

That nobody was killed by police fire is simply a matter of dumb luck in this case.

As I just wrote this past week, I was recently threatened with arrest and jail by a bullying cop from the town of Horsham, Pennsylvania for standing legally on the grass beside the road trying to hitchhike.

I was lied to by the officer, who claimed that hitchhiking is illegal in the state (it’s only illegal if you stand on the road and the officer should have known, and surely did know this),

which is bad enough, but to be threatened with arrest and jail for something that, even had I been in violation, gets you a citation and which carries a $35 fine (it’s just a summary offense), is simply outrageous.

And suppose I had argued with this officer? He might well have cuffed me and then slammed me into the ground or into the side of his SUV before hauling me in on a charge of resisting arrest, and would anyone have been surprised?

Sadly no. This is law enforcement today in America.

There are plenty of good cops who take their work seriously, and do their job properly, but as some of those cops have told me themselves, there are also way too many who are just thugs in uniforms, and there are precious few chiefs of police, few district attorneys,

and few mayors who have the political courage (exhibited by the chief in the Florida case above) to take them on, to punish abusive behavior and to demand that policing be about “protecting and serving,” and not about brutalizing those who are being confronted for alleged law-breaking.

The advent of cameras in the hands of the masses is a good thing (there’s a reason why so many cops illegally harass and even arrest or confiscate the cameras or cell phones of those who try to videotape or photograph their activities, as cops just doing their job should have no fear of cameras), but it won’t end the problem of rampant police brutality in America.

Only a broad public demand for more civil and appropriate, constitutional and humane behavior by our police will accomplish that.

If we don’t come together and make that demand, we continue a drift towards becoming a police state, a path along which the United State is already dangerously well advanced.



75 Year Old Grandmother Held Down At Gunpoint As Police Shoot & Kill Her Dog

NYPD Civil Rights Cases: City Shells Out $22 Million To Settle Lawsuits Against NYC’s Finest









(Original title : The Party of Lincoln Shows its True Colors)


From The Charleston Voice

Posted on September 2, 2012

By Al Benson Jr.

You thought the Republican Party was conservative, right?

After all you heard all those folks at this recent convention making all those “conservative” noises, right?

Problem is that noise is all it is—no substance, just noise, but some of the noises you don’t hear in public are fascist noises.

You have to remember that this is the “Party of Lincoln” and Mr. Lincoln had a socialist worldview.

Those in both his administration and his armies amply proved that.

And after all, fascism is just another facet of the total socialist worldview.

The Republican National Committee is tightening up its rules so as to be able to exclude any future “grassroots” candidates.

Ron Paul really scared them this time and they could see his popularity with voters, especially young voters.

They will now make sure that no future Ron Paul’s ever get as far as he did this year.

Naturally there had to be a little chicanery involved, but, hey, if you want an omelet you have to break some eggs don’t you?

If you don’t want Ron Paul to have a chance then you have to break and change some of your own rules.

That shouldn’t bother anyone—after all the agenda is what’s important and the ends justify the means, or so the RNC believes.

According to http://chasvoice.blogspot.com  “Six states filed to put Ron Paul into nomination while the rules said it only took five states. Realizing this the RNC met early Tuesday morning to change the rules in order to make the minimum needed as eight states, which Ron also would have had if the RNC had not decided to take the Ron Paul delegates away from Louisiana and Maine.”

Charleston Voice continued: “Rather than taking proper vote counts or listening to objections, several votes were clearly not unanimous, but this didn’t stop the RNC “leaders” from ignoring the dissent. Video surfaced…but a link is in the video showing that the teleprompter already had pre-approved results before the public vote was taken”.

In other words, someone running this show was dishonest.

The “conservative” Republican agenda called for Romney to be nominated no matter what and nothing and no one, no matter how legitimate, was going to get in the way of that.

I would seriously hope that Ron Paul supporters and independent voters around the country would start to consider third party alternatives, even to forming a new party, which they would then have to work constantly to make sure was not co-opted by the Republican and Democratic establishment—if we have an election.

