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REAL NEWS Sept 18 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 18, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 18, 2012



UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off coast of San Francisco


{XANIEL’S NOTE : This story was pointed my way by Half Past Human.com.

That said, I would also point out that Clif High, myself,

and many, many others have long been warning of a false flag event involving a U.F.O./Alien Invasion scenario.

This, if taken seriously by the public,

would help ‘ The Elite ‘ take whatever is left of our freedoms in exchange for their so-called protection.

Protection from WHAT  they themselves are causing in order to instill fear in everyone who doesn’t know any better.

(in other words, their planting weeds just so that they can pull them later and be seen as heroes to a grateful but naive world)

Although there may be some kind of truth to this, (of which I highly doubt),

be careful of becoming victim to ‘ The Elite’s ‘  latest ‘ BOOGYMAN ‘ !

Invented by them, (and using back engineered ‘ Alien Technology ‘, [ REMEMBER ROSWELL, N.M.-July 1947], to help pull this off),

probably because they are losing their Regime Change War in Syria which was nothing more than a stepping stone to war with Iran.

(..and of course, for whatever Syrian resources ‘ The Greedy Elite Asses ‘, can plunder)

And because all of the  Internationally Illegal Regime Change Farce ‘,  isn’t working out for them so much,

they have decided to ‘ FINALLY ‘ play, (as I’ve waited a long time for this B.S. spin on the public),

their last desperate card in the form of a False Flag Alien Invasion,

in the hopes of  waging a new kind of  ‘ War on For Your Mind ‘ and thus,

hang on to what little power and control they still wield !!

If there really is an Alien Force, they are probably here to help us free ourselves from ‘ The Elite and Minion Enslavement Shackles ‘ !

That’s something ‘ The Elite ‘ REALLY DON’T WANT ,

and would use all matter of propaganda, lies, and dumbed down military forces available to them in order to stop.

” Short of that, I wouldn’t take any of this ‘ Latest Elite Crap ‘ too seriously, but that’s just me !! ”  

Besides, if any of this were true,

wars and conflicts around the world would cease and everyone would set aside their differences, 

in order to form a ‘ Massive World Defensive Army ‘ to battle this ‘ SO-CALLED ‘ Hostile Alien Threat.


And what luck, as Zionist controlled HollyFRAUD, just released their movie ‘ Battleship ‘ not long ago. Perfect timing right ?

Just coincidence,

or just another ‘ Elite Mind F#ck Tool ‘  to get you to see things in the perspective that they want you to see them ???  }~~~Xaniel777 


Joint Fleets Fend Off UFO Threat

From Veterans Today

Chinese Naval forces off California said to be on Joint UFO Suppression Mission

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

September 17, 2012

This last week, reports of Chinese naval vessels off the US coast, Northern Californian in particular, have been reported but denied. 

Now an Asian intelligence agencies reports that a combined fleet operation between the US and China has been going on, a full combat operation against what we are told is a “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.”

Kerry Cassidy was an early source on this and should be credited. 

Here initial suspicions were inaccurate but her information has been confirmed.

The verifications of the fleet operations have been many, there have been no confirmation from the US side though the ships have been seen by every vessel that makes it offshore. 

The true nature of both the threat and the extent of the multinational military force used is beyond any imaginable classification level.


  • Extraterrestrial craft are operating from underwater bases.

  • Advanced US sub-orbital weapons platforms represented as “tested” have actually been deployed from Vandenburg Air Force Base.  These are armed with energy weapons.

  • UFO tracking has been moved from conventional to nano-technology with microscopic sensors being used to detect behaviors such as dimensional rifts and distortions in time, things only discussed in TV shows like Fringe and X Files.  (all Fox oddly enough)

The actual classified memo on very short distribution mentions only the following:

  • Opposition is extrterrestrial and extremely aggressive and unfriendly

  • The threat represents a “clear and present danger” and is isolated to the Pacific Basin

  • China is forced to carry US responsibility because our own naval capability is sitting in the Persian Gulf when America is under a very real threat.

  • Attempts to seek confirmations or to directly verify these operations will lead to fatal consequences.

Our confirmations limit us to this response which I have chosen to represent in a highly deniable form out of personal interest. 

Others in the US have better information and sources and have been silenced with warnings only.

As to this being a total “hose job,” I don’t see any advantage in it.

For several months earlier this year, there had been disclosures tied to the UFO issue. 

One real sighting had been made over South Korea.

After than, the internet had been flooded, yes, Google’s “YouTube” with manufactured phony UFO videos, some of “beyond next generation” quality.

All information given on how UFO video or photos are analyzed is totally false, childishly so, especially that from the UFO “networks.” 

They are professionally “self discrediting.”

About 6 weeks ago, a “study group” was appointed out of NATO and another one in Asia to look at the pattern of UFO videos. 

A decision was made to aggressively investigate one or more groups.

Being aggressively investigated on such an issue is not recommended.

