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REAL NEWS Sept 21 2012

Posted by Xaniel777 on September 20, 2012

TODAY’S NEWS : September 21, 2012



WW III Within Days; Food-for-Guns Program Next, Says Informant



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 20, 2012 by REDHORSE

Beacon Equity Research  War drums beat in the Middle East and, now, the drums suddenly beat strongly between two Asian mights. 

That, on top of a global financial system on the brink of entering the slide to hyperinflation has many thoughtful analysts suggesting that the so-called ‘Illuminati’ are perpetrating the blatant insults and non-stop diplomatic faux pas directed at the Muslim world in an effort to instigate, what is likely to escalate into, WWIII.

As global leaders and their populous watch the plan by Western powers in the Middle East unfold, an effort to shape a narrative of an enemy initiating an attack  as the explanation for the inevitable Armageddon economic fallout of a reckless dollar-based banking system gone afoul, along with a collapsing petrodollar system, is underway.

A collapsing dollar translates to unaffordable U.S. oil imports, ergo, a total collapse of the U.S. economy, ergo, massive civil unrest among heavily-armed citizens in the streets of America.

The telltale signs of impending war is on, and the White House wants American guns—the most difficult of all missions of the ‘globalist’.

As former Governor of Minnesota and ex-Navy Seal Jesse Ventura said in a CNN interview on Sept. 17, “All wars start with a false-flag attack.”

Picking up where Ventura left off, in the opening remarks of his Sept. 19 show, TruNews’ Rick Wiles delineates the recent series of events that lend much credence to Ventura’s professional military opinion of today’s geopolitical news. 

After all, Navy Seals, at times, are trained for, and become involved with, vital components of a false-flag attack mission.

Rick Wiles gives his global audience a rundown of recent events and paints a picture of impending war, too obvious to miss.

Mobs in China were reported carrying signs demanding the U.S. to pay back $1 trillion owed to the Chinese for decades of trade surpluses;

Ambassador Gary Locke’s car was attacked by a mob of Chinese on Monday; protesters chanting ‘The Japanese are dogs’ in the streets of China; and a French newspaper published on Tuesday a highly controversial and insulting cartoon depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammad with a star affixed to his buttocks, with the caption, “A star is born.”

“Personally, I suspect the publication of the cartoons in a French magazine is part of a deliberate strategy by the Illuminati to spark the opening shots of WWIII,” says Wiles.  “Nobody in his right mind would pour gasoline on a fire at this time.”

He adds, “Furthermore, I suspect the publication of the cartoons has given France a legitimate cover to evacuate their ambassadors and embassy personnel before the war starts, very soon.”

As a conservative Christian and daily radio host, Wiles, on the surface, appears as an unlikely source of critical information. 

But those steeped in the history of the Christian faith know that religious beliefs always trump the propaganda and inculcation efforts by the State. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that other devout Christians who have attained high levels of security clearances and positions of authority leak information to Wiles, privately, off-air.

As a self-described and arguably the most vocal ‘Watchman’ of the Christian faith, there’s little doubt that, while Wiles is watching the FBI, CIA and DHS, they are, indeed, watching him.  Wiles has reported unexplainable technical problems at his studio following several whistle-blower guests.

“This is out of control, now.  I .. . I have . . . I have been given . . . let me put it like this,” as Wiles carefully formulates his dialogue of fresh information told to him from his informants, “tidbits of important information have come my way in recent weeks from various sources that clearly <pause> it was divinely ordained by God that people that I know would [over]hear a conversation, be told to someone by somebody in a high-level position to know.  It’s been a number of things.”

Wiles continues to reveal other startling information told to him by another of his legion of informants.

“I’ll give you an example, we had Nathan Leal here a week or two ago,” says Wiles.  “Nathan was told by a person . . . I can’t give out the person’s position, but, he was at a party, in which, a person at that party . . .

it was a birthday party for a family member . . .

and that person was a retired U.S. government intelligence agency employee, who confided in Nathan’s friend that there will be a food shortage, and food will be offered in return for the surrender of firearms.

“There will be a food for guns exchange program.  And this person said, this is not a rumor, it’s not a conspiracy; I’ve seen the working documents for this plan.

“There’s been a steady flow [of information of this type].”

And yet another source, this one, unwitting.

“I’ll give our listeners another one, without giving out the source,” Wiles continues.  “I just so happened to be talking to someone who visited our office, somebody who lives here in Vero Beach, not Vero Beach,

let’s say the Treasure Coast of Florida, who, not knowing what I do, what I say, what this program is about . . .

but as the conversation changed, this person confided to me that her brother formally worked at the White House under a former administration at a very high level,

and that he was telling her privately that many people in that former administration are concerned that Mr. Obama will not leave the White House,

and that her brother is making private plans for his own protection and safety around the election.”

I’m getting information “almost daily” now; “we’re getting a picture that something ominous is underway, right now.”