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that both major parties are controlled by the same CFR/Trilateral group and that you have about as much chance of working from within to reform the Republican Party as you have of reforming the public school system.

Image & Story courtesy of Oath Keepers

Karen Kwiatkowski, writing on http://lewrockwell.com  for 9/1 observed that: “As Doug Wead so delightfully put it, the party has been reduced to ‘ten fat men sitting in a room.’ One of the fat men was John Sununu.”

Kwiatkowski said that what he did on Tuesday afternoon was to “…steamroll the wishes of half of the delegate floor, and destroy what was left of the integrity of the GOP…John Sununu’s totalitarianism was on display, and his goal seemed obvious: the literal and figurative lobotomy of the constitutional and liberty movement within the party.”

The Tea Party folks had better figure this out.

There is no place in the Republican Party for them unless they are willing to sell their souls.

Lest we think it’s only the Republicans an article on http://www.newsmax.com has commented about the upcoming convention for socialist party B (the Democrats).

It states in part: “But the sweeping security already in place throughout Charlotte’s central business district could find protesters running afoul of the law by carrying water bottles, hair spray, socks or magic markers.

It would take a strict reading of the rules for someone to be arrested simply for possessing one of these items, but the possibility exists—which worries protesters and free speech advocates who fear authorities could violate people’s constitutional rights.”

Arrested for carrying a water bottle—in the “land of the free?”

You better believe it.

So both parties are in the process of deciding what they will and will not allow the public or delegates to do.

After all, if they are both controlled by the same clique, then why not?

Everyone in both parties marches in lockstep and the whole thing is scripted for both before the bread and circuses begin.

The pity is that more people can’t grasp this, that they can’t see what should by now be blatantly obvious.

I still have a gut feeling that Romney will end up doing what McCain did by providing a dummy for Obama’s ventriloquist.

I still hope I am in error, but right now, if we do have an election I am concerned that this is what will happen.

But either way, Obama or Romney, both of them will play the game.

Ron Paul would not have and that’s why he had to be removed at all cost and why the Republicans are working to make sure no more candidates like him ever surface in the Republican Party.

How many remember George Wallace in 1968 (ancient history now).

That year he ran on the American Independent Party ticket and won five Southern states.

Old George shook the establishment that year.

He didn’t have enough electoral votes from those Southern states to really do anything with but he kept the establishment hacks hanging for awhile before he released his delegates.

Wallace ran again as a Democrat in 1972 and the establishment was concerned about him as he was doing well in the primaries so the usual “lone, deranged gunman” was trotted out and he, after stalking Wallace through several cities, finally got his chance and Wallace was out of the picture–not dead, but out.

Mission accomplished! 

Now Ron Paul is out of the picture.

I guess we should thank the good Lord that he got out alive and in one piece.

Source: The Party of Lincoln Shows its True Colors

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 StrangeMilitary Brass Vs Jewish Agenda



From Real Jew/Zionist News

By Brother Nathanael Kapner – September 02, 2012

TRUTH IS STRANGER than fiction, indeed, is the case of US Military Brass now opposing Jewry’s agenda to set ablaze the entire Middle East with interminable wars.

But easily stated ‘truth’ can just as easily turn to fiction…with a very unhappy ending.

In three very recent back-to-back statements, General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has defied American Jewry’s clamour for bloodshed in the Middle East where only the Goys die young:

• August 30, 2012 – Dempsey Comes Out Against a No-Fly Zone in Syria.

• August 31, 2012 – Dempsey Comes Out Against Joining Israel’s Pending Attack On Iran.

• August 31, 2012 – Dempsey Comes Out Against An Enlarged Joint Military Exercise With Israel.

The anti-Zionist position of the upper echelons of the US military gets even stranger. And the timing appears to be very well planned.

In an interview with CNN on August 26, 2012, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, defied Jewry’s push to fully arm the ‘rebels’ in Syria by saying: “We’re not entirely sure who the rebels are, what they are, and what they represent.”

 Powell, like Dempsey, is also against a no-fly zone in Syria, mocking the Jewish warmongers with his retort: “You don’t just grab slogans and run with it.” 