I would love to be more entertaining, invent things, speculate or, perhaps, include some fascinating videos.

I either have to give this a 70% or reclassify a reliable official source as purposefully leaking something that makes no sense. 

My suggestion is that readers follow other stories for verfications or information that would help in some way, add it to the comment section and see if we can get a better grip on what may well be an extremely dangerous situation.








Occupy Wall Street Begins “Year II”



From 12160.info

Posted by James Φοίνιξ on September 16, 2012

Occupy Wall Street demonstration on September 15 down Broadway to Zuccotti Park, New York City.

Occupy Wall Street demonstration on September 15 down Broadway to Zuccotti Park, New York City. (Photo: PaulSteinJC)

“The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!” cried voices across Zuccotti Park on Wednesday night as 30 people sat with their arms interlocked, surrounded by cameras and sympathetic onlookers.

NYPD officers were positioned some distance away at the concrete barricades that had begun surrounding the park.

Confronting the sit-in with mock dispersal orders were Sam Corbin and Logan Price, OWS Direct Action trainers tasked with helping to prepare participants for the People’s Wall, a nonviolent civil disobedience action in the Financial District planned for the morning of Monday, September 17.

September 17 (S17) is of course the one-year anniversary of the occupation of Zuccotti Park, a reclaiming of public space that galvanized the political imagination of the country and the world with its proclaimed opposition between the 99 percent and the 1 percent,Occupy Wall Street Begins “Year II” With Call to Debt Resistance.








U.N. Small Arms Treaty Passes – What Is Next?



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 17, 2012 by # 1 NWO Hatr

Keys to Liberty

I’m sure the television news told you all about the U.N. Small Arms Treaty being passed. (See Last Post)

No??? The Rothschild Zionist network at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and MSNBC were busy following the Protocol 12; Control the Press to the point that even newspapers didn’t report the event on the last page.

The reason television news and newspapers are not informing the American citizens is to prevent the militias of the several states from forming and beginning to train.

A very cleaver idea; don’t you think?

They want to keep you in the dark until it is too late.

The old argument that the Senate will not ratify this treaty, can easily be debunked, when you remember that the Senate did not pass the U.N. Agenda 21.

In fact they refused to pass it, but it got passed by an Executive Order of Bill Clinton.

The same will be true with this treaty and it really doesn’t matter who wins the presidential election.

You cannot enter into negotiations on a treaty and not sign the results of the consensus.

It’s an old trick of the globalists to get the opposition into negotiations. 

It works at the local level and the global level. 

The United States entered into the negotiations on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and now we are stuck with it.

With the passage of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, what can be expect in the future?

The globalists have 6 years to disarm us, at two year intervals.

Expect legislation, more false flag operations and continued dumbing down of America’s youth, and the world’s youth, to accept the yoke of global government.

Enter H.R. 6241 and S. 3458, identical bills in both houses that are currently in committee; titled Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2012 .

When passed, in person sales of ammunition will be required, as well as registration of amounts exceeding 1,000 rounds, or 1,000 rounds over a week period.

The idea behind this legislation is to make you pay more in the future for ammunition and to register sales.

It will also limit your selection to what ever is available at a local store.

Another bill before Congress, sitting in committee is Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2011. 

It is H.R. 591, in the House and S.35 in the Senate. It would permanently ban Gun Shows if passed.

In a disgusting display of needed donations, Gun Owners of America has this one listed as an ex post-facto Bill, which it is not.

It is H.R. 308 in the House and S. 32 in the Senate.

It is titled Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act . 

It would prohibit the transfer or possession of a semi-auto clip that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

When this Bill passes, clips that hold more than 10 rounds will have a serial number and be sold strickly for police, the government agencies and military.

Right now the gun rights groups: N.R.A., G.O.A and National Gun Rights Org. are looking for money.

They think they can outspend Rothschild, Soros and the RockefellerFund to secure your rights.

That is impossible, spend your money to stock up while you still can.

All firearms groups know it their last ‘Hoorah’ for fund raising and they know it, they have not even admitted they have lost.

Here is another one held up in committee, Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011.

This one penalized states that don’t report enough violators to the National Instant Criminal Background Checks.

In the Senate it is S. 436.

Doing a search for ‘assault weapons’ this Bill came up, titled Child Gun Safety And Gun Access Prevention Act Of 2011.

 This one raises the age of ‘Juvenile’ to ‘under 21′ with penalties for transfer of guns, ammunition, high capacity clips to anyone under 21 who might commit a crime.

This one is bound to pass, because of the New Speak in the title.  

The socialists will love it.

Here is an article that you will probably enjoy, titled The RNC declaration of war, and the coming revolution.

 The author and I would be friends, because he fully understands how controlled the press is and comments about Roman Circuses on the television.

He is willing to fight at age 63 and possibly die, over his oath and unwillingness to allow any more transgression against our Bill of Rights.

There is a lesson to be learned here from this gentleman’s resolve.