Though the claim of calculated misinformation campaigns to dupe the American public seems more than a reasonable explanation for the large number of ‘leaks’ from informants at DHS, NSA, CIA, Pentagon and other arms of U.S. intelligence,

an equally and more compelling explanation for the sudden increase in Wiles’ cadre of informants comes from the guest of the Sept. 19 broadcast, Aaron Brickman, a private investor andmarket cycles analyst.

“I suspect it will continue, continue exponentially as the days become more ominous and events pick up,” says Brickman.  “When they [White House and U.S. departments] are working behind the scenes year after year, they can keep a certain amount of secrecy[within] limited people in the loop, but as you get closer to the event, more people have to be brought in, and you get leaks like this.

“This doesn’t surprise me.  I think it’s indicative of the hour, or how close we are to the hour.”

Source: TruNews Radio, Sept. 19, 2012.








Israel seeks war on Iran to keep lid on 9/11



From 12160.info

Posted by James Φοίνιξ on September 20, 2012

 By Kevin Barrett

Iran’s open commitment to principled anti-Zionism represents the nearly unanimous position of the people of the Middle East, who have never accepted the genocidal Zionist entity as a legitimate state.

Israel has been able to bully every other government in the region into shameful silence.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will not be silenced.

Threats to level Iran with bombs seeks to send a message to future Middle Eastern governments:

Do not give a voice to your people’s resistance to Zionism, or else!

Almost every politically-aware person on the planet is puzzled by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bizarre obsession with Iran.

Netanyahu is risking his political career, his reputation, and Israel’s future by intervening in the US presidential elections.

He is using all of Zionism’s considerable might – including organized crime assets like “Las Vegas Godfather” Sheldon Adelson – to force Obama to attack Iran; or, failing that, to make sure that Obama is defeated by the Zionist puppet Romney.

There are even rumors of Israeli-sponsored assassination attempts on Obama.

Even the rabidly pro-Zionist Jewish Daily Forward has editorialized:

“It’s difficult to recall a time when an Israeli prime minister has inserted himself into a presidential election campaign in the way that Benjamin Netanyahu has.









Shocking 9/11 Mossad Connection Revealed!



From 12160.info

Added by Krypke on September 17, 2012

Published on Sep 16, 2012 by 


Critically acclaimed author and former State Department official Steve Pieczenik talks with Alex about the unfolding geopolitical situation in the middle East and who will start world war three.



Insider: U.S. Ambassador Killing an Inside Job!








Former CIA Agent’s Message to America



From the Trenches World Report

Posted on September 20, 2012 by Clark Kent

Powerful message from former C.I.A. Agent to all Americans.


The speaker is named Robert David Steele.









(ORIGINAL TITLE : from the upcoming Shape report…Meta-Arts)



From Half Past Human.com

By Clif High – September 20, 2012

All humans (and any other sentient beings here on Terra) should take heed of the state of the sun on a daily basis as their personal actions are affected by solar activity.

Many thinkers, past and present, have noted that solar activity is mirrored here on earth.

When the sun is roiling, as it is now, terrestrial humanity also roils, as it does now.

The ‘looniness’ that can be smeared across large amounts of humanity by solar activity is known by the-powers-that-be, and they will use it for their nasty goals, as they are now.

When the ‘solar-looniness’ is upon humanity, as it is now, the energetic forces, electrical and other, from the sun, put pressure on individual human minds, such that large scale group behavior is changed.

As those humans who are suffering the ‘solar-looniness’ are un-aware of their plight, they react as though their emotional responses (to perceived reality) are both genuine, and internally generated.

Neither is true, but don’t try telling them that, or you are likely going to experience the ‘solar-looniness’ erupting in a human near you.

It seems unlikely that the mass of humans so affected will be able to awaken to the solar-looniness distortions of their behavior, thus the up-coming period promises to be both noisy and dangerous.

Therefore, those humans who are awakening to the unfolding nature of reality, will as the data describes, [separate themselves (from the) herd instinct], becoming [explorers (of the manifesting new earth/new cycle)].

We note that the definition (more or less) of ‘sanity’, is to be ‘well adjusted to the world around you’.

If said world is itself not well adjusted, disruptive, deceitful, dangerous, duplicitous, and generally in a terrible state, then to be ‘sane’ is of no rational benefit.

Why be well-adjusted to an irrational and degrading situation?

Rather the more appropriate response is to choose insanity, and thus not be well adjusted to the global madness.

The insane, facing a world boiling with solar-looniness, will navigate, without participating, as the omni-humanity seas react to the solar storms.

To all the ‘insane’, watching the asylum crumble before your eyes, be aware that ‘walking time’ is coming.

Bare feet ground best.

The good view is from the isolated hills. Be seeing you there.

Post Scriptum: please re-read the little article on weather.  We are there now.

September 20, 2012

Copyright…all rights reserved, no copying without attribution.








9-11, the End of Israel & The Palestinian Hunger Strike: Mask of Zion



Published on Sep 14, 2012 by 


Jonathon interviews pro-Palestinian/human rights activists Ken O’Keefe from the UK












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