Potent statements coming from the lips of military brass like Powell’s and Dempsey’s zinger: “I don’t want to be complicit in an Israeli attack on Iran” is sure to upset the Jewish neocons—like Cohen, Kagan, and Zakheim in Romney’s war cabinet—which Powell trashed in his CNN interview.

The Israelis are already taking pot shots at Dempsey by saying that his statement “undermines Israel’s push for war on Iran” and that his use of the term “complicit” has “criminal connotations.”

Why of course! Israel is a “criminal” state from start to finish. Just ask countless Palestinians whose land has been stolen and its people murdered.

BUT WHETHER OR NOT it will ignite the ire of Senator Joseph Lieberman, the leader of the pack of blood-thirsty Jews—who recently (along with homosexual arm-chair general, Lindsey Graham, and the senile Jewish-shill, John McCain), demanded a Syrian no-fly zone “like in Libya”—it will surely boil the blood of Amerika’s wanna be commander in chief, Bibi Netanyahu.

In February 2012, in response to General Dempsey styling an Israeli-led attack on Iran as “foolish,” Netanyahu lashed back by calling Dempsey, “a servant of Iran.”

Now, Netanyahu can get away with these kinds of attacks on people like Obama—Jewry’s Shwartza in the White House—or on the Jewish-shills on Capitol Hill, if any of them should get out of line.

But to target US military brass with verbal assaults—especially coming from Jews whose chemistry sets off an automatic aversion in the Gentile blood of US military commanders—is to tread on volatile ground.

To put it bluntly, (for I grew up as a Jew), tough Gentile Generals don’t like taking orders from Jews.

But, let’s wait and see.

Perhaps the military, evil as it is, and in spite of its war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, will finally say to Lieberman and the rest of the bloodthirsty Jews: “Shove it up your Zionist rear ends!”


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Did America Say NO to Israel?


Defense Secretary Panetta and

JCS Chairman General Dempsey

Veterans News Now

From Veterans News Now

As much as the  Jewish Lobby in America, together with Ehud Barak and Netanyahu are pushing for a new global conflict,

America may still be saved by just a few brains who are beginning to realize that Israel is the biggest threat to world peace.

 by Gilad Atzmon – September 01, 2012

In the last few hours we have learned that the US had made massive reductions to joint military exercise with Israel.

  Originally slated to include 5,000 US troops, Washington will now only send 1,500 to participate in Austere Challenge 12 with Israel. 

Apparently, the American administration is concerned with a possible Israeli strike on Iran.

Some Israelis seem unhappy with the American decision.

The Times quoted a senior Israeli military official as speculating, “Basically what the Americans are saying is, ‘We don’t trust you.’

Well, America has good reason not to trust Israel.

The only question here is why did it take America so long to move in the right direction?

Although Washington will still send the Patriot missile defense systems as planned, the crews that man them will not arrive.

And whereas two Aegis ballistic missile defense ships were slated to arrive for the joint drill, now only one is expected.

The message to Israel is clear – if you want to launch a world war without US approval, you’d better find how to defend your people on your own.

Not specifically referring to the exercise, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey said on Thursday that he did not want to be “complicit” if Israel chose to strike Iran’s nuclear program.

Dempsey also added that an attack would “clearly delay but probably not destroy Iran’s nuclear program.”

It should also be mentioned that Dempsey’s views are overwhelmingly supported by most Israeli military experts who also contend that Israel lacks the military capacity to strike Iran, let alone dismantle the Iranian nuclear program.

As much as the  Jewish Lobby in America, together with Ehud Barak and Netanyahu are pushing for a new global conflict, America may still be saved by just a few brains who are beginning to realize that Israel is the biggest threat to world peace.


Gilad Atzmon was born a secular Israeli Jew in Tel Aviv and trained at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. 

His service as a paramedic in the Israeli Defense Forces during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon caused him to reach the conclusion that  “I was part of a colonial state, the result of plundering and ethnic cleansing.”

In 1994 Atzmon emigrated from Israel to London, where he attended the University of Essex and earned a Masters degree in Philosophy. 

He has lived there since, becoming a British citizen in 2002. 