Death would be preferable to what tyranny our government has planned for the future.

There is no limit once our firearms are gone.








Obama’s Lawyers Appeal Court Ordered Block Against NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision



Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

September 17, 2012

US District Court Judge Katherine Forrester ruled earlier this year that the indefinite detention provision in the National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA) is unconstitutional and ordered a block on its enforcement by federal agencies for those “suspected” to have “substantially supported” al-Qaeda, the Taliban or “associated forces”.

While Obama’s lawyers have been fighting against this ruling with appeals, there has been installed a permanent injunction against the US government enforcing Section 1021 of the NDAA under “Homeland Battlefield” provisions.

Section 1021 says that the US President may “use all necessary and appropriate force pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), including “the authority of the Armed Forces of the United States to detain covered persons.”

The explanation of a “covered person” includes “a person who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners, including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces.”

Under wartime, individuals can be detained without due process “under the law of war” until such conditions of hostility end as “authorized by the AUMF.”

Obama’s attorneys would have the US District Court believe that Section 1021 of the NDAA is vital to maintaining national security, and therefore the executive branch is entitled to utilize the provision at their discretion.

Forrester stated that this provision does not preclude “that such conduct – which, by analogy, covers any writing, journalistic and associational activities that involve al Qaeda, the Taliban or whomever is deemed “associated forces” – does not fall within § 1021(b)(2).”

Forrester indicated that the Section 1021 of the NDAA has already caused harm to journalists such as Chris Hedges.

She also questioned the legal definitions of the terms “substantially supported,” “directly supported,” and “associated forces” as stated in Section 1021, pointing to the lack of prior case law and “respective meanings of the terms at issue”.

Forrester continued to explain that Section 1021 is a vague definition which translates to a gross violation of

an individual’s core liberties. The due process rights guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment require that an individual understand what conduct might subject him or her to criminal or civil penalties.

Here, the stakes get no higher: indefinite military detention–potential detention during a war on terrorism that is not expected to end in the foreseeable future, if ever.

The Constitution requires specificity–and that specificity is absent from § 1021(b)(2) . . .

Hedges’ complaint centered on the “nebulous terms” that are subject to interpretation by federal agencies that are the power behind the indefinite detention of an American.

The US government’s classification of any American as an enemy combatant on a simple suspicion without proof guarantees that a multitude of US citizens could and would most likely become victims of detainment in a military facility without cause to use habeas corpus.

The US government’s blatant disregard for the 1st Amendment with regard to writers, journalists, political activism prompted Forrester to suggest that Congress to revise the provision to reflect a Constitutional acceptance of the rule of law governing our Republic while satisfying the desires of the US government to defend national security.

This decision confirms that regardless of the Fascist nature of our US government, there are unalienable rights afforded us by the UN Constitution that cannot be undone by order of the executive branch.

Simply to claim allegation of involvement with suspected terrorists is not enough to detain an American without due process and evidence brought to facilitate defense of the accused.

Without delay, less than 24 hours later, Obama’s lawyers filed an appeal of Forrester’s decision facilitating Constitutional rights to journalists, news reporting and political activists. 

The new appeal will be heard by another judge, and may be supported by an Orwellian like-minded individual who will aid the Obama administration in retaining the right to have anyone they want disappeared into a FEMA camp under the guise of “supporting” CIA-sponsored and manufactured terrorist organizations.

While this legal battle is being waged, the US government has been using another form of indefinite detention of Americans – specifically US veterans being carted away to psychiatric wards for speaking out against the Fascist element having hijacked the executive branch of our Constitutional Republic.

By using a manipulated version of the Baker Act, US veterans and political dissidents are disappearing into mental wards to be forcibly evaluated and subjected to threats of unwarranted psychotropic medications for not supporting the path of the current administration.

To ensure that Obama can further demonize US veterans, he signed an executive order earlier this month that allocates the Department of Defense (DoD) the authority over the mental healthcare of our returning service men and women through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA).

Simply put: the DoD is empowered to oversee how US veterans “transition” back into “civilian life.”

The US government’s goal is to identify these veterans and label them with a progressive, unstable and degenerative disease so that they can refer them to mental hospitals for further evaluation and/or admittance.

While this plan of action is being realized, the Obama administration is fighting in the court system for the right to indefinitely detain any American for any reason with or without cause, with the catch-all accusation of supporting terrorists.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.








The Secret Government (Full Version)



From Underground Documentaries

This aired on PBS in 1987.  Moyers interviews many different people involved with the CIA and other government agencies.

His documentary gives quite an overview of what has actually happened in the last 50 years regarding the CIA and the cold war (including Iran, Guatamala, Cuba, Viet Nam and Chile).

He features such people as Ralph McGeehee and Phil Retinger (both former CIA agents), Rear Admiral Gene La Rocque (Ret. U.S.N.), Theodore Bissell (active in the CIA at the time), Sen. Frank Church and many others.


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