Atzmon’s novels have been published in 22 languages. 

His first novel A Guide to the Perplexed, published in 2001, is set in a future where by 2052 Israel has been replaced by a Palestinian state for 40 years. 

HIS WORK CAN BE FOUND AT: Gilad Atzmon – Writings.

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‘Stop aid to Israeli military’ ad goes up on SF buses


The War of Ideas in the Middle East

From Mondoweiss

by Phil Weiss and Allison Deger on August 31, 2012 

“Stop $30 Billion: Spend Our Money At Home, Not on the Israeli Military.” Muni bus ad, San Francisco. (Photo: Facebook)

As of yesterday afternoon, this ad is up on twelve San Francisco buses. These are two photos from the streets.


Here’s the website for Bay Area Stop $30 Billion Military Aid to Israel. The group members are not identified, but our own Annie Robbins has played a role.

Remember that Muni is in hot water right now over the Islamophobic “Savage” ads that it ran from Pam Geller.

A coalition of groups, including the American Muslims for Palestine, the Council of American Islamic Relations, the Asian Law Caucus and Jewish Voices for Peace compelled Muni to run a disclaimer from those ads.

And Muni is working on a counter campaign to promote understanding of Muslims.


About Phil Weiss and Allison Deger

Allison Deger is the Assistant Editor of Mondoweiss.net. Follow her on twitter at @allissoncd.








BBC Scrubs Video Of US Backed Syria Rebels Committing War Crimes



By Alexander Higgins

Global Research, September 02, 2012

BBC Scrubs Video Of US Backed Rebels Commiting War Crimes

The BBC and NY Times scrub their own video and news story showing Syrian terrorists forcing a tortured prisoners to become a suicide bomber.

Government censors have apparently ordered the BBC and the NY Times to delete videos and an accompanying on the ground video report showing US backed terrorists in Syria committing war crimes.

The move by the BBC follows a similar moves in the past, including  the scrubbed BBC report that revealed the police beating a 16-year-old girl sparked the London Riots and a scrubbed BBC documentary on Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program among others.

The latest scrubbed BBC video shows Free Syrian Army rebels preparing a 300 kilogram bomb that is loaded onto the back of a truck to be detonated at a government checkpoint in the city of Aleppo.

The report explains how the US backed terrorist tell  the prisoner they have captured he is being released as part of a prisoner exchange.

The rebel terrorist then give him the truck  and send him on his way to the government checkpoint and attempt to remotely detonate the bomb  and turn the prisoner into an unwitting ‘suicide bomber’.

However, the video then shows the terrorist returning disappointed that the bomb didn’t detonate as the BBC narrator  admits that forcing prisoners to become suicide bombers “would certainly be considered a war crime.”


The clip also explains how the terrorist have commandeered an apartment belonging to a Syrian police captain.

The rebels are seen sneering at photos of the police captain’s family.

They the proclaim, “Look at their freedom, look how good it is” as they look at the wedding photos of the captain’s wife with her face uncovered and then hypocritically go on to enjoy the luxury of the man’s swimming pool.

The video claims the prisoner confessed to being part of a pro-government militia, never mind the fact that Syria is a sovereign nation with a sovereign established army and civil security forces.

The narrator explains the bruises from torture on the prisoner’s body as having been metered out by the man’s previous captors.

Then BBC commentary emphasizes how well the rebels are treating the man, showing them handing him a cigarette.

Of course this propaganda is discredit after we find out the man has been tricked into thinking he was part of a prisoner exchange program when in reality he was being set up as an unwitting suicide bomber.

The clip shows the prisoner being blindfolded and told to drive the truck towards a government checkpoint.

“What he doesn’t know is that the truck is the one that’s been rigged with a 300 kilo bomb,” states the narrator.

The clip then shows terrorists expressing disappointment after it’s revealed that the remote detonator failed and the bomb did not explode.

New York Times reporters who shot the video claim they had no knowledge of the plot.

A longer version of the clip was posted on the New York Times You Tube channel until it was deleted from there as well.

Syria Girl discusses the video more on Infowars.

Articles by: Alexander Higgins








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